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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 21, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at our weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. good morning to you. >> we are starting out with clear conditions. and with very little fog, temperatures have dropped into the upper 30s for some of our coastal locations. otherwise we are in the upper 50s. and for this afternoon look at the 60s. that will be the cool spot for our coast. we are talking pacifica, half moon bay, ocean beach very mild, and then in our warmest locations upper 80s. so a rapid warmup with those
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down-sloping northerly winds. a very pleasant evening. some of you headed to the giants game. i'll have that forecast. and a look at our warmup. maybe some records. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, carolyn. this morning the 19-year-old suspect in the boston bombings remains in serious but stable condition. he's unheavy guard at the hospital. abc7 news reporter kira klapper is live in the newsroom. kira, dzhokhar tsarnaev is not yet able to communicate with detectives? >> that's right, carolyn. if or when he's is conscious, he will not be red his rights. they did everything to capture the 19-year-old alive after his brother was killed in a shootout with police thursday night. now police say dzhokhar actually ran over his wounded big brother as he tried to escape police after the shootout. tsarnaev was captured late
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friday night and taken to the hospital with serious injuries. once he is conscious, and authorities hope he will be, a special team of agents will question him without telling him he has a right to remain silent or to have a lawyer for about 50 minutes. we will determine what happened. we will investigate any associations that these terrorists may have had. >> there is a public safety exemption in cases of national security and special charges involving acts of terrorism. the government has that opportunity. >> yesterday hundreds of people honored 26-year-old m.i.t. police officer sean collier, who was shot to death in his cruiser thursday night, reportedly by the brothers. his murder sparked the deadly manhunt for them. people who came to his vigil who didn't even know colyer thanked him for touching their lives. and later this morning there will be another mass for the victims of the bombing at the cathedral of the holy cross. the same place where president obama spoke at a service on thursday. after that there will be an
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interfaith service at the growing memorial on boylston street, the site where the bombs went off on monday. in the newsroom, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> thank you, kira. police are saying the tsarnaev brothers used an atm carb longing to a carjacking victim before the shootout on thursday. the car owner also told police the pair admitted they bombed the marathon and killed the police officer. their father said his sons could not have planned that attack because the fbi was watching them. but fbi agents say that is not true. they did speak to the older brother, tamerlan, back in 2011 after the russians informed them he had a radical islamist, but the fbi said they found no ties to terrorists. tamerlan was killed in the shootout thursday. police tackled him after he ran out of wall let's. they say dzhokhar tried to run down the officers but hit his brother's body instead, dragging it down the block. investigators say tamerlan's body was so badly damaged by bullets, they couldn't tell
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which gunshot wound killed him. abc news anchor has the story from boston. >> you can feel the energy in boston as the city comes alive, one day after law enforcement captured the second marathon bombing suspect. they all united to get this one idiot, or whatever, to cause this much problem between all the people on a special day that all countries united. so it's good, i'm glad they got this guy. >> at fenway park the red sox game began with a moment to honor the victims of the bombing. >> won't you join us as we observe a moment of silence. >> the first home game was a special one.
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>> they had a big ceremony beforehand, had all of the volunteers of the boston marathon there, firefighters, the mayor, all that stuff. >> and then there was this. ♪ sweet caroline >> neil diamond came and sang "sweet caroline" in the eighth inning. it was a huge surprise. it was a blast. >> after a week of terror, this is exactly what boston needed. warren grew up in sacramento. her family in the bay area was worried about her. >> i got a text message monday asking if i was there and they texted me yesterday making sure i stayed inside. throughout the whole week they have been checking out just to see how i'm doing. >> and lauren, like the rest of boston, is doing much better now. after all, they are boston strong. >> and the energy was just incredible at fenway. they were passing out stickers that said boston strong and they were giving out these flags that say "believe in boston." i think we do. abc7 news. 1. >> you saw a little bit of
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boston's baseball game. giants fans practiced a little patience on their way into at&t park this weekend because security remained heightened in response to the boston bombings. abc7 news reporter sergio talk to one fan whose relative took a photo that help them track down the bombing suspect. >> on this weekend of heightened security at the ballgame, heather green has a special reason to be happy the whole ordeal in potassium iodine is -- in boston is over. she has family there. >> sending love from giants stadium to boston right now. >> she also has a brother-in-law who ran in the boston marathon and shot this picture just after the second bomb exploded monday. he call his brother here in the bay area thursday after boston authorities released grainy images of the two suspects. >> he said will you help me blow it up? they contacted the fbi and the fbi was -- it's in the new york times today. the fbi said it was the best picture they got of the suspect.
