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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 28, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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she had no idea where the arrow came from buttist before but it hurt really bad. everyone around her said she was brave and calm. >> we were listening to taylor swift and singing together to keep calm. >> did that help? >> it helped a lot. >> i got there and i pictured a small arrow going through her lower leg. i didn't picture...what i saw. >> doctors surgically removed the area. nadine is fine. it was fired from a crossbow but they don't know who fired it or where they meant to shoot it. they are still investigating. they don't have any suspects. her family is offering $1,000 reward for anyone who can help police find this person. police are looking nadine will
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return to school today with quite a story to tell. >> it is 6:03 the develops news in the south bay, the district attorney and districts are investigating san jose's third police shooting of this month an officer fired on a suspect yesterday afternoon at willow glenn way after police say a woman in a stolen car tried to run an officer down. they say the woman reversed the car and hit the officer as he was approach the vehicle and the officer shot her at least once. a man sitting in the passenger seat was injured but it is not clear if he was shot. both were taken to the hospital. they will recover. the officer was not seriously injured. our news reporter, katie marzullo, will have the latest in the next half hour. now sky 7 showing the end of a chase down 101 in redwood city, police say four kids including a 13-year-old, are responsible. the three teen boys and a girl all from san jose are accused
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much stealing a car and running from cops. the 14-year-old boy behind the wheel ran from police near foster city. >> people hoping to reduce gun violence are planning event across the country today. today marks the national day to demand action. a bay area group is planning to rally outside the san francisco office of senator feinstein this morning in support of her efforts to pass legislation against gun violence. more than 100 ever helps have are planned across the country. the obama administration says it is not giving up on assault weapons ban although senate majority leader harry reid says there are not enough votes to support it in the senate. >> the concord city council is banning residents from growing medical marijuana in their yard. the city council voted unanimously to pass the ordinance on tuesday after discussing and debating the demand for several months amending the city code to prohibit all outdoor marijuana growing even for medical purposes. the ordinance was models after
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one and jones -- and joins others that limit outdoor cultivation. >> drug sniffing dogs will visit three schools in may. officials approved a program to test whether using dogs to detect drugs and other contraband can make campuses safer. the santa cruz sentinel says the dogs will be deployed at a high school, new school, and academic vocational charter institute because the principals requested them. >> time if a check on traffic with our new traffic reporter. >> i feel like we have known you for several weeks as you have been training and learn how it goes. >> i made so many friends i have been so happy to be here and thrilled to be back in the bay area. it really is such a good feeling. i have nothing but wonderful things to say about the team at
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abc7 news. they have made me feel warm and your hospitality has touched my heart. >> little bit of traffic later but we want to hear more about you. you have a ballet background? >> i danced for many, many years for almost 20 years, a ballet dancer before i studied journalism and i was lucky enough to come to san francisco when i was a teenager to study at san francisco ballet school so it homed as very place in my heart and i hope to get back in there and maybe meet some of the new dancers in the company. >> i am sure that will happen and that is explainy she is so grateful pointing out the traffic problems. >> thank you. thank you. leyla gulen will have the traffic report coming up in a couple of minutes. right now, the big money windfall coming to the pakistani teen shot by the taliban. >> but, first, he is the teen accused of stealing a tv chef's luxury sports car and a request
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he is expected to make to a judge this morning. >> live look outside right now, the golden gate bridge, a little murky as cars head into san francisco. traffic and weather, together, are next, at
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>> good morning to you, live doppler 7 hd where we are looking at a few showers in the santa cruz mountains and mist and drizzle as you head out right now.
