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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 9, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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he likes to visit our lady of guadalupe catholic church. >> a man sexually assaulted a student at her apartment on a campus. officials are sending out a crime alert to students. police are looking for a white male about 21, 6' tall with medium build, brown hair and blue eyes. the victim and the suspect met off campus friday. she was attacked saturday between 3:00 and 7:00 a.m. with officials alerted to the attack yesterday. >> the city of santa clara is considering building a hub of housing, entertainment and retail shops next to the planned san francisco 49ers stadium. today the city council will consider a developer's bid to put up $200,000 to study building options at the 230-acre site. the project will pave over
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city-owned land at great america parkway. there now is a golf course and bicycle track. developers say it is part of 49ers support and joe montana who wants to build a motel and sports bar. >> the san francisco city council will have an update on the war on graffiti from a company hired two years ago to clean it up. officials say the 96 percent of graffiti reported in the city is cleaned up in 48 hours. the tagers have taken to freeways and railways where the spray painting is more visible and hadder to clean. the city and the contractor do not have the authority to clean up the state managed freeways or private railroads. officials say they are working with caltran and union pacific to clean up the areas. >> i heard the howling winds yesterday. i have to guess the drive in was easier this morning? >> a lot. less eventful. mike has the forecast.
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>> that is a good word, less eventful, which is what we are dealing with. it is mild. the winds are not so aggressive as year. temperature in walnut creek is a cool spot at 45 with petaluma and belmont and santa clara at 49. everyone else is in the low-to-mid 50's with san leandro and pittsburg and the financial district the warm spots at 56. union city is at 53 and saratoga is 52 and palo alto is 54 and richmond is 52. wall to wall sunshine today. you need the sunglasses but not a coat like yesterday. we are mild. use saw, in the 40's and 50's but we warm away from the coast and upper 60's by noon and mid-70's through the afternoon and near 60 at the coast. and this evening we will be mild and the breezes that we do have during the afternoon will drop off as we head to the evening. 55 at the coast for the evening and 67 around the bay. near 70 inland.
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warming trend continues tomorrow. still think the warmest weather will be on wednesday with mid-80's inland and upper 70's around the bay. some upper 60's at the coast. thursday and friday the temperatures pull back but they will still be above average. here is the traffic. >> aside from the high wind advisories we have quiet conditions and construction. right now i want to take you to san jose where it looks like a dark drive but an empty drive along 280 away from 17 in the northbound and southbound direction. we have construction in marin. southbound 101 away from sir francis drake to the tunnel you will see lane closings until 6:00. further to the south, you are going to see some road construction in san francisco along southbound 101 to the eastbound 80 freeway until 6:00 a.m. back to san jose, along
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northbound 280 to southbound 85, that transition will be worked on until 6:00 a.m. eric and kristen? >> there is confirmation that san francisco has a taxi short average. today, "san francisco examiner" reports a consulting firm report concludes the city will be better served by adding 700 more cabs on top of 200 already approved. operators complained they are losing business to unregulated ride share companies but at san francisco international airport officials are telling the ride shares to "hit the road" for now. >> next, neighbors at an east bay community have a new crime-fighting crime if police do not catch you, the camera will. >> exploring the wonders of the new exploritorium, a look at a major new points that -- that
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mixes science and arts. >> is microsoft ready to unveil the next generation xbox? the new system will require a constant intent connection and cost $500. >> the htc1, a new droid smartphone features a 4.7" screen and 5 mega pixel camera. the phone offers a lot but will it compete with the upcoming samsung galaxy s4? >> wait. this is a great phone. you will not regret buying it but you should get a comparison between the two hottest droid phones. >> it will retail for $200 with a two-year
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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>> we have a quieter morning this tuesday. here is a live look at downtown san francisco from the sue -- sutro tower camera. we do have wind advisories that leyla gulen is tracking on the bridges. we will check with mike nicco coming up. >> we may soon find out why the steel rods on the bay bridge broke. caltran will deliver answers tomorrow to the metropolitan transportation committee to uc berkeley experts and a private consultant criticized caltran saying the failure could have been prevented. there are questions whether testing for quality control were followed after three dozen steel rods snapped last month. caltran estimates it will cost $1 million to fix the problem. >> there is a taxi shortage in san francisco but that led to the proliferation of the new and innovative ways to get a ride around town. the so-called ridesharing businesses are getting the big brush off from san francisco
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international airport until sfo can figure out a way to regulate them. abc7 news reporter explains. >> you have probably seen them, the cards with the big mustache, one of several independent ridesharing companies. they are not welcome at san francisco international airport that sent cease and desist orders to the businesses. the cab drivers do not care for them. >> we have to pay money. they are coming in without paying. >> the independent drivers who use their own cars to take passer ands around the riders use a smartphone app to hookup paying a donation by credit card sfo says they do not have the proper permits to operate at the airport. >> we reached out to them and we are working together with them to come to an interim agreement. we did the same thing with the state of california where we are operating 100 percent legally.
