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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 19, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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security at at&t park. how the bombing in boston has
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the crowd erupting in cheers in boston. a city breathing a collective sigh of relief after the capture of the second of two suspects wanted in the boston marathon bombing. >> he was captured alive tonight. he is in the hospital in serious condition. this new picture shows the suspect as he was taken into custody. >> they failed because the people of boston refused to be intimidated. they failed because as americans we refused to be terrorized. >> president obama speaking from the white house. >> the capture came after a
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five-day manhunt that virtually shutdown the boston area as police conducted door-to-door searches. >> new video of people gathering at the finish of the boston marathon. it was a time to honor the victims and a chance to finally breathe a bit easier. >> we are exhausted, but we have a victory tonight. >> it is a night we will all rest easy. >> the marathon finish line is just seven miles from the spot where police captured tsarnaev. ama, what an incredible day and evening there. >> it is a stormy night here in watertown, but one filled with a lot of relief as the second suspect was finally captured. celebration in the streets after residents learned the second suspect in the boston marathon bombings was finally caught. >> this is what we were waiting for since monday. we finally got both of them
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and we can rest tonight. >> brendan and uh may caw lay spent the -- and makayla spent the day in their apartment as police looked for dzhokhar-tsarnaev. >> we are thankful for the police and the first responders. we felt safe all day. >> even as gunfire erupted nearby. >> i would say people are celebrating because the lock down was over, but then we found out it was gunfire. and then we heard it again probably around 7:30, 8:00. >> then news of the capture. >> the suspect has been taken into custody alive. >> i am really happy that he was alive because i want to know more and everyone wants to know why, what were his intentions. i am really excited. >> of course we will know more in the days to come. people say they will be celebrating into the night. at this point they have moved
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the celebrations indoors but a lot of relief in watertown tonight. live in watertown, ama dates, abc7 news. >> relief indeed. 19-year-old suspect dzhokhar-tsarnaev was captured in a boat in watertown. we have a picture. in the distance you can see the boat in the back. the owner noticed blood on the boat and the tarp covering was ripped. he went outside and lifted the tarp and got a glimpse of tsarnaev and called police. authorities quickly swarmed the area and set up a helicopter with a heat sensing camera. the camera confirmed that someone was inside the boat. police then sent in a robot to pull off the tarp. they tried to talk to tsarnaev out of the boat. he was unresponsive and we know that is because of injuries he suffered in the gunbattle that killed his brother. there are flashbang grenades and and then took him into
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custody. the shooting death of an mit officer. the event touched off the manhunt that occurred last night. 26-year-old sean collier was a young father with a six-month-old baby. police believe the tsarnaev brothers shot him in his squad car on campus. the twist was they began volunteering at the boxing gym where suspect number one, tamerlin-tsarnaev trained years ago. it is unlikely the two ever crossed paths. one of those injured is an 11-year-old boy from martinez. there is promising news about him tonight. he ate his first solid meal since being injured. he was struck near the finish line as he waited for his mother to cross. we have information about several community fundraisers for aaron and his family posted at you will find that under see it on tv. and tonight passengers are
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a you riffing -- passengers are arriving to a quiet and eerie city. >> and they are expressing relief that the second suspect has been captured alive. john alston is at sfo with their story. john? >> on one flight passengers learned the manhunt was over. when the pilot made the announcement some even broke into uh -- applause. one woman who ran the marathon hopes this is the end of it. passengers arriving at sfo had just come from a boston they had never seen before. >> eerie. >> with the manhunt underway boston was basically shutdown. no taxis, transit or amtrak for hours. >> it was very quiet, very eerily quiet. a lot of people stayed home from work. >> carol came off the plane to fight wearing her marathon medal. the boston native and current san francisco resident had to stop six miles from the finish line because of the explosion.