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temperatures are very mild in the mid-50's and this afternoon we will call it mostly cloudy with sun and the chance, again, of a shower. you have heard that before, right? 65 today in vallejo and mid-60's in oakland, and most 60's in san francisco, and temperatures are near 70 in san jose and morgan hill and we have been if this moist air mass which stays with us today and we are looking at changes tomorrow. leyla gulen is here with a look at our commute. hopefully it will be quiet. >> not too quiet. it was kauai busy this morning and still busy. in union city we have an overturned vehicle along southbound 880, with very heavy backups. the backups are from 92 so give yourself plenty of extra time. we have another accident in the eastbound lane, not so much in the westbound, but eastbound 580, there is one lane blocked because of a bumper to bumper situation into dublin/pleasanton
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area. a look at the metering lights that are on, on the bay bridge and it is looking slow into san francisco. >> welcome, leyla. >> a judge in san rafael will consider a change of venue request from the attorney for a teenager accused of stealing a lamborghini and attempting to kill two people. the attorney for the 18-year-old says his client cannot get a fair trial in marin county because of all the publicity. he is accused of stealing a celebrity chef lamborghini to impress a girl and trying to kill her and a boyfriend when she rejected him and said extensive media coverage could taint the jury pool and he wants the two kisses tried separately. >> new this morning, pope francis celebrates holy thursday, how the new pontiff is, again, breaking with tradition. >> the pakistani teen shot for speaking out against the lynn and the reason she now is $3
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this thursday morning starting out in the santa cruz mountains where we are look at shower activity and mist and drizzle and very mild temperatures with numbers mostly in the 50's, upper 40's in santa rosa and 54 in fairfield, and union city, and fog has been a problem on the coast. half moon bay has visibility reduced to a mile and three quarters with concord at six miles and livermore at four miles, throughout the day, though, still a chance of showers. plenty of clouds. some sun in the afternoon. mild temperatures, nearly 70 around the bay. cool, in the 50's, at the coast. kristen? >> happening now in cypress,
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banks just re-opened this morning after being shut down for almost two weeks because of the financial crisis. long lines are formed at banks and a.t.m.'s after being closed over fears of a bank run. the banks are only open for six hours today. people are limited as to how much they can withdraw and armed guards are at banks in case violence breaks out. this woke, cyprus agreed on a $20 billion bailout from the european countries and the imf on the condition that customers were levied a fee on accounts over $130,000. >> at the vatican, pope francis had the first ceremonial mass at 2:00 a.m. our time. he will wash the feet of ardors young inmates at a rome detension center, reenacting christ's washing of the feet. previous popes have formed the holy thursday ritual on priests.
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observers say it just another way pope francis is hockey the -- showing the man he is a man of the people. >> the pakistani teen shot in the head by the taliban got a huge book deal. malala yousafzai is getting $3 million to write her life story now. malala yousafzai spent several months in a british hospital after a taliban gunman talk get her for promoting the education girls. she was released last who and went back do school in britain. the book is set to be out this fall. >> new this morning, a south african judge lift add travel restriction on track star oscar pistorius allowing the sprinter to travel outside south africa if he is invited to compete overseas. he faces murder charges in the shooting debt of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, he is out on bail and the judge is allowing oscar pistorius to drink which will and return to his home where reeva steenkamp was shot. no trial date has been set.
