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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 12, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the high school yesterday and arrested two teen boys and a third boy from gilroy who used to go to school here. all are accused of attacking the 15-year-old audrie pott. her parents allowed us to share her photo. september 2 of last year she was at a house party and she drank too much and passed out. they say three fellow classmates took advantage and she woke she had drawings on her body, some in private areas and the boys took photos and showed them off at school and posted them online. she was devastated and took her life days later. >> what happened to her and the fact she felt she had no way out shows the gravity of the conduct of these boys. this is a very, very serious thing that happened. it is a tragedy. >> that it took long is ridiculous. half a year? september? i find that disturbing.
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>> after the attack, she posted this onfacebook page, they took pictures of me, my life is ruined, this is the worst day ever. the boys are now in juvenile hall and will be formally charged next week, and the family will hold a news conference on tuesday. they want to speak out in hopes of preventing something like this from happening to another teen. >> cornell, thank you. developing news, students at san lorenzo high school return to campus to lend of the death of a teen killed on the train tracks last night near the campus across from east lowelling boulevard. the boy and two friends were playing a game of chicken. deputies are waiting to release the age and identity of the victim. deputies say the two friends were clearly shaken. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield will join us live with an update in the next half hour. >> oakland woman is in custody this morning charged with
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leaving her baby in a hot car while shopping. police responded to a report a child left unattended at the marina square shopping center in san leandro on wednesday. officers found a four-month-old girl inside the car crying his tearally. it was 80 degrees outside. the mom was arrested. she had her head down doing the walk of shame to the miss car. >> we went to the mother's house but no one answered the door. a neighbor told us she is surprised by the woman's actions. >> a wonderful mother. really, really takes good care of the children. >> the woman was arrested on a charge of child meflect. the father arrived and took custody of the baby. >> a woman is dead after a pit bull malling last night. deputies with the county sheriff say they received a call of a woman being attack by the dog
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and they got there they found the woman dead in the drive. thing do was found knee by and is in the custody of animal services. >> happening now the senator is underway to find a man missing since sunday. police provided this picture of the man. family and friends have not heard from him in five days. that is very unusual for him. he always checks in. they recorded hip -- him missing on wednesday. >> governor brown remains in china for the trade mission trip. he attended the opening of a new trade opposite in shanghai. he tweeted since hours ago and said and i quote, "full house at today's opening ceremony of the california trade and investment office in china." he took a ride yesterday on the bullet train from beijing to shanghai. he hopes china will pump cash into california's high-speed
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rail project and some have expressed interest. california's high-speed rail board chief will meet tomorrow with china's railway construction company. >> apple is agreeing to pay out a $53 million settlement. the settlement is related to a class action lawsuit accusing the cupertino company of failing to honor warranties including on iphones and ipods and will be filed in court in san francisco and needs approval from a judge. apple is admitting no wrongdoing in the settlement. individual payments to customers could top up to $200 each. lawsuits have accused apple of declining to honor warranties if a wipe tape towns -- turns pink or red but the humidity could also have caused the color to change. >> redwood city electronic arts is laying off employees
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accepting for a new c.e.o., and they announced the job cuts to employees yesterday. the video game company says this is needed to streamline itself because of rising popularity of smartphones and tablets. no word if the bay area employees are affected. detroit ares is reporting some cuts are happening at the montreal office. >> twitter is in the music business. the san francisco company will launch a new music app for smartphones this weekend. the release could come by today. it is timed to coincide with a music festival in the southern california desert. sources say the app will suggest artists and tracks to users based on the twitter accounts a user follows. twitter is not commenting on the app. >> a contra costa county city is moving to ban internet cafes. they want to keep establishment
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with four or more publicly accessible computers out city limits. they are worried they will become magnets for online gambling. the staff says other communities have seen an increase in crime around internet cafes. >> everyone has high-speed connections, though. >> we have high speed direction of the weather forecast. mike? >> those suffering from allergies, the pollen count, it is very high. grandson -- grass pollen is low and ragweed is low right now the big story today as we look to the port of oak, temperatures are two to nine degrees warmer-than-average. we are 67 in san francisco. low-to-mid 70's for redwood city and napa and oakland. 77 degrees in live more. nine degrees warmer-than-average
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antioch at 80. fairly at 78. mid-70's to near 80 inland. mid-60's to mid-70's around the bay. mid-60's and falling to the upper 50's for the coastal communities. it will be bright tomorrow. notice the cooling trend tomorrow, windy and cooler on sunday and monday and 10- to 15-degrees cooler than today. enjoy the day. >> friday lite is friday bright because of all of the headlights. very busy conditions for the cash-paying lanes. metering lights could be on. on the maps, we have a crash that happened, and in san jose southbound along 101 at capitol expressway, this wreck is blocking a lane but not causing any slowing as a result. we have a report of a wrong-way driver car traveling in the northbound direction in the center divider, be came of that.
