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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 28, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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taking her to the mall or move theaters. this is one common sense legislation, common sense, not partisan, common sense. all of us have been affected in some form by gun violence. >> of the group out here, senator feinstein's office, six have gone inside. necessity do not expect to talk to the senator but want to let her staff know they support what she is doing, her efforts to get gun control legislation passed. namely, her efforts to go as far as an assault weapon ban. the group organizing for action when i checked last gathered 500 signatures here and they plan to deliver the signatures to congress early next month. live in san francisco, i am katie marzullo for abc7 news. >> emotional ads started to run to coincide with national day to demand action featuring family members of the children and adults killed in the massacre in
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new and town cut. remember the 26 victims who lost their life. she just wanted to teach little kids. that was her goal. she died doing it. >> the ads part of the mayors against gun coalitions. make bloomberg spent $12 million targeting lawmakers to expand the gun control. several local areas including san francisco and oakland mayors are will part of the coalition. at the same time, we are learning new details of the sandy hook elementary school shooter, 20-year-old and his life leading up to the december massacre. released search warrants showed he lived in a world of weapons. investigators searched his home and cars after he shot 20 schoolchildren and six educators. they found an arsenal of guns more than a thousand rounds of
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ammunition, swords, knives and the attack lasted less than five minutes before he killed himself. >> developing news from san francisco where right now authorities are investigating the discovery of a body on ocean beach. the park police, firefighters and the city medical examiner were called to ocean beach around 7:30 this morning. they say the body was found face down in the water. no word, yet, who the person was or the cause of death. >> san leandro authorities are vetting a hit-and-run accident that sent a woman to the hospital before immediate night in front of a mark on east 14th near 167th avenue. a "wall street journal" with a -- a woman walking with a cane was hit by a car that backed from a packing space. the driver stopped and drove off. police are looking for a faded blew buick. in the presidio a person was hurt after a rollover accident
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on southbound 101 near the mcarthur tunnel. the driver was taken to the hospital for treatment. >> supporters of transgender people rally in san francisco today in response to an increase in attacks. the mission district-based organization for transgender women says there have been four major incidents since january. it is difficult to measure the number attacks on the community because most go unreported. they say victims are embarrassed or do not trust police. tonight, the rally is at 6:30 outside a bart station at mission and 16th street in san francisco. >> less than half an hour from now san francisco's fire department will debut their first new firehouse in more than 40 years. the state-of-the-art station is five blocks from the old home on howard street. the story behind the new station involves a unique partnership. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield joins us live from station one.
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amy? >> good morning, we just got a look inside. it is very nice inside with a new fire station smell and it is modern. it looks good. the firefighters spent the morning putting the finishing the touches on the place so it looks good for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. firefighters say they like all the light, with a lost windows and the old station was dark and dingy. that station need $9 million worth of earthquake retrofit work so it was time for a new station. they say that doesn't mean moving was easy. >> fighters by nature have the adapting mentality because we are always in an emergency situation to see what is there and adapt. they are good that way to adapting but when it comes do move are your own personal belongings, it is like moving a house, a family that stays in the place if 24 hours. most of the people are happy for the move because they know they are coming in a newer building.
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>> check out the shiny new poles they will use in the station. here is another new feature, this has a filling station for rescue air packs. usually they travel from station to station which can be a hassle but this stays here. this move trees up their old location on howard street for the museum of modern art. that museum needed space to expand so they made a deal. the city gave the old fire station and the museum bought the land for this new fire station and paid for the fire station. they say everyone is happy. the city officials say this saved the city of san francisco a lot of money. firefighters are feeling proud and they have a lot to celebrate. the mayor will be here to cut the ribbon in less than 30 minutes. >> very exciting, thank you. >> is it me or is it humid today? >> it is really humid.
