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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 24, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> it is a major sign that boston is get back on track at the site of the deadly twin bombings on boylston street. crews worked to fix the sidewalks and erase all signs of the bombing but some stores are still boarded up. new information on the suspects. the older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev, but two fireworks kits in february but they did not contain enough gunpowder to detonate the boston bombing. zach dark is saying the two planned the attacks without help from an outside group. you are seeing the boat, dzhokhar tsarnaev was discovered in the boat and the boat owner talking with the affiliate in boston. he was very emotional. >> the people than killed...can get many ways
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...they are not at peace. >> according to the new york daily news people have donated $10,000 to buy him a new boat but he is saying the money is better spent on victims' charities. one victim, m.i.t. police officer collier will have a memorial service this morning with vice president biden and his wife will be there and m.i.t. has canceled classes today. in the wake of the bombings and a foiled railway attack bart will review safety protocols to protect passengers here according to the "san francisco examiner" they plan to talk about new communications strategies and training programs and improved relationships with other agencies at the board of directors meeting.
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>> the meeting tonight will decide if they will raise a 15 cent increase for bart riders in july which would raise the fare to $2.25. some worry that the transit could lose money by raising prices if it triggers a drop if ridership. >> new report just released is shedding light on overtime costs for the san francisco fire department. some employ ease take him six figures just in evertomorrow. our reporter joins us live from the department headquarters. amy hollyfield? >> the chief at headquarters has reviewed the numbers and does not think this is safe. this would surprise you. the top overtime earner at the fire department is a lieutenant and three made $221,000 in overtime bring the paycheck to $363,000. in second place is a paramedic firefighter who made $191,000 in
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overtime bringing the total to $337,000. there battalion chiefs close to each other, overtime was at least $113,000 for a total of $316,000. the union president tells the san francisco chronicle this is insane and he blames it on chronic understaffing. he says the department needs to fill 400 vacant positions and this is just mindboggling and not safe that firefighters are not getting enough safe. the chief has impose add new hard cap saying no more than 1,100 hours of overtime is allowed. the chronicle is also reporting that the mayor has promised to add more firefighters to the department. the top overtime earner refused to comment to the "san francisco chronicle" yesterday.
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>> thank you, amy hollyfield. >> and in palo alto the school board is likely to give rises to employees. our media partner reports that the board is expected to approve new labor agreements giving employee as 3 percent raise. district officials say they have not been able to pass along coast of living increases to employees the last three years but the passage of proposition 30 back in november has improved the district's financial situation. the new labor agreements are scheduled to be approved at a meeting on may 7. >> the state senate will consider a tax on sugary drinks today in sacramento, and would add 12 cents to every can of soda in other sugary beverages including sweet tea and energy drinks. democratic senator of carmel says something needs to be done to curb alarming rates of obesity and diabetes. the california restaurant association is not happy about it and says the restaurant industry is facing a lot of
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other cost increasing right now. >> apple stock will trade in about 20 minutes following the release of latest earnings report which came after the closing bell yesterday. for the first time in a decade, earnings fell for the cupertino company, a sign of investor anxiety and increased competition despite the worries, the c.e.o. says the company is strong but he suggested apple will not be released any new products until the fall and throughout 2014. at 6:45 we will check with jane king and bloomberg business report and the new york stock exchange to see how the apple stock is doing. >> as apple faces increased competition c.e.o. still retains strong support in the company, with a survey of apple employees to find out his popularity and the website found that 93 percent of apple employees approved of the job performance and 7 percent disapprove. for comparison the late apple c.e.o. held a 97 percent
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approval rating when he stepped down before 2011. >> the natural air conditioning we are showing you here is in effect but what about later on today. >> it has been affecting air travel. >> we have 30 minutes flight arrival delays at sfo so they are minor but out there and check out our flight tracker at we are going to talk about how temperatures are 15 to 20 degrees cooler than this time yesterday and nine atand five at oakland and seven degrees cooler in hayward and san jose and four to five in san carlos and mountain view. antioch is at 53 and san jose is 49 and same for san francisco. today we will have upper 50's along the coast with low-to-mid 60's around san francisco and richmond and 68 in oakland and san mateo and low-to-mid 70's for the rest of the bay shore and mid-70's to low 80's inland.
