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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 25, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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and 50-mile-an-hour winds halted play at the arnold palmer invitational. the storm takes aim at the m mid-atlantic start this is morning. for the spring fwlaerks new jersey, it doesn't feel like spring break at all. dpl more like winter break. >> she said it right there. hundreds of flights from the nation's midsection to the northeast have been canceled. >> what cities can expect the worst from what we're all hoping is the last gasp of winter? our extreme weather coverage continues with accuweather. >> the good news about this system is it's not going to impact new england much if at all. the concentration of the snow across portions of pennsylvania and the mid-atlantic. people on i-80 from pittsburgh to philadelphia, 3 to 6 inches of snow for you. in our nation's capital, back
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into baltimore. 1 to 3 inches when people are making their way to work. be careful on the road ways. back to you, marci and john. stay with us for "good morning america," live reports from the storm zeend the latest news coming up. to the latest in the gun control debate. new york's billionaire mayor is launching a new ad campaign today urging background checks for gun purchase. michael bloomberg hoping to influence governors of key states. >> reporter: the gun control fight is heating up as major bloomberg spends $12 million of his own money to take on the nra. three months after the shooting at sandy hook elementary, congress is preparing to vote on sweeping gun control measures. both sides of the debate are bracing for a fight. >> we're trying to do everything in we can to impress upon the senators this is what the survivors want, what the public
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wants. >> it slows down the law-abiding and does nothing to anyone else. >> reporter: the bill includes background checks for all gun purchases. tougher penalties for gun trafficking, and more money for school safety. >> with rights come responsibilities. >> reporter: this new ad on the air in 13 states wants voters to make their voices heard, adding pressure on key republicans and democrats to get on board. >> that's why i support background checks so criminals and the dangerously mentally ill can't buy guns. >> reporter: 90% of americans support universal checks. but advocates for gun owners say they won't solve the problem. >> this is prompted by the sandy hook murders. those guns. >> reporter: colleaguely purchased with background check. this would not have solved something like that. >> reporter: the nra wants to improve the current system and
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enforce laws on the books. members of congress are in their home districts for two weeks, plenty of time to hear from constituents. >> back to the key pro vision left out of the bill, the assault weapons ban. any chance it will gate vote by hit itself? >> reporter: there is chance. they feared including it might kill the broader package of reforms, including the background checks. senate leaders said last week, it will get an up-or-down vote as an amendment. also in washington, hundreds of people are already lined up outside the supreme court in order the get a seat for tomorrow's historic arguments. at issue is california's prop 8, which bans gay marriage. a second case set for wednesday involves part of the federal defense of marriage act that prevents same-sex couple who is are legally married from getting
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a range of federal benefits. secretary of state john kerry issued a warning for iraqi leaders. the u.s. wants iraq to stop letting their air space be used for sup plies for syria. and now, to the mysterious death of brkts oris. a top critic of president vladimir putin. he amassed his billion-dollar fortune in cars. he recently lost a massive lawsuit to a former associate. 250,000 people crammed into st. peter's square waving olive and palm branches as the pope urged them to be humble and young at heart. he waved to the crowd from his open-air popemobile and leaned over to kiss and bless babies.
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it's also an especially holy time for jews around the world. passover gins tonight. the unforgettable honeymoon. as a great white breaks into a diverer's cage. and a parking space we don't recommend.
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welcome back. cyprus getting its bailout after days of uncertainty for the island nation. and the euro zone as a whole, a $13 billion deal was struck
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early this morning. and the financial markets are getting a boost on the news. u.s. stock futures are up this morning, too. cyprus' second largest bank will have to close, but there won't be a universal tax on bank accounts to fund the bailout. gas prices are still falling, but not very quickly. the average price this morning is $3.67, two cents less than a week ago. it's significantly better than a year ago. you thank stable crude oil prices and that all refineries are back in service after the annual switchover to summer blends. also good news for plugged-in travelers. the next time you're going somewhere, you don't have to rush to finish up before you board the plane. the faa is on course to lighten up the rules that ban the use of most electronic devices during takeoffs and landings. "the new york times" reports it should happen by tend of the year. "the croods" cruised to a win this weekend. the caveman comedy had a good opening weekend. and its studio hopes it will do
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even better as school children get their spring breaks. "the croods" took in $44.8 million. "olympus has fallen" was second with $31 million, better than expected. and "oz the great and powerful" was third. you may be surprised what the happiest jobs in america are. they are -- real estate agent, senior quality assurance engineer and senior sales reps. the unhappiest, associate attorney, customer service associate and clerk. network news anchor was not on either list. bosses, coworkers, and the mamt of control each employee has is part of what the decision was based on. within network news anchors, there's overnight network news anchors, the once who don't sleep. next on this monday, the murder case that gripped italy back in the courtroom this morning. will american amanda knox will tried again? and a cinderella story heading into the sweet 16.
