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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 30, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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they had another big game overnight. the big question, of course, how did they do? we'll tell you about that in just a few moments. >> they have made that small school so proud. but first we turn to abc's rob nelson who is in for ron with a look at the other stories developing this morning. hey, rob. >> good morning, everybody. we begin with routine military training that unfortunately turned deadly. a member of the famed navy s.e.a.l.s was killed, another injured when they collided during freefall training in arizona. it's one of the military's most elite forces, u.s. navy s.e.a.l. team six responsible for the raid that killed osama bin laden is now mourning the loss of one of its own. the navy s.e.a.l. died, not in a perilous undercover operation, but during what was supposed to be routine parachuting training at pinal air park near morana, arizona. the accident now under investigation. it left another member of s.e.a.l. team six in the hospital. right now it's unclear if either navy s.e.a.l. was part of the operation that killed bin laden.
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this is not the first deadly accident at pinal air park. >> no, no, he's not breathing, sir. >> reporter: that was a 911 call from 2008 when three trained servicemen died during parachute training within six months of each other. >> it looks like we have a gentleman that parachuted out or something like that, and he didn't make it. >> reporter: parachute training was temporarily put on hold at pinal air park following those accidents. investigators would later conclude all three deaths were the result of human error. and that injured s.e.a.l. is still in the hospital in stable condition. in other news this morning, north korea is ratcheting up the rhetoric again this morning. the rogue nation now saying it has entered a "state of war" with south korea just a day after threatening the u.s. abc's reena ninan joins us now from washington with the latest. good morning to you, reena, and what is the white house reaction to these latest statements from north korea? >> reporter: good morning to you, rob. they're not really surprised. one white house official telling me overnight they do take these
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threats seriously, but it's become a pattern for north korea. the white house and the pentagon are taking additional measures expanding u.s. ground-based intercepters, as well as early warning and tracking radar. >> and, reena, how close is north korea to being able to strike the u.s. mainland, big question. >> reporter: yeah, very big question. the head of northern command, general chuck jacoby, recently told the white house their long-range missile capabilities have moved faster than they expected. they know they're growing and the u.s. needs to stay ahead of them, but analysts believe they're not capable of striking the u.s. mainland, but the concern is one miscalculation, rob, and the region could trigger a war neither side wants to enter. >> all right, reena ninan, thank you for that report. yet another provocation. and dozens of people have been charged now in one of the country's biggest school cheating scandals ever. the former superintendent of atlanta public schools and 34 other administrators and teachers are now facing charges including racketeering and false
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statements. they're all accused of giving students the answers or even changing them on standardized tests over the course of a decade. and the woman at the center of the prostitution scandal that shook up the small maine town of kennebunk has now reached a plea deal. zumba instructor alexis wright now faces up to ten months in prison after pleading guilty on 20 counts including prostitution and tax evasion. the deal, though, spares her and her clients from a high-profile trial. her sentencing has now been set for may 31st. and finally, a shocking discovery outside of seattle. some 35,000 pieces of undelivered mail are believed to be buried here. the burial ground was just discovered three years after the disgraced mailman responsible for it was fired for burning mail. he was sentenced then to community service and probation and admitted to simply being lazy. >> how many people saying, see, i told you the check was in the mail? >> no wonder they have such a problem. yeah, no kidding.
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>> seems like it would be a lot of work to dig a hole and bury all that mail and burn it. he might as well as just delivered it to people. >> or just get an easier job, man, if he's that lazy. really. >> something with no sleet or snow in it. rob, thank you very much. >> sure. and now to a nation on edge waiting for word on nelson mandela. the frail former president of south africa is in the hospital again. the 94-year-old is a national and international icon, and abc's ron claiborne, as we said earlier, is in pretoria this morning with the very latest. ron, good morning to you, sir. >> reporter: and good morning to you, dan. i am outside of the private hospital here in the south african capital pretoria where we believe that nelson mandela has been hospitalized since last wednesday, late wednesday night on a lung infection. the south african government just put out a statement that mandela, who is 94 years of age, as you said, in
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frail health is responding well to treatment and is breathing comfortably on his own now which seems to be a suggestion that he had possibly been on a respirator. he's been hospitalized now three times for lung problems in just the last four months, the most recent time just about a month ago. also noteworthy are the statements that have been coming out from the government and also from mandela's family, seeming allusions to his mortality. the president of south africa saying just a day or so ago that among the zulu, it is known as when you pass away, when you die, as going home. an unusual statement from the president of south africa and also the grandson mondala mandela saying about his grandfather that the family is under no illusions about his health given his frailty and his age, and winnie mandela, his second wife, former wife, saying on friday that everybody should pray for nelson mandela. however, this latest statement coming out from the south african government, a very positive statement saying that he's responding well to treatment, breathing comfortably on his own.