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>> this turned out to be the first clear picture of suspect number 2, dzhokhar tsarnaev. her brother then posted that picture on facebook where more than 12,000 people shared it. >> i actually think i hit the lottery that i took that one picture that could have been helpful. so it's about the greatest, you know, win i could have ever had there to have helped. >> the picture is an example of how big a role social media played in this event. authorities were flooded with tips about the two suspects when images were shared and when the two brothers went on their rampage trying to escape lots of people followed the story on twitter. >> for those who have been on social media for several years now, there isn't any question that any news organization comes anywhere close to twitter. >> jeff howe is a professor of digital journalism at northeastern university in boston. he said twitter followers also posed a problem for law enforcement. >> you know, when they were actually conducting the search in watertown, yeah, just a few blocks away from me, you know,
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their concern was that people on twitter were going to give away the coordinate of the police. >> news on social media is a work in progress but there was clearly a large audience. people were waiting in line on friday to get into at&t park and a lot of them were following the arrest of suspect number 2 as they were happening in boston on their smartphones. in san francisco, abc7 news. new this morning, the london marathon is wrapping up now under tight security. there was a 30-second moment of silence for the victims of the boston marathon bombs. police and organizers say extra security measures were put in place to better protect the 36,000 runners. many of the athletes wore black ribbon to pay respects. scotland yard said extra security was added all along the course which passes many of london's most famous landmarks.
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bomb sniffing dogs were also brought in to check things out before the police was ran. -- the rasores ran. lisa argen is here now. a lot of folks loving your forecast. >> less than 20 minutes away from the official sunrise and we are already looking at a good start to the day. numbers in low 50s here but as much as 10 degrees cooler in the north bay and 10 degrees warmer in some spots than yesterday's highs. i'll explain next. >> a big change this morning in how law enforcement patrols the streets of oakland. while alameda county sheriff's deputies have stopped helping the oakland police. >> and a fire
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>> new this morning, haywood police are looking for a gunman that left an oakland man critically injured last night. police say the 26-year-old victim was visiting family members at a home on franklin avenue around 10:00 last night. he argued with another man just before he was shot. the shooter is described as short with fair skin, wearing a black jacket. richmond police are looking for two men in a white s.u.v. who shot a man near the spot where his brother and sister
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were killed thursday night. last night's shooting happened on griffin drive near mclaughlin way, a block away from where the brother and sister were shot and killed. they say last night's shooting victim was in this sedan when someone shot into the car multiple times. the man in his early 20s is in critical condition this morning. pg&e is stepping up security at its substations. last week vandals attacked the utility's substation outside san jose. this was on metcalf road. they broke through the fence, they shot transformers. yesterday in fremont police officers were at the newark substation. pg&e is now using fremont police to guard that structure. >> this morning almeda county sheriff's deputies are no longer helping oakland police. the weekend partnership ended last night. the problem is alameda county and oakland could not agree on who should pay for worker's compensation after a deputy was shot during a traffic stop in
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oakland last month. >> a total surprise. council member libby shaft and myself, we were able to convince our colleagues to expend the funds to retain those deputies of that been work on our streets. >> will we be safe without them being on the streets of oakland? >> chief howard jordan tells us he plans to redeploy officers and ask the chp to help out. developing news in southern california where firefighters are getting help from mother nature in putting out a brush fire in monrovia. the fire stands at 175 acres right now, but because there are no winds, fire officials are very confident of this situation the order to evacuate 200 homes has been lifted. that fire started yesterday afternoon by a gardener working in a backyard. flames are now about 50% contained. full containment is expected
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later today. >> not much wind going on around here. last week very windy. >> yes, and the aligys bad for the sufferers. offshore winds and we will return to an onshore win this afternoon. between things are very light and because of the lack of wind we are talking about very chilly temperatures along the coast. in our north bay valleys. the second annual napa valley half-marathon gets underway. they are also look at the 5k run in san francisco. that's just a couple of things going on. cherry blossom festival wraps up in japan town. we are looking at cloud-free conditions. could be a few patches aroundst monterey bay. official sunrise 6:26. a nice clear start with 52 san francisco, 51 oakland. good morning san jose, 54 for you. the chilly 39 on the coast.
