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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 20, 2013 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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in the morning. low level moisture and some drizzly spots and lilt showers as you can see there. heading out towards east bay, you'll notice some very light returns owe so once again will be damp and slick on the streets. highest totals up towards st. helena. just over a half nimpblg santa rose yachl the storm hasn't been the storm of the century but we'll see some of the moisture at 7:00 p.m. tonight you'll see drops showing up. so we'll call for drizzle. throughout the evening hours, then, it winds down. tomorrow is a dry day. >> you know it means snow in the sierra. this is a live look at what it looks like right now.
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part of the sierra could get up to 10 inches of snow. >> now, some neighbors on bethel island are questioning the response by fire crews after flames destroyed two homes and damaged a third, one person injure ntd fire starting just after 2:00. firefighters were worried about a power line coming down so they stopped fighting that fire because of the fear of electrocution. neighbors say it's frustrating to watch this happening. >> we've -- put the water on the fire. do you see it? it's starting to catch the roof on fire. >> we had to move back for safety of the personnel. it hampered fire operations. >> a pg&e spokesperson said the fire had burn tlud the power lines so there was no electricity flowing. firefighters say an electrical problem spark that had fire. >> antioch police looking for a person who killed a
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20-year-old man this afternoon. police found him shot to death in the street at william reed drive and about 12:20. coroner has not yet released the name. we do know names of four marines killed in a mortar shell explosion at hawthorne army depot in nevada. josh martinno, josh tailor, roger munchnik of connecticut and aaron repariada from illinois. investigators are now trying to figure out what caused this shell to explode in the firing tube. monday's accident prompted the pentagon to stop the use of the weapons until an investigation can determine whether they're safe. >> the jury in the action finds the defendant guilty of the crown of misappropriation of public funds. >> in southern california former mayor oscar hernandez and four other officials have been found guilty in a massive
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corruption scandal that rocked the city of bell. all five convicted of misappropriation of public funds. the charges involve paying themselves inflated salaries up to $100,000 a year in the city of 36,000 people where one in four residents lives below poverty line. the former city manager robert rizzo earned more than $800,000 a year, he faces trial next year. >> qit a scene today in san francisco. a muni bus ran over a fire hydrant before 2:00 this afternoon at mission and main streets. thomas h sent us these pictures. water has been shut off. the saer now clear. >> that geyser shooting up about 30-40 feet in the air. >> the national football plead leeg made an announcement today it hopes will improve the safety of the game. >> yes. kboitsing to affect the way is played. wayne freedman learned today this, is getting mixed reviews. >> nfl football looks pain
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frflt stands. you get a sense from the side line. especially while watching running backs. today a new rule it says will protect players from themselves. >> we've demonstratedded the game is better and safer. >> the new rule makes it legal for a ball carrier to use the top of his helmet when delivering a hit. this is designed to limit concussions. this medical expert is in favor. >> not to reduce competitive nature of the sport but to make it more safe. >> what will this do to the game? >> run backs goring to hate this rule. >> why? >> goitsing to make the game safer. >> in a way it's going to make it more dangerous they're going to have to alter wait they play the game. >> mike shumann earn aid super bowl ring as a wide receiver with the 49ers. he says the verdict is still out.
