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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 4, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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robin. south korea is saying this morning that north korea, just 25 or 30 miles from here, has moved one of its missiles to the east coast, a missile with considerable range. the moment of explosion is approaching. that's the looming threat this morning from north korea saying they have the final approval to launch, quote, merciless military strikes on the united states involving the possible use of cutting-edge nuclear weapons. >> some of the actions they've taken over the last few weeks present a real and clear danger and threat to the interests of certainly our allies. >> reporter: now the u.s. is matching those threats with strategic deployments. the missiles do not have the range to reach the u.s. mainland, but the u.s. is matching north korean threats with strategic deployments to the region. mobilizing an advance missile
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defense system, the terminal high altitude area defense battery or thad. to protect guam and likely within range of that north korean missile. the thad system using truck interceptors. >> i don't want to be the secretary of defense who was wrong once. and warplanes including fighter jets, u2 spy plane and attack jets in the skies as part of a massive military exercise. this morning, including practice in case of a chemical weapons attack. north korea has one of the largest chemical weapons stockpiles in the world. of course, the biggest threat is a nuclear weapon or a missile. we asked the head of u.s. forces here in south korea whether the north koreans had a nuclear weapon they could put on a missile. he said, we are not certain, but we have to take the threat seriously. of course, if they did launch some sort of nuclear weapon, it
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would be suicide for the north korean leader. george and robin? >> it sure would. okay, martha, thanks. more from our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. jon, a delicate balancing act. they want to deter north korea, defend against the possible attack but have to be careful about provoking one too. >> reporter: that's right. no doubt that the white house is taking this very seriously. i am told the president is getting regular updates, not just on the north korean military developments but even the rhetoric coming out of north korea. but, george, the real goal right now is to try to turn the temperature down so while the u.s. has made it clear with those military maneuvers that they will respond to any attack coming from the north, they want to turn the temperature down now because the biggest danger is a miscalculation that could lead to war. >> and, you know, we've seen these cycles of bluster from north korea in the past. new factor here, though, is this new, young dictator, kim jong-un, and not much is known about him. >> well, that is exactly right.
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we've certainly seen over the top rhetoric from his father. i mean year after year this happens in an effort to try to get stuff out of the international community but they don't know much about kim jong-un and the other fact here is the bottom line is north korea has made advances in their military. they've got a better missile program now. their nuclear program is certainly more advanced than it's ever been so there's a lot of uncertainty even though they see this as part of the typical pattern. >> successful test a couple months back, another one possibly coming later this month. jon karl, thanks very much. >> all right, george. to that high alert for law enforcement and new warnings about two armed and dangerous white supremacists targeting police. colorado authorities issuing a strong warning overnight and abc's pierre thomas has the latest. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. today here in texas and across the country, some police are concerned that thugs have declared open season on public officials. >> officer safety bulletin,
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extreme caution. >> reporter: this morning colorado authorities are issuing an urgent bulletin warning police everywhere to be on the lookout for two suspected members of a white supremacist group known as 211. the men, james lohr and thomas guolee are thought to be associates of evan ebel, another member of 211 who police believe assassinated colorado prisons chief thomas clements on march 19th. >> show violent tendencies and should be considered armed and dangerous. this is reference an active homicide. >> reporter: while they're not officially considered suspects in the prison chief's death they are said to be in contact with ebel just days before the shooting. it came hours after eugene crum was executed in broad daylight at point-blank range as he sat in his car on lunch break. >> shots fired involving an officer. get me a medic down here. >> reporter: this morning the 37-year-old suspect, melvin maynard is in critical condition
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after being wounded in a gun battle. motive unknown. another small town in tears. it's with a heavy heart that we come to you, lord. >> when high-profile crimes are committed, there's a tendency for people to want to copy them. >> reporter: so today security will be tight at a service honoring that slain prosecutor and his wife. robin. so incredibly sad. all right, pierre, thank you. >> we turn to josh elliott for other top stories developing. good morning, josh. good morning. we begin with the developing story overnight, deadly shooting at ft. knox in kentucky that forced the base to be locked down. an army civilian employee was killed in a parking lot after what appears to be a personal dispute. authorities want to question a possible suspect who may have fled on a motorcycle and the base has since been re-opened. it's being called the cursed carnival cruise ship, that cruise liner that stranded thousands in the gulf of mexico over the winter has now broken loose from its moorings in alabama and this morning, one worker is missing.
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here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: this morning as many as five tugs are working to lasso the wayward carnival "triumph" adrift again. >> due to the high winds the carnival "triumph" broke its moorings, drifted over across the mobile ship channel, it had a small collision. >> reporter: a squall pounding the ship with 800 crew on board. and knocking it loose from the dock being repaired wednesday sending all of them on a terrifying ride downriver. brandon vikers watched the chaos unfold. >> the wind just came out of nowhere. i seen a couple of portalettes go flying by. >> reporter: that huge gash in the back of the ship after a bumper boat resting against the cargo ship. in a statement carnival cruise line said "all crew and contractors working on the crippled ship are accounted for." however, the storm that shoved the ship into mobile bay sent two other dockworkers into the water. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami.
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>> thank you, matt. >> it is getting harder to find a job. private companies created but 158,000 jobs last month, a sharp drop from the 237,000 they created in february. it was, in fact, the slowest month for hiring since last fall. even mcdonald's getting pickier about who it hires. one requiring a college degree and one year's experience for new cashiers. and president obama taking a pay cut. he's giving back some $20,000 of his $400,000 salary because he wants to show solidarity with government workers who face a furlough because of budget cuts. meanwhile, overnight lawmakers in connecticut approved what are being called the toughest gun laws in the country. they passed easily despite protesters packing the statehouse there. they include a ban on large capacity ammunition clips and mandatory background checks for all gun sales. and a somber anniversary this morning. today marks 45 years since the
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assassination of dr. martin luther king on the balcony of a memphis hotel. remembrances and services honoring the civil rights icon are being held today across the country. and overseas, a dramatic scene. flames pouring out of a high-rise in russia. ten floors engulfed in flames. an electrical short circuit is being blamed. fortunately the building was empty at the time because it was still under construction. and finally, two of america's favorite companies are branching out today. facebook is announcing the new facebook phone. >> ooh. >> but even more intriguing, word that apple's new itv will come with a ring. >> wow. >> that turns your finger into a remote control. you can change the channel just by pointing. apple says it's about a year away from selling it which means we're all one year away from being superheroes, people. >> power! >> unite. >> that is complete chaos.
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i'm thinking my whole family in bed, everybody has a ring. >> we'll grab a mirror until that happens. >> green lantern a year away from being out of a job. >> thank you josh. the latest on that basketball firestorm at rutgers. the coach caught on tape abusing his players was fired yesterday but that has not stopped the controversy. abc's gio benitez is on the story and higher-ups at rutgers now under fire too. >> reporter: so many are scratching their heads wondering why the university didn't do more before this video got out. this morning, the man at the center of the rutgers basketball scandal is without a job and speaking out. >> there's no explanation for what's on those films because there is no excuse for it. >> reporter: but now the question is should anyone else bear some responsibility for head coach mike rice's appalling behavior. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: rice was fired wednesday after abc's sister
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network, espn, aired this video of rice exploding during practice, grabbing players, kicking them, even firing a basketball at one player's head. then there's the verbal abuse. the anti-gay slurs. >> [ bleep ]. i'm deeply sorry for the pain and the hardship i've caused. >> reporter: but rutgers knew about rice's behavior and that tape since november. the punishment back then, a three-game suspension, a $50,000 fine and he was ordered to attend anger management classes. >> i can't think of an argument that would be compelling enough to justify a suspension and a fine when ultimately a dismissal was decided upon. >> reporter: the university's athletic director tim pernetti apologized for waiting this long to fire the coach admitting "i was wrong." >> i don't think this is over for tim pernetti. the vast majority of administrators would have fired mike rice on the spot. >> reporter: parents of the players say it will take time to heal from this scandal.
