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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 12, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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that office with. and he was killing time. >> daily city police say the man is asian in late teens and early 20s, several people reported seeing him in the area because he had a peck cue lar walk and wearing an army green nylon jacket with a fur-lined hood. >> prosecutors have cracked a financial aid fraud ring paying phony college students to go classes they never attended this, happened at contra costa college. 22 people charged in this fraud including six have arrest warrants out for them. we'll have to pay with an $83 million in restitution. >> the business advertising that she would register people, and all they had to do was give her 25% of the checks that came n the maximum check
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is $2700. she got $600 out of every check. >> hummel, her boyfriend and six others took plea deals. >> in santa cruz county scott's valley high school closed today following a threat on face book. officials say the threat talked about shooting up the school stating if you go to school tomorrow, you will die. classes will resume on monday. >> today, chevron released a final report on the richmond refinery fire. a report covers what led to the fire and what changes chevron is making to prevent another accident. >> heather? >> there have been many reports from this accident in california cca, cal osha. >> the chevron richmond fire in august of last year threw a
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huge plume of smoke over the region, sent thousands of people to the hospital. today the company submit aid final report that spelled out causes and changes is required by law after any accident like this one. >> one of the things we all about is the high school. the issue is how chevron makes appropriate decisions to replace the pipe before the corrosion causes a leak. that is... a process issue, a decision making issue. >> the report doesn't offer anything new on the cause, it started when a pipe failed and leaking hydrocarbon erupted. among changes, enhanced inspection procedures, and internal kmumpxz review, better training program and a protocol for reacting to laekz. county health services says chevron fulfilled obligations but there will still be an
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independent third party audit of the refinery. >> and also they're looking at human factors and human factors are where humans make an errors. >> the chemical safety board will be releasing it's report on monday followed by a public meeting about that report in richmond friday evening, april 19th. in richmond abc 7 news. >> sky 7 hd shows us the scene of a hazmat scare. a worker passed out while cleaning out a chemical that spilled. he's feeling okay now. a sample sk sent to a lab to determine what it is. >> two meng have been arrested for murder following the discovery of a burning body this week. a 25-year-old is accused of stabbing that unidentified victim and setting the body on
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fire. another man man being held as an accessory to the crime. the body discovered tuesday night at the coddle road exit. a family of seven escaped after this fire on continental drive. fire broke out just after 7:00 this morning. homes were also damaged. officials say the family was lucky. neighbors pounded on the door. >> city officials unveiled a strategy trying to cut in half the number of serious injuries and deaths that occur on city streets each year. san francisco pedestrian strategy will focus on 44 miles of the most-dangerous streets for walkers.
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to that point, the mayor says people have to stop texting and e mailing while they walk along city streets. >> we've seen that happen in two years people are taking their technology gadgets and paying more attention to that man to walking with kids or what their seniors or looking out cannot happen in this city. >> 20 people were killed walking in san francisco in 2012. so far this year, there have been seven pedestrian fatalities. >> well, let's turn our attention to weather. >> yes. looking ahead to the weekend. we are looking ahead to the weekend. it's on a friday. >> spencer? >> mainly cloudy free... >> microphone, spencer. >> mic not on? hold on a second. >> well, you know -- . >> looks like a beautiful day. >> it's beautiful blue skies.
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>> we can do this. okay. >> you know what? we'll come back to you spencer, we will. we'll get the forecast from you coming up. >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 apple agrees to pay millions to settle a class action lawsuit. >> a big day for san francisco zoo's newest and cutest attraction. we'll check out tiger mom's parenting skills, next. plus... >> jackie robinson changed america's game, america itself. how the league is honoring him as the movie 42 premiers. >> at 4:30 a different type of baseball story. check this out. fall out after the bench is cleared during dodgers game. >> and michael finney taking your questions and will be here them to answer them live in just a few minutes.
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>> and approaching 4:10 friday, look at the skyway in san francisco. slow going and on the left heading to the bay bridge.