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now, tomorrow is going to be cooler, with more clouds in the morning and extra sunshine and warmth for the weekend. >> it look like a cool drive with not too many crashes so quiet conditions. in san jose the construction project has wrapped up southbound 880 all lanes have re-opened and the let of the san jose drive is running at top speed making the drive along 101 southbound side and the 280 through cupertino at 74 miles per hour is due fast. now the mass transit, bart, muni and caltrain and everything is running on time with no delays on any of those and now, a quick look, a picture of your drive, 101 southbound headed into central san rafael a few cars but no accidents. >> the boston bombings now affecting shoppers, the product one high-end retailer is pulling from the stores in response to the tragedy.
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>> overnight, a building chance leads dozens dead, the damaged the victims and the recovery underway. >> how high can it go, a new stock surge
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>> covering cupertino, concord,
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wine country, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning, 6:13. a look from the camera on the roof 6 the exploritorium of downtown san francisco, the marine layer with a bit of fog and we will check with mike nicco in a few minutes. >> now, this morning, right now, the new story, a desperate search for victims underway in bengladesh with more victims feared buried with the death now at 897. the building came crashing down and 600 people have been rescued. in word on what may have caused the aid-story building to clap. >> high-end home goods retailer is pulling pressure cookers from all of the 250 stores in response to the boston marathon bombings. a manager for a suburban boston store says the retailer is
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pulling the cookers out of respect for the victims and authorities say the brothers use the pressure cookers to carry out the bombings which are still available on their website. >> the u.s. government is going after millions of dollars lance armstrong earned during the pro bicycling career. the justice department filed the claim yesterday accusing armstrong of violating his sponsorship from the postal service while racing in the tour de france. armstrong's attorney says the lawsuit is opportunityistic and says armstrong rode his heart out. armstrong's titles remain stripped because of doping. >> the most talked about handshake between bill gates and the president of south korea sparking plenty of debate. the handshake is making headlines and you can see the video posted on youtube tube, critics are accusing gates of being rude for keeping one hand in the pocket while shaking hands. in korean culture a one
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handshake is appropriate for friends the same age or younger otherwise it seems as though you are trying to express your super majority to the other person. >> netflix stock subjects and shares for the los gatos company jumped 24 percent yesterday to close at 216 following the announcement that company added 2 million new customers in the first quarter. they are not middle of releasing a wave of new original programming. house of cards is a hit and a new season of "arrested development" next month. analysts say the original content should benefit the company stock for the reminder of the year. >> the new york times is making a new attempt to increase video viewership and says videos on the web site will be flee -- free to all users including those without a prescription and not count to the ten articles a month limit for nonsubscribers with a new deal with microsoft
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and can make the videos free. >> new handshake deal with microsoft? >> got a missile -- a million them. stand up, bill, stand up, take your hand out of the pocket. >> little inner geekdom. >> interesting. >> well, a big change, really, on the weather with clouds are trying to bring some drizzle to some areas but they don't have that much moisture and this is live doppler 7 hd showing it is dry. from east bay hills the high definition picture looking back to the west and you can see the blanket of clouds that is over the bay right no and it will continue to increase through about 9:00. expect the delays to continue at sfo for the better part of the morning hours. we will have sunshine were by noon but know the coast with the clouds spreading further inland
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and that sets us roof to a slow start with sunshine so, tomorrow morning, and probably tomorrow afternoon, some of the coldest temperatures will have in the seven-day outlook. we will have brighter and warmer weather as we head into the weekend and that is with the marine layer. can you see the beautiful colors this morning from mount tamalpais looking down from 2,600' and we will be warmer-than-average in the east bay valleys and napa so the further you are to the east and to the north you are still going to stay relatively remain what. everyone else in a couple of degrees of where we should be. the cloud cover shows it is thick along the coast spilling across our bay until 9:00 and into the not bay you can see santa rosa is filling up with fog. by noon, it is back to the coast where it will stay, 50's to 80's is the temperature spread today. we ahead of ourselves so we go back a couple of frames and we will take a look at our temperatures. love this new machine, able to
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go back in time. 70 to 73 is down in the south bay to 74 in los gatos, 65 at millbrae to 73 in los altos and along the coast, temperatures in the upper 50's and throw mid 60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and 68 in petaluma, to 76 in napa, and we will stretch in hayward and 73 in fremont and mid-town per 70's for the east bay valley and to antioch and brentwood low-to-mid 80's and tomorrow, cooler by 5 to 10 degrees and we will gain that back by sunday and it will be dry the entire seven-day outlook. how long is the commute, hail -- leyla? >> we have a stalled rv on northbound 280 before san jose avenue. it was causing slowing but it may have been pushed to the shoulder. the drive time traffic shows 101 coming from san rafael, to san
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francisco, you are under half an hour and 280 define san francisco to san jose is a little bit above 40 minutes and as we take a drive toward the east bay or 880 headed out of oakland down to the south bay freeway you are looking at 38-minute drive out there and a gorgeous picture of the golden gate bridge from sausalito and to san francisco, under fog there, you can see the bridge is covered but it looks like it is not hampering traffic at this hour. kristen and eric? >> safety questions continue to surround the new eastern span of the bay bridge and head at 6:30 the problems an engineer said could happen in a future if a "fix" is fought done -- not done now. >> the big party in big apple >> the big party in big apple brin i woke up with this horrible rash on my right side. an intense burning sensation like somebody had set it on fire. and the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a little girl...