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>> people are paying close attention to the weather, including us, leading to easter, on the activists and we have the bay bridge pre-season series, giants, a's. >> we had our summer in january and february and in march we are still looking at a threat of showers. here is live doppler 7 hd, it has been moist but not cool, though, because with all the moisture out there, it is mild and muggy at times today, and santa cruz mountains are looking foggy with 49 in santa rosa and 54 at delta, and 56 in union city. the bay bridge this morning has temperatures staying in the 50's, so, you headed out in san jose at 56 degrees going for a high of 70 and 57 in oakland the despite the cloud cover we will see a few bits of sun later and isolated area of sprinkles are not out of the question with a brief warm up tomorrow and in between, a stronger sell that
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will look for more scattered showers over the weekend. association today, we are only talking a small amount, with mist and drizzle because of a slow moving system that continues to rotate the clouds, the moisture, throughout the bay area today and the next system drops south and that low promises a better chance of showers. by the next couple of hours you will notice the cloud cover, the green popping up from time to time, and that really shows the shower activity is widely scattered and a lot of it is in the form of mist and drizzle. at 4:00 this afternoon, the clouds thin out and we will be looking at clearing, still an isolated chance of a shower if you are headed to the game tonight, otherwise we will have numbers in the mid-60's in oakland, and 67 in fremont, and 67 in napa with 77 to santa cruz, and san jose, morgan hill. tenth, at the ballpark, temperatures are starting out in the upper 50's with plenty of clouds dropping through the 50's and we will look at the sun then setting at 7:29 and it will be a
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nice evening. the numbers coming up tomorrow, with some breaks with partly cloudy and chance of showers saturday, sunday, maybe a thunderstorm, dry and milder into next week. a little tricky this morning on commute. >> it has been. we had some accidents as a result of the wet weather in the santa cruz mountains and that accident has cleared along 17 but we will look at this, a live shot at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see the headlights are backing up out there at the first overcrossing so busy moving westbound, and it sounds like there is another accident west from our view of the toll plaza and that could cause some very heavy slow out there. as we look at maps, an overturn vehicle slowing through union city and southbound 680 at ten miles per hour, and heavy backups from before 92. kristen and eric? >> thank you, leyla and welcome to the team. >> imagine you browse through a store you don't buy anything but
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register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful >> good morning, everyone at 6:23. a look at the golden gate bridge, it is mucky, with patchy fog and drizzle in spots around the bay area.
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lisa will tell you more coming up. >> this is a stunning story, listen to this. a shop owner this australia has a simple message for anyone who wants do window shot at her store, pay up or get out! a gluten free food store in australia is charging a $5 fee for just looking. the shop owner is charging $5 in order to offset losses from shop are whose browse and buy online but you do get your money back if you end up buying manage. >> wow! probably just closed the door on customers. >> spring break is over but summer vacation will soon be here and it is time to look at airline tickets. >> consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side to reveal the best time to buy your ticket, score the best deal. michael finney? >> good morning. it is always difficult to know if you are buying your ticket at the cheapest point.
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a study has facts that can change the way you book your next trip. a recent study by "cheap air" looked at 25 million airline fares the last year to determine the best time to find the cheapest fares. the c.e.o. of cheap air. >>the best time to buy on average in 2012 for domestic flights was 49 days in advance, seven weeks. if international, 89 days. the day of the week you choose to fly can save a last money, tuesday and wednesday are cheaper than other days of the week. >> friday and sunday are the most expensive, and, in fact, on average, if you fly on a tuesday you save $58 opposed to fly on sunday. >> most of us know the most expensive times to by a ticket is last minute but he says the second worst thing to do is boy
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the ticket too early. a flight opens for sale somewhere between 330 and 335 days in advance the. >> the starting fares are higher than what the lowest fare will be. >> pricing is not regulated by the government. a travel lawyer says the department of transportation does not want to be involved in fares and pricing. >> they let the airlines do what they want with frequent flying public and they let them adjust the prices. they are not watching this. >> and despite the booking sites, the biggest tip is to find a travel agents. >> they will know when they load the computer with the fares, whether it is a tuesday morning or wednesday morning they will be right on it and check that fare as it changes into the computer. >> the study found that the idea of booking a trip on a tuesday will save you big money is actually a myth.
