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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 1, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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serious wound to his head. she tells us that he is out of intensive care and his wounds are not life-threatening and the family is very grateful to those customers who stepped up and stopped the suspect from hurlgt anyone else. >> cheryl: thank you so much. >> a heavy wave of april showers hit the bay area today. this is 280 on the peninsula where the san francisco skyline as you can see was obscured by clouds. east bay seemed to get the brount brunt of the storm. grounds keepers at oakland coliseum prepared for the home opener. that gets underway in about an hour from now. spencer christian is here with live doppler 7-hd. looks like the game will be getting underway under dry conditions. we have dry weather all across the bay. one patch of moisture showing light, spotty scattered showers. it's right here over the mount
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hamilton area moving away from populated areas. folks at home are probably not seeing any rain right now. nice generous dose of rainfall. two day rainfall totals, pretty impressive. over an inch in santa rosa and st. had he lena and over an inch at ben lomond mountain. east bay and south bay, very modest rainfall totals, barrel over .2 of an inch and under .2 of an inch at san jose and mountain view. more coming up, more rain on the horizon. >> dan: the national park service now says it will be at least until the next rainy season before a section of the coastal trail in the presidio is repaired and reopened. a brand-new segment of the trail near lincoln boulevard was closed in december. heather ishimaru is there live tonight.
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>> that is right. it was a chain reaction on cars and bicyclists, having has had to move away from the cliff's edge. was eight case of bad engineering or bad timing? the three agencies involved here they just don't know. no taxpayer money was used in the building of the project, but the park service says it doesn't know if that will hold true for the repair. >> the pedestrian detour includes a climb over the guardrail. traffic has been shifted to the east on lincoln with where bicyclists and cars now to have share the road with no shoulders. >> it's not great for cyclists to have it narrow like this, it creates very narrow space and forced the blocked car traffic to be safe coming along here. >> the national park service public safety is number one priority here where a segment of the coastal trail was closed in december. the new and improved trail and overlook opened in the summer, but after torrential rains the
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trail started to slip. susan has been living here for 15 years and she said she knew it was going to happen and couldn't understand the cliff being stabled with all the vegetation removed. >> you probably should built it on the other side of the road and you could have a crosswalk and leave the road here and leave that alone because it's going slip. >> reporter: improvements were part of a $6 million project. national park service says the engineering planned for national coastal erosion but the december rain was something else. they were saying it was a 30-year rain event. first time in 30 years this kind of rain event happened. >> a 60 foot segment is closed and will be indefinitely. the park service dug out soil and rock as a safety measure, monitors were tracking groundwater movement and an independent engineer has been hired to assess what to do now.
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>> the engineers and people that are looking at the trail want to see how water is moving through the area. was it drainage that needs to be addressed or was it flow pattern that needs to be addressed. >> reporter: the park service says that repairs are delayed because the engineers studying this site need a lot of rain to see exactly what happened here. it's been a very dry winter. >> two oakland police officers on trial for killing an unarmed man had their case dismissed in federal court today. nick smith has reaction from the attorney for the dead man's family. >> reporter: good evening. these two officers have had their careers on hold since november of 2011. today a federal jury decided they did nothing wrong. >> oakland police officers left
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federal court without speaking on camera. the two were cleared of any wrongdoing in a federal lawsuit filed by the widow of 37-year-old derek jones who they killed in november of 2010. he ran when the two officers tried to question him. they said they saw jones was reeg for a gun. he was unarmed. >> during the foot chase the suspect was seeing grabbing towards his waistband. this is a move consistent with someone reaching for a weapon, possibly arming himself. >> a police investigation would later reveal that jones did not have a weapon but a small scale. the widow says the jury didn't get to see all the evidence. >> it's very difficult to put on a trial when more than 75 of your evidence has been excluded and the witnesses are also excluded. the evidence she is talking about was excluded by the judge because he ruled that it did not apply to the case.
