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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 15, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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officials say police found a package right there and they did destroy it. the investigation in boston continues and this tragedy of concerns around the country and the bay area as well, both a's and warriors are at home tonight in oakland. we're live tonight where the first pitch is at 7:00. >> still quiet out there. people still trickling in though. we don't notice a different security but it will be on a heightened state waiverness. warriors tip off as mentioned against spurs is 7:30 z they'll have metal detectors at the door as usual. mostly employees are trickling in for games we did run into
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the band from antioch high school that will be playing national anthem. they were unaware of the bombings today. a fan, however, had heard and here is what she had to say. >> hopefully, i can just enjoy the game. >> police are asking fans to chip in and report anything they see that is sus spishus including people trying to penetrate security. also acquiring supplies or playing out scenarios again, the game is start in about two hours. a's will be playing at 7:00 and warriors will be tipping off at 7:30. >> emergency operations in san francisco and around the state are activated just in case. there is a threat in this
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state. >> there is no reason to believe there is a threat here in the bay area or to the bay area still. when this happens city as cross the area go into heightened patrol alert. that is what's happening now. police paying special attention to areas where large crowds gather, we're going hear more from the chief in just a few seconds. as you said, the center was operated to level alpha. this is on stand by and ready to assist. >> officers have large emphasis where large crowds
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gather here and in san francisco international airport. to make sure everybody is safe. >> these are major events for the city. there are visitors here to the city. so, we are concerned for any event. >> if you're riding bart expect to see more police officers going up and douchblt they're telling everyone again, just like colleagues said if you see anything please report it. ples in san francisco say they're also paying a lot of attention to the market street koor door. people going up and down market street also people traveling or taking muni. we'll see a lot of officers there as well. >> thank you. >> abc 7 news is on her way to
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boston and is live reports will begin tomorrow and will be tweeting updates at amaabc 7. >> moving on for time being the wind is keeping the chill in the air. the tree landed on a parked car. abc 7 news is here now with the wind advisory for part of this tonight. >> yes. we can see some trees getting knocked down. right now, we'll talk about that wind advisory in just a moment here. showers are isolated in nature, the current wind advisory gusts you can see it's really blowing out of the west at sfo.
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to 49 miles per hour. we could do have a wind advisory for north bay coastal areas. gusts 45 miles per hour until 9:00 p.m. tonight. choppy waters gale warning for the san francisco bay until 9:00 p.m. tonight. i'll be back with a wind forecast and what you can expect after the winds drop off. >> thank you. >> the parents and stepmother of a teen-aged girl are taking a stand in koumplt the teen committed suicide after images of her sexual assault were posted on social media. abc 7 news joins us in san jose where the family talked to reporters today. >> juvenile court hearings
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closed to protect identity of the minors but parents describe what teenagers did was heinous and they don't want them freed. >> we're having a technical problem but will get to that report in just a moment. the parents of audrey potts faced reporters and they described a situation where the girl is intoxicated at a party, sorry, are we getting video now? i heard something. okay. very good. >> sorry we'll try to get back up. moving on investigators say they uncovered a number of lapses that could have avoided a fire at chevron refinery in
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august. u.s. chemical safety board released a report today. the investigation found chevron failed to replace sections of piping and were aware of the risk of failure. investigators say the fire was caused by pipe that fail candidate released a massive vapor cloud. >> new report on the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion finds engineers warned pg&e about concerns years before the last. documents show pg&e slashed spending for inspections and maintenance. three years before the explosion. the report says company engineers warranted executives they'd possibly endanger the public, lawyers responded saying decisions by executives did not amount to wrong doing. >> and still to come on abc 7 news you're going to meet
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husband and wife responder that's jumped into action in a local baseball game. how they came to the rescue of a young boy. >> don't have cash to pay your taxes? taking a look at unusual way people are finding a way to pay
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we want to take you back to a story david louie is reporting. parents of a 15-year-old are taking steps in court. loved ones of audrey pott will be in court tomorrow to try to prevent three teen-aged boys from being released from custody. abc 7 news david louie joins
