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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 10, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the c.h.p. says the body was severely burned and firefighters believe the person was homeless. we believe he lived there because we found a burned mattress and personal belongings in the area. it took 45 minutes to put the fire out. c.h.p. says because the body was so badly burned they do not know if the person was male or female. the coroner will work to identify that body this week. we are live in san jose for abc7 news. >> we are following develops news from washington, where it appears lawmakers have reaped a deal on gun control. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with more. katie? >> abc7 news has learn two key senators have reached a bipartisan deal and that deal will be announced in a few hours at 8:00 this morning. the compromise does not include everything president obama and gun control advocates wanted but
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it is the big breakthrough expanding background checks to all gun sales including gun shows and internet sales. there will be some exceptions for sales between family members and short-term hunter to hunter loans. you have democrat from west virginia and a republican pat toomey of pennsylvania the most conservative members of their respective parties and both have a ratings from the national rifle association. abc7 news reports that if the deal holds the bill is likely to pass by a fairly wide margin in the senate. majority leader harry reid. schedule an initial vote for tomorrow. as for the republican threat of a filibuster "new york times" is reported that several senate republicans are saying they will not participate. >> katie marzullo, thank you. a man was shot and killed in the east bay in a home where someone was growing marijuana in oakland
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near 85th avenue and international boulevard before 6:00 last night. our media partner reports that the officers found the man suffering from gunshot wounds outside the home the he was taken to the hospital but died. no word on what led to the shooting or if police have any suspects. this is oakland's 26th homicide of the year. a sonoma county teen is under arrest in connection with an attack on a gay teenager at school. the 19-year-old from santa rosa was part of a group of gang members who beat and robbed an 18-year-old at an elementary school. investigators say the victim went to the school on march 29 to meet friends and the suspects took his wallet and cell phone. deputies arrested a 17-year-old in the case on friday and are treating the attack as a hate crime. >> four people accused of killing a man pimping a 17-year-old girl are expected to face additional charges during
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the rearraignment in san francisco today. the 27-year-old was the victim. he was reportedly pimping the daughter of two of the defendants. police say he brought the girl back to their home in the bayview district in juan and the next day, sne. d was shot to death as he waited to bring the girl back to los angeles where he lived. the parents of the girl and two other men are charged with murder in the case. >> the man who used to hold the top job at a are maen county sanitation district is a fugitive with a $1 million warrant for stealing taxpayer money. this is the 45-year-old bret richards during an interview two years ago. last july he resigned as the sanitation district executive director and disappeared. the board president said that $350,000 loop was a perk intended to help him buy a home when he was hired in 2008. instead, the d.a. said he laundered it through several bank accounts and never bought
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the home. he was elected shortly before richards resigned said this was very little oversight. >> i said, well, where is the security? are we holding a second deed of terrorist? that is what i looked for, a second deed of trust? we held no paper on any property. >> richard could face ten years in prison and a fine of $1 million if he is found and convicted. >> this morning i was watching some of the new york city broadcasts and they were bragging about their weather been being in the low 80's out there. we don't have anything to be jealous of. >> where would you rather be? an easy question, here at home where you can see from our beautiful embarcardero, the trees are not swaying as much as they did yesterday, if at all. temperatures right now are running in the 50's and 60's. dress accordingly. be ready for 60's at the coast. 70's and 80's around the bay.
