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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  April 7, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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through major surgery. he was hurt during a sideshow on the freeway. it happening on 880 in san leandro. lisa amin gulezian spoke with the boy's family tonight and joins us live from the newsroom. >> lisa: the two-year-old will be in the hospital for several more days. his overall recovery will take at least the months. >> my baby now. >> two-year-old corey abrams is in intensive care unit. he underwent a six and a half hour long disk fusion surgery to repair his broken neck. an injury he sustained on march 20th while his mother was driving on 880 south. >> i can't even describe it. undescribable. >> jasmine glen was driving her black impala whale her son and mother were in the back seat. and suddenly a sideshow erupted in front of her.
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>> i remember seeing the guy doing the doughnuts and then woke up in the hospital. >> her chevy was rear-ended by a big rig. these are photos of her smashed car. the was the only one conscious after the crash. >> after the big rig hit is, we spun out of control and hit another car, and after we stopped, we were facing the oncoming traffic. >> corey was the most seriously hurt and was rushed to the hospital whether doctors took head and neck scans but found nothing wrong with the boy, but he couldn't straighten his head. they took him to kaiser where doctors performed major surgery on wednesday. >> the whole responsibility of doing the sideshow, why on the freeway elm if you want to put your life in danger do it somewhere else. >> this wasn't the first sideshow to take place on 880. in january, several cars were involved in a sideshow in the middle of 880 near the oakland coliseum.
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now this family a making a public plea. >> i encourage parents 0 who have young children out there driving to let them know this type of behavior is totally unacceptable. >> lisa: police have no leads on the driver involved in the sideshow. the big rig driver who crashed into the family's car was not cited. live in the newsroom, leaves. >> lisa: , abc7 news. >> ama: a solemn memorial tonight for the victims killed in a oakland's oikos university. ♪ >> ama: members of the san francisco master performed for family and friends. six students and a staff member were killed at the school april 2, last year. oakland mayor jean quan introduced the performance in their memories.
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>> we will all remember and we want to say that whatever we will be out here. >> ama: a second memorial concert is next saturday in sacramento. tonight san francisco police are comfortable they'll catch whoever stabbed two tourists and badly beat another. it happened at the best western americana hotel. a group of people walked into the building shortly before midnight. they got into an altercation with three tourists from southern california who were checking in. the fight escalated outside with two tourists being stabbed and robbed. >> there was blood all over the street. we seen him get -- he had wounds all over him. very upsetting. >> ama: a female tourist was beaten. all are expected to recover. a former photographer for the oakland transcribe bind was killed in a shooting in oakland.
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lionel fluker was shot while driving home from the gym. it happen just after 10:00 outside a gas station. investigators say another man who was the intended target was critically wounded. we turn our attention to the weather now. here's the live look outside. you can see the transamerica building there, and some clouds. let's head right to our meteorologist lisa in for leigh glaser. >> lisa: we are looking at veriable amounts of clouds but beginning to see a few returns on live doppler 7hd. in the north bay, cloverdale, and around vallejo, this isn't reaching the ground, but as we go to the north, this is what is to come. plenty of showers up here and we'll see scatters showers in the forecast not only for sunday morning, we've got them for the evening hours. then big-time wind0s sunday.
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>> ama: tonight, concern over how north korea might respond has caused the u.s. to delay the launch of an enter continental ballistic missile. the test is being delayed over concerns the launch could be misinterpreted and make the current korean crisis worse. the u.s. can't locate two north korean missiles spotted four days ago moving to the coast. >> six americans are dead in southern afghanistan. one 0 a female diplomat in the deadliest day for the nuss since last summer. five were killed when their convoy, on the way to deliver books to afghan school children, were intercepted by two suicide bombers. the taliban is taking credit for the u.s. deaths. one u.s. civilian was killed in a separate attack. >> a heartfelt tribute to christopher stevens on display at a norway california art
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gallery. the piedmont native was killed in the again georgia si terror -- benghazi attack last year. the tribute opened at the museum. family and friends created the tribute that features honors from around the world. >> we have ten different countries represented and people from all around the world are coming together because chris brought everybody together. and that was always his philosophy. >> the christopher stevens memorial exhibition runs through april 20th. investigators in southern california are looking into why other dump truck was on the tracks when a metrolink commuter train hit it. the crash caused the dump truck to roll over. nine of the train's 190 passengers were taken to the hospital for treatment. the truck driver was treated at
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the scene and released. sometime still -- still to come, a dramatic rescue. >> must have done at least one complete flip. >> landed in the river on the passenger side. >> ama: the kayaker in the right place at the right time. saved a family in a devastating accident. >> get ready for a traffic mess tomorrow. the areas you might want to avoid if glory at the city sunday. later, four more celebrities targeted by swatters.
