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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 14, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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sports, but not so much about protecting hearts. rohnert park says baseball officials are going to consider stocking defibrillators at each concession shop because of this incident. block. >> san francisco police are getting conflicting reports from two drivers involved in a car crash that injured two children. it happened at ellis and larkin street. witnesses say a hundred day ran a red light, and the mercedes plowed into it. the children were passengers in the mercedes. two of them were injured. police say the two people inside the other car tried to flee the scene. >> there was a witness who saw these people loading property from the hyundai here into a
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taxicab. >> they tried to load the cab up and the officer with an unmarked car cut them off, which is a good thing. >> ama: police detained the man and woman while officers investigate. investigators say a yosemite tour bus from burginggame when the driver was speeding. 16 people were hurt in the accident that happened last night. the bus veered off the highway and over an embankment. investigators say a tree stopped the bus which would have end up in a rae do -- ravine, the bus is operated be best tour. the driver is from fremont. he was not hurt. lu has not been arrested and alcohol is not believed to be factor in the crash. new details in the shooting death of a man in san francisco's nob hill neighborhood. police say 24-year-old jeffrey
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greer of san francisco died in a shooting at an apartment complex on pacific avenue near taylor street 5. 5-year-old man faces charges in the case. witness says the two men were arguing before the shooting. a man and a woman are recovering tonight after a gunman opened fire on the couple in richmond at 1:00 this morning on shane drive. the victims were sitting in a car when someone ran up and shot them. both were airlifted to the hospital and are expected to survive. >> the family or a saratoga high school student who committed suicide after being sexually assaulted is going public with their struggle in an effort to help other children. audrie pot' parents are holding a press conference tomorrow to talk about their daughter. she committed suicide just days after she was attacked during a night of drinking in september and the pictures were posted online. three 16-year-old boys face charges in the case. on the korean mark it's
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already monday, and that's the day many have speculated north korea will choose to test a missile that may or may not be able to carry a nuclear warhead. the possible launch has had asian on edge for weeks. here's a report from tokyo. reporter: in international marathon, tom nateed headlines in pyongyang today, on the streets, signs marking kim il-sung's 101 first birthday. in tokyo sunday, secretary of state john kerry urged pyongyang to opt for a peaceful resolution. >> we can find a way to resolve these differences at a negotiating table. i hope they will hear that. reporter: kerry's visit here is the last leg of an asia trip aimed at tempering tensions on the korean peninsula. in japan there is increasing
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unease. pyongyang has singled out japan as the first target in case of war, and with its mid-range missiles within striking range. tokyo has destroyerers and missile batteries in the capitol. >> those interceptors are pointed directly at north korea, and with pyongyang just 800 miles away, defense officials say they're ready to shoot down any missile that threatens japan. >> north korean missiles have thrown over japan before. >> i'm constantly worried about another launch. i don't know how accurate those missiles are. behind the scenes there's a push for delog led by the south korean president. kerry reiterated his support for north korean engagement sunday but that has done little to quiet concerns here. abc news, tokyo. >> ama: right now in san francisco, venezuelan nationals living in california are loudly
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taking part in their country's special election to replace hugo chavez. voters were in the crossfire of exchanged between supporters of the opposing socialist and freedom parties. one. >> the election is happening today in venezuela. here is good that we can express our opinion of venezuelans living in the united states, but our vote here is symbolic. >> after the death of chavez last month, venezuela has been led by his foreign minister. he is being challenged. >> a controversial new business in the north bay is now hiring. the one thing that helped the tug boat crew survive in the waters off the coast before the coast coast arrived to rescue them. >> then learn how the irs may harness the power of social media to help catch tax cheats
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this year. >> a much cooler air mass is heading our way, perhaps with showers. we'll have the
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>> ama: a life raft helped a tug crew survive after their boat sunk yesterday off big sur. rescuers were able to lift four crew members to safety. no injuries were reported. the boat sank while pulling a barge. the coast guard pulled the tug bolt with 18,000-gallons of fuel back to shore. the push to ban mass stick degreesry bags in california is
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building momentum. a bill will be introduced that would phase out the use of single use bags by 2015. a ban is already in place in 50 communities including san francisco and los angeles. other bills have already been approved by the resources committee. >> a controversial north bay casino is hiring and looking for 2,000 workers while construction workers continue to build the casino, the casino began the application process online. the $800 million casino will be the largest indian casino in the bay area. opponents say they have a lawsuit penning over concerns, including the water supply and traffic. still, the casino is expecting to open by the end of this year. the irs is exploring a new tool to catch tax cheaters. crying foul over plans for a new warrior stadium in san