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we are talking mid-70's to low 80's and mid, say, low 80's to mid-80's inland and want out for the pollen. temperatures take an about face tomorrow and the sea breeze will come back and this picture tomorrow morning will have a lot more cloud cover in it as the cooler air returns. we will show you that seven-day outlook in a few minutes. leyla gulen has more traffic. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:07. back to the east bay we have an overturned truck along northbound 680 at miss boulevard, at the 262 connection. we are also looking at another accident involving three cars, along the on-ramp to northbound 880 so your drive to hayward is slow at this hour but, again, watch out for the truck accident that is blocking one lane. to the altamont pass it is slowing down and 47 miles per hour from the central valley. headed closer to dublin/pleasanton, the speeds will jump up ever-so-slightly
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and at highway four, through antioch and to concord, you are running at top speeds and, again, we have a fatality in santa cruz mountains off bear creek road, a car went off the embankment and we have one fatality. this is right near highway 35 so traffic is not affected along 35 or 17. >> next, the push in sacramento to return thousands of dollars in education that could mean for millions of california college students. >> he is ready for visitors camera and what it takes to prepare this penguin public for the big debut. but first america's money report this morning. >> topping america's money investors sending wall street to new records, gaining 60 points to close at 1,463 and the nasdaq gained 15. four million job openings available in february, the labor
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department says that is the highest number since early 2008 and comes after employers added 88,000 jobs last month. more than a billion in art work is given to 9 new york metropolitan museum of art from the heir to a cosmetic fortune, only the 24 the person, ever to give a gift more than $1 billion. that is america's money,
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a live look from the sutro camera to san francisco and the bay bridge. we are glad to have you with us. what you see is clear skies making for a beautiful day. mike will have the forecast coming up. >> students at some private colleges and trade schools could receive more state grant money. the assembly of higher education approve as bill to restore the maximum cal grant award to $9,up the amount students could receive was reduced last year in the state budget to $4,000 and this would begin with the 2013/2014 school year, in the fall. >> the bart board will vote on making it cheaper for airport employees to take batt to work and would no longer have to pay a surcharge added to tickets in
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2009 when bart was facing a huge budget deficit. the surcharge ranging from $1.50 to $4. the airport pays bart $169,000 to make up for the lost revenue. >> california lawmakers hope to stop a growing new trend targeting celebrities called swatting, with a new bill increasing penalties for making fake 9-1-1 calls usually with the purpose of sending emergency crews for celebrity hopes. justin timberlake and p. diddy were swatted but not victims, not all victims are celebrity. in 2011 a san francisco family was swatted when a swat team kicked in the door during dinner the pranksters would have to pay all costs for the emergency response. >> a baby seal is recovering this morning after being rescued from palo alto discovered by a city worker in a park near a floodgate yesterday. animal control officer captured
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it with a net and arranged for the mammal center to pick it up. the baby seal did not appear to be injured but animal control says it may have been distressed or abandoned. >> new member of the penguin family will make its public debut today at the california academy of senators. the penguin was hatched a couple of months good morning and high got a clean bill of health and will be introduced at the exhibit with biologists on hand in case others try to back up on the newcomer. he will be at the bottom of the pecking order of penguins. the academy is holding a contest to make the penguin. the winner received a painting created by the penguin, yes, i said it would be create the by the penguin, with direction by the staff. to find out how to enter, go to and click "see it
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on tv." using its flippers it will hold the paintbrush? >> they dip the flippers in paint and let it walk on the pain. >> you did that when the kids were baby, right? >> with the footprints, yes. >> this is the first chick hatched in the new building. >> congratulations. >> good day to check owe the penguins. >> good day to check out anything outside. it will be warm. break out the sunscreen the you need it. you will need to be protected from the sun today. we are looking from sutro tower to show you the east bay hills. the temperatures are running in the 60's right new. only our most sheltered valleys are running in the 40's. we are off to a mild start. this higher start or this remain warmer start this morning means we will have warmer temperatures
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this afternoon. ready for 70's and 80's? that is what we will have away from the coast in the middle-to-upper 60's and not so breezy. expect total sunshine today. tomorrow, the sea breeze comes back and this time tomorrow well have clouds on sutro as the sea breeze brings the morning marine layer back so 5 to 10 degree change tomorrow. if you like the spring warmth it will peak. the 50's and 60's will be back to the coast tomorrow. i don't see any rain in the next seven days. have a good day. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:17 we are looking at san jose, a drive along 87, northbound right around the julian off-ramp traffic is moving along well. we do have a report of an accident along westbound san mateo bridge you will see one lane blocked. it is not slowing track as you come from hayward and into foster city so you are doing
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well. just a little bit of a hazy picture. back to the east bay i want to let you know about the accident we have been reporting all morning. it is an overturned truck northbound 680 at mission boulevard we are seeing a slow down there as you come up in the northbound direction, southbound traffic is not affected. we have construction until 7:00 a.m. and northbound 880 to highway 237 we will have one or two lanes blocked until 7:00 a.m. >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> you may feel like you are walking on water when you hear how cheap it is to go on a cruise. the bloomberg business report is coming up. ought end of a manhunt for a couple and that two children and where authorities caught up with them and the charges the parents now face. >> today we tackling a have-sized epidemic, childhood obesity. we will introduce you to some kids who are going the road to better health and we teamed up