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cheap air found in fact on average a savings was no more than just a few dollars. >> 6:2. historic hearings on same-sex marriage at the supreme court are done. coming up, what the just televisions -- justices are doing this week. >> a car will woulded over in -- rolled over in san francisco and the impact on traffic. >> i hung up with the spokesman for the san jose police department and i have information on an officer-involved shooting that sent a woman to the hospital with a gunshot wound. >> good morning, mist and drizzle and fog. temperatures today will climb into the 60's. right now everyone in is in the 50's. 62 in the city. 70 in san jose and isolated shower throughout the afternoon. >> outside, a look at those headlights pushing right into the toll lanes. that is the bay bridge and it is looking slow as you make the
6:25 am
drive into san francisco. we have problems in
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning at 6:29. a look at san francisco and you can see the stall buildings and the skies and the bay bridge in the background. we will tell you what is going on traffic-wise and weather-wise coming up. >> a quick note on a story we have been following, power outage that had 1,500 in the dark in palo alto but it is determined that it was a goose that flew into the power pole but now it is restoreed to everyone. your lights now back on. >> one goose can do that? how about that. 6:30. the problem could have been the sprinkles in his eyes as he was
6:28 am
flying. now, lisa argen has a look at the forecast. >> live doppler 7 hd shows mist and drizzle and a little bit of moisture offshore so you are waking up to the cloudy conditions, fog, and mild temperatures, grab the umbrella, a chance of showers in the forecast throughout the day with 50's right now at the coast, and climbing into the mid-50's with a chance of showers throughout the day, away the bay, numbers are mild, mid-50's to upper 50's by noon and a chance of a shower and mid-60's for san leandro and castro valley today with temperatures dropping through the 60's in the early evening hours so it will stay mild. we have numbers around the bays then, coming up tomorrow when we see that break in the rain. we are looking at a nice afternoon with temperatures in the mid-70's tomorrow. today we are stuck with the low level flow of moisture from the south which could bring the threat of rain welcoming our newest member to abc7 news family is leyla gulen.
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>> good morning, lisa. painful in union city with an overturned vehicle southbound 880, that is looking at heavy backup at 12 miles per hour. you will see speeds reduced as you come away from 92 so you may want to take 238 as the alternate. in livermore, this accident westbound 580 at first street blocking one lane and it will be slow moving from tracy into the dublin/pleasanton but it will thin out closer you get to 680. when we look outside it is soupy and this is the golden gate bridge from marin county into san francisco. >> leyla, welcome. develop news from san jose where officers opened fire on a woman, the third time this month police have shot at someone. this happened next to the expressway yesterday where we
6:30 am
find abc7 news reporter katie marzullo with the latest on what investigators say about this. katie you just got off the phone with a spokesman? >> i did, the spokesman, the officer called me back minutes ago and he says the investigation is continuing. the scene as you described is just behind us here and officers were on the scene for hours and hours, the shooting happened at 4:30 yesterday afternoon, they were still there late in the night only clearing the crime scene overnight. if you look from sky 7 you can see what we are talking about, the red car in the driveway is the one in question. it was reported stolen and when officers found out it was in the neighborhood they went over there and the woman behind the wheel moved the car and drove and hit a police officer. she hit the police officer and he, the new information we have from the san jose police department this morning, he is going to be okay as far as we know, though, she is still in the hospital.
6:31 am
>> the officer feared for his safe and discharged the firearm striking the driver at least once. the passenger did sustain an injury, unknown whether that is a result of the gunfire. >> as of last check, both the driver and her passenger are still in the hospital but the officer is okay. that officer is on paid leave. homicide detectives with the police department and the district attorney are investigating the shooting. it is the third officer-involved shooting in san jose this month. the prior two both ended in the suspect being killed. >> thank you, katie. new from san leandro, authorities are investigating a hit-and-run accident than sent a woman to the hospital. it happened shortly before midnight in the pack -- park lot near 116th avenue. the victim was taken to the hospital with what appeared to be moderate injuries.