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the drive at san rafael, we have fog out here and it could cause visibility of three miles. be careful. kristen and katie? >> thank you. >> caught on camera, the expensive baseball brawl between two california teams leaving one key player injured. >> first, a man dies on a west coast escalator. an article of clothing led to his death. >> john kerry is in south korea as worries over
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>> covering daly city, dublin/pleasanton, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 6:13. downtown san francisco shows just a little bit of low cloud cover or marine layer over the bay. but it will be a clear and sunny and dry and warm day. you will love it. if you like cool taste over the weekend, you will love that, too. mike has the details. >> from seattle this morning, the washington state labor department is investigating a man's death on an escalator.
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the 42-year-old was found dead at the bottom of an escalator at a metro station. he had fallen on the escalator causing his shirt to get stuck in a mechanism. the man then choked to death. the labor department says they had several safety code violations prior to the incident. >> secretary of state john kerry is in south korea. he arrived overnight as tension rises in the region over a possible missile strike from north korea. abc7 news reporter joins us live from washington, dc, with the latest. >> good morning, kristen. secretary john kerry's trip was planned before the crisis but with all the attention there is concern that kim jong-un could try to steal the show. >> north korea says the missiles are on stand by. the top american diplomat arrived in south korea to reassure the allies. >> the united states and the
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republic of korea want to see a peaceful korean peninsula. that means it must be free of nuclear weapons. >> the diplomatic push comes at president obama for the first time publicly says he wanted to avoid war. >> now is the time for north korea to end the belligerent approach they have been taking. and lower temperatures. >> now conflicting messages of the nuclear threat to the united states. a new intelligence report assessed that the north could put a nuclear weapon a ballistic missile but the report says that the reliability would be low. officials stress north korea has not fully developed or tested the technology but cannot rule it out. >> does that mean they won't have it or they can't have it or they are not working on it?
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no. north korea celebrates kim jong-un's first year as the leader as the musudan missile is ready to fire. satellites are tracking signs that the north is prepared to fire smaller missiles, too. >> secretary john kerry next heads to china which is believed to be the key to help kim jong-un stand down. >> china has influence over north korea. just now, there is fog developing. >> fog with live doppler 7 hd so we will jump in and show you where it is and where it is going to move. right now, it looks to be quiet as far as radar and dry, you can see the haze and fog developing and novato was three miles and now up to six miles so that is an increase, and half moon bay has been the most consistent with the cloud cover, and you can see it is hazy as the marine
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layers try to establish itself. it is humidity and pollution as the air is more stagnant. our forecast headed in the afternoon will be sunny, hazy, calmer than it was yesterday afternoon. it will be cool and breezy with a dry cold front coming through sunday and monday and when we get beyond that, spring warmth back in the forecast for next week. a beautiful shot and it looks to be very calm. look at the flag. san francisco is 48 right new. and walnut creek is at 48 too. palo alto is at 44 and mill valley is 43. you can see the haze from the east bay, the high definition shows 44 in santa rosa and livermore and hayward at 48 and fairfield is the cool spot at 41 degrees. high pressure moved in while you were sleeping and it will govern the weather today and tomorrow.
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headed tomorrow night and sunday this is the dry cold front that will change our temperatures dramatically sunday and monday and make it windy again. mid-to-upper 70's in the south bay with san jose at 76 and let do my 70's for the peninsula, and the coast is breezy and upper 50's to low 60's and mid-to-upper 60's if downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and nice through the north bay headed up to your wine country and mid to upper 70's and the benches it is breezy and low-to-mid 60's and low to mid-70's for the east bay shore. headed to the east bay valley mid-to-upper 70's and livermore and wine country at 77 degrees. headed to the game, take a coat. you will need it. we will start at 60 at 7:00 and drop to 52 by association -- 10:00 and a lot stars. a few low 50's around antioch and richmond and san francisco. we drop six degrees by saturday,
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sunday, and monday, and monday is the below average mark but on wednesday and thursday the 70's and 80's will come back. >> mike is talking about fog and we have fog rolling in across san rafael sow down to three mile visibility. we have clear conditions right here at the toll plaza along the bay bridge with metering lights on. look at that sea of cars moving into the toll plaza. we have a report of a crash. ahead westbound 80 at treasure island, it is blocking a lane. on the maps in the south bay, through san jose, this crash is still there and southbound 101 at capitol expressway, so far, so good, not causing any delays. the drive through san jose, northbound, along 87 at the julian off-ramp it is building a little bit. >> new turn around for california's housing market continues and ahead at 6:30 the huge plunge in foreclosures in
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the golden state and the big reason behind the decline. >> next, a baseball brawl. what led to the bench clearing fight in southern california and the [ female announcer ] she did a full day at the office, went home and fed her family. now she's helping her community. no wonder it's hard to focus on her own needs. but she's got one a day women's, a complete multivitamin with key nutrients women may need all in one pill. because our focus is you.