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the krcht eo of american airlines will not be getting his $20 million severance package for now. a judge blocked a proposed payment the
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airline was preparing to give chief executive tom whartton ruling that payment would exceed limits for cases in 2005. he is said to be replaced as america's ceo. >> twitter expecting to launch a music service, soon. that would suggest artists and songs based on accounts users follow. several reports say users will be able to listen to tracks through third party services a new web site popped up featuring hash tag music. >>. a potential deal could bring together wireless phone and tv services and april yale agrees to pay millions to settle a class action suit. >> good afternoon. dhish not giving up on breaking into the wireless business. bloomberg learned the chairman
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informally approached a possible with its unit. sources tell bloomberg telecome may consider the proposal once the merger closes and only after considered a separate deal with sprint nextel. apple reportedly agreed to pay $53 million to settle a class action lawsuit over iphone and ipod warranty claims, plaintiffs say apple failed to honor warranties. wired reports apple will not agree to fall and settlement will be filed in federal court incoming weeks. >> linkedn trying to acquire mobile news app, pulp. pulp founded in 2010 by two stanford students. linkedn trying to keep users more engaged by offering
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content as wem. >> consumer confidence along with large retail sales fell south entering stocks lower on the day. >> well, when a person dies things like home and bank accounts pass to heirs but what about their digital assets? google released a feature called inactive account manager allowing a user to choose when their google data will be deleting. users can name heirs to receive the data after a period of inactivity. at bloomberg studios in san francisco, back to you on that happy note. >> thank you. have a great weekend. >> it was new baby day. at the san francisco zoo. the 2-month-old tiger cub is heading outdoors. >> this is the tiger cub frolicking around. it's only the second time here. the first before the public
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check out mom grabbing her buy her skruf and carrying her to a lower grassy knoll there. the cub zrnt a name but weighs 14 pounds and is strong like a small dog. so adorable there. >> looks like a dat -- cat. >> until you're scarred for live. >> bacon turned snack food world into hog heaven. >> a player joined roster of bacon milk shakes and ice cream. >> yes. hog heaven bacon cotton candy. the treat topped with candied bacon bits set to debut this weekend at texas motor speedway. >> the bacon is cooked, chopped and mixed with sugar for hours. the bacon is taken out and the sugar is whisked into the
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candy. >> bacon is the candy of candy. >> now, turning to weather. we've unmuted spencer christian. >> this is the way to go. bacon cotton candy. i'll pass on that one. take a look at live doppler 7 hd. beautiful day around the bay area today like yesterday. mild clouds around. you can see live doppler 7 let's go to our forecast features, mostly clear skies tonight and cool in the inland valleys ask tomorrow morning early sunny skies, mild inland. and afternoon, and cooler and windier pattern developing for sunday. they'll bounce back. animation shows movement over 12 hours of another weak cold front to the north that brings a few more clouds close to the bay area. it is cooler, windier conditions behind that front as it swings through.
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low temperatures tonight under mainly clear skies. into upper 40s, low to mid-40s into north bay valleys. upper 40s and around 50 near the east bay. tomorrow, sunny skies and lovely conditions, mild once again. we'll see upper 60s to low 70. 72 at palo alt yes. breezy, cool tomorrow. highs 56 in pacifica. downtown a high of 62 degrees tomorrow, it will be breezy again moving closer to the coastline. nice, mild, 72 in san rafael. east bay look for highs 70s in
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oakland. and inland east bay, we'll see highs into mid to upper 70s. 78 livermore. and here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. we're going to have nice, mild weather throughout tomorrow, cooling down a bit on sunday. under windier conditions but not going to be chilly. monday, chilly in spots. temperatures starting to rebound about middle of the week and next friday we'll look into high temperatures up around 80 degrees again. so lovely seven days ahead. >> are we done with rain? >> looks like we are. rainy season ended. and you know into may and june, it's possible you can get a shower here and there. but no significant rainfall.