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>> it's the amazing tsa takedown right there that has gone viral. an off-duty pinole police officer coming to the rescue of a tsa agent in hawai'i. the officer getting ready to fly home. tonight he is talking about what
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happened. sergio quintana has the story. reporter: just as the woman began confronting a tsa agent at honolulu airport, justin rogers, police corporal, was going through security to catch his flight home. >> they have security officers for that, and i turned back around and then i heard what i thought was skin to skin contact, like somebody getting punched. reporter: in the video you can see the woman punching the tsa agent, then put her in a head lock. that's when rogers literally jumped into action. >> i now what i had to do to pull her off of her because of the way they were situated, and i just decided to use a simple takedown to move her to the ground. reporter: once on the ground several other agents came to help. a 43-year-old woman was arrested and taken to the mental unit at a hospital. after rogers provided a statement to honolulu
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authorities he made his flight back home. since then the video of the airport takedown has gone viral. this is the first ship back on the beat since he wrapped up his vacation and hawai'i and says he is surprised at the attention he is is getting for helped. he was in a wedding in sacramento and noticed the attention. >> at one point i was standing in a line, waiting for food or cake, and the people in front of me were talking to each other, have you seep this video on the internet? and. reporter: he says he was happy to help the tsa agent and happy other people appreciate that. >> i don't know what to say when people are being so nice, especially since in this transcribe you're used to just doing stuff and going on about your day. >> sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> ama: great story. well, new at 11:00, an incredible series of
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circumstances, allowed a family of five survive a car crash into the american river. an suv went off the highway and flipped over into the middle of the river. by chance a kayaker with emergency medical experience was in the riff. he pulled three children to safety. went back for the drive, who was trapped upside-down, his head being held up by his wife. >> i was afraid if i cut the seatbelt he would die in front of me in front of me and his wife and three kid. >> by chance, a fire truck with men trained in swift water rescue was nearby. they put a life jacket under the driver's head while cutting off the roof of the car. the family was hospitalized and only the driver suffered major injuries. >> local rescue teams conducted a simulated earthquake response drill today in south san francisco. a search and rescue team from menlo park and oakland practiced their skills on live volunteers. teams were tested in search, rescue, medical, hazardous materials, logistic tall and technical elements.
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tomorrow probable misses to be a heavy traffic day in san francisco with several events. one is the city's first rock 'n' roll half marathon. more than 5500 runners from 45 states and 15 countries are expected to compete. preparations are tonight. the half marry than is -- marathon is expected to cause delays getting to the marine green area, and civic center will be busy during the greek celebration. and we have a full list of detours on abc7 -- >> a big red symbol of the state's first powerball drawing drew stares tonight. a big red ball, which is on a statewide tour. california starts selling power bawl tickets on monday. >> for a check on the weather and how much rain we might get, let's turn to lisa. >> lisa: we're in a pattern with
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one system after the next, and we have a weak one on the way tomorrowle right now the live doppler 7hd picking up a few returns around clover dill, highway 101, sea ranch, and further to the north is an area of low pressure that will slip to the south and give a better chance of rain but not until the later evening hours tomorrow. so much of the day will be dry, and we'll see the breaks again. downtown san francisco, 53 right now. 57 in oakland. mid-50s from san car lazy and san jose, low 50s on the coast, and a look at the bay bridge. all is quiet here, and looking at cloudy skies in livermore. 55 in union city. low 50s in santa rosa. so it's quiet but we are looking at changes. we could get into sprinkles and fog and mist tomorrow morning. the first wave moves through in the morning. then breaks, more clouds in the afternoon, chance of showers, until about 7:00 or 8:00 so the