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good morning, you can see the fog developing in the bay area.
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our meteorologist, mike nicco, will have the accweather forecast in a moment. >> the giants biggest rival, the dodgers, lost a key player to an injury in a bench clearing brawl if san diego. quinn ton was hit with a pitch and he charged the mound and both players dropped their shoulders when they collided and the dodger pitcher was tackled to the ground and got a broke collar background. two other dodgers were ejected. there could be a huge blow to los angeles because dodgers just signed imto a six-year $147 million contract. >> the national hockey league is taking a stand against homophobia because of a sharks player with a "you can play" project to make the sport for open for gays and lesbians. an advocate for the project is
6:22 am
on the advisory board. the project was created in memory of the student manager of a college team who died in a 2010 car accident a few months after telling the team was gay. >> tonight the giants are holding a special ceremony in honor of the fictitious girlfriend of a football player. they can, the fans, can bring the real or fake girlfriend or boyfriend for free and any who dresses up like tao gets free tickets. thering an auction with proceeds benefiting the leukemia society. the player believed she died from leukemia comebly indications. >> in great britain they are trying to win big on the name of the royal baby with lots of bets on the name of the baby.
6:23 am
alexandra is the odds on favorite. leading bookies have stopped taking bets on the gender because kate let it slip she was having a girl. get used to saying queen alexandra. >> ahead at 6:30, experts weigh in on the mistakes caltran made that led to the bolt problems on the bay bridge. >> teen was killed while playing chicken on the train tracks. >> low clouds are developing on the coast. as we look south from mount tamalpais this morning we will have a few coastal clouds at 46 to 53. it will be cammer and bomber in- it will be calmer. chart drop in our temperatures as we head into the weekend. >> abc7 news traffic center showing metering lights on, on the bay bridge.
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there is an accident near treasure island hampering traffic and a serious crash in san jose has
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 6:29 is the time. a look at the embarcardero area downtown financial district, embarcardero san francisco ferry building. it is quieter. but we have fog. >> it is pasty out there this morning. we want to send you to mike nicco to tell us where the fog is. >> along the coast. that is where we have the low clouds. they are spilling in to some areas making a push inland next half hour. i would not worry too much. the bay temperatures and our conditions are partly cloudy with a few clouds. hazy more than anything. 52 degrees and mid-60's for lunch, slow are breeze and 70 this afternoon. inland we have hazy conditions also and cooler weather and mid-to-upper 40's and we will hang out in the mid-70's and a pleasant afternoon. this evening, it will be 66.
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at the coast we have cloud cover near the golden gate bridge and south. it will be brighter this afternoon. temperatures are in the mid-50's to 60 degrees. leyla gulen has the commute. >> good morning, at 6:30. in san jose we have a serious accident along northbound 85 involving several vehicles at the expressway and we are seeing a slow down. again, all lanes are blocked. c.h.p. will update us as to when mist lanes will re-open. on 101 at san jose, southbound side, capitol expressway, a lane is blocked. finally, the drive along 280, away from 17, northbound, a few extra headlights out there. christian and katie? >> we start with developing news we brought you last night on the abc7 news at 11:00 an east bay teen is dead after playing chicken with amtrak train.
6:29 am
abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield joins us from san lorenzo high school. >> this happened across the street from the high school. the tracks run here on lowelling boulevard where the high school is located. officials say it happened at 6:40 during rush hour. this were three teens playing a game of chicken on the tracks. this was the amtrak 544 train from san jose to sacramento that hit the boy. he was with a 15-year-old boy and 15-year-old girl and it is believed they were playing a game of chicken. >> i don't know what their definition of" chicken" is but it is when kids jump if and out of the way of passing trains. i don't know how long the gale was -- game was played or if other individuals were involved. >> there were 133 passengers on the train. there were five crew members.
