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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 6, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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nearby, but it's not known if that is connected to the killing. no arrests have been made. also new overnight, a pedestrian was badly hurt just after 2:15 near the western portal of the broadway tunnel in san francisco's russian hill neighborhood. a witness says a man was not in the crosswalk when he was hit. the impact threw the pedestrian several feet. the taxi driver did stop and is cooperating with authorities. the man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. we are following developing news right now in san francisco where a group of tourists has been robbed and attacked. live at the police department, kyra, what happened? >> reporter: well, katie, just like you said, a group of tourists was attacked by another group of people. those attackers got away. it happened late last night near the hotel. they seemed to be staying at the best western plus at 7th and
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mina just about 11:00 last night, the victims were robbed. two men were stabbed, one woman was beaten. another woman with the group says she has no idea why they were targeted but the attackers did, indeed, seem to be drunk. the two men stabbed are being treated at the hospital for nonlife threatening injuries. the woman that was attacked and beaten was already treated and released. san francisco police are investigating and tell me right now they are still working on a description. hopefully, we can bring you that description coming up later this morning on abc 7 news. kyra clapper, abc 7 news. >> kyra, thank you. we have new details on a breaking story we first brought you last night at 11:00. santa clara county fire crews have finally managed to contain a house fire. at one point firefighters had to
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back off entirely because of the electrical danger. the fire was almost out, then it reignited. the house has been gutted, but no injuries have been reported. crews are still on scene watching for flare ups. a memorial to fallen officers has been defaced and police are asking for your help to find those responsible. the memorial was vandalized with silver paint. we had to block some of it out because it contains an obscenity. police can't understand why anyone would do such a thing. >> i think if that person were to take a moment to think about the contribution that officer specifically made to the youth of this community, i think that that person may think twice about vandalizing the sign, at least i hope that he or she would. >> police may end up putting plexy glass over the memorial to protect it from vandalism in the future. a 41-year-old man from castro valley has drowned while
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swimming. authorities identified the victim as christian lung. they say he was clearly in distress and bystanders tried to save him, but could not. waves are extremely high right now, reaching up to 25 feet. it's the seventh drowning since the start of 2013. there's a memorial concert for the victims of the university shooting in oakland tonight and will feature a performance by the san francisco korean master choir. monday was the anniversary of the shootings. a disgruntled student shot ten people. the music school has struggled to recover from the incident. the confessed student has undergone treatment after being found incompetent to stand trial. tonight's memorial concert is 7:00 in oakland. oakland police say a burglary suspect shot by an officer fried was carrying a
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fake gun. over chestnut near 41st street where police encountered two armed suspects. one had a knife, the other carried this authentic-looking pistol. that suspect was shot in the soirld and is now recovering from his wound. it's the second shooting involving a police officer in the past week. the family of a south bay paramedic says quinn boyer continues to save lives as an organ donor. abc 7 news reporter john alston has the latest. >> reporter: mary holiday of big brothers, big sisters knew quinn boyer for three years. she's the one who matched him up with his little brother, who's now 14. >> that's what he gave me, he cared. he truly cared and he wanted to give back his time. now his little brother won't have that. >> reporter: the santa clara county paramedic also
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volunteered in oakland and it just been accepted into the physician's assistance program at stanford. his wife and family decided to donate his organs, saying quinn's passing leaves a gash in our hearts that will never heal. we ask for your support and prayers. on tuesday morning, boyer was shot and killed in the oakland hills. the victim of a possible robbery attempt. the killer was in another car, got off, fired at the off-duty paramed paramedic. a neighbor says there's been a rash of crime in the area. >> there's been some home invasions where they injured the owners, pistol whipped them, things like that. >> reporter: police don't think the killing was random. >> people are approaching people traveling in their cars or stopping them, we haven't had anything like that, so we think this is kind of an isolated event. >> reporter: there is a memorial in san jose. arrangements are being made for
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his little brother to visit here and attend the funeral. >> i can only imagine what his little brother is going through right now. they were close. >> reporter: there is a $10,000 reward. police had an elderly witness early on, but that did not pan out. they do have shell casings from the scene, which they hope will lead to the killer. in oakland, abc 7 news. at 6:08 and happening now, a big step will be taken this weekend in constructing a transit center. work crews will be installing a new traffic bridge all weekend long. the temporary bridge will allow workers to excavate under the street to build the footprint for the new transit center. the work does mean one block of beal street will be closed through 5:00 a.m. monday morning to cars and pedestrians. so, be aware of that project under way in the city. now a look at our weather.