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half moon bay. look at the bay bridge. nice colors, the purple hues. a gorgeous start with temperatures cool side in napa and santa rosa. 50 livermore and fairfield with upper 40s unionzy and around fremont. a look at our forecast then with a clear start. we will see rapidly warming temperatures. today we will be shy of records. we will have to see plenty of 90s today to break any records. i think that's more likely tomorrow and tuesday. the sea breeze will be right at the coast. that will allow for temperatures there to stay rather comfortable. the cooling trend overnight allowed for temperatures to drop off in most neighborhoods. but look at the big drop from novato to santa rosa this morning. a few degrees cooler a along the coast and carlos and mountain view. the setup has not changed all that much. although we are looking at a stronger northerly gradings and the down slope winds and higher pressure building in, allowing for the warmup today. but we are still going to see
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the weak see breeze at the coast. temperatures will be quite pleasant overall. numbers will be above normal today, as much as five, maybe ten degrees above normal in spots. and that will allow for the trend to started to with the warming. let's talk about oakland in particular. tomorrow we will see numbers in the mid-70s. today going for about 77. you will notice pretty warm on tuesday. numbers will begin to dip come wednesday and look by thursday and friday we are back in the upper 60s. enjoy the next couple days 23 you like the warming. otherwise the coast very comfortable, mid-60s monterey. upper 70s and dense fog in los angeles. milpitas 88 today. very warm on the peninsula with low to mid-60s at the coast. sunset district, 66, 69 downtown. 83 sonoma, 84 in cloverdale. near east bay a mixture of mid-70s up toward hercules.
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hayward checking in at 83 about 3:00, 4:00 this morning. inland this afternoon look for 88 antioch. pittsburgh. you will look ahead and highs continue to trend a little further upward tomorrow. a slight cool down on tuesday. but it's wednesday when we get the general sea breeze and coastal clouds return thursday, friday and pretty nice but cooler on friday and saturday. follow us on twitter for the latest bay area conditions rain or shine. get video forecasts, spare the air alerts and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> not much to followed to other than how hot it's going get. >> i have that out there so check it out. >> thank you, lisa. in texas, search and rescue teams have finished their work following last week's fertilizer plant explosion.
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200 others injured in last wednesday's blast in the town of west. some residents are being allowed back into their homes, but that does not include those who live closest to the site. five snowboarders have been killed in an avalanche at a colorado ski resort. the group may have triggered the pass at a pass about 50 miles west of denver. that was love land pass. multiple rescue teams searched the 600-foot long, the 8-foot wide deep slide area. all of them were wearing avalanche beacons. one survivor was able to dig himself out and call for help. it is colorado's deadliest avalanche accident in more than 50 years. >> coming up next, earth day is just a day away. big change that takes effect tomorrow in several bay area cities in the effort to be more green. we will tell you where whe
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>> coming up at 7:00 here on abc7 good morning america. >> good morning. coming up on gma, stunning new details about the capture of the boston marathon bombing suspect and the high-tech equipment police used to find him, including infrared images. also so many questions surround the investigation. were there warning signs, and how do you even interrogate a suspect when his wounds make it
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impossible for him to talk? and cupcake crash on a lighter note. the trend started with eating cupcakes on "sex in the city" in 2,000, but now ten years later people are getting tired of the gourmet cupcake. so the big question is what is the next trend? coming up. first day is technically tomorrow, but this weekend groups are already doing their part in make their communities more green. in oakland yesterday more than 80 locations, including lake merit, were getting special treatment from community and corporate cleanup teams. from trash pickup and graffiti removal to weeding and planting, around 3500 volunteers were at work, giving the city a really nice makeover. do you have your reusable shopping bags ready? starting tomorrow a dozen city in san mateo county will impose a ban on plastic shopping bags. retailers will charge you a dime to provide paper bags. eventually that's going to increase to a quarter.
