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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 12, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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off their g.p.s. ankle trackers. recently, large numbers of paroles have been sent to county jail for certain relatively minor violations. >> they are not cutting them off they can drink a cup of coffee unmonitored but they doing it to have an opportunity to commit new crimes. >> if they leave we go after them and 92 percent of the time we catch them with in 12 days on average. >> they are dipping the g.p.s. trackers because of weak consequences. be recaptured only mean as few days in jail and if the facility is overcrowded it could mean no jail time. >> an east bay prosecutor says two dozen are facing charges in a financial aid scheme at contra costa college according to our media partner, the "contra costa times" with the phony students receiverring money to attend the college. however, they never went to
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class. all 22 people involved used the same two addresses belonging to a richmond couple. the ringleaders. the 45-year-old and her boyfriend, a 54-year-old ran the scheme like a business, using flyers and contracts do recruit people. exchange they asked for 25 percent slice about $675 out of the nearly $3,000 a phony student received in aid. >> protesters are in san jose against mcdonald's which has been proposed for the corner of the street across from a middle school. concerned parents say not only is mcdonald's food unhealthy but the restaurant would bring more cars to already busy streets. >> traffic is a nightmare here. particularly during school and after school hours. now, imagine having another mcdonald's drive through that
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will increase more traffic. >> city councilman says he will recommend that the council approve the project. he says the developer has already made significant improvements to address people's concerns. >> the san francisco mayor said the city will breakdown on a scaled back housing property on hunters point despite losing a big investment from the chinese government. the development partner will begin with 200 homes on the shipyard. the original proposal for more than 12,000 homes needs more funding now after $1.7 billion deal with the chinese fell through. the mayor says he will continue to look for investors for the original development plan. >> on capitol hill republicans and democrats say they have reached an agreement on the major elements of a senate immigration bill. it is expected to be unveiled next week. the landmark legislation would require all employers to verify the legal status of workers and boost border security and it
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could put many of the estimated 11 million immigrants living illegally in the united states on a path to citizenship. sources say those two arrived after december of 2011 and could be excluded from applying for legal status. >> tornado watches are in effect in the carolinas as they are hit by the same powerful spring storm that ripped through the deep south and the midwest. yesterday, the storm marched from louisiana to georgia causing major damage in mississippi where a tornado touched down and killed one person. the twister reported in southeast tennessee yesterday with three debts blamed on this week's rough weather which knocked out power to thousands. >> it is 4:36. we are going to have something quite opposite and quite wonderful. >> stark contrast. mike? >> nine tornadoes yesterday hit the south and southeast. today, for us at home, it will be quiet. the freezes from yesterday are
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gone. beautiful picture of downtown san francisco as we look to the ferry building and the bay bridge with a few clouds on the coast and otherwise we are waking up to clear conditions and calmer weather with all the winds below ten miles per hour until fairfield with calm conditions in live more and san jose and napa and santa rosa so the temperatures are cooler this morning than yesterday. most of us will drop into the mid-to-upper 40's by 7:00, and a few to low 50's around the bay. we are 70 inland and mid-60's at the bay. by 4:00, we will have a calmer afternoon. we will have temperatures in the mid-70's inland and dress for 61 at the coast. headed through this friday evening, maybe a light coast and 55 at the coast low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us. for the weekend, tomorrow, it will be breezy in the afternoon, and temperatures will drop a couple of degrees. there will be a dry, cold front taking our temperatures down 10- to 15-degrees by monday. leyla gulen? >> at 4:37 we will look at the