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>> developing news from florida this morning, a young couple accused of kidnapping their two sons and fleeing to cuba are back in the united states this morning. the husband and wife are held in florida jail on federal and state charges of kidnapping, child neglect and interference with child custody. authorities say the father when to his mother mother-in-law's home and tied her up and took the boys. he lost custody after drug possession arrest. the boys are fine and are now back in the custody of their
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maternal grandparents. >> first it was texas governor perry and now the governors of utah and virginia want to lure jobs away from california. republican governors from the two states will visit orange county, silicon valley, and san francisco this week. both say they can offer lower taxes and lets red tape. a texas consultant says this is like going after low-handing fruit. >> more debris from the japan tsunami two years ago washed ashore on this side of the pacific. a 20' boat covered with barnacle s was discovered. they have been growing for a year on the get have traced some writing on the boat to a high school in the tsunami zone. it is an hour from the oregon border and at least 4,500 miles from where the tsunami hit the. >> a he is going on this morning in the desert. officials say this is a once if a lifetime flowering frenzy. this video from the national
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parks conservation association shows just about every tree is blooming or about to, normally only some of the joshua trees bloom. experts do not know why all the trees are blooming. some say late summer storms last year gave them a vital infusion of water and others say trees are responding to cooler weather but it is amazing. >> home prices could be about to drop in one bay area city could affected more. >> good news if you are shopping for a bargain cruise. now jane king. >> good morning, thanks to the problems passengers had on the cruise ship you can go on a cruise for less than it costs to stay at a motel 6 offering a four day bahamas crew for $149 including meals and beverages. travel agents say the cries line prices are coming down after thousands were strapped on the triumph in february after an engine fire. zillow is warning home prices
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are about to drop, the real estate information company says paychecks are not growing fast enough to keep up with rising home prices leaving housing markets in san jose, los angeles, portland, san diego and denver vulnerable. >> helping environmental groups launching a national campaign asking ten major retailers including walmart and costco to take products containing had douse chemicals off the shelves. the groups list at least 100 chemicals in clothing, shampoo, sofas and food packaging. t emotional offering discounts to people would trade in old iphones for iphone 5's. can you buy on an installment plan. check the date to see how much internet use you get before you reach the monthly limit. that is the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, everyone. we have new official reporting stations at concord airport and napa airport and santa rosa airport where we could have record highs at 83.
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the rest of us are in the 80's inland and near the low 80's around the bay and warm at the coast. temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 60's. headed to the game, it will be a bright and beautiful day at at&t park. grab the sunscreen. 70 at 12:45 and we will warm to 73 and drop to 72 by the end of the game. as far as traveling around the state, mid-80's through the central valley, and 64 at tahoe and low-to-upper 70's for los angeles and palm springs. >> as we look at the berkeley drive on westbound 80 it is decent as far as accidents but the track is starting to build up a bit as you move from the berkeley curve and to the macarthur maze. i want to take you now to the east bay. before that i want to tell you about the fatality in the santa cruz mountains, right off bear creek road near highway 35, a car went over the side and highway 35 or highway 17 are affected. the east bay, northbound 680 to
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hayward, the mission boulevard off-ramp is closed. that is due to an overturned truck. eric and kristen? >> 5:25. animals and home video and jimmy kimmel has a field day. >> the star of an amazing animal video is not the animal, it is the woman recording the animal. >> that is the raccoon walking side to one side using the tennis ball. very, very clever. >> he airs weeknights at 11:35 at the new time following abc7 news at 11 with "nightline" after jimmy. owe "dancing with the stars", the reality star of real house wives of beverly hills exited 9 computation saying she had an
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amazing time and learned four dances along the way, starting with the foxtrot and jiv." -- jive and got her best score with the waltz. who will walk away with the trophy? that is coming up on america at 7:00. >> we are 145 days away from the opening of the new bay bridge and questions surround broken bolts and the answers caltran's expecting to provide the. >> developing news from the east bay, three people shot on a quiet street in antioch and now neighbors are revealing new information about
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is wednesday. good morning. 5:29. thanks for waking up early and joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. weather-wise, mike? >> pretty quiet. the weather is dry. we will check out the winds. look how calm they are compared to yesterday. no one is outside of half moon bay above ten miles per hour. fairfield is nine but everyone else is three to seven miles per hour. so a quieter start. we will be warmer than yesterday without the breeze around 80 for the bay and 86 inland and not so breezy at the coast with temperatures surging in the upper 60's. enjoy the warmth. it will not last. i have the seven-day outlook in a minute. leyla gulen has the commute. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:30 we are starting the drive off at toll plaza along bay bridge, look at this, traffic is moving smoothly out of oakland to san francisco, and the
5:28 am
accident in the east bay is now a sig-alert because of an overturned big rig northbound 680 at mission boulevard the 506 ramp is closed. use alternate routes so they can move this truck out of the way. a sig-alert northbound 680 at mission boulevard. eric and kristen? >> antioch police are trying to unravel the mystery behind a triple shooting that resulted in a man dead and two women injured. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in antioch with the latest. amy hollyfield? >> good morning. petroleum would live on this street say they shocked this happened here and they do think they know who was shot. it happened before 11:00 last night in a home on yorkshire avenue. police found three people shot inside the home. neighbors tell us it was a mother, her adult daughter, and the daughter's ex-boyfriend and they all had been shot.