6:30 am
no one else was hurt. an amtrak official called it preventible tragedy. officials have not released the age or name of the boy. we do not know whether three is a student here at the high school. it did happen across the street from the high school and san lorenzo high school facebook offers con doll -- condolences. >> new details on the bay bridge bolt problem. engineering experts say a comedy of errors caused dozens of bolts do snap. experts say a series of mistakes made them susceptible to rain water including heating the bolts beyond industry standards. it could take months to come up
6:31 am
with a fix. there is debate if the problem will delay the labor day weekend opening. >> federal court is threatening governor brown and other officials if the prison populations are not reduced. the panel told state officials yesterday to meet an end-of-the-year deadline to reduce over crowding or face being held in contempt. governor brown was hoping to end years of court oversight of the prison system and says the state has spent will withs to relieve overcrowding. right now the department of corrections says the inmate population is around 120,000, 146 percent of design capacity. new this morning an east bay prosecution says two dozen people are facing charges in a financial aid scheme at contra costa college in san pablo. according to the "contra costa times", investigators say the students received money to attend the college but never went to class. all 22 people involved used the same two addresses belonging to
6:32 am
a richmond couple who are the accused ringleaders. the 45-year-old woman and her boyfriend, a 54-year-old ran the scheme like a business using flyers to recute people. >> protesters rallied in san jose against mcdonald's which has been proposeed across the street from a middle school. concerned parents and members of the community say mcdonald's food is unhealthy but the restaurant will bring more cars to already busy streets. >> it is a nightmare throughout the day particularly during school and after school hours. imagine having another mcdonald's drive through that will increase more traffic. >> city council mantles us -- city councilman says he will recommend the mcdonald's be built. >> the san francisco mayor says the city will break ground on a
6:33 am
scaled back housing project this summer on hunters point despite losing investment from the chinese government. the development partner will begin with 200 home on the hunters point shipyard. the original proposal more 12,000 homes now needs more funding. a $1.7 billion deal with the chinese fell through. the mayor says he will continue to look for investors for the original development plan. >> just released numbers show 401(k) activity continues to plunge in california. the data says that foreclosure activity declined 60 percent in march from a year ago with more than 18,000 foreclosure filings in the golden state last month compared to 45,000 in march of last year. the drop is partly due to the homeowner bill of rights that took affect in january. >> on capitol hill republicans and democrats have reached an agreement on the major lets of a senate immigration bill that is expected to be unveiled next
6:34 am
week. the land mark legislation requires all employers to verify the legal status of their workers and greatly boost border security. it could also put many of the estimated 11 million immigrants living illegally in the united states on a path to citizenship. sources say those would arrived at december of 2011 could be excluded. >> we are continuing to follow developing news from the south bay. ahead the vicious crime that led to the arrest of three teenagers, the suicide of a girl and left a -- in shock. >> here is a live look at golden gate bridge with fog developing. we will check with traffic and
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♪ [ female announcer ] mediterranean lavender... ...with a hint of fungi. sweet citrus...
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...with a note of e. coli. air fresheners like febreze air effects smell nice... but aren't approved to kill the germs that cause the odors. lysol disinfectant spray does more. we call it healthing... because it kills 99.9% of germs that cause odors at the source. and now you can use it to freshen the air too. healthing. more than a pretty smelling home... it's a healthy one. >> head out to the coliseum, it is about 60 at 7:05 at first pitch. we will drop down to 52 with only stars. 60 in monterey with clear sky. low-to-mid 80's through the central valley. to the sierra, no snow. temperatures will run mild in the low-to-mid 60's today and tomorrow. 57 with a few flurries headed to sunday evening. if you headed to los angeles we
6:38 am
have morning clouds and afternoon sunshine dropping it to the mid-60's saturday and sunday. >> we have a crash in san jose, a serious accident involving several cars and a bus which serves the santa clara valley. northbound 85 is blocked in all lanes. you can see 17 miles per hour speed of the traffic is backed up. c.h.p. is allowing the traffic to move but you may want to avoid it by taking 101 or 87 to 80. 280 traffic is flowing smoothly away from 17. >> new this morning, the heavy digging and lifting will begin on the bart extension from fremont to san jose. work has been underway for the past year with crews knocking down buildings and reconfiguring roads. federal, state, and local officials gathered in fremont to mark the milestone and the re-opening of the road.