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forward austin johnson's mother says she feels guilty. >> i texted austin and say in some way i feel i might have failed you. if i had known the gravity i think i would have more strongly counselled him to leave. >> reporter: stacy williams tells me her son and teammates would talk about the coach's behavior but never complained. some said they were afraid to lose their scholarships. others simply thought it was part of that basketball culture. >> boy, that's the scariest part of all right there. thank you. >> still, the fact that they saw it four months ago. >> yeah, this one is not over. >> it's not over. >> a shock. but now to the latest on the desperate search for two teen hikers who vanished while hiking at a southern california forest. one of the hikers was found and rescued overnight. now the hunt for the other hiker has intensified and abc's abbie boudreau has the latest for us this morning. good morning, abbie. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it was a dramatic rescue
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overnight. one of the two missing teenage hikers found alive. but this morning, search teams will be out in full force hoping to find the other lost hiker who police fear may be injured. cheers from family and friends moments after finding out nick cendoya is alive missing for five days in this dense, southern california canyon, the 19-year-old was spotted late thursday evening by a hiker. fire crews nearby in an unrelated training mission rescued him quickly air lifted him to a hospital remaining in serious condition. >> the rescuer was lowered about ten feet from nick. that's how thick the brush was. he is weak, severely dehydrated and slightly confused. >> reporter: but this morning, the frantic search continues for his hiking partner, 18-year-old kyndall jack. it all started sunday night when the pair called police to report they were lost and had run out of water. they thought they were only about a mile from their car, but before police could pinpoint
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their exact location, their cell phone apparently died. now all efforts are focused on finding kyndall jack. >> we will be asking nick if he can give us information, then we'll hopefully use that in the search for kyndall. >> reporter: overnight rescuers searching from the air still looking for clues. >> there have been cases where people have survived 96, 120 hours, even a little bit more than that. >> reporter: a race against the clock as family and friends grow more concerned with every passing minute. >> i want my daughter found. we're not going to give up. >> reporter: search teams will be back out there again today likely focusing their efforts in the same general area where they found the first hiker and, robin, you could just feel the sense of urgency to find this young woman. it is turning into a very, very scary situation. >> as her dad said they are not going to give up, abbie. thanks so much. a little bit of a lighter story, lara. >> indeed, robin. we are talking about the seismic changes shaking up late night.
7:14 am
lay jay leno leaving. jimmy kimmel cracking everyone up joking about all of it. take a look. >> we've all fought, kicked and scratched to get this network up to fifth place. jimmy, don't let rit slip into sixth. >> from punch line to end of the line after 22 years, jay leno joking wednesday night about his upcoming passing of the torch to jimmy fallon. >> don't worry, until february our focus is right here on whatever this show is called. >> reporter: this means fallon will be sharing a time slot with another jimmy. abc's jimmy kimmel. >> i will take over as new host of "the tonight show" on nbc. excuse me one second. apparently it's a different jimmy that's going to be hosting "the tonight show." >> kimmel just moved to the 11:35 time slot 11 weeks ago and is already crushing the ratings, leaving letterman in the dust and closing in an leno and the 18 to 49 demographic so
7:15 am
coveted by advertisers. >> jimmy kimmel is a much younger host came out of the box doing very well. i think nbc felt like maybe it was time to put somebody younger in "the tonight show" chair. >> reporter: how do the two jimmys stack up? for starters they were both born in brooklyn, kimmel, 45. hit it big hosting "the man show and counts matt damon as one of his favorite sidekicks. >> i am in command of this shift. >> reporter: as for fallon, the 38-year-old got his big break on "saturday night live" and recently had justin timberlake on his show for a week straight. both have huge viral presences on youtube and twitter. ♪ tonight tonight who's going to host tonight ♪ >> reporter: kimmel tweeting his congratulations to fallon saying congratulations to my dear, sweet jimmy fallon, a formidable rival and an incredible lover." this will mean an extended role for lorne michaels. he's currently jimmy's executive producer on late night and will go with him to "the tonight show."
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now the question is, guys, who gets the last laugh when it comes to ratings? >> i love the good spirit. as it should be. how about you, sam? >> this is like the third time we've seen it. it hasn't gone well before. we'll see how it goes. by the way we'll start -- josh telling you about the "triumph" becoming unglued from its moorings out in alabama with the strong storms. we'll show you other videos. this wind was strong enough to rip the roof off in mobile, alabama. 84-mile-per-hour gust just north of new orleans, it tore the sheet metal off a building. these are powerful storms and they're targeted east right across florida and south georgia. central florida, be careful. from jacksonville to orlando to tampa, tornados could pop up. heavy rain and gusty winds. unpleasantries right off the bat. normal sunshine as the day goes on.
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>> a couple of dry days, the west coast gets a new batch of rain. who gets what when we come back. >> coming up on "gma," the latest twist in the breakup murder trial. new police interrogation tapes of her parents. what they reveal about their daughter's mental state. and could it be a real-life "indiana jones," discovery archaeologists revealing they found the mythical so-called gates to hell. >> i can't wait for this. boy, kevin ware and his mom, got to meet them both. talked about that life-changing moment when he was injured during march madness. stick around. >> speaking of madness, it's motown madness. [ girl ] when i started playing soccer, i wasn't so good. [ barks ] so me and sadie started practicing. we practiced a lot. now i've got some moves! [ crowd cheering ] spin kick! whoo-hoo! [ giggling ] [ announcer ] we know how important your dog is to your whole family.
