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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  April 25, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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this new phase of our lives which is being a grandfather. >> reporter: you're painting. >> much to the amazement of a lot of people. >> reporter: you're painting. people are looking at your feet in the bathtub. >> it's not that easy to paint. water hitting water, just so you know. >> how did you decide to do it? ? >> it may reflect my precocious nature. me painting myself in a bathtub. or in a shower. i love to taint. painting has changed my life in a unbelievably positive way. i look at colors easily and i see shadow. >> we looked at some of the reviews, layers of visibility, transparency, fragility. the quietude, still life. >> wow, that's good. look, the signature is more valuable than the pointing. the interesting lesson is that
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you can keep learning in life. someone once said to me man, you deserve to rest. and i don't want to rest. i want to live life. i want to follow the example of president 41 and sprint into the grave. >> our thanks to diane sawyer for that. we thank you for watching abc news. "world news now" is coming up soon with "good morning america" bright and early. and is there for all the times in between. we hope you have a great night and great tomorrow.
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and that breaking news is in west oakland tonight. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. the fbi and oakland police raided an apartment building near seventh street and lindon. alan wang is live at police headquarters with the latest. alan? >> carolyn, flashbang grenades went off and residents wereforcr forced from their homes and we are still waiting for the oakland police department to tell us what is going on. shear what we saw. here is what we saw. several fbi agents in tactile gear with fully automatic weapons outside the uh-huh part meant building. oakland police officers in uniform appeared to be assisting with traffic and the arrest of one man at this location. witnesses say they raided two other apartment buildings in the city tower complex and evacuated the residents. we saw them carry out one bag of evidence, but so far there is no explanation and the residents are looking for answers. >> when i got to the lobby, there was so many police in
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the lobby they put me up against the wall and asked if i had any guns. i said, no i am just looking for my kid. we don't know what was going on. they never told us. i am trying to get in the house with my kids. it is 10:00. we have been out here since 7:00. >> it is unusual to see local law enforcement and the fbi working a combined and coordinated effort like this one. they went in for any type of resistance, but looked like it was an incident free night. it was obviously a raid, but again law enforcement has not been forth p coulding in the details -- forthcoming in the details of the evening. we hope to bring you more information in the morning newscast at 4:30 a.m. reporting live at the oakland police headquarters, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. more breaking news in santa clara where police arrested a man after a standoff. this is video from sky 7hd. police tell abc7 news they were called to the area around 7:00 after shots were fired.
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there are no injuries and investigators don't know what lead to the shooting, but the suspect surrendered peacefully before 10:00, about an hour ago. we'll update breaking news like this all the time on twitter at abc7 news bay area. neighbors say illegal street racing caused twodriversh drivers to crash tonight in san jose. the force of the collision sent 1 o into those cars into a home on lee avenue around the corner from lee high school in west san jose near the los gatos border. a mother and child in the house are now in the hospital. and now this developing news and the connection between those teen drivers. less be? >> reporter: it is an unbelievable scene behind me. they are out tonight, but the nine-year-old girl we hear is doing well. her mother though is listed in critical condition. they were inside the house. there is still a car in there. the driver and two passengers
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were also hospitalized and another car towed away. that driver walked away and refused treatment. here is what happened around 4:00 today. >> we heard a crash and then a small explosion. i ran out of my house. >> a silver bmw crashed through the front door of this home. a second red bmw was in the yard. stephanie collins saw the 40-year-old mother first. >> we lifted the window off of her and started saying my baby, my baby. we started crying. >> she along with the retired police officer climbed into the rubble. >> the car was lodged between the kitchen and the hallway an room. the living room. there was a small hole maybe two and a half feet diameter. i couldn't get in it. she got in it. >> that's where a little girl was wedged. >> she was in the fee tale -- there was there was a spot for her body. she was between some cabinets and a wall.