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us now. the family talked to reporters today. >> the mother, stepmother and father of audrey potts said they'd be here today if not for the actions in the fall them. say she was sexual assaulted after drinking and passing out. she sent out messages her life was ruined and over. >> she left her messages clear. there is no doubt as to the reason why she took her life ask three people arrested are responsible for the death. >> in one is identifying the boys because they're minor wuz but the family says they were on the saratoga high school football team. all three were disciplined and removed from the scene. >> they have a history. they've shown no remorse whachl they did was disgufrting
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and what they did, they did it sober. >> the family is filing a lawsuit for wrongful death of audrey. investigators forking for the attorney says only a few are talking. the suit may be a key well to tell witnesses what happened its going to be used as a recovery vehicle. you can take dep sigsz of the parents and you can do your own investigation. i can see that as a key reason why ta that civil case will move forward very quickly. >> the attorney suggests a case might be split up in an effort to get one or more of them together with the other autos david, thank you very much. >> two off duty paramedics credited with saving the live of an 8-year-old boy during a baseball game. witnesses say he went into cardiac arrest after being hit
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by a baseball. >> this is an amazing couple. they want to push message of safety. the 8-year-old was in the middle of a game when hit in the chest. i took steps forward to first base then collapsed. take a look at the pictures, susan, and her husband knew immediately shg was wrong and sprang into action. now, susan demonstrated for me today how these chest compressions can keep blood flow together brain that is necessary to keep the patient's brain alive as lng as possible. >> we both saw him get hit. i think both of us our first instinct is that he was okay. still standing there, bent over a little bit then began to run my thought was thank
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goodness. he made it 10 feet then dropped. >> there was no talking or preparation. just go to work, right now. >> an officer used a defib later to deliver a shock to the boy and he regained consciousness a short time later, susan and dan stress by having basic cpr training and a defibrilator you can save a live. they're parents five children, all five know cpr. >> thank you very much. the new report on san francisco workers shows women are paid less than men and the gap is bide wider for minority women. official as dressed the gender gap challenging area's 100 top businesses to eliminate discrimination n report san francisco women were full time jobs make 84 cents for every dollar men earn. la teen yaz just 55 krebts
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cents to the dollar. >> women are gresive, they get marked up. when then are -- men are aggressive they get marked up. >> the summit was not without controversy. female employees protested proposed cuts they say that affects female workers. >> it's april 15th meaning your taxes are due by midnight tonight. file for an extension, however, if you owe money you still need to send a check by the deadline. a handful of post offices will stay open. san francisco main branch will stay open until midnight. the post offices will stay open until 10.
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>> we're reminding two things you can count on, death and tax autos yes. you've got to pay. and so many people are scrambling to come up with money owd to the irs. it's important to pay or you'll be hit with fees so here is a way to come up with cash. todd hills is the ce off of pawn go. >> we don't do credit checks or ask for income statement. balance sheet. it's just an asset in a bank account. that is all it takes too get a loan. >> that gets taxes paid and the transaction is private. your credit report will not be impacted so what are the rates? between 3% to 10% per month. the housing market keeps taking strides forward. the latest good news is about down payments. since the down turn it's about
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all but impokt possible to get a loan without putting down at least 20%. here, many lenders were demanding 25%. and that is changing as some are accepting 10% or 5%. often the interest rate will be bumped up or private mortgage insurance must be paid. that does allow consume dwrorz get into the market now. >> identity theft started out as a small time crime but now, it's become big business. justice zeptz the number of programs has grown from a million five years ago to estimated 130 million today. the bad guys figured out it's more lucrative to hack a business to get thousands of ids at once rather than going from computer to computer
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picking them up. a card number can sell for between $10 to $50 and a no limit american express number on a card can sell for hundreds of dollars. >> let's turn to this windy day around the bay area. >> just look behind u flags just blowing in the wind. it's a chilly afternoon right now. we'll talk about what is bringing wind secretary of defense highs upper 50s to mid-60s. with live doppler 7 north of the lake port area could see an ice slatted showers until sun goes down. we've seen rain and thunder and it's turb turning to snow.