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>> not good for the hair. you may have seen some sprinkles and there could be more. >> now a check on the weather from lisa. >> how about this, live doppler 7 hd looking at good rain headed to bodega bay offshore mostly but spread, showers south through richmond and east of 580. throughout the next couple of hours, the heaviest rain in the north bay on the peninsula and into the east bay, maybe just a few returns but as we put it in motion you willed notice the enhancement pushing into the north bay so we have the possibility of a thunderstorm, as well, and a few more afternoon showers before they play ball. tonight we be back with the profit and talk about that. >> still ahead, serious health problems for former south african president, nelson ma
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mandela. >> bumbling burglar caught in video in northern california. you
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>> new this morning in washington state a20-hour stand off came to a fiery and deadly end. a 49-year-old man wanted on a war rapt in sacramento shot and killed in a absoluteout as he walked out of the burning home
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in a coastal town. he was holed up since yesterday when police tried to arrest him. he shot an officer but he will be fined. no word on how the fire in the home started. firefighters in south carolina county are battling a major fire at one of their own fire stations. you can see the entire building want up in flames. the trucks were still inside. that is a huge loss. surrounding fire ds came and pitched in but they could not help it before the roof clapped. they do not know what caused the fire. >> former south african president mandela is in the hospital with another lung infection. officials say the 94-year-old is responding well to treatment. our news reporter has more on that story. >> former south african president nelson mandela was admitted to the hospital after doctors found his lung infection returned. >> doctors attending to him and ensuring he receives the best possible medical treatment and is kept comfortable.
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>> 94 years old, he has battled lung infections for decades. this is the second time in the hospital this month following a three-week stent in december. many worry he has become increasingly frail. >> you always have to be concerned. >> the hero who spent 27 years in prison has not been seen in public since being honored at the world cup finals in 2010. many in south africa are worried. >> we want to come out and he. (inaudible). >> the country deserves to know what is going on. >> the president said in a statement, pray if our beloveed, we have full confidence in the medical team and you know they will do everything possible to ensure recovery. his trip to the hospital this month was for what a government spokesman described as a successful medical test but people around the world remain concerned. >> his doctors say the beloved leader is responding positively to treatment. he remains under observation
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with his family by his side. >> new this morning the pakistani teen shot in the head by the taliban as gotten a book deal. malala yousafzai is getting a $3 million deal to write her life story. she is 15. she spent several months in a british hospital after taliban gunmen shot her for promoting education for girls. her book is expected to be out in the fall. >> we want to pass along word we are getting from davis that his 80 there is a fatality there. they will be there for a while. if you are headed to sacramento or tahoe, that could delay you. >> in the meantime, our meteorologist, lisa argen, is watching the weather. >> there is some damp pavement out there. we have big buildups in the bay area. emeryville camera shows showers and the possibility of a thunderstorm throughout the day
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today. we are not done with the rain yet. i will fill you in on
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> happening now, take a look at this, this is very interesting, police are searching for a burglar who tried to break-in to a deli.
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he forgot to cover his face when he walked up to the window and he comes back with a black stocking over his head, throws a rock at window and triggers the alarm, he freaks out, runs away, and trips. there he is again with his face showing. police hope someone will recognize who this is and give him a call. >> it is hard to miss the pants. >> happening now, officials are conducting the next-to-last snow survey of the season. today's measurements will confirm readings that show the snow pack is well below normal, indicating the snow pack water content is just 54 percent of normal. despite the russia -- shrinking snow, they are at or below snow levels which provides a third of california's water. >> we are getting a little rain but too little, too late. >> there has been rain this morning in the sierra nevada and
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we are looking at getting to the end of the season but live doppler 7 hd shows we do have some heavier rain showers we are tracking here from guerneville to point reyes to bodega bay and looking at heavy rain and san it rose and highway 101 looking at scattered showers and this is where the bulk of the activity is, north of novato and petaluma and to the south it dries out with temperatures still in the 50's from san rafael over into the east bay looking at just a few returns by richmond and hercules but further south, and on the peninsula, you will notice the clouds. we have sunny breaks out there, and to put it in motion you will notice the activity is headed to the north and this will spread throughout parts of the bay area today and really die out throughout the afternoon and evening hours which looks good for the game tonight at at&t park. we will have a chance of showers in the forecast but late in the
