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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  April 13, 2013 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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sky7hd over south san jose where federal agents and swatted agents swarmed a commercial area. i'm ama daetz. >> dan: there is a man hountd hurnt for a man thought to be being armed and dangerous. alan wang is there with the latest. >> reporter: the suspect had a number of arrests weapon charge arrests against him here in santa clara county. that is why they brought out the search dogs, swat and armored
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vehicle. this property contained a tattoo ploor and a bunch of rvs. he managed to hide back there and slip away. >> sky7hd was overhead as santa clara county swat went trailer to trailer looking for a parolee by u.s. marshals. they were serving a warrant including weapons charges. >> they saw him going towards one of the rvs and trailers. though called him out. he refused to come out. he went into one of the rvs. >> they quickly called in back up. canines scoured the lot that held a lo looted of old rvs a tattoo parlor and a car shop but t managed to slip away. >> he was a parolee released from prison but not been in compliance with his parole terms.
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he was pretty dangerous. they wanted to take him back into custody. >> reporter: now, a resident in a house behind me she didn't know he was living on the property but overheard him saying he had to leave because he was about to get in trouble. the search continues for richard paul tribone. >> ama: for the first time we are hearing for the attorneys of three teen boys accused of sexually assaulting a girl that later committed suicide. late tonight lawyers for the accused teens sent us this statement. much of what has been reported over the last several days is inaccurate, most distuck islinko link to the suicide with the specific actions of these three boys. they say it happened at an unsupervised party. she passed out after drinking
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and three boys took pictures during the assault which were later posted on line. she killed herself out of humiliation. >> this crime was orchestrated in the way it was carried out afterwards came with relatively high degree of sophistication. the families' belief they should be tried as adults. >> the family's attorney is accusing boys destroying evidence by deleting texts and emails about what happened. they are being held in juvenile hall and make a first court appearance on tuesday. >> dan: new at 11:00, documents released by the state department of transportation shows that the company that made the faulty bolts was flagged years before for shoddy work. they snapped when workers went to tighten them. caltrans gave dyson corporation
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a failing grade. the company had big problems in a heat treatment area a process led to the bolts snapping because they were too brittle. they are finding a solution to the bolt problem. now it's uncertain whether the eastern span will open by labor day as originally scheduled. we do have changes in the weather this weekend. sandhya patel joins us with live doppler 7-hd. >> let me show you. we have a few patches of low clouds forming right near the coastline and wispy clouds moving overhead. visibility is still good as we look towards the bay bridge. we don't have any fog other than half moon bay where there is a patch right now. san francisco, 50 degrees. 53, san jose. 48, half moon bay. i'll be back to let you know how the weekend weather will be different than from today in just a few minutes. >> dan: in marin county tonight, sheriff investigators are piecing clues after dozens of
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shots were fired. two children and mother were nearly victims of the violence. sergio quintana is in the newsroom with details. >> reporter: those two children were part of two different families that live less than a mile from each other in marin city. witnesses toll us was a running gunfight between shooters in two different vehicles. >> she was sitting in the back seed of an suv with her daughter summer sitting beside her. they were just about to get home when they saw two cars speeding behind them. >> she pulled right over from the near the house. >> three-year-old summer was hit by a bullet fragment. meanwhile, julian was in the living room with the young son when he heard the shots coming from the street. >> i hear the cars coming because you could hear the iengines. i hear four shots, bap, bap,tell tell my son to get down.
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i'm a little angry because, i mean, who wants to think about their child being shot up. >> reporter: moments before and less than a mile down the street witnesses industry a spray of bullets between shooters of twor of fleming avenue and terry terrace avenue. the woman who lives here asked not to identify her base she is worried for her family's favorite. [ speaking spanish ] >> she says her three-year-old daughter had just asked the baby-sitter to read a book. a bullet came through the wall next to the chair he had just been sitting in. it whizzed by them and went into another wall. both families are lucky no one got literate and are angry the violence is happening. >> i'm amazed how much it has grown. we could have been dead. oman hit by gunfire she will
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move out of the neighborhood. this happened around 8:30 and they are looking for witnesses identifying the cars involved and any suspects. sergio quintana, "abc 7 news". >> ama: services for the teenager killed by a train in san lorenzo are set for wednesday. he was sit by an amtrak train while playing chicken. it involves standing on the tracks while a train approaches. first one to fall off is called chicken. the last one is supposed to be the winner. >> do you know high school kids know better. we know kids do things because they are kids. >> it's devastating. they shouldn't have to deal with this at such a young age. >> the tracks air jay sent to a high school. friends his friends laid flowers near the site.