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both officers say they feel vindicated. this the second time both officers have bone cleared. in 2011 a district attorney's office refused to file criminal charges. the attorney for jones' widow will appeal today's ruling. they have confirmed there is surveillance video of last night's shooting on a muni bus in san francisco. muni has turned it over to police. hunt continues for a man that opened fire on two people on number 14 mission bus. it happened last night. a woman as shot in the stomach and man was hit in the leg. police are looking for a man with long curly hair that was wearing a black beanie. >> dan: stockton is the largest city in america to go into the bankruptcy. a judge agreed the city has no other choice, certainly not the kind of court victory that city leaders dreamed about. it appears it's the only way
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that stockton can survive. >> there is nothing to celebrate about bankruptcy, but there is sense of vindication. >> federal judge after hearing three days of testimony and examining thousands of pages of documents agrees with stockton there is no other option. the city is eligible for bankruptcy. the judge first recalled stockton's perfect storm of financial problems, property values down 50%, sales and tax revenues plem plummeted. generous health care benefits for workers, city staff reduced by 25%. all at the same time city leaders if you build it they will come mentality. the judge said they did not come. bob is not happy. stockton had to spend millions proving it didn't have millions just laying around. >> what we should have been doing today is confirming bankruptcy exit plan, a plan of adjustment. instead, we just finished the
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first chapter of a two chapter book. chapter two involves meeting with the same creditors it fought with in court to negotiate much smaller payments. >> we have so much money to spend, how can we spend it and get out of bankruptcy and start spending money on creditors and safety officers and the like. >> dan: still coming up. an unexpected reprieve for a homeowner. the city decided not to bulldoze this neighborhood nuisance. >> he has been stripped of his real estate license. some of his clients wonder why he has been able to stay in business. i'm michael finney. >> a last ditch effort to save this theater. can it be saved from the wrecking ball? >> dan: and printer that prints it in 3-d and sees it flat and
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comes in three
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>> cheryl: city 6 san mateo was going to remove debris and junk after the judge gave them 30 days to clean up their own mess. vic lee --. >> house behind me is house
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behind me is public nuisance and court order in february, last week the city gave the orders an abatement letter they would be here today to clean up the mess. >> here they come. >> city inspectors accompanied by police arrived at home and begin their walk through. waiting in the wings a cleanup crew to haul away debris. watching anxiously was his wife and son. they were ordered by the courts in february to clean up their property. it was illicitered with debris. the city called it an unsanitary hazardous dumping ground that needed to be cleaned nip 30 days. >> they were given more than enough time beyond the 30 days the court ordered. this is what it looked like today. they spent the last month taking loads of junk to the dump hoping to satisfy the judge's order.
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take another look, before and after pictures. >> they are going to have an independent contractor come in and take out whatever it is they want to take out. >> inspection begin, walk through and construction and supplies were covered with a large tarp. he has been remodeling his house for the past ten years. he has been faced with numerous code violations during that time. he lived in a tent on his lawn for a while after the city red-tagged his home. city declared the tent illegal, as well. >> any problems. >> he injured his back and been out of work for a year. he says money and health are the reasons the extensive renovation has taken so long. >> i'm not trying to buck the system or do something that is illegal. >> inspection lasted about a half an hour. for him and his family, every minute was filled with angst.