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he wonders if keeping head up may make it more vulnerable. >> if you're not playing instinctively and thinking about something because of a rule change you're going to get hurt anyway. >> the new rule goes into affect next season. from here out the term heads up football takes on a double meaning like never before. in san francisco, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> nfl owners voted today to eliminate the tough rule, one of the most-criticized rules in nfl history certainly by raider fan who's grimace every time we pull out this video. it changed the raiders fate when a fumble by tom brady would have sealed a playoff win was ruled an incomplete pass. that started their super bowl dynasty. the new rule states if a quarterback loses control of the ball before protecting it after opting not to throw, it's a fumble. which we knew 11 years ago. today raiders tweeted adios,
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tough rule -- tuck rule, way too late. >> okay. but it's happening now. right? >> yes. it's now. >> yes. >> listen to this. the world's premier sailing event is just weeks away. and some residents are hoping to make big bucks by renting out their home autos yes. carolyn tyler shows what $25,000 a month will get you. >> julie and peter have every reason to toast. they bought this beautiful two bedroom, two and a half bath penthouse along san francisco embark dareo but they're moving out this summer. >> as we get closer to the america's cup we felt it's like a great opportunity to travel two, three months. >> while they travel around italy, they hope someone will travel to san francisco, to watch the premier sailing event. and rent their home for $25,000 a month. >> we're not trying to make a living doing this. if it works out grai. you
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know? if it doesn't, it doesn't. >> marin county wants to get in on the action, too. you can rent this penthouse here and take the ferry to san francisco to watch the cup. the rent here is $10,000 a month. real estate agents say asking prices aren't gouching but they're optimistic that could go up or down as we get closer to the america's cup. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> i'm thinking about renting a closet from them. i'm optimistic i'm going to get a great deal. >> yes. still ahead one man hp shareholders blame for the 7:00's problems. >> 7 on your side tax hot line is underway. here is the number. irs and california society of enrolled agents and united way are standing by to answer your
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questions. >> plus, fresh fish you won't find in a couple bay area supermarkets could signal a seafood change. after 4:30... >> rivalry between apple and samsung is intensifying including construction of a gleaming new headquarters. i'm david louie. we'll have the story still to come. >> at 410 a live look at traffic. this is the skyway. it's a usual bumper to bumper crawl. left to right traffic is go together lower deck of the bay bridge a little bit better for folks on the righthand side of the screen. back wit
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two big supermarkets market chain as nounsd they're staying away from so called franken fish. trader joes says i it will not sell a new type of genetically modified salmon. it's a cross between an atlantic and pacific salmon. this video shows kit grow twice as fast as regular salmon and fda says it won't cause health problems or harm the environment. critics say it could threaten other salmon if it gets into the wild. >> turmoil for the board of a major computer maker and
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microsoft says cyber hackers attacked once again. >> emily chang is here with this afternoon's after the bell report. >> good afternoon. hume ceo gave it's speech today saying the company is on a solid foundation but board called for board members to be removed. we just learned all board members did win the election of some by a fairly narrow margin as meg whitman tried to right the ship. whitman says the turn around will take half a decade. hp stock lost about half of it's value. oracle reported third quarter sales and profits missing estimates. the company struggled to retain customers who are switching over to rival web-based software to manage financial reporting and more.
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shares of the redwood shores company fell in extended trading. stocks managed to snap a three-day slump. your bloomberg silicon valley index higher on shares of ebay and adobe. another cyber attack to tell you about involving microsoft. the company confirms x box live accounts for some high profile current and former employees were compromised. in a statement microsoft says p hackers used social engineering to gain enough information about a person to bypass controls. microsoft says it's working with law enforcement and other companies to prevent similar attacks. cheryl, larry, back to you. >> emily, thank you. >> you know taxes are due in less than a month. yikes. factor in changes can be confusing and you may have some questions about all of those number autos michael finney is here.
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and michael you do this every year. >> we do. so happy to be able to. have you done your taxes yet? >> well... >> maybe. okay. well then, i have a telephone number for you. you can call that any watching can call that. and we'll try to answer your personal tax questions right now. if you've sent in your taxes you may have a question about when you're going to be paid jesse weller is with the irs. you can track that? >> yes. you can. since three quarters of people get a refund, we're getting lots of refund inquiries on the telephone. we want people to know they can track their refund using a tool online at web site called where is my refund. you only need to check it once per day. the irs updates once a day f you go to it's on the home page. it can tell you the status,
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whether or not it's been completed and when the refund was or will be sent? >> urk check that fairly quickly after filing you have to wait several weeks before filing, before you check it after you file a piper return. >> things took a while to get going this year. you're three, four days behind? >> we reported it and everyone can file now. things are going smoothly. >> very good. jesse weller from the irs, thank you for being here every year. we're here every year you might as well get in on this. any tax questions, we've got the experts right here. we're going to be here until 8:30 f you need to gather up your paper work, go ahead and do it. >> and does he need coffee?