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that is the latest from pretoria, south africa. back to you in the studio, dan. >> but easy to read into some of those comments, for sure. a lot of people very worried about what's going on in pretoria this morning. ron, great to have you there on that story. >> bianna, over to you. >> all right, dan. we're going to turn now to the health scare causing a mad rush by thousands of angstious dental patients. they may have been exposed to hiv and hepatitis by a dentist using unsanitary instruments. his office now being called a perfect storm for infections. abc news chief health and medical editor richard besser is here with the latest. so many frightened patients out there this morning. >> they are frightened. i mean, one of his patients has already tested positive for hepatitis c. the patient had no other risk factors other than receiving dental treatment in his office, and that's what prompted the investigation. this morning, more than 7,000 patients of this man, oklahoma dentist dr. scott harrington, are receiving this letter urging them to get screened for hepatitis c, hepatitis b and hiv. >> i have no comment. >> reporter: late friday our abc affiliate knxv captured video of
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a man answering the door at a vacation home believed to be owned by harrington. he cowered behind the reporter and then slammed the door. harrington, who had been practicing for over 30 years, could face criminal charges after allegedly exposing his patients to the deadly viruses by using instruments that weren't properly sterilized. his patients are devastated. >> my worry now is -- are my health issues that may develop. >> how is it going to affect the rest of my life if it ends up being positive? >> reporter: a 17-count complaint against harrington accuses him of being a menace to the public health. >> we were just physically kind of sick. the instruments that came out of the autoclave were horrible. i wouldn't let my nephews play with them out in the dirt. i mean they were horrible. >> reporter: among the alleged violations, multiple sterilization issues and multiple cross contamination issues. investigators even found two separate sets of instruments, one set for patients known to have infectious disease and another set for persons not
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believed to have infectious disease, and the autoclave, the machine designed to sterilize dental instruments, which is supposed to be tested monthly, it hadn't been checked in six years. if someone goes into a dentist office and don't see barriers, and don't see bags, they don't see clean, what should they do? >> i would recommend them to leave. >> calls to dr. harrington's lawyer have gone unanswered, and no one is answering at his home either. this morning the health department is offering free testing to anyone who received treatment by dr. harrington, and it's so important to get tested because these infections can be totally silent for years before anyone would develop symptoms. >> you and i were talking this morning about how important it is to even see dentists open fresh bags. >> very reassuring. that way you know they've been sterilized. >> all right, dr. b., thank you. >> thanks, doctor. and we now have another story of violated trust this morning. when you put your kids on the school bus, you do not expect this to happen, bullying by a grown-up. the alleged victim here, an especially vulnerable 5-year-old.
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abc's ty hernandez is on the story. ty, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, bianna and dan. the video is so hard to watch, and it appears to be taken right on the bus, a place where kids are supposed to be cared for. >> stop kicking my seat, and get up. >> reporter: it's supposed to be a safe haven, but for one student, this school bus was anything but. >> what is your problem? cut it out. cut it out! >> reporter: newly released surveillance video shows 37-year-old daneta mcpherson, a school bus aide in port st. lucie, florida, repeatedly berating a 5-year-old boy who reportedly has disabilities. >> say, yes, ma'am. >> yes, ma'am. >> who are you yelling at? >> reporter: mcpherson accused of yelling at the boy on several occasions even threatening to take him home with her and often bringing him to tears. >> what did i tell you? huh? what did i tell you? put that down now. okay. cry.
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boo-hoo hoo hoo. >> reporter: but the bullying came to a sudden stop in september after a school employee reported the alleged abuse to police. >> you're going home with me today. >> no. >> yes, you are. right now. >> no. >> reporter: after nearly a 4-month investigation, mcpherson was arrested on thursday and charged with stalking. according to the police report, there was at least one incident in which mcpherson grabbed the boy causing him to hit his head on the side of the bus. abc news reached out to her for comment but got no word back. the boy's family isn't speaking either, but police are. >> it was an innocent victim. it's a violation of public trust as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: this morning we know mcpherson was released from jail on $20,000 bond. we also spoke to the director of communications for the school board. she says mcpherson is still with the st. lucy schools in a role away from students, though. her status with the school is pending the legal process, dan, bianna. >> outrageous. >> a lot of parents hope she stays away from children.
