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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 26, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the north, northbound 680 from south mission to north mission the lanes are blocked off, three left lanes until 6:00 a.m. kristen and eric? >> historic day at the united states supreme court in just a few hours. the historic hearing on same-sex marriage will begin. last night, a vigil took place outside the nation's highest court, across the street, dozens of diehards braised snow and freezing temperatures hoping to get a seat for this morning's oral argument focusing on the legality of california's proposition 8 which banned same-sex couples from marrying. >> both sides in the debate have been waiting years for this day including many in the bay area. abc7 news reporter is live in washington, dc, and will be inside the court for this historic case that could have sweeping implications. >> good morning, it is a
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momentous day here at the supreme court. as you can tell by all the demonstrators who are out here waiting along the steps outside the high court. most of the people that we have seen so far this morning are folks in favor of lifting the ban on same-sex marriage. some of them have been here, as you said, for several hours, hoping to get a seat inside. this is a case that is nine years in the making. you will remember this all began back in 2004 in san francisco. on the annual freedom to marry day, a day when gay and lesbian couples across the state applied for marriage licenses knowing they would be fund away. in 2004 the city clerk was told not to turn away the same-sex marriage couples and she the licenses. i was at city hall and it was chaos but joy office -- but joy
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office chaos. this said this action in motion and now two of the plaintiffs are a lesbian couple from berkeley and the other couples are gay men from southern california. we saw them go inside just a little bit ago. i am privileged to have a seat inside the supreme court. we are not allowed to tweet? there so you are going to have to wait for my live report tonight on abc7 news. live in washington, dc, outside the supreme court, this morning for abc7 news. >> she will be inside and will report back after the historic arguments on abc7 news going at 4:00 this afternoon. >> california lt. governor, attorney general hairharris will be at the supreme court all played a role in the same-sex
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marriage movement. chief justice john roberts lesbian cousin will be there, from san francisco, and she is hoping to marry her partner after the court ruling. >> supporters of same-sex marriage gather today at the federal courthouse in san francisco. last night, several thousand people marched in one of the largest rallies the castro district has seen in years. sky 7 was overhead as the march went down market street to city hall where the rallying cry marchers got louder hoping the supreme court will hear them loudly. >> as the supreme court considers the legality of gay marriage, katie couric asks, what does being gay in america today? she talks to several families living lives that do not accept their lifestyle. that is today on "katie" right here. >> now on the way in this morning you saw things falling from the sky. >> no cats. necessity -- no dogs just light
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rain near sfo. lisa? how is the rest of the forecast? >> good morning to you. live doppler 7 hd show as few sprinkles from the santa cruz mountains with the clouds along the san mateo coast and the hills providing the lit -- lift to pile up and squeeze out a few drops. you could see that as you head in this morning. around the south bay sunnyvale, perhaps, cupertino, and right along the peninsula, otherwise, we are talking about clouds, a cool start, 40's and 50's for the afternoon, partly cloudy skies, the breeze runs with low 60's around the bay to the mid-60's and by the afternoon we will see the upper 60's return inland east bay. 64 in oakland and upper 50's shoreline and a cool evening. if you are planning the rest of the week, tomorrow we will have clouds and not speaking of any rain for wednesday but thursday
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a chance of showers and mid-60's and by friday, a warm medium behind the weak system and the seven-day outlook, you will stay tuned if you have plans for easter. sue? >> hello, everyone, at home if you are ready to get out for the morning drive we have a nice one through san jose, north 87, the commute direction beyond c.h.p. pavilion, very few headlights headed in the nobody direction so it is a good looking ride. now the road work shows lanes blocked, the left lane by the village, southbound 101 and you will find also one lane over the waldo toward the golden gate bridge and that is wrapping up soon, and the city, southbound, 101, ramp to eastbound 80 is closed until 6:00 this morning. >> it is 5:07. crews worked late into the night to finish the much anticipated devil's slide tunnels define pacifica and half moon bay and have it ready for drivers for this morning's commute. as of 11:00 they only had one tunnel open. how did they do?