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>> yes. >> thank you. >> up next ground breaking comic jonathan winters died. how he influenced comedians. >> then, after 4:30 this is fog you can walk through in a new exhebit. it's cool. your look only on abc 7 news. >> and taking a look at traffic you're looking for the approach to the bay bridge there
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jonathan winters has died. his amaidsing career spanned five decade was memorable roles on movies and tv but best known for work as a stand up comic, his energy and gift for improv won him millions of dans. >> he was of the moment. it was just you didn't know what to expect. there was no script. there was no character that he just stayed w he bounced around. like... like a ping pong ball in a metal room. >> i don't think it would be
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an understatement to say he may have been the funniest human on the face of the planet he issued a statement about winters to abc 7 news. first my idol, then mentor and friend. i'll miss him, huge. he was my comedy buddha, long live the bud yachl he died in his home at 87 years old. >> continuing with jackie robinson's story. reviews coming from everywhere, even the white house. >> give me uniforms, give me a number on the back. i'll give you the guts it tells how jackie robinson broke baseball's color barrier. chadwick bozman plays american
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icon. >> he's a bench mark for baseball history. and also for american history. >> he endured racial discrimination. harassment came from everywhere. >> that spirit touched president obama and first lady. >> i can say with all sincere at this time was powerful for us. i don't know about you we walked away from that visibly, physically moved by the experience of the movie. >> harrison ford plays the dodgers general manager who chose robinson because of his temperment. >> it is shocking and also important to recognize that there is a short period of time ago. >> the tomb stone reads a life
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is not important except on the impact on other lives and what an impact. next week, every major leaguer, white, black, latino and asian will wear his number 42. >> and members of the jackie robinson foundation will throw out the first pitch monday at 15th. >> still ahead a hacker claims he can hijack a plane with just his phone. >> the man calling himself a tough sheriff found himself in danger. >> also, dodgers brawl might be over. but pose tilt just starting. >> one m
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beginning with developments from overseas on the standoff with north korea. secretary of state kerry in seoul delivered a warning to the rogue regime telling them not to testify in a mid range missile. the trip comes after an intelligence report suggests progress has been made on pung yang's nuclear programs. kerry meeting with south korea
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president sought to tame anxieties about the report that north korea probably has a nuclear weapon in its hands. >> we're united in the fact that north korea will not be accepted as a nuclear pou yerk rhetoric we're hearing is unacceptable. by any standard. >> but the key to getting him to back down could be china that happens to be the next stop on the trip to the far east. >> could be a new hijacking threat facing airlines and a tool to carry one is one used every day. a german ip consultant is in a hacking conference. you go test how he can do things like turn off light and change what pilots see on the
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display. saying hackers can not prevent a pilot from overriding feature autos cross roads of the west bringing back gun shows this weekend and organizer says he's talking with lawmakers and washington about the concerns over universal background checks. >> there are five shows per year. show owner puts on 62 shows per year in four states and brags on being the biggest producer in the country. >> baseball goings up, vendors setting up boxes and guns. a large seller of clips kept goods out of sight of the camera. some vendors are nervous in light of the pending debate over director gun control autos i want to talk about a background check. >> legislation to be debate wod require the checks on guns
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sold at shows. a california already has a law but the bill would apply to all states. including where he has shows. he's skeptical it will do good. >> in general, criminals don't get guns in shows whether california or any place else. >> that number came fray serve vai of prison inmates who filled in boxes and results were never verified. >> they're information relates to gun trafficking not to armed robberies or shootings. and the data in both cases is old. what we can say is that
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templeton discounts that data. >> i must be talking to 10%ers because people i talk to do not support it when they come to understand it. >> what he says they'd come to understand is that government is collecting this information and the fear is that the government will use that information sometime in the future to take gun as way. where is that fear coming from? how sit being used in the gun debate? that is a story we're working on at 6:00. a gun buy back event will be held tomorrow. residents can drop off weapons between 9:00 a.m. to noon at the supreme court northern branch. people will receive money depending on type of weapon returned. guns are accepted no questions asked in january a buy back event netted 680 firearms including assault weapons and rifles. $63,000 paid out to participants. >> gun n control will be the focus of the week lay dress
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but won't be given by the president. the president asked francine wheeler the mother of a 6-year-old killed in the december shooting in newtown, connecticut to gift talk in his place. several newtown families have been in washington this week lobbying members of congress and the president believes choices have been -- voices have been critical in the gun control debate. the only other time he had someone else gift address is when he was out of the country. >> arizona officials want to tack down -- track down who sent a mail bomb to a sheriff that would have exploded when opened. a mail carrier thought the item looked suspicious. they found bomb like components. he calls himself the toughest sheriff in america. >> president and vice president have released their tax returns for 2012. president obama's return show he and the first lady paid
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more than 112,000s ndz taxes last year on 608,000s ndz adjusted gross income that. is a rate of 18.4%. vice president biden and his wife jill reported income of just over $385,000 and they paid $87,851 in tax as cording to their returns. >> a simple accessory saved a life of a philadelphia store clerk. surveillance video captured a man on a bike firing a gun outside of a store. the clerk heard the commotion and dropped to the ground. look care flismt you can see him lift his shirt. he didn't notice anything then someone point that had out. he had a bullet in his belt buckle. >> right there. right there. the bullet right there. >> and what went through your mind? >> thank you, god. i'm lucky.