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>> after conferring with each other they reached a decision, they said they weren't totally happy with the cleanup but it is a good enough. >> it appears that according to city staff that they are in substantial compliance with the court's order. their plight is not over yet. the city is threatening to get a permanent injunction ordering them to finish construction of their house by a certain date or else. now, they meet with the city next thursday to discuss this newest legal threat. vic lee, "abc 7 news." >> dan: if you notice a house like that in san francisco, you can report it with a touch of button. city attorney's office launched an app to tell about neighborhood nuisances and code enforcement issues it's called up to code. it is available for the iphone and android devices or anything
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with an internet connection. >> cheryl: tahoe heavenly mountain resort has been fined more than $90,000 for a series of environmental violations, during an inspection of the maintenance shop in 2010, officials found for used oil could spill, cans were not properly disposed of and there was no emergency shower for employees who might be contaminated by hazardous waste. there was never a spill and there are no streams nearby and shop is in compliance. they were fined $90,000 to pay an extra $26,000 to cover the administrative costs of those violations. >> dan: east bay cinema fans are holding a rally hoping to save dome theater. they gave developers the green light to bulldoze the old movie house. they are planning to replace it with a dick's sporting goods
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store but a group called save the dome xhiet committee is hoping it go can appealed. they are meeting in concord opportunity to at colorblind studios until 8:00 p.m. to discuss the strategy. >> cheryl: we are waiting for the next wave of showers. >> dan: more is coming. >> i would like to enjoy what you feel right now. this is nice break we're getting from the rain yesterday and this morning. it is drying out but rain will fall again later this week. live doppler 7-hd. we have mainly cloud free skies. a few clouds around but not precipitating on us. the only area indicating moisture around mount hamilton away from populated areas. live view right now, downtown san jose, current temperatures, 56 degrees in san francisco. 59 in oakland. san jose, 63 degrees. on we go to mount tam camera looking down onto the bay, blue
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skies. 64 in napa. union city, 61. these are our forecast features. we will see foggy developments in some areas, patches of dense fog may be around the early morning hours for the commuters. maybe a slow commute in some spots, reduced visibility. dry and warmer and then rain returns on thursday. we'll have another wet weather episode coming our way. satellite image, departure of the low pressure system that brought us the stormy weather this morning. we have a nice break right now, fog will develop over. it could be dense in some spots. we'll start forecast animation at 11:00. at which point there will be low clouds and fog moved locally inland from the coast. that pattern will continue in the overnight hours and once again, chances of reduced visibility for the morning commute. midafternoon, we'll see mainly
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sunny skies, a few, high thin clouds and maybe low clouds near the coast and milder than today. overnight tonight, look for lows mainly in the upper 40s to low 50s. it will be relatively mild overnight. by tomorrow, afternoon hours, mainly sunny skies in the south bay with highs in the upper 60s to low 70s. 68 at santa clara. mid-60s, 66 at redwood city and palo alto and upper 50s to low 60s at the coast at pacifica and half moon bay. san francisco, highs will be around 62 downtown. north bay, 68 in santa rosa, 69 at napa. near east bay, highs from 65 and 68 fremont. then highs in the upper 60s to about 70, fairfield, antioch and livermore. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. nice and sunny, dry mild conditions, mid-70s inland by wednesday. rain is likely on thursday.
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partly sunny on friday. slight chance in the morning hours of a shower or two on sunday. sunday looks like iffy, as well. it will be mild for a couple of days. >> cheryl: coming up next, new highway patrol crackdown texting while driving. >> dan: story of a san francisco firefighter who back on the job
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heads up, highway patrol and local police are hunting for distracted drivers and that could be any of one of those. he says he gets suspicious when he sees a driver with one hand on the wheel. one driver that questioned him while they are driving after he got stuck, listen. >> if i see you guys on nextel all the time. >> look, i'm out here enforcing
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law. >> you can't define the law to me? >> you can't use your cellphone while you are driving. >> dan: fines and courted fees can cost up to $500 so we should think twice. >> don't argue with the officer either. >> firefighters at san jose station one are welcoming back one of their own. firefighter frank ryan suffered a massive heart attack seven months ago. the 41-year-old returned to work for the first time since fellow firefighters saved his life while battling a fire at st. patrick's cathedral. his heart stopped three times before he was stabilized. now, the 17 year veteran is put it all in perspective. >> how do you explain it? you reflect on not go being here and i'm here. there are subtle changes in my life, but for the most part i enjoy my job, my friends and my life. >> cheryl: very humble.
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over the past seven months he has been doing rehab and working out at the gym anxious to return. >> dan:, still to come, "7 on your side" investigation into a businessman who has been stripped of his real estate license. his clients are wondering how he is able to stay in business. michael finney looks into it. >> a statewide security alert in texas where a district attorney has been shot and killed. latest victim of a disturbing murder. >> new campaign in sacramento to keep our neighborhood streets free of
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>> cheryl: police are getting complaints of a local company that are stripped of the real estate license. >> they are accused of taking money from homeowners. >> cheryl: police have received complaints from a long way away. >> department of real estate revoked mortgage modifyers of
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their real estate license in october. doors remain open and some of the clients are wondering how that is possible. we decided to take a look. >> reporter: their home sits on 1.6 acres in novato. it's also known as farm girl nursery, a you pick farm and summer camp for kids. both the home and property are currently underwater. >> this is my dream. this is the home that we built from scratch. i certainly don't want to lose it. >> anna's home is also under water. like lisa, she is struggling to save her home. she herd about a company called mortgage modifyers. they she said they promised to get the mortgage lowered by thousand dollars a month. >> the original loan was supposed to be modified down to basically the value what our home is valued at now.