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♪ welcome back. firefighters in ft. pierce florida had their hands full with a stubborn brushfire. the flames were pushed by strong winds, making them hard to con stain. a couple thousand people were forced to evacuate. but only a few homes suffered minor damage. now for a look at those morning road conditions. that spring storm making for snowy roads in places like pittsburgh and the mid-atlantic region. lingering snow in parts of the midwest. and if you're flying, airport delays are possible in washington, philadelphia, and new york city. back to the news, the case of amanda knox is set to grab international headlines again. >> at a hearing in rome this morning, prosecutors are arguing that the former college student should be returned to jail. she was convicted of murdering her roommate and served four
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years in an italian jail before the conviction was overturned. and she returned to seattle. what is at stake today? >> if she wins on monday, case closed. it's over. she can go forward without any further worry. >> if she loses today, her case goes back to court. knox's family, who won't be if court, hopes the hearing clears her name forever. they call it another example of harassment by the prosecution. it's not clear if a decision will be announced today. and by the way, amanda knox will speak for the first time in an abc news primetime special with diane sawyer on tuesday, april 30th at 10:00 p.m. eastern. abc news has learned that prisons in the state of colorado have been put on lockdown because of fears of additional attacks. the motive for the murder of thomas clements may have been revenge for his breaking up a white supremacist game operating inside a colorado prison.
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investigators are looking into what led to the deaths of two skydivers over the weekend. they were supposed to jump in a facility near tampa. they did not deploy their chutes for some reason. they are part of a crew that visits on sky-diving holidays every year. a much happier ending for a thrill seeker for a tourist off south africa. the tourist was cage-diving on his honeymoon when the shark attacked. the shark broke through the enclosure. the newlywed ducked and he wasn't hurt. the practice of using bait to lure the great whites is now being called into question. a california couple lucky to be alive after a bizarre freak accident. they lost control of their car and ended up on the roof of the neighbor's house. the driver and his wife say they were going down a hill, they couldn't stop the car as they turned the corner. that's when the cadillac went
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airborna airborne and landed on the roof. a sports car in england in a precarious position. the red audi flew high into the air and smashed into that house, becoming lodged in the living room window. emergency crews had to pry the trapped driver from the car. he did suffer serious head injuries. the car looks like a total loss. >> yeah, i would say. speaking of cars, how about a wild nascar finish in california? in the final lap yesterday, denny hamlin and the number 11 car and number 22, joey logano were battling for the lead, logano hits the wall and hamlin wound up slamming into an infield wall. he was removed from the car and eventually flown to a hospital. his team says looel be all right. afterwards, tony stewart got into a pushing match with logano before teammates pulled them apart. and now some hoops featuring miami and the madness. highlights now from espn. and a good monday morning to everyone. i'm matt barrie. the miami heat trying to keep
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the streak alive. going for 26 in a row. doing it without dwyane wade against the 16-win bobcats. i'm guessing things were going to be okay. in fact, it was a personal highlight show for lebron james. he had the good stuff against the bobcats. he had it all working, the penetration game, the jump game. 11 of 14 from the field. miami up big at that point. and then kemba walker was just an example. chris andersen the block, to lebron. lebron, 32 points. miami goes on to win. the streak continues, 109-77. how about a trip to the ncaa tournament? florida gulf coast becomes the first 15 seed in tournament history to advance to the sweet 16. bernard thompson flying high. for the jam here. the little guy can jump. they win, 81-71. great story there. how about iowa state taking on ohio state? great game for craft. craft had ohio state's last seven points. none bigger than this
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three-pointer to seal the deal. ohio state headed to the sweet 16. final score, 78-75. finally, indiana taking on temple. indiana trying to go to back-to-back sweet 16s. up one late, when in doubt, how about hit victor oladipo. they do, he does. oladipo, 16 points. indiana wins, 58-52. have a good monday, everyone. i'm matt barrie with your "sportscenter" update. one more sports note. sergio garcia found himself up in a tree in orlando. he hit a backhanded shot before jumping back down. play was canceled when a violent storm moved through. tiger woods is in the lead. and they'll try to finish it up today. >> awesome. he also hit one out of the water. it didn't end as good as that one, though. up next, "the pulse." we'll go for a walk on the wild side. a close call with a crocodile. and a cat walk of a different kind. different kind. [ female announcer ] are you sensitive to dairy?
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you don't think that something you're watching on tv is going affect your life. my husband, it was his birthday. he and my son went and played golf. he was having a massive heart attack. my son, eric, remembered seeing on "world news" with diane sawyer a new technique for cpr. we were so lucky to watch that night. i know, it seems crazy. watching "world news" with diane sawyer saved my husband's life. this is my family. that is our abc "world news" sto story. ♪ i'm a millionaire somewhere out there, someone is waking up a millionaire. >> sadly, neither of us.
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the winning ticket was sold in new jersey. we expect to find out where later today. >> a truck stop in a border town says it sold the winner. if it makes you feel better, you stand greater chance of winning power ball than getting a perfect bracket. an oscar-winning actress has been hired to do nothing. >> tilda swinton spent saturday sleeping in a box. the star, in street clothes, had to just snooze openly on plain mattress. >> she first did the piece in 1995. she'll do it again several more time this is year. the photographer in the upcoming video says what he does is called guys guts. not stupidity. you be the judge. >> he wants to get very close to the crocodiles. take a look. he throws pieces of meat into
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the water. after a few seconds, yeah, you guessed it, here it comes. hello! >> oh, boy. he's not even looking. >> can you imagine that? leaves the waterers crawls within inches of the guy. amazing shots. thousands of viewers said he was reck less. >> he wasn't taking pictures when it came up. he missed the opportunity. the word catwalk brings up vision of high fashion models. >> not this one. the cat walking the dog around. the kitty is taking the canine home, right up the stairs. come on, little fella. time to go back in. right up to the front door. >> the dog doesn't mind at all. quietly following along. >> have great day, everybody. ♪ ♪
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