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>> another remarkable twist of fate at the time of the was going on, the owner supposed to be giving out free shaved ice to kids but he was running late. pun person was shot and police arrested at accused gunman. >> major league baseball expected to levy fines and suspensions any time now as a result of the brawl in san diego. the padres outfielder carlos qinton with a pitch then muttered something, then went nuts and charged the mound. dodgers manager says this stanford man judd be smarter than this but deserves a long suspension. >> he should not play a game until he can pitch. if he plays before he pitches something is wrong. >> the bad blood did not end on the field. the outfielder confronted
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quinton in the parking lot after the game. with the two reportedly went nose to nose. right handier in the first area of a $147 million contract. and sending out this photo from the movie afrkor man captioned you stay classy, san diego and adding we'll see you on monday night. >> do we know who is at fault? >> there have some histry. it's not the situation where you'd plunk a guy that. doesn't make sense. it doesn't make sense that he would be muttering to him and he sees quinton is upset what.
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is going to be interested to see how long this lasts because usually it's a week or two. but in this case he is going to be out two months so it's going to impair the dodger autos still ahead the former of david acres will face in detroit. >> and dreams come true. the first thing sprang into mind of one woman after coming out of a five-year coma. >> i'm still taking your questions you can contact me right now and on twit yes, i'll answer questions right here live in just a little bit. >> what a view from our camera. a few clouds around but a lot of blue will it last through the weekend? >> a lot of cars out there taking a look at the maze lochbt side of the screen that is traffic heading towards
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berkeley on the right side, heading to san francisco and bay bridge better on the right side heading to san francisco. not a lot on the friday. stay
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nfl dreams of a norwegian man known as tick alicious detroit lions signed to a free agent contract. he became an internet sensation posting this video that is pretty entertaining
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actually. the video is amazing. recording almost three million hits. he'll be competing for a job against david acres i don't think has a nickname that good. >> and a michigan woman awoke after five years in a coma got a wish last night. >> the 79-year-old spent the evening watching bob seger. she'd been waiting months for the show. last may she woke frup five years in a coma after suffering a stroke. she tried to get up and slipped, fell, and hit her head and then, something remarkable happened. >> my memory started to come back. this is when -- first words i wanted to go to a bob seger concert.
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and what made me say that, i can't figure out why. >> who won't? she had her bob seger shirt on. she sang, danced and got to meet him back stage and gave him a big kiss. she says it's the happiest she's been any a long time. >> then asked to meet kick alicoius. >> check on weather heading into the weekend looking good today. >> there is forecast delicious here tomorrow will be a calm day despite presence of services here and there. showers moving through the great lakes. there is rain and a mix of light rain and snow showers. and sunny and mild with highs 80s in sacramento. 86 fresno.
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it's nice and warm. here in the bay area, sunny skies tomorrow. and highs into upper 50s. look at highs 74 in santa rosa. and south bay, 74. temperatures going to be dropping off sunday and monday. a couple windy days coming our way. let's just focus on this. >> thank you. >> up next, increasing dental care. the new device that's some are now using to help kids in the bay area. >> monday is the tax deadline what happens if you can't get them done? i'll answer that question coming up.
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about 800 kids in san mateo county have a reason to smile because technology is giving better access to critical dental care services. sheer how it works. technicians used tools to provide screenings assessments
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and services. they then uproad trordz a site where a traditional dentist can review them. >> it's a promising model of care that is patient sent skbrord involves users of a mid level provider. >> the system has been used at six community based locations with 12 more sites planned by next year. >> now, michael finney is here answering questions sent to him by facebook and twitter and e mail. first asking are no cost stream lined refinance has $10,000 added to the principal balance why? >> first of all the va loan is fabulous, you have to put nothing down but because you put nothing down there are fees. first you have a va funding
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fee and that is a fee everyone has got to pay because they're a deal. some go under. so interest is a fee to protect tax payers then a mortgage interest for current month. that you're buying into. and if you take a look that will probably add up to $10,000 if it doesn't, someone has explaining to do. make sure but that is probably it. >> rex r wanted to know a year ago i booked two airline testify tickets on a mexican airline. the conference was cancelled soy didn't go. i figured i had a credit. the airline informed me no such credit exists. >> is there hope? >> skip. no airline does that other than southwest and they're not doing it anymore. southwest up until just
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recently said if you don't take the flight have you up to a year to use the money. now, they say if you tell us before the flight you have a year to use that. none of the other airlines do it that way. it's a nonrefundable ticket says right on it. if fire so big they weren't allowing planes to land, that is when they can get the money back. if a plane couldn't get there, they can get money back. >> katie asks i can't get tax rurnz done. what should i do? >> file an extension, do it quickly and on time. and if you think you owe give them the extra money. the form is on web site. people are concerned. the figures show you're less likely to be audit if you file an extension. so. >> if you think you owe? >> money has got to go up
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front. >> good advice, thank you. >> sure. >> have a good weekend. >> you too. >> what is a fog sculpture? we'll give you a look at the exhibit at the new exploratorium. >> why people were cuddling with man's best friend today. >> and coming up, new at 5:00 tired of the best concert seats being snapped up by promoters? efforts to change that will be music to your ears. >> why would a 78-year-old enroll in a fundamentals of basketball class
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here is tonight's prime time line up at 8:00. back to back episodes of happy endings. then, join us back here for abc 7 news at 11:00.
