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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  April 6, 2013 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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south bay. santa clara firecrews are battling a stubborn house fire that they are still battling right now. the fire was reported three and a half hours ago, and it has been very tough to put out. firefighters had to work around downed live power lines while trying to get to the flames. >> at one point they had to back off because of the electrical danger. the fire was almost out, but it reignited. the house appears to be gutted. no injuries reported and crews will be on the scene through
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the night. i'm ama date. carolyn johnson is off. >> i'm dan ashley. the death of a paramedic killed in oakland is leaving a party breaking void in the bay area. >> we knew quinn boyer saved lives, but we learned he helped make our community better in other ways as well. as police president could to hunt for a killer, the rest of us measure a great loss. >> mary holiday of big brothers and big sisters knew him for three years. he matched him up with his brother who is 14. >> that's what he gave me. he cared. he truly cared. he wanted to give back his time and now his little brother won't have that. santa >> the santa clara county paramedic ordered at the free clinic and was just accepted into the physician assistant program at stanford. his wife and family have decided to donate his organs. they released a statement saying quinn's passing leaves
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a gash in our hearts that will never heal. we ask for your support and prayers. on tuesday morning he was shot and killed on keller avenue on the oakland hills. the victim of a possible robbery attempt. he was in another car and fired at the off duty paramedic. a neighbor says there has been a rash of violent crime in the area. >> there were some home invasions where they own the owners, they pistol whipped them, things like that. >> while police don't have a motive, they don't think the killing was random. >> people are approaching people as they are traveling in their cars and stoping them. we haven't had anything like that. we think it is an isolated event. >> arrangements are being made for his little brother to visit here and to attend the funeral. >> i can only imagine what his little brother is going through right now. they were close. >> there is a $10,000 reward. police had an elderly witness
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early on, but that did not pan out. they have shell casings from the scene which they hope will lead to the killer. in oaknd la, john alston, abc7 news. new at 11:00, two memorials to fallen officers have been defaced and police are looking for your help to find those responsible. the memorial to the officers were de -- defaced with silver paint. we blocked some of the paint because it contains an obscenity. police can't understand why somebody would do such a thing jie. if that person would take a moment to think about the contribution that officer specifically made to the youth that person might think twice about the vandalism to the sign. i hope he or she would. >> police may protect future vandalism by putting plexiglass on it. police say bu a burglary suspect was carrying a fake gun. sky 7hd was over chestnut
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where police say they encountered two armed suspects. one carried a knife and the other an an authentic looking pistol. that suspect was shot in the shoulder and recovering from the wound. it is the second shooting involving an oakland officer in the last three days. a 41-year-old han from was descroa valley has drowned while swimming swimming in caw -- kuai. bystanders tried to save him and they could not. the waves are extremely high reaching up t. talking about the weather, the weekend is here and we could see some showers. spencer christian is here with live doppler 7hd. right now things are dry around the bay area. here is a look at live doppler 7hd, but to the north there is an area of moisture producing showers around eureka and crescent city. some of the moisture could work into the bay area. if it does we could see a sprinkle or two. the dry conditions and live view downtown. emeryville under mostly cloudy conditions.
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55 in san francisco and 55 in san carlos and san jose 54. another live view from our high definition south beach camera and downtown san francisco looking along the bay bridge, 52 in santa rosa and fairfield and livermore at 54. what is to come? i will have the answer in a few minutes. >> thank you, spencer. chevron has the go ahead. cal-osha delivered the okay after an extensive study of chevron's repairs and safety systems. a massive fire destroyed an essential crude distill layings unit at the refinery. the company has been running the refinery at a reduced capacity. the end of june appears to be the restart date. a major earthquake shook new guinea about 8:45 our time, a little more than two hours ago. it measured 7.1 in magnitude. the epicenter was in a remote region. there are no reports of injuries or damage, and there are no tsunami warnings esh youd. the government of north korea is advising foreign
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officials to evacuate their embassy staff saying their safety could be at risk. the british embassy in pea -- in pyongyang say they have been warned. north korea said it was event of in the event of conflict from april 10th. the government lead by kim jong-un issued the advisory as the u.s. monitors two medium range missiles moved to the east coast of north korea. it is months in the making and next wednesday, days after his 75th birthday, governor brown will make his first trade trip to china. among the delegation to go with him are representatives from the wine country. sergio is here with the story. y brown jerry brown predicted billions of dollars in exports because of this trip and people representing tourism and hollywood studios and even california agriculture will be part of his delegation. california wines will be playing an important role. >> when governor jerry brown
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makes his first trip to china, california wines will play a role in all of the dinner events planned. they have been recognized as some of the best in the world. in china they are relatively unknown. >> they know all sorts of things about california. we are the fourth largest wine producing region in the world. >> to chinese consumers, california is recognized as the home of the golden gate bridge, disneyland and movie studios. all of the industries will be a part of the governor's delegation of more than a hundred people who will be traveling to several cities in china including beijing and shanghai. and it is another chance to make furtherren roads there. >> it is a high growth market. there is an emerging middle class. they are able to afford watches and purses and other luxury items. we want to make sure california wine is part of the luxury>> manynsideration. >> many tourists discover california wines when they visit, but wine country has a lot of growing to do in china. that's because two other
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countries dominate the market there now. >> that would be france and australia. the rest of the wine producing world is in a pack trying to catch up. france has been active in the china market for a longtime. >> a series of lunches and formal dinners will will be a part of the trip. hundreds of cases of california wine are being shipped to accommodate the events. back to you. >> sergio, thank you. business is booming around san francisco's china basin as the defending world series champs return to town for their home opener. a sea of orange and black flowed to at&t park where the giants hoisted their new championship banner today. the team returns after making big off season investments in star players like buster posey and matt cane. and fans coming to the ballpark are finding they have to do big spending as well. san francisco's metered parking around the stadium tops out at $7 an hour.