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francisco, opponents plan to launch a new offensive tomorrow. >> heading outside, expect cooler temperatures and maybe even rain. the accuweather forecast after the break. now here's a look at what is ahead on abc news. >> coming up, an alert with north korea is now calling a crafty trick and while world leaders are concerned about the next 24 hours. then the avalanche in the next snow suddenly giving away at 50-miles-an-hour, and a prison break using dynamite to blow through a well. that's
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the proposed new arena for the warriors on the san francisco waterfront is facing stiff opposition from environmental and neighborhood groups. opponent meants will testify before the state natural resource committee tomorrow in sacramento. the project includes the multipurpose arena, a parking structure, shopping mall and a hotel. opponents say they want to stop legislation favors they project and skirts guideline office the development commission. tax preparation firms were about today with last, minute filers. midnight tomorrow is the tax filing deadline. some offices are open 24 hours. the irs reports 20% of us wait until april to file our returns, and more of us are doing our own taxes. u.s.a. today reports the number of self-prepared taxes filed electronically is up 7% from this time last year. the nation's largest tax preparation firms are reporting
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sharp tops. >> this year the irs may be looking at facebook and twitter accounts of people who are flagged as potential tax cheats. photos of a person on the beach with a beverage in hand might indicate the trip was a vacation and not a business expense. the irs can only view public posts. so maybe think about not sharing. >> let's get to lisa with a check on the forecast. >> lisa: we're talking about another windy night tonight witch airport weather delies up to 9:00. we have a wind advisory for tomorrow. 11:00. until 9:00. winds could gust in excess of 45-miles-an-hour, almost the entire bay area, but the south bay could see the best chance of showers overnight. abc7 live doppler 7hd, nothing going on but the clouds will increase throughout the north bay later on today. here's a look at ballmer peak,
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and 61 in can carlos, and half moon bay 54. 64 in san jose, look at the wind, very gusty, and on 880, temperatures hard pressed to get out of the 50s. nice in santa rosa if you didn't have the wind, but as we check out the wind gusts right now, everywhere, up over 15-miles-an-hour, anywhere from 30 do 35-miles-an-hour winds are generally what we're seeing by the delta, the north bay. you can see at the airport, over two-hour delays here and looks like the winds aren't going to lighten up until tomorrow. so windy tomorrow, chance of showers for the late evening hours tonight, tomorrow morning, and then look for sunny and warmer weather by the end of the week. that includes some 80s. here's the lows tonight with patchy isolate showers. upper 40s. 46 in morgan hill. 48 in half moon bay. chilly last night. the coldest smeerng be --
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morning should be tuesday morning. an area of low pressure from the north and with it much cooler air. high brother offshore trying to build in and that will allow for the tight pressure gradient. we could see downed powerlines and some of the trees could be uprooted with the gusty winds through tomorrow. for 10:00 tonight, the north bay, marin, smoke -- sonoma, and through the overnight hours into the early morning commutes. we'll see more sunshine tomorrow but still the possibility of a shower, and those very gusty winds. here's a look at the wind profile tomorrow. 11:00, 347. 34 half moon bay, and then in the afternoon, very gusty, 30 to 40-miles-an-hour from the bay, with the whitecaps, 25-miles-an-hour winds, up to 30, right on through the evening hours in the livermore valley. so tomorrow, high temperatures,
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much, much cooler. 59 in richmond. 57 san francisco. 61, livermore. if you're headed to the a's game tomorrow, bundle up. it's going to be chilly. upper 50s, dropping to the low 50s, breezy winds. so look for a cool and blustery day tomorrow. breezy locally at times right on through the week. look the nice warmup. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you to follow, live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions, plus get video forecasts, "spare the air" alerts, power outage notices. >> ama: shu has sports. what a masters. >> mike: the usual drama in the final unround, throw ins' -- in some light rain. stick around as we hand
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>> mike: the version of the pearce was one for the ages. not one player dominated and the drama lasted all day and in the end went to a playoff with either our first australia yap or first grandfather to winning a augusta. jason day started out 3-under through the first two holes thanks for the eagle on the par-5 2nd. angel cabrera, grandfather with a son on the bag, gave himself the lead thanks to this great
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approach on . he would birdie the hole. tiger, two-stroke penalty hurt him yesterday. finishes 2-under 70, brand snedeker, co-leader to start the day but collapsed. ''m meanwhile, adam scott birdies 13 and 15, gave himself a share of the lead at 8:00-under. two bogeys finished off jason day. cabrera, trailed scott by one. now share of the lead. a dam scott on 18. co-leader with 8-under for birdie. are you kidding me? he nails it. gives his caddy, steve williams, huge high-five. in the clubhouse with a 69. cabrera playing in the group behind scott. watch the putt. new he needed a birdie to force the playoff. check out this approach. unreal. birdies the hole. we good to sudden death. second playoff hole. he's got it. locks like. dangles on the lip.
