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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  April 1, 2013 5:30pm-5:59pm PDT

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from the courthouse by two masked gunman. at the time he vowed his killer would be caught. >> we're going to find you. we're going to pull you out of whatever hole you're in. >> reporter: now mclelland has been murdered and prosecutors across the state are on alert. some with around the clock police protection. >> obviously we're under attack. >> reporter: one prosecutor talked about a warning from his wife as he left for work. >> she just said be careful and told me that she loved me and i told her to be careful as well. we'll be calling one another quite a bit during the day. >> reporter: police are going through the prosecutor's cases trying to figure out who would want them dead. there are prime candidates. >> this is, i think, a clear concern to individuals who are in public life, particularly those who deal with some very mean and vicious individuals, whether they're white supremacy groups or the drug cartels that we have. >> reporter: the kaufman district attorney's office recently prosecuted members of a
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prison gang called the aryan brotherhood of texas. investigators tonight want to know if the gang was out for revenge. >> pierre is joining us now. this is extremely rare in the united states, the targeting of law enforcement. so where does this lead? what does the trail say about who might be behind it? >> reporter: diane, it really is. this is only the 13th time in the united states since 1960 that a prosecutor has been killed. it's much more common in mexico where the cartels are king. they are known for this kind of violence. so that's one reason they are being looked at. so the white supremacist angle is one of a number being pursued. >> all right, pierre, thanks so much. and next, we are learning more tonight about that stunning moment on the basketball court, a louisville player lands on his leg, and it shatters. as millions of families have tuned in for march madness and watch in horror. but an injured kevin ware told his teammates to go on and win and they did.
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abc's josh elliott tells us what is happening tonight. >> reporter: it was one horrifying moment, one so graphic that we purposely blurred it -- that would change a game and one young man's future. >> that's a gruesome-looking injury to kevin ware. >> reporter: louisville sophomore guard kevin ware leaped towards a duke player with the ball. it was a routine play, something ware had done thousands of times before. but this time, as his 6'2", 175-pound frame landed on that right leg, it generated the equivalent of up to 2,500 pounds of force, snapping both his fibula and tibia -- the main weight-bearing bone in the leg, breaking so severely that it punctured his skin. the pain and shock on grisly display in front of his own team's bench, the severity of the injury made plain on the faces of his teammates, coaches and fans.
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>> i got everybody over after we covered up the injury and said listen to him. and he said it over ten times, "just win the game, i'll be okay." >> reporter: ware was rushed to the hospital -- and louisville did, indeed, win the game. >> this is an unusual fracture to see on the basketball court. >> reporter: doctors speculate ware may have already had a stress fracture. >> something suspicious, maybe he had a stress injury or he had some weakening in the bone because it failed so catastrophically. >> reporter: while he's certainly done for the season, ware suffered an injury that's not thought to be career ending. doctors say he could be back in game shape in less than a year. after a two-hour surgery last night, today he emerged smiling and cradling the team's regional trophy in his hospital bed. standing with the help of crutches, ware told reporters today, this is, quote, a minor setback for a major comeback, as kevin ware sets out on a long, but very promising road to
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recovery, that he hopes to begin in atlanta this weekend at the final four. josh elliott, abc news, new york. and we turn next tonight to the news today, how does this phrase sound to you? ambassador caroline kennedy? we first saw her of course at the president's daughter with the irrepressible smile. could she be representing america in japan? abc's david muir with the late-breaking story. >> great to see you. abc news has learned this move could be imminent. caroline kennedy, very likely, the next ambassador to japan. the white house wouldn't comment today, but we got a hint from caroline kennedy herself that she'd be willing when we sat down with her a long time ago. -- not long ago. abc news learned the white house has talked with caroline kennedy about the idea of becoming the u.s. ambassador to japan. the president is expected to nominate her for the post and we've learned she's expressed a willingness to accept it. a post we asked her about when we sat down with her just a
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couple of weeks ago. i'm curious, what does "ambassador kennedy" sound like to you? something you're interested in? >> i have supported this president since early days. so that would be great. nobody has asked me, so, you know, just have to see what happens. >> reporter: but you'd be open to it? >> yeah, i would be open to all kinds of things. >> reporter: there have long been questions about caroline kennedy's political aspirations. the daughter of jfk, her childhood images, now iconic. that talk about her future reaching a fever pitch, not only -- long after she campaigned for president obama during his first presidential campaign. sharing the stage with cousin maria shriver and oprah. not long after she explored running for hillary clinton's senate seat. what did you learn from that and did you close the door in your mind or are you still open to it? >> it was actually a great two-week experience that everyone's still asking me about. so, i believe in public service and i admire people who do that.