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what's shaping up out there? >> seeing sprinkles right now, but i think it's going to shape up to be a nice day. towards the bay bridge, low clouds. limited visibility, i'll show you where, and how much rain to expect this weekend coming up. >> thanks. and are the 49ers getting a new neighbor? we'll tell you about the massive entertainment district being planned near the team stadium. plus, the bay ñ @ñ ñ,ñzñeñíñ
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all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. welcome back, everyone. here's our live look at the golden gate bridge for you on this misty, foggy saturday morning. it is 6:12 a.m. it is a little drizzly out there now. lucky, no traffic to speak of. but frances says things clear up and wait until you see the temperatures later next week, almost unbelievable. frances will have more coming up in just a minute. right now, breaking news in south africa, nelson mandela is now out of the hospital. south africa's president says he visited the 94 year old on thursday and the doctors told him the former president's
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complication to a lung infection is improving. mandela was admitted to the hospital on march 27th and has been hospitalized three times since december. again, out of the hospital now, his health having improved this morning. new this morning, welcome to the neighborhood, santa clara city leaders are considering a massive entertainment district across the street from the new 49ers stadium. reports hotels, restaurants, retail, and residential are all only table for a 230-acre former landfill that's currently a city-owned golf course. next week the city council will consider an agreement with a global developer and if that partnership moves forward, the developer would have five months to analyze the site's potential uses. president obama's $100 million initiative to research the human brain is being hailed as a first for any administration. for the head of neurosurgery at ucsf and the man whose wife had a brain disease, the president's
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proposal is a very big deal. more now from mark matthews. >> reporter: president obama says $100 million will help researchers find new ways to treat, maybe even prevent ailments like alzheimer's and epilepsy. >> we can study particles smaller than an atom but haven't unlocked the mystery of the three pounds of matter that fits between our ears. >> reporter: dr. mitch burger is the chairman of neurosurgery and says the president's challenge will lead to a better understanding to how parts of the brain react. >> so we know what areas work together, say, in the normal function, and when there's a disease like alzheimer's disease, we can understand which piece of that puzzle is not firing. >> reporter: to illustrate, dr. burger shows me this picture of the brain wired to show which areas are activated when the subject is to think about what you do with a ball.
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>> you think about saying hit, you open your a mouth and hear the word hit. >> reporter: when the brain is not working right, joel can tell you about that. >> my wife has no discretion. she can't read a menu anymore. >> reporter: his wife of 45 years as semantic dementia, a disease taking away her ability to understand. >> she can't find where to put things. she doesn't know the names of things anywhere. >> reporter: it's been a heart breaking two and a half years, and he understands that today's proposal from the president comes too late for his wife, but he thinks the $100 million, that's a drop in the bucket. >> i don't know anybody, i can't imagine anybody who isn't touched either from parents if, children, who haven't been touched by brain disease of one sort or another. that's why this research is so important. >> reporter: joel volunteers at
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the v.a. on a research project investigating traumatic brain injuries. when you think about the number of soldiers coming home with brain injuries, the president's proposal seems like a pretty good deal. mark matthews, abc 7 news. it is 6:16 now on this saturday morning. frances dinglasan here with a look at the forecast. we have some showers moving in, light rain? >> starting to see some of it hit the north bay coast. i'll go to it and show you the areas of light green. we're showing you a loop over the past three hours. basically, it's coming from the west and notice it's staying north of the golden gate bridge. we're getting the tail end of a system. and i'll show you, we'll zoom in a bit and see light rain falling over highway one, fort roth, still moving towards santa rosa, not quite making it there yet. but with some of the light rain and showers, we're seeing cloudy conditions, especially along the coast. right now, somewhat limited
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visibility as you drive across the golden gate bridge. you can't see all the way across the span. temperatures in the 50s for the most part with the exception of santa cruz at 49, 53 in san francisco, 57 in oakland. a live view shows low clouds, gray skies, spotty drizzle. 54 in napa and also in fairfield. basically, visibility not a huge factor. right now it's looking pretty good around the bay area with the exception of half-moon bay reporting one mile visibility. so just right along the coast where it is somewhat limited. you can expect the spotty showers during the morning hours. a chance of them. more showers early tomorrow morning and warming up. monday, we have a big warmup in store for us. if you're heading to the game, you want your wet weather gear handy, sprinkles are possible, but less likely that you'll need them.
