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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  April 12, 2013 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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st is. >> breaking news tonight. game of chicken turns deadly in san lorenzo. teenager boy hit by train and killed right in front
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of his friends. good evening. >> it happened on the train track near the high school there. lillian is live there tonight with the latest developments. lillian? >>reporter: carolyn, we are on the boulevard and behind me is the high school. tragic accident though happened right across the major thoroughfare. boy and 2 friends walking south when they started playing a dangerous game of chicken. deputy aren't releasing the age of the victim until official word from the coroner but with 15-year-old boy and 15-year-old girl. al mead county sheriff's department says it's unclear how long the 3 teenagers were playing around before one of them was struck. we were told the boy was hit by a northbound amtrak train and pronounced dead at the scene. deputy say the two 15-year-old were clearly shaken by what happened. family and pastors came to the scene as soon as they got word. kids from the high school and all over the community walk in the neighborhood on daily basis
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coming to and from practice other community event. very important kids realize how dangerous the tracks are. that parents reiter children to the children. they need to stay off the track andwalk on the tack for any reason especially not to play games and not take a short cut home. >>reporter: the boy was hit by train 5 44 traveling from san jose to sacramento 133 passengers and 5 crew members were on board. nobody was hurt there. this is 7 must. >> thanks very much lillian. >> developing news tonight. 3 teenagers accused of vicious crime against fellow student. that student killed herself as a result. the airports of audrey pot allowed us to share the photo with you so that maybe another child might be saved. lisa is live in san jose tonight with the story and lisa 3 boys hauled out of class today. >>reporter: very true. all 3 teenager suspects are still behind me inside juvenile hall tonight. and each of them will be charged with two counts of
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felony and one count of misdemeanor sexual battery. santa clara county sheriff's deputy arrived at saratoga high school before noon today. arrested 2 teen boys. a third teenager who used to go to saratoga was also arrested at his new school in gilroy. all of the 16-year-olds are accused of attacking audrey pot. >> what happened to her was tragic. she never -- should never have happened. i know justice hey are brought to justice e-detectives say on september 2nd of last year audrey was at unsupervised house party. she drank too much and passed out. that is when they say 3 fellow classmates took advantage. >> she had no idea what occurred until she woke up the following morning and had some drawing on her body and some private areas. >>reporter: boys also took photo during the attack and not only showed them off at school but also texted and posted them on line. audrey quickly found out and posted this on her
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facebook page. quote they took pictures of me. my life is ruined. this is the worst day ever. the 15-year-old took her own life a few days later. >> some friends told me that what happened to audrey and like why it happened and like who the people were and stuff lake that. so really shocking. >>reporter: saratoga high school was m mourning after deaa moment of silence counselors came to campus. and all the while students say the boys many knew were involved continued to walk the halls until today. >> it took that long was pretty ridiculous. half a year september. yes. i found that really, really disturbing. >>reporter: and the boys will be formally charged next week. mean time the airports of the victim will hold a news conference on tuesday. they say they want to speak out publicly about how all of this has impacted their lives as well. live in san jose tonight, lisa, abc 7 news.