5:29 am
they say the woman had a temporary restraining order against the man. neighbors say they are stunned it happened. >> we have historied here five years and never had any problems by the grace of god, god has protected me. people are very friendly. it is like a family. if something goes wrong with one, everyone is there to help. >> the man was killed. the women survived. they are in critical condition. police have not said anything about the suspect, if there are any, if any arrests have been made or their theory of what happened. look at look at a live pit of ts street. it is very friendly. they are shocked this happened here. live in antioch for abc7 news, amy hollyfield. authorities in san jose are working to identify a burned
5:30 am
body found on a freeway on-ramp last night. firefighters scored the body while putting out a brushfire on the on-ramp to highway 85 after 9:15. the victim may have been sleeping at a homeless encampment. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. abc7 news reporter is getting the latest from the scene and will join us in the next half hour. >> richmond police have increased patrols after daytime shooting left a man dead. the jogger was killed yesterday at 28th and virginia street. he was targeted in a group of 20 running as part of a vocational class. two other people were wounded. police do not have a suspect instead. they did find a get away vehicle reported stolen. >> a man is in custody this morning after driving the wrong way on highway four during a high speed chase happening after 6:00 p.m. last night in bay point when contra costa county deputies tried to pull the man over for driving recklessly.
5:31 am
he took off driving into oncoming traffic. officers arrested the man a short time later after he went off the road in pittsburg with several warrants for his arrest. >> happening now, the body of a soldier from san jose is back on u.s. soil after he was killed over the weekend in afghanistan. 24-year-old specialist d." l -- specialist delfin santos jr. was killed. and a state department diplomat was killed, and his sister says the family is heartbroken. he was a growing example of what it took to be a soldier. >> we honor him as a soldier myself and as a brother and all the other soldiers that have done this and all the other families that have sacrificed for this country. >> he didn't fear. he just said if i am going to be
5:32 am
gone, that is it, this is my mission, this is what i have to do. i accept the fact. if it happened, it happens, poll. >> santos was on the second deployment after join the army in 2007 previously serving in iraq. four other americans were killed in the explosion on sunday. >> we should learn why steel rods on the spokesman of the bay bridge brick. in a few hours caltran will address the metropolitan transportation committee and will answer whether testing protocols were followed after three dozen steel rods snapped on the brick deck. experts and a private consultant have criticized caltran saying the failure was preventable. caltran estimates it will cost about $1 million to fix the problem. the new span is scheduled for only labor day weekend, 145 days from now. >> the city of santa clara is moving closer to having a large-scale entertainment we hub built next to the 49ers stadium.
