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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  April 15, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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much of what has been reported over the last several days has been inaccurate. most disturbing is the attempt to link audrey's suicide to the specific actions of these three boys. bob allard says that statement helped prompt the lawsuit. >> we were hoping for a response that said something like the family has our condolences. if our children did anything to cause this, we are willing to make amends. it was the exact opposite. it was these people are lying. >> saratoga high school student audrey pot committed suicide last september. the sheriff deputies on campus launched an investigation when they heard that the rumors of her death may have been linked to cyber bull leering. bullying. it was for pictures while she was being sexually assaulted at a party earlier. three teenagers were arrested in connection with the case. they are charged with felonies including sexual assault ande
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pictures of the incident. her family since launched the audrey pot foundation. her parents are pushing for stricter laws to deal with cyberbullying. they will be holding a news conference tomorrow. >> one objective is to educate parents that when this little device is held between your hands, many teens don't have the maturity level to understand exactly the harmful affects it can cause. >> we did contact the attorney who represents the three teenage boys accused in this case. tonight he declined comment on camera for our story, but he did say he fully expected a lawsuit to be filed. he says his legal team will have further comment later this week. sergio quintana, abc news. >> thank you. and do stay with abc7 news. we will have updates on our website that begins at 4:30. the chp says a tour bus was going too fast when it crashed on the way back from yosemite last night.
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15 passengers and a tour guide were injured when the driver lost control on a curvey stretch outside the park. officials say if the bus didn't hit a tree. it could have gone off a 75-foot drop into a ravine. the 49-year-old driver from fremont was the only person on the bus who wasn't hurt. police say passengers complained about how fast the bus was going, hahe driver has a different explanation. >> he has a clean driving record. he states after the collision after i talked to him that he had a mechanical problem with the right front steering. >> the tour bus operated by seven happiness tour and charter will be examined tomorrow to check for any mechanical failure. >> a dramatic rescue near big sur. the coast guard rescued four people from a raft after their tug boat sank. this is coast guard video 13 miles off the coast. nobody was injured. a marine recovery team pulled the tug boat back to shore.
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in washington state, one woman is dead and a man is missing after avalanches struck separate groups hiking in the mountains east of seattle. the woman was hiking with her dog when the avalanche hit. a 60-year-old man is still missing. the search for him has been suspended because of the weather. new at 11:00, san francisco police are looking for a gunman who shot a man in the western edition. the shooting happened just before 10:00 on broderick sutte. the man who was shot was taken to san francisco's general hospital. police say there was a report of a noninjury hit and run at about the same time the shooting was reported. officers are investigating whether the two incidents are related. there were long lines at the crossroads of the west show. if lawmakers and the community leaders have their way, this could be the last ever in the bay area. abc7 news reporter nick smith has the story from daly city. >> we never knew this would
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hit our home and our family. >> they are asking leland-ye's help to promote gun ownership. >> my brother here, clayton, lost his son to gun violence on this past monday. so this event is very important to me and my family. >> he has proposed legislation that would require approval from san mateo board of supervisors before gun shows can be held at the cal palace. >> we are not banning anything. if people who attend the gun shows want it in their front yard, they should have it in their front yard, but not ours. >> they would not be an out right ban on gun shows, but it would require approval of the show by county officials. >> there are people who want to protect themselves. >> rachel says she is here, because it allows her to maintain her sense of security. >> i am older and i can't run
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or duck or whatever this is my choice and this is what i am going to try to do to protect myself. >> marin county and los angeles county have all passed local ordinances banning gun shows on county property. >> this is just a strapping, unique situation that the state owns the property on which the cal palace sits. >> sacramento may decide what happens next. at the cal palace, nick smith, abc news. the sponsors of a senate proposal to expand background checks for gun buyers say a vote will likely happen this week. the plan would require background checks for people buying guns at gun shows. the checks are already a requirement in california. in oakland tonight, a little boy who nearly died after being hit with a baseball is recovering at children's hospital. the eight-year-old was batting yesterday when a pitched ball hit him in the chest. he fell on his way to first base. the boy's heart stopped and he had no pulse. >> i saw his mom who was
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crying because she was scared because he wasn't breathing. all the parents were crying. >> fortunately we had two off duty paramedics in the constants and watched it happen and quickly came to his aide and realized that he needed cpr. >> the paramedics used a defibrilator to restart his heart and he is in stable condition. >> several other kids have been injured playing baseball in the bay area. the most recent, may 2012, last year in petaluma. a 12-year-old took a line drive to the face. he required surgery to repair his injuries. in contra costa, an 11-year-old was airlifted to the hospital after taking a pitch to the head. one month before that, they hit a pitcher in the head. he was in a coma, but has since recovered and returned to the field. >> good news for richmond little leaguers. several player were treated to lunch at lefty owe duel's.