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game starts at 1:05, temperatures near 61, 60 degrees as the giants take on the cardinals at at&t park. here's a look at the satellite radar image. we have a storm moving to the north of us. this tail end of the cold front bringing us some of those spotty showers during the morning hours and a few more systems to the north of us will bring us unsettled weather through tomorrow morning. forecast models show some showers in the morning hours and by lunchtime just some cloud cover. not much rain at all around the bay area. looking even sunny this afternoon in parts of the north bay. and overnight, some of the light rain will return. tomorrow morning, could see more rain, mainly in the north bay once again. tomorrow afternoon, looking good and dry once you get passed 10:00 in the morning and sunshine again in the afternoon. highs today, just a narrow band of temperatures. 63 along the coast and 64 in san francisco. near 70 degrees in a lot of
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interior locations. fairfield, concord, san jose, all at 50. tonight, upper 40s to low 50s. 55 in richmond and san francisco. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. katie was teasing us about some of these temperatures midweek. spotty showers this morning, breaks of sunshine this afternoon. a chance early tomorrow morning with windy conditions tomorrow afternoon, clearing and breezy in the morning. upper 80s on wednesday, dry during the work week, then temperatures come down again the end of the week. but mild and warm during the work week. >> let's hone in on the wednesday. looks good to me. >> also, abc 7 news has another great weather resource for you, follow on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions, rain or shine. plus, get video forecast, air alerts, power outage info, and
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weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> all good stuff. thanks, frances. still ahead, help for home owners, hundreds of people want a face-to-face meeting with their lenders. and get this, booted
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welcome back, everyone. dan harris joining us now live from new york telling us what's
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up at 7:00 on "good morning america." good morning. >> good morning, katie. coming up this morning, new predictions on when exactly north korea could launch an expected provocative missile test. it may come on an emotional anniversary and just days away. abc is on the ground there. also, will she run? hillary clinton stepping back on to the stage as supporters wait for any hints about her presidential aspirations in 2016. what about a new group protesting at every one of her events until she throws her hat in the ring? we'll tell you about them. plus, celebritity swatting. l.a. police are fed up after four big stars, a-listers, hit this week alone. we'll tell you what they are doing. general hospital celebrates its 50th year on the air, we have pain stakingly combed through the archives and found a stars that made on the show
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before they made it big and sometimes well into being big stars. it's coming up in a bit. >> speaking of, you should know i retweeted that childhood picture of yours. >> well, thank you very much for that. i appreciate it. i like to be embarrassed in front of as many people as possible. >> nothing to be embarrassed about. it's darling. talk to you next week. >> my mother thanks you, as well. an event in san francisco has been drawing hundreds of struggling home owners with a promise of them meeting their lenders face-to-face. >> reporter: rachel tran is hanging on by her fingernails. it's no mystery why she's having trouble making her house payments. >> i'm a real estate broker. >> reporter: how much has the economy impacted your income? >> tremendously. 50% to 60%. >> reporter: tran's been stuck
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borrowing from family after wells fargo refused to modify her loan. that's why she came to this event in downtown san francisco. >> a lot of folks have tried and failed on their own with their lender and didn't get anywhere and probably cannot get the same deal they can get here. >> reporter: the biggest mortgage lenders are here. they've made agreements to lower interest rates for borrowers who prove they can't pay. >> do you have your mortgage payment with you? >> yes. >> reporter: the key to success is the binding agreements it has with some of the biggest banks, requiring them to negotiate with borrowers. how they got the agreements could be called a bit unorthodox. this is video shot three years ago when naca marched on the u.s. headquarters of chase bank. the goal, to be a nuisance and a fountain of bad publicity until the banks gave in. >> it wasn't easy to get this
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deal for home owners. >> reporter: now they are seeing a different kind of problem. >> my house is under water so the bank is not going to give me a lower rate. >> reporter: sonya has a fixed rate mortgage, a good loan, she simply can't afford now that bad loans drug the economy down. >> interest rate is really high. >> reporter: it can lower that rate sometimes to 2%. >> if you have all the documents and your mortgage is not affordable, there's a great chance to walk out with a lower rate. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> the event continues today through next tuesday at the san francisco marriott marquee from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 in the evening. coming up in the next half hour, brewing tension in the korean peninsula, a warning for diplomats living inside the country. and a man on
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> welcome back, everyone. we're starting you off this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here's frances dinglasan in this morning. >> starting off with live doppler 7-hd. mainly in the north bay, here's a loop over the last three hours. within the last minute or so, we're starting to see light rain head towards santa rosa, hit the north bay coast. here's a look, as well, from the east bay. gray skies, low clouds as we look towards treasure island, san francisco, beautiful shot for you. got about 17 minutes before sunrise. today you can expect the spotty showers mainly during the morning hours. temperatures in the upper 40s to mid 50s.
