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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 31, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> then he headed for the wal-mart doors. >> he went right up the sidewalk here, and couldn't monomeric the turning backed up and made the turn. >> after the crash, the driver got out of the car. workers say he started his rampage on customers inside the store. >> had brought something and put something in his hand so we're telling everybody, might have a gun, get out of here. and people were running. >> he had a car club in his hand. quentin says he saw him start to swing the weapon. >> everybody who come close to him. reporter: police officers responded but it seemed as to the a group of enraged customers were able to subdue the man before the officers arrived. san jose employs did not have to use force to subdue the driver. they say customers wrestled the individual to the ground and held him until police got him in custody.
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>> ama: check this out. sky 7hd was over the scene after the car was removed. that white van there is to repair the damage to the store, and several principal cars as police continue their investigation. employee still milling around the store as investigators gather evidence. oakland police are investigating a deadly shooting involving two alameda county sheriff's deputies last night after the officers pull over a car in san leandro boulevard around 9:30. sky 7hd was over that scene, where a passenger was arrested for drug possession. then officers say the driver refused to get out of the car. when the deputy reached through the passenger side door, the driver tried to speed away, dragging the officer with him. both deputies then fired several shots. >> the suspect driver of the car was hit multiple times and later died at highland hospital. the deputy saved gunshot wound to his foot. >> because the shooting by sheriff's deputy happened in
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oakland, the investigation is being handled by oakland police. the search is on in oakland for a gunman wanted for a murder this morning. a man was shot to death around 10:30 on 68th avenue. witnesses heard up to five shots. police believe it was a drive-by shooting and think the gunman was in a white grand-am. >> now we return to our wet easter forecast. this afternoon we saw spotty showers. people running for cover. this rain burst in san francisco lead only a few minutes but it was a soaker. we also received reports of lightning in the east bay and thunderstorms in sonoma ya -- sonoma county. the east bay hills look nice but clouds are moving in. let's get latest from leigh glaser. >> leigh: the forecast models spot on. we had a break this morning and now more showers. late get right to live doppler
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7hd. you seek the numerous lightning strikes in the central valley, modesto, stockton, also, davis, fairfield area, and also near dixon. hundreds of lightning strikes in this particular area in the last 2025 minutes. reports of pea-size hail. heavy downpours, and a possibility, one spotter thought of a funnel cloud. not a tornado but a funnel cloud. and you can see with all the heavy activity there also, towards cloverdale, making up moderate rain, and hillsburg, wrapping off the coast, and you can see more activity developing just off the coast as well near san francisco. rainfall, boy, did we need it. over a half inch in santa rosa, quarter inch in san francisco. as well as near quarter inch for concord. more moisture due in here
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tonight. we'll show you the timing later on in the show. >> ama: hundreds of people began this easter sunday at san francisco's highest peak for a sunrise service. ♪ >> ama: people made the pilgrimage through the woods and up rugged terrain to pray and celebrate on mt. davidson. this the 91st anniversary of the tradition. before the service the cross was illuminated. the cross is only lit twice a year on armenian martyr's day and easter eve. easter is the day when christ rose from the death after his crucifix. >> this easter was the first for pope francis who celebrated with thousands of the faithful. ♪. reporter: more than a quarter million people throangd st. peter's square from around
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the world as pope francis celebrated the first easter mass of his papacy. and keeping with his theme of simplicity, he chose to wear plain white vestments. he tweeted, accept jesus into your life, even if you have been far away. he awaits you with open arms. >> the first pope that isn't european, and a whole new vibe into the vatican. a pretty big deal for most people here. reporter: and in a now characteristic break with tradition, pope francis moved among the thousands in an open car, waving, kissing baby, and embracing a disabled child. president obama delivered easter greetings as he led the first family to sunday mass at st. john's episcopal church. >> in brit dan it -- britain it was a royal easter in winsor, leaving church, the queen was
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greeted by children with flowers in california, the easter bunny dropped in for a visit from 4,000 feet. the landing by a hare. some 40,000 easter eggs came by special air delivery. all to the delight of hundreds of eager children who got up close and personal with their favorite rabbit. and in australia, an easter forll -- gorilla? it's easter at the zoo, too. you can enjoy the holiday just monkeys around. >> ama: need detours on part of i-80 in the east bay. ahead, the america's cup first scaled back the number of teams in the race. now race organizers are downsizing again. taking another peak at live doppler 7hd, as leigh told us, another band of showers is
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>> ama: breaking news for you now in the strike by san francisco musicians. a they've reached a tentative deal that would make for a new 26-month contract. it still has to be ratified by the full orchestra, and approval by the board of governors, but they have reached a tentative agreement so hopefully the musician's strike will be over and concerts will resume tuesday , april 2nd. >> the america cup is scaling back the concert schedule. the san francisco examiner reports the committee reduced the schedule from 40 concerts to
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now 30. sting has already been booked, and imagine dragons opens the concert series on may 31st. the change comes after meetings with local neighborhood groups worried about noise and traffic problems. drivers who use eastbound interstate 80 in emeryville may face a detour tomorrow. the powell street onramp will be closed, allowing crews to continue to work. part of the corridor project. it's designed to east traffic congestion along the i-80 corridor. ahead, the security changes being put in place after a district attorney in texas was shot to death. >> we'll tell you about the much-needed help oakland police will be getting tomorrow. and a little bit of everything out there today. some sun, clouds, and rain.