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the owner heard our story about how someone stole equipment and merchandise from the league's storage locker. >> heard the bad news that they got all of their equipment stolen. our foundation for kids, that's our specialty. we supply kids with baseball equipment. >> the foundation presented the league with a check for $1500 and enough to replace what was stolen and a full season of baseball making the kids very happy. work to connect bart to san jose will begin tomorrow. the first major project will be in san jose where crews will start digging for new tracks. it will be partially closed. the san jose bart extension is expected to be open in 2018. construction will also begin on the interstate rehabilitation project. it will focus on an eight-mile
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stretch between dixon and vacaville. both eastbound and westbound lanes will be affected. the project is expected to be completed in the fall of 2014. still to come on abc news at 11, we told you about the shooting targets and the police were fired for having them. why police say it is a misunderstanding. and it is not about giving to uncle sam. the special deals just for tax day. and later the u.s. is keeping a close eye on north korea. the new
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the florida police sergeant fired over his particular shooting target is is telling his side of the story. we told you how ron king took these paper targets that looked like trayvon martin to
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a firing range. it even shows the hooded figure showing iced tee and candy like martin did. >> i would like to start my statement by apologizing to the family of trayvon martin as being used as a pawn in somebody's political agenda. and it is an example of a no shoot situation. >> martin who was unarmed was shot last year. the trial of george zimmerman who was charged in martin's death begins in less than two months. >> a continent-wide manhunt is underway for a criminal mastermind who blasted his way out of a french prison. they use explosives to destroy five doors. he is somewhat of a notorious gangsters for robbing armored cars and even had an auto-biography published. arrest warrants are out in 26 countries. >> 142 years. that's how long a music
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business was open and thousand they are saying goodbye. >> sherman clay is closing its flagship piano business that has operated here since 1870. it is one of the oldest in the west. the retailer has been much more than a music store. it has also been a cultural center supporting classical musicians for more than a century. >> a lot of people e-mail us and say very sentimental. th is is a landmark. this is a symbol for classical music. we feel so sad. jay sherman clay -- >> sherman clay is selling to stein way and sons and closing three other locations in northern california. the talk is ticking -- the talk is ticking? the clock is ticking to turn in your tax returns. tomorrow is the deadline.
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many are staying open late to help you out. the deadline is midnight tomorrow. some people enjoy waiting until the last minute to file. >> it works best for me and to try to hurry up and do everything. i am really prepared throughout the year, and then i just come in and they have a 24-hour service here and i can come in at 2:00 in the morning, that's a good situation for me. >> well, if it works. tax advisors say if there is no way you can get your paperwork together in time, file an extension. however, if you owe money you need to send the irs a check tomorrow. someplaces are giving away free stuff to ease your tax day stress. stop by arby's and pick up an order of free curly fries are on potato cakes. sin gnaw bonn is getting in on -- cinnabon is getting in on the act. two bites are yours for the asking and home depot is offering something more practical with a coupon. you can get free black and
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white copies of your return up to seven pages. michael finney has compiled a list of tax day deals. just click on seven on your side. if you are going to get the copies hold on tight to your papers. quite the wind gust today and into the night, lisa. >> absolutely. that's why we have a wind advisory that has been posted for much of the bay area. contra costa, marin, sonoma, looking at a wind advisory. right here from 11:00, late tomorrow right on through 9:00. and we have gail warnings along the coast and small craft advisories inside the bay. a frost advisory for ukiah and cloverdale. once the winds subside we could see our own widespread frost here. monday night into tuesday morning and perhaps wednesday morning as well. the clouds are increasing in parts of the bay area. live doppler 7hd not picking up any showers yet. that could change.