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>> good morning, everyone, it is 6:23 on abc7 morning news, a look at the bay area, a beautiful sunrise over the low clouds and fog. keeping the temperatures down. we will check with mike. >> you were checking to see if i was paying attention. >> want do make sure you are awake. that is all. >> gorgeous. gorgeous. >> jimmy kimmel is among time
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magazine's most influential party and was in new york city with his fiance and says the magazine has forever tainted the list by adding his name to it and explains how he found out he was being honored. >> great story i was sitting at my desk and an e-mail came and i was the end of it. >> he and his fiance walked the red carpet before going inside and rubbing elbows with other celebrities including justin timberlake who is everywhere and his wife. >> now josh elliott and what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning, sir, how are you doing? >> i'm good, great to be with you. i had a three hour head start and i am not awake. good morning to the bay area great to see you all. we have a lot to get to including a story that you have been covering, much more, now, on the exclusive account from
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the massachusetts man whose boat was holding the most wanted man in america on friday and he walked outside and made a staggering find and if you liked the story before you will really like it when you have a chance to meet him. we have an update on where the investigation stands right now as things come to focus. and switching gears, stephanopolis was rolling on the floor, 20 million views so far, the latest from the babies dancing. the hits keep coming if george is doubled over it has to be good. lots, lots coming up, and a live performance, as well, for you. >> i think george rolling around video could be viral itself. >> there you go. i am with you. there you go.
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we help. >> here it goes. >> bart service is shut down and ac transit service and a busy road blocked, late night crime causing delays and the investigation underway in a neighborhood. >> our cooling trend will continue today and tomorrow but check out the warmer weather that is coming our way for the weekend. >> leyla gulen here for abc7 news traffic center the bay bridge metering lights are on and i will have a check of the san francisco commute when abc7
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning at 6:29. we will look outside the embarcardero in san francisco and over the bay you can see clouds so that is a decidedly different picture than what we have been seeing, so it should feel different. thanks for joining us, i am kristen sze. >> look at the bay, it looked smooth with the ferry going across and not bouncing around. mike? >> we will start with another beautiful picture from mount tamalpais, you have to be above
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1,500' to get a view like this which is how deep the marine layer is, gorgeous colors. we will talk about what will happen. for the bay neighborhood, clouds and 48 with sunshine by noon and mid-60's at lunch time, hanging out near 70 in the afternoon and grab a coat for the evening plans at 60. inland we are up to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday and you need a coat this morning, 46 degrees and sunshine by noon and temperatures has been out in the mid-to-upper 60's and in the evening back in the low 60's and from the coast the clouds are stubborn all during the day planner at 48 at 7:00, temperatures in the mid-50's for the better part of the afternoon and you will need a jack it at -- jacket at any time. how is the commute? >> good morning, at 6:30, the san jose drive to 280 away away from 17, traffic is moving absolutely and we have no delays and we don't have crashes. as we take the drive to the mass
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transit you are not driving there, everything is running along, bart, muni, caltrain, everything is at top speed. back to christian christian chr. >> continuing coverage of boston marathon bombings with a continuation of the interrogation of dzhokhar tsarnaev and abc7 news reporter joins with washington, dc. what has he revealed already? >> the investigation of the bombings is at full tilt with officials now in southern russia to interview the suspect's parents. >> the suspected bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev has been upgraded from serious to "fair" condition in boston. this is the friends and family come to his defense. >> my son is muslim. that is it the. >> in russia the mother of the two claims they are innocent. >> i know my kids have nothing to do with this.