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golden gate bridge where we have construction on the southbound side, two lanes are blocked until 5:00 a.m., and it does not look like we have too much traffic anyway, but, a clear drive moving from marin to san francisco. now, as we head back to marin, we have construction northbound on 101 as you come right through waldo tunnel, we have two lanes blocked and the cones are picked up at 6:00 a.m. and in san francisco we have construction blocking the transition road from southbound 101 to eastbound 80, with construction wrapping up at 6:00. >> thank you, leyla gulen. a bayer set up to save birds has actually killed dogs of -- dozens of them, at look at the problem. >> extending bart service to the south bay is a milestone. when the heavy digging is expected to begin. first, though, we have the tech bytes this morning. >> the ipad mini will get some competition. the "wall street journal" reports that microsoft will
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start producing a 7" version of the surface tablet this year. it is a big day for t-mobile after years of waiting the carrier finally started selling the iphone 5. current owners who want to switch to t-mobile can trade in their older models for zero dollars down and receive a credit of up to $120. >> what will happen to your online accounts after you die or become inactive for some reason? a new tool from google called inactive account manager lets you assign your google accounts to someone else or have it deleted. those are
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning at 4:41. this is san francisco, downtown, looking across the bay bridge at the east bay. you will notice not as windy today. our meteorologist, mike nicco,
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is tracking more warmth. we will have a detailed look at your forecast ahead. >> the heavy digging and lifting will we begin on the bart extension from fremont to san jose. work has been underway the past year with crews knocking down buildings and reconfiguring roads. federal, state, and local officials gathered in fremont to mark the milestone and the re-opening of the roadway. digging for tracks begin next week in san jose. starting monday, one of the roads will be partly closed and in the summer crews will dig at other major roadways. >> in sonoma a federally protected bird is being killed by the device designed to save them. 35 songbirds have died after coming to california to nest. they are drawn to the petaluma river bridge where nets are keeping them away from
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construction. our reporter plains the unintended consequences. >> in the darkness all appears calm under the petaluma river bridge but the cliff swallows swarmed the bridge looking for a place to build the nest. they have been nesting here for decades, literally. >> the director of native songbirds noticed the notes under the bridge weeks ago and caltran spokesman said that it is to keep the birds from nesting there during construction. >> if it is nesting season you have to do egg can you to make sure the birds do not nest in a construction area. it is for the protection of the birds. >> but the swallows have been getting in through gaps and getting tangled and dying in the nets. >> it is heartbreaking. >> she started see the dead birds on sunday and called those involved on monday. >> no one returned any calls. tuesday it was the same thing. more dead birds. wednesday, of course, the same thing, even more dead birds.
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>> she thinks the nets should be removed in favor of an alternate method. >> one involved sheeting. another involved a silicon-based paint. nonlethal methods. >> caltran has a solution. >> the land is, we are ordering different type of net. we have been installing that. it is heavier duty and more visible. in the meantime we are closing the gap. >> san francisco caltran expects to have all the nets fixed by monday. in the meantime all the birds dying will be documented. >> someone shot a horse with an arrow. this is a pith of the horse who was in a pasture when he was shot between wednesday afternoon and thursday morning. now, a look at the arrow, it hit the left plan causing heavy bleeding but he is going to be
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okay. >> los angeles place say the department will no longer issue routine news releases for hoax 9-1-1 calls that target celebrities. there have been several high profile swatting insurance 20s including bogus 9-1-1 calls to the homes of tom cruise, justin beaver and ryan see crest. they want to stop giving pranksters the publicity that motivates they. this week an antiswatting bill advanced through the state legislature toughening penalties. >> more pedestrians are killed in crosswalks in san francisco than new york city. on wednesday, a six-year old was hit off 2 immediate and the district attorney says distracted drivers are to blame for many of the accidents. talking on the phone, reading, grooming, eating, all of these things are leading to an uptick in the number of accidents. >> 60 percent of our accidents on the crosswalks are involving.