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♪ >> now great abc7 news, president obama will hold to the peninsula this morning after spending the night in san francisco. he is expected to board marine one for the journey in the next hour. he will attend two private fundraisers in agenter ton before leaving the bay area after lunch. he attended two events if san francisco yesterday benefiting the democratic national committee. protesters greeted the president during the events and are expected to turnout again today. now a check on the morning commute. leyla gulen? >> thank you. it is a soggy start to the ride to work. we are taking a look in richmond where a new accident popped up along westbound 580 near canal boulevard. you are seeing slowing when you make it to the richmond and san
7:23 am
rafael bridge. if you make the drive from sausalito to tamalpais valley, northbound 101, that accident has been cleared. here is the drive to central san rafael with clear conditions but lots of rain. >> when we come
7:24 am
7:25 am
>> we the look at san mateo bridge on eastbound side. it is not raining but there is plenty of water on the roads. look at steady rain moving away from the bay area. we are already move over to
7:26 am
scattered showers. that is going to be the forecast for the day and the afternoon hours. upstream it looks quiet. we have
7:27 am
a, b, c, easy as 1, 2, 3 ♪ >> there you go, sam. fantastic crowd outside on this thursday morning. motown morning. >> oh, yeah. >> hearing the jackson 5 of course, singing, what --
7:28 am
>> the "a," the "b." >> and the "c." >> motown the musical have been around all morning long. they are wonderful. they are talented and we can't wait to get that started. >> a lot coming up before that. straight out of "indiana jones," archaeologists said they discovered the real-life gates to hell. happened in turkey. they're looking through it and really think this is real. we'll have that report coming up in just a little bit. >> which probably means we should have a different song playing. a little more ominous if we found the gates to hell. ♪ >> good choice. >> also ahead, i had a chance to go to louisville yesterday and sit down with kevin ware and his mother. the louisville guard recovering just four days after as bad an injury as you will ever see on a basketball court. you saw him up and at 'em and, boy, he is filled with the stuff
7:29 am
of life. it was a special day. >> so good to see him looking well. unbelievable. can't wait for that. then we have a former editor of "vogue" spilling the beans, the shocking secrets that she's revealing about how models really look so runway ready. it's going -- we're going to be talking about this one. >> scary stuff. a lot coming up but first the latest from the jodi arias trial. new police interrogation trial which jody's parents call her a strange person with mental problems and ryan owens last an exclusive interview with the woman kicked off the jury earlier this week and joins us from phoenix. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, george. she's juror number 5. the woman everybody has been waiting to hear from. she's a mom, immigrant to this country and she's a true crime fan. she's not yet ready to do a television interview. she's worried what she might say would cause a mistrial but she wants everyone to know she doesn't think she did anything wrong and she's very proud of her long jury service. and now to that tape of jodi
7:30 am
arias' parents, the remaining jurors will not see it, but you will. in the same interrogation room where their daughter did headstands while waiting to be questioned, jodi arias' parents learned she was about to be charged with murdering her ex-boyfriend. >> how are you doing? are you doing okay? >> not good, no. >> as good as can be expected, i guess. >> i feel like i'm going to puke. >> reporter: her mother sandy tells the detective heir daughter is troubled but still can't imagine she's capable of shooting and repeatedly stabbing travis alexander. >> did you have any suspicion at all that she had anything to do with his death. >> i asked her. i asked her. that's the first thing i asked her. she swore she did not go to arizona so, of course, i believed her. you know, but i questioned her about it. >> reporter: arias' father is even tougher in his assessment of his daughter. >> you know, she was a strange person because some -- you know, after she left the house she was just kind of acting a little
7:31 am
strange. >> reporter: they were recorded in the summer of 2008 just before arias was charged with first degree murder. now that she's on trial for her life, her mother is in the front row of the courtroom every day. her father has health problems and has only made it one week of this three-month trial. >> i would call it a domestically abusive relationship. >> reporter: this morning the jury will hear more from this psychotherapist hired by the defense claiming she was a battered woman who killed in self-defense and this witness believes her. wednesday she testified about a fight they had months before the murder. >> could you hold up your hand for us so we could see. >> reporter: that now infamous argument that ended with alexander breaking her finger. >> during this argument he grabs her, throws her to the floor. when she hits the floor she makes a sound and he says, basically don't act like that [ bleep ]. then he kicks her a second time and she's trying to block that kick and he kicks her finger and breaks it.
7:32 am
>> reporter: it's important to remember this expert's version of that fight comes solely from the word of jodi arias who is an admitted liar. she never reported any abuse to police and the prosecutor says she's now making it all up. robin? >> okay there, ryan, thank you. now to josh's one-on-one with kevin ware, the university of louisville basketball player who broke his leg over the weekend in that game against duke. he's already on the mend and, josh, you got a chance to go down -- seemed like a remarkable man full of hope and his mom too. >> lovely woman. remarkable kid. it was an honor. i had the honor of sitting down with kevin ware and mom. it was hard to believe, of course, that he did suffer that shocking injury just last weekend and for those worried about his prospects for recovery, well, worry no more. it is a comeback staggering by any measure up and moving four days after one of the most
7:33 am
horrific injuries seen on a basketball court. >> that is a grew some-looking injury. >> reporter: ware recalled that life-changing moment. >> i come down not knowing the seriousness of what happened. only reason i knew looking at coach p.'s eyes. it gave it away. when he kind of looked at me like big eyes like, are you okay like? what's going on? and it just made me look at my leg and seeing my leg out like that, it was just -- it was straight shock. >> what did you see? >> i saw the bone six inches out of my leg. i didn't feel any pain. it didn't hurt. honestly it didn't hurt. it was just scary. that was probably one of the most scariest moments in my life. >> reporter: ware snapped his leg in two places and his agony felt more by his teammates as they broke down in tears. >> in that situation there wasn't much i could do but i knew if i said and tried to at
7:34 am
least get my team's minds on the right track, we could win this game and that's why i just told the team like we have to win this game. i kept repeating it and kept repeating it and they pulled through. >> reporter: louisville crushed duke by 22 points, a victory marked by raw emotion. when that first tear fell for you, what was going through your mind? >> the first tear fell when me and my girlfriend were actually watching the tribute of how they showed the game. i kind of felt like it was going to happen. i needed to get it out. i needed that cry and when i saw that video they just -- it was more so me crying tears of joy because i was so proud at just how they played. >> reporter: i understand you haven't seen it and you never will. >> never will. i kind of feel like if i see the video, it will just hold me back mentally from where i need to be trying to recover from this and the last thing i want is that if i'm trying to be on the basketball court again.
7:35 am
>> reporter: ware's mother lisa junior, a rock of support throughout her son's darkest hours. so many of our viewers are moms. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: so many of our viewers wonder how you could possibly watch what happened and keep it together. >> it was heartbreaking. it was devastating. it was something that you would never dream -- i mean, when he does things he just always does it big and i'm like, you just couldn't break your leg, you had to break your leg like in the most dramatic way possible. it's just so kevin. >> reporter: last question, kevin, are you going to be back? >> i'll be back next season. >> and so he shall. i tell you what, kevin is known as the quietest member of that team but we all find out things in these moments thrust upon us and he has found a strength and a resilience that inspires all. it is a wonderful thing to see. >> he is normally the quiet one and doesn't like all this attention but he's quick to say how much he appreciates
7:36 am
everyone. >> that oh, mom look he gave. >> oh, kevin. >> lovely woman and, again, watching his family watch him during the press conference yesterday crying what i could only think were tears of pride seeing their son in again the darkest hour turning it into a light for us all. >> he will be on the sidelines. >> he will. >> can you imagine you look over there and see your teammate there like that? wow. inspiration. thank you, josh. >> that's great. >> he was in louisville. >> he was in louisville. >> weren't you invited to go to the kentucky derby. >> we should all go to the derby, by the way. >> yes. >> sorry, george. >> took the long way -- >> churchill downs. it is beautiful. >> my bad. let's start -- >> derby show. >> i'm just saying. a fun thing. i don't think l.a. is still the same. let's start a little bit -- i know when you step out the door from the great lakes and mid-atlantic, northeast you got a couple of choice words not so
7:37 am
polite about the cold air, i get it. sunshine is full strength. we'll warm this thing up. pittsburgh goes to 54. new york city, 53. practically back to normal. in some cases a 20-degree jump from where you started in the morning to a little more than that so be prepared to lose the jacket and the kids might not come home with the same heavy coat they left the door with. into the northwest, a coastal situation with heavier rain for monterey to san francisco, the rain is already in. another low behind it. inland on the other side of the mountains it's great but these lows will move this coastal rain in and keep it in for maybe two days, i think, is the way that looks. quick look at the big board.