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day and the evening hours, we are clearing out and we will cool off in parts of the north bay. the view from mount tamalpais, fog, poor visibility, pretty good winds and the breeze allowing for the rain to be transported from east to west and when you get in the higher elevations we are looking at 58 degrees in san francisco, and 59 in san carlos and 62 in oakland, and hazy here in san francisco but with a few bits of sun and the numbers in the mid-60's in los gatos and upper 50's with the skies in napa. the forecast calls for a few higher and higher elevation could see a thunderstorm and warmer tomorrow with scattered showers on tap for the holiday weekend if you are celebrating easter, saturday and sunday, looking like we will see showers with clearing mid-40's in the not bay and 47 at half moon bay. tonight we are still in a southwest flow with the area of influence spreading showers our
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way as soon as saturday it gets closer and we will continue to see the wet weather through the sunday afternoon and even into a organization of early monday so they will be isolated showers and we are not looking at a lot of rain but if you are headed to southern california it will be dry and sunny there with 70's today and showers and maybe thunderstorms impacting sacramento and through the northern sierra nevada the higher elevation so be careful out there. the slick roads are allowing for extra time that is needed around the wet areas. 64 in richmond and upper 60's in fremont where the sun is shining we are in the 70's. tonight, we are looking at partly cloudy skies and starting out mostly cloudy dropping to the mid-50's at 7:29 when the sun sets and it will be dry with temperatures tomorrow with the sun, a little bit warmer and you will notice the on-and-off rain showers on saturday and sunday and warmer and more sun into
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next week with yet another great weather resource for you to follow, and that is following live doppler 7 hd on twitter. the very latest bay area conditions rain or shine, with video forecast and "spare the air" alerts and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. it should be a great game tonight. >> go, giants and go a's. or root for both. >> a 16-year-old took a break from "dancing with the stars" rehearsals to talk with jimmy kimmel. >> what happened? your last name is coleman why have you decided to go with one name? >> because i feel like my name is special on its own so it is my name. >> there are no others with your name? >> not that i have met. >> and you will dedestroy them? >> no! we can share. >> jimmy kimmel airs weeknights right here, following abc7 news
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at 11 and then "nightline." that first name can stand on its own. >> she is amazing. >> the newest survivors of the san francisco zoo
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>> we want to update you on the breaking news story from davis where a deadly accident shut down i-80 in both directions. the accident involved a tractor trailer that caught fire with a sedan involved, as well, happening after 11 a.m. at old davis road close to u.c. davis. both directions closed. there are major delays and drivers are wanted to avoid that
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area. though word, yet, on when that stretch of i-80 will re-open. >> we will keep you posted on in the meantime, at 3:00 on "katie" superstar turned super mom, brew barrymore opens up about married life and growing up in the spotlight at 4:00, a camera lost on vacation six years ago towns up thousands of miles away at the incredible effort to reunite the owner with her memories. >> and the local internet giant about to give amazon a run for its money offering same day delivery for bay area shoppers. >> that is instant. >> now a behind-the-scenes look at video of san francisco's newest addition to the zoo. >> so close, a tiger cub 2 1/2 weeks old. we saw her last week in the photograph and now the zoo released this video. she does not have a name so you have the opportunity to give her a name.
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the highest bidder at an upcoming zoo fundraiser gets the idea. >> maybe some giants' name? speaking of giants, let's go outside. there we go. who would ramatic music]
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. i did not walk out at the top of the show because i have a broken
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toe still healing, but the lady next to me knows all about that. please welcome jackie nadel. [cheers and applause] hey, jackie. i feel like we are two peas in a pod, because you've had some experiences with broken toes. >> yes, i'm very clumsy and broken my toes multiple times. actually, the same day i got the call from millionaire, about 20 minutes later, i was so excited and distracted, i walked into my office chair and broke my toe. >> oh. >> second time this year. >> wow, the second time the same toe? >> yeah, same toe. >> oh, my gosh. how long does it take to heal? >> this time i was lucky. about only three weeks. first time, three months. >> oh, great. so i got to have this for three months? >> you could, yeah. >> wow. but i always thought maybe you break things because you're so animated and excited and not that you're a klutz, but you say it's just being a klutz. >> it's mostly being a klutz. sometimes it's my mind's in a different place than where my body is, so-- >> well, keep your mind here, and your feet. and your feet. >> [laughing]
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>> and you're still taking on round 1. you have banked $10,100. you're 12 questions away from the million, and you have 2 lifelines left. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> audience, are you ready? [cheers and applause] then let's play millionaire. [dramatic musical flourish] all right, jackie. according to comedian amy poehler, what store is "swedish for argument?" [laughter] >> um, i like this store. i know ikea is swedish and the furniture, couples will argue over it. i'm pretty sure it's "b," ikea. >> final? >> final. >> yes, it is ikea. [cheers and applause] all right, let's put some more money in your bank. how much is behind this question? how about $25,000? >> yes! yeah! [wild cheering] >> $35,100.


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