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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 26, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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that is happening in pitsburg. sky 7 over the scene for a suspected kidnapper. police are concentrating on this area of rain drop circle. >> we believe a man grabbed a toddler and carry that had toddler for at least a block. police are searching for the would be kidnapper. alan wong is live on his way to the scene. we're live with what's
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happening there and you can follow us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area for immediate updates. >> good afternoon. >> we're leshing about the street race crash in san jose that injured a woman and daughter. it turns out one of the teenagers had a close call just moments before the wreck. doctors upgraded the condition of the injured woman from critical to serious. >> 40-year-old peng chen sk treated and listed in serious condition but we met her husband here who told us her road to recovery will be difficult and long. and he we wish her all the best. we met a crossing guard that had a scary encounter a driver of the two cars that crashed
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into this house on wednesday. >> this is where dorothy works as a crossing guard. wednesday afternoon, as she said led students across the street she said she was had a close call with the driver involved in the collision. >> he came around the corner very fast. he came very close. you know? too close. and going cast. >> a short while later, the car collided with a silver bmw. the driver smashed into the silver bmw. the car careened into a house crushing a 40-year-old. her 9-year-old daughter was buried in the rubble but suffered only cuts and bruises. ed says this intersection has within dangerous for a long
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time. >> do you think this area needs control snoo neighbors agree and are fed up with le avenue which is a blocky from a high school has become a drag strip. virginia jennings says what more proof do you need than this? >> it is right there. i applaud help to getting us to change this. >> the city put this beacon in seven years ago. neighbors want a stop sign or traffic signal but the transportation department told abc news controls won't have prevented the accident. they blame it on bad behavior, reckless driving. residents believe traffic controls would be a deterrent. >> i think they don't want to put money into doing it.
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>> just to be clear the only one still in the hospital is ping chen. the others were released earlier, at 6:00 tonight you'll meet a woman who lost her daughter when her car was struck by two young men racing not far from here. vic lee abc 7 news. >> 11-year-old aaron hern is now out of the hospital it was an emotional day but the family says they feel the whole community is with them. and this weekend volunteers are hosting two fund raisers for the family in martinez tomorrow is martos. for more information look on see it on tv. >> the surviving suspect behind the boston bombings jahar tsarnaev was moved this
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morning under heavy guard to a federal prison hospital 40 miles west of boston. fbi agents continue to search a landfill near the university of massachusetts where tsarnaev was a student. the agency has not yesterday sed what it's looking for. and tonight we're learning more about the suspect's mother. a u.s. intelligence official says she was on the terror watch list, added to the list at the time her son, tammerlan was put on it. according to the cia information from russia says both were strong, militant believers in islam and russia was concerned they might cause trouble. a remarkable discovery in new york city. construction crews found part of a plane used in the september 11th attacks. they were surveying a site when coming across a part of the landing gear wedged between two buildings. the medical examiner will evaluate the soil to determine if there are human remains.
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the development of the center has been stalled over protests it's too close to ground zero. it's about three block as way. the new york post reported the building could be turned into condos instead. >> an arson investigation is underway after a major fire broke out of the grounds overnight. >> you're looking at video showing how rapidly it destroyed new portable in san leandro. >> why firefighters think this was set intentionally. >> the blaze was ter foshus. this home video shows how intense the fire was. smoke and flames lighting up the night sky just after midnight. it sent this neighbor running from his home. >> you can see the ball of fire. she grabbed the phone, we're gone across the street. >> the buildings were going to
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be temporary officers for san leandro school district which shares the property. >> unfortunate that isng to be temporary office space for to us move into this summer. >> this is an accident. not something malicious. >> officials suspect arson. buildings so new, not even power had been connected yet. >> right now, something just delivered. you know? just would go into that direction. >> neighbors and school officials are relieved this intense fire did not spread to homes and the schools. investigators plan to comb the rubble looking for a cause. the district hopes it can find temporary quarters someplace else. >> turns out a space heater
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caused a fire that broke out this week according to san francisco fire investigators. an 87-year-old man and his sister escaped after flames raced through their building. the two managed to save their dogs from the flames. >> oakland police have identified 21-year-old danitra henderson as the woman killed wednesday night in front of her son in her car on a residential block of 54th street. her 4-year-old son was in the back seat and was not hurt. henderson was a graduate of oakland zpek a student at laney college. >> former grateful dead member bob weir collapsed on the stage last night nrkts middle of a song when he started slumping and crumpelled to the ground. he he was helped up and finished the song in a chair
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before leaving for the night. basist says he was suffering from a strained shoulder, his manager declined comment its been 30 days since the golden gate bridge switched to electronic tolling and the district says things are going better than expected. >> though, speeds are up. heather? >> yes. speeds were up. but maybe in the for long. the bridge is the first to go all electronic. and based on the success so far, none of us should be surprised to see other bridges are soon to follow. the district were looking to low down and stop but problem has been illegal speeding. the limit is 25 miles per hour not so scanners can read fast track but for safety reasons.