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san mateo county paid for the environmental review process and will be responsible for the enforcement. the start date coincides with earth day. for a complete list of cities with the plastic bag ban, you can go to our website, and click on "see it on tv." the winners of the prestigious goldman environmental prize were honored last week in san francisco. the award is known as the green noble prize. two are honored for promoting recycling in their countries, and while they were here they got a look at san francisco's model program and only abc7 news was there as they got the four. -- the tour. here's abc news anchor cheryl jennings with the story. >> inside san francisco's massive recycling complex, garbage is sorted by hand and machine. this is a dream come true for italian men. and the colombian man.
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they are two of this year's goldman prize winners. both have heard of the recycling program in san francisco. one was inspired to lead a crusade against waste. the elementary school teacher started his public education campaign about the dangers of incinerators in his small tuscan town. in italy it's routinely burned, creating greenhouse gases. he taught his students to recycle paper and replace plastic water bottles and plastic utensils in the lunch room. it sparked a national movement. this video was provided by the goldman prize. he was impressed with what he saw in san francisco. >> i can't wait when i come back, i'll have some good ideas to share with my colleagues. >> thanks to the grass roots campaign led by him, 40 incinerators have been scrapped or shut down and more than 3 million residents have joined in his recycling crusade.
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nora was also impressed with the operation. he organized colombian waste pickers in bogata. despite blatent discrimination, health hazards and poor wages, the pickers provided a much-needed service to the city. but he organized the waste pickers into unions and made recycling a legitimate part of urban waste management. she also got recyclers on board, inspiring a national movement that keeps tons of waste out of dumps. >> her visit to the san francisco recycling center showed her more could be done. the city diverts 80% of its waste from landfills, the highest amount of any city in the united states. >> both said to me during the tour they see san francisco as a model and an inspiration for what they have done in their own communities so it's will be really, really great to have them here. >> they both received $150,000 prizes for their work.
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straight ahead, helping a hero. how people on social media want to reward the man who helped police track down the boston bombing suspect. >> boston remembers the victims of the bombings and manhunt, as life starts to return to normal. i'm mr. bradley with the very latest coming up.
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good morning, everybody. here's an update with lisa argen. >> temperatures on the cool side at the coast with upper 40s. low 40s in the north bay. low to mid-50s from san francisco and oakland. this afternoon we are warmer. coastal temperatures with a weaker sea breeze, mid-60s. upper 80s in the warmest inland east bay looking very pleasant, 670s and 70s. if you are headed to the giants game this afternoon, 1:05, temperatures will be climbing through the 60s. we will have a wind out of the south up to 15 miles an hour. by 4:00 we should be in the upper 6os.
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very pleasant weather. you will need the sun block. we will talk about how long the warming trend will last in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. boston is trying to find closer after five days of terror. this morning memorials and vigils are reminders of the bombings and the chaos that followed. abc7 news reporter tamon bradley joins us live from boston. this is a city that's really trying to heel and trying to get back to normal. >> it sure is, carolyn. good morning to you. here bostonians are saying this is our city. people are returning to their lives and they are also thinking about those victims. [taps playing] >> they came to honor a slain campus police officers. hundreds holding candles and signs and flags stood in respect in the town of wilmington as the casket of sean collier went by. at the same time m.i.t. students in cambridge honored the 26-year-old policeman who was shot to death in his cruiser thursday night.
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>> he seemed to be an amazing, adventurous, bright, talented person, his murder sparked a deadly manhunt for the two brothers suspected in the boston marathon bombings. the older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev, was killed in an intense shootout thursday night. the search for his brother ended friday night. the 19-year-old suspect was found hiding and bleeding this a boat sitting in the backyard of a watertown resident. dzhokhar remains hospitalized under heavy guard in a hospital in boston, unable to communicate. but officials are casting a wider net in the complex investigation in what motivated the brothers. two of his classmates were arrested saturday in new bedford on administrative immigration investigations. after five days of terror, people in boston are trying to move on.