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system has pushed back and we'll look for continued dry weather next week, but very windy on monday. some locally gusty winds over 30 miles-per-hour as high pressure builds in. so low 50s overnight, up per 40s and perhaps north bay showers. we are looking at a big warmup next week but we have to get through this area of low pressure, which will drop down to the south later on tomorrow. but firs things first. we're in this flow giving us the clouds and cool conditions tomorrow morning, spotty showers, and then as the low pushes through, a better chance of rain, high pressure builds in, strong high pressure, and by tuesday, we're talk something mid-80s around the bay. will last into wednesday with an offshore flow, and then will cool off by thursday. so, still, pretty nice, and making a dent in the rainfall deficit, not so much. we'll look for the rest of the morning tomorrow to feature light showers. notice, 8:00, the best chance
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there along the coast and the north bay. then by the afternoon we have breaks again, mostly cloudy, gametime, few peeks of sunshine, and then at the end we'll probably still be dry, but by 8:00, the north bay, we're looking at rain, and does slip south. she south bay will be wet and then the wee hours of the morning the rain will pick up. in the north bay, tenth to quarter inch. that sonoma county. most places just a couple hundredething and trace amounts. upper 60s in the south bay. so if you're headed into the city tomorrow, a light jacket. kind of muggy but we'll call it mostly cloudy. we'll see numbers in the 60s and 70s, 80s for tuesday and wes. slight cool as the onshore push
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comes thursday and friday. so follow live doppler 7hd on twitter and we'll give you've the latest conditions, rain or show, video travesties, "spare the air", and power outages and tweets from your weather team. >> your said it's your favorite time of year. >> it is and the ladies take their term tomorrow, the cal bears in the women's final four,
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>> 1986, the last time louisville won it out, the cardinals led by nervous pervis. remember him? kevin ware inspiring just by his presence. wichita state, a nine seed, everybody expected them to show nerveses. didn't happen. taking it to the cardinals early. every team in america has a
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version of this drill. the ball never touches the ground. louisville down as many as 12. the chain away, luke hancock in the corner. cardinals the lead. that inbounds pass to smith. lays it in. hancock, a saviour off the louisville bench. he had 20. ware and the cardinals survive and advance, 72-68. who do they play in michigan or syracuse. the guy in the blue hat, that's oscar robinson and bill russell. glen robinson iii giving the wolverines the lead. later, trey burke feeding mitch mcgary. the 'cuse, a gritty bunch. southerland, nasty. i'm going for the tie here. jordan morgan, i know of one very somber news director tonight. 61-56 the million.
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louisville and michigan monday night. >> the cal bears an afterthought heading into the semifinal tomorrow and they're not worried >> it's like an ncaa game for them. so we have really good teammates to play with. >> buster posey with the big contract
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>> buster posey bobblehead day at at&t park. he wants to hold his mvp trophy. joining select company with the award.
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the seventh giants player to garner mvp honors. how about these names, hubble, mays, mccovey, mitchell, bonds, and kemp. vogy looking to extend the starting rotation streak of 26 scoreless innings. didn't happen. first inning, carlos beltran, drives one in. giants even the score in the second. homer pence. like the sound of that. off shelby miller over the center field wall. 2-2 in the fifth. beltran getting to vogelsong again. in comes carpenter and holliday. giants trail 5-2 in the eight. sandoval, solo. that as close as san francisco would get. 6-3 the final. vogelsong takes the loss. >> part of the game. got to keep grinding. it happens. stinks when it does happen, but
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that's baseball. got to keep trying to make pitches, and make a few better ones. >> dan strayly struck out 11 and got the win over houston. openinged to triple-a today. the rope? bartolo colon needed his spot back, coming back of a 50-game suspension after testing for testosterone. coco crisp in the fourth, opposite feel shot. bottom fourth, castro valley high's jason castro, goes opposite field. three-one shot. houston takes the lead. a's the four-run sixth inning. norris, sogard, back-to-back-to-back. colon gets the win. oakland has won four straight. amazing video from nebraska springs football game. that is in our second half hour. this sports report brought to you you by river rock casino. stuff. really good stuff.
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>> ama: thank you. just ahead, the dangerous trend of swatting. why so many celebrities are targets and what it will take toen the expensive pranks. >> the one bay area
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>> good evening, i'm ama daetz in type of's headlines, a big fuel leak has closed a caltrain service in san francisco. 800 gallons of fuel seeped out. crews have to take up the tricks to get out the fuel. that will take some time. the caltrains are running, bypassing the station. >> a two-year-old hurt in an accident is on the mend. corey abrams underwithin disk fusion surgery.