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chp says people have been blowing through at 60 leaving little room for error through the narrow lanes. also, the bridge wants to remind people the carpool lane is three persons not two and only during peak hours. the chp will be cracking down on speeders and carpool stop laws in an undisclosed date. in a run up to the switch the bridge pushing fast track as the best option for people skppl got the message. between march 27th and april 12th last year, fast track user as kted for less than 70% of crossings the same time this year that number was 80%. >> people are figuring out there is a number of ways to pay the toll. one message we like to get out there is just keep going. >> the chp says while carpool
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enforcement will be something new here it's routine on other method. >> thank you. >> ed lee is in baltimore making good on his super bowl bet that did not work out the way he hoped. the rest of the day he spent in community service. he read to third graders and believes this day will help strengthen the ties between baltimore and san francisco. >> looks like mayor lee was doing a fair amount of eating there so it wasn't a torture situation. >> yes. yes. >> let's check on the weekend forecast. >> things looking good.
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i probably don't have to tell you that. satellite live doppler 7 shows us we've got low clouds and areas of fog near coastal locations but much of the coast is seeing sunny skies now. sunny inland and around the bay. it's warmer than it was yesterday here is a live view from our camera here looking at the bay bridge. clear skies now. temperatures in these locations 69 in san jose. a live view of clear skies there, temperatures other locations 66 in jant rosa. napa, 69 degrees. 77 in livermore. 76 fairfield so we've got warm spots. now take a look at our first forecast this edge we'll see fog and low clouds returning not only into the coast but pushing locally inland during overnight hours. sunny skies, coast to inland.
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low 60s inland. larry and carolyn? >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 wash add shore, but was this fishing boat really pushed there by the japan tsunami? officials now have the answer. >> motional ties to a building destroyed by fire. >> michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and face book and will answer them here live just a little later. >> check out friday afternoon traffic. yikes this is the skyway downtown a real problem here. oncoming traffic going into the lower deck of the bay bridge. people going to a's game and warriors game tonight. so is that going to be hefy and not a lot better on
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another side of the screen. we're back with more
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sky 7 hd live over breaking news. a serious crash on highway 13 near park boulevard. you can see there is activity here, we understand one vehicle overturned and there may be a victim who is thrown from a car into the roadway here. a number of investigators are on the scene. you can see traffic is being funneled past this wreck now.
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and you can see how severe this back up is and it will be growing. so prepare for some serious traffic delays in this area again. >> the city of san jose and police union meeting to formalize a deal ending a dispute over pensions. the two sides reached a settlement reducing pensions for new officers and says benefits have more than tripled in the last decade. voter as proved a series of ballot measures aimed at checking costs. san jose has yet to reach a formal agreement. >> federal officials have confirmed the fishing boat that washed ashore this month on the northern california coast originated in japan. saying the 20 foot vessel belonged to takata high school in japan, wash whtd 2011 tsunami hit following that quake there. it was discovered near
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crescent city. the boat is the first known piece of tsunami debris to wash ashore in california. noa traced 27 items on west coast that originated from japan. >> which company has the edge whit comes to apple versus samsung? and many of you need to change your pass word if you're a living social user. >> in the ongoing battle it's hard to despite samsung is on top of the world right now whit comes to smart phones. the share topped 33% in its highest ever in the recent quarter as it shifts about 70 million smart phones and sales grew 56% nine times as big as apple according to strategy analytics. another report says a u.s. consumer intent to buy sam
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young products is less than that of iphone, living social may be the latest high profile company hit by hackers. the site tells bloomberg the accounts and personal information of more than 50 million user maze have been accessed. living social says credit card information was not compromised. tesla is offering a warranty on the model f and the company is also creating a fleet of 100 loner cars owners can drive while their model s is in the shop. a weaker than expected gdp report left stocks little changed. and the white house launched a page on tumblr, posting quotes
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from president osh yauma, pictures and more, people will be able to post questions on the site. the obama administration has been active on twitter and has hosted google hangouts and sessions. back to you. >> thank you. have a great weekend. speaking of watch. >> should be fantastic. >> we'll see fog at the coast, lots of sunshine going to be warming up. continuing to warm up. and you can see spots along the coastline. fog and lots of sunshine along many coastal stretches. there is a beautiful skyline taking a look at forecast features, low clouds and fog sh pushing inland. sunny skies and warmer this weekend. and we'll see 90 degree highs