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the front portion of the car like the bumper. >> reporter: the mom and her daughter were rushed to the hospital. witnesses say the drivers of both cars were teenage boys who were cousins. >> they were racing and somebody was crossing the street or a car came out and the cars clipped and one went in the house and one didn't go of the. >> we had our team here that is the urban search-and-rescue team here. they did some structural stability and put up supports makee house so we one final sweep of the house just to make sure we didn't have anybody trapped under the vehicle. >> witnesses have told me that one of those teenage drivers goes to lee high school. it is a block down the street here. the other goes to nearby leland high school. no arrests and no charges at this point. police are investigating, but we did hear from numerous people here that there was racing at stake and there is often racing and cars going by after school lets out. it has been a danger in the
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past. reporting live in san jose, leslie brinkley, abc news. >> thanks very much. new tonight at 11:00, a quick-moving fire destroyed one home and burned another in discovery bay in eastern contra costa county. the fire started on edge view court near the yacht club just before 7:00 tonight. sky 7hd got video of firefighters working on the home where the fire started. now, everyone inside the two affected homes did get out safely. no cause yet as to how the fire started. new at 11:00, a 78-year-old woman was carried down nine flights of stairs to stop a grease fire in her apartment. it was at the corner of seventh and market streets. cell phone video shows the smoke pouring from the 10th floor. the woman managed to get to her bay will connie where she screamed for help. firefighters arrived and quickly put up a ladder to that balcony. >> got the ladder up and the entry team had m.
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carried her down. they did a real good job. >> two police officers climbed the stairs and carried the woman nine flights to safety. she is being treated for smoke inhalation. happening in southern california, the chp just caught a burglary suspect who took them on a high speed chase through orange and riverside counties in a u haul. >> take a look. you can see the suspect with his hands up and he is kneeling on the pavement. it started as a commercial burglary call in riverside. tv tv stations are reporting the chase reached up to speeds of 90 miles an hour. the driver stopped at one point and then started again. a police car shoved him off the road and near an overpass. we are hearing more about the suspect from the boston marathon bombing. the bombs that exploded were not very sophisticated and remotely detonated. 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev says they were motivated by
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religion and plotted the attacks on their own. they learned that tamerlan tsarnaev was added to a terror watch list in 2011 after the russians contacted the agency about their concerns. so far no link to overseas support was found. cnn is reporting that the suspects' parents agreed to come to the united states from russia to talk with investigators. >> we are grieving, but we are not bending. we will not yield to near. >> meantime a value -- valiant resilience in the memorial service for sean collier. he was ambushed and killed by the two brothers who wanted his gun. they failed because of the officer's safety holster. "nightline" will have a look at how the tsarnaev brothers plotted their attack on" nightline." it airs a the 12:35. significantly cooler and breezy as well.
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sandhya patel is here with a look at live doppler 7hd. they -- any changes ahead? jay we do have fog and -- >> we do have fog and low clouds around. san francisco and san mateo coast, low clouds and low fog. take a look at the ocean temperatures. the current numbers, upper 40s to low 50s. the wind was coming off the ward the land.ernoon and that explains why as you look at the temperatures here, the numbers drop. 83 yesterday in santa rosa and 20 degrees cooler at 63. oakland was 63 and 14 degrees cooler than yesterday and san jose was only 69 today. a 12-degree drop from yesterday's high of 81 degrees. we are not completely done with the cooling trend. i will let you know if this will last as we head into the weekend in a few minutes. >> thank you. an east bay daycare center is shutdown and two sisters are in jail accused of abusing children left in their care. 35-year-old sharif and
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le ledashariff face child abuse and neglect. the kids are all under 11 months old. they uncovered dangerous swad lig methods they universal preschool in livermore including children bound so tightly they could not move or breathe properly. the women are being held at the alameda county jail. an arrest in a vallejo shooting that nearly canceled little league season. he was taken into custody and is facing charges related to attempted murder. last wednesday they were attending a game when they got into an argument. he followed the men into the parking lot and fired at him hitting his car. san francisco's gang unit is looking for suspects in the fatal shooting in the bay view district just before 4:00. a man was shot inside his car on hudson avenue. the man stumbled to a skating area where police found him and did cpr. he later died at a hospital.