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is there anything i can do to make his stay more enjoyable? >> i'll tell him larry beil wants to make sure he's comfortable. >> i want to make sure irs is taken care of. >> it's not going work, larry. >> we'll see z we'll find out. thank you. >> it can't hurt. >> why not? >> got it. >> spencer is away today, sandhya patel is here. >> and so much for the start of spring. >> know. it's been delayed by a day. brighter skies and windy patterns. you'll notice cloud cover as a cold front is coming through and falling apart. we're watching some drizzle light showers maybe isolated just south of livermore there. you can see returns showing up along the coast. visibility is poor in spots a
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few spotty showers and drizzle so just be careful out there. into tomorrow, things will be changing. a gale warning up for the coast. windy pattern setting u so we'll be watching gusty conditions. as you look this is what it looks like. it's murky out there. 55 in san francisco. 66 degrees in san jose. from lake tahoe you're looking at a view of heavenly this, is 8300 foot elevations and they have received at the resorts a couple inches of snow. some were pointing up to 10-14 inches. napa now, 57 degrees. livermore, 60 degrees, clouds, fog, drizzle tonight and tomorrow morning you'll see fog.
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here is a cold front. so we're seeing the moisture still in the atmosphere. the cold front is coming through but falling apart. spotty drizzle and then, as you noticed here on our animation, we'll continue to see spotty drizzle. throughout 11:00 after that, we'll seeing a clearing trend and fog around for the start of the commute. temperatures first thing in the morning running cooler than this morning so that is sleeping weather. upper 30s into coldest valleys. other areas into whos and then, a sunny afternoon. check out highs for thursday. 64 degrees in san jose. breezy. 64 cupertino. 65 santa cruz. that is where you'll feel the wind. 55 in daily city. north bay, 67 in napa.
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east bay, 64 oakland windy at times, sunny skies, 67 in concord, temperatures coming up and here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. breezy friday. warmer upper 50s to low 70s, temperatures in a similar range for weekend. it will be mild and breezy at times. rain, a slight chance tuesday. a better chance wednesday. we're not through with umbrella weather. we need it. >> we do. >> thank you. >> up next a california teen goes online to find a prom date. not just any prom date. super model he's hoping to take on his arm. >> and then, at 4:30 the president fills out his ncaa bracket. how the
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a los angeles teenager is hoping his bold move will win him a prom date of his dreams, "sports illustrated" swimsuit model kate upton. hi, kate, i'm inviting to you my senior prom may 23, 2013. wait, wait. hear me out. >> that is how he begins his invitation he posted on you tube. that may be too much. we don't need that. working out, let's see the
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manly davidson. he puts on the charm hoping to convince the super model, kate upton to join him. too much shower video right? >> kate we have our commonalties. you like sports. i like sports. you like fine dining. i like fine dining. you're on the cover of "sports illustrated" i read "sports illustrated". >> repping it out. flowers in hand asking upton to prom. the video has 100,000 viewers including upton who tweeted quote, how can i turn down that video? i will check my schedule. way to go. >> yes. he did a good job on that. >> he could be a tv reporter or a sprafter. >> and he cleans up well. >> good luck to him.
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good luck. it's bold. >> very bold. maybe too bold. let'sen to this. america's richest game show getting a new host. cedrik the entainter is replacing sq meredith veeera. she wants to spend more time with her husband who has multiple score yosis. >> a lot of laughs there. >> still ahead the president on a trip to israel as president. how the israeli government is trying to improve his image. >> and take bigt out of apple. samsung increasing its competition with apple on its home turf in silicon valley. >> experts are ready to take your questions. here is the number to call on here is the number to call on the insosoe enaatint ilyel y s luloonge iuronirplin ocdiou
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r om
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the president is in the middle of a foreign trip, visiting rail railing to reassure prime minister net tanya hoo of his friendship.