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breaks of some sun, shine, clouds. temperatures getting up to the upper 60s, near 70 degrees. then this evening, clouds return, partly cloudy conditions as temperatures drop below 60 degrees. we do have more rain in the forecast and a big warmup. that's all coming up shortly. katie? >> all right, frances, thank you. it's been months in the making. next wednesday governor brown makes his first trade trip to china. abc 7 news reporter says the governor hopes the state will be able to cash in on billions of dollars in new exports. >> reporter: when governor jerry brown makes his first trade trip to china next week, california wines will play a central role in events planned. napa and simoonoma wins have be widely known. >> they don't know by and large we make wine and we're the fourth largest wine producing region in the world.
6:29 am
>> reporter: california is quickly recognized as the home of the golden gate bridge, disneyland, and movie studios. including beijing and shanghai. and for wine country, it's another chance to make further inrounds there. >> it's a really high-growth market, they are starting to be able to afford watches and purses and other luxury items and we want to make sure that california wine is part of that luxury consideration set. >> reporter: many chinese tourists discover california wines when they visit, but wine country has a lot of growing to do in china. >> france number one and australia number two. the rest of the wine producing world is sort of in the pack trying to catch up. france has been active in the china market for a very long time. >> reporter: a series of lunches and formal dinners will be a major part of this trip, some of them serving as many as 500
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guests at a time. right now, there are hundreds of cases of california wine being shipped to china to accommodate those events. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. the government of north korea is advising foreign officials to evacuate their embassy staff, saying their safety could be at risk. the british agency in pyongyang confirms the advisory. north korea says the no notification was made in the event of conflict april 10th. kim jong-un made the advisory after two medium-range missiles move to the east coast of north korea. this week president obama came to san francisco to raise money and now he's preparing to send his new budget to congress. first, he's selling it to the american people in this morning's weekly address. he says it balances the need for deficit reducing spending cuts with investments to create american jobs. >> my budget will reduce our
6:31 am
deficits, not with aimless, reckless spending cuts that hurt students, seniors, and middle class families, but through the balanced approach american people prefer and growing investments a growing economy demands. >> the response by kansas governor sam brownback calls for spending cuts and program reforms that focus on reducing the deficit. now to a crime that's on the increase throughout the bay area and it's as simple as it is diabolical. someone knocks on your door, and if you don't answer, you're the next victim. in this case, the crime was caught on camera. abc 7 news reporter vic lee has the story. >> reporter: the security video shows a woman with an infant in her arms appearing at the front door. she knocks and rings the doorbell. the home owner told abc 7 news the nanny is in the house but does not answer because the woman is a stranger. at one point, she even peers through the window to see if anyone is home. a little while later, two men appear in the back of the house after jumping a fence from the
6:32 am
neighbor's yard. the video shows them trying to pry the sliding glass door from its tracks. they use a metal bar, as well as a shovel, to loosen the door, but they are having no luck. they suddenly dash off. they are apparently startled by the nanny, who looked out the window. moments later, one of the intruders, whose taken his hat and shirt off, jumps over the fence back into the yard again. he left something important in his hasty retreat. the home owner says it looked like a store-variety radio scanner. san jose police spokesman officer albert morales. >> fortunate that somebody was home and able to scare them away and they took off and left. >> reporter: morales says it may have turned out differently if the intruders actually got into the house and confronted the nanny and the child. >> 14-year-old boy had been shot and killed over here in a gang-related incident. >> reporter: a board member of the home owners association says there's not only gang activity
6:33 am
and burglaries, but a rash of other crimes in this development of over 100 homes. >> i don't know of a home here that doesn't have at least one car broken into. >> reporter: in 2012, home burglaries in san jose increased an alarming 23% from the previous year, and the numbers are still rising this year. >> the increase this year has been 13% increase compared to last year. >> reporter: the nanny in that particular incident called the home owner and the home owner then called 911 and police did respond immediately. we did check with other cities in the bay area and it appears that these home burglaries are on the rise elsewhere. vic lee, abc 7 news. now to the controversy in the air. a family of four that objected to an in-flight movie was removed from the united airlines flight and questioned by the fbi. the parents complained the pg-13 film "alex cross" was too violent for their young boys and asked if their monitor could be
6:34 am
turned off, but the flight attendant said it could not. the captain diverted the flight from denver to chicago and had the passengers removed from the plane. they are conducting a review of its in-flight entertainment. still ahead, sending a message of their own. how neighbors are trying to catch whoever made off with expensive signage from an east bay community. and spay, neuter, or else. the proposed rule that has dog owners of one particular breed fuming in a california city. and let's take a live look outside at 6:36 on this saturday morning from our hd roof cam. finally seeing some light out there, but cloudy skies. drizzle
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6:36 am
south bay, pleasantton, and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. welcome back, everyone, thanks so much for joining us.