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i know it. i am mother. >> the friends released this video of him doing a robot dance, a sharp contrast with this look of the brothers toting bombs through the crowd. authorities say the bombs were build with parts found in any hardware store, bb pellets and nails and parts of remote controlled toy car. the explosive material is still unclear but the manager at this new hampshire fireworks store sold tamerlan tsarnaev a lock and load more car kit in february. >> in washington, dc, lawmakers briefed by the f.b.i. said agents are trying to verify where and how the bombs were made. >> we have minimal information from the individual that is in custody now. >> in boston, new steps toward healing, this morning, boylston street was re-opened. yesterday, two more funerals for the victims, aid-year-old martin richard and m.i.t. police officer sean collier.
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>> vice president biden will be in boston this afternoon and he will speak at another memorial service for collier. eric? >> new this morning, more bad news for caltran, the new eastern span of the bay bridge, a respected expert says he knows why some of the key bolts on the span have snapped and has a warning for things to come. abc7 news reporter joins us with more. >> it is getting worse, an expert says more bay bridge bolts could snap in coming years unless caltran identifies the problem now. retired engineer did an unsolicited analysis and gave it to the bay area transportation leaders and criticized caltran for what he called inadequate testing of more than 200 high strength steel rods including 32 rods that broke in early march because they were too brittle. caltran figures has to figure how to fix the damaged bolts and he specialized in high strength
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steel is recommending the state test all the bolts and replace those which could be suspect and come up with brand new testing requirements for steel used on all public bridges. caltran is reviewing the report and will give an update on the fix this morning, a big repair job which could cost millions and take months. the new span of the bay bridge is scheduled to open labor day weekend but if repair is not complete the date will be pushed back. it is now 6:34. bliss are investigating a fatal shooting in downtown oakland and it was reported before 10:30 last night at 13th and broadway, the bart station was evacuated and closed for an hour while detectives investigated and bart is expected to run normally. police have not released details of the suspects or a motive. >> more developing news, san francisco police are investigating a shooting in the
6:32 am
city that sent a person to the hospital with lie-threatening injuries near brazil avenue shortly before 9:00 last night, police are searching for a car that may have been involved. investigators are trying to determine if it was gang-related. >> vallejo little league officials are pleading for police protection after gun violences forced them to suspend the season, a shooting between two par weres almost prompted cancellation of the season but over the weekend, league officials decided to resume play, the players are back on the field but now parents want police to patrol north vallejo little league games. >> these are some of the faces that get on the field, don't let tragedy happen to the guys. >> our officers stretched pretty thin in the sense we have to go from one priority call to the other. >> the cash-strapped city should have 160 sworn officers on duty
6:33 am
but has only slightly more than half. the best the police can do is drive by the park when they are not overwhelmed with priority calls. teachers in east oakland are saying the campus is unsafe for students and themselves, teachers at the allowance academy on 98th avenue hold a call to action in front of the school at 7:00 this morning, 25 minutes from now and teachers blame a lack of leadership for growing safety problems on campus and they say several recent incidents have rattled students and their nerves. a car circled the campus by to men identified as gang members. >> imagine making $100,000 just in overtime. the bay area city where it is happening and why it most likely will not stop. >> california gets an unexpected wind paul and where the money is coming from and who will get the benefits. >> a live look outside, walnut creek and 680 with traffic and
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>> we are back at 6:39 with low clouds. the flight arrival delays at sfo are 30 miles per hours so call ahead or use flight tracker at the bottom. pollen count, trees are high, grass is going to be high, so that is uptick, and mold and ragweed are falling back down so there is some relief on the cleaner breezes off the ocean.
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62 custody in san francisco, 66 in richmond and 68 in oakland and we will have, say, upper 70's to a few 80's in our inland valley especially east bay the around the east bay, sunny and nice in the afternoon. leyla gulen? >> in san jose we have a report of carpet rolls that are rolling around in the lanes and this is along eastbound expressway with a delay. c.h.p. is reporting a car versus a deer southbound 280, one lane is possibly blocked and now a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, a 15-minute delay, coming away from the maze to the poll. california is on track to collecting $4 billion more than governor brown expected in personal incommodity tax this year. the legislative analyst says the state has been posting strong
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tax collection and after the april 15 filing deadlines. much of the extra money will likely go to public schools and community colleges under proposition 98 that was approved back in 1988. new this morning, who do you think is the most beautiful person in the world? >> my mother! >> good answer. "people" magazine is out with its vote and we will reveal who is it is were coming up. trading is underway on wall street with the dow up just seven points. a bloated budget for a bay area fire department and some employees are
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 6:44 on wednesday, a new report puts the staffing levels of of the san francisco fire department under the microscope. some firefighters are racking up over time of more than $100,000, just in overtime. not saturday, overtime.