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three california touris are recovering from wounds from a fight outside a san francisco hotel. the tourist got in a fight and two of them were robbed. >> police in southern california are again fielding emergency calls that send them to the homes of celebrities. there will four this week in the l.a. area and the authorities want to catch the hoax callers. >> calls sound frighteningly real. >> they shot my wife. >> you just shot -- >> this one part of a prank known as swatting is fake. callers use so-called spoofing software to disguise their real phone number, doo wopping 9-1-1 operators and sending police officers to emergencies don't exist. >> residents may not have any idea we're responding to their home. >> and expensive. the fake calls cost $10,000 each time. celebrities are frequent
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targets. just this week, rihanna and p diddy, and yesterday police showed up at the homes of selena gomez and justin timberlake. >> four men entered the home and there was a call of someone being shot inside the home. and it's very, very popular in los angeles. >> swatting takes advantage of outdated computer systems, tricking them into thinking a caller is in one location when they could be hundreds of miles away. >> when the police pull up caller i.d. they may see a 213 number or 310 number. they have to track it back through the phone carrier, and figure out where the call actually came from. >> newer technology may be able too stop them once and for all. including upgraded systems that use gps to identify where a call is really coming from. >> i'm going to shoot someone else. >> so officers know if that emergency is for real or phony.
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>> ama: the faa is delaying the closure of nearly a dozen airport control towers in california. the closures were set to begin this weekend because of government-wide spending cuts but the faa is post poping the closures due to legal challenges inch california, 11 towers were given a reprieve. the faa says the tower will be shut down orr or turned over to local thoughts of june 1st. >> the food truck movement is moving to airports nationwide. several airports are allowing gourmet food trucks in the parking lots. dallas and austin are a few airports. lax has a truck inspired food stand past the security checkpoint. food trucks will not be welcome at america's cup this year. there will be nearly 40 food outlets and concession stands in the america's cup village at marina green. the deadline to apply is
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april 12th. no word why food trucks are being excluded from consideration. people in san francisco's ocean view district are coming together to deal with the urban blight in their neighborhood. city officials joined residents and local business owners this morning and a community walk to examine the challengeness the district. graffiti, illegal dumping and buildings neglected for years have made the neighborhood an eyesore. people are frustrated and are now partnering with the city to deal with the problems. >> we have a new program in the mayor's office, things are happening, residents involved, we have the city working with the blight we have in the neighborhood. >> ama: the mayor's office started the initiative to help economic development in 25 san francisco neighborhoods, including ocean view. help for struggling home openers, a group that can help you get back on track.
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plus... >> been stripped of his real estate license. now some of the clients are wondering why he has been able to stay in business. ike michael finny, a seven on your side investigation is straight ahead. >> and from the high definition roof cam, 53 degrees in san francisco, and partly cloudy skies right now. but we still have showers in the forecast. towards dawn we'll have a look at live doppler 7hd when we
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>> ama: bay area home oregons are getting help. the neighborhood assistance corporation of america is hosting a five-day mortgage relief program in san francisco. organizes say they can help people lower their payments by as much as a thousand dollars a month. the event continues through tuesday. it's at the san francisco mariott marquee from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. >> not everyone helps home owners. police in petaluma received complaints about a local company, stripped of its real estate license and accused over taking money from home owners for services never rendered. >> this home is on 1.6-acre. also known as farm grown nursery. a-pick farm and summer camp for
2:41 am