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abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is there with the answer. >> they made their deadline. look behind me, the tunnels are open. we have a car coming through right now which is northbound, made it safely through, no problems at all. it was a mad rush at the end. they promised to open it by the only commute and overnight they had paving and striping to do. they made the deadline. here is how it looks right now, electronic signs announcing so there is no doubt the tunnels are open and cars can avoid a dangerous stretch of highway one known as devil's slide tunnel and they will safely go through a mountain side, in a nice protected tunnel. they are open. here comes a truck headed southbound, with the signs saying "please take it slowly, be careful" this is a test drive all morning but the tunnels are open and ready for their big test: the morning commute.
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>> 5:30 9. next, you have a chance to weigh in on a new san francisco traffic plan that takes away hundreds of parking spots. >> she thinks she is in the car and the car is in the water. >> call goes for help goes unanswered and the reason for a delayed response from 9-1-1. >> topping america's money, cyprus is rattling the global markets and banks will not open there until thursday for fear of a run spooking investors. and bernanke said keeping interest rates virtually at zero has lifted america's trading partners, as well as helping america. have a great
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>> westwalnut creek, burlingamed all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning,en, light traffic on san mateo bridge. there was earlier a highway advisory on bay bridge and we will have weather and traffic and tell you about that in a couple of minutes. ought family of a sacramento woman who died after the car sank in the sacramento river are
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questioning the carmaker. the camry went in the water two weeks ago. a language barrier slowed the response. the family says they are not blaming the c.h.p. who took the 9-1-1 call but instead they want to know if the car had mechanical problems. >> it could take self days do find out exactly what went wrong, exactly what contributed to the incident and how it unfolded. >> before calling 9-1-1, she called her daughter do still her something was wrong, and based on that information, the family wants to investigate the possibility that the car's accelerator was stuck. toyota has acknowledged that has been a problem with some models. >> deadly attack on an afghan police headquarters in the eastern city of the country with eight suicide bombers attacked killing five police officers and wounding four others and one detonated a car balk. four were killed in an hour long shootout with officers before they could get inside.
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the attack comes on the second day of a visit to afghanistan by secretary of state john kerry who had meetings with afghan president karzai over the recent anti-american comments. john kerry is satisfied with karzai's explanation and the two countries are on the same page about security in other matters as international combat forces prepare to leave that country next year. >> in san francisco, a community group opposed to a plan to transform part of polk street is holding a community meeting today. the san francisco municipal transportation agency wants to reduce parking on a 20-block stretch of polk street to union street and want to take advantage of a major repaving project to make the street safe through some combination of bicycle lanes and packs taking away hundreds of meter parking places. man say it could hurt business in the district stretching from the civic center to the bay. the community meeting will be at 4:00 p.m. at the city's main
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branch library. >> the san francisco environmental commission is set to vote today on strengthening a law that requires larger businesses to offer employees' commuter benefits, because they allowed to use pretax dollars to ride public transit. under a san francisco ordinance all businesses with 20 or more workers must offer the pretax deduction of up to $245 a month or a $74 transit subsidy to pay for a muni pass or a van pool from workers' home to a place of business. >> there is a possibility in your morning commute to work you can encounter rain, light rain? >> and sprinkles for sure. we have low clouds along the coast and you found some of that, and from san francisco, also, south, we look at live doppler 7 hd and it does look quiet out there but some of this moisture is evaporating before it reaches the ground. if you find a sprinkle or two it
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will be short lived and that is the order of the afternoon as most of the moisture could fall over the higher elevations to we see any at all, better chances come our way on thursday but if you look toward the hills of the livermore valley here, maybe a few light returns more than anything, a lot of cloud cover and mist along the shoreline. san francisco, this morning, is mild out there with the cloud cover, and santa rosa is mid-40's in fairfield with 48 in livermore, and we are looking at numbers around the bay and still pretty mild so with the cloud cover not dropping into the 30's, 50 in san carlos and 48 in half moon bay. look at your forecast and clouds for today, and maybe an isolated sprinkle, the higher elevation looking at a chance of a fire through thursday, rain is possible for easter and here is a look at what is going on, the clouds moving from west to east and with that, partly cloudy conditions, occasional clouds and the chance of showers in the
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higher elevations going through the next couple of days you will notice here throughout the afternoon maybe the north bay or through wednesday, looking at clouds here, partly cloudy throughout the afternoon and the better chance comes our way, look at that, on thursday. maybe just in time for the afternoon commute. still, we will be light and just a couple of sprinkles. 65 in san jose. upper 50's downtown. we have a better chance of rain on easter weekend. >> sue? >> a great day out there. we have a nice-looking drive with only some road work to update. if you are traveling eastbound on 580 from greenville to north flynn you will see the three left lanes blocked until 11:00 this morning. westbound, the red coming from the tracy area moving to the altamont pass, slow again. at 4, we have road work with the left lane blocked. westbound is looking good at
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"medium" moving from antioch to pittsburgh. i want to check in with all mass transit and everyone is getting off to a great start, however, if you take bart, late night after 10:00 p.m. you will find delays through the tube and they are doing some maintenance work. >> thank you. san francisco leaders have just approved plans to build the city's 5th skate park and dog park. recreation and parks commissioners have signed off on planes to build it below the central freeway at mission street. today, san francisco chronicle reports caltran will lease the land to the city and the board must approve this. construction should start later this spring with completion expected by the ends of the -- end of the year. budweiser has the launch of a new drink. >> a thief would made off with a top secret hollywood script gets his day in court.