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>> we put it behind us and are moving on. >> on saturday that meant returning to fenway park where bostonians got back to their favorite pastime. they also went back to the scene of the shootout and capture. >> the grieving and healing continues today. bostonians will gather for mass in this cathedral behind me in a few hours. boston is remembering, but it's also moving on. live in boston, tamon bradley, abc7 news. >> you know before you go we are hearing a red flag about the two brothers or at leaf the older brother. what are law enforcement officials saying right now? >> the fbi was look into the older brother just two years ago. they received information from a foreign government that perhaps the older brother, tamerlan, had become radicalized and he was following radical islam. fbi checked phone records, they interviewed him, but they couldn't find any information to suggest he was a threat. pretty remarkable, carolyn.
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>> it is. have a good day. >> you too. >> a new folk hero has emerged out of boston's horrible week. his name is dave hannaberry. he is the guy who found the suspect in his boat in his backyard. the internet is all abuzz to send him a giant thank you gift. here's abc news reporter gio. >> it's the now famous little boat that kept a big secret. the unlikely hideout for america's most wanted man. and this is the boat's owner. david hannaberry, a man now called the hero for finding the suspected marathon are bomber and calling 911. >>water town's chief of police was at the scene. >> what happened when your officers arrived? >> there was a shooting. >> that shooting so damaged the boat. >> his neighbors said, >> he's completely shocked, and he says my poor boat, my poor
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boat. he's taken care of that boat meticulously since he had it and now it's full of holes. >> now a digital show of support. people all over the nation are turning to social media sites like facebook raising money to buy him a new boat. even the chief is hearing about this call to action. >> i got an e-mail this morning. some person in detroit, michigan wants to replace the boat for the watertown resident that got shot up. it's just incredible. >> incredible because it was his quick thinking to call police that turned the community's terror into a sigh of relief. abc news, watertown, massachusetts. >> the family of local boston bombing victim, 11-year-old aaron hern, is getting some much-needed help from friends and neighbors in martinez. a number of events to help pay for expenses are going on this weekend, as aaron recovers in a boston hospital. a family friend set up a portrait fundraiser through her photography business and several area restaurants are donating money with medical and travel costs.
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>> 30% of everybody's purchase. so far it's been really busy and so far we've been having a lot of people. the community is coming together and helping out. >> aaron hern, a sixth grader, is expected to be released from boston's children's hospital this week. other fundraising for aaron, fundraisers are being held. we have a full list on under "see it on tv." coming up, abc's this week focuses on the tracking tale of terror. now that a suspect has been captured alive, what happens next? what will he reveal and how can we protect ourselves? don't miss "this week" with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 right here on abc7. >> raising the price of a bus ride, will it actually lose money for a.c. transit in oakland?
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that's the question the board will consider. there's a proposal to put off a 15-cent fare increase to take effect july 1st. it would bring the fair to $2.25. but staff members now think that could result in a drop in ridership, and therefore in revenue. a.c. transit provides bus service in alameda county and western contra costa county. the curtain closes on pleasant hill's domed movie theater today with the complex due to be demolished. fans of the decade-old complex can see "2001 a space odyssey" today. some of preparing to present their case to the city council may 6th. tomorrow the council will meet in closed session to discuss a lawsuit aimed at stopping the demolition. but our media partner, the contra costa times, reports the developer, cy west, already has a demolition permit and is not commenting on plans to build a two-story sporting goods store on that site. coming up, a worldwide effort to save a bay area woman's life.