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distracted driver. that is significant because if you look state-wide there are 45 percent. >> a state court ruled last month that police can ticket drivers for simply holding their phone even if they are checking directions on a map. >> drivers need to be extra careful today because it is the first ever walk to work day. we will tell you more about that at 5:00. a lot of people are walking today. >> a great day to do it. >> always a lot people walking to work so be careful out there. you will not have to worry about the win. there will be the glare from the sun as we head through the afternoon hours. the high clouds we had yesterday will be limited today. live doppler 7 hd showing we are getting into a dryer part of the season as we transition from the very weak rain season to what could be devastating dry season if they don't get more rain. here is a look at the bay
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bridge. toward oakland and temperatures are are in the mid-to-upper 40's, redwood city, palo alto, half moon bay, from 45 to 49 degrees. the maze in the east bay, we have oakland at 50, richmond at 51, and walnut creek and union city are in the upper 40's and antioch is 55 degrees. we are looking at 280 and 17 in san jose where it is 50 and mountain view is 51, and cupertino and morgan hill and gilroy, dress for the mid-to-upper 40's and mount tamalpais this morning, we have mid-40's for santa rosa and napa and novato and the extremes are petaluma at 37 with sausalito at 50. upstairs we have a weak area of high pressure sitting right there dome fating the weather but look what is coming: another dry cold front. temperatures will go up a few degrees tomorrow, they will drop tomorrow and sunday and monday dramatically. above average in the south bay with sunshine and 75 at
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sunnyvale to 79 as los gatos. we will have mid-to-upper 60's along the coast today, upper 50's to lower 60's and warmer than year. mid to upper 60's in downtown south san francisco and sausalito with mid-to-upper 70's through the north bay valley and on the east bay shore, 69 in hayward, the cool spot at 74 in castro valley and hercules and inland we will fine the warmest weather at 75 in san ramon and 80 in antioch. breezes tomorrow dropping the temperatures two to four degrees and we will drop another four to six degrees on sunday and another four to six degrees on monday with temperatures below average on monday in the 50's at the coast and low-to-mid 60's and the 70's and 80's come back in the forecast in the middle part of next week. have a great day. >> good morning, at 4:48. we take a live look outside, at walnut creek, southbound 680, you are moving along well but we
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starting to see a buildup of traffic at 24 but the commute from pleasant hill is not bad. we have no crabs to report so that is the good news. starting today you will see delays along the san mateo bridge which is all due to a project the last two weeks and to install automatic tolls. watch out for that. we have a buildup of commuters from hayward. to the south bay in san jose, northbound 880, from 101 to the expressway we have lanes blocks until 6:00 a.m. and further along northbound 880 we have this construction and we will see three lanes blocked until 5:00 at fruitvale. >> it has never been before, a nobel prize medal has been auctioned off. crick won in 192 for the discovery of d.n.a. and spent decades doing research at the
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salk institute in southern california and died in 2004, the auction valued the medal at $500,000. a chinese biotechnical executive paid four times more saying it would rome most science in china. also sold was a letter he wrote to his son fetched $6 million describing d.n.a. structure as "beautiful." the previous record for an auction letter was $3.4 million for one written by...abraham lincoln. >> a bay area teen's leap of faith leaves him in a bind at a hawaiian national park and he needed a search-and-rescue team. >> tense moments in a sky and an emergency landing. >> a close call as a fisherman is up against a shark. you have to see this. we will tell you what happened to his
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>> welcome back. the first in a series of planned public hearings on a garbage rate increase in san francisco will be held this afternoon. they have requested a 21.5 percent increase for residential service for recycling services the average household would pay $6 increase from the current rate. a final decision is expected by the end of june. if approved the rate hike takes effect this summer. >> the san rafael teen has quite a story after he was rescued from the bottom of a steam vent at the hawaii volcano national park trying to jump over the protective railing and around the vent. he missed and fell 25'. search-and-rescue teams went down the chimney like craft to retrieve him. he is okay. >> he will not do that again. >> students and staff at deer valley high school are awaiting on test results to so if they have been infected with
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tuberculosis. contra costa county officials tested more than 200 people at school who may have been exposed by a student diagnosed with the disease last month. officials say a positive test for infection does not necessarily mean a person will come down with active tuberculosis. the student who was diagnosed has been treated and is in school. >> today is even better than yesterday. >> we don't have to worry about the wind with more sunshine ought the coast. if you are headed to the tigers they will take on the a's. 52 at the end of the game with stars in the sky in the evening. across the entire state, look how quiet it is, hardly any clouds. it will be a nice day to be out and about where low-to-mid 80's. headed up to tahoe, 63 under clouds and 72 in yosemite and los angeles and 92 today in palm springs.