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right now it is chilly. 49 san francisco and 50 in san carlos. 54 in san jose. cloudy there and upper 40s half moon bay. some pretty gusty winds along si the coast and still experiencing airport delays. low 50s santa rosa. a little low cloudiness moving across the bay. 54 in union city. but also the weather system, the leading edge is just about moving in and bringing the breezy winds. they will stay gusty in spots. 25 mile an hour gusts at concord. 219mile an hour gusts in -- 29 mile an hour gusts napa. the airport is still over two-hour delays. with the wind advisory in affect for for tomorrow it is going to be blustery. the bay shoreline looking at the gustest winds right on through the late afternoon. chance of a shower with sunny and warmer weather. headed our way through the midand end of the week and including next weekend. 44 in fairfield and low 40s
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santa rosa and upper 40s and the possibility of a few isolated sprinkles. we are not looking at a lot of rain the reason being is there is a lot of wind associated with it. the high pressure is butting upright against it and allowing for the tight pressure gradient and the winds to kick up throughout the day and the evening hours through the coast. the evening hours may see some light showers from the santa cruz mountains and the south bay and then we will see sunny conditions tomorrow and gusty winds and so right on through the noon hour we see gusty winds here and 50 to 20 mile an hour winds in the bay and then they crank up. 30 mile an hour and gusts up to a -- sustained gusts oakland 30 mile an hour and right on through 7:00 we are looking at the gusty winds
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through san jose. the high temperatures tomorrow chilly with upper 50s. san francisco, 62 in san jose. mid60s in santa cruz. the look ahead, looking at temperatures to slowly recover, but we are going to have a frosty start on tuesday. wednesday, the breeze kicks up with 50s at our coast. by thursday we are warming to near 80. a little dip on friday and looking warm into next weekend. we have the latest on twitter for your bay area weather conditions. plus get video forecasts and power outage sphation and weather tweets. >> thank you, lisa. mike shumann is here with sports . >> i love me some masters. as kids we dream of winning a big sporting event like this. adam scott was the first australian to don the
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the 77 version of the masters had a final round drama like you have never seen. they had a chance to win it and it was settled in sudden death with the first to capture the green jacket. every player dreams of winning the masters. three under through the first two holes and thanks to this eagle on two. he takes the lead at eight under. 2009 masters champ with his son on the bag and takes the lead at nine under with a great approach on 7. he birdies. tiger, the two-stroke penalty yesterday hurt him. he never recovered. finished with a two under 70 and tied for fourth place the co leader to start the day and collapsed. he finished 6th. he gives himself a share of the lead at eight under. he birdies on the baying and it leaves him alone in third place. he trails by one and birdie on 16 and got it. he has a share of the lead.
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co leader at eight under for birdie. you dream about these putts as a kid. are you kidding mooy? are you kidding me? cabrera is in the group behind scott. he knows he needed a birdie to force a playoff. check out his approach. unreal. we go to sudden death. second playoff hole and cabrera goes first. it dangles on the lip and he cannot believe it didn't go in. thousand adam scott. can he do it again? 12 footer. drains it. adam scott your 2013 champ. 5* green jacket for adam. >> it was an incredible day everything fell my way in the end, i guess. i just kept plugging away and i didn't know if it was going to happen through nine it was
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great everything fell into place for me. r than that., it doesn't get congratulations to adam scott. we will take a brief timeout before we hit the diamond before they get an extra winning win over the cubs. and he is not sure about the concept of keeping a souvenir much t
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the giants are playing like they did all last season, finding ways to win. in chicago and facing the cubs and it took a 9th inning heroics and extra innings to snatch this victory. tim lincecum on the mound and he gave up two, two-run homers in the first. he gave up five runs on five hits. he had nine k's. the g-men down 7-6 with two outs. hunter pen through came throughd it ties the game at seven and we go extras. the bomb. both runners advance.