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>> good tuesday morning. a live look from the tower look down on san francisco with visibility not too great right here. we have clouds out there and some of them will carry some sprinkles for you this morning. be watching for that. and now lisa will have more. >> police say a top secret script from a final season of a show has been stolen. a man accused in the theft was
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in court in new mexico yesterday. police say the 29-year-old broke into an actor's car and stole a bag containing an ipad and a breaking bad script and pleaded not guilty to the charges but producers from the hit have not confirmed if any scripts were stolen. >> walmart employees sound off about a manpower shortage. >> budweiser taps into the non-beer drinking market. jane king has the business report. >> check outlines for service plague walmart and unpacked merchandise is piling up in the aisles because they do not have enough bodies to stock. walmart said worker descriptions are inaccurate. >> if you are going to the hospital try to make sure the resident has been working a long shift, with two studies show medical errors hurting patients increase up to 20 percent more among resident whose work short are shifts possibly because they are required to dot same amount of work in less time.
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>> investors are waiting for reports on home prices and monitoring the situation in cyprus where the government now has ordered the banks to remain closed until thursday. concern of cyprus is sparking a sell off on wall street. after selling 500,000 bud lite in less than eight months, they are adding another fruit flavor, 8 percent alcohol volume malt beverage as they stand into drivings -- drinker whose da -- drinkers who do not like beer. >> that is your beverage? >> coffee. as it is every morning. >> the third cup. >> and my bouncing off the walls from coffee is different from your bouncing off the walls. >> why you work so well today. live doppler 7 hd showing clouds
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on the coast here and moisture allowing for sprinkles in the bay, peninsula and south bay and otherwise, we have clouds with visibility reduce the again in in the north bay. elsewhere, we are looking good with temperatures milder this morning, anywhere from two to six degrees warmer than yesterday morning. headed out the door we will see occasional clouds with mid-60's around the bay, including oakland and san leandro and concord and point reyes and half moon bay mid-50's so we will be cool again there with some filtered sunshine. we will talk about the possibility of rain increasing toward the end of the week coming up. >> sue? >> good morning, everyone, c.h.p. saying there was a stall in the macarthur maze westbound 80 at the 880 connection. however that stall has been cleared so we are seeing traffic moving smoothly through the macarthur maze and to the toll plaza and points beyond.
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an accident now with reports in the petaluma area, southbound 101, and otherwise, we have road work and southbound 101 by the village mall, left lane is blocked with the road work on the golden gate bridge has just been cleared so it is looking good there. kristen and eric? >> san bruno woman is reunited with her beloved pet while police consider criminal charges against the person who took him. she got archie back after riding bart with her dog and fell asleep and someone snatched this dog. a tip led police to a house and to the dog. the dog was trained to help her deal with anxiety from a plane crash she survived as a child. >> i was sobbing. i was happy. i have been holding him. it is a miracle.
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>> police identified the dog through a microchip. criminal charges are pending in the case. >> in ohio, a vet just doing her job brought a deer back to life and now a decade later she has a friend for life. the woman named the deer dilly, and did not intend to make the dire a pet but when the farm-raised doe was nursed back to health and did not like being in the barn with the horses, she started hanging identity in the house and now she has her own website, facebook and a web camera in her bedroom which is attracting more than a million views the she has a bed too? >> a house deer, dear! >> just ahead we continue following breaking news for you from the east bay where a big blaze is keeping firefighters busy in alameda. new details on the damage it caused so far. >> calling all job seekers, 200 new openings to apply for right now because of a new federal
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 5:29. thanks for starting your day with us. >> i am kristen sze. the cough was from lisa who has the weather right now. >> we are looking at low clouds and fog piling up along the coast and a little bit of more being rung out, with parts of the hills of the east bay and the peninsula so you may need wipers but overall plenty of clouds and from the roof camera you can see a breeze that the be pick up and a sea breeze later this afternoon. hayward is 50, and 45 in los gatos and 46 in napa.