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can't believe it didn't go in. now adam scott, made the putt on 118. can he do it again? got it! adam scott, the 2013 masters champion, the green jacket for adam scott and his first major title and the first aussie to win the masters. >> the thing i did well was stay right where i was, wherever it was on the course, and australia is a proud sporting nation and this is one notch in the belt we never got, and amazing that it's come down to me today. >> mike: what a day. i still have goose bumps giants and the cubs. check out this extra inning affair. tim lincecum on the mound and the cubs got hmm away, gave up two can two-run home runs. five innings, he did have nine ks. then hunter pence comes through in the clutch.
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solo shot ties the game at 7. we go extras. cubs pitcher, with the ball. both runnersed a vafnls -- advance. sanchez comes in for the winning run. 10rb 7 the final. >> a saturday and tigers. one fan gives a foul ball to the dad to give to the son, the dad gives it to his son and the kid throws it back. dad didn't know it. torii hunter rips one off the wall. austin jackson scores, 1-0 tigers. in the second, jackson, see ya. two-run shot, just clears the wall. parker allowed eight runs. tigers take two out of three of the series, 10-1 the final. we'll have more from the masters but what a day. what a finish. adam scott, the greatest player never to win a major, and he got it today. the first australian over to do so. >> ama: ahead, an upclose
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experience with a
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>> coming up in a half hour, the gun debate heats up in the bay area as thousands flock to local gun shows. help for little leaguers in the east bay. a abc7 story led to a hero that is saving a season in richmond. join us at 6:00. a famous face made an appearance at one of san jose's
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most famous restaurants. our media partner, the mercury news, snapped shot office sheryl crow. she wasn't there for the ravioli. she played a five-song set for a small crowd during a breast cancer benefit. that does it for abc7 at 5:00. thank you for joining us, world news is next. see you back here at 6:00. this is "world news." tonight, on alert. north korea, now, rejecting a new offer from the south to ease tensions. calling it a crafty trick. just as world leaders watch even more closely tonight, given the significance of these next 24 hours. bob woodruff, standing by to explain why. in an instant, the massive avalanche in this country. the snow crashing down at more than 50 miles per hour. the rescues and the search, tonight, for the missing.
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plus, the other major storm system on the move this evening. ginger zee is right here. target practice. the stunning image. the targets brought to a florida firing range by an officer. the hood, the skittles and the immediate connection to trayvon martin. tonight, the outrage. how the cop is explaining it. what he's saying, now, to trayvon martin's family. and great escape. the notorious armed robber, who used dynamite to blow through this prison door. how his wife helped him. and his inspiration before, robert de niro in this movie. good evening. and thanks for being here on a sunday night, as we do begin with that anxious wait. world leaders wondering if and when north korea will make a move. after weeks of escalating threats, some believe a missile launch could come at any moment. it is already monday morning in north korea. and they are celebrating the birthday of that country's
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founder, kim il-sung. that's him on the left there. his grandson, kim jong-un on the right. and he is the young and untested leader behind the escalating rhetoric and tensions with the south. and from south korea tonight, this image, mocking the grandfather and grandson, after north korea rejected a new offer from the south to ease tensions. abc's bob woodruff, standing watch in seoul, south korea, again tonight. >> reporter: for secretary of state john kerry, japan is the last and arguably most tense leg of his asian tour. while he spent some of his time visiting public sites, the bulk of the day was about solving the crisis with north korea. >> the biggest priority is a peaceful resolution to the issues of north korea. >> reporter: kerry's japan visit puts him well within the range of a threatened missile test from north korea. a launch that could come at any moment, as the north marks its biggest holiday, the birth of founder kim il-sung. the missile, known as musadan,


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