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>> bay area seniors got cuddle time today. older dogs spent time with humans today in the community room. look at that sweet. muttville devoted to finding homes for senior dogs. also giving seniors an opportunity to spend time with the dog autos that is very sweet. >> yes. >> brand new building on water front. >> looks great. abc 7 news is the science museum's official tv partner. we've shown you new exhibits planned. >> and now a look at what they're planning for outside. >> creating a representation for cutting edge science, the new building fofrs a permanent
4:53 pm
spot. the space created out of a giant working lot this, is how it looked two years ago and now. almost ready for it's new life as an outdoor oasis. it will be filled with fog this, is the trial run of a fog sculpture. when finished visitors will be engulfed. >> it's art to look at but experience and be in. it's oo when you step off the bridge, the fog puts on a show. the fog will operate every half hour whit clears, you'll be able to see this artist's reation there he is in the inflatable boat that will create a light show. finished work swril a thousand.
4:54 pm
another exhibit allows to you dial up a rain storm adjusting to size, speed and frequency of the drops. this will be an outdoor exhibit perfected inside under controlled conditions. >> this is a where you're finding things out and getting excited about playing around with prototypes thinking how are you going recreate for visitors? >> this was dreamed up by grateful dead drummer nicky hart. exploratorium engineer years made it happen. >> if i hit this,. >> nick micky played at the anniversary celebration for the real bridge. now, it's being rebuilt in a form exploratorium visitors can play. >> that is cool. >> i like that. >> it's all cool.
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there is more cool stuff happening this sunday at 6:30 you can get a preview on abc 7 presents more to explore. >> and abc 7 news will be hosting with a lk at san francisco's newest treasure opening day april 17th. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. college students took financial aid from those that could use it, it hit one campus hard. >> changing weekend for the weekend he said g i hope the boys get what they deserve. >> cyber bullying case out of saratoga high forcing tough discussions between parents and children tonight.
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>> good evening, three teen-aged boys under jail accused of sexual assaulting a 15-year-old girl who later committed suicide. >> she took her life eight days when learning a picture of the assault was posted online. david some. >> we're outside of the juvenile detention center here in downtown san jose. the three teen-aged boys are being held. they're expected to remain here throughout the weekend. the district attorney cannot talk about specifics in this case we've learned a judge is going to be asked to move them from juvenile to adult court. students and parents are stunned by the arrests this, is a close-knit community.
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many the students had no sense they might be implicated on the sexual assault in a party last september. the family released her photo and name to the media hoping it will help to focus attention on cyber bullying and harm it can cause. the d.a.cannot talk about this case but explained how a case is moved. >> avenue would be to petition the court to find a person unfit can have a judge make that determination. if to make that determination then we can try them as an adult. >> on facebook page has been set up to bring her attention to her case. she wrote, quote my life is ruined on the page after a photo was posted she later took her life. the attorney says the chase against the teen-aged boys
4:58 pm
accused of tacking her has been hampers. seven months between time of the assault and arrest he says gave them time to destroy evidence. >> there has been destruction of evidence we're talking about photograph, texting and e mails that can be disposed off quickly and readily with the press of a button. we have reason to believe that if these boys have come forward and given authorities the evidence, i think this resolution would have happened earlier. >> the public will not know details if it remains in juvenile court. and moving it would make it a public proceeding. the district attorney reviews this case the family is considering suing several stud yempbts and parents in a civil
4:59 pm
lawsuit. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> we have new details from a case in ka in a da. police reopened an investigation after a teen hanged herself in another alleged rape and bullying case. her family says she was photographed while being sexual assaulted in 2011. then, was bullied after the photos were passed around online. police said there were no grounds to charge the boys involved and last month in ohio two football players were convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl. that crime reported on cell phone sites and talked about on face book and twitter. authorities. >> these attacks have a lot of parents wondering about the west way to start a


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