kids. both the home and the property are currentie -- currently underwater. >> this is the dream we built from scratch and i don't want to lose it. >> they're home is unless underwater. like lisa, deanna is struggling to save her home. the heard about mortgage modifiers in petaluma from a friend. she said the company promised to lower her mortgage best as much as a thousand dollars a month. >> the original loan was supposed to be valued down to what our home is valued at now. >> lisa said she received similar promises when she met with this man, miguel lopez. described in court papers as the president of mid-michigan modifiers. >> when it met with him and he showed me the number, he showed everything could be reduced, the interest rate, the principle. >> lisa and deanna are just two of the people who have filed police -- complaints with the
2:42 am
police. >> no services were completed. they asked for a refun and never got a refund. >> the department says it's received 11 complaints about mortgage modifier and is aware of other complaints as far north as clovedale and ukiah. mortgage modifiers sublet space in this office park in petaluma. there's no signage only the office in october the department of real estate upheld a judge's decision stripping the real estateline offing my fell lopez and mortgage modifiersful both were found to have illegally collected advance fees for performing services for borrows in connection to loans. >> he is asking for an advance fee to do either some tomorrow of mortgage -- some type of mortgage modification or information on mortgage modification and that's illegal in the state of california. >> both lisa and deanna paid them $1,959 each to save their
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homes. i decided to pay miguel lopez a visit. i went to his office in petaluma, hoping to get answer. >> you sure can. we have a lot of complaints about mortgage modifiers you're doing business without a license, that you're offering to modify loans and taking money up front. >> i work for the company so i can't tell you anything because i'm not the owner. >> lopez was not available that day, but by e-mail he told us he didn't need a real estate license. his company does not conduct loans or real estate. such a license is not neededful his company provides a packaging service. >> this is the whole entire packet that we received from miguel. it's his educational packet that he claims is for the $1,995. >> chev said the package included a request for a modification, her financial and loan information, a property value report, and other documents. deanna showed us e-mails from
2:44 am
lopez. he urged her to let him do all the calling and faxing to the lender. however, lopez denies the $1,959 he charged ised a an sad fee. we offer a packaging service. clients pay for the package and nothing more. lisa, however, isn't buying that. >> to know that from the start here to the end, that it was all a lie, i don't trust anyone anymore. >> the petaluma police have forwarded all the complaints to state attorney general. the contract by lisa and deanna signed guaranteed a refund if the educational financial package submitted to the lender did not render a positive outcome. deanna received two refund checks that both bounced. lisa's refund request was denight. i'm michael finny, seven on your
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side. >> ama: one last check on the weather. >> lisa: on the live doppler 7hd showing just a little bit of sprinkle activity up in the north bay. but we're really waiting for a system, a weak system, far north of cloverdale to slide to the happen and that will happen overnight. the first shot of rain comes in, in the we -- wee hours of the morning, and the first impulse comes through at 6:00 tomorrow morning. you can notice where the green is from marin county, san mateo. then we'll see breaks, and partly to mostly cloudy skies. here we are at 4:00. by the evening hours, a steadier wave of rain comes our way. 8:00, returns are darker from the north bay and then it clears. it's going to take all evening long to clear san jose to santa cruz. then the gusty winds come our way. but if you're headed out of town, we'll have very gusty
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winds in the sierra nevada, and up to six inches above 7,000 feet and wind gusts 70-miles-an-hour. for the game, the comeback forecast. mostly cloudy skies, temperatures about 60 degrees. going to hold off on the rain and the look ahead after the next system pushes through. we have dry, breezy weather, and then look. it's summertime, tuesday, wednesday, offshore flow and return to slightly cooler weather and plenty of sun for the rest of the week. >> ama: bust out the shorts. colin, you promised us some good video or something? >> i'm in a giving mood. i'm going to give you not one but two great reasons to finish the show with us. jeff schmidt, can do more with one leg than most of us can with two, and jack hoffman, made
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we talked about it earlier in the newscast. the giants honoring buster posey with a bobblehead and onfield presentation. it's been a great eight days for posey, the $167 million contract a week ago friday, his 2012 mvp award this afternoon.