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why it's become so urgent to help the stanford professor. and take a live look from our roof cam, showing you the bay area in a yellow glow there. lisa argen will have your
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>> without colt welcome back, everyone. it's 6:40, almost 6:41 on this sunday morning. this is a live look from our damage cam, giving you one view of the bay. everywhere throughout the bay area, nice, warm weather this week. lisa argen will be along with a full accuweather forecast coming up. n.a.s.a. space shuttle commander mark kelly will be in san francisco today, husband of gabby gifford. he's expected to speak at noon to more than 2200 college leaders. captain kelly commanded the space shuttle's final mission. he will speak at a luncheon to say farewell to retiring city college leaders and to welcome new ones. as you know he and his which wife, gabby, have become
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outspoken against gun violence after she was shot and wounded, forcing her to resign from congress. seven weeks, that's it. that's how much time a stanford professor has to find a bone marrow match to fight an aggressive form of leukemia. abc7 news reporter lisa finds out why it is so tough. >> we have been through five hospitalizations and kimmo and lots of complications. >> reporter: time is ticking for her body. she's accomplished a lot since she immigrated from india. she has two daughters. she's a professor of psychology at stanford, but she has leukemia. she has just seven weeks to find a bone marrow match. after that she will be too weak for a transplant. >> the cancer will be so aggressive then. there's not much chance of curing it at that time. >> the search for a donar started in november when her leukemia relapsed. her students sprung into action. >>, you are going to use technology however you can. >> they quickly created a
6:43 am
facebook page and website and organized donor drives all over the world. southeast asians are one of the smallest groups to donate bone marrow. >> someone from south asia, one in over 20,000 people find a match. >> at this temple people swabbed and joined the donor list. in sunnyvale, abc7 news. we have information on how you can register to be a bone marrow donor at just look at "see it on tv." we wish the best for that woman. lisa argen is here to talk about the accuweather forecast that just shows us getting -- how's that? >> i like that. we are talking mid-80s in parts of the south bay, that's as much as 15 degrees above average. but we still have airport delays due to traffic delays at sfo. but nothing but sunshine in the city. air quality maybe getting a
6:44 am
little hazy the next couple days as we build the heat. we will talk about that when we only back. >> also the warriors battle the nuggets to the end in game one of their playoff series. but a nugget seasoned vet is the differen
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>> you mentioned, lisa, how hazy it is out there. but even though eats heating up are, no spare-the-air day yet. >> no. except for santa clara valley. they are getting into the moderate range today. otherwise the east bay today and tuesday along with the can't clair valley. we lock at the live doppler 7hd right now. nothing to talk about in terms of low cloudiness. a few patches of fog by the monterey bay and those have since dissipated. the sun was up at 6:26, setting at 7:51. so plenty of day light and warmth to enjoy today. it looks like we are going to talk about this little warming trend right on through the next several days this many bay area neighborhoods. telegraph hill low 50s. downtown 51 oakland. 46 in santa cruz. the bay bridge, very pretty this morning with clear conditions and temperatures in the low
6:48 am
40s from napa. 46 santa rosa. upper 40s union city and los gatos, 50 fairfield and livermore. now with the sun, the lack of cloud cover and the sea breeze, which is pretty much nonexistent, we will warm up pretty quickly. we will see re 60s by nine 9:00, 10:00. as much as 15 degrees above average but you have to hit plenty of 90s around the bay today to break any records this afternoon. that looks more likely tomorrow and tuesday. but overall we are cooler this morning with the clear sky. temperatures are down in most locations. but we will compensate for that with that rapid warming throughout the next couple of hours. high pressure inching just a little closer to the bay area. as that happens we will get more of a northerly wind. some areas really responding to that with the big warmup. we will still have the weak sea breeze this afternoon. in fact, if you are going to be out on the bay or the ocean, we
6:49 am
are looking at some pretty gusty winds. then the onshore winds returning later on tonight. maybe a few patches of fog. above normal temperatures all around the bay. want to give you a quick look what to expect in san jose for the week ahead. we talked about 80s, more 80s tomorrow and maybe a few degrees of cooling as we get into tuesday. more likely the cooling heads our way on wednesday. 90s will be prevalent from fresno to palm springs. how about 80 in yosemite. we are talking about some chilly witness conditions to start out in the northern sierra with numbers around 30 right now. 85 sunnyvale. the peninsula, check it out, low to mid-80s from san mateo to menlo park and mountain view. 60s at the cove. that will be common today and tomorrow. 69 downtown and up in the north bay look for 81 in santa rosa. 77 vallejo. near east bay some 70s but upper 70s in oakland. and out over the hills you are
6:50 am
warmer today with mid-and upper 80s for pleasanton and antioch today. here's the look ahead. we are still warming tomorrow and into tuesday. it should be pretty toasty. but the sea breeze will pick up in the afternoon on tuesday. everyone cools off a little bit on wednesday. then the coastal clouds are going to hang tough for thursday and friday. so it may be pretty chilly at the beaches. if you want to head to the beach the next couple days would be the best. >> otherwise toward the end of the week a big cool down. >> that's right, and gray. >> thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. tonight the san jose sharks can clinch a playoff spot with the win over columbus. puck drops at 5:00 at hp pavilion. the warriors yesterday played their first playoff game in seven years against denver. they battled those nuggets to the very end. mike shumann has the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. well, the warriors haven't been to the playoffs since 2007 and it showed last night in denver. this is a young team. they found out it's a lot more physical in the postseason and
6:51 am
it may get tougher as david lee was injured and his return is questionable. he played in 577 regular season games without a playoff appearance. longest in the nba for an active player. in addition to andrew bogey warriors led by 9 late in the second but he posterizes andrew bogut. curry, 1. 10 shooting the first half. missed first nine shots. wakes up in the second half. warriors up 5. nuggets went on a 14-3 run to end the third. then the biggest lead of the game. fourth quarter bad news for golden state. david lee falls hard and injures his right hip flexor. pays were negative. the warriors battle balk. steph curry ties the game at 81. andre miller, huge game off the bench. the jumper. nuggets up 5. 18 seconds left. warriors down three. guess who? steph curry ties the game with 14 seconds left. he had 19 but too much time left on the clock.