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we look forward to doing the same with sfo. >> he maintains lift drivers can go to the airport. >> i get a lot of snarly looks from cab drivers and they try to take the lift. >> sfo says the ridesharing cards should stay away. (inaudible). >> attempting to do business without a permit, and this is a state of unlawful trespass. >> when the permits are finalized sfo can begin their permitting process that will take several months. >> piedmont is considering a plan to record the license plate numbers of any vehicle that enters the city as a way to fight crime. leaders say there has been a rise in burglaries and thefts. they believe criminals could be coming from oakland which surrounds piedmont. under the proposal the city sets up 12 license plate reading
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cameras on major rides which would record license numbers that the city stores for a year. >> it is a way to tell if a stolen vehicle comes to town, a registered owner who is wanted, maybe a sex offenders but a tool on the back end for investigations if you have a burglary or other crime that occurs in your city. >> one community installed six cameras and crime is down 30 percent. critics tell use they have privacy concerns about the cameras. >> the most iconic educational science museums will welcome back the public at the new location. the exploritorium is putting the finishing touches on the new home at embarcardero in san francisco with fun hands on exhibits. a new science displays was originally a flight similarity made in germany. >> it is three dimensional image. the secret is the curved mirror. every point of light on your
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body is reassembled to a new point but it happens to be upside down and switched, side to side. >> always wanted to see myself like that. the exploritorium has so many more exhibits including art and music. this sunday at 6:30, you can get a special preview when abc7 news presents the making of the new exploritorium. the moratorium opens april 17. so exciting. love that place as a kid growing up and now we can take our kids which is great. >> as early administration we get up, i think have seen myself that way before. >> upside down? in the mirror? >> can't wait to see what they have for weather exhibit. >> our exhibit outside is not as fast as yesterday, we have breeze out there but it will not be so taxing as yesterday especially on the east-west bridges. we still have the wind but it is
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not so fast as yesterday. it is still chasing all the wet weather away from us with dry air on live doppler 7 hd. you can see the flags here at the ferry building, almost unfurled and not blowing so fast as yesterday but still at 20 to 25 miles per hour possible in the morning. dress for the low-to-mid 50's at half moon bay, and palo alto, and redwood city, and san bruno and san francisco and san mateo is warmer at 57. from the east bay hills to emeryville and oak, you can see we have walnut creek, a cool spot, at 42. we have 52 at oakland and richmond. mid-to-upper 50's around pleasant ton and antioch and union city. in the south bay on 280 and 17, at san jose it is 50. low-to-mid 50's in cupertino and mountain view. this is how it looks from mount tamalpais. it will be bouncing where the winds are, the fastest winds at
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2,800' and mid-to-upper 40's in novato. low pressure is racing away from us. high pressure is moving in. high pressure is sinking the calming air and the winds will not be so aggressive blowing from this area of high pressure to the low pressure, they will blow across nevada, utah, and arizona and we will find the fastest wind. we have a warming trend today and tomorrow when the high pressure is sitting to the east and brings us the land breeze. how about temperatures for today? they are jumping up into the mid-and-upper 70's in the south bay and san jose at 76 and 69 at millbrae and otherwise, low-to-mid 70's on the peninsula and low-to-mid 60's on the coast with upper 60's in downtown south san francisco, sausalito, and mid-to-upper 70's in the north bay valleys and breezy at the beach and low-to-mid 60's and headed to the east bay shore, low-to-mid 70's and above average highs in the east bay
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valley at mid-to-upper 70's. we will talk about what will happen tonight, another still night as far as cloud cover out there and temperatures in the mid-50's, mid-40's to low 50's. tomorrow we jump in the 70's and 80's away from the coast and stay in the 70's away from the coast on thursday, friday, sat and sunday and maybe cooler on monday. >> for everyone getting an early start this morning, c.h.p. lifted all the high wind advisories. across the san mateo bridge, traffic is moving smoothly making your way from hayward to foster city and the eastbound traffic is not showing any problems. we have some road closings getting picked up and southbound 101 or the golden gate bridge we had two laned shut down out there and it looks live c.h.p. is lifting the columns and all lanes should be open in a short time. in the east bay we are looking at the a 80 from the central valley and we are looking at top speeds, a little bit of company.
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into dublin/pleasanton. the highway 4 is looking nice and clear, a quick drive if you make it out of antioch and into concord. >> thank you, leyla gulen. you had a busy week. >> i did. i had the best weekend going to napa valley, up-and-down washington street, the weather was beautiful. it started out with drizzle and the clouds parted and it was magnificent. >> a little special lunch. >> a beautiful restaurant on washington street and it was a pleasure. i have to say, people are very smart when you go to wine country they hire the limousines which is the best way. if are going to wine tasting you want do have a designated driver. i didn't have anything, i did
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not imbibe but i will the next time. >> getting to know the bay area again on a culinary front. >> ice cream. let's talk about that. >> it is warming up as mike was saying, perfect weather for a scoop of ice cream. next we will tell you how you can enjoy a tasty treat for free. >> you may soon be seeing the "fasten your seatbelt" a lot more when you fly. >> new warning from north korea and a
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>> welcome back. new developments in the tense stand off involving north korea. japan has moved missile interceptors into place in anticipation of a nuclear test by the north. interceptors capable of destroying missiles are set up at defense ministry in central
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tokyo and two other against bases. north korean news agency is warning foreigners and tourists in south korea to live. north korean leader kim jong-un has also shut down the last partnership with the south keeping 50,000 north korean workers away today from a jointly run manufacturing area at the border. >> breaking news, another person in china has died in the latest bird flu outbreak as a group of pigeon lovers look to vaccinate up to 90,000 birds to ward east virus. pigeons were the source of concern after one was found infected in shanghai with the new flu. 25 people have been infected in the outbreak so far. >> climate change is not just warming the earth's surface but making airline flights more butchy like this over argentina last year. global warming produces more carbon dioxide which destabilizes air currents.
