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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 12, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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global attention as that midrange musudan missile remains fueled and ready to fire. u.s. satellites are now tracking signs the north is prepared to fire a barrage of smaller missiles too. secretary kerry later today heads to china, which many experts believe holds the key to helping kim jong-un back down, john. >> all right, devin dwyer live in washington. thank you. the morning's other major story, a violent line of spring storms is marching east this morning after trudging across the south leaving at least one person dead. >> the carolinas are now in the crosshairs a day after as many as nine tornadoes touched down from louisiana to alabama. >> actually it's coming towards us a little bit. >> reporter: it was an ominous site, this monster twister captured on camera as it descended on eastern mississippi. one person was killed and several others injured. towering trees also came tumbling down slicing through homes in huntsville, alabama, and businesses were not spared. >> no one was here. i got a call. the roof just peeled completely
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off the building. >> reporter: as they struggled to pick up the crumbled debris, thousands are forced to cope without power knocked out by those brutal winds, and the cleanup job is still under way in st. louis where a twister left dozens of homes in ruins wednesday night. the weather service has now confirmed that it was an ef-2 packing winds up to 135 miles an hour. and as they brace for more of that wild weather farther east, a dangerous mix of ice and snow continues to menace the great lakes and northern new england. >> accuweather meteorologist jim dickey is tracking it all. >> good morning, john and marci. tracking strong storms once again here. this time as the front continues to push its way towards the coast, we're watching eastern north carolina, southeastern virginia including the richmond area bringing the threat of large hail and damaging wind gusts, perhaps an isolated tornado, as well. this while we're still dealing with wintry weather as this low moves eastward. snow threatening northern new england. some spots 3 to 6 inches including northern maine here as we head through the afternoon into the overnight hours. john and marci, back to you. >> all right, jim, thanks. our extreme weather team is
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out in force this morning. they will have the very latest on this wicked weather on "good morning america" reporting from the heart of the storm zone. breaking news overnight in arizona. they found a bomb addressed to joe arpaio. it was found the a post office in flagstaff far from the sheriff's office in phoenix. arpaio is well known for his tough policies against prisoners and received numerous threats during his 20 years in office. a second white supremacist is in custody in connection with the murder of colorado's prisons chief. thomas guolee was arrested yesterday afternoon. he's being held without bond for a parole violation. investigators say guolee and another gang member spoke to shooting suspect evan ebel in the days leading up to the murder of tom clements. well, months of debate of gun debate lie ahead now that the senate ended a conservative effort to avoid it. next week lawmakers will address that new bipartisan deal that would expand background checks
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to virtually all gun sales. other provisions that will be considered include a ban on illicit firearm sales in which a buyer purchases a gun from someone who is not allowed to own it. a small increase in school safety funding is also up for debate. police in los angeles are using a new tactic in the growing problem of celebrity s.w.a.t.'ing. ryan seacrest and justin timberlake are among the most recent victims of phony 911 calls dispatching police to their homes. the lapd now believes that publicity is what's fueling these incidents. so now going forward, the department says it'll no longer publicly release information about them. overseas now to rome where we are hearing dire reports about the deteriorating health of pope emeritus pope benedict. published reports quote the vatican saying that benedict has become weaker over the past two weeks. the 85-year-old former pontiff is set to move within a former
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convent within the month. a candidate for sainthood has been bestowed the nation's highest military honor. president obama has awarded the medal of honor to father emil kapaun, an army chaplin during the korean war credited with saving hundreds of wounded soldiers. he died in a p.o.w. camp of starvation and pneumonia. father kapaun's remains are still buried in an unmarked grave in north korea. coming up, stocks are on a roll with the dow closing in on 15,000. plus, the little brothers talking about their trip to cuba. kidnapped by their parents but still unaware of the danger they were in. and the out-of-control golf cart. watch this, plowing into a crowd of people at a cowboys stadium there now leading to a major lawsuit.
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wall street is really on a roll. the dow jones now hitting a new
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record high every day this week closing in on 15,000. the index is up nearly 13% for the year. so will the run continue today? well, it could depend on a new retail sales report due out. investors could also cash in on some of those gains by selling stocks and that might lower the index some. good news about jobs. the number of people collecting unemployment benefits fell sharply last week and new applications fell more than expected. it could mean employees are, in fact, hiring despite a disappointing report last week that showed many fewer jobs were created in march. there's been a major recall of faulty air bags installed in several japanese cars. one supplier made the air bags for toyotas, hondas, nissans and mazdas. the recall involved 3.4 million front passenger air bags on vehicles made more than a decade ago. the air bags do not inflate and can send plastic or metal pieces flying into passengers. no injuries have been reported so far. >> the bird flu outbreak in china is hurting chicken sales. kfc feeling the pain.