2:50 am
look at the guy sitting next to him. willy mays, willy mccovey, and kevin mitchell. posey, humble as ever. >> it was a very surreal feeling when i heard my name announcedded a the national league most valuable player, especially with all the other players up to for this award and i'm humbled. i. >> as for the game, giants and cards. 1-0 st. louis in the second. hunter pence, gone. dead center, off shelby miller. second of the year for pence. 2-2 in the philadelphia. beltran, got to ryan vogelsong a couple times today. drives in matt carpenter and mat holliday. 6-3 the final. tomorrow the giants get their rings. >> the flag is nice, this rings are nicer. sunday will be a big deal for us, but for the fans and going
2:51 am
out there and being able to raise the flag, good for us. sunday will be a good day for everybody. >> as and astros. colon back from the suspension for testingsing positive for testosterone. he allowed three earned runs. jason castro, 3-1 houston. a's put four on the board in the sixth. back-to-back-to-back rbi singles. 6-3 the final. colon gets the win. oakland has won four straight. >> louisville had the action, the seeding, the emotion, but wichita state had nothing to lose and showedded tonight. louisville, the top overall seed. kevin ware inspiring from the sidelines. wichita state, everybody expected them to show nerves. didn't happen. that was anthony. clear the runway for him. second half. every team in america does this
2:52 am
drill in practice. the ball never topped the -- touched the floor. russ smith, lays it in. two of his 21. luke hancock, goes for 20. ware ask the cardinals survive and advance. the big o, oscar robinson, and the man with more title rings than fingers, observing. trey burke, michigan, 11-point second half lead. the 'cuse going nowhere. orange within four. syracuse down three. ten seconds left. cooney has the rook. out of control there. jordan mortgage gap, the exclaim make yoint at the other end. 61-56. louisville and michigan on monday night,. >> to stadium, it's the shoes. quakes and white caps, 62nd 62nd minute.
2:53 am
1-nil san jose. the shoe change costly. nine guys only the field. san jose still hat a chap -- chance to win. denied. game ends in a 1-1 tie. >> to arena football. saber cats and the arizona rattlers, aaron garcia threw six touchdowns and also threw three interceptions. that's floyd with the pick six. 73-47 the final. san jose's first loss. >> jeff some mit grew up in san jose, after a soccer injury in high school he was constantly having surgery on his damaged leg. five years ago he decided, enough is enough. he had doctors amputate. amputate. his leg. but jeff never stopped competing. and tomorrow he will be running in the san francisco rock 'n' roll half marathon. he is a two-time ironman finishers and he shows no matter the obstacle, never give up.
2:54 am
>> i hope i can inspire people around the world to get off the couch and do something good for themselves, and when you're at the point where you think you are done and you can't go any further, it's being able to push forward that next step so you can continue on and finish the race. >> that is a feel-good story, and this is a feel-good story, we hope. seven-year-old brain cancer patient jack hoffman, showing his brakeaway speed. finds the alley and he is gone. the little dude. jack is couragely on break from chemotherapy patient. taking it to the house in front of 60,000 fans for the touchdown. awesome. >> this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> nobody could catch him.
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♪ >> now a paid presentation for meaningful beauty advanced by cindy crawford. >> with special appearances by debra messing. >> valerie bertinelli. >> christa miller. >> and stars from tv's ncis. >> royal pains. >> and the mentalist. >> hosted by network tv correspondent, katrina szish. >> brought to you by guthy renker. >> hi, everyone,
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i'm beauty and style journalist, katrina szish on location in beverly hills. in just a few minutes we'll meet one of the most beautiful women in the world, super model, cindy crawford. at age 45, cindy still looks impossibly young and gorgeous. >> oh, my gosh, she's just stunning. her skin is just amazing. and so, i feel like now i have a chance. >> what's cindy's beauty secret? we're about to find out. ♪ >> the first time i saw cindy in person, she turned around, i went "whoa!" that woman's gorgeous. and she doesn't have a drop of makeup on. whatever she has, i want it bottled and i want to use it. >> cindy crawford is one of the most beautiful women on earth. she's iconic and the buzz is like, "what is she doing?" >> i want to have what cindy has because she gets the super secret info that we don't get. >> what is cindy's secret? >> after more than two decades on the job, cindy remains one of the most visible faces and sought after
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super models in the world. >> yet her skin still looks remarkably youthful and gorgeously wrinkle-free. >> everybody wants to know "what is cindy using?" because we all know we want to look like cindy crawford. >> check out these photos. on the left, cindy at age 28. and on the right, at 41. here's another picture of cindy at 28 and on the right at age 43. and finally, cindy at 28 and today at age 45. >> how does cindy do it? >> her secret is renowned french anti-aging specialist, doctor jean-louis sebagh. >> he's been called "the wonder doctor," "a miracle worker," and "the youth guru." >> doctor jean-louis sebagh is a super exclusive doctor in paris. i was 28 when i first went to him, and i instantly noticed that my skin just came alive. and that was it, it was kind of love at first sight. >> doctor sebagh's treatments are in such demand, models, celebrities, and ev


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