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ty, thank you. >> thanks, ty. well, now to a firestorm on capitol hill after a veteran republican lawmaker used a racial slur to describe mexican immigrants. 79-year-old congressman don young, who's been in the house since richard nixon was president, apologized after a barrage of criticism. abc's jeff zeleny has more from washington, and, jeff, this comment has created quite the headache for republicans. >> it has. good morning, bianna. the republican party's effort to rebuild and rebrand its image is colliding this morning with the party's old guard. it's a word that stings, especially when the word comes from the mouth of a congressman. >> gentleman from alaska, mr. young. >> reporter: representative don young who's been in congress for 40 years -- >> madam chair. >> reporter: -- invoked a racial slur during a radio interview at home in alaska. >> my father had a ranch. we used to hire 50 to 60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes. >> reporter: the congressman's words reverberated across spanish language television including our partner, univision. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: the word is found in webster's new collegiate
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dictionary with this definition, "a mexican who enters the united states illegally," but in the dictionary it comes with a warning saying it is usually offensive. senior republican officials agreed and delivered a sharp rebuke to the congressman. speaker john boehner called the comments "beneath the dignity of the office he holds." senator john mccain tweeted "the remarks have no place in our party or the nation's discourse." the 79-year-old congressman apologized for those words saying "there was no malice in my heart." republican strategist danny diaz is working to change the party's image. he says this kind of talk will damage the republican brand. how much of a generational issue is this with younger republicans and younger voters? >> don young represents the past. i think there is a kind of -- a new breed of republican leaders that are in the senate and in the house. >> reporter: and republican advisers tell abc news that they worry the racial slur from don young comes at precisely the wrong time, just as the republicans are trying to expand their appeal to latino voters. dan and bianna.
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>> hard to spin that one, for sure. jeff zeleny, our latest addition to the abc news team. jeff, welcome to you. >> great to have you. >> to the weekend "gma" show. thanks again for that. time to check the weather and filling in for ginger zee this morning, once again we welcome erika martine from our abc affiliate wtnh news 8 in new haven, connecticut. what's going on? >> all right, folks. we got a lot going on. yesterday we did see some reports across nebraska, kansas and oklahoma of three tornadoes. one was actually confirmed, and we do have some live video out there, hail that has been reported, so definitely a severe weather situation and, unfortunately, for today it looks like we do have some more severe weather headed our way for parts of oklahoma here, tulsa, wichita falls also seeing that possibility of some severe weather. so definitely something to be aware of, certainly be cautious of. we're seeing some upper 50s highs today, a lot more moderate for new england, 59 for new york. 55 for chicago. oklahoma city seeing some upper 70s.
7:14 am
warmer in midland at 88. phoenix, 86. and las vegas, your expected high for today, upper 70s, however, this is a short-lived situation. we've got some colder air making its way down from the north. so what about those temperatures for your easter sunday? upper 20s for fargo. 37 for minneapolis. sunday, we've got 50 in chicago and 65 for denver. that's a look at your national weather.
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>> all right, bianna and dan, back to you. >> your first time on "gma," acing it. >> welcome. >> great job. now to the team that came out of nowhere and went on a shocking winning streak during march madness. florida gulf coast university, a school pretty much nobody had heard of just weeks ago had another big game overnight. so how did they do? here's abc's john schriffen. >> reporter: when the final buzzer sounded, it was as if the clock struck midnight for florida gulf coast university's cinderella story officially came to an end. >> i'm so proud of them, what they accomplished. >> reporter: their unlikely run in the tournament started with a huge upset over number two georgetown, then knocking off san diego state, and early on against the university of florida, the eagles were soaring high, living up to their nickname, dunk city. in your wildest dreams did you ever think this would happen? >> no. >> reporter: but the gators soon chomped down. >> rosario, yes.