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it is one of the most successful foreign restaurant chains in china, but company officials say they've seen a negative effect, significant one. fewer customers are showing up even though the company says cooked chicken is safe. the winklevoss twins are making it big in another cutting-edge technology. you may remember them from "the social network." they hired mark zuckerberg then sued him claiming he stole their idea for facebook. they're venture cappalists. now into digital coins and their stake is worth about $11 million. next on this friday morning, the nail-biting heart-stopping moments as a pilot attempts to land his plane without landing gear. and with the masters now under way, a 14-year-old is stealing the show. you see the "mini" ion my chest?
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now take a look at the damage from a massive water main break in akron, ohio. the sudden wall of water trapped people inside of their homes. firefighters had to carry the children out while the older folks were and in boats to higher ground. some drivers even tried to get through the water, but you can see they did not get very far. >> wow. let's tick a look at morning road conditions. snowy roads from the dakotas to michigan. ice and snow will make for a slick commute in western new york and northern new england. wet and windy for the rest of the east coast. flying, airport delays are possible in minneapolis, charlotte, d.c., philadelphia, new york and boston. all right, back to the news. a couple in florida charged with kidnapping their two young sons will remain in custody for at least the next few days. >> joshua and sharyn hakken faced a judge for the first time yesterday. joshua hakken tied up the boys' grandmother who had legal custody of the boys then they sailed off to cuba. well, they were quickly apprehended by cuban authorities
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and the two little boys made their first appearance in front of cameras yesterday with their grandmother explaining what the boys know about their trip. >> they have been told that everyone heard about their sailboat trip to cuba, another country, as they called it and their airplane ride back to america and that everyone wants to take their picture. we have not asked the boys anything about the journey. they have been briefed and we are telling them as things come out if they feel like talking. >> the hakkens, both trained engineers lost custody last year after they were found in a louisiana hotel room with drugs and guns. texas high school coach is suing after an embarrassing incident with a runaway golf cart at cowboys stadium. take a look at this video. you may have seen this before. amendola was standing at midfield when the cart took off, plowed into him and carried him several yards until he rolled off it.
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fortunately no one was hurt thanks to the coach's quick reflexes. denny amendola is his son. hollywood's elite turned out to honor the late movie critic roger ebert in chicago. ♪ i will always love you >> there was singing, stories, laughs and a few tears as actors, directors and fellow critics gave a resounding two thumbs up to the man who influenced four decades of modern cinema. roger ebert died last week after a long battle with cancer. he was 70 years old. just four months after the school shooting in newtown, connecticut, the hit tv series "glee" depicted a similar attack on last night's episode called "shooting star" and began with a disclaimer about the violent nature of the program but the newtown newspaper criticized the episode saying it was too early for such a show especially given "glee"'s young fan base and
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blames the producer for failing to warn newtown residents ahead of the broadcast. california mountain lion is back in its wilderness home after strolling into suburbia. it was spotted in a los angeles neighborhood scaling up and over roofs and backyard fences. check that out. after about two hours fish and wildlife officers tranquilized the 140-pound cat and returned it to the wild. speaking of wild, check out the small plane making an emergency landing at the airport in scottsdale, arizona. the pilot said his landing gear jammed. so he had to put the plane down on its belly. he was heard saying if i don't make it tell my wife i love her. thankfully he did make it. >> all right. it is day two of the masters and we get some of the first round highlights now from chris hassel of espn. a bunch of story lines heading into round two at the masters later on today. yesterday tiger woods got himself up on the right foot,
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woods, on the par 3 6th. right online and a good shot setting up a birdie to move to 1 under and tied his winning first maj major. 8th hole, par 5, third shot for woods. trying to get it close so he could kick in another birdie and he would do just that. woods birdies the 8th as well finishes at 2 under par. opening round 70 for woods. donta four times in the masters and won three times. but the story of the day, 14-year-old guan tianlang from china. youngest player in masters history shoots a 1 over 73. he's 14. wasn't even alive when tiger woods won his first green jacket. sergio garcia tied at the top, 6 under par with an opening round 66. nba now. carmelo anthony and the knicks looking for a 14th straight win in chicago with the bulls putting up a road block.
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nate robinson, from 17 down, chicago up 7. a little over a minute left in the fourth. bulls up 4. here comes the knicks. j.r. smith, jumper, two-point game, game tied at 105. robinson in overtime. he has 35 off the bench, that's a season high. most bench points for a bulls player in five years. melo scores 36, grabs 19 boards. but the bulls get the win. second time the bulls have snapped a winning streak of 13 or more this season, second nba team to do that. all right, and a bit earlier in the segment you saw sergio garcia in a green and black golf shirt. he wasn't the only one sporting that look. >> justin day surge joe and dustin johnson thanks to their sponsor adidas. same hat, too. that's like a new trend. >> i guess so and lindsey vonn there, she got plenty of
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attention, of course, she was there supporting her man, tiger woods, while rocking a pretty styling hat there. her long dress covered up a brace on her injured knee. >> yeah, she's rehabbing that knee and says she'll be back to compete in the next olympics. what a power couple those two make, right gentleman. >> yes. up next "the pulse." today a pop sensation gives it another go. you'll hear psy's latest tune. >> could you do this when you were 6 years old? >> can't do it now. ♪ before copd... i took my son fishing every year. we had a great spot, not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better. and that on!