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sanchez comes in for the winning run. giants take three of four from the cubbies with a 10-7 victory. a's and tigers. a fan gives a towel ball to -- a foul ball to his son. the dad turned around to thank the fan and he said where is the ball? off the wall and austin jackson scores and tiger ropes 1-0. then in the second jackson and see ya. two-run shot and just clears the wall. it allows eight runs on nine hits. 10-1 your find. 10-1 your final. >> there is no break in their lineup. when they are swiping well, and they were swinging well the last two games, and you are not making your pitches, that's what happens. they have a great lineup, no question. >> portland facing the timbers. they received two yellow cards in the game. the quake playing with 10 men.
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they are just outside the box. free kick for johnson and he doesn't miss. earthquake fall 1-0. this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. coming up, a look back at all of the story lines at the masters. stick around. it was quite a week. >> thank you, shu. just ahead, a big celebration in north korea today, but is it all for show? the escalating tensions and what the u.s. is looking for. >> and is bans are in affect in many bay area cities. why the plastic bags could become rarer than ever. and the stunning view in the skies and why now is such a great time to catch a
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good evening. i'm ama dates. the bay area is getting
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blasted by strong winds. the great highway in san francisco has been closed because of blowing sand. there is a wind advisory for monday beginning at 11:00 a.m. y potarents of announced they will be seeking damages over their daughter's death in civil court. pot committed suicide after pictures of her being sexually assaulted circulated. pot's parents will hold a conference tomorrow. a man has len hospitalized after -- a man has been hospitalized after being shot. the shooting could be tied to a noninjury hit and run that was reported at about the same time. north korea is rejecting south korea's option of dialogue. as abc news reporter lana zach reports, the military is closely monitoring the area for any sign of a missal test. >> all signs are on north korea as they celebrate the 101st birthday of its
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founder. while his grandson is keeping the world on edge with threats to test a new midrange missal that some believe could even hit u.s. territories and its allies. >> specifically guam, hawaii, possibly at some p oi nt -- point given the direction kim jong-un has wanted to go, the ect of united states. >> he may be in that path. he is currently in japan and previous missiles have flown over over the country. this student says i am worry about another launch happening. i don't know how accurate the missiles are. they deployed pack 3 intercepters to protect against the missal threat and missiles are on stand by in south korea. while north korea coe turn up the verbal assault in the united states, the president of the north korean assembly vowed to punish imperialism and he urged them to prepare for an all out war
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in the united states. they rejected the offer calling it a cunning ploy. and it does not appear the launch is eminent. but everything could change in an instant. >> there is a new president in venezuela. the opposition is looking for a recount. that includes the venezuela in san francisco today. the two political sides argued across mission street. socialist won 57% of 49.1% of the election. he was the chosen successor for former president hugo chavez. his opponent refuses to accept the results. new at 11:00, governor brown took a day off from public appearances today on his trade mission to china. the governor has been busy during his time overseas. he has been meeting with business leaders. he road on a bullet train and even discussed wine making. brown has at least two more
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cities to visit as part of his mission. the government wants china to invest heavily in the golden state. >> the push to ban plastic grocery bags throughout california is building momentum. alex padilla is set to introduce a bill that would phase-out the single use plastic bags by 2015. right now a ban is in place in more than 50 communities. a similar bill was introduced by mark levine of san rave san rafael. it now costs money to see the 9/11 memorial in new york and some family are upset. the $2 fee started last month. the family says it violates the the memorial's mission and that it is unheard of to see. it it applies to the war memorial and museum and not to the say crad site near the world trade center. a spectacular weekend for the northern lights. the science behind what creates it all and the chasers
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who said they were well into the night. it all begins with a solar flare. >> charged part will cays released by the sun -- charged particles released by the sun and this is what it was like when it reached our atmosphere. this video, one of the best captured ever and the crew on board the international spacestation witnessing this about 1,000 miles west of california. tonight the newest spectacular views. this image from norway is lighting up the blue sky, the stars behind the globe. this time lapse from uconn. they say there is a reason why the most spectacular events are in the north. they are closer to the magnetic poles. from alaska the town called north pole. an aurora chaser herself she said she kept her spills at 1:00 in the morning. from sweden, this.