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during the flight the pilot announced that the second suspect had been captured. >> a few people clapping. i think for me it was just relief for my family who lives back there and was kind of dealing with the immediate trauma and fear. >> passengers say it was an ordeal getting to logan international airport. >> there was a long line of cars and they were searching eve car looking in the trunk and looking under the cars and checking the id's of the people inside for everyone coming into the airport. >> david goodman and his son had to drive from their home in vermont to catch the flight from san francisco. >> the highway road signs were flashing throughout new hampshire and vermont saying to avoid boston and to not proceed to boston. >> one side notes -- one side note about carol, she was running to raise money for cancer research. a few days after the marathon she put her outfit back on and marathon bib back on and finished the last six miles. she said drivers were honking their horns and people were stoping to thank her and even
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give her donations. at sfo, john alston, abc news. >> thank you. security at major sporting events is a major concern everywhere. that was the case tonight at at&t park. the giants were playing their first home game since the bombings in boston. >> sergio is live at the ballpark where some fans found themselves on the outside waiting to get in. sergio? >> fans are just leaving the game. it wrapped up shortly. as you mentioned, on the way in there were lines of fans around the park. there were some people who didn't make it to their seats until well past an hour after the first pitch. >> please have all of your pockets and every come compartment of your bag open. >> the search of nearly everyone coming into at&t park was just part of the overall enhanced security. plenty of iewn formed -- uniformed police and bomb-sniffing dogs were posted in the area and even trashcans
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were wheeled away as a precaution. >> what they are doing is appropriate and certain times call for certain measures. >> the extra time spent searching everyone caused a snarl of giants fans patiently waiting in lines outside. >> almost an hour now and we haven't passed the public house. >> still people understood why this is happening and one fan we talked to talked about the security at boston firsthand. >> they shutdown the bta and cabs. they said if you have a shop don't open your shop. don't even go out your front door. >> in the eighth inning giants fans tipped their hats to the boston red sox by singing along to "sweet caroline." >> ♪ sweet caroline it was empty today. the red sox had their home game called off because of the city wide lock down. for san francisco police, the attack in boston is something they are already studying. >> we will take it apart. law enforcement across the
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country will. we will train to it and we will be better for it. >> and one of the things that actually helped keep some of the people calm was the fact that news was breaking of that second suspect being arrested as people were standing in line. i saw lots of people up-to-date on their smart phones and even passing the word along to a lot of the people they were waiting in line with. reporting live at at&t park, sergio quintana, abc news. >> the key will be getting to the ballpark earlier. abc news will have continuing coverage on this story throughout the weekend and beginning with abc7 morning news at 5:00. we will also have live reports from boston with abc7 news reporter ama dates. you can follow her on twitter at ama at abc7. we will take a break from the boston coverage for the moment and turn our attention to the weather. sandhya patel is here. live doppler 7hd is all clear. we have no moisture to speak of. but we are watching something. take a look right now. low clouds are beginning to
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form just off the coast. it is now approaching the marin-sonoma county coastline. that is the first change you will notice in the morning from our high definition rooftop camera. you are looking at coit tower. skies are clear here. 62 in santa roca -- in santa rosa and temperatures will be rising possibly to record levels. i will be back to let you know when and a look at your weekend forecast coming up. larry, carolyn? >> sandhya, thank you. coming up next, the other big national story today, the massive texas explosion. tonight the help that is on the way to this wounded region. >> and indefinite suspension. why little league officials are calling off all games in one north bay community. >> and relief rolls through boston in one celebration after another. and then later on "nightline." >> hello and thanks. later tonight on "nightline" a massive manhunt for the marathon bomber. tonight we are live from the scene at the dramatic conclusion for the search for the most wanted men in america.
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plus they came to america for a better life. the tale of two boys next door
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another celebration in boston. people in boston common cheered the news of the second suspect being capture netted bombings. and crowds burst that cheers as the police cars passed by. boston police are thinking of the victims tweeting "in our time of rejoicing let us not forget the family of the victims." richard, lou and campbell died in monday's bombings at the marathon finish line. more than 180 people were injured. 58 remain in the hospital. a powerful earthquake killed dozens and injured more than 400 this southwest china. the quake was a 6.6 magnitude in the szechwan province. they report 32 deaths, but the
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number is expected to go much higher. it is a city with a population of 1.1 million. the grim job of recovering those who lost their lives in the massive explosion in the town of west, texas continued today. as of tonight there are 14 confirmed fatalities with at least three people still missing. more than 200 have been injured. president obama has now pledged federal aid to the town where abc7 news reporter laura an thon thee continues to -- anthony continues to cover the story. she says people have not lost their spirit even after losing their homes. >> the inside is gone. the ceiling and the ininsulation is laying on the floor. >> are you lucky you got out? >> lucky for my wife. she was siting in the living room on the couch. the ceiling fell on top of her. >> and some good news to -- tonight. all of the patients living in the nursing home survived the
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blast. a little league season has been canceled indefinitely after shots were fired at a game this week. alan wang with more now from vallejo. >> the field where cc sabathia played as a kid are empty. the sounds of baseball are empty after a parent fired shots into the vehicle of an apparent team's parent -- of an opposing team parent. >> how do you bring a gun to a t ballgame and second how do you fire it off? >> the season has been canceled indefinitely until they can figure out how to ensure the safety of players. >> i don't know how many games are left, but i was really looking forward to playing more. >> i don't want to can sell the whole season, but i would rather lose a season than a kid. >> north vallejo little league vice president calvin hill says gunshots were fired several times before wednesday's incident and even in the days since neighboring
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east vallejo little league success the problem is there too. they blame it on a lack of parental involvement. the feeling is if more parents were involved, there would be fewer problems. police are still looking for the parent who fired the shots and now the fate of the north vallejo little league season rests on an emergency meeting this weekend and the number of parents who show up. details on that meeting are posted at under see it on tv. in vallejo, alan wang, abc7 news. all right. let's get another check on the forecast right now. >> sand jaw patel is looking -- sandhya patel has that for us. >> it is looking fabulous. you can see what it looks like right now. we do have some patchy low clouds near the coastline. the skies are clear inland. let me show you a view from the high definition emeryville camera as we look across the bay. san francisco is in the distance . it is pretty clear, but not for long.
