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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 13, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> lisa: the railroad thought can bring a crane in to lift the train on to a track or use a machine to do the job. either way the passengers have to stay onboard until something is figured out and that could take several more hours. back here live now. the street was closed for an hour while emergency crews were assessing the entire situation. this road has now re-opened. live in fremont, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> ama: new details tonight. a candlelight vigil will take place on friday for a you can woman who committed suicide after being sexually assaulted. audrie potts died eight days after she was attacked during a night of drinking in september. pictures of the assault were posted online. thursday the sheriff's deputies arrested three boys on assault charges. new at 11:00, vigil was held
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in union city for a man shot to death by police last month. friends and family call it murder. amos smith was killed march 2nd. authorities say smith ran after officers stopped his car and pointed a hand gun at police. officers say they fired in self-defense. people at the vigil don't bly the explanation, believing too many officers shoot first and ask questions later. >> san francisco police arrested a man they believe shod -- shot and killed another man on nob hill. the victim tied after being shot around 2:30 a.m. neighbors say they heard a couple fighting before at least one shot was fired. police say the man they arrested is 55 years old and is the only suspect in the case. a 30-year-old woman from san jose has been arrested in the kidnapping of an 11-month-old girl. karla hernandez was taken into custody last night. police believe it was hernandez who drove away last moping in a
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jeep with the baby friday. the baby's mom just stepped out of the car to close the garage door and left the keys in the ignition. a sketch of hernandez was circulated and police say witnesses and evidence tied her to the crime. hernandez is in jail on drug and kidnapping charges. new at 11:00. a split second decision by a san jose teage saves 0 boys from falling more than 300 feet. it happened in yosemite. >> i hear this mom screaming, my god, save my baby. after i hopped the fence, i could hear my parents going, please, don't do it. >> no, please, no, no, and he just was in just like that. >> alex smith and his family just hiked to the fall when a nine-year-old boy fell into the river. alex jumped over the railing, held on to a rock and snagged the boy as he was going by in the rapids. alex's dad came to help.
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>> when i reached him, he reached me. he looked up at me like the craziest look in his eye, please help me. >> i have not only my son but my husband out there as well. so that was just terrifying. >> this is the only photo the smiths have of alex and the boy he saved. the nine-year-old is telling alex thank you. taking a cab in san francisco can be time consuming, standing around, trying to flag someone down. would more taxis help the probable system sergio has more. reporter: catching a cab on the embarcadero on a saturday night may not be all that difficult but if you're in just about any other part of the city it's a whole lot more challenging. there's a consulting agency that just put out a report saying the city needs more cabs. they recommend adding between 600 and 800 more cabs over the
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next few years. >> want to get a cab, that's how it is. >> howard has been driving the streets of san francisco for 17 years in the last year he says he is earning 30% less than special he says it's because of new services like lift. >> smart guys came in and said, here's a need. and they sold it. >> there's been plenty of friction between cab drivers and limo drivers over the ride share services, and according to a new report put out by a consulting firm, the many recent these ride share companies have popped it is because the city should have more taxis. >> when you have to hail a cab, is it easy enough? >> not always. it's difficult. reporter: the taxi report was commissioned by the san francisco mt expa recommends at least 600 more taxis be added but not everybody is sold on the recommendation. >> it's unbelievable. shouldn't be that much. going to kill --
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>> he is a limo driver who subscribes to uber, an app that allows riders to order car or limo service. through uber-riders can get car within minutes a at a premium price. and more cabz might cut into the bomb line right enough but he is not opposed to it. >> itself would be hell. however, when it is busy, if you got rid of the quote-unquote illegal competition, it would be fine. people can't get around in san francisco. reporter: that consulting firm did actually survey cab users, and they say they actually prefer using cabs because they recognize the cabs are licensed and bonded, even limos have to carry a certain amount of insurance. reporting live along the embarcadero, abc7 news. >> ama: thank you so much. well, a change in the weather is on the way so let's head right