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for the second time in three days, incredibly in the same spot, young children were left alone in a hot car in san leandro. they found three children left in the car. the windows were rolled up tight. the father was arrested for child endangerment. >> you shouldn't leave people in a vehicle out air-conditioning or a pet. we are getting close to summer months and it could be a factor. >> ama: on wednesday a woman was arrested for leaving her baby unattended in her car in the same parking lot. >> a staff member at a oakland elementary school stopped a child from being kidnapped. a five-year-old boy was standing in front of an elementary school at 2:30. a stranger approached, tried to pick him up but the staff member intervened and scared the stranger off who took running. the man is described, mid-30s, n 5'10" and dark complexion and short hairstyle.
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>> a busy stretch of 101 in marin will see rolling closures. they will set up traffic breaks on the southbound direction between marin city and golden gate bridge between 7:00 a.m. and noon. an on-ramp from spencer avenue will be shut down. that will give scientists to survey a cliff that has been the site of several rock slides. >> dan: coming up a new complaints about robo surgery. so present is it can peel the skin off a grape. >> no also a lot of money is pooh piling up at the airport lost and found. how it got there. >> dan: jewelry store thief that swallowed the evidence. how police knew they had their man. >> then later.... >> tonight we have music from mad men and elizabeth lost and meredith gray himself,
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>> dan: tonight a bay area company that makes a robot doctors use to perform surgeries is under investigation. there are reports of problems and even death. ron clayborn has more. >> robo surgery has been hailed as a major medical breakthrough with claims highly precise robots are steadier than the human hand. tie any forceps peel the skin off a grape and better outcomes for patients. they have performed hundredsera.
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erations. >> the tip of instrument moves one millimeter. >> this week they cited him for complications during 11 robotic surgeries. in one instance a aorta was torn. he and his lawyer declined comment. fda is looking into increasing number of seri serious medical problems and even death. among 500 incidents, a doctor could not control movements andl was ripped. and also doctors say it's the device but they say there are other things. >> during an operation when there needs to be an emergency cpr or to an operation, the robot has gotten in the way. >> in a written statement the maker of the only fda robotic device, it has an excellent safety record, questions are
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surfacing and now the fda is looking for answers. >> tomorrow a south bay post office will bear the name of hometown hero. kenneth ballard was killing while serving in iraq. tomorrow a post office in mountain view will be dedicated in his honor. congresswoman authored legislation to designate the facility as his memorial post office. >> dan: this is wild. all that spare change being left behind at airport security checkpoints, it's adding up to more than half a million dollars. j.f.k. and o'hare and miami international airports have each collected $70,000 from rushing travelers who forgot to pick up their change or left it behind. that is this year behind. sfo collected $60,000. travelers have 60 days to claim any lost change.
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tsa gets to keep anything that is left over. >> ama:, south bay teen is being hailed as a hero for saving a boy after being swept that yosemite's river. alex smith sprung into action when he spotted boy being swept toward the falls. he vaulted over the railing and grabbed the boy. three people died last year after being swept away by the rapids and going over. 317-foot drop. >> dan: big bash on the embarcadero tonight to celebrate san francisco's newest waterfront gem. they turned out to the exploratorium's gala before the public gets its own look. we are the official tv partner. i was honored to attend with my co-anchor kerr cheryl jennings. the guests have a chance to experience the new exploratorium which opens on wednesday. there is a lot more cool stuff
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happening. tha get a preview when we present more to explore, the making of the new exploratorium. i will host this half-hour special with an inside look at san francisco's newest treasure. opening opening day is april 17th and it's really, really cool. >> ama: let's get a check on weather as we head into saturday. >> dan: sandhya patel is here. >> the weekend is looking fabulous. as we look at live doppler, we have a few clouds through. higher clouds and patchy low clouds near the coast line, but other than that, nothing to complain about as i look from high definition roof cam. a gentle breeze out to the bay bridge, temperatures right now, 49 in santa rosa. it is 51 in livermore. 53 degrees in los gatos. here are the highlights, cool tonight, patchy cloudsand mily and mild inland. much like today. then it's going to get cooler
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and windier as we head into sunday. it's this cold front, this area is cool pool of air that is going to drop down toward northern california. a as it comes in here, we'll notice the windy conditions on sunday. take a look at the wind forecast. these are wind gusts, strongest wind gusts in the purple there, moderate in yellow and lighter shades of blue indicates weaker wind gusts. we're seeing moderate winds along the coastline, 35 mile-an-hour wind gusts. the winds continue to pick up especially around half moon bay where we're expecting winds gusting up to 46 miles an hour. even in some of the inland areas we'll see 35 mile-an-hour winds out of northwest. it will be cooler and feel it with the wind coming off the ocean water. bundle up, it will be a cool start. we are looking at low 40s in places like napa, santa rosa. 47 in san mateo. 49 in san jose.