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abc news reporter thoma bradley with more now. >> a warm welcome for the president on the first day of the visit to israel. the president got down to business reassuring israelies the u.s. will stand with allies against all threats. >> america's commitment to the security of the state of israel is a solemn obligation. and the security of israel is nonnegotiatable. >> during a meeting with the israeli prime minister president obama discussed iran's pursuit of a nuclear weapon. >> all option are on the table. >> u.s. investigating a claim that rebel forces used chemical weapons in an attack. >> we intend to investigate what happened. >> the president using the trip to make a connection with the israeli people. today, planting a magnolia
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tree with israeli president simmon perez. the embassy released this video. and look at the body language as they joked during a news conference. >> there are very good looking young men who clearly got their looks from their mother. >> i can say the same of your daughter autos this is true. >> the president and prime minister discussed the peace process. mr. obama meets was the palestinian president on thursday. >> the presidential limo is going to be out of service during the stay in israel. the vehicle had to be towed away today. reports claim the car stopped running after the driver filled a tank with gas instead
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of diesel fuel. really is in the secret service says that is not true. a back up limo is being used. >> the u.s. senate took action today, voting in favor of a huge spending bill to keep the government open throughout the end of september. that keeps in place automatic spending cuts that will mean job furloughs. the bill is expected to approve it tomorrow then send it to president barack obama. >> a manhunt underway in colorado after the head of the state prison system there was gunned down last night in the doorway of his home. police say the 58-year-old was shot and killed around 8:15 last night. police dmot know if if he was targeted or if this was a random shooting. a neighbor spotted old model
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car left running around the time of that shooting. the shooting took place just hours before governor signed the tough new gun control ordinance into law making transactions subject to background checks. this legislation comes eight months after the massacre in a movie theater that killed 12 people. a war involving two tech giants but instead of devices the fight over who will build the coolest head quarters building. why samsung and apple under a faceoff. >> i think it's a decision by samsung to go to reject a strong image here in silicon valley. >> talking about the new 10-story building samsung is
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planning, replacing these strek tours, samsung is taking its rivalry to a new level. yes, they're engaged in battle but now, it's competition for the best-looking head quarters in the valley. >> everything they do, it's in close proximity has something to do with doing damage to another party. >> apple working on a round building in cupertino. >> it's a really unique design. it has open spaces like green roofs on it so instead of being a normal office building it has open floors in it that are intended to be like plazas and meet in kind of organic spaces. >> coolness may be a strategy to attract talent. samsung is expanding in silicon valley indicating it will be hiring thousands.
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besides headquarters it took out permits to turn the historic theater on university avenue into a start up incubator with entrepreneurs can work and develop ideas so there will be competition to hire engineer as way from apple that is fair game. the battle isn't lochbt high tech workers. >> this is great to be the job market. more jobs in the u.s., right? >> as mentioned before, tax time is coming up. if you have question wez have people who have answers. >> 7 on your side is here to help. everybody is taking questions right now. michael? >> i'm glad you're there. i'm glad you're helping as soon as we gave out a telephone number, all experts started -- their phones started ringing. we've got 153 and california
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society of enrolled agents. we have united way joining me. in the name of the program fofr low income folks is... >> what is it that you do? >> a joint pro secretary for -- project for the irs, linked to other organization that's do other things for low income people. >> you make sure they get every last dime and that they're treated well. >> tax return is the first thing z if they have money to save, which many low income people don't anything that can be done for them is done. >> and gempeople get a hold of you how? >> the united way web site. >> i can't tell you all of the great feed back we've received from that.
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let me give you the telephone number again. we'll be here until 8:00 tonight. if you need to get paper work together go and do it now. the agents are all here to help you. i'm michael finney its all three that, is the best part. >> absolutely free. we're here to get you money. not taking money. >> love it. thank you very much. >> michael's offices so expansive. it's hard for anyone to know which cube cell he's in. which area. still ahead at 4:00 a fantastic find. a $3 investment that may have meef considering checking out garage sales this weekends. >> one father may have had the best excuse to get out of a speeding ticket. >> you're gegt a glimpse of what is still to come.
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>> another live look of traffic you're looking at 680 traffic moving smoothly.