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>> ama: the texas district attorney found murdered along with his wife in their home yes, always carried a gun and was on alert ever since one of his assistants was killed two amongs ago. prosecutor mike mclelland and his above were found shot to death in their home last night. coworkers say the d.a., who was an army veteran, kept himself armed adults -- at all times after a deputy d.a. was killed at the courthouse in january. that murder is still unsolved. investigators don't have a direct link but are not taking any chances. >> taking precautions to protect other elected officials in the county. there will be increased security at the courthouse tomorrow. >> ama: the couple leaves behind two towers and three sons, one of whom is a dallas police
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officer. the latest members of the oakland police force will be on the beat. 38 newly sworn-in officers will be on the street. they graduated last week from the first police academy in nearly five years. so far they have been meeting with community groups and learning about court-mandated reforms. the department now has a total of 649 officers still below -- below the 837 officers in 2008. a new police academy started last monday with 51 recruits. >> now for the latest on our weather, we turn to leigh glaser. >> leigh: we have seen just about everything today. some sun breaks. heavy rainfall ex-isolated thunderstorms around the bay area. looking at live doppler 7hd right now, you can see most of the activity through the central valley area and just to the north of vacaville, cloverdale and more moisture dealing --
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developing off the cross. lightning strikes, davis to sacramento, and very heavy rainfall, driving conditions extremely hardous -- hazardous as the storms popped the north bay. and cloverdale, ukiah right now, picking up moderate rain. the dark green is moderate rain and the orange and yellow, some very, very heavy rain, and the potential of maybe even a little bit of hail in front of the showers. san francisco points southward now enjoying a respite but you can see more moisture on the coast, and all of this will migrate in overnight tonight. here is a look at the golden gate bridge and the low cloud deck over the marin headlands. san francisco, 62. 6 5 san jose, santa cruz, 61. and looking over the bay from the high definition east bay
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camera, look how still the bay is right now. but, yes, threatening clouds overhaight. 64 in livermore. los gatos, 65. here's a look at the forecast. showers continue overnight. expect a few showers tomorrow morning, and then afternoon clearing, and then we get a couple of dry, warmer days, through tuesday and wednesday. here's the system that cut off low, continuing to move toward the bay area. this is a heavy thunderstorm activity through the central valley, towards vaca vacaville. see the next band will be moving in this evening. in fact here's a look at the timing. you will see 5:00, you can see the band already developing right now off the coast. by 9:00, 10:00, it starts to push in. and then as we head to 5:00 a.m., commute time tomorrow morning, still a few lingering showers around the bay area, and then by lunchtime, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, it's out of here and we should start to see the
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clearing. here's a look at the lows tonight. upper 40s in the north bay. elsewhere we look for 50s. showers moving through. maybe a clap of thunder, although i do think that much of that as the sun begins to set, the heating will obviously go away. so, we won't have that much of a threat of isolated thunderstorms overnight. monday, few lingering showers in the morning. otherwise, bring on the clearing, 57, san jose. peninsula, mid-50s. 62, san francisco. in the north bay, 68. sonoma, 66. oakland tomorrow, warm to a comfortable'll 65. so here's a look ahead. the seven-day forecast. morning showers tomorrow and then we dry it out. warm up tuesday, wednesday, rain likely on thursday, and then also unsettled next saturday and sunday. >> ama: thank you so much. colin rush is in for shu.