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man named ted palmgartner. he is 50 million dollars richer this morning. >> he and his family picking up a big check, largest powerball prize ever won in illinois. family thought it was an april fools' joke because it was on april 1st. he realized he was a winner while at work. >> i told my bosses first, the store owners. they were happy, elated. giggling and said are you coming in tomorrow and i said, i don't think so. >> i don't think so either. baumgartner is going to put the money to a good use going to ovarian cancer research. his wife died from it a few years ago. dodge challenger and a small boat. 50 million will get that. can south korea's most famous pop star do it again? are you about to show us your dance moves? this morning we're listening to the follow-up to "gangnam style"
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follow-up hit called "gentleman." >> bits are being leaked online. psy's debuting it tomorrow at the world cup stadium. can he beat the curse? probably don't need to remind you gangnam style gapg was the most video of all time so it will be quite a change. 2 billion youtube hits on it, i think 2.5 billion. >> it's so catchy. >> you're never going to top that, but like we said before, if you have half the success you're doing all right. finally we'll end with some rock 'n' roll featuring a young, that is, drumming prodigy. check this kid out. ♪ >> that is 6-year-old avery molec plays drums to the van halen classic "hot for teacher." he's been rocking out since he
4:22 am
started to play 2 years ago when he was 4 years old. avery also jams to other rockers including kiss. >> that's the real deal. he's keeping good time there. he's hitting those -- man, that is just talent, right? >> it is. >> i feel like i'm back to high school listening to van halen's "hot for teacher." he's appearing on "good morning america" with country star brad paisley. >> that will be really cool. >> see you in a little bit. a d, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. has twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt. and at 80 calories,
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, made it to the end of the week. i am katie marzullo here for eric thomas. well get you to the weather right away so you know how gorgeous it will be. mike? >> not so breezy. good morning, everyone. cooler. still dry on live doppler 7 hd. we will talk temperatures. how should you dress? a lot of mid-40's in the north
4:26 am
bay valley. upper 40's to low 50's for most of us until oakland at 53 and antioch at 56 and san jose and fremont at 50. headed to the afternoon, a lot of sunshine and not so breezy. mid-60's to mid-70's. at the coast, a little bit of a breeze and upper 50's to mid-50's but not so aggressive. inland temperatures, 73 to possibly 80. leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone. very happy friday at 4:28. we have construction to start off. this is as you head through pacifica along highway one. we will see one-way traffic control in affect because of road paving work. this will last until 7:00 a.m. north of devil slide so watch for that. the san mateo bridge shows smooth traffic between hayward to foster city. >> developing news. each bay students go to school with heavy hearts and an important safety message after a
4:27 am
fellow student was hit and killed by an amtrak train when playing a dangerous game. the high school is by the tracks, right? >> it will be a tough day. the tracks are across the street. here is the high school. here are the tracks this is in sap lorenzo. it happened around 6:40 during the evening commute last night. it was amtrak train 544 from san jose to sacramento. officials say the boy was with a 15-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl. it is believed they were playing chicken. >> i don't know what their definition of chicken is but usually when kids jump in and out of the way of passing trains on the track. i don't know how long they were being plaid on the tracks or if any other individuals were involved.
4:28 am
>> officials have not released the bill's name or able. there were 133 passengers on the train. there were five crew members. an amtrak spokesman said this is a terrible tragedy but says it is preventable. they emphasize the importance of not walking on tracks or going anywhere near the tracks. >> we are coming up on 4:31 with developing news from the south bay. three, 16-year-old boys will be normally charged, accused of sexually assaulting a saratoga teen at party. the 15-year-old killed herself eight days later. the sheriff deputies arrested the three boys yesterday. two at saratoga high school and the other at new school. detectives say she drank too much and passed out at a house party and the boys took advantage of her. her family's attorney says she had no idea what happened until the next morning when she found
4:29 am
drawings on her body including some in her private areas. she said the boys took photos of the attack and posted them online. she took her life a week later. abc7 news will have more on that story at the top of the hour. >> federal court is threatening governor brown and other officials if state prison populations are not reduced. the panel told state officials to meet an end of the year deadline to i dues overcrowding or face being held in contempt. governor brown hoped to end years of court oversight saying the state spent billions to relieve the overcrowding. the department of corrections says the inmate population is 120,000 which is 146 percent of design capacity. >> as the governor declares the prison evercrowding emergency is over, we learn new news of sex offenders in the bay area. since 2011, 5,000 sex


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