6:39 am
the "san jose mercury news" reports digging for new tracks begins next week in san jose. starting on monday part of 680 area will be closed with crews dig, in other major roadways by summer. >> it is 6:41. a popular celebrity is putting his name on a new debit card and "consumer reports" tell us it is a bad idea. >> and we go to jane king live from the new york stock exchange but, first, south bay high school students react to the
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covering benicia, san ramon, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, everyone, at 6:45. students at a south bay high school are returning to campus a day after two classmates and a former student were arrested accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl who killed herself. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard joins us with the story. cornell? >> the girl's family called it cyber bullying at its worst. they glad the boys will face justice.
6:43 am
the sheriff deputieses arrived at saratoga high school and arrested two teen boys and a third boy from gilroy who used to go to school here. all are accused of attacking a 15-year-old audrie pott. her parents allowed us to share her photo. detects say on september 2 she drank too much as a house party and the three fellow classmates took advantage of her the she woke up, she had drawings on her body, some in private areas and the boys took photos and showed them off at school and posted them online. she found out and was devastated. she took her life days later. >> what happened to her and the fact that she felt she had in way out shows the gravity and the egregiousness of the boys this is a very serious thing that happened and it is a tragedy. >> that it took that long is ridiculous. half a year? september? i find that disturbing.
6:44 am
>> she posted this, they took pictures of me, my life is ruined. the boys will be formally charged next week the family hopes to hold a news conference on tuesday to speak out in hopes of preventing what happened to her from happening to another teenager. >> thank you. coming up on 6:47. jc penney is trying to lure shoppers back and good news for coffee lovers, jane king joins from the new york stock exchange. >> we will start by cutting packaged tar bucks -- starbucks will go down 10 percent starting may ten, a 13 percent price cut on seattle's best but no price
6:45 am
cuts on the pods. and wells fargo had stronger earnings but paying less-than-expected on loaned money so wells fargo is down this morning. we started with a pull back but not by a lot. we have been hitting record highs each day but so far this morning, kind of a breather. the silicon valley index is lower. jc penney had a couple of years. they are bringing back old strategies to win customers back. if you miss the old jc penney, look for signs of it, coupons and already one after the ousted c.e.o., a big 20 percent coupon on the web site, and the biggest shareholder says they will put ads in newspapers again after the previous head of the company
6:46 am
did not take inaccount america's affection for coupons. >> thank you, jane king. >> do you think justin bieber had influence on teens? he wants to get involved in how they spend their money. he is launching a new repaid debit card aimed at biebers saying it will teach youngers how to better manage their money because he manages his money so well. consumer advocates don't like it saying the card comes with high fees and no word whether he knows how to manage money. but he sure knows how to earn it. and pends it. the 19-year-old will get a $3.7 million just to endorse the card. >> it hasn't worked out for other celebrities but we will see to we can "bleib."
6:47 am
>> a weather forecast we can believe? >> we are going to moderate the temperatures. the big drop off as we head through the week and into early next week, the warmer days in the forecast. live doppler 7 hd shows it is quiet this morning. look at the coast, we have a small craft advisory until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. and a little bit of a chop and a little bit of a breeze gusting to around 30 miles per hour. the clouds along the coast as we look at the head lands, sutro tower on the right and downtown san francisco on the left, and we will talk about what will happen in the forecast cycle, deficit be brighter and calmer, a windy weekend with the cooling trend and next week we reverse that and above average and we will have a roller coaster ride the next 15 days with the temperatures. you can see the haze developing from sutro tower and san francisco, and today the 24-hour temperature change is six degrees warmer in fremont and
6:48 am
san jose and everyone else is about the same as yesterday but the temperatures are going to be above average because of high pressure bringing us mostly sunny but hazy sky and this cold front is our weather maker for the weekend but like the one we had yesterday, it is a dry cold front with no rain, just dropping temperatures this weekend. today, mid-to-upper 70's in the south bay with san jose at 76 and peninsula, dress for low-to-mid 70's this afternoon and cooler and breezy and millbrae is 68 and normal there and upper 60's to near 60 along the coast and mid-to-upper 60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito at 68. in bodega bay looking at low-to-mid 60's and 10- to 15-degrees warmer in the valleys with mid-to-upper 70's and low-to-mid 70's along east bay shore with mid-to-upper 70's inland and an 80 possible in antioch. tonight, we going to drop down in the mid-40's to low 50's in most areas and it will not be so hazy as it is this morning.