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to our meteorologist lisa in for leigh glaser. >> lisa: tomorrow doppler could get active tomorrow. right now the primary concern is the winds, gusting to 30-miles-an-hour on the coast. they're backing off in the east bay valleys and will continue to do so bringing cool overnight lows with low 40s, maybe some isolated frost in protected valleys but that's not the entire story. we are starting out sunny tomorrow, then look what happened. increasing clouds and green on the screen, representing possibility of showers. much cooler and windier whether ahead. >> ama: a gun show in san francisco brought out a huge crowd of gun enthusiasts. most of them looking for ammo. the line inside the cow palace just to buy ammunition was two hours long. critics say ammunition is used to kill things but enthusiasts say that's not necessarily true they want the public to know they're rational, sane people,
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who like to be prepared. >> understand the safety protocol wes have to comply with. trigger locks, mechanisms that are tested to make sure they're safe. we should be less concerned. we are the good guys. nose the bat bad guys iin south san francisco many gun owners exchanged weapons for cash. $23,000 was handed out in return for approximately 250 guns. >> our younger son, ben, age six, was murdered in his first grade classroom. >> ama: later this hour, the plea for gun control from the mother of a newtown victim. new at 11:00, have toes in richmond have taken all the fun out of this year's little league season. overnight someone broke into the league's storage room and made off with up to $1,500 of equipment and inventory that includes umpire gear and the snack food the league sold to raise money. the league will have to cancel
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two-thirds of its games this season. >> our umpire, we're down to one game, and instead of three games, at one time and now we're only to do the one game. >> ama: the league has nearly 300 players among 17 teams. it's asking or for the public's help in the form of donations to save their season. still to come at 11:00, a dramatic crash just ahead. how this plane missed the runway but ended up with no serious injuries and the airline's questionable record. muss, two testify stating accidents here in the bay area. we'll show you what happened and how at it affecting the ride tonight. >> later, the bizarre targets that cost one man his
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>> ama: a terrifying to end a night in indonesia today. the indonesian passenger jet trying to land on bali. instead breaking apart and ending up in the ocean. here's more. reporter: terrifying moments onboard on indonesia jetliner that slammed into the ocean short of the runway on bali. officials say the player, with 108 peaks and crew, was coming in for a landing about never made it to the runway, crashing into shallow water and breaking into two. passengers report panic and screaming onboard as they scrambled to get out of the
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boeing 737. everybody survived, although dozen were injured. this man says he grabbed a life jacket and swam to shore. this passenger didn't know how to swim. rescuers carried him. the flight was operated by indonesia's largest carrier, lion air, which has a checkered safety record. it's on a list of airlines banned in europe. >> the european union publishes a black list, and flyers into different parts of the world ought to check the list. >> the boeing 7 37 was brand new, delivered two months ago, it had all the latest safety features. >> the most important is that it was equipped with 16g seats. these are seats that really can sustain a hard impact. reporter: it's unusual for (s to go down short of a runway. this crash in nye jeer a --
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nigeria was named on enintrouble. >> there are are thousands of these 737s flying worldwide and crash investigators are eager to discover what went wrong. they're heading to indonesia to see what the black boxes rereel. >> ama: one person died in a fiery accident in novato. a vehicle burst into flames after it overturned. the crash blocked the connector ramp from 101 to 47. the highway patrol closed the ramp while crews cleared the scene. >> two people died in the highway patrol wants to find out why their ferrari went off the along. the car burst into flames after it left a tree. look at the wreckage. appears boast victims died on impact. the chp kept highway 1 closes until 5:00 30s -- 5:30 this afternoon.
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>> local tech experts brainstorming on helping children and families overcome autism. we teamed up to sponsor a program that for developing mobile apps, and apps help children with autism obtain basic skills. >> raise eight wareness about the needs or families and tapping into the creative skills and talent of the electronics industry. >> smart workers that can create apps to help kids cope with autism. a bird that helped teach kids' wildlife is now missing in san jose. marley the crow escaped from the wildfire center. his handlers say he is too accustomed to human and may be in danger.