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lake tahoe has been seeing snow. right now taking a look at the view looking towards heavenly beautiful view here, inches still possible south of the tahoe area, it's 55 in san jess yeah. and winds still going strong. gusts up to 40 miles per hour in san jose. they're enjoying sunshine. it's 53 in union city. gusty winds, sunny skies and breezy tomorrow. goitsing to warm up by mid week. and take us throughout the weekend. here is what brought us cold air. a cold front came through. showers developing overnight. it brought in wind, jet stream so we saw the cold windy conditions. taking a look at the wind
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forecast, 7:00 p.m. tonight you're going to see strong winds in low to upper 50s. most areas will be seeing 30 to 40 miles per hour wind gusts. then winds start to drop off a bit. 30 miles per hour in the strongest winds there and then, heading into 8:00 p.m. a.m. winds dial back some more they're going to be going strong so wind advisory frup 9:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. tuesday. that is where we're still expecting strong winds. temperatures are going to fall. it's going to get chilly in nappa. heading out of the door you'll want to bundle up. your highs for tuesday, sunny skies, breezy day. 64 in san francisco. as wind drops off a bit
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temperatures come up a few degrees. san jose, 68 degrees, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. it will feature a warming trend. you'll feel warmth thursday through sunday, monday, low to mid-80s so a butte. spring pattern coming your way. live doppler 7 on twitter for latest weather conditions, wind, rain, shine and alerts and information and weather tweets from your favorite team. keep you ahead of the storm. >> i know you will. >> thank you very much. >> and coming up safety issue forced happie
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plastic grocery bags could soon be a thing of the past in
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california. a bill introduced today to phase out the use of single use plastic bag business 2015. more than 70 cities in california ban them. a similar bill making its way out of the state assembly. >> golden gate transit pulling the plug on i've eye for now, saying technology isn't working because of the hills in marin. officials say it's not worth spending $6,000 a month for the service. the agency new plans to take a look into stronger networks to see whether it would work better. >> three popular rides at disneyland closed for safety concerns. cal osha cited did it dis any land saying the park failed to correct known fall hazards on exterior of the space mountain ride. disney closed space mountain, matter horn and soaring over california. the company says waits ought out of caution. matter horn reopened on
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sunday. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 5:00 latest development on breaking news story. >> deadly
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we want to update you on the latest information on the boston bombings today. two small portable devices were used. >> two people were killed in the attack. one of them an 8-year-old boy. the number of injured is 115 and a 12-year-old boy is among them but his friends say he's going to be okay. >> and one of the bomb disposal units for the investigation. >> the abc news world news is going to have full coverage coming up next and a special
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one hour report and we'll update you on abc 7 news at 6:30. >> so stay tuned for that. again, diane sawyer will be an hour, we'll be back after that. our next newscast at 6:30. matching. -- thanks for watching. from all of us here, thank you for inviolenting us into your homes tonight. >> you can connect any time you wish on abc 7 take care. this is a special edition of "world news." tonight, terror in boston. bombs explode at the marathon. the first explosion as runners cross the finish line. seconds later, a fiery second blast. >> a blast of fire and smoke and i just ran as fast as i could. >> injured spectators, children raced to the hospital, harrowing scenes on the pavement. >> tonight, the latest from the
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terror investigator, the response from washington, security tightened around the country and the abc news team standing by at the scene on the -- the -- with the latest on the terror at boston marathon. our special one-hour edition of "world news" begins. good evening. as we come on the air, cities around this nation are on heightened alert. today a proud holiday in boston, patriots' day, marathon monday, was shattered by bombs. here's the video, it was the moment before it changed and there the first booming explosion, towering smoke, you can hear the screams. people thrown to the ground. and there, seconds later, a second blast, a ball of fire a
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block away, as half a million people lined the streets of boston. so many with devastating injuries tonight and our abc news team is ready to bring you the very latest. we start with abc's senior national correspondent jim avila. >> reporter: two hours after the winners crossed, four hours, nine minutes into the race, the amateur runners still filling boston's streets. two rapid-fire explosions at the finish line. >> something just blew up. >> run! >> reporter: turning the boston marathon into what one hospital official called a war zone. >> i crossed the 26-mile marker, and i saw the first explosion happen. there was commotion, i saw fire and smoke. i didn't know what it was. from about me to where that gentleman is standing over there, i saw the garbage barrel explode. i saw the flash, the fire, the


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