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a small bowl netted a big, big pay day for one new york
4:39 pm
family. >> the family bought this simple bowl in a garage sale for $3. they kept it until they decided to get it appraised. they found out it was made in china a thousand years ago during the northern tsung dynasty. >> yesterday it sold for $2.2 million. get to a garage sail this weekend. >> i know. >> all right. well here is something else, getting pulled over by the police is nerve wracking right? but more nerve wracking for this couple. >> an officer tried to pull over the couple friday night this, is video from the dash board camera. tileler was speeding. ashley was about to give birth. >> and he stopped because traffic backed up behind a red light. at that moment ashley gave birth. >> i should stop but i'm in the going to. i'm going get to the hospital. >> i was having a pull over
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speeding car experience and he was having a explain to police officer why he's speeding she's having a baby by herself. >> his brothers were worried it was going to take a long time to get here. it didn't. >> nicely done. i've been there for four. it's was a quick one. >> the little baby owen delivered two blocks from the hospital and healthy seven pounds and 12 ounces they'll have a story to tell. >> daddy did not get a ticket. >> i hope not. yes. yes. >> otherwise that officer would not be holding that baby. >> yes. live doppler 7 a lot of cloud cover. we're seeing peeks of sun out there. it's all going to be winding down this evening. as you look at national picture here is snow showers from arkansas to missouri. 37 degrees in new york tomorrow. it's cold. 34 in chicago.
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44 great falls. over seattle upper 40s to low 50s. sunny north to south. tahoe if you're heading up there to enjoy few inches they've received 52 tomorrow afternoon. warm in palm springs. 89 degrees. it will be milder tomorrow. windy conditions developing near coastline. 65 degrees and sunshine in clear lake. and 64 degrees in san jose. so enjoy the weather. >> thank you. >> up next cvs pharmacy's new employee plan. information it wants from workers and what they'll have to pay if they don't give it. >> a janitor cleans up after winning the lottery. how the story brings the
4:42 pm
american dream to live. >> the president fills out his brackets why he says the
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one of the nation's
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largest drug store chains is coming under fire, requiring all employees to report weight and body fat if they want to continue getting insurance or face a hefty penalty. >> employees at cvs facing a hefty choi.s those who use the company's health care have until may of next year to either visit a doctor and measure weight, heat, blood pressure and levels or pay an extra $600 a year for insurance. >> that seems unreasonable. >> they're trying to get mb. >> cvs says their quote, benefits program is evolving to help colleagues take more responsibility for improving their health. >> the goal of these spramz to end up with a healthier work force. if employees are healthy they're going work better and cost less money. >> cvs claims the company
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never sees test results, explaining doctors give results to an independent company. but opponents aren't buying it. >> what is this information other than to profile employees? >> but cvs isn't alone. brad seth worked for broward county in florida, suing which when they charged him $40 a month after he refused health screenings. he lost in court but maintains the programs unfairly pressure people to hand over what should be personal information. >> i know many people who work that said i don't want to do this. >> cvs says participation is voluntary. but many question because there is a $50 fee, per month, for opting out. >> san francisco tech community joined efforts to
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help the homeless. the coalition of 500 tech companies called sf city made project homeless connect it's focus for the year. 25,000 tech workers encourage owed to donate their time and money to project homeless connect. 50 employees volunteered at the project homeless connect event. >> jean kwan hit the streets today to help deliver road. the mayor served lunch. jeerns enjoy andrew hatch who is 114 years old. it's part of the mayors for meals day. the goal to bring attention for trail and home bound seniors. >> such a great program. >> a man who came to america to escape the war with iraq is living what many can only dream about. he and his wife won the
4:48 pm
lottery receiving a check for $1 million yesterday on the 10th anniversary at the u.s. invasion of iraq. he and his wife were in baghdad with their two sons at the time of the invasion. they're syrian christians and felt endangered so five years ago they emigrated to chicago. he got a job as a janitor. he says he missed a drawing on tv and was stunned when he showed his numbers to a clerk. >> he told me you wochblt i tell him snouch she tell me $1 minute. i said you're joking she said $1 million for me. jumping and everything. >> wow. a couple plans to buy a house. he says he will keep working. >> the president love college basketball. >> i'm going back to big 10. i think it's indiana aez year.