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cop. >> let's get to the weather and lisa and the weather is changing for tomorrow. >> lisa: everything from wind, cooler temperatures, and the possibility of showers coming our way. this time tomorrow. but right now live doppler 7hd just -- we call that ground clutter so we're looking clear right now. with the clear sky and the dry atmosphere, we can see some temperatures drop off into the upper 30s in spots. right now, it is cool in the upper 40s, from half moon bay, 50 in san carlos. 55 in oakland, the warm spot. and the bay bridge this morning. winds are lighter in the valleys but still quite gusty along the coast. it's 50 in liver -- already moore, and with -- livermore. and it will remain gusty here,
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not only overnight but through tomorrow as well. then the winds well be back up all across the bay area. so tonight and as you look at napa right now no wind at all. your number is dropping quebecly, and you'll see the numbers drop through the 40s, perhaps upper 30s by -- 36 tomorrow is the official sunrise so by 7:00 your numbers start to recover. 46 in richmond. 49 in oakland. so your forecast, breezy and cooler tomorrow. chance of a shower later on tomorrow afternoon, through the overnight hours. could linger into monday. monday will be the windiest and coolest day out of the next stann. here's the radar composite. the beginning of the cool air mass is going to slide to the south. that's bring cooler air. tomorrow the winds ramping up again and then eventually the system flies through late tomorrow, and when the winds die back, and the skies clear, the coles morning will be tuesday morning. but by tomorrow night, look at
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the rain. a chance in the north bay. cloverdale, sonoma county coast, and south bay. light showers around san jose, and then with the mostly sunny sky on monday, gusty wind asks the possibility of a few showers. so grab the sweat shirts, put them in your car, and the jackets for the kids for the next couple of days. tomorrow we're looking at 70s in the interior so still pretty mild here. cooler los angeles, mid-60s, and temperatures around the bay tomorrow, more 60s than 70s. tomorrow, just 64 in richmond. look for mid-60s in santa rosa. you're at 74 today. 60s at the cost, and east bay, 1:00, temperatures just barely over 50 degrees. a few cloud. winds i can canning up, -- winds kicking up, and 80s return by the owned of the work week.
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the abc7 live doppler 7hd is on twitter for the latest conditions, rain or shine, "spare the air" alerts and weather tweets. >> ama: mike shumann is here with sports and tiger woods, what can you say? >> mike: had rough day at the masters, first penalized for a shot he made yesterday. then couldn't buy a break on the
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>> mike: tiger woods got a little weak qualm call from the masters rule committee, and when he arrived at the course he was penalized for two strokes for an improper drop. so today he has a bird chance on eight. went around the hole twice. on 150, the -- 15, birdies, 3-under on the tournament. co-leader, marc leishman, 5-under. brandt snedeker, still looking for his first major.
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par-3 16th. birdies the hole. tied for the lead at 7-under with 2009 master champs angel cabrera. we have a little birdie on 18. he is 7-under. jason day was struggling to play par all day. he is 5-under on the tournament. two shots back. here's you're leaderboard, snedeker and cabrera tied at feign un, then three aussies, round out the top five. sunday should be a classic finish at augusta. >> sharks are not comfortable in unfamiliar waters. they're 14-1-5 at home. 7-11-2 on the road. they have to get better away from the tank if they want to move on. stars could move into a playoff with the win. they have the 2-0 lead. chase son, six goals, three against the sharks.
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short-s -- pavelski robbed of the goal. sharks cult the lead in half in the third. byrnes, back hands it home. power play. seventh of the year. 2-1 stars. bachmann was the difference in the game. 31 saves on the night. 2-1 the final. >> we'll take brief time-out before we load the bases. the panda making sure the cubs didn't get a top billing in the battle of
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>> mike: how about a little baseball. a's outfielder johannes cespedes on the dl with a strained muscle in his left hand fromend. michael taylor was brought up in behind stead. tigers in town with justin verlander on the hill, and case closed. a's one nine straight coming into the contest. third inning, torii hunter.