6:32 am
the woman calling with a cane was hit by a car backing out of the parking space. the driver stopped to see what happened and then drove off after seeing what happened. the vehicle was a fayed -- faded buick or oldsmobile. >> emergency crews last night managed to upcite a roll over at the presidio and the person was taken to san francisco general hospital. the injuries are not known. >> from south africa, former president nelson mandela is back in the hospital with another lung infection. this is video of mandela's home admitted before midnight according to the south africa government the 94-year-old is conscious and aware. given his age and his history doctors are being cautious. he has been in and out of the hospital since december for the same lung infection. >> supporters of transgender
6:33 am
people will rally in san francisco today in response to a spike in a tax. according to the san francisco examiner, a mission district based organization for transgender women says there have been four major incidents since january. it is difficult to measure the number of attacks because most go unreported and they say victims are either embarrassed or they don't trust the police. tonight's rally hosted at 6:30 at mission and 16. >> the supreme court will meet later this week to take a first vote on the two same-sex marriage cases they heard. they heard argued on the federal defense of marriage act. our news reporter was right there. >> what was going through your mind sitting in the courtroom today? >> i felt very serious. very serious. >> the 83-year-old is the face behind the doma lawsuit, the
6:34 am
challenge to the 1996 defense of marriage act. the law denies federal benefits for legally married same-sex marriage couples. here is ruth bader ginsburg the. >> states have two kinds of marriage: the full marriage and then this swim -- skim miles per hour -- skim milk marriage. >> that is the buzz phrase on twitter. if the justices decide not to rehear the cases they will craft their decisions know late down. we posted the audio from yesterday's hearing at under "see it on tv." >> a new face on the abc7 morning news and this ain't it. leyla gulen is here, and we welcome you to our team. >> hello! ahello! thank you for having me. i am happy to be in san francisco and loving the experience. >> no stranger to the bay area?
6:35 am
>> i have spent a lot of time here and was lucky enough to go to san francisco ballet school many moons ago and it has been wonderful to come back and see how the city has only gotten better. >> you love getting up usually in the morning? >> love it, dark and early! >> we will talk about that, the alarm, and coffee and all of that. at least five clocks set. >> you know what is exciting? silicon valley could be bringing jobs back to the bay area. >> baseball is back, three games define the giants and the a's to get you ready for the regular season. >> that is exciting and here is a look at downtown san francisco with a few clouds but we will check with leyla gulen again for traffic and lisa with
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>> good morning, live doppler 7 hd shows moisture offshore. you can see it here, with showers in the forecast throughout the day today. right now, mist and drizzle as you head outside with temperatures very mild mainly in the 50's. also, fog along the coast this afternoon. look for upper 60's around the bay. mid-to-upper 60's near 70 for san jose, morgan hill and our coast upper 60's if near 50. the chance for showers stay with us today and they will be isolated with sunny breaks later today. tomorrow we get our big break with a remain what up and mid-70's around the bay and 60 coast side and maybe a thunderstorm on easter sunday. leyla gulen is here with the commute. >> good morning, everyone, as we head to livermore, good news with the accident cleared westbound 580, all gone. but the congestion is here to stay. we have a tough drive coming away from the altamont pass to
6:39 am
dublin/pleasanton. westbound 80 is moving into the macarthur maze and we have a few extra headlights making your approach to the toll plaza and it will be a slow drive as you make it into san francisco. eric and kristen? >> major league baseball returns to the bay area tonight with the first game of the bay bridge series between the a's and the giants, with the a's beating the giants on saturday in arizona and the defending world series champions will host the a's in san francisco tonight and tomorrow night with the series switching to the oakland colisieum on saturday afternoon. the giant as start the regular season on monday facing the dodgers in los angeles, the a's will be at host hosting seattle on monday night. >> all eyes on tim tonight. trading underway on wall street, we will look at the big board right now, you can see the dow is trading up, up 15 points, ahead we will go live to bloomberg'sin' king at the new york stock exchange.