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with the cloud cover, it is mild, as you head out this morning, 40's and 50's under clouds to partly cloudy sky and maybe a few sprinkles this afternoon, and partly cloudy do mid-50's to the upper 60's and a bitter chance of rain coming thursday. sue? >> thanks, off to a good tuesday morning, and a live look at san rafael if the commute takes you southbound, past the civic center and north san pedro road and to lincoln and israel san rafael, it is looking good with no fog and wet roads are not a problem at this point. a little bit further to the north we have an accident in petaluma and it is southbound 101 at pepper road, a car off the roadway, and off the embankment and a tow truck may have to block a lane to get that out of this but so far right now we are not seeing slowing in the southbound direction because of the car east road. kristen? >> 5:31, right new we go live to breaking news we have been will forking. >> stubborn fire burning in allah made, and our news
5:29 am
reporter is live on the scene and joins us with the latest on how the firefighters are doing. >> as you can see as i step out of the way in downtown allah made, this is still smoke and fire in the roof so about 30 alameda firefighters are trying to put out the fire and make sure it is not hiding and make sure that the smoke stops coming from the roof. we will get you to the video of the fire that broke out, and they think in the third story of this three-story building here on park and san jose, above a business, it appears the fire broke out early this morning and no injuries, no word on the cause yet, but residents in the building and neighboring buildings were awoken in the middle of the night with firefighters breaking down the doors and saying "get out i it appears the fire was worse at
5:30 am
first and they got it under control quickly. i want to bring in lori who joins the we building -- the first floor of the building. >> we got a call at 4 a.m. saying our alarm went off and it was a walk through according to the dispatcher with a fire. we thought, well, better come down and take a look. sure enough, coming down the street everything was cordoned off and i could see the water and the foam shooting through the area so i know there is a lot of water damage and a lot of clean out. i don't think they will let us in because the building does not look structurally sound. >> how long you have owned we this clothing store? have you had anything like this happen before? >> no, i bought the store 8 1/2 months ago, i got out of
5:31 am
corporate, finally, this is my dream. i'm not going do get upset about it. no one got hurt. that is the main thing. there is a lost mess. there will be some bureaucrat and insurance paperwork but when all is said and done everyone is healthy and safe and that is all that matters. >> what a positive spirit, thank you lori, from the clothing store, that is the latest from alameda, a fire is still being put out and smoke is being put out and the flames are gone. that is the latest from downtown alameda at park street. >> in san jose a one alarm fire difficult placed 21 residents of an apartment building breaking out before midnight. firefighters brought the flames under control in about 15 minutes, with two units of the upstairs level of the apartment building damaged and the cause is not determined. >> a few hours from now the supreme court will hear arguments in the first of two
5:32 am
landmark cases on same-sex marriage. here is a look from outside the supreme court, with live pictures here at 7:00 our time, justices will hear arguments on the constitutionality of prop 8, the ban on same-sex marriage. tomorrow, they will take up the federal defense of marriage act, which defines marriage as one between a man and a woman. after being passed by voters in 2008 lower courts ruled it unconstitutional for denying equal rights. recent polls show more than half of americans now support same-sex marriage. it is legal in nine states and the district of columbia and a growing number of lawmakers and public figures are coming out in support of gay marriage. >> my son came to my wife and i and tolds that he was gay and that launched an interesting process for me which was rethinking my position. >> we do not need a 50-state solution presented by the supreme court when our democratic institutions are perfectly capable of handling
5:33 am
this issue. >> among those expected to attend is california lt. governor who as san francisco mayor got the ball rolling when he ordered the city clerk to issue marriage licenses to gay and attorney general and san francisco city attorney along with chief justice john roberts' cousin hoping to marry her partner. >> supporters gay in san francisco with several thousand marching in the largest rally in the was tremendous in years. we were overhead as the manner wound its way down market street to city hall where the rallying cries were louder hoping the supreme court will hear them. >> we will be married in the city we fell in love with. i love there guy and i want for walk around and say this is my husband, and make it legal. >> this afternoon, the courthouse rally starts at 4:00 and it will be led by the group
5:34 am
"get equal" and other supporters. >> five east bay cities will fly the rain bepride has been, hayward, san landroe, and hayward, and berkeley, while the high court decides on their rights. >> the court has a long list of options including the justices could overturn prop 8 making the ban unconstitutional. they could uphold prop 8 permitting the ban to remain if place in dozens of states including california. the court could also strike down it 9 prop 8 because the defender do not have the right allowing the same-sex marriage to resume in california. there is a separate issue, the defense of marriage act, tomorrow, a ruling in both cases is expected in june. >> abc7 news reporter is in washington, dc, this morning, inside the courtroom when oral