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>> $7 an hour? >> yes. >> minimum wage is only $8 an hour. >> the u.s. government, the state government, i know they are in debt, but don't take it out on the poor people or even the middle class. >> the giants made the expense worth it. larry beil will have the highlights in sports. and tomorrow catcher buster posey will receive his 2012mvp trophy. the game is 1:05 and it the giants will receive their world championship rings during their game against the cardinals. that game also begins at 1:05. >> nice to have baseball back. coming up next, an apology from the president. the remarks about pamela harris that some call sexist.%3 the response from the state attorney general. >> and how an in flight movie forced the pilot to divert his plane. >> and the vitamin b potency test. part of the bottle as good as the claims. >> tonight we have music from
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divine fits and the great bruce willis is sitting right here. look at him. isn't he magnificent?
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state attorney general has accepted an apology from president obama for a comment he made about her that some thought it was inappropriate.
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during a fundraiser in atherton in the bay area yesterday he said she, quote, was by far the best looking attorney general in the country. well that drew reaction all over social media. the state commission on women is glad about the uproar. >> what ends up happening is the look then takes away from the accomplishment. the idea is you can be very accomplished, but your looks make it that much better and that much worse. then don't have to deal with that. >> others say it would be too bad if men didn't feel they could comment about how a woman looks. hear rise was one of the first poll -- one of the first politicians to support his run. >> the follow-up on a story we brought you last night. petaluma police have recovered more than two-thirds of the 900 gift cards stolen from a car on thursday. those cards valued at about $22,000 were bought by a parent parent-teacher organization for a fundraiser. three men are in custody including one arrested at
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khol's department store. the cards were marked as stolen in a i -- in a a database. the parents complained of a pg-13 film was too violent for their boys ages 8 and 4. they were asked if the monitor can be turned off, but the flight attendant said it could not. they then diverted the flight stoping in chicago to have the family removed. the airline called the incident a disturbance and conducted a review of the in flight entertainment. starting on monday a $2 ticket could bring you caviar dreams. that's when they will add powerball to the lottery lineup. the golden state is the 43rd in the country to offer the game. and people we talked with, they thought it was a good idea. >> they want it. they have been asking for the last three weeks solid they are not paying attention to the news.
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there is a lot of excitement in it. >> i don't know much about the lottery. i will be honest. i don't play. i just know starting out big and it is supposed to be bringing a lot of money. >> the powerball jackpot starts at $40 million. it climbs at least $10 million after every drawing that does not produce a winner. >> vitamin d is one of the most widely used supplements. doctors recommended it toentp prevent bone fractures. but recent studies cast doubt on healthy women with sales of vitamin d at an all-time high and consumer reports took a closer look. health and science reporter carolyn johnson has the details. >> like many people, she takes vitamin d with a calcium supplement every morning. >> it is like brushing your teeth. you brush your teeth three times a a day and vitamins once a day. >> they looked at vitamin d and calcium combinations. the good news, testers found
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they contained as much vitamin d as the labels claimed and within the same level set by the institute of medicine and they all met federal safety safy standards. but 134* raised a -- but some raised a red flag. >> they found them in the vitamin b calcium supplements, but exsaided -- but exceeded the supplemental risk. >> consumer reports found prices varied widely. trader joe's was the best deal at 3 cents a capsule and the liquid calcium plus vitamin b soft gels cost 8 cents each. consumer reports medical experts examined the evidence. >> you don't need a supplement. if you get some midday sun during the warmer months. if you have osteoporosis or a gastrointestinal condition that limits absorbtion, your doctor may recommend a vitamin d supplement. >> if you opt for vitamin d
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stay within the recommended amounts. too much can put you at risk for kidney damage. >> carolyn johnson, abc7 news. >> the weather is just a little bit unsettled for the weekend. >> it is indeed. sandhya patel and spencer christian are here. >> we are waiting for sprinkles to arrive. it is dry in the bay area and there is moisture well to our north and some may reach us overnight and if it does it will produce widely scattered sprinkles. temperature readings are mainly in the mid50s around the bay area and virtually all locations right now. south beach camera, downtown san francisco looking along the bay bridge. temperature readings are also in the low to mid50s in most other locations. we've got a very their -- very narrow range of temperature readings. a few sprinkles are possible. although they won't amount to much. spotty showers are likely tomorrow morning. they should end early.