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so, well see what happens. >> reporter: before his death her brother, jfk jr, had never ruled out completely running for political office. tonight, the focus again on caroline as she awaits a possible call from the president. >> how are you? >> reporter: in the meantime, focused on her new book, a collection of poems. remembering the little girl looking to impress another president reciting that first poem to her father. >> i was about three and i do remember reciting it for my father. >> reporter: and you still can hear to this day the applause when little caroline -- >> yes, little caroline, still, you know, hoping to get that reaction. >> reporter: caroline kennedy is 55 now, a mother, lawyer, and author. she quietly volunteers in new york's public schools. one of her more recent projects, helping students with their college applications. she goes on visits to college campuses, but very soon her travels could take her to japan. >> stay tuned. thanks, david. and today in a colorado
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courtroom, james holmes, the accused gunman in the aurora movie theater massacre, learned that prosecutors will be seeking the death penalty. prosecutors rejected a plea offer from him which would have put him behind bars for life without parole. 12 people were killed, more than 50 were injured. and overseas next, to north korea and the ongoing challenge and counterchallenge with the united states. word that the u.s. navy will move a guided missile destroyer into the waters off north korea, as well as a kind of radar that can track military moves inside the secretive nation. and tomorrow night abc's martha raddatz will be taking all of us to the front lines. she's in south korea tonight. and from north korea to another flash point, syria. the civil war now heading into its third year and one human rights group says march was the deadliest month since the war began. more than 6,000 people killed,
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including 291 women, 298 children. and tonight, abc news has obtained video of a little boy just trying to help people stay alive. and we want you to know, as you begin to watch this, it is hard to see some of these images but they're the daily reality for a courageous child. here's abc's alex marquardt. >> reporter: there are no white doctors' coats that fit mohammed asaf. just 12 years old, he's been working in this busy and bloody makeshift aleppo clinic, housed in a former shopping center, for four months. in the beginning, when i saw blood, i would shiver and be frightened, he says, but now, i see blood like water. the wounded, many of them children, lie wherever there's space, some screaming out in pain. victims of the relentless street
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fighting and bombing from the air. a nurse tells this boy his relative is dead. he cries out to god. nearby is mohammed's 11-year-old friend youssef, who tenderly cares for a rebel fighter. these children should not be here, but two years of civil war have left few innocents -- and not enough doctors. outside the clinic, between the bursts of violence, children try to play, jumping rope, shooting marbles, just feet from spent shells. photo journalist marcel mettelsiefen spent weeks filming this life in aleppo. where food and water are scarce. the world has failed to stop the war in syria, and failed to get relief into cities like aleppo. what happens next is difficult to imagine, but it is real. just three days after this video of a smiling youssef was filmed,
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he was brought into his own clinic, dead from shrapnel wounds. life inside one city, amidst this brutal war. even if young mohammed survived, his childhood, now lost forever. alex marquardt, abc news, london. >> and again the civil war in syria began on march 15th, two years ago. and still ahead next on "world news," some advice for anyone driving here at home. 95 cars and trucks slam into each other in the fog, and we'll tell you the one thing you should always do to make sure that doesn't happen, next. most people think that after an accident, you'll have to pay five hundred bucks for your deductible. the truth? at allstate, you could pay zero.
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today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy. we've shared what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. bp's also committed to america. we support nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. and now we're going to take you into the fog on a highway in virginia where 95 cars and trucks slammed into each other, one after the other, 95. abc's david kerley wants to show you what to do if you're driving and the fog closes in. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: a striking scene. >> is anyone up there bleeding? >> reporter: cars and trucks -- crushed. this man crawling out of his overturned van. a mile-long mess. 17 different pileups, some
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ending in fire. it was the middle of the day. three dead, two dozen hurt, on a mountainous interstate where fog this time of year is notorious. fog is most common and dangerous when the seasons change, with cold and warm air colliding. and look in the rearview mirror, this man stopped at a light -- the car behind swerves, and side-swipes him. >> you know, motorists really can underestimate fog because they see it all the time. this is part of their daily life. at the same time, you don't give it the respect that you should. >> reporter: in 2011, 20,000 accidents involving fog, in this country, which killed more than 350 people, and injured 10,000. we used a fog machine to simulate conditions. >> and conditions can change quickly. right now, i can see that cone clearly. but if a fog bank rolls in, it disappears. if it was a parked car, i would never see it. it's like driving blindfolded. what can you do? reduce your speed and watch your speedometer. because fog gives an illusion of slow motion. use low beams or fog lights. because high beams just reflect off the fog, making it even harder to see.