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an awful industries this weekend. >> i played college basketball and saw some pretty horrific injuries but never seen anything like this on a basketball court. i it was a nasty. the sort of play, when it happened you cringed. a horrific leg injury to kevin ware that
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>> it was the sort of injury we have seen many times in football. i just can't think of a similar instance on a basketball court, and it marred the midwest region final between duke and
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louisville. due to the graphic nature we decided not to show the actual play. it happened in the first half. there was three-pointer from the wing. kevin ware attempted to block the shot. upon landing his leg snapped. looked like a tibia fibula break. teammates distraught. rick pitino reduced to tears. happened right in front of the louisville bench. ware taken to a local hospital. then the game resumed. plumlee all alone but louisville with the lead at the half and dominated the final 20 minutes. russ smith, he had 23. siva fearless on the drive. cardinals with the lead. part of a 20-4 run. hancock extends the lead. teammates posing with ware's jersey and the moist region trophy. they're on to there fitting. the home of kevin ware. >> trey burke trying to lead
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michigan to its first final four since 1993. former nba stars glen robinson and tim hardway both have sons on the team. they scored the game's first 13 points. that's tim hardaway, jr., making it 33-15. then glen robinson iii, throwing it down. thick nick stauskas. 6-6 beyond the arc, the kid was in the zone. wolverines led by 17 at the half. burke, 15 points, eight rebounds, and robinson scoring again. michigan 79, florida 59. the wolverines meet a hot syracuse team in atlanta. >> the highly anticipated matchup between cal and stanford final won't happen. cal boat lsu tonight. stanford upended by georgia. the bears dominating in the second half to advance to the elite eight for the first time in school history. they're ranked in the top ten most of the season but cal is
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still searching for national recognition, the kind of which stanford has had for years. >> i've been in conversations with my coach friends who joked last year when we played a good game against notre dame. you guys are pretty good. we didn't know there was basketball 0 on stanford. i think anytime you proffer well on the big stage it helps the entire west coast. we're happy to be the ones people are looking at. >> cal and georgia tomorrow night. the sharks are enjoying the four-game win streak. they had a little light practice, family tau, joe pavelski with his son and daughter. one player was just culled up front the mineors. played ought hockey for the junior sharks and is now playing for the team he rooted for as a kid. >> those guys, just normal guys just like me, so they're all great guys and helped me feel welcome. >> great story. tonight at 6:00, reaction from
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louisville on the kevin ware interesting, and i told you michael bush, the former raider runningback, he went to louisville, suffered the same injury at louisville. obviously came back and had a really good nfl career. >> ama: the easter bunny got in a bit
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>> ama: coming up at 6:00. think you can still get away with texting and driving? you might want to enthat bad
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habit for good. >> a big blow for apple. the legal battle the company just lost and what it could mean for your next purchase. join us for abc7 at 6:00. even the easter bunny has to wear a helmet on the freeway. this chp photo showed a person being pulled over in a rabbit suit without a helmet. the bunny was heading to a fundraiser. he let the east e bunny go with a warning. that does for us. thank you for joining us, world news is next. this is "world news." tonight, breaking news. the massive and deadly easter sunday accident. up to 75 cars, the rig that caught on fire. tonight, the pictures just now coming in. as authorities point to a very familiar culprit.
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in cold blood. yet another prosecutor targeted. he and his wife murdered inside their home. what we're now learning about what unfolded inside. and tonight, the bigger picture here. is this string of deadly cases connected? our law and justice team on it tonight. forced out. the families who can't return to their homes this easter sunday after a giant oil spill. tonight, what caused this and what exxon is now saying. their statement just into "world news." and, get ready to roll. >> this is one of the greatest white house traditions. >> tonight, a look inside the white house on the eve of the giant easter egg roll, the ovals filling the oval office. the white house bowling alley. but it might take the easter bunny awhile to get there. he's been pulled over tonight. a ticket for the silly rabbit. good evening on this easter sunday.
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and we do thank you for joining us on this holiday. but we do begin with that horrific holiday accident, this massive pileup on a virginia highway tonight. these are the images just coming in this evening. and you can see what authorities say is likely the culprit. the fog there hovering over some of the rigs, some of the cars that caught fire on that highway and then collided. we know that three people are dead, at least 25 are in the hospital tonight. and just look at one of the fires that broke out. you can see a giant rig up in flames and the aftermath, shells of cars, burned out vehicles now lining the highway tonight. this all happened along a major stretch of highway in virginia, not far from north carolina, as families were traveling this easter sunday. and we lead off here with abc's reena ninan tonight. >> reporter: fire, smoke, fear. engulfing interstate 77 in virginia, along the north carolina border. a chain reaction crash. cars, buses and tractor trailers. many dozens of vehicles piled up. >> is anybody up there bleeding? >> reporter: with three dead and


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