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cal trans officials will decide how to reinforce the broken steel rods in the new bay bridge. that still may not leave engineers enough time to schedule the labor day opening date. the rods broke last month. they cannot be taken out because they are embedded in concrete. they can reinforce them with a steel collar or saddle. collision. toll how the driver got out of this one all in one piece. >> and the fire that looks volcanic. why crews are having so much trouble putting this out. >> and it is promoting mile high flirting. >> and then on jimmy kimmle live -- >> we have music from do pesh mode and the guys from myth busters are going to hit me in the face with a fish. the myth that
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in maryland they are battling a mulch fire. flames are shooting as much as 50 feet into the air. bulldozers are trying to
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smother the flames. it looks like a volcano like lava erupting. no structures are in danger, but shifting winds are making it miserable for firefighters 24 been burning fo4 hours now. new at 11:00, incredible individual yoy out of china. take a look as this truck bears down an expressway toll booth. the driver doesn't try to stop or swerve. the passenger was severely injured, and the driver was bruised. the unoccupied t wash was demolished. >> back here, love is in the air literally. at least that's the idea from burlingame, an idea known for pushing the envelope as well as pushing the the medal in the skies. now you can make a different kind of connection when you fly. >> this is a place you would expect to see men and women buying a drink for someone siting a few seats away. now the time honored ritual is moving to the airline flights. >> it is a little given your
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confined spaces. >> that's a good hitter. wish i would have thought of that. >> sir richard branson the did. the founder of virgin america airlines is promoting his mile high love connection idea in a not so subtle sales pitch. >> here is my guide to getting lucky 35,000 feet. first, pinpoint the object of your affection. >> pictures provided by virgin america show how it is supposed to work. passengers can use the screen in front of them to find the seat number of a love interest and send him or her a drink. >> it is clever. no one has bought me a drink so i don't know how i feelt, about it, but i wouldn't object. >> probably not. i wouldn't want somebody to send a drink to me. then you are obligated to talk to that person, and you are stuck in a bus in the sky. >> the virgin america counter looks and sounds like a singles club before you get on the plane.
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this new gimmick is seen as further evidence of technology running our lives. brian tong is a senior editor with cnet. >> the reality is things have changed and people are more comfortable talking and flirting through an electronic device than they are in person because they don't have to deal with the rejection. you have a system like this on a plane that makes it easier and less intimidating. >> and possibly a little too interesting. >> wherever the tiers fight on a plane is -- wherever the first fight is on a plane, that will tell >> abc7 news. >> we'll see how that works out. >> exactly. >> well, we have a nice shot of the moon rising. this is time lapse video from san francisco. >> it is what is known as a waxing gibbous moon. as sand yaw patel -- as sandhya patel told us. >> we have a full moon coming tomorrow night. watch out for that. hopefully we will get you another time lapse. you can see it is socked in along the coast and parts of
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the north bay. but we are seeing brief clearing along the coast from san francisco toward san mateo. that is not going to last. we will see the low clouds into tomorrow morning. co high the high definition roof camera right now. and you can see the temperatures 52 degrees in san francisco and it is 56 in oakland and san jose 46 degrees in half moon bay. it is definitely cool in parts of the bay area. from our camera we are looking toward emeryville and back toward san francisco. here are your numbers. napa right now 51 degrees. fairfield 53. and it is 55 in los gatos. suffering from allergies? grasses are c here is here is a look at the pollen forecast. the pollen running high and grasses medium for tomorrow. as we look at the molds they are running low. if you suffer from allergies with the breezy conditions it won't be good either. tomorrow either. low clouds and fog overnight tonight. afternoon sun and we are expecting a sunnier pattern.