5:35 am
arguments begin in a few hours. her reports begin later today on abc7 news at 4:00. >> from overseas, italy's high court has overturned the acquittal of american exchange student amanda knox on murder charges. her reaction came down from her hometown of seattle, saying that it is painful but is confident in the truth. a florence appeals court must rehear the case against knox and her italian ex-boyfriend. in 2011 therapy acquitted in the death of a 21-year-old which the prosecution says resulted in a drug-fueled sex game. in timeline has been set for a new trial. we if she is convicted, italy could try to have her extradicted from the united states. >> a retired san francisco firefighter will try today to convince state regulators to ban the flame retardant chemicals used on household furniture and in baby products. the 27--year veteran believes those chemicals caused his cancer. he contract add rare form of the
5:36 am
disease that he blames on repeated exposure from the burning chemicals. today he is leading the effort to get the ban and will deliver a petition with 55,000 signatures to the state regulate lates who are considering exchanges to the guidelines which about use. >> the devil's slide tunnel knells on the new route opened overnight. this is a look at traffic from the twin tunnels this morning, expected to get heavier later of course but right now it is very light. the $439 tunnel bypasses a steep windy portion of the coastal highway one known as devil's slide susceptible to rock-slide closures. we will have more in the next half hour. when you drive beyond the cliff
5:37 am
hang our road you have white knuckles on the steering wheel is the tunnel are nice. cannot wait to try them. >> now a check on the weather forecast. >> we have some sprinkles. >> low level moisture with us along the coast, near devil's slide tunnel and bringing out a few areas of light moisture but most of this continued to slide into the higher hills and over into the central valley so we will build left with cloudy keys and then this afternoon the skies will begin to thin out the cloud cover and we will look for county again, a mix of clouds and sun. fog is a problem in the north bay at three quarters mile visibility and with the cloud cover we are warmer in the valley at six degrees warmer in livermore and seven degrees warmer in napa so we are in the 40's and 50's this morning with the cloud cover. by noontime, we be still in the 50's and mid-60's inland and with a partly cloudy sky not a bad afternoon, upper 60's for
5:38 am
east bay friends and mid-60's for san leandro, and hayward. a look cooling tonight and the next couple of days. no reason tomorrow, but the probability increases on thursday, we will warm on friday, and it is easter and we talking more wet weather. sue? >> thanks. getting your tuesday morning off to a pretty good start out there with a couple of issues. we will zoom in for you with the road work still out there as leverage and westbound, look at the grind moving toward railroad avenue. bumper to bumper and fairly typical, unfortunately. we do have a problem in san jose, northbound, at taylor street a car in a power pole. it could affect the energy or power for the people if that area. we will check back with c.h.p. and san jose police on that. we do have eastbound road work greenville to north palestinian and westbound is a grind in the altamont pass and it smooths out
5:39 am
into dublin/pleasanton and livermore. >> we are a day away great all electronic tolling at the golden gate bridge. ahead, the big reminder in place to make sure that drivers are aware of the change. >> first, what is happening today to the south bay woman accused of trying to drug children at a day
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 5:44 on this tuesday morning. new this morning an officer in the department of homeland security at sfo will be arraigned later this morning on child pornography charges. the 37-year-old was arrested early this month. authorities launched an investigation two years ago into allegations that he was sharing child porn. police searched his san francisco home and found more than 80 videos of child pornography on a sophisticated computer. lamb was arrested while working at sfo's security check point for passengers from overseas flights. >> also new, a south bay preschool teacher accused of trying to drug toddlers in her care is scheduled for arraignment in morgan hill today. the 59-year-old deborah gratz was arrested on child
5:43 am
endangerment. a coworker saw her putting something in the sippy cups, an over-the-counter sleep aid. gratz has supervised nap time for children one and two, and the cups were taken away before the kids could drink from them. >> today is the last day you will need cash to cross the golden gate bridge. tomorrow, all electronic tolling begins so no longer can you pay cash. crews installed a big sign above the toll plaza yesterday to remind drivers of the big change. as we have been reporting, drivers will have to drive straight through the toll plaza, you do not need to slow down or stop, the speed limit goes up to 25 miles per hour from the five miles per hour now. you can use fast track, a credit card account, or get a bill in the mail after you cross. we have all of the information for you on no doubt, lisa is well represented? >> yes. you use that bridge, right?