6:42 am
abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has details. >> the men made more money in overtime than some make in total. check out the numbers, according to the "san francisco chronicle", a lieutenant in the fire department made $221,000 if overtime, and the paycheck was $363,000. a second employee, a paramedic firefighter, made $191,000 in overtime, $337,000 total in his paycheck. the fire department has already blown through the overtime budget and will be asking the board of supervisors for $4 million more. the tire union president tells the chronicle this is insane and says it is because the department has 400 empty positions to fill. at headquarters the chief is say this is not safe for firefighters' mental or physical health and it needs to stop. the mayor says he promised he will fill the positions. the top earner told the
6:43 am
chronicle he has no comment. >> a friday night arena will rock after the warriors stunned nuggets to denver to even the series at game each and neutralizessed the nuggets home-floor advantage. golden state beat the nuggets 131-117 without their star forward and snapped denver's 23-game winning extreme. >> "people" magazine has an issue that get as lot of people talking, the lit -- list of most beautiful people, gwyneth dropped the list of most people
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in the world and she credits her youthfulness to her two kids. she still looks great and this year's runner-up including halle berry and justin timberlake. what do you think? weigh in on our facebook page at abc7 news. >> i know what you think about tatem? >> investigators are giving appear fell the cold shoulder this spite of the promise to enrich shareholders. >> the biggest care year will charge you more to change your flight. jane king joins us from the new york storm. >> good morning, make sure you double check the travel dates before booking on united because they is boosted the charge for making changes to domestic tickets to $200 an increase of $50. the carrier said they incur costs when travelers do not fly
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on reserved seats. the pain says united has the change of fee for domestic tick. trading underway and an uneventful day so far and we are mixed. the silicon valley index is higher but half a percent. apple, we are watching this stock, and it is higher, and the grand maps to win back loyalty is not doing much for the overall market but apple is up, so, a lackluster response to the response this they are increasing the dividend pay intermediates do share holders and upping the stock boy back program and it will be the largest ever for a single company. investors are focused that there could be a new iphoneed this summer. the department of transportation says that travel on all roads and streets dropped more than 1 percent in february compared to
6:46 am
a year ago. this is the youth moving from a car culture to social network driven world and prefer to live where they with walk, bicycle, or take public transportation. >> thank you, jane. >> want to look at this picture, much cooler today, right? >> absolutely beautiful sunrise temperatures from mount tamalpais. check out my twitter page or my facebook, and it tells the story, we talked how the clouds come back and we bring the dramatic change in temperature and it is not bringing us rain, we are dry on live doppler 7 hd. you can see the cascade of clouds from mount tamalpais to view tremendous tower and the wins are going to keep us cooler today and it will keep the clouds mainly locked at the coast and the rest of us have sunshine bien knew, with clouds everywhere and lower sunshine will be the coolest day in the
6:47 am
forecast. for the weekend the marine layer will not have the glue of today and dome and warmer weather son the way. in the east bay valley, walnut creek, the temperature is 47, and palo alto, i put that temperature in there at 50 degrees and we are in the upper 40's in san francisco and oakland and san jose and mill valley, at 40 but we do not have the clouds in the east bay this only but you will, tomorrow morning. some of the clouds hanging around sfo and that is why we have flight arrival delays as the skies are clogged with the clouds and seven degrees cooler in concord and fremont to 11 in san francisco, and 14 in santa rosa compared to yesterday. so it is a dramatic change again. cloud cover will have it through at least 10:00 inland and maybe 11:00 in the north bay where it is getting thicker and by noon the clouds are back and this is where they will stay. we will take a look at the temperatures down in the south bay, we will have low-to-mid 70's today, and we will have 70's around the bay shore but mid-to-upper 60's in millbrae and san mateo and a brisk bay
6:48 am
along the coast and cloud cover and temperatures in the upper 60's and low-to-mid 60's downtown and mid-70's through the north bay valley and mid-60's to low 70's along the east bay shore and mid-70's and a few low 80's headed to antioch and bankrupt wood. everything is back to normal at at&t park and breezy and increasing sunshine and temperatures hovering in the upper 50's to low 60's. the seven-day outlook shows five- to ten-degrees cooler tomorrow but look how quickly we rebound with temperatures above average away from the coast saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday. have a great day. >> thanks, headed to the east bay 580 is snarled and we have a slow commute over the altamont pass, and 37 miles per hour the closer you are to livermore and pleasanton and dublin. along 101 if you are headed away from the airport to san francisco, you are at 21 minutes, which is a brisk drive and 280 from daly city to san