7:38 am
>> all that weather brought to you by progressive. the bad storms in the gulf today are in central florida. >> nasty. all right, sam. coming up, archaeologists revealing they have found the so-called gates to hell. we kid you not. myth, reality? all the details about this real-life "indiana jones" discovery. we're all set to bundle your home and auto insurance together. i'll just press this, and you'll save on both. [bell dings] ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, llllet's get ready to bundlllllle... [ holding final syllable ] oh, yeah, sorry! let's get ready to bundle and save. now, that's progressive. oh, i think i broke my spleen!
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with the discovery of the real-life gates to hell. nice song. terrifying door to the underworld, archaeologists are revealing that a site in southwest turkey could be the real deal. dan harris is here with the story. >> happy to explain. we covered all sorts of dramatic finds in the show. many hotly contested. jesus' tomb. the remains of noah's arc and the gates of hell. the gates of hell have long figured prominently in myth logically minded tv shows and movies from "clash of the titans." >> gate to the underworld. kill medusa. >> reporter: to bucky the vampire slayer where the town of sunningdale is built on top of the hell mount. >> i'm not worried. >> reporter: now scientists say they discovered the entryway to the underworld or where the ancients considered it to be. if you're thinking it's a portal
7:43 am
like this, this is what is left of the gate. these ruins were once an elaborate temple built around a cave people believe led straight down into the depths of hell. back in 24 a.d., strabo wrote "this space is full of a vapor so misty and dense that one can scarcely see the ground, any animal that passes inside meets instant death" which is why these scientists put on gas masks for their work. it is an archaeological find thrilling enough for an "indiana jones" plot but this is not the first claim laid to satan's front door. in turkmenistan this crater is one of the other alleged gates to hell. easy to see why. the fire there has been burning more than 40 years but back to those ruins in turkey they covered up the entrance to the gates of hell which is perhaps for the best. we all remember what happened in "raiders of the lost ark" when they dug up those religious
7:44 am
artifacts of the dead. to use a loaded phrase all hell broke loose. sorry, i thought maybe i would deserve a ding for that one. there really are, by the way, lethal vapors coming out. it was sort of a tourist destination. they would visit and if they went close enough to the cave they would have visions and prophecies which modern science would explain it as them getting high off the fumes coming out of the cave. >> a whole other story. >> thanks, dan. all right, thank you. coming up, everybody, why michelle obama is having second thoughts about the bangs. oh, no. >> oh, no is right. also "play of the day." the best free kick that sam's ever seen. you're going to -- freeze it. just freeze it. suzy blrn. ♪ freeze frame freeze frame now freeze ♪ ♪
7:45 am
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7:49 am
of the day." >> all right, you know i love the beautiful game of soccer. that free kick, best you'll ever see. take a look. shot on goal but, look, his two teammates are kneeling in front of the opposing wall. now watch this shot. it is unbelievable. roll it. roll it. roll it. unbelievable. looking for a deflection here, it's just incredible and i don't know what they were doing. >> what? >> yeah, he just drove it into his own team's face. >> they were trying to deflect it off his head and it didn't work out. >> well, you know what, every now and again -- >> how many would sit there. [ woman ] i take one prevacid 24 hr for frequent heartburn
7:50 am
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7:54 am
>> facebook will make a major announcement at the headquarters at 10:00 this morning. there talk they could unveil a new droid product. speculation hassed from on a facebook phone that has facebook deeply integrated into the system. more than half of the one billion users access on a mobile device. >> the financial district shows light rain falling here. we are having light rain in many areas but the steady heavy rain has moved off toward the east. light rain for the next hour or two. then scattered showers throughout the afternoon. a shower chance is possible until monday. leyla gulen? >> a new crash in san pablo if you are driving westbound along 80. this is where we have it and it is blocking a lane very slow going as you make the drive down to the richmond and san rafael bridge. now i will go out to san mateo bridge where it is
7:55 am
7:56 am
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♪ robin, doo, doo, doo ♪ oh i had chills. thank you. bless you. it's no coincidence that this is my first day in this week. i had to be here for you all. >> we have to do this every thursday. >> every thursday. thank you, gentlemen, very much. that means so much. they are here, "motown: the musical," it's going to be a broadway show. and we're very excited that they're here. you're going to be dancing in the streets. we have a great crowd out here in times square. they're very excited about that so we can't wait for motown madness. >> looking forward to all that. we're also going to turn to a story that's got a lot of people talking. an ex-editor of "vogue" spilling secrets revealing how so many models really get runway ready. i couldn't believe it when i first heard it. >> it's tough. but this is not tough, but it's fascinating, we're talking about bangs, the first lady having
7:59 am
second thoughts about that famous haircut. what she is now saying and what you need to know if you are having bang regret. you didn't know there was a term. i'm here to tell you there is. it's a serious condition. >> is it really? >> serious bang regret. bangs regret. >> please be careful. >> there is no shoppers' remorse here because we have big deals and steals just ahead. >> nice. >> for all of our viewers, these are just for "gma" viewers so tell your friends to get on the television. it's all about the kids this morning. so many great bargains for babies and kids. >> fantastic. a lot coming up. let's get to the news first from josh. we return to the korean peninsula as we begin with the north raising the stakes overnight now in the nuclear standoff with the u.s. moving a missile to its eastern coast. meantime, u.s. troops in south korea donned hazmat suits this morning during a drill. the north has the second largest stockpile of chemical weapons in the world. earlier the north korean military warned it's now been authorized to use smaller nuclear weapons to attack the
8:00 am
u.s. but there's no sign yet that kim jong-un's regime is preparing for any full-scale conflict. meanwhile, here at home new developments after that wave of attacks on law enforcement officials. this morning, police nationwide are being warned about two suspected white supremacists, james lohr and thomas guolee are thought to be associates of the man accused of killing the director of colorado's prison system, tom clements. meanwhile, there's been another attack on a law enforcement official. this time in west virginia. a sheriff was executed in his car. the suspect was wounded in a gun battle. no word yet on the motive. and a new warning about health care expenses in this country. a study out this morning finds the financial burden of caring for people with dementia has now surpassed that of heart disease or cancer. also, dementia cases are expected to double in the next 30 years. also this morning, researchers have found a link between baldness and your risk for heart attack.
8:01 am
the risk was especially high for men who started losing hair on the top of their heads first. doctors are trying now to determine exactly why. and some video to show you from tampa, florida. a tractor trailer, as you see here, went right off a bridge and into the water. initial reports indicate the driver did make it out and is okay. meanwhile, in atlanta, police shocked at this one. an suv drove through a guardrail and off a bridge plummeting some 50 feet to the ground striking a tree on the way down, but the car landed upright. all three people inside suffered only minor injuries. >> wow. here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning to you, josh. i love your motown morning, by the way. but i want to tell everyone what is coming up tonight on "world news," because it is an astounding true story of family survival. a family chased underground, forced to live in a cave for almost two years.