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increased global warning will affect air currents at altitudes used by commercial flights. in the next 40 years the amount of carbon dioxide will double causing turbulence up to 40 percent stronger. turbulence injures hundreds of passengers and costs the industry up to $150 million each year. >> new this morning a big jump in ridership for amtrak. more people rode amtrak in march than ever before according to the railroad. they say october, december, and january also set individual monthly records and ridership grew 1 percent from october of 2012 to march despite disruptions from weather including super storm sandy. amtrak will release the full report later this morning. >> if you drive this morning, we got the good news from leyla gulen that they canceled the wind advisories. >> it is less fun driving in but it is better. mike?
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>> good morning, everyone. speaking of calm, it was windy at at&t park yesterday. now we will get back to normal breezes at at&t park under sunny to star filled sky at 7:15 first pitch and dropping to 356 by end of the game. our radar across the entire state is quiet. watch the clouds to the north, they are moving away from the coast. that is the land breeze that will set up and bring warmth everywhere tomorrow and 50 at tahoe and 63 in yosemite and sunshine if los angeles and 74 and not so breezy there and 81 today. safe travels. leyla gulen? >> as we look at the toll plaza on the bay bridge you can see traffic is looking clear as you make it out of oakland and into san francisco and not a problem. we are looking at a closure on great highway. we had heavy winds yesterday blowing sign on to great highway. the crews have a big job ahead of them as they try to mop
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things up out there but between lincoln and skyline boulevard you will be seeing the closures. the travel times for 580 and 101, all looking clear. 101 is under 20 minutes away from highway 85 to 237. >> happening right now, today is national equal payday, bringing attention to the wage gap between men and women. women are still paid only 77 cents for every dollar a man is paid. the pay gap widens for working latino women earning 54 cent and african-american women earning 66 cents to each man's dollar. there are events across america including in san francisco where the board will vote on a resolution declaring today "equal payday" in the city the. >> the i.r.s. is looking to tax an employee perk, free cafeteria meals that are offered by technical businesses such as
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here in sunnyvale. the internal revenue service is looking at the preach lunch as a possible taxable income. employees say they deserve them. tech executives say the benefit of free lunch outweigh the cost promoting better collaboration and helping them quickly get back to work. >> in the near future you may be able to enjoy the chocolate goodness without the fat. scientists discovered a way to infuse chocolate with fruit juice reducing the fat consent by up to 50 percent. they did it by using a blender to generate drops of fruit percent fine enough to blend into molded chocolate. the technology could be used with diet cola. >> throwing fat worries out the window, if you love ice cream today is the day. ben and jerry's celebrate the 34th annual free cone day estimating they will give away a million free ice cream cones.
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more information is at on "7 on your side." >> what flavor do you want, eric ? >> special guests of president obama arrive in washington on air force one, front and center on the new g
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is tuesday. good morning at 5:00. wake up, wake up, the winds are not waking folks up. >> thanks for joining us.
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>> mike is here with a look at the forecast. it doesn't help to wake you up, the wind, like yesterday. >> not so difficult to get around. good morning,en, -- good morning, everyone, picking up cloud cover at coast with half moon bay visibility down to five miles and everyone else is at ten miles which is unlimited visibility. it is 17 miles per hour in oakland and 16 miles per hour in san francisco, and the rest is less than ten miles per hour at the coast. sunny around the bay and 67 to 76. it will be breezy at the coast and sunny at 62 to 64 and warmest inland at 74 to 78. leyla gulen? >> the commute is clear on the maze at 580 junction, a few taillights are moving along westbound along 80 and in the east direction not seeing any problems on the bridge you will
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still see clear conditions out there so traffic hasn't loaded up yet. we do have construction in marin county as you make your drive southbound along 101 between sir francis drake until 6:00 a.m. with two lanes blocked. as we head into san francisco the drive along southbound 101 transitioned to that area is being worked with cones picked up at 6:00 a.m. >> a rapist on a college campus attacking a student in her apartment. cornell? >> a crime alert is going out to all students this morning on the st. mary campus warning them of the attack. the search is on this morning for a suspect. the police say that the sexual assault happened in the dom room of a female student living at a residence hauls on the west side of campus. police say the victim and


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