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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 11, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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they got 68. the vote also sets the stage for a senate vote on an amendment to ban assault weapons senator feinstein promised. >> we're going to have to have a vote on assault weapons. some people love it. some people hate it. >> i believe the government should focus on keeping firearms out of hands of criminals and those with mental issues that could cause them to be a threat to our society. >> following the news the president called some of the families of the newtown, connecticut school shootings and told them progress was not have been possible without their efforts. some families crowded into the gally for the vote. we're learning new details from the gun shop that sold weapons to the mother of the newtown gunman, adam lanza. a document found the shop ranked up hundreds of violations for selling guns to felons. >> police are investigating a rolling gun battle that sent four people to the hospital
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and left this car riddled with bullets. investigators say 30 rounds were fired between two cars in north vallejo late last night. all four victims are expected to survive. >> san francisco police are searching for two car jackers after a chase ended a dramatic crash. the car clipped a muni bus. >> a convicted child molester is qog back to jail for violating terms of probation. a judge sentenced him to 30 days in prison after he volunteered in a church festival insolving several children. he was convicted in 2010 for lewd acts on a minor under 14. >> happening seven mid western states after a series of
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twisters caused damage across alabama, mississippi and arkansas. >> you can see the trail of destruction left behind in this missouri town. three touchdowns touched down just in the past hours. >> this home video captured the size of the twister that touched down in rural mississippi. >> it's frightening. the town reported several residents injured when a tornado tore through that community. >> fair weather here in the bay area. >> yes. cooler today, but still mild, though, you're right. pleasant. very calm and quiet weather picture here. just a few low clouds near the coast just a very few that, is about it. blue skies looking westward from our east bay camera right now, it's 65 degrees in san francisco. 70 in oakland. san jose, 69. 55 half moon bay.
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looking at golden gate bridge, we see traffic moving nicely. larry don't mean to steal your traffic thunder. and temperature readings at 78 in santa rosa. 23 fairfield. and this is our first forecast i should say. and mostly clear, breezy, temperatures from about 50 up to mid-60s, in the morning chilly in the interior valleys where low temperatures drop into low 40s, by but afternoon, warmer conditions, mainly sunny, and 80 into warmest inland locations. we'll see a changing pattern develop. i'll give you a look at that in my accu-weather forecast coming up later. >> thank you. >> i'm tear tore yil. every year, san francisco mission district gears up for carnival. >> it's the biggest event but faced a major hurdle this
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year. a lack of funding. community leaders stepped up and saved the event but your help is still needed. we learned about the campaign last night. >> we are live now with the story. leanne? >> you know community leaders here heard that carnival may not happen, they said there are two things you never cancel. never cancel carnival or christmas. for more than 30 years the celebration has been a tradition in the mission district. >> people come together. just a party. >> two day celebration before memorial day attracts about a quarter of a million people. >> that is part of the city. >> but months ago, the organization running it said it no longer had resources.
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the event had become too big. too costly. that is when they learned to a community leader. >> a bunch of us have been involved in the past i called everybody up and said we've got to safe carnival. >> the mission's art community has been working with hernandez, one of the first things they did was scale back the event. the budget is now 300,000s oodz we raised $137,000. we need another $163,000 for the event. if there are angels that want to help safe carnival, you can fly into the sky for the carnival weekend. >> they need about 100 more volunteers. >> it brings many to the merchants into the city. >> he and others say without carnival, the commission would lose a part of the identity. that is something here people
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are trying to hold on to. >> it would like losing a part of the commission. >> so, why does it cause so much to put on an event like this one? well, by the way the city is helping financially. but they have a number of costs. permanent yits security. the toilets and insurance is $33,000. now, if you want to help by making a donation or by volunteering we have a link. visit our web site. and click on see it on tv. carnival is on may 25th, may 26th. see you there. >> leanne, thank you. if you're group would like to team up to host the next meeting just go to our community page abc 7 >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 i know you remember dusty
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the clepto kitty. the special appearance in a premier event in the bay area. >> personal computer sales down 13% in three months. is this the next dinosaur? we'll have the story coming up. >> some of the new members of the west coast blues hall of fame. >> 4:09 this afternoon in the bay area, checking our live traffic cam. this is the downtown san francisco skyway. it's the bumper to bumper crawl to the lower deck of the bay bridge head together east bay. better for folks on the righthand side of the screen. we're going southbound perhaps to the peninsula
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governor brown is moving quickly during a trade mission in china today, hopping aboard a bullet train. pebs of the delegation are lobbying for an investment for the high speed rail system. this a day after brown announced an investment in a water frount housing development. >> the desk top pc appears to be going away. a victim of the growing popularity of mobile devices. abc 7 news now looks at the biggest drop yet in pc sales. >> consumers never had so many choices. for desk and for use on the go. but the late steve jobs once
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said this is the beginning of the post pc era. the ipad and other units grow in popularity. year after year, personal computer sales have been falling and the past three months saw the biggest drop. down 14% down 11% for dell. librarians still turn to the desk top pcs consumers are driving the trend. >> that, you know, we're going to change something more small, more compact. >> calling pc a dinosaur is premature, experts say, it has storage capacity a mobile device is the doesn't. scott stein is a senior editor. >> you want to keep photos nearby. tablets just aren't good at that mass storage solution. >> security another concern.