5:33 am
on tuesday, the city council agreed to let a developer launch a $200,000 study of building options at the 230-acre site paving city owned land and great america parkway to make room for shops, housing, and restaurants. the proposed project is five times larger than san jose's santana row. >> governor brown is meeting with chinese trade officials in beijing today after signing a landmark agreement to strengthen economic ties between california and china. the governor is leading business leaders from across the state including the bay area on a week-long trade mission. their signed memorandum of understanding establishes a working group made up of dozens of leaders from california and china meet regularly to discuss trade and investment opportunities in never, biotechnology, never technology, agriculture, energy, and tourism^. >> president obama's long awaited 2014 budget is on way to congress and guaranteed to rile
5:34 am
both ends of the political spectrum. the president is looking for a deal to reduce runaway deficits that have topped $1 trillion in each of the last four years. the left is already bashing the spending plan saying the poor and elderly will suffer from the slowing of social security and medicare. conservatives are unhappy with the plan because it calls for new taxes to reduce the deficit. >> right now there are significant signs a miff -- missile launch from north korea could be imminent with one ready to launch and fuel. south korea raised the alert level to the threat level just short of war. japan is also on high alert. north korea is urging tourists and diplomats to leave the south. >> north korea's statement advising phoners to make plans to evacuated seoul is more unhelpful rhetoric that serves only to escalate continuations. >> someone will have to blink. it is not going to be the unmuch it is not going to be south
5:35 am
korea. so far, kim jong-un, has made it clear it is not going to be him. >> the united states specific commander says the test missiles goes over water, the united states does not need to shoot it down but he would recommend intercepting in defense of the united states or our allies. >> now a time for weather forecast. you like sun? >> totally that is why we live here. mike has the forecast. >> energizing sun shine is what we have. warmer-than-average temperatures. the flag at pier 15 shows what you need to know on the forecast, it is not moving. the winds are gone. the warm air can take over. we will be nine degrees warmer than we should at napa, redwood city, and san francisco. 12 in san jose. 14 in oak. 19 degrees warmer-than-average in livermore. we have mid-to-upper 50's at 7:00. we have sunshine. we will be in the low-to-mid 70's away from the coast by
5:36 am
noon. we will be in the 70's and 80's away from the coast by 4:00 where you are in the upper 50's to mid-60's. by 7:00, 50's at the coast and low 70's, a delightful evening, without the breezes of yesterday it will feel what the temperature says on the thermometer. sea breeze comes back tomorrow and we hold in the 70's with partly cloudy to mostly sunny conditions friday into saturday at the coast, in the upper 50's to low 60's. enjoy. here is leyla gulen. >> good morning, everyone. we will keep you to the east bay if you are headed in fremont, a sig-alert is in aknow, northbound at 680, the off-ramp is shut down and we have 18,000 pounds on that big rig to off load before they can move the truck. it will take quite a while to clear up and it is affecting traffic. the travel times, between antioch and concord under 20
5:37 am
minutes and 25 minutes out of the central valley to dublin/pleasanton and on the 80 you are look at a short 13 minutes between highway 4 and into the macarthur maze and a quick look, a look at the golden gate bridge, traffic is moving smoothly from marin county. >> 5:39. a student magazine has a peninsula community talking. ahead, the serious subject sparking a frank discussion at a bay area high school. >> immigrationry form hits home. 4th graders are tryin
5:38 am
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with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, a group of 4th graders from berkeley take part in a rally and vigil as part of a national day of action for immigration reform. students at jefferson elementary school are trying to bring attention to their campaign to bring their friend and classmate guzman home. the ten-year-old guzman and his parents were visiting family in mexico and the visa expired and they were denied entry in the united states in january. they were told they had a 5-year wait to reapply for new visas. >> in washington, there is a deal on allowing farm workers into the united states, a key issue that has been standing in the way of an immigration reform policy. lawmakers are not offering specifics about the deal.