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we should see partial clearing and showers possible sunday morning and they should end early as well. early tomorrow afternoon, the giants take on the st. louis cardinals in game two of the weekend series at at&t park. game time 1:05 p.m. it will be mainly cloudy and there could be a few sprinkles, but we expect dry conditions for the game. the temperature is about 61 degrees, nice baseball weather. satellite-radar and composite shows a few clouds pushing through the bay area, but we are dry at the moment. we could have a sprinkle or two and then maybe showers over the weekend as we have an active storm track moving in our direction. let's start our forecast animation at 11:00. during the overnight hours we will see this weak frontal system, a weak band of showers. it could produce some shower activity in the north bay early tomorrow morning. we -- it is expected to end early. breaks of sunshine here and there and intervals of clouds and sun. another weak band of showers will move through about 6:00
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in the morning. that also will weaken quickly giving way to partial clearing. it should be a dryer weekend than it will be wet weekend. overnight, we will see low temperatures in the low 50s. relatively mild. then tomorrow after the early morning showers pass through if they materialize at all, partial clearing in the afternoon and mild conditions. high temperatures in the upper 60s to about 70. in the inland locations, low 60s on the coast. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast, the unsettled weather this weekend will taper off and sunday giving way to sunny and dry conditions and very warm weather midweek next week with high temperatures in the midto upper 80s bience bience -- by wednesday. >> looking good next week. >> speaking of warmth, our local sports teams are on fire. >> larry beil is here. >> hot, hot. another perfect night for bay area sports. giants, a's warriors and sharks go 4 for 4.
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golden state, their biggest come back win of the seas
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good evening. the giants, they know how to throw a party. a celebration honoring the world champs followed by a 1-0 shutout of the cardinals by barry zito and company. the championship banner arriving in style on a san francisco fire department boat and hoisted by a handful of giants players. there was only one run in the game and here it is. a bases loaded walk by jay westbrook to pagan. 1-0 giants. barry zito with the big hook working. seven score less frames. resistance is futile. giants starters have gone 2 suks innings without a earned run. they have >> they have won 15 straight with zito on the mound. >> it was great for us to come out and match up with the cardinals again. they are a very tough team and a difficult team for us in the past too. so it felt good. you start with one of the best in the league there off the
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top. >> the a's in houston. the top of the first and cocoa crisp and flying like a flug-to em. that is a dan ashley tag phrase and i say it under protest. struck out 11 and 6 and two-thirds. the a's are up for seven runs in the fifth. cocoa crisp again and another catch phrase then and that last one is great. >> i'm working. >> the bases loaded and scoring a pair. cool and crisp. three for five. three r.b.i's and a's roll it 8-3. the warriors are counting it down win by win to secure a playoff spot. another step closer in phoenix. the warriors have to sweat it out a little bit. the suns were not very good. lead by as many as 18. the three and the foul and had a game high 32 points. michael beasley like a flug -- never mind. if you say it often enough it will catch on.
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curry with 18 points and 15 assists. harrison barnes with authority. warriors had 15 steals in this game. klay thompson, 25 points and taking it to the rack strong. warriors up by two. 35 seconds left and warriors are still with a two-point lead. and jarod jack. the dagger. warriors with the largest come back. 111-107. they can clinch a playoff spot on sunday. the sharks put their six-game win streak on the line against the flames. sharks are down in the third. to dan boyle in the slot. we are tied at 1. two minutes left. digging and dig dig and -- digging and dig dig and scores his 12th of the year. spectacular and 23 saves and made two in the final seconds. 2-1 the final. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> always on the lookout.