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malware bytes says attacks may shift to mobile device depending on the platform it can just steal data sending it back to remote server. >> if this is the end of the pc era, what can happen down the road? the end of the smart phone and tab blet era? >> a smaller tab blet may be on the way and mark zuckerberg getting into politics. >> good afternoon, today, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg announced the formation of a political advocacy group founded by zuckerberg that will advocate for policy changes favorable to the tech community such as more accountability from schools and also, immigration reform long a goal for many tech entrepreneurs. fire fox developer mozilla
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looking for a new ceo. the current ceo announced he'll step down but will remain on the board. he is credited with helping mozilla transition into mobile. pay pal is buying iron pearl help prog ducts spread virally across the internet. charged with keeping existing users more engaged. a stronger than expectedded weekly jobs report helped stocks advance today. and microsoft reportedly developing a smaller surface tab let that will compete with the amazon kindel fire and the "wall street journal" says production is expected to start later this year.
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in san francisco, i'm emily chang, back to you. >> emily, thank you. secretary of state john kerry will be enjoying some of canada's best thanks to the u.s. victory in the womens' world hockey championships. today, prentd him with a case of canadian lager. the two in london a group of 8 industrialized nation autos you remember the cat that stole our hearts with other stuff? he's back in the news. >> dusty the clepto cat. we first met dusty in 2011 surrounded by things he had found. >> our story went feral, we
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should say, viral. he got a spot on david letterman, there he is. in the burlingame pet parade. >> he will appear at the first ever oakland internet cat video festival next month. our vic lee brought us the great stories. >> yes. he must have quite an agent. >> yes. >> boy like to see that paw. >> still very mild. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. first... live doppler 7 showing sunny skies right now. and thin high clouds and spots of low coastal clouds. here is the development we're looking at now. a frost advisory foremost of
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the air to the north including delnorte and trinity. temperatures going to be dropping around freezing spot or near freezing in these locations. we can expect chilly conditions in the north bay valleys tonight. sunny skies and wrmer tomorrow. and cooler weather develops for us beginning on sunday. take a look at pacific satellite image you can see a dry cold front has passed through and the air behind it is cooler. and certainly to the north. start agent 7:00 this evening, notice areas of coastal clouds, low clouds at the coast. into mid day hours, sunny skies and warmer in most areas but breezy near the coast and not much of a warm up on the coast.
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overnight tonight, low temperatures into upper 40s, looking northward, napa, cloverdale, lows into low 40s. and mainly sunny in the south bay. low to mid-70s from redwood city. upper 50s to low 60s on the ko. a high of 67 tomorrow, 60 in the sunset district. east bay, highs 72 in oakland and union city. and inland east bay up near 80 degrees. fairfield 77 in livermore, here is the accu-weather forecast. after tomorrow's warmth, we'll see mild weather again on saturday. a sharp drop off and windy
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conditions highs reaching from low 50s to low 60s for much of the bay area, we'll warm it up. >> a breezy cool down over the weekend, sunday, monday, but no rain. >> thank you. >> up next, jay-z setting the record stwrait a new rap. how he's respond together criticism over a recent trip to cuba. >> caught on video a plight of robbers after he was shot. >> another live look at traffic. right side of the screen heading towards the peninsula. oncoming traffic is looking pretty good.