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it's out of here. solo bomb. his first of the year, the tigers up 1-0. prince fielder went deep in the fourth. three batters later, jhonny peralta. anderson roughed up. allowed three home runs, gave up seven runs in 5-2/3 inning. the a's nine-game win streak is broken up by the tigers. 7-3 the final. the giants and their true fans, the orange. madison bumgarner on the mound. struck out six in 6-2/3 inning. scutaro, this opposite field rbi single. bumgarner scores from second. and bottom ninth, casilla gets the save and got help from the defense. check out pablo. the catch, rolls into the stands. the panda, a little cut on his leg but should be okay. great cash. giants win 3-2. take 3-4 with tomorrow's game, tim lincecum on the mound.
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>> david shaw and the annual spring game, kevin hogan starting at quarterback, good choice. throws a 30 yarder to the redshirt. nice catch. season starts september 7th september 7th against sans jose state. >> nascar, texas style, rough day for ricky stenshouse,. >> dan: -- danicka patrick's boyfriend. kyle busch takes the checkering in for his 26th career cup victory and also won last night's nationwide series. >> this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. coming up later, ncaa hockey grounds a champion, and you won't believe it. tiger's never come from behind to wayne major tournament and
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don't think he will tomorrow. >> ama: an emotional presidential address. what the mother of a newtown shooting victim said to the country today. >> a -- it's san francisco's newest waterfront attraction. what makes the new ñ ñ,ñjñpr9çit
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>> ama: good evening. i'm ama daetz. tonight, an amtrak train with 178 passengers and crew onboard derailed in fremont. the conductor told authorities it was a track-related issue. no one was hurt. amtrak will use the remaining engine to power the train to
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vancouver. >> a candlelight victimle was held in union city in honor of a man shot by police. his family and friend insist he was murdered. >> a 16-year-old from san jose saved the life of a little boy who went over the fall. he said his -- adrenaline took over and jumped into and managed to grab the boy. >> a gun show in the cow palace brought out thousands of people. >> there was a different voice coming from the white house today on the president's weekly radio address. it was not president obama but a mother who lost her son at sandy hook elementary in connecticut. david muir has the details. >> my name is francine wheeler. my husband david is with me. our young-under son, ben, age six, was murdered in his first-grade classroom on december 14th, exactly four
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months ago this weekend. reporter: this week francine wheeler and her husband and countless other family members from newton have lined the halls of congress to put a face to the new debate over gun control. >> his energy kept him rung over the soccer field long after the game was over and couldn't wait to get to school every morning. he sang with perfect pitch. and had just played at his third piano recitele. until that morning, 20 of our children and six of our educators were gone. out of the blue. i've heard people say that the tidal wave the country felt on 12-14 has receded, but not for us. sometimes i close my eyes and all i can remember is that awful day, waiting at the sandy hook volunteer firehouse, for the boy
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who would never come home. reporter: at the beginning of the week the families feared the senate would do. no but lawmakers now voted to move forward with the debate and there's a bipartisan proposal requiring increased background checks and the white house argues no voice carries as much weight as the voices of the family themselves. >> help this be the moment when real change begins. from the bottom of my heart, thank you. >> ama: the n san rafael, people gathered and marched in support of background checks and an end to gun violence. this was one of three antigun rallies in the bay area today. the nonprofit group, organizing for action, also sponsored rallies in san francisco and san mateo. >> some of the democratic party's brightest stars in the california for the democratic party's annual ton veins. davin newsom and kamala harris addressed the 2,000 democrats and house minority leader nancy
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pelosi focused on the core of the democratic party and push for immigration reform and gun control. >> we must restore confidence that we are as a people by passing comprehensive immigration reform, and we will. and we will. [applause] >> we must have confidence in public safety by passing gun violence protection. and we will. >> ama: the convention wraps up tomorrow. this is an incredible story of incredibly bad taste and it comes from florida tonight. a police sergeant was fired after bringing several copies of this paper target to a gun range. well, if it looks familiar it's because the silhouette has a hoodie and is holding a can of iced tea with skittles in his pocket, exactly how an unarmed 17-year-old tray son martin looked when he was shot last year them trial for george zimmerman, who says he shot martin in self-defense, starts in june. the attorney representing
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martin's family says the sergeant's use of the target was reprehensibles. >> hupses are asking the u.s. got to down its fleet of drones. the rally coincided with others across the use. the group accuses the u.s. of using drones to kill more than 4700 people. the use of drones has increased during the war in afghanistan and in fighting terror targets in pakistan. veterans and their families got together in san jose today for a day of learning and camaraderie. the occasion was the eighth annual san jose veteran center resource fair. veterans got a chance to learn about benefits they're entitled to and how to get them. there's also a chance to catch up with buddies who shared the experience of going into battle and swapping war stories. >> congresswoman jackie spear and other local dignitaries cult the ribbon on a condo unit.