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>> good at spotting a winner. >> nice, thanks. up next, the survivor of the japanese earthquak tsunami. tsunami. >> a wild story. how a tiny fis
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here is is a look at your wake up weather. sunrise at 6:47. it will be cloudy and some fog around and spotty drizzle and a light breeze. temperatures at 5:00 a.m., 48, 52 degrees. 8:00 a.m., 50 to 56. my best advice is sleep in. >> good advice. thanks, spencer. >> i may take that advice. a boat believed to be wreckage from the tsunami that hit japan in 2011 has revealed interesting stowaway. >> the fishing boat turned up
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near long beach, washington. a wish and wildlife worker found something interesting. >> inside was a tropical fish found in asian waters. they under to the striped beak fish survived feeding on organisms on board the boat. that is the will to survive. >> "jimmy kimmle live" is next. his guest is bruce willis. >> thank you for being here. >> abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. >> and for larry, sandhya, carolyn, spencer and all of us here, we appreciate your time. stay connect owed facebook and twitter at abc7 news bay area. like a fluke-tog. this event wasis event w held ht year and moving to other cities. what a shame.
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it's a live big first. live big.
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i'm about to take on the disneyland tinkerbell half marathon with 3 familiar faces. set, go. it's a heart pounding 13.1 miles of neverland excitement. they've come along way but are they ready for the challenge. she wants to quit so bad. and brace yourselves for the unexpected. i think her heart was racing and her blood i think her heart was racing and her blood pressure was a little bit low. ♪ welcome to the tinkerbell half marathon expo.
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this is a two day event at disneyland leading up to the 13.1 mile run. the expo is packed with runners. all getting ready for the big race. for me it's an opportunity to meet people from all around the world. so these are grab bands. what makes this half marathon so special is that i'm not doing it alone. i've invited three familiar live big faces. jessica lamerson, jennifer teller and diane duncan. jessica's a stay at home mom who had a hard time putting herself first. keep going, keep going. i remember how much she's struggled during our first workout together on the stair mill. today she's lost 35 pounds and is taking on her first half marathon. jennifer's a working mother of three who had a hard time saying no to fast food.
1:36 am
i now have her saying yes to healthy eating and working out. she ran the tinkerbell half marathon last year but struggled to finish. i was dead for four days and i barely made it. today she's down 32 pounds and is hoping to run her best race yet. diane's a single mom who had a lot of bad habits. a really bad tendency to do alot of frozen foods; mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, burritos. when i first met her she dreamed of completing a 5k. how you feeling? i feel good. good. diane has lost over 25 pounds and is ready to run not her first, but second half marathon. okay you guys so we're going to go get our t-shirts and this the thing that's going to be really cool because you might be in a new size.
1:37 am
i'm a small now. we're you a small last year? no. medium. i was not medium last year. i'm going to go medium too and we're going to get to our goal but where are we starting this year? i think i'm an xl but i was in a double, triple x. you were. yeah let's get the extra small. the extra small. you were totally a small. you're totally a small. yes. how exciting. yay. now i think this might be good. perfect. i am so excited to have the girls here. i've been at the expo all weekend getting prepared for this race and i keep telling on everybody my girls are going to run on sunday; so i got them all in my hotel room. i'm a crafty girl. crafty, crafty, crafty. so we are painting t-shirts and we've got our pink and we're honoring tinkerbell with our little bit of green. we're pinkerbells our friends said.
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i think that's what's so special about this race is bringing these girls together because they started different places. like jennifer for example when we first met sitting in her living room with her treadmill right there and her tinkerbell medal you know and she did it and she signed up and she completed it but she wasn't as proud as she would have liked to have been. my first half i was definitely not ready. i was a mess. i barely finished. i thought i was going to die. diane i mean give me a break with diane but when we first met it was hilarious. she just wants to be that a student in class. follow the directions exactly how she's supposed to and i love these t-shirts right now that we're making because it's sleeking under her and she's just like that's what's perfect about it that it's imperfect. i never thought i'd be doing half marathon and in fact i think if i had thought of it at that time i probably would've just terrified me. i think that i ran half a mile and was just completely out of breath.
1:39 am
i am so excited for the race to tomorrow. i did my first half marathon just a month ago and it was so much fun. i'm like i just got to do it again. well at the beginning of my live big journey i couldn't run for more than like a minute. the longest distance i've gone was a ten k and it was so much fun. i just got to do it again. the longest distance i've gone was a ten k. by the end i was exhausted. i never imagined i'd be doing a half marathon. for training i have been basically putting miles in. my boys have been riding their scooters or riding their bikes and i'm running after them. coming up, and later.passo pass out just having trouble breathing.


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