5:44 am
>> once in a while. i like to go as fast as i k. >> while obeying the speed limit. >> you talk about sprinkles but struggling to pick up the low level moisture but it is out there. it has been piling up on the shoreline and we have the low clouds, the poor visibility in the north bay and a sprinkle or two that is headed out of town. today, the higher elevation could see a sprinkle. otherwise, our next best chance of rain comes in on thursday and you can see the activity moving into the central valley. we will be looking at temperatures in the 40's and 50's this morning from the roof camera with cloud cover. it is mild. 46 in fairfield and upper 40's in livermore so considerably milder, and hair at -- hayward and los gatos is at 50, 52 in oakland and 49 in san jose.
5:45 am
a mild 48 at half moon bay and santa cruz is 46. the forecast calls for the clouds to continue through the morning hours and to thin out this afternoon for a partly cloudy sky and better chance of showers with another weak system headed to the cost on thursday and the rain is possible for the easter egg hunts on sunday and before that on saturday there is a chance. with the clouds and the weak system headed into the central valley, we will be looking at more clouds than anything today, but the north bay hills, the santa cruz mountains, maybe a sprinkle as the flow continues from the southwest. law the rest of the day you will notice by 3:00, green up here, maybe throughout the higher elevations and then the rest of the night the clouds increase and tomorrow, wednesday starting out with clouds in the morning and they will break up and, again, we could see maybe a higher elevation sprinkle but not until thursday afternoon this area of low pressure gets the closest to the bay area and that could bring out showers.
5:46 am
high temperature today is 59 in san francisco, low 60's in san mateo and 65 in san jose and the sea breeze kicks united states in the city and a look ahead you will notice the rain chance coming in on thursday and warmer friday, wet on saturday and, again, on easter, sue? >> we have a live shot of the brand new tunnel at devil's slide tunnel and here come as car, kind of cool shot for you, very light traffic here, but very nice to have this tunnel completed. congratulations, that is a neat thing for those folk on the coast. a couple of issues out here, a new accident to report to you in the fremont area, north 680 at the parkway, and four cars involved with this and possible injuries and emergency crews are en route. checking back on this accident, car off the roadway, south 101 at petaluma and pepper road with the tow truck getting that out of the embankment.
5:47 am
>> contra costa county is taking job applications with openings for agents to help californians enroll in health care insurance under a new federal mandate reporting that 180 new positions are open at the recently approved health exchange call center to be located in concord, the salary is between $31,000 and $45,000 a year depending on experience, candidates can apply online at the website until april 5th. we are helping folks find a job and we will host a job fair later today with our pans at the job journal, and the event is from noon to four at market and 8th street at san francisco and at&t and the santa clara sheriff department, among the organizations that will be there. we have more details on our website, at abc7 news and click on "see it on tv." a new report that could cause concern with state democrats and
5:48 am
republicans. >> coming up next, travel and tablets, the change coming to an airplane near you. >> sunnyvale yahoo makes an ap developer an instant millionaire but the person may really, really surprise you. we
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5:50 am
>> going says a two hour test flight of the boeing 787 dreamliner went according to
5:51 am
plan, testing a newly redesigned system that is supposed to be safer than previous versions an important first step for the company's plan to convince safety regulators to unground the dreamliner fleet. 57 have sat idle since late january when the batteries of two of the new planes caught fire. good news for those who hate powering down the ipad and other e-readers during take off and landing. "new york times" is reporting the f.a.a. will scale back the regulations this year and has been ticketing studies on weather the devices interfere with the cockpit instruments and they do not. however, the change does not include cell phones which would still be banned no take offs and landings. >> we are learning more of the british teen who struck a multimillion dollar deal and a new job with yahoo. meet 17-year-old who just sold his free iphone app to yahoo which automatically summarizes news story for small screens, set to be worth $30 million.