6:40 am
>> google wants to change how you look at eyewear, a boost it could bring to the bay area
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>> los altos, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 6:44. you know what it is time for, to check with josh and what coming up on america at 7:00 a.m. >> good morning, josh. >> it is great to talk to you two. it has been quite some time. >> too long. >> i feel like i was over there bringing in the new pope and it gets away from us but it is great to back with you both and everyone there in the bay area. we do have a lot to get to on the program including a story you have been covering, the --
6:43 am
nelson mandela has been admitted to the hospital, a civil rights icon has a recurring lung infection which is troubling considering he is almost 95 years old. we are live in south africa with the latest on his condition and we will be all morning. much more on the massive landslide, scary stuff, 50 miles north of seattle, whidbey island, an entire community now is percentaged -- perched on the edge of catastrophe. we are hive from the scene this morning. and a wonderful story here, no more adorable, a baby gorilla whose mother could not care for her a team of scientists dress as gorillas working as they prepare her for a reintroduction to the wild and a look that we
6:44 am
got. a wonderful, wonderful story. >> and a follow-up today, a story we first heard yesterday, a restaurant in los angeles that was shaming no shows when they did not call to cancel and an ourer speaking out and he was conflicted about what he did and we all way in, a robust discussion to get to, all next, right here on "good morning america" next. >> josh, great do see you. take it easy. >> see you later. >> the highly anticipated google glasses could be bringing new manufacturing jobs to the silicon valley. the financial times reports the wearable device is assembled in santa clara at a factory one by a taiwan-based company known for making iphones and ipads, a major boost for u.s. electronics manufacturing. in recent years tech companies have assembled products in asia. this week, google started notifying winners of the contest to test the glasses and they will pay $1,500 to test drive
6:45 am
the spectacles. >> the giants could be the best if baseball but not at the top for most valuable team in the league. >> they are up there. >> would has the bigger problem texting while driving? it is not who you think. >> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange. i cannot wait to hear the antito that. jane? >> good morning, teens get a bad rap for texting and driving but it turns out it is the adults who are the worst. half of adults admit to texting behind the wheel in a survey with all knowing it is wrong but they keep doing it. there is a recall on the company stroller with handles breaking off. 9,200 were pulled in the united states and they are not cheap, raging from $900 to $1,600. >> markets are just opening this morning, and not a lost movement so far. the dow is barely higher and the nasdaq and s&p are just barely
6:46 am
lower, so, really, no direction. the bloomberg silicon valley index is moving a little bit more, down quarter of a percent. united states markets are closed tomorrow in observance of good friday. with opening day away the corner, we will talk about baseball, with forbes tracking the travel of major league baseball since 1998 and the average team value up 23 percent from last year, the highest ever, because of rise, costs and tv and digital tv rights. the world series champion giants number seven on the list at $786 million. no surprise, who is number one? the yankees, worth $2.3 billion. >> i thought it was the dodgers. i am glad do know it is the yankees, thank you. >> dodgers are number two. >> all right. we will talk about that game tonight at at&t park with the a's. a chance for sprinkles?
6:47 am
>> yes, live doppler 7 hd showing a little bit of moisture and you can just see it off the screen. also, some mist and drizzle headed out with visibility reduced with all the low clouds and a look from our roof camera with mile temperatures downtown in the mid-50 for the livermore valley and 56 in union city, with 48 in santa rosa, and this is mount tamalpais and they are just socked in with the fog at 18 to 2,000 feet with up to 5 in santa cruz for the temperatures. a lot of the moist air is allowing the temperatures to stay mild and muggy. just sprinkles and a light shower with a break and brief warm up tomorrow and possibility of rain over the holiday week. 11 degrees warmer in napa this morning and san jose, seven degrees warmer. a slow moving system will bring
6:48 am
cloud cover and a chance of a few sprinkles only about .01", and by the evening we will clear out. the rest of the afternoon and morning shows the cloud cover with a few breaks but from time to time we could see a few light showers or sprinkles from the santa cruz mountains into the another bay and we will look at high pressure briefly building in for the friday bringing warmer conditions. today, the temperatures ranging from 61 at half moon bay to 62 in san francisco and 65 in vallejo and 67 in fremont. mostly cloudy and partly sunny and the isolated shower through the evening hours. tonight temperatures are in the upper 50's at at&t park with plenty of clouds and sun will set at 7:28 and tomorrow we have a great chance showers on saturday and this is scaling back with just some showers around and a possibility of a