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habitat for development built the 36 unit structure. >> a former child star arrested in the bay area. tammy aaron who played pinny long stocking was arrested on thursday. she was arrested after her room made said she assaulted him. still to come, the san francisco institution that is helping local little leaguers in need. >> we're just days away from the re-opening of the brand new exploratorium. we'll give you a sneak peek. >> why some bay area residents are celebrating earth day a bit early this year. >> winds are still gusty at the coast but elsewhere temperatures are dropping and the primary concern will be cooler temperatures and gusty wind. we'll have a
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>> ama: an update now to a story we brought you earlier this hour. lefty odollars is stepping up to the plate to help the little leaguers in richmond. thieves stole $1,500 worth of equipment from a league storage room. now lefty odool will donate
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enough money for the teams to buy the equipment they need to get through the season. a great star. >> the more ander toum is re-opening next wednesday in a brand new building on the water frubt abc7 is the official partner for the museum. we dan ashley has an expliewssive first of -- exclusion skiff look at cool things. >> the exploratorium spent its first 44 years at the palace of fine arts, creating a reputation for cutting edge science and art exhibits. the new building offers three times the space and a permanent spot for outside exhibits. that space was created out of a giant parking lot on the north side of the building. this is two years ago and this is how it looks now. almost ready for its new life as an outdoor oasis. for the first six months that life will be filled with fog.
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this is the trial run of a fog sculpture created by a japanese artist. when the work is finished, visitors on the bridge will be engulfed by fog. >> you can experience and be in. >> and when you step off the bridge the fog puts on a show. the fog will operate every half hour. when it clears you'll be able to say the artist's creation. there he is in the inflatable boat, testing little mirrors that eventually create a light show of reflected sun on the rafters. right now there's just a few but the finished work will have a thousand. another exhibit in the works will allow you to dial up your own custom rainstorm, testing the size, speed, and frequency of the drops. this well be an outdoor exhibit but creating inside. >> it's a delicate process where
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you're being excited about certain aspects of playing around with prototypes and constantly thinking, how to recreate what is happening for us for the visitors. reporter: this prototype was dreamed up by grateful dead drummer micky hart. he wanted to play music on a model hoff the golden gate bridge. the engineers made it happen. >> if i hit this. reporter: after weeks of fine-tuning, mickey played the model at the anniversary celebration for the real bridge now. the instrument is being rebuilt in a form that exploratorium visitors can play. dan ashley, abc7 news. >> ama: top night at 6:30 you can get a preview when abc7 presents a special about the exploratorium. it will have a inside look at the newest treasure. opening day, april 17th. >> april is argentina month and several groups were out across
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the bay area cleaning up the environment. one group was at candlestick point to restore a community garden. more than 80 volunteers pitched in to plant, weed, and build tables to create a place where people can come and relax. >> i think this is a place where people can come to put their head in another space, when they're out of the office, when they're out of their day-to-day grind, and so parks are special to people wherever they are. >> ama: the garden at candlestick point was vietnamizeed recently so it was important that it be restored. the official earth day is a week from monday. >> today wasn't a bad day to do it. just at wind but things are changing,. >> lisa: live doppler 7hd clear right now, and with the clear sky we have dry air, and with the dry air, temperatures dropping quickly. here's a look at downtown san francisco where numbers are in the 50s. dropping through the 50s, half moon bay, 48, and with little
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wind we could see temperatures in the upper 30s. still gusts to near 30-miles-an-hour half moon bay but elsewhere notice much lighter. the winds are coming back tomorrow, and with that it's going to be a blustier day. warmest locations, in the upper 40s. so farring start -- starting out with sunshine, but by the afternoon, increasing clouds in the north bay and by 9:00 we could see showers from sonoma county to marin county and late-day monday we could see a few showers pop up as well. so we'll watch that for you. the winds will continue into monday. monday will be the coolest day. and the look ahead, you'll notice the cool 60s for monday, windy conditions, tuesday we recover just a little bit the morning we could see some frost, and the rest of the week we're looking much warmer.