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florida parents charged with kidnapping their two sons and fleeing to cuba will remain in jail. they were denied bond during a brief court hearing today. the couple is accused of taking boys from their maternal grandparents last week after losing custody and then, sailing to cuba. they were arrested and brought back to the united states yesterday. today the boys were all smims as they appeared in a news conference with their grandparents. >> they've been told everyone heard about this sail boat trip too cuba, another country as they called it. their airplane ride back to
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america and everyone wants to take their picture. >> and we can see why. the grandparents hope they can get back to normal quickly here and just be care free little boys again. looks like they're on the way to doing that. >> not camera shy. >> jay-z breaking silence over a controversial trip he took to cuba. >> releasing a song addressing the couple's trip last week to havana suggesting the uproar is rooted in snobry because he grew up poor. >> one verse says the white house gave clearance for the trip forced the obama administration to do explaining today. >> are you saying the president did not have a conversation. >> i am saying the white house from the president on down had nothing to do with anybody's travel to cuba. the treasury handles it. the president did not communicate with jay-z over
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the trip. >> the white house maintains the treasury department granted permission as part of a cultural visit two. republican lawmakers claim it was being used for propaganda or by the cuban government. >> a deadly text. a message that took a student's live. >> a fresh round of threats from north korea. new claims of release wtd about the north's nuclear weapons's capability autos president obama awards posthumously a army chaplain. >> we have a sweet tooth but would you eat candy with less sugar that claims to be good for you?
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oorks two new developments in the escalating conflict on the korean peninsula. a new pentagon report says the country probably has nuclear weapons that can be launch bid missle but they aren't very reliable. abc news is reporting the north is preparing to test fire a missile that could reach guam. the president warned the north
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the united states will take in his words, all necessary steps to protect americans. >> now is the time for america to end the kind of belligerent approach they've been taking. and to try to lower temperatures, nobody wants to see a conflict on the corin peninsula. >> secretary of state kerry is heading to seoul, then to beijing to meet with chinese leaders about this crisis. >> the president's budget continues to draw fire today. even nancy pelosi is expressing concern. mark math use sat down with ronald reagan's budget director. >> david stockman says the president missed an opportunity and he says the economy is headed for another crash.
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progressives are houling the budget is a document only a republican could love. >> in 2008 he said he would not cut social security. >> in the 2008, then candidate obama did make a pledge but his budget now proposes limiting the growth of social security benefits but changing the way the cost of living is calculated. it ronald reagan's former budget director calls it a little bitty fix for a huge problem. >> i think we're going to end up over $1020 trillion in deficits unless there are big changes. >> he says defense should be cut by 50 to $150 billion and
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taxes? everybody should be paying more. >> not just 2% or oil companies or loophole that is targeted. middle class is going to have to pay higher taxes, too or we're never going to get this budget under control. >> and he adds social security should be eliminated for those who are financially secure. >> we can't afford to pay you know $800 bill a year it is costing. >> stockman says the government's borrowing from the social security trust fund left that fund with just a paper promise. >> there is no cash in that trust fund. it's intergovernmental paper. you might as well call it confetti he is here prom he yoting his book and will be speaking tonight at the common wealth club. coming up at 6:00 how did ronald reagan's champion of trickle down economics get to where he is today?
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>> angelina jolie's call for action against sexual violence in war zones. including for prevention and response and says countries looked the other way too long. >> rape has been treated as something that happens in war. perpetrators have been learned they can get away with it. but war time rape is not inevitable. this violence can be prevent skpitd must be confronted. >> jolie began her campaign last year. >> we have breaking news to tell you about. this is taking place in oakland right now on foot hill boulevard and oakland firefighters are at the scene
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on the second floor of a building. it's been brought under control. no injuries reported but there is a suspicion this might have been a pot growing operation. and of course, anymore news on it at abc 7 news bay area on twitter. >> ghost have been part of the lower in the downtrodden chicago hub cubs. police are trying to figure out who left a goat's head inside of a box at the stadium yesterday. chicago legends says a tavern owner cursed the cubs when they won't let his pet goat into wrigley field in 1945. check out this video from chicago two men tried to rob a souvenir shop but the owner won't have it. watch. the robber shoots the 62-year-old hitting him in the thigh.
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just barely mitts missing a major artery. the gunman runs but comes back, jumping over the counter, louie grabs a bat and starts swinging, driving the robber away. louie was all right. the gunman's buddy didn't fair much better hit by a hult those two did manage to get away. >> that is unleaveable. moving on, pairnlts of a 22-year-old colorado man want everybody to see how dangerous texting while driving can be. it cost them their son. the couple released a photo of the final text cutoff before he could send it. police say the university of northern colorado student drifted into traffic, jerked the steering wheel then went off the road rolling his car. his skpairnts police hope this will serve as a stark preree minder to drivers. >> and does this look like you behind the wheel? look out. a state appellate court ruled
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last month police can ticket drivers for holding their phone not just for talking or texting but if you check directions on a map. this as san francisco officials were renewing efforts to get drivers to pay attention to the road. >> 60% of our accidents on the crosswalks are involving distracted drivers. if you look there is about 45%. >> it could include reading a newspaper, combing your hair or eating that could result in a ticket n 2011 over 3,000 people were killed nationwide was because of distracted drivers. >> an unsung hero of the korean war received an award today. president obama awarded it posthumously.