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lisa thank you. new at 11. oakland woman arrested for leaving her baby in a hot car while she went shopping. police responded to report of child left unattended at the marina square shopping center in san leandro yesterday. 4 month old girl found inside the car crying history tear klichlt it was 80 degrees outside when officers arrived. they searched the stores until they found the baby mother. >> had her head down. head down. happened were cuffed behind her back and doing the walk of shame to the police ca car. >>reporter: we went to the mother's house. nobody answered the door. neighbor told us she surprised by the woman's actions. >> sachltd wonderful mother. really, really takes good care of the children. >>reporter: the woman was arrested on a charge of child neglect. the father arrived and took custody of the baby. >> smokey fire at legal marijuana co-op in oakland put out quickly. we were over the scene on international indoor
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garden company on foothill boulevard 3:00 o'clock today. 300 plants were inside the building. firefighters don't know whether caused the fire but pg&e workers are investigating the possibility of faulty wiring. >> new at 11:00 san rafael teen has quite a story to tell after he was rescued from the bottom of steam vent at the hawaii volcano national park. teen tried to jump over protective railing and around the steam vent but missed and plummeted 25 feet below. search rescue team rappel down chimney like crack to retrieve the boy. he suffered a bump on his head but otherwise is okay. number of people killed from violence spring storms across the south midwest wrist tone 3 tonight. scary moments for residents in rural mississippi. look at the size of this monster. home video captured the ferocious twister. swirling toward their home. just massive. 6 tornadoes in all left the trail ofncludingrun alabama. in addition to those 3 deaths dozens have been injured including a utility
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worker who was shocked while helping restore power. >> here in the bay area we saw it was cooler and what is ahead for the weekend. we havet live. >> already starting to see changes coming for your friday as you look at live doppler 7hd only some patches of low cloud out there. mainly along the coast line. it is going to be a chilly night. coldest locations north of the bay area we look at frost advisory. ukiah clover dale you are include entered that. from emeryville camera clear sky visibility good. 55 in santa rosa. it's 53 degrees in hayward. so bundle up in the morning. i'll be back to let you know what changes are coming for the upcoming weeken weekend. >> okay thanks. >> new at 11ederal appeals fedes court panel threatening to find governor brown and other top officials in contempt if they don't comply with order to reduce the state prison population. 3 judge panel denied governor brown request to end year of court oversight
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of the prison system. governor sought to end the court oversight in january citing billions spent to relieve overcrowding. >> action following 7 on your side investigation. agents from the department of justice descend on north bay mortgage company accused of making promises it never kept. sky 7 hd was over the petaluma home when agents served search warrants in connection with more than modification scheme. they also served warrant at his officespread quickly upon people who accused the firm of charging them 2000 dollars but never modifying the mortgage. >> i think i have been through hell and back knowing that somebody duped me and not just me but so many other people. >> we tried contacting lopez today for comment but his number has been disconnected. >> humboldt county sheriff's department tonight lacking foreperson who shot a horse with an arrow. this is a picture of cash. he was shot in a pasture some time between wednesday afternoon and this morning. now this is the area
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0. hit cash in the left flank and caused a lot of bleeding. vet came and stitched up. good news cash is going to be okay. >> still to come on 7 news at 11:00. barrier set up bird that killed dozens of them. take a look at the problem that is taking the lives of protected species. >> and the battle shaping up over bay area mcdonald's. why it is not all about the food. >> plus the close call fisherman goes up against a shark. you will see what happened to his catch of the day. >> unbelievable. >> later on "jimmy kimmel live". >> tonight music from the new mtv show but this guy is here is what your name. is what your name. >> my nam
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is. >> in sonoma county tonight federally protected bird is apparently being killed by the very device designed to save them. roughly 35 song birds called cliff swallow have died after coming to california to nest. they are drawn to the petaluma river bridge where net go up to keep them away from construction. but as amma
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explains, there in lies the problem. >>reporter: in the darkness all appears calm underneath the petaluma a river bridge but earlier there was a nuter of activity as the cliff swallow swarm the bridge looking for good place to build their nest. >> the swallow nesting here for decades. literally. >>reporter: veronica is the director of native song bird care conservation in is he boss poll and notice the net under the bridge weeks ago. cal-tran spokes spokesperson sas it's to keep the birds from nesting there during construction nearby. >> if it's nesting season you can't, you have to do everything can you to make sure the birds don't nest in a construction area so it's for the protection of the birds. >>reporter: but over the last paw week the swallow have been getting in through gap getting tangled in the net and dying. >> it's heart breaking. >>reporter: she started seeing the gaed bird sunday and called those involved in the project monday. >> nobody returned any calls. tuesday it was the same thing. more dead bird. and then
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wednesday of course the same thing even more dead birds. >>reporter: she thinks the nets should be removed in favor of an alternate method. >> one of them vessels teflon sheath. another one involves silicone base paint. both of those are non-lethal methods. >>reporter: cal-trans has the solution. >> the plan is no. 1 we are ordering different type of net. we have been installing that. tv it's heavier duty and more visible but in the mean time we are also closing the gap. >>reporter: cal-trans expects to have all the nets fixed by sunday. until then she will continue to come out here unthe petaluma river bridge to document all the dead birds. in petaluma, amma, 7 news. >> new at 11:00 protestors rally in san jose against fast-food giant mcdonald's. new mcdonald's has been proposed at the corner of ball road and miller avenue across the street from hyde middle school. demonstrators say not only is the food unhealthy but the restaurant would bring more cars to already busy streets.