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>> she received similar promises when she met with this man, miguel lopez, she is described in court papers as the president of mortgage modifyers. >> when i met with him and he showed me the numbers, he showed everything to be reduced the principal could be reduced. >> they are just two of the people who have filed complaints with petaluma police. >> the service was not completed. they asked for a refund that was guaranteed to them and they never got a refund. >> department says it's received 11 complaints. it is aware of other complaints as far north as cloverdale and ukiah. they sublet space in this office park in petaluma. the company has no signage on the office. department of real estate upheld a judge's decision stripping the real estate license of both of them. they illegally collected
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advanced fees for performing services for borrowers in connection to loans. >> he is asking for an advance fee to do either some type of mortgage modification or to seek information to do a mortgage modification. that is illegal in the state of california. >> both lisa and deanna paid $1995 to save their homes. i decided to pay miguel lopez a visit. i went to his office in petaluma hoping to get answers. >> yeah, you sure can. we have a lot of complaints about mortgage modifyers. you are doing business without a license. you are offering to modify loans and take money up front. >> i work for the company. i'm not the owner of the company. >> he was not available that day. but by email he told us he didn't need a real estate license. this company does to the conduct loans for real estate, such a
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license is not needed. this company provides a packaging service. >> this is whole entire pact that you receive from miguel. it's educational pact that he claims is for the $1995. >> the package included a request for modification, financial and loan information, a property value report and other documents. she showed us emails promising he would make sure the file became a priority. in the emails lopez urged her to let him do all the calling to the lender. however, lopez dense that 1995 he charged is an advance fee. we offer a packaging service. clients pay for the package and nothing more. lisa, however isn't buying any of that. >> to know from the start to the end it was all a lie, i don't
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trust anyone anymore. >> they have forwarded all the complaints to the state attorney general. >> contract they signed guaranteed a refund that the educational financial package submitted to the lender does not render a positive outcome. she received two refund checks and both bounced. lisa's refund request was denied. >> dan: man accused of deadly movie shooting in colorado learned if he would face the death penalty. prosecutors want him to be executed. 12 premium died and dozens more wounded when the accused gunman opened fire during a midnight movie premiere last july. friends and relatives of the victims to hear them reject the offer for him to plead guilty in exchange. >> he is the only one that knows that. as far as i'm concerned, if painful or not, i want him dead. >> dan: holmes nodded to his
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parents in court today. the trial date has been pushed back to february of next year. >> cheryl: extra security is in place in texas where the district attorney and his wife were shot to death in their home over the weekend. law enforcement agencies were placed on high alert at the courthouse in east texas. employees were escorted into the building. officers were carrying semi-automatic weapons. sources say the gunman who is still on the loose used an assault style rifle in the killing saturday night. motive remains unclear but investigators are reviewing the cases of both the district attorney and an assistant prosecutor who was also murdered two months ago. there could be connection to a murder of the head of the prison system two weeks ago. he was also killed in his home. an inmate died a shootout in that case last week. over a year ago, california
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realigned its prisons to transfer prisoners to county jails. now state lawmaker wants to send some of them back. inmates serving long stnsz should not be in county jail. he is especially worried about serious drug pushers. 40 of them are serving up to ten-year sentences in county jails and he says local facilities should be for inmates who can be rehabilitated. >> that is the whole orientation of these facilities. long term prisoners or that path. in that sense it's a form of disruption. >> dan: not everyone is in favor of this plan. california is under federal court order to reduce its prison population. critics say the bill would woors worsen overcrowding at state prisons. >> a new apology from the headquarters of apple. >> dan: the promise they are making to
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>> dan: this week, guest worker program is not sitting well with bay area immigration reform
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advocates. >> join the fight, join the fight. >> dan: dozens of students use the day off to march through oakland this afternoon. sky7hd shows about 40 teenagers walking along international boulevard towards downtown oakland. they want the dream act to be included in any immigration reform granting citizenship to undocumented youth brought to the country at a young age. >> we're not fighting with the movement. not going to win. i don't even know if there is a dream act as part of the legislation. that is completely unacceptable. >> dan: about 50 oakland teenagers will travel to washington for a massive rally next week at the nation's capital. >> cheryl: tim cook issued the second major apology of his tenure. he apologized to customers in china where they apple was blasted for not responding to warranty complaints. they promised to improve the