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now the commute. >> good morning, we are going to take it into marin county where we have construction along northbound 101. if you are headed between the waldo tunnel, you will see a couple of lanes blocked until 6:00 a.m. and along the coast, your drive, right through the tunnels, between the devil slide and north of the devil slide you will be seeing one lane in affect that is until 6:00 a.m. because of paving work and back in san francisco, the connection between southbound 101 to the eastbound 80 we have a shut down out there until can and you can start to see quite a bit of traffic traveling along 101 northbound into the city. >> a close call for a pilot all caught on camera. look at this emergency landing in scottsdale, arizona. the plane came in without the landing gear yesterday. before he touched down the pilot was heard on the scanners making what could have been the last request. he said, if i don't make it,
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tell my wife i love her. the pilot did make it and was able to walk away from the scary experience and tell his wife himself. >> it take my breath away. >> the mountain lion that wandered into a southern california neighborhood is in the wilderness. officers tranquilized the lion and pulled him from under a house yesterday. they then hoisted the animal into a truck while a crowd of people snapped pictures. the wardens drove the mountain lion to the national forest while officers watched him until he woke up. >> cub is ready for the great outdoors. the eight week old tiger will officially go on display today. zookeepers say at 14 pounds she is finally strong enough to meet her fans. early there week the unnamed cub and her mom explore the outdoor tiger pen. the zoo shared the photos with us and you can catch them outside the lion house from 2:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. the cub will be named by the
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winner of a zoo fundraiser. if you like more information, and i know you do, katie, check out >> sticking with animal news, a kayak fisherman in hawaii is waking up a youtube star after posting the surprise encounter with a shark. watch the left of the screen. isaac was just about to land a huge tuna but a 10' tiger shark had the same idea and he snuck up behind him and he didn't like that. he got the catch. >> the shark made a circle, came around, and ate this, hit the kayak, and, then it hit me what happened and i had a reaction. >> a lot of us would have a similar reaction. the video has 1.4 million views on youtube since wednesday.
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he says he has been swamped with californias from reporters around the world and from fishermen who want to know what type of rod and reel he was using. >> i can see why he is a star. you cannot quit watching that. >> new development in the bay bridge bolt fiasco with new details having engineers calling caltran actions a comedy of errors. >> in the south bay, three teenagers are under arrest this morning. we are live with how that is connected to a 15-year-old girl's
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news at 5:00 on this friday, thank you for joining us, joining katie and me. >> happy to be here. i am here for eric thomas on this happy friday. >> it will be so warm today; that why you are happy? >> doesn't hurt. >> mike nicco? >> the best days to get up at 1:00 o'clock or 2:00 in the morning and get off early to enjoy the sun. make you kickoff early today you will have dry weather with live doppler 7 hd. here is a look at the visibility, the clouds are hanging around the coast, the peninsula coast, but that is it, everyone else is clear with fog trying to form up 101 and we will watch that. this afternoon, notice how much sunshine we will have with temperature nearing 70 in the bay and mid-70's inland and mid-to-upper 50's along the coast. leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone, happy friday. we are looking at our tolls and a clear drive at the bay bridge with no traffic to speak of with construction going and no
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crashes. to the san mateo bridge on the east bay, we do have construction scheduled starting today. this is going to last for the next two weeks to install automatic toll plazas. to the south along northbound 880 between 101 to the expressway we have lanes blocked until can a.m. >> developing news, three teen boys from saratoga are facing sexual assault charges after their alleged victim killed herself in the aftermath of an attack that went viral online. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live at saratoga high school where the students are stunned. >> the girl's family called it cyber bullying at its worst and they are happy this morning that a break has been made in the case. the sheriff deputies arrived at saratoga high school yesterday and arrested two teen boys and a third boy who used to go to school here. all the 16-year-olds are accused of attacking


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