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>> mike shumann is here with sports and a little bit of everything. >> mike: ' struggles on the road continue, and the national championship in hockee played today. i
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>> mike: the sharks not considet
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enable unfamiliar waters, and they have to get better away from the tank if they want to go far in the playoffs. in dallas, they jump out to the lead. chase son with the deflection. six goals in six games, three against the sharks. stars goalie, robbing pavelski of the right pad save. pavelski thought the had a sure goal. sharks do cut into the lead in the third. byrnes back hand it home on the power play. 2-1 stars but bachmann was the difference in the game. 31 saves. stars extend their win streak to five games. >> ncaa'm, hockey championship, yale, then the tip between the legs of the goaltender, 1-0 bulldogs. in the third, the first shot stop. check out the celebration. almost knocks down the class.
11:51 pm
and yale wins the ncaa hockey division championship for the first time in school hoyt. 4- -- in school history. >> tiger got a wakeup call from the masters rules committee ask and when he arrived at the course he was penalized for two strokes for an improper drop. today he had a birdie chance at eight. didn't go in. to 15, the hole he was penalized on. eagle put. no. settle for a birdie. 3-under, fourth shots back. >> first round co-leader, marc leishman, 5-under on the tournament, only two back. last year's fedex cup champ, brandted? ter, looking for his first major title. that's pretty good. tied for the lead at 7:00-under. the 2009 masters champ, angel cabrera. bird on 18. got it. 7-under. 36-hole leader jason day, struggling for pars, including here on 4.
11:52 pm
but then he went bogey, bogey, to fine issue 5-under. three us a siz, adam scott, marc liar mine and jason day round out the top five. >> i'm excited, i'm mentally fresh, physically fresh, and this is what i've worked my whole life for, is tomorrow. so i'm really excited about what tomorrow holds. >> as we all know, if you're within six shots on the back nine you have a shot, and it anything can happen. >> a's session cespedes on the . with a strained muscle in his left hand. tigers in town with justin verlander on the hill and that's not good news. a's winning nine streak coming into today. there's my hair in the 80s. that's out of here, solo bomb off anderson. first of the year. prince fielder went deep in the fourth.
11:53 pm
three batters later, jhonny per recall tau, the -- jhonny peralta. 7-3 the finals, tigers. >> madison bumgarner on the hill, struck out six. went six 6-2/3 innings. bumgarner scores, 3-0 giants. bottom national, cass sill ya gets the save. check out panda, helping out. makes the catch, rolls into the stands, cut his leg. should be okay. that's a love of weight going into the attend. giants win 3-2, and wrap up the series tomorrow with tim lincecum on the mowd. >> on the farm, david shaw checking his roster in the annual spring game, kevin hoeing again starting quarterback for the first time in his career. watch this throw. ' good throw, better catch. with camps like that he can --
11:54 pm
camps like that he can get the starting spot. >> nascar, texas style 500. rough day for ricky stenhouse, jr. lost control but takes out the 51. but day wasn't nearly as bad as matt kenseth's pit crew. boot caught on fire. kyle busch takes the checkered flag. this sports roth breath to you by river rock casino. tiger woods has never come from behind to win major title and i don't think it's going to happen tomorrow. i said he won't catch jack income clause and if jack nicklaus. >> thank you for joining us, the news begins tomorrow morning 59:00 a.m.
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