8:02 am
true triumph against the odds. don't miss it. tonight it is amazing. >> all right, diane. of course, louisville's favorite daughter. and finally, a mystery overseas. a guy out with a drive with his wife and three kids pulled over. what do you need, officer? what seems to be the problem? take a look. $6 million in gold bars. >> what? >> what do you know. i didn't even know they were there. >> yeah, stashed in the compartment. i was just driving to switzerland where i couldn't be extradited. what? you mean this $6 million in gold bars. >> oh. >> oh, right. >> those aren't chocolate bars. >> he's been charged with money laundering. it is fair to say police still don't know the whole story. it's going to be quite, quite a story, yeah. you mean the change on the floor of my car. oh, you mean the $6 million in gold bars? >> is that what it was? i was wondering about the gas mileage.
8:03 am
yeah, we'll have an update for you as news becomes available. >> that's great. >> you have been teasing us about this "pop news." lara spencer. >> well, you know, occasionally i like to have you guys do a little counting. this is a special one for robin. it is musical in nature so everybody get your counters out and listen up. this is the rolling stone tribute edition because, i know, wild horses can't keep away fans from this. they say you can't always get what you want but today the stones deliver with a new north american tour, wild horses, i said that already. die-hard fans, ooh, said that already. the tour kicks off in l.a. next month. but getting tickets could be a major beast of burden with prices expected to be the highest among all bands touring this year. for those who can't go, it will be doom and gloom but for serious stones fans like angie, like angie. >> yes. >> that's a ding. ♪ angie angie >> do you know the song? >> yeah. >> no. anyway, like "angie," seeing the boys painted black with sticky
8:04 am
fingers once again is as sweet as brown sugar. once you get me talking about the stones, i cannot stop and it brings me great satisfaction to bring you this story. almost double digits. >> nice. >> you can't always get what you want. >> oh! >> nicely done. >> i was trying to do sympathy for the devil, and i just -- after the gates of hell story, i don't know. >> yeah. >> didn't work. also in "pop news" today, i had the great pleasure of being the guest on a yahoo! show very popular show called "the daily shot hosted by george's wife, ali wentworth. and she asked me to play a little game. we love games. in this game we tested each other's knowledge of george. i learned a lot. some things i didn't need to know. some were interesting. some pg things we can't actually talk about here. this one is about food. >> what is the one thing george will not eat? >> crap, i know this. i know -- i've seen this on the set. >> did you need to include that? >> i can't remember right now so
8:05 am
i'll say beef. >> beef? that's all he eats. >> i was going to say the word beef. >> he won't eat okra. >> okra. >> true. >> really? >> i saw somebody carrying that around before. >> little-known fact. the second one, everybody, is about something that makes george cry like a baby. >> what broadway musical makes george cry? >> "les mis." >> no. >> "cats." >> no. >> "annie." the sun will come out -- >> "the little mermaid." >> really. >> yeah, it was bad. he was crying. he was like, his leg, the voice, >> really? >> "little mermaid." >> really? >> yeah, i actually did. i was there with my 3-year-old and she was moved by it, as well. >> oh, george. >> she's 3, george. and you are -- >> you were moved by something. >> she was crying because her daddy was a heap. >> okra? is it the consistency or the texture? >> yeah, yeah. >> there are other things that you will want to know about
8:06 am
george, and for that you should go to we cannot discuss them right here. >> a very, very funny show. >> yes. she is a great gal. and women don't have to deal with putting on a tie but i'm assuming it can be annoying. i don't know, which may be why a california designer introduced the zip-up tie. zip it up. perfect for the stylish guy on the go like you, george. hold on. hold on, let me just -- don't mess the hair. everybody, there you go. zip that right up. so the tie comes in three different sizes. two different colors. >> yeah. >> nice. >> that's a good look. >> really good. >> it's kind of ridiculous. >> a good look. >> it's kind of ridiculous. >> this is what you put underneath the rug in your basement. >> yeah, it's felt, and they're $65 and i don't -- >> they're $65? >> yeah. yeah. >> is that felt? >> we always like to bring you things first here in "pop news" and this is the first zip-up tie. >> get them while they last. >> get them while they last. they're selling like hotcakes and that is "pop news." thank you. thank you.
8:07 am
>> thank you. >> that was awesome. we feel better. >> let's go to sam with the weather. >> 'cause hotcakes are actually selling, by the way. to the makers of the zip-up tie, which you guys can see this, let's suggest they experiment with some like finer fabrics. that's just -- just a suggestion. good morning, where are you from? >> kentucky. >> of course. everyone in the state of kentucky because kentucky was here yesterday. kentucky is here today. who else, give me -- oh, good, kentucky and tennessee are all here. let's get to the boards. there's one or two things going on this morning we want to show you. we'll start with a live shot out of atlanta, georgia. just to get another state in the mix here, this is what it looks like, strong storms rolling through the south today. most are a little south of there. atlanta, you'll be in the storm line as this thing gets off the coastline and starts working up. i would say washington, d.c. gets some rain by later on tonight. then by midnight this rain probably cruises the coastline kissing new york state area right along the coast, as well and then kind of moving on out of the way so that's the idea
8:08 am
with that storm. in the west, it is nice and warm and i got to love vegas at about 84 degrees. salt lake city at about 74 right now. we could take some denver at 74. we'd take that, wouldn't we? we'd take it. >> we are live in times square. hey, parker, where are we going now? >> we're going inside to lara. >> wow. what a great crowd. thank you so much. here's a look at what's coming up on your "gma morning menu." an ex-"vogue" editor revealing
8:09 am
shocking secrets to how models really get runway ready. plus, why the first lady is now having second thoughts about those bangs. and we have really good deals and steals you don't want to miss for kids and babies. all that coming up live from "good morning america" in times square. "gma's morning menu" brought to you by the most recommended and most preferred, the most studied multivitamin brand, centrum. ♪ baby love brand, centrum. ♪ if you love yourself
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8:14 am
off -- this is great. you got to win the game. >> no, no. >> overall number one right here. >> my wheelhouse. my wheelhouse, motown, but we digress. >> we do digress because we'll get to the story, tell-all book shaking up the world of modeling called "the vogue factor" written by an ex-"vogue" editor and reveals the shocking and dangerous things models will do to stay thin for the runway and abc's diana perez has the story. ♪ >> reporter: the quest for a skeletal frame in the fashion world has been mocked in movies like "the devil wears prada." >> i'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight. >> reporter: but have you ever wondered what fashion models really do to stay so thin? >> i have seen especially for the runway shows and some of the girls go to extremes not to gain weight. it was kind of all behind the scenes, so you didn't really see it, and you didn't really talk about it. >> none of the girls eat anything. >> not since 2 became the new 4 and 0 became the new 2. >> reporter: the world's top
8:15 am
fashion magazine editors have known the skinny behind the wispy waistlines for years but the chic queens behind fashion's famous front pages are known for keeping their lips sealed. but now in a new tell-all "the vogue factor," author and former australian "vogue" editor kristie clements reveals how some models resort to eating tissues to curb hunger pangs in hopes of staying "paris thin." >> i've definitely seen the ugly side of eating disorders with the modeling industry, the means that some of them use to get there, obviously very unhealthy. >> i am a little surprised that a "vogue" editor is actually speaking out about it, because usually these are just things that we just know about but we never talk about. >> reporter: clements claims some models starve themselves for days claiming one even visited the hospital six months out of the year using hospital drips in place of food. >> anybody that's seen an eating disorder and seen their daughter or a member of the family go through that knows the consequences of it and how ugly
8:16 am
it is. i felt terrible. i felt very complicit to be part of that. >> reporter: clements was famously fired from the magazine in may of last year but she insists this is not a revenge novel of her 25 years at "vogue." >> it's honest and honesty is not bitterness. >> reporter: overnight the current editor in chief of "vogue" australia told abc news she can only speak on the magazine as it stands today and that "we are vocal ambassadors for the message of healthy body image." for "good morning america," diana perez, abc news, new york. >> some of those pictures are just so hard to look at. >> very hard. >> not pretty. >> huh-uh. next up in our "gma" heat index, michelle obama making headlines again for her bangs. yes, you would give me the hair story. they're a little more high maintenance than she expected, and she's not the only one who feels that way. abc's linsey davis has so much more. >> you were rocking bangs for a little bit. >> yeah, i know, but i'm going with the julius caesar look right now trying to bring that back. >> a degree of bangs. >> oh.