6:49 am
francisco is 13 minutes and the east bay is 15 minutes and headed along 880 northbound to go between hayward and oakland not a problem out there. and the san mateo bridge, on the toll there is an accident that could be slowing things down a little bit with the fog rolling in, as well. low beams. not high beams. >> ahead, five things to know before you go. >> the abc7 news morning
6:50 am
>> 6:53. a beautiful day out there, isn't it? this is the picture from the exploritorium camera, just beautiful. a beautiful shot of ferry building and you can seat haze but it will burn off. >> here are five things to know before you go: one, boylston street in boston is open for business again, nine days after
6:51 am
the deadly boston marathon bombings. the surviving suspect has been upgraded to "fair" condition and three is telling investigators they planned the astacks alone without any help other than what they learned on the internet. >> and there is more on the investigation of the broken bolts on the bay bridge which connect bearings on columns that control movement of the new span in an earthquake after 32 broke last month after they were tightened. >> three, san francisco firefighters are bringing in massive overtime, and one lieutenant alone earned more than $200,000 in overtime pay. the firefighters union says that chronic understaffing is forcing the crews to work longer hours. >> the state senate will consider a tax on surey drinks in sacramento adding 12 cents to every can of soda and the carmel
6:52 am
democrat says it will fight obesity in the state. the restaurant association opposes the tax. >> playoff fever is alive after the warriors shocked the nuggets in denver and evened the best of seven series at a game each. the warriors shot 65 percent a new franchise splay off record on the way to a 131-117 win and game three is friday night at the arena. >> now the accweather forecast from mike. >> the fog is pouring up in the north bay with half mile visibility in map and and three quarters of a mile in santa rosa with 30 minute flight arrival delays in sfo and livermore is 17 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. all of us are in the 40's but antioch and mountain view are mid-50's. the next 12 hours show first, we will have sunshine but not the
6:53 am
coast it will be by noon. 55 at the coast and 73 at lunch time temperature and in the afternoon, especially at 4:00, sunshine but for the cost you at 52 to 73 and everyone will need a coast coat in the evening. leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone, if you are headed out the door here is 680 at walnut creek and i can tell you coming out concord to walnut creek at 24, you are looking at a 17-minute drive down the 7 mile stretch so it is busy. and now other travel times, the drive time traffic on 4, 47 minutes to go great antioch to hercules, and that is over to 80 and 580 from livermore to 880, you have 24 minutes and 15 minutes to go on 80 headed from richmond to the toll. not too bad at this hour. >> the abc7 morning news continues in 25 minutes with news weather and traffic during "good morning america" ahead.
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good morning, america. the very first exclusive account from the man who discovered the boston marathon bomber hiding in his boat in the backyard. >> what were you thinking at that moment? >> oh, my god. >> his harrowing story, as we learn about the fireworks the brothers used to make the bombs. hacking turned dangerous. breaking details on the national security threat, after false reports of an attack on the white house injuring the president. the stock market plunges instantly. who was behind the frightening hoax?
6:58 am
meet the samurai sword-wielding bishop that sent off a mugger with his weapon. how this barefoot father of six stopped a stalker in his tracks. and the little record-breakers causing big baby fever. dancing in the streets to a chubby-cheeked beat. why these tots are quickly becoming the most popular babies in the world this morning. ♪ and good morning, america. robin off today. she'll be back tomorrow. great to have elizabeth vargas here. we have a lot to get to this morning, including the latest on the boston bombing investigation. >> abc's brian ross has been reporting on the story from the very start. he's back from boston in new york. and will join us in the studio with brand-new details on the
6:59 am
younger suspect and whether he was a jihadist or a brianwashed teenager. let's get to the exclusive account of the owner of the boat where he tried to hide. dan harris is in boston. good morning, dan. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. dave henneberry lives on this street behind me. it's still blocked off as a crime scene. henneberry became an instant folk hero when his story came out. and when people get to meet him for the first time this morning, i suspect they're going to like him even more. we're all familiar with his boat, but we haven't met the man himself, until this morning. dave henneberry giving an exclusive interview to ed harding, an anchorman at our boston affiliate, wcvb. >> i looked on the floor. and i see blood.


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