7:16 am
>> reporter: pulling away in the second half. >> rosario down low. >> reporter: sending america's new favorite team back to ft. myers. just by playing here on the court, the team made history by becoming the first 15th seed to ever make it this far. and even though they lost, well, you've now heard of florida gulf coast university. >> we made history. we put our school on the map, and at the end of the day, no one can take that away from us. >> i heard the admissions were up almost 400%. the book store sold 400 and some thousand where they only sold 28,000. >> reporter: this storybook season made possible because of a coach, andy enfield, who saw something in players when others didn't and all the while his former cover model wife and three children were by his side. is your wife proud of you still? >> i hope so. i hope she doesn't leave me because of one loss. >> reporter: okay. one can only hope coach enfield and the team live happily ever after, championship title or not. for "good morning america," john
7:17 am
schriffen, abc news, arlington, texas. >> wow, admissions up 400%. >> well, it doesn't hurt that the school -- the dorms are right on the beach. >> yeah, that helps. >> not a bad selling point. >> no. now to a teeny, tiny door at the base of a tree that's created quite the mystery this morning. >> it has the internet burning up. everybody wondering where it came from and whether there's anything magical on the other side. >> abc's rob nelson is here. is there anything magical on the other side? rob? >> we don't know. that's the fun of this story. it's pretty cool here. good morning again, guys. this small, little door has opened up imaginations in a big way out in san francisco. there are still plenty of questions about exactly where it came from, but for right now visitors at this park are just letting themselves get caught up in the fun of it all. ♪ they can lead to a wonderland. >> i simply must get through. >> reporter: to a candy coated fantasy. ♪ in a world of pure imagination ♪ >> reporter: or more simply, just to a good old-fashioned cookie.
7:18 am
>> hey, ernie. >> reporter: it's that same sense of whimsy and magic that -- >> it's a door. >> reporter: -- now have all eyes on this door in golden gate park in san francisco. >> i think it's fun for everyone to believe in a little magic. >> reporter: nobody knows exactly how or why the tiny wooden door came to be at the base of this elm tree, but for visitors the door to their imagination is certainly wide open. some leave notes. >> do you really exist? >> reporter: others fantasize about the world on the door's other side. >> maybe multiple elves could fit in there. >> i think it might have been fairies. >> reporter: perhaps wondering if they'll find peter pan's lost boys playing inside. ♪ the door has unhinged a ton of response online, as well. "it's art by someone with a whimsical spirit. i love it," one resident wrote on a local blog. another chimed in, "i know with a bit of remodeling work, it'll fetch 2200 per month." park officials say they have no
7:19 am
plans to, well, close the door on the area's latest attraction. >> we like children. we like elves. we like gnomes. we like butterflies. we like everything that encourages people to have a good time, so i think we'll probably just leave it. >> reporter: plus, who would have the heart to evict those adorable keebler elves? >> oh, yeah. >> now, one little boy believes a gnome lives behind that door, and he left a note inside the tree that read "do you really exist, do you really have magic in you if these questions are yes, write back." >> if no, i don't want to hear it. >> leave me alone. go away. >> interesting to believe in a little bit of magic every now and then. >> what a fun story. all right, rob, thank you. >> you're welcome. coming up on the broadcast, we got some new surveillance video coming out. these are the last images we have of a quiet, music-loving ivy league student who has simply vanished. are there any clues on this case? also ahead, star search. justin timberlake takes to
7:20 am
twitter and suddenly turns his fans into a frenzy. we're right there as his biggest fans hit the jackpot. and beyonce may be a working mom calling the shots on tour but we'll show you why daughter blue ivy is the one who is actually in the director's chair. keep it here. more "gma" coming up. ♪ i'm doing my own sleep study.