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next week in many inland locations. we're going to take a look at trends for the week ahead in livermore. notice over the week highs into upper 80s, that will level through wednesday, thursday and friday, temperatures dropping back into mid to upper 80s. that is representative of the warmth we can expect inland early next week and mid week. and overnight tonight, low clouds, fog pushing inland. temperatures dropping into upper 40s to low 50s. starting at 5:00 there will be lots of areas of fog. highs on the coast into low 60s, and 80s, i mean mid-80s
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in inland locations. south bay, 80s in san jose. on the pin anyone slarks ranging from uper 60s to upper 70s in palo alto. low 60s on the coast there and downtown a high of 66 tomorrow, north bay, highs around or above 80 degrees, near east bay highs 72 in oakland. inland 8 is in concord, 85 antioch and here is the accu-weather forecast. highs up to 90 monday, tuesday, and wednesday. low 60s on the coast. and temperatures moderate again but it's just a lovely seven days ahead, nice and warm. >> looks fantastic. >> thank you. >> just ahead, touching and
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humorous story. a mother from africa's special moment with her son as she comes over to the united states. >> and how are scientists developing these glow in the
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george jones has died, passing away this morning in a hospital in nashville after admitted with a fever. he had a string of number one songs from 50s to the 90s including he stopped loving her today. >> more now on how fellow
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country music stars are remembering their colleague. >> here is on the red >> it's a sad day across hollywood as stars remember george joans. on tim mcgraw's twitter page, he wrote, gone. and faith hill wrote we lost one of the greatest voices god created this morning. brad paisley put my friend the greatest singer of all time passed to those who knew him our lives are full. to those who don't, discover him now z dolly parton said my heart is broken. george jones was my all time favorite singer. he was 81. in hollywood last night the classic film festival put on by turner classic movies. events hosting stars including jane withers and ann blythe n theaters this weekend the big
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wedding is a comedy full of stars. >> who knows if i'll get a chance to say those names? >> also stars in the new sitcom family tools. >> still to come at 4:00 looking for answers in a big fire destroying a historic san jose building and emotional toll its taking on residents. >> there is a deal to get furloughed air traffic controllers back to work. but what other
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updating breaking news this is a live shot from sky 7 in oakland near park boulevard. bad crash we've learned one person died and two other people are seriously injured this is a scene there is a massive traffic back up. keep it scheer we'll keep you posted as well. >> federal investigators are
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trying to figure out what set off a fire last night destroying a historic building in san jose. it happened on south 1st street. >> well... very sad. um... >> la tisha stopped fwoi see what is left of sabre cyclery located on the bottom floor of this historic building that caught fire last night. people wearing sweat shirts describe the place more than just a bike shop. >> it was like a club house, he did more than just fix bikes he had barbecues and shows. >> anthony rolled out a bike he built with scrap pieces from sabres. >> it wasn't work. it was just doing a favor,
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you're fixing a bicycle. it's not like anyone got rich off of this place. >> the structure was built here in 1884. the building is vacant but a woman and child were on the scene claiming they had access to the place. firefighters don't know for sure whether they were insite at the time. >> we spoke with her, information was not reliable. >> firefighters were not able to go inside because the building seems unstable so they tried to confirm no one was in there. temperatures tried to figure out stability of the building enthusists shared memory autos unique, special bikes. if you didn't have a lot of money, he'd put something together for you agents will be trying to figure out what
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started this fire. >> white house says the president will sign a measure approved bif congress, one that will end furloughs for air traffic controllers that. is great news for travelers, however, millions of other americans dealing with the spending cuts are still waiting for their relief. mark? >> it's a question of priorities. congresses it a greater priority than low income kids. by friday they're gone. congress voted to respond to option that's will do away with the need to away with controllers one day every week. >> in dollars, close to
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$200,000. in reality 20 children not having access to head start families. >> the director says he's got 11 classrooms and because of the sequester one of them has to be eliminated. >> it's difficult to let go. >> diana has two boys in the head start program and relies not only on education they're get bug instruction head start gives her o early childhood development. >> unless children are six years old she has a goal of going back to school. >> she wants to follow in the foot steps of another head start mom, rebecca holly, 12 years ago a single bhorj a daughter in the program and a desire to go back to school. >> i went on to do my masters in early childhood special ed wx a focus on public preschool programs.