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it is 6:39 on this saturday morning. you are looking live at lake tahoe courtesy of lake tahoe tv. obviously, snow on the ground there, but current conditions, cloudy and 41 degrees. frances dinglasan says there is a chance of snow and rain, but that is tomorrow, just cloudy in the mountains today. new this morning, riverside county authorities are considering mandatory spaying or neutering of pit bulls in response to an increase of the number of attacks by people by pit bull terriers or mixes. there are opinions on both sides. some people are in favor of it, others say it should be up to the owners. >> behind this from our leaders at the county level, they are frustrated that too many people are getting hurt seriously. some almost near death, and they are frustrated. >> it's up to the owner consideration to take that decision.
6:38 am
>> animal control authorities have long advocated altering dogs of all breeds because it makes them less likely to roam and get in trouble. in oakland, new proof some people will steal anything, even signs encouraging people not to litter. it happened in the diamond district between highway 13 and mcarthur boulevard and from 35th to just beyond fruitvail. look at surveillance video captured by an area business and in it you see banners reminding visitors to stash the trash. you see the signs taken under the cover of darkness. it happened just before 2:00 on tuesday morning. a gray catering van drove around the district stealing the signs. each weather-resistant banner costs as much as $600. the volunteer who got the video and snapped pictures immediately took his evidence to oakland police. >> i turned the information over. i filed a police report
6:39 am
yesterday on behalf of the diamond improvement association who owns the banners, and it's been turned over to the investigators. >> the volunteers were clear they simply want their banners back. the diamond district takes its trash collection and litter program very seriously. oakland's newest city council member will host a neighborhood cleanup today. the volunteers will fan out across a part of east oakland to pick up litter and clean an area of his district. the cleanup event starts at 9:00 this morning. volunteers are meeting at 46th avenue and ban kroft in east oakla oakland. gloves and clean-up tools are being provided by organizers. it is 6:42. frances dinglasan is in for meteorologist lisa argen this weekend. how's the accuweather forecast look something. >> it's looking pretty good. we have light rain and shower this is morning, but changes, big ones on the way.
6:40 am
the sunrise in just five minutes, although most of us under gray skies so we won't see it. i'll have the seven-day forecast coming up. >> thanks. also, you've heard the problems facing the cruise industry lately. so, what should you
6:41 am
6:42 am
welcome back. chevron has been given the go ahead to restart a damaged unit at the richmond refinery. the okay was given following an extensive recovery of repairs and safety systems. last august, a massive fire destroyed an essential crude distillation unit at the refinery. the company has been running at a reduced capacity since then. the end of june appears to be the restart date. an unprecedented amount of
6:43 am
cruise ship mishaps have happened over the last few months, so with the cruise season ready to kick off, how's the cruise industry doing? michael finney has been looking into that and has this report. >> reporter: it's hard to forget these pictures of the carnival triumph or the conditions passengers were forced to endure. in this home video caught horror and panic aboard the costa concordia. >> there was just panic. people were pushing, it was just chaotic. >> reporter: editor and chief of, carolyn spencer brown. >> concerns that travelers, especially new to cruise travelers, will have about booking a cruise vacation. >> reporter: the owner of moraga travel is baffled. >> what is the deal? >> reporter: despite these cruise issues, americans and bay area residents in particular, are not foregoing cruise vacations. and the cruise companies aren't offering any spectacular deals.