5:41 am
a bipartisan group of senators is hoping to come up with a sweeping reform bill by the end of the week. >> sexual assault awareness month nationwide but some high school students are taking a close look at rape. palo alto high school student run magazine has dedicated six stories to the topic in this month's issue. the cover store focused on two female students who admitted they drink too much and were then raped. the staff say the articles raise awareness and correct misconceptions about rain. students agree saying they found the stories "eye opening." >> something that everyone who is in while, who is going to college, who ever drinks, who ever will have sex, needs to know about. >> surprising to know that this kind of thing is happening. >> students picked up the issue yesterday and parents should get their own copy in the mail tomorrow. >> this morning, san bruno police are asking for the public's help in fining the armed robber who held up a chuck
5:42 am
e. cheese restaurant. this man robbed a chuck e. cheese at the sound town center of san bruno on monday at gunpoint in the manager's office away from the customers. there were 15 children and 15 adults in the restaurant at the time. they did not know the robbery was happening. witnesses say the man drove away if a silver newer model toyota prius. >> the warriors are going to the playoffs for only the second time in 19 seasons and for the first time since 2007. the warriors clinched the playoff berth in oakland last night in front of their fans. the place was rocked. they routed the minnesota timberwolves 105-89 and clay thompson led with 30 points. the warriors are seeded 6th out of 8 playoff spots and only have four games left in the regular season which ends next
5:43 am
wednesday. it would be great to hold on to that spot. >> save some of the mojo for the playoffs. don't play it all out on the path to the promised land. >> we have a lot of sunshine and warmth. can we expect it for longer? >> a couple more days. when we cool off we will still be above average so we have spring mojo or spring warmth mojo in the forecast. good morning to you. here is live doppler 7 hd. the only thing you will need an umbrella for today is the strong sunshine. it will be sunny and the warm of the day. clouds return tonight and the sea breeze will bring us cooler temperatures but we will be mild and breezy headed through the week. from sutro tower you can see downtown san francisco and bay bridge toward alameda and before chicago where we are at 62 in oak. san jose is 53. walnut creek is 50. palo alto is the cool spot at
5:44 am
59. east bay hills and to the coast it is clear. santa rosa at 49 and than pa at 48. fairfield is 62 and low 50's for livermore. los gatos, dress for 55. the high pressure we have been watching is starting to make inland roads through our neighborhoods and setting up shop to our east as we head to the afternoon hours. that will give us a slight offshore wind and take ambassador the cooling sea breeze the reason why it will be so warm. look at this, milpitas sunnyvale and santa cruz the only areas not around 80 to 84 toward the ocean. low-to-mid 70's to redwood city and menlo park and palo alto and and at mid-80's. we have low-to-mid 70's around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and 80's law the
5:45 am
north bay valley and mid-60's at your beaches. we will have upper 70's to low 80's along the east bay shore with oak at 80 degrees today. you will be better than that in the east bay valleys and mid-80's and probably not need the air conditioners but you may want to make sure it is running okay before the real heat comes. tonight, you have clouds and sea breeze, a sign that things are changing. tomorrow, a good six to 12 degrees cooler and away from the coast we stay above average through saturday and temperatures are back to average if not below on monday next week. it is dry all seven days. leyla gulen? >> the toll plaza on the bay bridge, the cash paying lane is slowing down so if you coming from oakland you will slow down a little bit but not with fast track. it may pay to have fast track. an accident through fremont
5:46 am
northbound 680 at mission boulevard the off-ramp is shut down because of an overturned big rig. it is carrying at least 18,000 pounds of material that needs to be off loaded so it will be a huge mop up on the morning commute. as we take you out to san francisco, we still have to closure until 6:00 a.m., southbound 101 to eastbound 80, we have that ramp closed until 6:00 a.m. with the cones picked up by then. >> leyla gulen has been here for two weeks now. what hobbies do you have? >> i love photography. san francisco is very photo genic city. i have enjoyed taking pictures of the beautiful bridges and the beautiful country side and
5:47 am
during my trip to napa over the weekend i took some wonderful pictures out there and i will post those to facebook if anyone has any recommendations please tweet me. i will would love to hear what the viewers would recommend. >> mike is always looking for great weather shots so you can get a steady supply right here from leyla gulen. >> you are on the hook now. >> i'll deliver. >> he will put you to work. >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> sewage rates in a bay area city could make a dramatic jump with a proposal a community is considering. >> first, the first ever powerball drawing with california taking part is hours away. the response players here in
5:48 am
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5:50 am
>> welcome back at 5:52. in china a new strain of the bird flu claimed a 9th life. the number of confirmed cases is at 28. the first case of the flu were announced last week. all have been reported in shanghai and three eastern provinces. officials believe people are contracting the virus through direct contact with infected birds. >> a poll is out this morning on how americans feel about paying taxes with just five days to go to the april 15 filing deadline.