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♪ in the mirror well, you can't deny justin timberlake is arguably the hottest star on the planet right now. his new album is number one selling nearly a million copies
7:28 am
in the first week alone, and friday he flexed his muscle doing something that sent fans into a frenzy, tearing through five cities, and we were right there with them along the way. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. it was sort of like a pre-easter scavenger hunt. >> yes, that's a good way to put it. we'll show you coming up. and i'm dan harris. this is saturday, march 30th, the day before easter and rock 'n' roll history, a part of rock 'n' roll history that i'm truly fascinated in. a letter this morning newly found from john lennon to paul mccartney, hidden secrets about the sometimes harsh words that they exchanged during their rather difficult relationship after the beatles broke up. we'll share that with you coming up in just a little bit. and also, lady gaga's latest fashion accessory, but this time she really can't go anywhere without it. we'll show it to you coming up in "pop news." but we do begin with the search for a missing ivy league student, who vanished two weeks ago. some new surveillance video may offer some clues and help solve
7:29 am
how his mysterious disappearance happened. abc's gio benitez is here with the latest. good morning, gio. >> good morning, bianna. this morning the new image gives his family hope, even as they ask how this ivy league student disappeared without a trace. this grainy photo may be the only clue to finding missing brown university student sunil tripathi. police believe this new image from a surveillance camera shows the 22-year-old just moments after leaving his campus apartment. his family baffled and worried. >> everybody is racking their brains to see if they can come up with places that he might be or where he might have gone. >> reporter: the camera capturing the ivy league student on march 16th at 1:33 a.m. just 20 minutes after he last used his computer. police say he left behind his wallet and phone. >> there's typically two reasons people don't take the normal things they take with them is because they're stepping outside to talk to somebody, they're going a half a block away or they're not coming back. >> reporter: tripathi's brother
7:30 am
and sister have been canvassing the providence community where he was last seen. >> we've just been literally walking the road that we saw him walk, walking in every single nook and cranny, talking to every local business and really try to keep moving forward. >> he was a quiet kid. he found really simple things made him very happy. he was a musician, and he listened to classical music. >> reporter: while fbi agents reportedly turned up nothing while searching tripathi's computer and bank accounts, police hope this image could lead to some clues. >> his state of mind in those last interactions on the computer and the last few hours that people knew where he was are important to assess what may have happened to him. >> reporter: and investigators reportedly found what they call a vague note in the student's apartment but won't reveal what that note says. so right now still no leads about where he may be. >> at least that's a new clue, that note.
7:31 am
>> yeah, a new clue. >> baffling. all right. gio, thank you. time to check the headlines, the overnight headlines once again. ron claiborne over in south africa this morning, and filling in this morning, our rob nelson. good morning again, sir. >> good morning, guys. in the news right now a new threat from north korea this morning. the country is now saying it has entered a, quote, state of war with south korea. white house officials tell abc news they do take the threat seriously, and they are taking precautions. also the tsa has fired four screeners at newark airport and suspended dozens of others because of lax baggage screening and supervision. the punishments are the result of a year-long investigation that were handed out after a due process hearing. a judge has tossed out a lawsuit trying to stop the cross shaped steel beam found in the world trade center's rubble from being displayed at the ground zero museum. the judge rejected an atheist's group's arguments calling the cross both historical and secular. and the animals at the
7:32 am
naples zoo in florida got an early easter treat. their own easter egg hunt. the eggs are scented or filled with small treats such as raw beef and fruit snacks. >> yum. >> i'll stick with the peeps. >> yeah. try that on a 3-year-old. >> time now for a look at your weather and erika martine of wtnh in new haven, connecticut, is in for ginger this morning. >> thank you so much, rob. so conditions right now in miami looking pretty good. we do have a live shot out there of what's going on in miami. not that bad, current temperatures in the low 60s, a little bit cooler than average, but as we take a look here at our map, we can see that we do have some warmer air sliding on up, so definitely some welcome news. temperatures for the next couple of days we're expecting some upper or low 80s rather for tampa. low 80s for jacksonville. 81 for miami and on monday, orlando seeing 84 degrees. so we also have a thick fog advisory for parts of the country including tennessee and kentucky. i do expect visibility to be as poor as a quarter of a mile, so
7:33 am
definitely take some precaution there, especially when you're driving. we also got this coastal storm that's making its way into california bringing some much-needed rain, so that's definitely welcome for the west coast there. to y >> this weather report was brought to you by target. back to you, bianna and dan. >> erika, thank you. coming up on "good morning america" -- finders keepers. justin timberlake having some fun with his fans launching a modern-day scavenger hunt. we'll tell you all about it coming up. also coming up, the secret letter from john lennon to paul mccartney after the beatles broke up. how bitter was the split after all? ♪ our house is a very, very, very fine house. ♪ ♪ with two cats in the yard,
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♪ i'm bringing sexy back yeah ♪ i'm bringing sexy back yeah it kind of seems like justin timberlake can do no wrong right now. he got married this year. he hosted "snl" for like the 85th time. his new album, which is called "the 20/20 experience" sold almost a million copies in the first week. >> and on friday jt found a