6:44 am
are there bargains out there because of this? >> there's not. surprisingly. you would really think that they would come out with -- give carnival another go, come and sail with us. but we really haven't seen heavy discounts. >> reporter: other cruise ship kpaents aren't offering discounts either. >> the bookings are still there. >> reporter: still, there could be discounts later. >> i think what we're going to see later down the road in terms of summer, fall, maybe the holiday season, you may see prices go down, particularly low, for times that normally get a high fare. >> reporter: i wouldn't hold my breath. if the cruise season remains strong, these companies aren't going to be looking to make any deep discounts. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. it is 6:47. and right on cue, sunrise. >> yeah, right now. >> little cloudy. >> under gray skies right now and live doppler 7-hd tells us
6:45 am
why we have rain moving through the bay area. mainly to the north bay as we show you the loop over the last six hours. areas of light green showing light rain. darker green showing some more moderate rainfall. and yellow, heavier rain. but none of that at all right now on live doppler 7-hd. here's the latest image so far. still getting rain off the north bay coast, heading towards santa rosa, but as it heads towards santa rosa, it has been breaking up quite a bit. possibly light drizzle for the morning hours. hot spring and as you head through sonoma, we could see a few sprinkles at this point. live shot at the golden gate bridge shows low clouds, gray skies out there. visibility was limited along the coast. it is improving now to 3 to 4 miles an hour. currently 53 in san francisco. 57 in oakland. mild temperatures for the morning. 49 in santa cruz. also look for cloudy conditions over all of the bay area as we
6:46 am
look towards the bay bridge, low clouds, 54 in napa and union city, 56. here's what you can expect for the day. we'll see some sunny breaks this afternoon. some showers through the weekend. and sunny and warmer next week. i want to take you to the visibility right now. here's a look at visibility pretty good all around the bay area. half-moon bay at 4 miles an hour, and as we look at the pacific satellite image, you'll notice the stormy system will be moving through the morning hours and actually tomorrow morning, as well. also, we'll take a look at temperatures around the bay as we show you the forecast model first. basically, some clouds and some light rain in parts of the north bay as you can see the areas of green. by 10:00 this morning, just a lot of cloud cover and then by lunchtime, even some breaks and sunny skies in the afternoon.
6:47 am
3:00, then we see another system, the tail end of it move in overnight into tomorrow morning. we'll get some possibility of some showers tomorrow morning. then sunday afternoon, looking a bit dry again. rain totals, very light at this point. we're talking about a tenth of an inch around most locations. highs for today in the 60s to near 70 degrees. 64 in san francisco to 70 degrees in concord, fremont, and in san jose. lows tonight, also mild with a cloud cover. upper 40s to 50s. 55 in san francisco, 52 in oakland. and also here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. so we've got the showers today, and that will end by lunchtime. just some spotty showers. a chance early tomorrow morning, as well, then breezy and clearing monday. warming up, in fact, hitting the
6:48 am
upper 80s midweek. lots of sunshine through the work week. then temperatures come down again, but we'll still be above average by friday. >> lots to look forward to. thanks, frances. in sports, giants fans now have it pretty good, especially after yesterday's home opener. here's sports director larry beil. >> good morning, everybody, the giants know how to throw a party, a celebration followed by a 1-0 shutout of the cardinals by barry zito and company. the world championship banner arriving in style on a fire department boat, hoisted up by a handful of players. only one run in this game. here it is on a bases loaded walk in the fourth. forced in gregor blanco. 1-0, giants. zito, the big hook working. seven scoreless. matt holliday, resistance is futile. giants starters have gone 26 innings without allowing an earned run. they've won 15 straight games with barry zito on the mound.
6:49 am
>> it was great for us to come out, and, obviously, match right up with the cardinals again. they are a very tough team and a difficult team for us in the past, too. so, it felt good to start with one of the best in the league right there off the top. >> a's in houston, blast from the past. old terry steinbach jersey. there it goes, coco crisp leading off with a rocket. 1-0 a's in a flash. straily throwing pure unadulterated smoke. 6 2/3. two runs, five hits. a's erupt with seven runs in the fifth. coco doubled twice in the same inning. here with the bases loaded. crisp, 3 for 5 with three rbis. a's roll. warriors are counting it down win by win to secure a playoff spot. one step closer last night in phoenix. warriors had to sweat this game out a bit. suns up by as many as 18.