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shut off the radio, and lower your window a bit so you can listen for traffic. california has gone so far to create a public service campaign. >> fog kills. slow your pace. it's not a race. >> reporter: a deadly lesson again -- in the mountains of southwest virginia. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to david. coming up here, what if you're just going to church and some man with sunglasses starts to sing? ♪ recognize that voice and the surprise appearance? it's our instant index. ow where? are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. yo, buddy! i got this.
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so you'll be prepared for any challenge bye guys! kenmore. tested for living. found at sears. time for tonight's instant index. talk about an easter surprise. during communion at a mass in miami beach, as everyone's just wandering around, a man in a blazer and sunglasses stands and begins to sing. ♪ >> believe your ears, that is, indeed, the legendary tenor, andrea bocelli. he was in town, went to mass, and at the last minute, was asked if he could just sing a little something. we can't believe most people just kept walking to their seats, a lot of people wondering if it was an april fool's joke. it was not. that was the real bocelli. but there were plenty of
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then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete. finally tonight, the story behind the picture. that norman rockwell scene at the white house today on the lawn, the annual easter egg roll, but one little boy was inconsolable. he didn't win. so the leader of the free world made it clear, sometimes
5:54 pm
everybody just needs a hug. abc's paula faris. >> reporter: thousands of happy, young faces from today's easter egg roll, except one. as the president is high-fiving children -- >> good job, guys. >> reporter: he notices little 5-year-old donovan frazier, sitting down, in tears. >> what's wrong? >> reporter: the president bends down, picked up little donovan for a first hug. offers him an easter egg. then, listen closely, as he encourages the little boy from scranton, pennsylvania to "shake it off." >> shake it off, shake it off. there you go. that's what i'm talking about. >> reporter: the commander in chief, now comforter in chief. the president knows all about shaking it off. when the festivities took him to the basketball court, he missed more than he made. only making two of 22.
5:55 pm
so you see, little donovan, we all need a hug sometimes, and maybe just maybe, it was the president who needed that big hug from you. paula faris, abc news, new york. >> and by the way, donovan was one of 30,000 people streaming to the white house today. thanks so much for watching. we'll always see you at "nightline" later at its new time, 12:35 a.m. eastern and i'll see you right back here tomorrow.
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tonight the driver that smashed into a san jose walmart. what we learned about him. >> we'll follow up an unarmed barber running from a crime scene. >> and stockton is the largest city in the country to enter bankruptcy. >> you'll see how wet weather could help the national park service with a 6 million dollars probe, a brand-new trail that is washing away. >> cheryl: here is the smart phone video taken inside the san
5:57 pm
jose walmart show that shows the aftermath of driver's rampage as he used his car as a deadly weapon. >> dan: i'm dan ashley. police identified the man that was defending the car and they suspect he was high on drugs. a red olds mob bill smashed into the store. other shoppers subdued the driver after he got out of the car and swung at people with a blunt instrument. hamid zaid was taken in after the ordeal. mark, unbelievable. >> reporter: just imagine the panic as this red cutlass is side swiping cars. he apparently swerved to try and hit pedestrians before slamming 30 feet inside of this walmart store. >> it's remarkable that no one
5:58 pm
was run over as the car came into the store. most serious injury happened when zaid got out and attack a 61-year-old store employee. he hit him with a metal rod or a metal pole. the worker had just clocked out and had stepped up to tell the young man to calm down. >> he hit the cashier. i believe that mexican guy, old are man. >> he had a serious wound to his head. in the cellphone video you can see customers went after the attacker. they are holding him down until police could arrive. >> a few of them stepped forward and actually subdued the suspect. there was some mention his legs were tied with belts that they pulled off of their waist. they are placing the customers that stepped up and so is shoppers we talked to today. >> the customers are heroic. they fought for what they believe. >> it makes me leap there are people to risk themselves to help somebody out there.
5:59 pm
>> i was told he was holding a weapon and swinging it around. people were willing to help out. >> reporter: the suspect told police he is in seaside in monterey. his mother said zaid does not live with her and never been in trouble before. she said he is an independent contractor and auto mechanic and that she doesn't know of any connection with walmart. police say it appeared the suspect was under the influence. >> he is not talking to us. he was very uncooperative yesterday as well as under the influence. again, until we can actually talk to him and willing to discuss what happened and what his state of mind is, we won't know any of that information until later. >> reporter: store employees have noen been instructed not to talk with reporters but employees are being offered counseling if they want it. we spoke with the daughter of the 61-year-old store employee who remains


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