7:38 am
unique way to say thank you to his fans, a modern spin on the scavenger hunt and abc's brandi hitt has that story from los angeles. hey, brandi. >> reporter: good morning, dan and bianna. yeah, talk about a rush for justin timberlake fans. the singer hid five signed copies of his album all across the u.s. and then unleashed a twitter frenzy revealing clues on where to find them. ♪ i can't wait >> reporter: with these tweets justin timberlake made lucky fans' dreams come true. >> i'm so happy. >> kind of shocking that we really won. ♪ let me show you a few things >> reporter: these fans didn't walk, they ran when the grammy winning superstar tweeted he was hiding signed copies of his new album, "the 20/20 experience" in various places around the u.s. ♪ oh the clues came in the form of instagram photos with the first taken in new york city's central park. skylar green wasted no time. >> i just started running from my house, which is a few blocks
7:39 am
away from central park, but i saw the album, so i was very excited. ♪ i just want to see your face light up ♪ >> reporter: the finders keepers frenzy continued with albums hidden near los angeles, in san francisco, memphis near timberlake's hometown and chicago. ♪ and i can't wait wait wait wait ♪ >> reporter: where abby redkins found one on a park bench. >> it's a little more special because you know that it came from him. >> reporter: there's no doubt the 32-year-old is a music and marketing megastar, as well. >> timberlake is no fool. he grew up in this business. >> reporter: leading up to his album's release, he performed at the grammys, on "saturday night live," even appeared on "late night with jimmy fallon" for a whole week. >> so it wasn't for nothing. >> reporter: and is now stirring up sales through social media. >> when people are talking about your music and how much they love it and how they want to find copies of it, then other people are going to see that, and they might go, well, buy a copy. >> reporter: and it's working. with nearly 1 million albums
7:40 am
sold in the first week, but for the digital generation, there's one slight issue. >> my next of now that i have this amazing album on vinyl is get a record player so i'm definitely looking forward to listening to it on vinyl. ♪ >> yeah, he's going to have ask his parents or grandparents maybe to borrow their record player. and this also got us thinking, how did timberlake know people just walking by wouldn't snatch up the albums? well, new york's winner told us that record label representatives were hovering nearby, and the person who picked it up had to confirm the hashtag timberlake gave in the twitter clue. dan and bianna. >> very smart. >> i love that people in this generation don't know what a record is anymore. he might as well have put out eight tracks. >> seriousry. >> you know, justin brought sexy back. he can probably bring record players back then too, right? >> there you go. >> why not. powerful guy. >> i still have a tape player though. >> you do? >> yeah. i still have one. >> do you communicate via smoke signals as well? >> yes, using sign language and smoke signals. >> thanks, brandi.
7:41 am
>> thanks, brandi. >> appreciate it. and coming up this morning -- >> i was giving her a hard time. >> oh, you were. >> traveling in style. lady gaga has a new set of wheels. that's coming up next, "pop news." ♪ just dance ." ♪ just dance to do the things that i wanted. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of over-active nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. so now, i can do more of the things i enjoy. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery
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♪ ♪ all right, it's time for "pop news" and our entertainment reporter and host of "on the red carpet" rachel smith is out in l.a. this morning. rachel, hello. >> hello, guys. good morning, erika. nice to meet you. get ready for some "pop news" action, all right, so buckle up. let's go. all right. a letter drafted by john lennon to his beatles band mate paul mccartney is hitting an online auction block in may. the undated note was likely written in the early '70s during the band's split because it's anything but a love letter.
7:46 am
a line reads "do you really think most of today's art came about because of the beatles? i don't believe you're that insane, paul. when you stop believing it, you might wake up." ouch. the letter is expected to fetch between $40,000 to $60,000. well, lady gaga never seems to be spotted in the same outfit more than once, so you wouldn't expect her to be seen in the same wheelchair more than twice either, right? the pop star, who is recovering from hip surgery was spotted celebrating her 27th birthday in chicago this week in a louis vuitton wheelchair. yes, that is right. one of the other pictures we have seen her in after her surgery, gaga was getting around in a 24-karat gold wheelchair. she is expected to have several more months of rehab, so there's no telling what she'll roll out in next. beyonce embarks on her world tour, the mrs. carter show in june, and it's anything but a
7:47 am
one-woman show from the 31-year-old posted these pics on instagram. on the right is the director's chair and one for her 14-month-old baby girl blue ivy carter. it raked in 300,000 likes since friday. that is adorable. ladies, i leave you with this little tweet. if you have an affection for diamonds and shoes, then you are going to love this. take a look at this diamond encrusted heel. it is made up of more than 21 carats of quality diamonds, lace and embellishments, and it was a painstaking process to create, 50 hours of surgeon-like precision using tweezers and a special glue. get this, it sold for more than $435,000 in a charity auction, all going to the ronald mcdonald house in new zealand. but don't expect to see the lucky owner walking around in these bad boys because, guys, unfortunately, there is just one shoe. >> oh. >> you could wear that, a sneaker and roll around in a louis vuitton chair. >> good look. >> exactly. >> could be from baby blue ivy. >> the 24 karat gold one. >> yes. it went to a good cause. that's the important part. all right, rachel. >> it sure did. >> finally someone wants -- >> yeah.