2:38 am
using a fish eye lens, a time lapse made up of 2400 images. capturing the entire sky in a single photo. snapping an image of himself too. >> you probably won't get a chance to see the northern lights in the bay area. it has been possible, but it is rare. a startling new discovery. summer sea ice is disappearing faster than scientists predicted and could be gone by midcentury. the ice could be gone as early as 2020. arctic sea ice loss leads to changes in systems and could impact the northern hem hemisphere. ahead, california's first powerball winner. and michael finney has the sixes sixes -- has the six numbers you need to know to set you up for life. >> and check this out. a gorilla running away from a goose. we will show you what happened. >> and gusty winds around the
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bay area right now. brut -- but the leading edge is on the way. it could bring showers and a wind advisory across the bay.
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still no big winner in the powerball jackpot, but one lucky californian can boast that he or she is the first
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winner in the state, a million dollar ticket was son in buena park in southern california. they were only missing the powerball number in last night's drawing. wednesday's jackpot will be an estimated $80 million. some may dream of hitting the powerball and being set financially in life, but there is wiser way to secure your future with better odds. michael finney is here to explain. >> hold on to your seat. big money tonight. >> the powerball at an affordable affordable price. >> i can spare the $2. not every day. >> affordable? yes. good odds? no. he adds that a cold dose of reality -- of realities to any powerball fantasy. >> we have one in 175 million. it is amazing if you are going to potentially win. >> in fact, you have a better shot of being hit by lightning during your lifetime.
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here are the six numbers you need to know to secure your future. >> the first number is up. >> the first number is 28. for the 28% of retirees today who admit they don't have enough money to retire comfortably. it is not too early to start when you hit age 20. alexandra is a senior at uc berkeley. >> i thought about it since i was 16. >> financial responsibility is something her parents taught her at an early age. the second number is 15. 15% is how much you should save annually to be prepared for retirement. >> if you can't do that, build up to that and that's a good percentage to start with. >> any retirement plan should keep in mind that inflation will eat into your money. 250,000. that's how much the average retired couple will need today
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to pay for health care the rest of their lives. and it doesn't include long-term care. >> it includes medicare and your prescription drug part d. that won't be covered by your existing plans. you will have to pay for it out of your pocket. >> it is a credit score you should aim for. alexzander recently bought a new car and got a five-year loan at 5%. still she is aware she needs to watch her expenses. >> i will definitely have to look around and look at the different expenses i will have next year and what i can prioritize. >> remember, match this number and of course you are always a winner. >> the most important number, one, which is you. i am really all about financial health and physical wealth. >> michael finney, 7 on your side. how about this for an investment? a custom made iphone 5 by a
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custom businessman. it is worth $15 million. it is not just a solid gold casing and 653 diamonds encrusted in the phone. the home button is made from a rare black dyend month. wow. now over to lisa, and we have some winds to worry about. >> that's right. it is the wind advisory from 11:00 tomorrow to 9:00 tomorrow night. we could see wind gusts in excess of 45 miles an hour. gail warnings along the coast. it will be blustery tomorrow. overnight lows in the low 40s in the north bay. we could see a spotty shower and accompanying the winds is a weather system that will allow for tight pressure grade gent and allowing for the winds to gust throughout the day. as we will start out thetart ouh went along the coast, but right through the afternoon
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and evening commute will have some white knuckles. we are looking at a few clouds around and they will increase and allowing for the possibility of a shower or two throughout the south bay and the diablo range and then by tomorrow we are looking at cool conditions and bluesy winds -- and blustery wins. if you are headed to the a's game, bundle up. numbers in the 50s and dropping to the 50s. a frosty start. the numbers come up, but it won't feel warm until the middle of the week, examine then we have the 80s. >> that's right. now to an unusual sight. a gorilla running from a goose. this video was captured at the sedgwick county zoo in wichita, kansas. apparently some geese ended up in the closure and decided they didn't want the lumbering primate around.
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most people would run away if the goose was coming after them. what a week at the masters. so many story lines lead willing up to the final round. leading up to the final round.