6:49 am
thunderstorm on sunday. it will be clearing out monday, tuesday, and wednesday. leyla gulen is here for the commute. >> difficult drive from oakland if you are moving into union city. this is because of an overturned vehicle. it is on the shoulder which is the good news and not block lanes. there is plenty to see, southbound 880, you can see we are seeing heavy back beyond, solid red, coming away from 238. i will talk about the drive times, as well. you can see it is going to take you at least almost 40 minutes on 880 to get you define -- between 238 and it is extremely busy to give yourself plenty of time as you get out the door. >> good to have you here, five things to know before you go. >> the morning news returns >> the morning news returns after theys of walking
6:50 am
to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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>> we will look at the embarcardero area checking out bay bridge, the ferry building,
6:52 am
we see some clouds and we could have some sprinkles. you might, too. >> as we habit off to "good morning america" this morning five things to know. number one a san rafael girl runs to school this morning after being shot with a 20" arrow. the 8-year-old showed us her band age where the doctors removed the arrow. nadine was on a field trip on tuesday when police say she was shot by an arrow from a crossbow. authorities are investigating a overnight hit-and-run accident that sent a woman to the hospital in san leandro near market on east 14th. a witness says the woman with a cane was hit by a car backing out of a parking space the drive looked but took off. the car is described as faded blue buick or oldsmobile. >>the d.a. is investigating the third officer-involved shooting
6:53 am
after a woman tried to run an officer over. she was shot and taken to the hospital but will recover. >> nelson mandela is back if the hospital in south africa with another lung infection. the 94-year-old is said to be conscious and aware. the presidential spokesman said that given his age and history, the doctors are being cautious. >> major league baseball runs to the bay area tonight with the start of the bay bridge series between the giants and the a's playing at at&t park tonight and tomorrow night and at the oakland colisieum on saturday afternoon. they will have final spring training games before the regular season kicks off on monday. laying out the strategy do play ball. >> live doppler 7 hd showing showers that are offshore and also mist can drizzle this morning with fog, reduced visibility, and a mild start. there is a look at the bay bridge, numbers are in the 50's. 54 in fairfield and 55 in
6:54 am
livermore and upper 50's downtown. the rest of the day, clouds and a chance of a shower, with breaks in the afternoon but numbers are mild, upper 60's in the bay and 70 inland and the coast will be in the upper 50's to near 60. leyla gulen, welcome. >> thank you, lisa. a live shot of the headlights pushed law the toll plaza, 80 westbound, heavy, heavy backup from the east bay and over to san francisco. we also have this accident, southbound, 880, an overturned vehicle causing lots of slowing coming out of san leandro. >> that was the first show! >> just great. >> love to you have hear. >> we hear a lot of great things on twitter, so, welcome to the team. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. good morning, america.
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and breaking overnight, nelson mandela, unexpectedly hospitalized for the second time this month for his lung infection. doctors saying they're doing everything to keep him
6:58 am
comfortable. but there are new fears about the 94-year-old's ailing health. we are live on the scene. edge of catastrophe. dozens flee from that massive and growing landslide in the northwest. the ground suddenly gives way with a sound like thunder. the destruction so big, it looks like a bomb went off. the danger is not over yet. caught on tape. three hero cops hailed this morning for dashing into danger in a desperate effort to save this driver from an inferno. the billowing smoke blinding hem as they smash the truck's windows. we'll hear their story. "duck dynasty" standoff. the manly multimillionaires of cable's biggest reality show now demand a big payday in the bayou. how these stars are banding together to cash in on their calling right now.
6:59 am
and good thursday morning to everyone. great to be with you this morning. the whole gang is here and we want to get right to the news overnight. the latest on nelson mandela >> >> that's right, the south african president has an appeal to pray for him right now. new details coming in on his condition and bazi kanani has more on his condition. good morning, bazi. >> reporter: good morning, george. government officials are releasing few details about mandela's condition. not even confirming which hospital he's being treated at but a lung infection is always quite serious at his age, and we do know at least one official has canceled an event citing unforeseen circumstances. a government official here tells abc news former south african president nelson mandela was admitted to the hospital just be


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