8:17 am
>> but michelle obama largely along with a return to the '60s as far as what's trending in fashion right now, they are both credited with putting the bang back in bangs and while there's some benefits to the face-framing fringe, more and more people are realizing the hairstyle is not without some fallout, but there is a new solution of sorts. it seems the first lady's hairdo -- >> she looks good. >> reporter: -- has suddenly become a hair don't. >> bangs are a day-by-day proposition. they're starting to grow out. it gets a little irritating. >> reporter: michelle obama's admission on "e.t." comes a few short weeks after her bangs made headlines. >> this is my mid-life crisis, the bangs. >> reporter: upstaging inauguration weekend. >> to address the most significant event of this weekend, i love her bangs. >> reporter: they even have their own twitter account. @michellesbangs. the first lady even tried downplaying her fringe on her most recent visit to "gma." >> no hotter topic. >> what? >> than your bangs. >> bangs. >> thank your bangs.
8:18 am
>> what bangs? >> reporter: but the first sign all was not going smoothly on the hair front came this weekend when her daughter malia was caught trying to fix her mother's hair, the bangs presenting a pesky problem that isn't just limited to the first family. dana tizio, a hairdresser who just got bangs cut into her own hair six weeks ago, is already starting to show signs of bang regret. >> i was happy for like the first week and then realizing that i have to do them every day, i think people don't realize the maintenance. >> bang regret is something that we have to consider as hairdressers. >> reporter: hairdresser to the stars, ted gibson warns bangs are a commitment but can create a spectacular look. >> bangs are super, super, super hot. >> you have a more narrow face and you have bangs that are a little wider, it makes you look a little sexier and gives flirtation and gives emphasis to the eyes. >> reporter: that may be what keeps kerry washington, kim kardashian and taylor swift going back for more bang for their buck, and speaking of bucks, you can get a faux fringe
8:19 am
that clips in for as little as $30. >> they are the hottest thing right now, and they are a great accessory to wear. >> reporter: guilt-free bangs without the commitment. that was the rational behind the butterfly bang bar. >> we wanted to take the fear away from cutting bangs so we basically said let's do something where someone could come in, experience the bangs in different styles and they will feel a lot more comfortable. >> reporter: which got me to thinking, maybe i should try to jump-start spring with a bang. >> and -- >> here's my new look. they did a bang-up job, don't you think. >> ding, ding. >> but at least with this, i can always take the bangs off, put them in my purse if i don't like it. no bang regret at all. and i have a new look. >> it was done during that story. >> two minutes. >> the guy just came out, snapped them in and combed them over and looks great. >> in all seriousness when you go bang, it's hard to go back. >> because you have to grow it out and it's a lot of work apparently every day. >> same way with guys when you all get bangs? >> i don't know. i don't.
8:20 am
>> the bowl cut. >> my hair never -- it keeps growing out and out. it's the chia pet. we don't miss it. >> hey, you look absolutely beautiful. >> thank you. >> i might rock the bangs at some point. >> you should keep them all day. >> hey, and finally in our "gma heat index," larry hackett is with us, managing editor of "people" magazine. so much to talk about this morning, larry. matt damon saying "i do again." tina turner finding love. a woman in the nba. i want to start with carrie underwood. love this girl. >> not many stories like that. this is one of them. she's a down to earth woman who says she loves discounts from that and has dates with her husband mike at subway when they get together when they're busy and most interestingly she said should anything happen, should mike ask for her help, she would quit the music business. she said her marriage comes first, and if the situation ever arose -- she doesn't see it
8:21 am
arising, but if it did, she would walk away in a second for her marriage. >> she's very religious from a small town. >> three years in. he plays for the national nhl team. they travel a lot. they don't see each other a lot. she's upset when the fridge is empty when she gets home, but she's committed to this marriage and going to make it work. >> love to hear it. >> so nice to hear. seems like she has her priorities straight. matt damon, a real love story. his relationship with his wife seems very solid and, in fact, they want to do it all over again. >> matt damon is one of these guys who has maintained his movie stardom without any of the pitfalls that usually befall movie stars. you don't see him much on the red carpet. he has four children, now decided to renew his vows with his wife. they're going to do it down in the caribbean next month. a lot of their celebrity friends will be there, so it will be a celeb-studded event. i don't see them offering up pictures. never. >> he never had a misstep, did he? >> he came into the business almost so sure already. knew what it takes to become a movie star and does the red carpets when he needs to but the misbehavior and pitfalls --
8:22 am
>> they're renting out the entire resort. >> doesn't mean he's not successful. >> we don't see his kids in the papers. we don't see his mess in the papers. >> he's made good choices professionally. always part of a good team. >> and he's a great guy. >> sexy man five years ago and when it was all over, he sent a gift. >> so nice. i love hearing that. i want to get to two more things. i love this idea, robin. a woman in the nba. >> brittney griner, baby. >> tell us what you know. >> you know, mark cuban, the owner of the dallas mavericks says he may either pick her in the second round or have her come for a summer tryout. i think people who know basketball think the odds are high, but here's what's great about this, whether she goes to the nba or not, they are making her a star. everybody will know who brittney griner is. if she goes to tryouts everyone will watch. they have already made her a star. >> not for publicity. >> i don't think so. she's 6'8". had over 700 blocks. >> she's dominant.
8:23 am
>> i think the fact that mark cuban is open-minded and if the young woman could try out for being a placekicker, we know how that went. >> right. >> brittney griner, do i think she can make it in the nba? probably not, but do i think that she has earned the right to give it a shot? sure. >> don't let it diminish her greatness. she's that good. >> absolutely. >> if it becomes bobby riggs/billie jean king, i don't think so. >> we need to get to a really big announcement you want to share. >> ""people" magazine and major league baseball are teaming up again to honor heroes. it's to honor our armed service veterans. the idea is you get to nominate three people based on your favorite mlb baseball team. >> that's all coming up. >> stay with us. >> hear, hear. >> let's play too. >> stay with us. >> hear, hear. >> let's play too.