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58 degrees in san francisco and it is 61 and real mild in mountain view and oakland. 51 degrees in santa cruz. here are the highlights. patchy morning clouds at the coast and warmer on sunday. summer like weather is coming. monday and tuesday as a matter of fact we may be talking about records around here. that's the record highs for early next week. high pressure is in control of the weather. we will keep that dry pattern going. right on through the weekend and even beyond, the next seven days look dry. the temperatures will peak on monday and tuesday and as it builds we will see it switching down toward the coast and it will bring the warmth with it. tomorrow morning a cool start. coastal areas some cloudiness. first thing in the morning if you have early plans bundle up. inland areas will remain clear, but just near the coast the low clouds. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay 81 in morgan hill and then to san jose. very similar to today.
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77 sunnyvale and on the peninsula, 71 in san mateo and mid70s palo alto. you will turn sunny by the afternoon. 61 in daly city. keeping you very close to today's levels in the north bay. 77 degrees in santa rosa and mid70s ukiah, clear lake and up to 78 in napa with sunshine. great looking day for the wine country. heading out toward the east bay, 73 in oakland and newark and 75 union city. earth day is monday, but a lot of earth day festivities going on this weekend and the weather couldn't be better. east bay inland communities, 80 in fairfield and 78 for concord. if you are going to the giants game tomorrow evening it is game two of the series against the san diego padres. breezy, clear and low 60s. dropping to the mid50s. i would just grab a jacket if i were you. at least for the second half of the game. accu-weather seven-day forecast midto upper 60s coast side as we head into the monday through wednesday time period. low 90s inland.
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we could see records. and then a cooling off on thursday and friday. abc7 news has another great weather search to follow. go to twitter for the bay area weather conditions. get the video forecasts and the spare the air alert and power outage info and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> sandhya, thank you. we will be right back.
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the giants certainly had boston in mind. we told you about the increased security earlier, the bags searched and the wanding of ticket holders and a rete sox -- red sox tradition. "sweet caroline" played at at&t park. >> ♪ caroline ♪ good times never seemed so good ♪ >> the crowd was really into it. the game against the padres and 1-1 in the third. buster posey scores from first and giants were up 2-1. bum gardener dealing and
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strikes out 10 in six innings including five straight at one point. but chase headily gets to him in the 6th. here it comes and there it goes. a solo shot to left and almost fan interference, but the ball was out. that tied it at 2. bottom of 9 and torres on at second base and pagan goes down the line. good night, go home safely. it snaps their losing streak. the a's are facing the rays. anderson only lasted one inning and sprained his right ankle here. he stayed in the game, but he was not around for very long. the very next batter and he breaks a 2-2 tie and a sharp base hit to left. anderson allows four runs and the rays were up 4-2. he did not fair a whole lot better and allowed four runs. they are a two-run homer and
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his fourth. the a's fall 8-3 and that ends their three-game winning streak. the hopes is they will compete in their first playoff game since the 2006 and 2007 season. that game is tomorrow in denver. the game tiboff at 2 -- tipoff at 2:30 in the afternoon. curry set the nba record for most three pointers in the single season. he was named the western conference player of the month becoming the third golden state warrior ever to receive that honor. but like most of his teammates has zero playoff experience. he is the only starter who played in a post season game. that was a grand total of five. back in milwaukee, mark jackson says he is not that worried about it. >> certainly available to have playoff experience. that being said, that is not going to win ballgames. i have a group of guys that probably don't have much playoff experience, but they are well aware of what wins ballgames. that does not change from regular season to playoff. >> first two games are in denver.
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and then back here for game three next friday night at the oracle arena. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> well, really exciting for the warriors. >> it is great. it hasn't been since the 2006 and 2007 season. that was the we believe team with baron davis. a lot of excitement. they want to go back every year. this is the start of a whole progression for the ownership group. >> and they are looking strong? >> looking good. it will be a difficult series because denver is tough to beat. a 38-3 record at home. they are in and everybody can just enjoy that for the moment. >> exactly. we will have an update on the capture of the second su
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here is a look at your wake up weather first thing in the morning. cool and clear under the inland areas, but patchy low clouds along the coast. mid40s to mid50s at 5:00 app. low to upper 50s.
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lisa argen is here at tiff:00 a.m. carolyn, larry? >> sandhya, thank you. as a tragic and tense week comes to a close, people in boston are celebrating the capture of the second marathon bombing suspect. >> the shelter in place order around boston was lifted after 19-year-old dzhokhar-tsarnaev was found in a boat in a backyard. he was bleeding from injury he's received in a shootout that killed his brother jie. he is now in serious condition in a boston hospital. meantime president obama spoke after his arrest saying we have closed an important chapter in this tragedy jie. we -- >> we will have overnight developments on the abc morning news at 5:00 a.m. that's all for now. i'm larry -- larry beil. >> and i'm carolyn ashley. we hope you have a terrific weekend.
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announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- rachel mcadams, author and twitter phenom kelly oxford, and music from kid rock, with cleto and the cletones, and now, if that's not enough, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's very nice. thank you so much. thank you for watching. thank you for braving the storm to be here tonight.


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