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here is a pacific satellite picture. you can see high pressure in control of the weather. your jet stream storm track well to the north. no rain is expected. the quiet pattern will take us right on through the weekend and into next week and we expect it to remain dry. here is what you will see first thing in the morning. cool conditions and the temperatures in the mid40s to the low 50s. fog and low clouds along the coast and around the bay and even into some of the valleys. the marine layer has deepened. it is 2400 feet deep. it won't be a lot of fog, but more low clouds than anything. bun del up as you head out the door. it will be chilly out there in spots. fog and low cloudiness pulling away from the bayside and inland communities, but never quite leaves the beaches. we will keep it cool there. highs in the 50s and inland areas in the 60s and 70s, but the temperatures are coming down a few more degrees .ver today's high tomorrow afternoon san jose 70 degrees and mill pea disin the south bay and 61 in santa
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crews and 72 morgan hill. mostly sun intoe by afternoon and palo alto 68 and 62 in millbrae. check out the coast. inwill remain cool at pacifica. the cloud cover will be pretty solid well into the afternoon. daly city, sunset district mid50s. south san francisco in the upper 50s. in the north bay, 64 this santa rosa and slow to clear as well. 66 sonoma examine 76 in clear lake. east bay 64 oakland and 67 union city, sunshine inland in the afternoon. 72 livermore and 70 in pleasanton. here is a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. we are going for milder weather in time for the weekend plans. low 80s in the warmest spots. much warmer by the middle ofeek. 90 inland bience with. abc7 news has another great weather source for you to follow. on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine and get video forecasts and spare the air alert and power outage info. that's your favorite weather team tweeting out weather
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tweets. that's a tongue twitter. >> say that three times. good job. how about those >> larry beil is here. >> as a team today was a little bit of a disappointment, but he is off to a great start. trying to finish the home
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then matt cane. but right now madisone best pitr in the giants' rotation. don't eat that. i know it looks like it will taste good. seven strong innings and and the resistance is futile. the giants are up 1-0 in the eighth. he knocks in opara to tie it up and bumgardner leaves with a no decision. have that fear. brandon crawford is here and smacks the game tieing to right off david hernandez and we are tied at two. go to the 10th and the d-backs load the bases. it is the always exciting
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sacrifice fly. and that is the game winning run. 3-2 as arizona takes two of three in the series. >> in the end it was one win and two losses. we all know we can come back. we have been doing it since last year. you can never count us out. >> a's and red sox series finale fenway park and young came in 0 for his last 17 and there is a slump buster off john lester. hits the sport authority sign. boston would tie it up and then they take the lead in the fifth. david ortiz and big poppy. he is flying hawaii an. he gave up six runs. in the eighth, more from chris young. he has clout. his second homer of the day and over the green monster and into the parking lot. the a's close to within a run, but they lose it 6-5 and go one and five on this road trip. the sharks had a chance to
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take sole control of fourth place in the west. couldn't get it done against the phoenix team that has been eliminated from the playoffs. how about romantic hot air balloon ride over the desert. phoenix is playing for pride. this is deflected and off the stick of brad stewart. 2-0 phoenix. it is his 9th of the year, but the scoring would end there for the men in steel. they have one game left in the regular season. that is saturday in l.a. the sharks are clinging to the 5 seed and they will have a chance to finish fourth. the warriors are back home after scorching the nuggets in the playoff victory last night. the series is even at a game apiece. game 3 friday night at oracle. they can't count on shooting 60 tour% from the field again. 64% from the field again, but the crowd will be loud. >> i have heard a lot. i hea the 2007 team.
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hopefully we kunduz plaw indicate that and we -- hopefully we can duplicate that. >> it will be so much fun on friday night. it will be deafening. >> good stuff. thanks very much. >> up next, neil diamond's "sweet caroline" is sweeter tonight. >> the heart warming gesture
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here is a look at your wake up weather. make sure you grab a jacket or sweater. it is a cool start. temperatures in the mid40s to the low 50s. it is really not warming much at 8:00 a.m. mike niko will be here at 8:00 a.m. >> it is a symbol for boston this past week. >> ♪ sweet caroline >> and now sales for neil diamond's "sweet caroline" are sky rocketing. the sales roup 5-- 597% and 19 tracks sold in the past week. >> he will donate the proceeds of the sales to the marathon bombing victims. >> nice gesture. jimmy kimmle is next with actor dennis quaid. >> thank you for joining us. appreciate your time.
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target on the ground.
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really, isn't everyone a winner for something like this? this may be the first time where i said, isn't everybody a winner? where it actually might be true. >> old computers are certainly one thing you want to throw out. >> slow computers. >> slow computers. my cell phones, i want to throw out the window. everything -- yeah, my ipad, my cell phone, my gps system. >> don't throw out your ipad. i'll take it. i'm still rocking old technology. the throwaways would be a new
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thing for me. coming up, the north dakota anchorman known for his four-letter words, he's now landed a new tv opportunity, if you can believe it. >> he did it all wrong. he should have just cursed. and a man who didn't have a prayer when he met a man of god carrying a memorable weapon. you'll see how he defended himself. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. her brought to you by united health care. ly in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,


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