8:24 am
>> now from abc7 news. >> good morning, president obama is getting ready to head down the peninsula after spending the night in san francisco. he will attend two private fundraisers in atherton before
8:25 am
leaving the bay area this afternoon. he attended two events in san francisco last night benefiting the democratic national committee. demonstrators again the planned keystone pipeline protested. >> now the morning commute from leyla gulen. >> good morning, everyone. we are taking you out to san jose where we have report of an accident northbound 85 before treatment avenue. we are backed up from 280, so very heavy conditions out there. now as we jump in to marin i will show you where we have orange on the map which means fog. that is creeping over 101 and we are looking at slow speeds as you move from san rafael down to 580. have a great day. >> mike nicco will be here when
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> we have light rain still foughting that is scattered. in san rafael, there is still fog for the morning commute. we still have the wet weather around. live doppler 7 hd shows the steady rain is away from us but scattered showers are developing, the forecast for the rest of today. we have a slight chance of a shower on friday through ♪ ♪ the time is right >> you are listening to the cast of the new broadway show "motown: the musical." they are here this morning.
8:28 am
the show officially opens later this month but, again, you don't have to wait. they are going to be dancing in the streets. here in times square coming up in this half hour. >> they are going to be performing live. motown mania all morning. also, head-to-head -- some motown mania right there in times square. we'll find out who's got the most motown knowledge. >> i mean the skinny mike is coming out. >> skinny mike. >> skinny mike time. >> so excited. first we have deals and steals for everybody. i'll head over. josh, come join me. come join. tory johnson is here. bargains for all. >> let's go. >> tory johnson. >> hello. >> all about kids. >> all about kids. pretty exciting. >> everybody remember the codes, all you need is on on yahoo! >> you got it, baby. >> do it quick. >> go ahead. >> here we go. first one, we have this one on top so that we could hide this little chevron for you.
8:29 am
you are never too old to have a little bling. chevron in pink and gray or blue and gray. nine letters. all made in america. every bit of it is made in america starting regularly at $56. 28 bucks. isn't that beautiful. >> really great gift for a child. i love it. >> stroller blanket but you're never too old or too young for that. this is a cool company called magnificent baby. no over the head dealing with wigglers because, look, this is just magnetic. instant. >> i wish i had a shirt like that. easier. >> great to get in and out of. >> sam has a coat like this. >> i know. >> lots of different pieces. every piece has this magnetic fastener in it and the whole collection is part of the deal so newborn to two years $11 to 50 starting at 5.50.
8:30 am
>> very cute. >> the whales are fabulous. >> tell me there's a time machine under there to make them go back. >> look how cute this is. this is little wonder woman three-piece pajama set. superheroes. no bad dreams when you're dressed like this. batman, superman or wonder woman. very soft. infant to 4 years, 100% cotton. normally 30 to $34 slashed in half, $15 and free shipping. >> so cool to be a kid. who doesn't want to get into your pajamas at night. >> who wore underroos? >> they weren't this cool. >> scotty is wearing them right now. >> kadorable. brand-new piece, sponge bob and dora. not just the umbrella or the raincoats but umbrellas, boots. don't open inside. huge, huge selection when you go
8:31 am
to our website and get the link. these are unbelievably priced. regular prices 13.50 to $45. slash it in half starting at 6.75 and it's crazy. >> these are called lulla pets and comes with a voice recorder and so you can record a message to your kids. do for kids far away or record songs, whatever you like to do and you get to play that music when you go to sleep. >> oh, man. >> lulla pets. so normally $50, slashed in half, 25 bucks. at on yahoo! we have a bunch of exclusive deals. >> more than this. more? oh, good. we want to thank all the companies for providing the deals. go to on yahoo! to get the codes. really good. great job. thank you, tory. we have to get outside to sam and an amazing crowd. they just went nuts. >> lara, this is so amazing. spring is going to be so incredible in times square.
8:32 am
if you're in times square or you're in new york, come visit us for the show because i love the bigger the crowd gets the better it is. something special. we know "the great gatsby" will be one of the biggest movies of the year starring leonardo dicaprio. an exclusive look, the first time you'll see it anywhere and it's right here. snuggle up to the tv set. if you brought popcorn, let's take a look. >> mr. gatsby, i'd like to know exactly who are you anyhow? >> gatsby, no amount of fire could challenge the fairy tale he had stored up in his heart. >> i want to fix things just the way they were before. just you and me. ♪ will you still love me when i'm no longer young and beautiful ♪ >> all this made entirely from
8:33 am
your own imagination. >> but i had the uneasy feeling that he was guarding secrets. >> a life has got to be like this. it's got to keep going on. ♪ >> this has gone beyond her. it had gone beyond everything. >> something ought to be done about a fellow like this. ♪ ♪ >> i don't want to go. >> then don't. >> that movie is going to be something and now not only do we have that for you but all the
8:34 am
stars of the movie right here on "gma." they're all coming to visit us. we have a "good morning america" great gatsby vip getaway sweepstakes, folks. one grand prize winner will get two vip ticks to the premiere of the movie and a two-night stay at the plaza in new york city. find out how to enter, wouldn't this be a great gift for someone you love or great graduation present. go to on yahoo! and we will tell you how to pick up all that free goodness. let's get to the boards. twitter and facebook pictures. so send them to @samchampion on twitter. a gorgeous start in winter garden, florida, but we've got some storms and rain moving into florida and some of that will be tough during the day today. there is the possibility of some tornadoes. i would take that from ft. myers to jacksonville. central florida most impacted. isn't it about time.
8:35 am
can i hear an amen. yep, thank you. we get it by the time we get to the weekend and certainly for the start of next week, thank you, eddie, for that rousing amen, that was pretty wonderful. >> all that weather was brought to you by safelight auto glass. >> oh, george. >> thank you very much. excellent. i am now with one of the most talented 12-year-olds you'll ever meet. jackie evancho was a single sensation and modeling pro when robert redford called her to play his daughter in "the company you keep." now a movie star too. welcome back to "gma." you were last here for christmas singing a couple of years ago. i sat down with robert redford a couple of days ago and he was most excited talking about you
8:36 am
and he said he was just sitting in his hotel room one day, heard you sing. picked up the phone and called you. did you even know who he was when he called? >> i didn't really, but my dad told me that he played this cowboy but -- >> good description. >> but every legend actor or actress i'm always inspired by them even if i didn't know who they were before. >> you got on a plane and did the test and three days later you were actually on the set with robert redford and julie christie and shia laboeuf and all these amazing actors. what was that like? >> i guess they were such great actors and actresses and i was just a beginner and so i kind of wanted to be as awesome as they were so -- but it was actually really awesome and an honor. >> how did you prepare? you play his daughter and he's a fugitive on the run and at first you have no idea why he's on run. how did you prepare for the role? >> i guess because this character is a little bit more sad and confused i kind of
8:37 am
brought that kind of part out of me and i kind of let it show into the camera, but i also had to memorize the lines. >> was that tough? >> not really, though, lines were kind of short and simple, so it was a little bit easier. >> you have done so much at such a young age. we all came to know you on "america's got talent" and did cirque du soleil and sung for the president and modeled, as well. do you have any idea what you want to do later in your career? >> i think the path i'm going now i'm really loving -- i think that i'd love to be an actor or actress, actress/singer when i'm older. >> what's your dream role? >> i don't know. but it would be awesome to be someone like catniss or bella. >> the movie was fantastic. great to have you back here. "the company you keep" in theaters tomorrow.