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>> traffic already a nature mayor many pretty much throughout the day particularly during school and after school hours. now imagine having another mcdonald's drive through that is going to be increasing 0more traffic. >>reporter: city councilman told us he will recommend the full council approve the project. he says the developer already made significant im prachlts to address people's concerns. >> in arizona very close call for pilot. emergency landing caught on camera. now this small plane had to come in as you can see without the landing gear. before he touched down the pilot heard on the scanner making what could have been his last request. he said if i don't make it, tell my wife i love her. the pilot did make it thankfully. was able to walk away the harrowing the harg experience. >> fisherman in hawaii found out when you bottle a shark for a fish there's usually just one winner. left side of the screen as isaac was about to land a huge tuna then the 10 foot tiger shark had the same idea. the shark won.
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>> holy made a circle came around and eighth hit the kayak and then thehit me kind of hit e what just happened then i had a reaction to all of that. >>reporter: at the got the sheaveer like most of would you say encountering a 500 pound hungry shavrjt by the way, isaac did stay in the same spot and caught 2 more fish after that encounter with the shark. >> wow! >> mountain lion wandered into southern california neighborhood back in the wilderness tonight. they hauled it from upped a house in glendale into a truck while crowd snapped pictures. then drove the mountain lion to the national forest where they kept an eye on him until he woke up. >> won't encounter anything like that during san francisco walk to workday tomorrow. event hosted by the pedestrians advocate group walk san francisco. participants encourageed to walk healthy save money on commute and tweet
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about the experience. we have more information on our web site. . just click on see it on tv. of course you can't walk across the bay bridge or figure like that. certainly very pleasant day to walk around the city tomorrow. >> that is true. sandy is here with the forecast. >> yes. no excuse tomorrow to walk to work. it's a beautiful day as you look at live doppler 7hd we have few patches of low clouds around. san mateo oshtion santa cruz county coast lean but other than that but other than look from our sutro camera downtown san francisco looking beautiful exploratorium 51 degrees. 56 in oakland. san jose currently 52 degrees. here are the highlights chilly tonight in the north bay valley. sunny warmer tomorrow. lacking at cooler windy weather beginning on sunday continuecontinuing rin through monday. so you will notice changes coming for the second half of the weekend. cold front that came through and that brought some changes in our air mass today. dry cold front dropped our
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temperatures this afternoon from yesterday good 10 to 15 degrees. tomorrow you see the numbers come up. tonight looking at few patches of cloud at 11:00 p.m. then head into the morning showers we continue to see the low clouds near the coast. most of the cloud cover though will mostly clear away. breeze will connect up an most of the bay area will enjoy a warmer day with sunshine for your friday. so great way toned the work week. tomorrow morning looking at temperatures coldst in the wind shelter north bay valley so 42 degrees in napa. santa rosa 43 degree degrees. 41 clover dale most of the rest of the bay area in the mid upper 40's. i would grab a jacket or sweater it's going to be chilly in the north bay valley and east bay valley. highs for your friday. 72 santa cruz south bay. 78 gilroy. 76 degrees san jose. temperatures coming up few degrees in sunnyvale. 75 on the peninsula. looking at mild afternoon. 70 san mateo o. bay 61 degrees. daly cityalf
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59. downtown san francisco up to 67 degrees in bump up the temperature in the north basement upper 70's for calistoga. kauai -- ukiah santa rosa, 68 in sausalito. east bay oakland newark low 70's inland, 80 in antioch and 77 in livermore and going to the game tomorrow night at the coliseum a's take on the tige t 7:42. 65 degrees at 10:00 p.m. dropping down to the mid 50's. that would take sweatshirt or jacket with you. here's the 7 day forecast. it will feature slight drop in the numbers saturday but by sunday it's windy and cooler. wind continue to monday. tips will foul some more warming up tuesday through sunday with a lot of fun. twitter bay area weather conditions rain or shine and video forecast spare the air alert power outage info
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and weather tweets from us all ks very much. >> thanks very much. >> all right. a's in action. >> yes. larry is here with all the sports tonight. >> yes. fantastic series in anaheim. just in case anybody thought last year was a fluke, a's have a message for you. not going anywhere except maybe around the bases again and again and agai