5:52 am
yahoo will not confirm that. it is said to be part of the efforts of the c.e.o. to attract new engineers focusing on services for smarts phone and tablets which is why she offered him a job. he taught himself to write software at 12. he built this app when he was just 15. now he is working for yahoo. doesn't he need a work permit? or something like that? >> a little envy because we did not do that when we were 15. >> or 50. >> no doubted. now a look at the forecast. >> you are not 50. live doppler 7 hd is not showing much on the way of radar just a few sprinkles. you can see the slow clouds right here and they are banked up along the shoreline with the mostly cloudy sky making for a milder start in most areas and 15 in hayward and 45 in san carlos and napa up to 45 degrees. with the clouds this morning, we
5:53 am
are warmer and we will thin out with sunshine around the bay and oakland coming in at 64 and over the hills, higher clouds and upper 60's should do it but at the coast, the clouds will hang tough and temperatures will be in the mid-60's so it will be a cool day along the shoreline and across the state partly cloudy conditions and mid-50's in the north sierra. >> thank you, tuesday morning commute is underway and we go back to fremont where we have an accident, southbound 680 at the parkway with left lane blocked with four lanes involved and possible injuries. c.h.p. is on the scene. you can expect delays. up to pepper road, northbound 101, rather, southbound 101 through petaluma, and the tow truck could be blocking a lane of traffic. the drive time if you headed out, 580 from the industrial valley, highway four westbound
5:54 am
is looking good into cord. >> the $3 million painting at the palace hotel in san francisco that was to be auctioned off is not going anywhere now. the owners of the downtown hotel changed their mind after getting an earful from the mayor and others across the city. the pide piper was hanging at the ball for 100 years and is called part of heritage of the city. the hotel finally agreed. they will restore the painting. it was created for the re-opening after the 19306 great quake. >> people go on earthquake to reunite with old friendors make new ones but a massachusetts man is getting a new kidney because of the site. the 51-year-old met kelly wright on facebook. a bacterial infection from surgery in 2011 sent his body into shock and the kidneys shut down immediately and he was put
5:55 am
on a wasting list and realized it could be a long line. he went online and found a perfect map through the donor network on facebook. >> i didn't know her. >> i not it would be an incredible gift. >> she is from newport beach and staying with he and his family until the surgery is come let and hope this leads it more awareness for living kidney donations. >> next, a historic day at the u.s. supreme court with big implication's california and beyond. the justices are about to hear arguments on whether california's ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional. we will show you what is happening right now. >> breaking news from the east bay, the latest on this stubborn fire i
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> live from the kgo-tv
5:58 am
broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a historic hearing at the supreme court determining whether same-sex marriages can resume here in california. good tuesday morning, everyone. >> we have complete coverage coming up but we want to check in with lisa, our meteorologist. what do we have? >> breeze and wet sprinkles. >> few sprinkles and the breeze in the higher elevation and a system headed out of town to the central valley with moisture piling up and we could see a sprinkle along the shoreline and later this afternoon, higher elevations are the best place. you can see, perhaps, an isolated shower so mist and drizzle along the coast with numbers in the 50's by noon and partly cloudy skies and a cool day along the shoreline around the bay we will look for a
5:59 am
milder start and around noon, higher clouds and temperatures in the mid-60's in hayward and cooling off in the 50's by 7:00, and use head inland, temperatures are cooler, with visibility good, though and by noontime, near 60 and a couple of minute of upper 60's by concord and livermore and evening hours are partly cloudy skies and not through with the rain yet but we will talk more about it coming up. >> multiple issues plaguing the tuesday morning commute in fremont. first we have had this accident on northbound 680 and now we have a new one, southbound 880 and that is blocking the left lane of traffic there. we have northbound 680 at the parkway with injuries involved and four cars here, left lane is blocked, and southbound 101 at willow a new accident is off the roadway on the shoulder. >> nine years after the first same-sex marriages took place if san francisco the fight over


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