6:50 am
dragic, huge three, plus the foul. game high 32 points. michael beasley had 25. half court, beat the clock. got it. warriors had 15 steals, though. steph curry, 18 points and 15 assists. harrison barnes with authority. suns' lead down to four. klay thompson, 10 of 18 shooting. good things happen when you take it to the basket like that. warriors up two. 35 seconds left in regulation. jarrett jack. ices it with a big three. then he's going giddy up. warriors with their largest comeback this season, 111-107 and clinch a playoff spot on sunday. sharks put their win streak on the line against the flames. down 1-0 in the third. couture to dan boyle in the slot. and he bangs it home. seventh of the year. 1-0. two minutes left. joe pavelski finds the loose puck, scores his 12th of the
6:51 am
year. niemi, 24 saves and two huge stops in the final seconds. sharks win their seventh in a row, 2-1. that is a wrap on morning sports. colin will be here with all your weekend highlights at 5:00, 6:00, 9:00, and 11:00. enjoy your weekend, everybody, i'm larry beil. still ahead, your winning mega millions lotto
6:52 am
6:53 am
. welcome back, here are your winning numbers from last night. 8, 15, 23, 36, 41, and the megaball is 5. good luck. more lottery news, starting monday, $2 ticket could bring you caviar dreams. that's when california adds powerball to the lottery lineup. the golden state becomes the 43rd state to offer the game.
6:54 am
people we talked to think it's a good idea. >> they want it. they've been asking for the last three weeks solid. not paying attention to the news or anything, but they are looking forward to it. there's a lot of excitement in it. >> i don't know much about the lottery. i'm being very honest. i don't play. i just know it's starting out big and it's supposed to be bringing a lot of money. >> the powerball jackpot starts at $40 million and climbs at least $10 million after every drawing that does not produce the winner. barbecue fans, brace yourselves, the pork chop will soon be a thing of the past. that's because the industry is retooling and renaming pork pieces. it's an effort to boost sales and make shopping at the meat counter easier. the national pork board says when consumers see packages of stuff called "pork topped loin chop" they walk away with an empty cart. apparently it's confusing and people understand beef better. here are examples of the new name. pork loin chop will be called pork porterhouse chop. pork rib chop will be called
6:55 am
pork ribeye chop and pork loin chop is pork new york chop. all of the name changes do have the blessing of the usda. so, get ready for that. now i'm hungry and craving some bacon. >> kind of have a choppy forecast for you right now. we do have sprinkles, drizzle. live doppler 7 picking up areas of light green during the morning hours. then we'll start to see more sunshine and cloudy conditions. mixed this afternoon. temperatures in the mid 60s to near 70 degrees. chance of showers tomorrow, as well. and then warming up midweek. >> warming up big time. thanks, frances. and thank you all for joining us on the morning news. abc 7 news continues at 8:00 a.m. now the news exclusive alarm clock app is available for your android phone or tablet and the
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kindle fi
6:57 am
good morning, america. this morning, ominous prediction. new hints about when north korea might follow through on its missile threat. but with all the talk of war, why is our bob woodward finding life as usual on the streets? break's over. breaking news, nelson mandela
6:58 am
out of the hospital released after being treated for pneumonia. the former president of south africa will now receive care at home and ron claiborne is in south africa. celebrity s.w.a.t.'ing. a hollywood prank getting out of control. justin timberlake, selena gomez, p. diddy, all this and the bogus calls to 911 this week. what is the lapd doing about it? and who to root for? it's the extraordinary final four matchup. tiny wichita state, the cinderella team, against powerhouse louisville recovering from the dramatic loss of star kevin ware. >> he's dislocated some portion of his leg. ♪ let's get it started ♪ lose control ♪ take it slow hey, good morning, everybody. ron claiborne is off this morning but we are very happy to have linsey davis fresh back from her honeymoon on the set. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. we have a lot to get to on
6:59 am
this saturday including that apology from the white house after president obama's public remarks about the female attorney general of california. did he need to say sorry about what he said, or is this a case of political correctness run amok? >> yeah, many are considering her a rising star in the democratic party. also ahead, we're celebrating the 50th anniversary of "general hospital," one of the longest running shows in tv history, and we're going to look at some of the famous faces that appeared on the show before they made it big. we're talking super duper famous people >> that's liz taylor there, and that's just the start of it. the company that ran thousands of portrait studios in department stores across america is shutting down quite suddenly. it's a victim of the digital age, so we dipped into our own personal photo albums. pop quiz for you, who is the "gma" anchor in the foreground of that shot right there? a little bit of a hint for you. her initials are ginger zee. >> oh. >> love the hat. >> go figure. we will all, by the way, share


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