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the chaplain never fired a weapon on. >> known for his courage, he saved hundreds of fellow americans during the korean war. now, more than 60 years later he's been awarded medal of honor. posthumously by president ob yaum. >> he didn't fire a gun but yielded the mightiest weapon a love so pure he was willing to die so they might live. >> in 1950 he ran through enemy fire giving aid to a wounded comrade and swatted a chinese soldier only seconds from exkugt herbert miller. >> had the gun pointed at my head. the father pushed the man aside. that soldier never shot him. why, i'll never know. >> the chaplain stole food for the weakest troops and in the darkest of days cold and
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hungry, he rallied their spirits to fight, even holding easter mass. he died in captivity but not before delivering one message he blessed the guardsing forrive them, he said they know not what they do. >> the vatican has declared him a servant of god which could lead to sainthood. he's a saint in the his of dr dr eyes of his family and fellow p.o.w.s now in their 80s. >> for me to be able to see these p.o.w.s in the crowd for them to finally see what they've talked about for all of these years. it's indescribable honor for me. >> up next a scientist activity mobile prize goes on the auction block. >> and these fans were celebrating. what happened just before they went nuts. >> looking at beautiful
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western skies, we expect more weather like this? i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and taking a look at traffic in walnut creek this, is 680. it's heavy for cars there on the left-hand side of the screen heading northbound. but all in all lovely day out there. traffic is moving. stay with us. abc 7 news
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university of louisville men's basketball coach keeping a promise to players and it's going to be pain. he pledged he'd get a tattoo if the team won the national championship and the cardinal dz that monday night. today the 60-year-old revealed he'll get a cardinal and words 2013 champions" on his left shoulder. he said at the time he never expected he was going to have to fulfill it. but, it happened. >> do you think he will? >> yes. he's going to go get a t ta.. >> he's going get inked up. >> a man found a great way to catch a foul ball and celebrate it yes. this is good stuff. the guy sticks out a cup of beer. the ball flies into it. the beer was still in the beer. he's chugging it down there. a lot of guys saying risk a
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good beer is just not right. >> i don't know if that is how spencer christian would have handled it. >> he'd have a glass of wine. >> not with a baseball in it. that is an acquired taste. >> raw hide. >> mainly clear skies around the bay area now. not so warm as yesterday but lovely day. showers moving off the atlantic coast. some snow showers moving through great lakes. we'll see calm conditions that holds true for california. high temperatures into low to mid 60 -- 80s there. 60 inmont rai. here in the bay area another mild day. high temperatures inland climbing into upper 70s to around 80 in
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antioch. 77 in santa rosa. the high 77, morgan hill, low 70s around the bay. 67 degrees here in san francisco. school with highs around or just above 60 degrees. big changes coming by sunday. windy, cool. just a shift in the pattern. >> people don't know you used to be quite a baseball player. would you have made the catch with your other hand. >> i did play in college. i was a pretty good ball player if i do say so myself. >> and you will, you will. >> right. right. >> 182. >> as modest as well. >> thank you spencer. >> oh, boy. >> new evidence showing a chemical on furniture can be dangerous to firefighters. >> i'm michael finney.
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celebrities like matt damon love it but how does healthy candy taste? we partnered up to find out how a new brand compares.
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the nobel prize won by francis cik sold in a new york auction today for more than $2 million. yesterday a letter he wrote to his then 12-year-old son describing the discovery sold for $6 million. it's a record price fr a letter including a sketch of dna double helix structure. he died at age 88 in 2004. >> checking healthy living news results of a study done on several firefighters show those tested had high levels of toxins in their blood. an analysis was done on 12 firefighters and showed they had two to three times the
4:46 pm
levels of cancer causing chemicals in their bodies. >> flame retardants in cushions and electronics televisions, you know, hard plastics they start burn they create these dioxins. >> the researcher also recommends firefighters wear respirators and wash clothing after fires to avoid spreading the contaminants. >> a message for women, get up and move. post menopausal women who sit up to 10 hours a day are 60% more likely to have a -- the study is in the journal of the american college of cardiology. >> everybody knows candy isn't exactly good for you. >> but there is a brand
4:47 pm
claiming to have less shug skbrar no artificial ingredients. >> consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side to find out more. >> it seems like there is a lot of eating going on in 7 on your side office. >> we're busy. celebrities are touting a new kind of candy promising to be better for you. consumer reports shop smart checked to see what the fuss is about. stars like gisele, tom brady and matt damon pushing unreal kando. the company says it's reinvented candy without the junk. it doesn't use artificial colors and ingredients to produce the treats. consumer reports did blind taste tests to see how they stack up.