6:49 am
the seven-day outlook shows a cold front tomorrow afternoon cropping our temperatures two to four degrees and drop another four to six on sunday and another four to six degrees on monday with temperatures below average on monday and it will be brisk in all areas monday and the 70's and 80's return back to the forecast away from the coast in the middle part of next week. have a great week. >> we are gathering more information on the accident in the south bay, through san jose if you are going along northbound 85 at the expressway, we have an injury accident involving a bus carrying 12 passengers. a career -- a car did rear end the bus and we have injuries in the vehicle. take northbound 87 to 280. we have diminished speeds on 8. give yourself extra time. no word when it will clear. 280, traffic is starting to backup arrest from 17.
6:50 am
>> thank you. ahead, five things to know before you go.
6:51 am
>> good morning, a live look at the golden gate bridge with fog out there. traffic is moving smoothly. a final check on weather with mike in a moment. >> as we get ready to hand it off to "good morning america", here are five things to know before you go. students at san lorenzo high school learn of the death of a teen killed in a game of chicken while play on train tracks. >> number two, three, 1-year-old -- 16-year-old boys will be charged for sexually assaulting a teen would passed out after drinking at a house party. the 15-year-old killed herself eight days later.
6:52 am
the deputies arrested the boys year. >> series of mistakes by caltran and the manufacturers led to the bolt failing on the bay bridge including improperly heating the bolts while they were made. it could take months to come up with a fix. >> cupertino-based apple is agreeing to pay out a $53 million settlement. the settlement is related to class action suit that accused apple of honoring warranties on several products including iphones and ipods. >> big day for little tiger cub at the san francisco zoo. the eight week old will go on exhibit today. at 14 pounds she is strong enough to meet her fans. you can catch her and her mom outside of the lion house this afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00. >> mike? >> it is potentially dangerous at novato san rafael with quarter-mile visibility because of fog there, and as we head in
6:53 am
the afternoon we will see a lost pollen in the air and we have high amounts of mold for the better part of the day. the forecast shows a lot of sunshine, a lost haze, but calmer than yesterday around the bay with temperatures nearing 70 and in the mid-to-upper 70's inland and mid-to-upper 50's at the coast and a breeze but not so aggressive as it was yesterday. >> leyla gulen? >> back to san jose we have an injury accident we have been following northbound along 85 at the almaden express way. a car did rear end a bus that had 12 passengers. this is no word when anything will be cleared from the road. over to our map, we have heavy traffic out there and we are going to be tracking this all morning along. >> since we are living through
6:54 am
you, leyla gulen, and your new eyes on the bay area. what will do you? >> i will go to the cherry blossom festival in japan town. the cherry blossoms are very sensitive to the weather so you have to see them while you can. all the blossoms. all the blossoms. and pollen (woman) 3 days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful good morning, america.
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happening now, that massive severe storm front moving east. already spawning giant tornadoes like this across the south. at least three dead. thousands without power. damage reports coming in. we are live in the storm zone. breaking overnight, a dangerous package with explosives intended for america's most famous and controversial sheriff, joe arpaio.
6:58 am
inter septembered by authorities just before delivery. they blew it up. new details coming up. >> an entire neighborhood terrorized by this mountain lion. dozens rushing in to tranquilize it all playing out on local news. one wild ride. >> the video gone viral of the unbelievable moment when an out-of-control golf cart plowed into this football coach at cowboy stadium. why he's suing for great personal embarrassment. can he win a million dollars for this? and good morning, america. happy friday. robin and sam both off. great to have elizabeth vargas, ginger zee and, boy, the tension continues to mount on the korean peninsula. north korea says its weapons are on standby right now. secretary of state john kerry
6:59 am
just landed in seoul, south korea, trying to calm the situation and drew a line saying we will not accept north korea as a nuclear power. >> martha raddatz will be here to report on that and possible missile launch that could come any moment now. the other big story this morning is that deadly and violent spring weather tearing through the south. our extreme weather team has been tracking it all. there is a new risk of more tornadoes right now. abc's ginger zee starts us off, and, boy, that is one huge tornado. >> and i've been traveling with that cold front across the nation, tornado watches active in the southeast, parts of virginia, mid-atlantic. lighting up this morning. through late morning watch for tornado potential. that's very, very important for this morning, but for the rest of the northeast, it's going to be mostly a rain event and heavy rain to start your weekend. not as bad as it gets up to new york city and boston. yesterday alone, 124 severe weather reports, one of them south and east of atlanta and that's where we find our rob nelson.


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