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company's repair policies and provide clearer warranty information and offer better training at retail stores. china's is expected to become the number one market. cook apologized this year for the mapping service they offered this year. >> dan: major shot in the arm for tesla. shares of the palo alto company gained 16% today after reporting better than expected sales of its model s-sedan. they almost sold 4800 of them and tesla will turn a profit this quarter. >> dow jones held off at 5 partnerships. nasdaq fell 28 points, apple went down 13.75. >> walmart says it is dropping gasoline prices as the stores where they sell it. responding to surveys it shows people are coming back on spending, walmart have decided a
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money card customers at 15 cents a gallon. >> still ahead tonight, see what could be the future of made in america manufacturing. >> dan: we're going to show you the 3-d printer that u.c. berkeley students
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>> cheryl: there is new futuristic tool that prints out before your very eyes. jonathan bloom shows the creation made by u.c. berkeley students. >> at the end after a long hallway sits the most unusual vending machine this campus has ever seen. >> people walking by, wow, that is really cool. >> they call it the dream box, a box that indicate literally turn dreams into hard, plastic reality. >> it's one of the more interesting items they seem to like. an i-beam we actually had a group test and did stress testing on it. >> 3-d print ser the same kind
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engineers use. using a spool of corn based plastic it builds objects that cool and harden in minutes. >> at the end of semester. >> how long does it take for 3-d print? >> bits 16-24 hours. >> it runsth. no staff member, no brakes and holidays just print, print. send a file and pay with a credit card it gets and emails when you are done. it drops into a shoot that locked door. show up with your code as the printer moves on to the next job. >> it turns out the dream box isn't just a good idea at u.c. berkeley. they are find can out it could have limitless possibilities. >> you could put this in elementary schools and high schools. >> plastic won't be the only
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material. >> as soon as we get sill liquor cone, maybe you do an iphone case or metal printing, why not a jewelry box. >> students have interest from investors looking to own a little piece of the 3-d future. >> dan: that incredible. some people in san francisco like to celebrate april fool's day by getting a little stupid. ♪ >> dan: these folks participated in the 35th annual st. stupid day parade. they made their way through the financial district but it was more than clowning around here. participants took a pledge of fun to the first church of the last laugh. they organized the event to poke fun at greedy businesses and organized religion. looks like they had a good time. >> cheryl: spencer with a last look at the weather.
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>> as you can see, live doppler, rain has essentially ended around the bay area. there is some more coming later in the week. statewide, it's going to be a sunny and mild day with high temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. fresno. 71 in los angeles. 90 in palm springs. 60 in yosemite and tahoe. here in the bay area, sunny skies. nice and mild. high temperatures in the upper 60s to about 70 in the mildest inland locations. seven-day forecast, couple of nice mild, dry days. partly cloudy to mainly sunny on friday and by sunday, showers again. so a little unsettled pattern but two days of spectacular, dry mild weather. >> cheryl: thank you. >> dan: it is dry and mild coming out. giants in l.a. and a's at home in oakland. >> cheryl: and larry beil is right there. larry? >> reporter: cheryl, dan, we got
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a lot of people ready. opening day is so much fun. ceremonies and pageantry. we'll show you the giants highlights and world champs debut and a's getting set for the
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>> larry: good evening, larry beil in oakland for the a's on opening night against seattle. the question for oakland, what will they do for an encore. remember last year, what a great story for the athletics, as they shocked the baseball world by winning the american league west title. 2012 is a different story than 2013. what are they going to do this year? we'll find out against the seattle mariners. remember the celebration and a's and terrific story as they came from the underdog status and stunned their division, stunned major league baseball. all their fans came to pack the house. the experts are once again, they are hyping up the rangers and
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angels who spent a zillion dollars but that is fine because they relish this underdog role. we talked to a couple of players and the skip ear thend are pumped. >> everybody was ready last year. i think we have seen the off-season wanting to come back here. the fans didn't want to stop playing. now, we have the opportunity, it's another year and hopefully get off to a good start and it will be fun this year. >> larry: right-hander will be opening starter. no surprise on seattle size, ace fee hernandez and signing up for $157 million contract extension. they have grown quite familiar with over the years. >> it is what it is.