7:48 am
>> someone wants to say hello. rob nelson wants to say hello to you. >> you totally didn't acknowledge me. >> rob. >> i'm a very sensitive man. >> you're a familiar face. rob, i'm so sorry. >> ah, my weekend is ruined. >> all right. >> my bad, rob. >> it's the prom all over begin. >> will do. >> we'll be right back. >> unbelievable. >> unbelievable. a can of del monte green beans? ♪
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all right, big show tomorrow, easter sunday. we wanted to leave you with some video that caught our eye earlier in the newscast. right? >> funny stuff here, yeah. >> this qualifies as a don't try this at home. easter egg filled with fresh donkey meat or something like that. >> raw beef. >> raw beef. >> or fruit of some kind. >> excellent. all right. so we'll have live reports from rome tomorrow, and we'll finally get you the ingredients list for these eggs if you want to make them. thank you, rob nelson, and we'll see you tomorrow. thank you, rob nelson, and we'll see you tomorrow.
7:54 am
>> katie: good morning, i'm katie marzullo. today san jose soldiers that lost their lives at vietnam war will be honored. they are putting the finishing touches on the memorial. it will be unveiled at noon. black granite memorial features the names of 142 soldiers that died in the war. new this morning, its one and only day of the year, visitors at oakland zoo are encouraged to feed the animal. annual feast for the beast takes
7:55 am
place from 9:00 to 3:00. today the first 250 guests will receive a golden ticket allowing them to place treats inside the elephant exhibit. today is the grand opening of a new exhibit. animals which means animals of the tree. let's get a check of the forecast with frances dinglasan. >> here a beautiful view from mount tam looking at high-level clouds and low clouds all around the bay area this morning. live doppler 7 hd picking up on low level moisture. it's not hitting the ground. rain chances come in to play tonight. temperatures also cooler tonight. low 70s in parts of east bay, 71 in concord. overnight is when we'll see better chances of rain with mild numbers tomorrow. we're talking mid to upper 50s. now, i will have your easter weekend plans coming up shortly. next at 7:00, another
7:56 am
innocent victim, a little girl caught in a neighborhood shooting. and tiny door that has captivating the imagination of advice teors as one of the bay
7:57 am
>> katie: very good morning. it is 8:00 a.m. on saturday. i'm indicate indicate. let's start you off -- i'm katie
7:58 am
marzullo. >> in the clouds this morning here is frances dinglasan. >> i wanted to show you this beautiful shot from the east bay hills showing you some cool whip moving over the valleys. we sought mount di and away be tracking the storm for you. so par no rain has reached the ground. i can expect foggy and cloudy conditions, upper 40s and mid-50s. temperatures are cooler compared to yesterday. temperatures to near 60 degrees and chance of rain heading this way this evening. i'll have the timing for you and especially if you have an outdoor easter plans. >> katie: thank you. a ten-year-old girl is recovering after gunfire rang out in her neighborhood. she was grazed by a bullet on her shoulder. it happened yesterday afternoon near the coliseum at 82nd avenue
7:59 am
and "a" street. the nick smith reports. >> it happened so fast. >> reporter: just before 5:00 p.m. witnesses say shots were fired near 82nd avenue and "a" street. we were above where bullet casings littered the ground below. sharon feared the worst. >> i heard it and i reacted and i thought where are my children. >> reporter: what she found was her ten-year-old granddaughter running for her to help, frightened and complaining of a burning feeling. >> she got graze order the shoulder on the right side. >> she said she and her sister were playing in the yard. >> they were right here where they supposed to be. >> reporter: a bullet or something the bullet hit grazed her granddaughter. police will only say multiple shots were fired and identifying what hit her is part of their investigation. >>


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