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the 77th masters had more story lines than i can remember the past decade. we had the major drama. there were youngsters and elders and national pride. sudden death and a first time
2:50 am
major winner. let's look back. >> the buzz started with a 14-year-old eighth grader from china who was the youngest player in masters history to make the cut and ended up low amateur at 12 over. he was then upstaged by a 53-year-old fred couples trying to become the oldest player to win the masters, but fred's putter let him down at tournament end. >> oh no. >> tiger woods started to make some noise. he was on top of the leader board at one point, but he faltered after a two-stroke penalty for an improper drop and never recovered placing fourth. then it was the australian. they are taking turns on top of the leader board. but he was in over his head and tied with tiger for fourth place while jason day bogeyed
2:51 am
to grab third place. adam scott, the greatest player never to win a major made the putt of his life to grab the lead in the clubhouse at 9 under. >> meanwhile, the 2009 winner now a grandfather with his son on the bag cored into contention with his knowledge of the court and this great approach spot. as the rain threatened to end the round they made the 12 footer on the second playoff hole winning his first major, a green jacket and had the entire country of australia stand up and cheer to be the first aussie to win the master. >> australia is a proud nation and this is one notch we would not have got. amazing it has come down to me today.
2:52 am
>> it was a great week of the not only golf, but what it represents. making shots when needed and winning putts with unbelievable pressure rattling around in your head. congratulations to your 2013 masters champion. the giants playing like they did last season and finding ways to win. chicago facing the cubs and it took nine inning heroics to snatch the victory. timlintim lincecum was on the hill. he gave up two, two-run homers in the first. lynn succumb went five innings and gave up five runs on five hits. he had nine k's. two outs and he he comes through with a sew slow shot and -- and with a solo shot. the balk and both runners advance. sanchez comes in for the winning run. giants take it. a's and tigers and a fan gives
2:53 am
a foul ball for a dad to give to his son and he throws the ball back while the dad turned to thank the fan and he didn't know what happened. jarod parker on the hill and he gets it off the wall. packers go up 1-0. austin jackson and this time in the second. a 2-run shot and allowed 8 runs on 9 hits and three innings. 10-1 your final. >> i mean they have one through nine. 24r* is no break in the lineup. when they are swinging well, they were swinging well the last two games. you are not making your pitches and that's what happens. they have a great lineup. >> they are facing the timbers and they received two yellow cards. late second half. they fouled outside the box which made the free kick for will johnson. earthquakes fall 1-0. lakers are still trying to clinch a playoff spot in the post kobe era. this is why they got dwight
2:54 am
howard. between three defend everiescusd finishes on the hook shot. 17 boards. the lakers win it 91-86. this abc7 is sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. they are tied for a 6th playoff spot. they want to stay there and if they are seventh they will get san antonio. that's a wrap. what a weekend of sports. >> absolutely. >> thank you. and thank you for joining us. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. thank you for joining us. take care.
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this morning on orld new this morning on "world news now," mixed messages from north kia as the kim jung-un dictatorship and world on alert for a missile launch. and political gunfight. relatives of newtown victims refuse to leave washington until there is action on gun control bills. the debate gets even more
2:58 am
emotional. >> sometimes i close my eyes and all i can remember is that awful day waiting at the sandy hook volunteer firehouse for the boy who would never come home. >> what we can expect from capitol hill this week after an embarrassing portrayal on "saturday night live." then fascinating decade. pop culture, politics and memorable moments from the 1980s. a new tv show premieres this week. ten years that changed everything. it's monday, april 15th. >> announcer: from abc's "world news now." >> i'm john muller. >> i'm tanya rivero in for diana perez. >> diana off for one more day. you are back. >> great to see you, my friend. >> just couldn't stay off the great hours. >> come running back. >> came running back. great to have you. >> great to be with you again sitting here. >> we will have fun today. have to begin with serious news. >> we will have fun today.
2:59 am
north korea, where it is the most important holiday of the year, birthday of the country's founder, kim il-sung. >> directly at odd with the nuclear war threats from top leaders with the latest threats and the response here is abc's lana zak in seoul. >> reporter: all eyes are on north korea's reclusive communist dictatorship is celebrating the 101st birthday of his founder. kim jong-un is keeping the world on edge with threats to test a new mid-range missile that some believe could hit u.s. territories and its allies. >> directly threatened by north korea specifically, guam, hawaii, possibly at some point, given the direction, kim jong-un has indicated he wants to go, continental united states. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry may be in the path. he is currently in japan and previous north korean missiles have flown over that country. this student says i am constantly worried about another launch happening. i don't know how accurate those missiles are. the japanese defense ministry deployed pac 3 interceptors to


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