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you are going to get good pitching. you will see him an awful lot. we did beat him a couple too times last year. you have to expect good things and might as well get them on day one. >> larry: as for the giants, world champions opened the 2013 season down in los angeles against the dodgers. this turned out to be a terrific pitchers' duel. it started as theatrical opening the dodger's owner was supposed to throw out the first pitch. don matingly brought out sandy koufax. matt cain was making his opening. six scoreless after throwing 92 pitches. bottom of eighth, still scoreless and ker shaw missed
6:53 pm
his first home run. first pitcher to throw a shutout and opening day since 1953. 1-0 dodgers and add insurance in the eighth. santiago with a wild pitch. four run eighth inning. he tossed a shutout as he gets pablo sandoval and the dodgers take game one of this new season by a score of 4-0. n.f.l. news, carson palmer era. they acquired matt flynn from is seattle. he was expected to start for the seahawks last season and then the rookie russell wilson took his job. he has only started two games in the n.f.l. and both were with the green bay. the raiders gave up a fifth round pick in next year's draft to make this deal.
6:54 pm
palmer refused to restructure his contract and expected to be dealt to arizona. 49ers are looking for an experienced back-up for kae pernick and they traded mccoy. they dave up two draft picks, mccoy started 23 games in cleveland but never was able to wave his game to the expectations and was replaced by a rookie last year. abc7 sports, brought to you by orchard supply hardware. gorgeous night for the a's and mariners. we'll have highlights 9:00 and 11:00. >> cheryl: larry, thank you. >> dan: joining us at 9:00 at cable channel 13. one second before a train would have hit her, why she risked her life. then at 11:00, new math designed to keep certain people out of
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certain neighborhoods. here at prime time line-up, at 8:00, two hours of "dancing with the stars" followed by the hundredth episode of castle and i'll be it for the late news at 11:00. >> i'm cheryl jennings. >> dan: i'm dan ashley. for all of us here, we appreciate your time. appreciate your time. see you again at 9:00 and
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- a student from tarzana, california... ...a website developer from riverton, illinois... ...and, our returning champion, an office-supply sales assistant from fresh meadows, new york... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome. and please be assured that we have no april fools' day jokes or tricks to play on you today. rebecca's been having a very good time on "jeopardy!" so far. jim and alex, welcome aboard. nice to have all three of you with us todad luck. let's go into the "jeopardy!" round right now. and you will be dealing with these categories...
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not "birth." notice the "q" in quotation marks. you know what that means. alex: rebecca, start. thank "q" very much, $200 please. jim. what is a quack? yes. thank "q" very much, $400. alex. what is quarry? you are right. u.s. constitution for $200, please. jim. what is commander in chief? that's it. u.s. constitution, $400. jim. who is...jefferson? no. rebecca. who is washington? george washington, correct. constitution, $600.
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jim. what is noon? noon, yes. u.s. constitution, $800. alex. what is 2/3? good. u.s. constitution, $1,000. rebecca. what is reconstruction? you got it. thank "q" very much, $600. jim. what is quarantine? yep. thank "q" very much, $800. alex. what is quantum? that is it. thank "q," $1,000. this army corps deals with fuels, laundry, and logistics to name a few. alex. what is quartermaster? yes. girth of a nation, $200.


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