8:38 am
coming up here, find out which knows our motown music best? ♪ i need you oh how i need you
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ baby love >> well, we're celebrating motown music this morning. so great to have the cast of "motown: the musical" here. cannot wait. the show does open on april 14th but first we want to put our motown knowledge to the test with a little game called "name that motown tune." contestants, george, lara, robin. you be the first to buzz in and correctly identify the song and get the points. >> play the song through or -- >> away we go. >> you know the song, you buzz. i just want when you know the song, lara spencer, you buzz. and away we go. are you ready, contestants. are you ready. name this tune. ♪ >> oh, oh. >> name this tune! robin roberts. "i heard it through the grapevine." >> there it is. she's right.
8:42 am
>> i knew it. i knew it. ♪ >> we hear -- gladys knight and the pips. all right. next up freel tree to get your groove on. oh. ♪ >> oh, yes, go. >> "i want you back." >> wow! >> away we go. cinderella story continues. >> this is not nice. >> all right. this one's been covered by such artists as the beatles and the carpenters. >> oh, oh. ♪ ♪ wait a minute mr. postman >> it was robin. it was robin. 2-1. >> i was just doing backup vocal. >> a little backup vocal. here we go. now a song, was it the tops, r&b top 100 charts. play it, please. ♪ >> sam champion. "sugar plum honeybunch." ♪ i can't help myself. >> we'll give it to you.
8:43 am
>> i'm terrible. >> 2-1, 1-0. biggest hit for motown's first female star. >> diana ross! >> i can't hear when you're talking. i cannot hear when you're talking. >> oh, my gosh. >> robin. >> kind of gave it away. mary wells "my guy." >> no, that's not right. no, no. >> oh. >> so play a little bit more. ♪ can turn the gray sky blue >> oh, i love this song. ♪ make it rain whenever i want it to ♪ >> don't know it. >> you -- >> no, you can no longer play. >> you're out. >> on dry land. >> come on. anybody, anybody, anybody? >> sam champion. >> oh, god, sam if you jump like that again you're disqualified. please. here we go.
8:44 am
annie lennox and -- >> oh, no. >> all paid homage to this one -- >> no, they didn't. sam champion. >> "brick house." >> there you go. there you go. >> i didn't even know "brick house" was a motown hit. >> the osmonds -- what? >> the next one. ♪ >> sam champion. >> "dancing in the streets." >> no. >> i'm sorry, sam. you're disqualified. ♪ nowhere to run >> "nowhere to run." >> it's a tie. we'll need this last one. 1965 was the year going old school. ♪ ♪ baby >> "baby love". >> sam champion. >> no, "where did our love go." >> robin roberts.
8:45 am
at the buzzer. at the buzzer. we'll be tallying the scores coming up here. let's go dancing in the streets. "motown: the musical" is next. >> that's so sad. ♪ like a fool i went and stayed too long ♪ ♪ now i'm wondering if your love still strong ooh baby here i am signed, delivered i'm yours
8:46 am
8:47 am
you are in for a treat back now with our spring concert series and this morning it's all about motown. so great to have some of the cast of "motown: the musical" here with us. the show officially opens on broadway on april 14th but they are here with a special preview this morning. here again, the cast of "motown: the musical." ♪
8:48 am
♪ ♪ never met a girl that makes you feel like you do you are all right make my dreams all right i say it's you you're out of sight ♪ ♪ so fe, fi, fo, fum. look out baby cause here i come ♪ ♪ and i'm bringing you a love that's true so get ready get ready ♪ ♪ i'm gonna try to do it get ready get ready 'cause here i come ♪ ♪ get ready 'cause here i come ♪ i'm on my way ♪ come on y'all. ♪ get ready get ready get ready ready 'cause here we come ♪ >> come on y'all.
8:49 am
♪ ♪ calling out around the world are you ready for a brand-new treat ♪ ♪ summer is here and the time is right for dancing in the street ♪ ♪ they're dancing in chicago -- dancing in the street down in new orleans ♪ ♪ in new york city dancing in the street ♪ ♪ all we need is music sweet music there'll be music everywhere ♪ ♪ there'll be swinging and swaying and records playing dancing in the street ♪ ♪ oh it doesn't matter what you wear just as long as you are there ♪ ♪ come on everybody grab a girl everywhere around the world ♪ ♪
8:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪ whoa it doesn't matter what you wear as long as you are there ♪ ♪ come on every guy grab a girl everywhere around the world ♪ ♪ everywhere around the world ♪ oh yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪ dancing in the street we're dancing in the street ♪ ♪ this is an invitation across the nation they'll be singing and music playing in the street -- dancing in the street yeah ♪ ♪ philadelphia p.a. come on now
8:51 am
in the motor city ♪ ♪ in the street we're dancing in the street ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> "good morning america's" spring concert series is brought to you by big lots. spring concert series is brought to you by big lots. here's the 3 days of wg
8:52 am
to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
8:53 am
the postman. our big thanks to the cast of
8:54 am
"motown: the musical." great to have them here. >> the champion lives. >> oh.
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> now great abc7 news. >> the oakland a's wrap up the series with the mariners this afternoon. will you need to take an umbrella? our meteorologist, mike nicco, has the answer. >> stray showers are possible but that is it as far as what we are dealing with. this is supposed to be rain
8:57 am
falling in the area but here is a live shot of downtown san francisco. we have a slight chance of a stray shower. you can see the bulk of the wet weather has moved off to the east and it is damp today with a stray shower and temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's. as far as moving forward, here is a look at the seven-day outlook, 70's and 80's next week. leyla gulen >> slick conditions created quite the traffic mess this morning, and we are dealing with right now a stalled car headed eastbound along 24 as you head into the tunnel and you can see heavy backups there from before 13 so i want everyone to slive safely out there. >> join us announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the film "the company you keep," shia labeouf. and actress and singer, the lovely rita wilson. plus, "dancing with the stars" team lisa vanderpump and gleb savchenko.
8:58 am
they spin in the studio. all next on the emmy-award winning "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly cheers and applause] kelly: hi! [cheers and applause] michael: yo! whoa! [cheers and applause] kelly: what the heck? what the heck? it's thursday, april 4, 2013, you know it's a thursday because
8:59 am
the crowd started drinking already. michael: yeah! kelly: so nice to see you all and so nice to see you. you are santa claus backstage. michael was like handing out tickets to events backstage, to like the props and the crews and everybody. i swear you are santa claus. michael: no. kelly: you are. michael: i had extra tickets to the car show. and it only admits one. i didn't walk in the door, walk out, use another ticket and keep on going around. so i gave those guys some tickets. but they appreciate it, they work hard. kelly: they're the best, the very, very best. hoip so how was your night? how was your day? kelly: i had a great night. my daughter is going to her first ever, without us there bar mitzvah this weekend. and it's a combination camp reunion/bamitsva. so she has to get ready for temple and the after party without my help, so i have to make sure she


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