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san francisco up to 50kland,d oakland, 45 degrees in livermore. afternoon highs will be close to regular levels. 72 milpitas. cupertino, 74 degrees. 69, san mateo. breezy here near the coast with 56 degrees in pacifica. daly city, 58 degrees. daly city, 62. north bay, mild conditions, low 70s for clearlake and ukiah. 74 in santa rosa. heading towards napa, gorgeous day, 76 degrees. in the east bay, temperatures running close to where you should be. 70 in oakland. inland areas, 78 in livermore. 76 degrees in concord. if you are going to the game tomorrow, a's will be hosting the detroit tigers. tomorrow a day game, 67 degrees, 60 degrees at 4:00 towards the end of the game.
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accu-weather seven-day forecast, cooler and windy and cooler on monday. tuesday will take us right on through friday. nice looking spring weather. we have great weather reso source for you to follow, live 7 hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine. >> dan: thank you very much. >> ama: lakers taking on warriors. >> dan: a disaster for the lakers. >> this is potential universe changing injury. seth curry went on a scoring binge. kobe bryant injury that could be career ending. sports is next.
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seth curry, in torch mode, remember 50 points he had in new york. reverse layup from 3, mid-range jumper. had 32 in the first half. earlier, shake and play, a little shove. fourth quarter. seth finished with 47. now, the lakers took 53 and that helped a lot. kobe ties it. then he going down here. watch his left foot, possible torn tendon. that would be season ending and career threatening. one second left.
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curry, lakers hold on. >> 14-year-old youngest player in the masters. a wild round for tiger woods. surging into a tie for at lead. hits the perfect shot. goes in the water. tiger manages to salvage it. the man to catch, australian jason day who shot and leads by a stroke at six under par. a's hosted the team that knocked them out of the playoffs, detroit tigers, before the game, josh reddick received his award and that would be fitting as we watch the highlights. bartolo, he takes him deep, he allowed those three runs. reddick shows how he is gold glove, robbing victor martinez
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at the wall. a's in the 12th, josh donaldson, good night, game over. drive home safely. a's win 4-3. giants and cubs at wrigley. down by 2-1. down the line, joaquin scores hunter pence, trying to store zproer first, play at the plate, in there! giants up 3-2. sergio romo closing it out. perfect six for six. the win is blowing out, here is rips one in jetstream. we're tied at three. runners on at first, off the wall, gave it to jesus into score and that ends it. cubs victorious, 4-3. >> yankees, orioles, craziest play ever?
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manny hits it. kevin is going to tag him out. then mashado, what are you doing? he is trying to go to second and tagged. triple play! some of the worst base running you'll ever see. unbelievable as the yankees go to win by a score of 5-2. >> that is wild. >> that is strange. thanks, larry. >> up next, now you see it, now you don't. >> dan: just ahead, the thief who ate the evidence.
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>> ama: when you wake up in the morning, you want to bundle up. cool especially inland and patchy clouds and low 50s coming up to the mid-50s by 8:00 a.m. and frances dinglasan will be here. >> dan: thanks so much. >> tomorrow a new hampshire man has an appetite for crime. >> dan: the man in the circle is looking at a diamond engagement ring. >> he runs for the door. clerk refuses to buzz him out. >> they are waiting for the thief to return the ring. we didn't say he was smart. >> jimmy kimmel is live. >> stay tuned for that. that is all for now. thanks so much for watching. >> i'm ama daetz. >> for all of us here, we
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appreciate your time. have a great weekend
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