6:52 am
miller, 18 of his 28 came in the fourth quarter, including the first game winner of his entire career with one second remaining. nuggets, takes the game one, 97-95. >> i don't think anybody came in here believing we were going to sweep the denver nuggets. you have to win four games to advance. it's not over. take the blow and be ready to make adjustments and respond. all right. the giants got a decent outing from lincecum. throwing a two-run jack from the panda and they take their second straight from the padres. look like men and black are back in mccovey's cove. lincecum struck out 8 in 6 2/3, scoreless innings, giving up only four hits. giants only three hits. pack needed one off caster to get the team on the board. two-run shot in the fourth. 2-0, giants. padres threaten in the eighth. runners on the corners. casilla grounds into the inning ending double play.
6:53 am
in the ninth, two outs, and sergio romo gets his major league leading eighth save. giants go on to win, 2-0. a's and tampa. showing his mom his newly shaved face and beard. bottom of two, joyce facing jared parker. see you. he's struggled all season, falling 0-3, and josh donaldson has been great on defense all year. evan longoria pops up in foul territory. with people scrambling, he makes the over-the-shoulder catch. and as i lip-read longoria, he caught that? a's lose their second straight to the a's. 1-0, your final. more from the a's and giants tonight at five along with the nba playoffs. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> coming
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6:56 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $95 million power ball draw. yeah, $935 million. numbers are 6, 8, 30, 39, 48. the power number 20. no one got all six numbers. wednesday's jackpot is estimated at $116 million. and check out the winning numbers from last night's $13 million super lotto plus. 3, 15, 26, 32, 39. the meganumber 6. no one got all six in that draw either. wednesday's jackpot grows to
6:57 am
$13 million. about 400 volunteers are coming together this weekend to build hope and affordable housing in east oakland. it's part of the three-day habitat for humanity buildup. volunteer crews are constructing eight homes in the brookfield village neighborhood. in what normally would take three months of construction will be completed by tomorrow night thanks to the community and corporate teams. this project is being sponsored by the east bay silicon valley chapter of habitat for humanity. >> they will probably be out there sweating today, lisa. >> certainly throughout the afternoon. right now it's comfortable. san francisco today upper 60s. the brings sidio 10-mile, 5k run-walk is going on there. today we wrap-up the in japan town the cherry blossom festival. thank you. we will stay warm on tuesday
6:58 am
with the coastal sea breeze picking up say late tuesday, wednesday and coastal clouds return throughout the rest of the upcoming work week. certainly a lot cooler. don't get used to it but enjoy the next couple days. >> i don't want to get used to it. what do i always say, chocolate melts. i don't like the heat. that will do it for us on the sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. abc7 news will continue at 9:00 a.m. good morning america is up next.
6:59 am
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good morning, america. new this morning -- police in massachusetts have just released this dramatic, new video. infrared images of the capture of the boston marathon suspect as it went down. a robot tears open the boat. a stun grenade goes off. the end of a city's nightmare caught on tape. now police want to crack the mystery of motive, as the 19-year-old suspect lies in a hospital bed, a special interrogation team is standing by with urgent questions. were the brothers acting alone? are there other plotters out there? but, will the suspect's wounds prevent him from talking? marijuana madness. mass panic as thousands scramble for safety when gunfire breaks out at denver's annual pro-pot


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