4:49 pm
>> the harbaugh brothers have been feeling g i feel like their brother in slau going to have a good year as well. >> mr. obama or bracket obama picked indiana to beat louisville. ohio state and florida other final 14. despite love of the game the president has not pick aid national champion correctly since choosing north carolina in 2009. he's one and three on espn picking bracket autos so he's zmu. >> yes. it's a good pick. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 some dangerous structures. >> what a group is doing to warn residents before the next big one hits.
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>> coming up, some disturbing finding that's one in 50 children has autism. we're going to look at what is driving that increase in cases coming up.
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a group of berkeley citizens are wanting to tell tnants they're not in compliance with city ordinances. nick smith joins us live now in berkeley. nick? >> that is right because some people don't know they live in the buildings. now, berkeley has more than 75% of those buildings not meeting their code. look behind me. more than 75% of berkeley's buildings were not seismicly receipt stro troe fitted.
4:54 pm
>> an immense flip. >> they're called soft story structures, they're building was large openings, corrected in the 1950s and 60s, prior to updated seismic code autos they're susceptible to collapse in a earthquake. >> the earthquake from 1989 reminds maines on minds of many. shook the bay area 6.9 quake killed 63 people. new building codes would work to prevent that amount of damage and loss of life from happening again. >> that is property owners not yet in compliance with that phase. >> the property owners association which has more than 600 members says they acknowledge problem of vulneribility but as property owners face
4:55 pm
challenges, too. bank financing, single purpose bank financing for capitol improve smt hard to come by. banks still are lending and passing on costs. the association says unavailability of the increases under rent control is the biggest problem they face. they're unable to pass through some of the costs to tenants. >> this is ridiculous. >> caught in the middle? tenants who would like a safer building but says that must take a back seat to affordibility. >> i'm fortunate to live where i can afford it. i'm comfort yanl right now witness. >> affordibility iswe've heard . for a list of buildings in berkeley, nick smith abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us for
4:56 pm
abc 7 news at 4:00. >> develop being news, dozens of shots fired and neighbors are threatened. s.w.a.t. team send off to stop a man. >> got a question holgd up taxes? accountants are taking your calls live tonight. >> i'm sandhya patel. still drizzly in spots. i'll let you know when a dry pattern will return coming up. >> an armored s.w.a.t. mows down the fence of a home on a mission to stop a man. good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> the neighborhood was on edge you can image yichblt police swarmed a home on sutter and indiana streets. abc 7 news is there live tonight with the latest on this story.
4:57 pm
laura? >> hi, dan latest is that this suspect that we presume police have said he's a man who was threatening neighbors. is dead inside of the home behind us. the investigation continues. you can see police have that house about a block from us where i'm standing. let's know you what it looks like from the ground. a s.w.a.t. team used a ramming vee device, the front door to break in to see what is going on inside. they'd lost contact with the suspect. before that, producing a shotgun and there is a dramatic scene from above. a s.w.a.t. vehicle. they started to dismantle lattice work and a fence and
4:58 pm
things in front of his house presumably to get a better view. this started at 11:30. neighbors said this man was in front of the house with the gun threatening to hurt people. a s.w.a.t. team arrived and then let's hear about what happened after that. >> and how did it sound? >> pop, pop, sounds like 50 shots went off. >> we were on the floor on our stomach autos the folks were just across the street. you heard that woman say 50-60 shots fired by police, it's unclear yet weather the suspect fired back at them or just put his gun through a broken window. what they fired on him it's unclear if he turned the gun on himself but the situation
4:59 pm
has been resolved. neighbors have been aloud back in their homes because police are investigating and at this point we understand the suspect seems like, he's the suspect and from their firing at him or whether he turned his gun on himself. no one else is hurt. >> thank you. >> anltock police looking for a person who shot and killed a in the middle of the street. officers found the 20-year-old victim dead in west madill drive near two schools antioch high and marsh elementary but they were not affected. detectives have not said what led to the shooting and the name has not been released. >> there is warrant out for arrest of a long time high school baseball coach wanted tonight on charges of child molestation. sheriff's department tells us the


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