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>> good evening everybody. starting with golf. kid sergio garcia known as el nino o. storm take over the spovrment it never happened. sergio still lacking for his first major title but leading after round 1 at the masters today. conditions pretty good. right for shot making this is the ultimate shot. donaldson par 3. 6 hole. 7 iron. 1 86 yards and that is a hole in one. tiger woods somewhating for his fifth green jacket. 2 under 70. could have been better. missed a few putt like. that garcia tied for lead with aussie of sex upped 66 here and 14-year-old juan from china. youngest player
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ever in master history. long putt on 18 for solid 1 over 73. 14 years old. are you kidding me? it is garcia and leash man at 6 under leading the way. johnson is one shot back at minus 5. tiger 4 off the pace and defen defending champion with the son at 3 over 75. of on to baseball. a's nerve news anaheim. angels held a team meeting. 8 games into the season. they are already holding team meetings. panicking after they were bludgeon the past 2 nights by the athletic. looking like this era. donaldson smoke this is to left. 2 round blast. his first of the year. and the owner wolf loving it. then in the seventh. he's the yours. crushed to the mountain seat. i rock in left field. third of the season. sweep in anaheim first time since 1998. giants
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cubs chilly chicago. panda bundle up this guy laughed. 47 degrees like summer. cubs jump out to 5 nothing lead. anthony deep on ryan. who labor through 6 innings but able to hang in there. giants battle back. the hit in the fourth. 2 outline drive to left center. score a pair. giants back in it down 5-4 and take the lead in the fifth. crawford. base knock to the opposite field. to bring in nick. giants hold on to win 7ñi-6 and now, happy guy. won 4 straight. warriors got to look at the got to in the west tonight. durrant and thunder frer oklahoma city. jack channeling the inner collin. throwing the bomb at the end of the first quarter. sg up and showing up angry. right down the middle. defense operational. thunder pull awa
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away. kevin for 31 points. 10 pwovrmentd 8 assist and andrew spraend ankle for the warriors will not play tomorrow night in l.a. thunder roll 116-97. to the ice everybody is playing. shark ins detroit. game tied. score on the power play call that the kindle fire. i'll work this joke until i gate laugh of it. logan coach tied 2 under the shoot out. mary lo good night. game over. drive home safely. sharks beatred wi7 sports of bro by to you by river rock casino sni lake your commitment. >> i find myself amusing. though nobody else. kindle fire. >> we got it when you tried it at 6:00. >> didn't have to try anything. >> we have more sports to come. even better. amazing foul ball catch at mariner game. >> what the fan did to get his you be. stay
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>> make sure you bundle up when you leave home. here's the weather. it's chilly in the inland valley. patchy coastal clouds. temperature low upper 40's at 5:00 a.m. coming up to mid physician by 8:00 a.m.
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mike is here in the morning tracking the weather. >> thanks. >> who needs a mit. fan at mariners baseball game great way to catch a foul ball and celebrate at the same time. >> there you see it. astros player hit the ball out of the stand. fan full cup of beer out caught it then you can see what he did after that. >> we have 2 sip of beer. most wept down the shirt. of course only one way to celebrate chug the bare or try which business as well as he did with that. that's funny ivt that is quite a catch isn't it. >> nice effort. the catch. >> highlight reel. >> much better catching than drinking clearly. >> quit. >> "jimmy kimmel live"life next tom cruise. >> i'm carolyn johnson thanks for joining snaws i'm dan ashley for all of us here we appreciate your time morning news starts 4w :30 am tomorrow morning. have a good n
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four people are still in critical condition. the cause of the accident is under investigation. cars recalled because of defective airbags, involving 3.5 million cars, toyota, honda, nissan and mazda. when they inflate they can project flying plastic or parts at passengers. so far no injuries. owners can expectoral notices in the mail. one day down, three to go at masters golf tournament in
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georgia. tiger woods got off to a rough start. but he settled down, as his round went along. he is four strokes off the lead. >> that lead is held by sergio garcia of spain. six under par going into today's second round. the greens helped them out. half the field shot par or better. >> but the shot of the day came from welchman, jamie donaldson. on the par 3, 6th hole he tied off and watched as his ball rolled right into the cup. a hole in one. and his first masters tournament. that is an achievement. not too many people can brag about. >> sweet pants too. >> styling. >> finished two over par. >> everybody asked me what i was going to do this weekend. i forgot about the masters. >> glued to the tv. coming up, warning about people who prepare tax returns for the living. before the 15th deadline. intense celebrity driven
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