5:51 am
the latest washington post/abc news poll shows 85 percent of americans support taxpayers doing whatever they can legally to trim what they owe the government. evenly split as to how they see the internal revenue service, 49 percent view it fairly and 48 percent view the internal revenue service unfavorably. >> california is looking for a new gold rush and powerball is getting off to a strong start in the first week. tickets for the game generated $3.1 million in 9 first 24 hours on monday morning. it was closer to $4 million last night. officials are blown away by this because the previous first day sales record was set by florida in 2009 at $1.5 million. the powerball drawing is tonight. >> now to the surprise reunion, the happiest place on earth, a little girl made the wish to snow white that her marine dad stationed in afghanistan would
5:52 am
come home. we will show you what happened. this is the four-year-old visiting disney's magical well, covering her eyes and telling snow white i wish with my heart my daddy would come home. and there he was. a pretty power much wish. she opened her eyes and her father, first lieutenant scott brown was stand there next to the wish will -- wishing well. >> so wonderful. >> 5:54. the weather is wonderful today, too. >> didn't have to make a wish into the wishing wish. >> what you need are sunglasses and a way to keep yourself from getting baked at at&t park. up to 73 and then falling to 72 by end of game.
5:53 am
it will be a great day to round out the series with the rockies. a few clouds on live doppler 7 hd with our trough of low pressure and the wind shift is bringing cooler air tomorrow, and it could bring sprinkles to eureka and otherwise we have low-to-mid 80's through the central valley and 64 in tahoe and headed to monterey and 66 with sunshine and low-to-upper 80's around los angeles and palm springs. >> we look at the drive in fremont we have a sig-alert around until further notice at mission boulevard the off-ramp is shut down because of an overturned big rig and 18,000 pounds need to be off loaded. as you make it along 680, it is not too bad and up to hayward it is looking clear out there. i take you out to the altamont pass where we have construction that will last until 11 a.m. and eastbound 580 between greenville road and north flynn, again, that will be about two lanes
5:54 am
shut down but look at the westbound traffic. >> a bill intended to punish the boy scouts financially for the policy of prohibiting gay members faces their first test today. a state senate committee considers a measure that would deny tax-exempt status to nonprofit groups that refuse to accept gay, transgender or atheists, and would be the first state in the nation to take the action. boy scout leaders will reconsider the policy against gay members in may. >> the organizers of san francisco's fleet week are vowing the event will go on in october despite the loss of the blue angels. we were the first to tell you on midday news the navy will ground the popular air show not rest of the year because of budget cuts. it came about because the federal government failed to finalize a budget in time early this year forcing massive defense cuts. fleet week could see other
5:55 am
cutbacks including the parade of ships. >> next at 6:00 we are continuing to follow developing news from san jose. a deadly discover by firefighters near a busy highway. >> wore not often heard in washington: compromise. ahead the deal in the works between democrats and republicans when it comes to gun control. >> later, two silicon valley tech giants want to expand their partnership and what yahoo and
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> developing news at 6:00, a triple shooting in the east bay. a man is dead and two women are in the hospital with gunshot wounds. >> in san jose, firefighters respond to put out flames near a freeway on-ramp. in the battle, they make a deadly discovery. >> all eyes on north korea this morning as the communist country announced it is preparing for a missile launch.
5:58 am
>> a wednesday, 6:00, with a lot going on this morning. we are glad you are with us. >> the weather, though, will be cooperating. mike? >> especially if you like spring warmth, it could be record highs in our viewer reporting stakes like concord and laird and santa rosa and napa. dry with a few high clouds right now and total sunshine today. starting off inland, in the mid-50's. we will be in the mid-70's by the time we get to balloon and low 80's for the better part of the afternoon and low 70's and pleasant evening. calmer conditions at the coast add mid-50's and low 60's by noon and through the afternoon it will be calmer. notice the clouds at 7:00, that is the sea breeze starting to gather, and that will bring us cooler temperatures. i will show you that in the forecast headed into the weekend. leyla gulen? >> we have a couple of problems
5:59 am
in santa cruz mountains. the first is something we have reported all morning, a fatality, right off of bear creek road. it is not affecting traffic or is 17 affected but this will be around until further notice because c.h.p. and emergency crews cannot get to this particular accident until later this morning when the sun comes up. we have a brand new accident involving a big rig that hit the overcrossing of mainstream southbound 17 beyond highway 9 and we are not seeing delays out here but it is blocking a lane. to the east bay as you are headed to fremont, northbound at 680 at mission boulevard we have a sig-alert because of an overturned big rig and 18,000 pounds of cargo needs to be taken off. it will be a while to clean that up. >> developing news from the south bay where authorities are trying to figure house a body ended up on fire near a freeway on-ramp. abc7 news reporter cornell


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