4:48 pm
unreal's candy coated chocolates went up against m aand ms. their usual color comes from beat root. they were both good, but m and ms were sweeter, and the peanut nugat bars took on snickers. and peanut butter cups fought it out with reese's. >> we found they were as good but most weren't as flavorful. >> as for claims it's better for you they have comparable calories and fat. bottom line. >> if you want to indulge in the treat and avoid artificial ingredients, unreal candy could be worth a trial. consumer reports says it's trog note the fruit is a better nutritional alternative
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to candy. and -- . >> yes. this just in. >> you've got to hand it to the company for trying. reese's peanut butter cups stand alone in the world so don't try. >> yes. >> good that is good nutrition advice. >> this year's west coast blues hall of fame has an impressive class. >> and i'm dan ashley. coming up at 5:00 today the clever dayway an alert store employee helped the fbi break up a major shoplifting ring. and two local connections behind a major medical break through that is expected to save millions of people around the world.
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abc 7 at 8:00, scandal at
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10:00 then abc 7 news at 11:00 and the history of the east bay runs deep. this weekend they'll be that legacy. >> that is where abc 7 news nick smith is. >> good afternoon everybody is getting ready for another round of legends playing here saturday night. as learned today if you don't know the blues then you ain't lived. >> the man still has the pipes. rick stevens is among a group recognized as a part of oakland rich blues and jazz history. >> all of them juke joints? i grew up in that era. just evolved from blues to rhythm and blue autos saturday, he'll be one of 13 inducted
4:54 pm
into the west coast blues hall of fame. 7th street is home to west coast blues. workers from ship yards crowded the spaces. >> i'm just a musician. >> the videos have more than 100,000 hits. he remembers first time he heard blue's music. it was preseveral rights. blacks and white dz not mix except for one place. >> only thing we cannot segregate was the radio. i heard it one time on the radio and that was it. >> it never recovered. that is why the artists being
4:55 pm
honored hope we'll remember and appreciate the legacy they helped to build. >> most people take what the media gives them, blues people dig in, find their own stuff. >> there are still tickets available. for more information you can go to our web site. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> the news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl and dan. >> thank you. a global break through for fighting malaria thanks to a scientist. and live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center cooler today and i'll show what you is coming up for the weekend. >> the police chief tells abc 7 news why he's giving up a fight to arm officers with tasers.
4:56 pm
>> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> san francisco police officers will not carry taser autos that is the decision tonight from police chief greg sur. we're live tochl plain why he doesn't want his cops to carry him. >> they don't believe arming officers would save skplifs that the force still needs some nonlethal option to guns and is not going to be the taser. >> like his pro two predecessors did he not want put tasers in the hands of all officers just 75 crisis intervention officers but after months of policy making sur abandoned ship last night. >> if have you a tool and can't use it, why bother? >> he says the constraints
4:57 pm
included and officers pausing to consider this might put them and the public at right after this ook we're still months from the final product and we're to the fint where i just think it creates too much calculations on the part of the officer. >> sur believes woe have goten the four votes necessary but commissioner julius terman thinks the chief is right that restrictions might have backfired, causing more harm than good. >> in crafting this, there are a lot of considerations we had to think about. some would have called for a great deal of deliberation by a police officer and a very short time frame. >> the profr president claims some for forcing the chief's hand saying again, some commissioners have shown their back of understanding with records of effectiveness of
4:58 pm
tasers. because they cannot see what virtually every other city in america acknowledged. their position is indefensible. >> tasers are not nonlethal. they're less lethal. tasers carry a risk of serious injury and death. >> he says he feels there is a moral obligation to keep looking for another nonlethal option and that is what he will do. >> new video happening now from southern california. that is a mountain lion being loaded into a truck. residents spotted it walking on the front for of of one
4:59 pm
glendale home and jumping into another yard. authorities were able to tranquilize it. experts say it looked probably out looking for food. >> this is an anxious time who may have been exposed to tuberculosis. officials tested more than 200 students and staff members today. a student was diagnosed last month, he is back at school and health officials say he is no longer contagious. >> san francisco mayor ed lee says a proposed development of homes on the hunter's point ship yard will continue. the mayor says new investors are needed in a plan for more than 12,000 homes on hunter's point and the chinese government could not agree on


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