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>> then she returned to the program and none of it, she says would have happened with out the head start experience. >> it motivated me to go back to school to work in the field. >> nationwide cuts are forcing 70,000 preschoolers to be cut from the program. >> the program is losing five and a half percent of the federal funding. wheels on wheels program losing 20% of the meal funding for seniors and disabled. it's a story we're working on for abc 7 news at 6:00. >> mark, we'll see you at 6:00. >> president obama repeated a warning the use of chemical weapon glonz syria would be a game changer. the white house says the syrian government likely used chemical weapons on its own people during two year civil war but the president said
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today the white shous trying to obtain more direct evidence of the possible use of the chemical weapons. >> to make assessments deliberately. one syrian official says it does not own and has not used any chemical weapons. he says the government can reach any area in syria it wants without them. >> rescuers in bangladesh belief thr -- believe thr still people trapped underneath the trouble at the garment factory. 60 workers have been rescued. >> efforts fro detective the gray wolf from becoming exstikt are working.
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the agency proposed putting in protections to prevent the spees greece disappearing. the agency says they've seen populations of the wolfs. if enacted it would transfer control of the wolf and remove it from list of endangered species. >> still to come at 4:00 we can see the animals calling them ultimate bomb-sniffing dogs and special skills to keep us safe. >> i'm still taking your questions so you can contact me right now on and on twitter. >> from mount tam loongo the bay beautiful sunny afternoon. warm weather headed our way. i'll have the forecast. >> this friday get away
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proving to be a slow one. they're heading east now and it's a crawl perhaps just a hit better for drivers making their way to san francisco. stay with us.
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latest culting edge technology cannot apparently
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replace man's best friend. these are the latest tool the pentagon is using to detect bombs. they this has allowed them to analyze vapors emitted from hundreds of yard as way. >> we might be able to smell a woman's perfume. the fog will smell the perfume and shower gel she wash with that morning. >> there is another upside. they can blend into any environment. each dog costs upwards of 20,000s oodz if you count on sheep to fall asleep they may be easier to spot at night. one group spliced a green responsible for producing that glow. other than that, the sheep were developed normally.
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farmers believe it will help them keep track of the animals better if they run off. >> that is bizarre. >> some terrific family stories, one mother traveled from ghana to new york to be with her son during the first round of the dra. she's never seen a football game before. this is just the second time they've seen each other since he left to go to byu four years ago. mom told reporters she wished her son would have been drafted by a team in utah. one problem is that the nfl zrnt a team in ut ut they'll figure it out. >> yes. >> and by the way mani teo was drafted by the charger autos it's good it ended in a positive light. >> it ended but will start again. he's going to get kidding in
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the locker room. hopefully, he can put it into the past. >> things looking good now. spots al low clouds, lots of sunshine right now and can expect many days still to come. flying down to oakland tonight sunny, breezy and 60 degrees. pleasant night for baseball. looking at the weather forecast we'll see showery weather and mostly dry and mild and warm weather including sunny skies tomorrow from north to south. 70s and 80s in the sierra.
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here in the bay area, foggy start, sunny skies from coast to inland. low to mid-80s inland. it's getting warm. >> it is. >> when abc 7 news continues a staggering number of americans not going to the doctor and the reason why they're putting it off. >> so you're on the do not call registry. the loophole that let's some companies keep you on auto dial. >> coming up a breaking development from boston. now we learn their mother had been on the terrorist watch list. that picture and our person of the week.
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can you guess the famous singer and song? suddenly it's hot all over @ñain.
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in healthy living news doctors seeking treatnt for autism now having research on the fast track. the feds have given a grant to explore new and promising treatments. indecision the agency wants doctor owes seek faster treatments for psychosis. researchers will be testing several new drugs in small groups and could be deciding within weeks which ones are the most effective. >> a growing number of americans are skipping medical care because they can't afford it. a survey says 80 million people did not go to the doctor because of the cost. not surprisingly those uninsured were most likely to have trouble affording care. but 28% of working-age adults with good insurance had toing
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forro treatment. >> now, michael finney is here answering questions and david asked a question i think a lot of people might send in. i get calls from a research company, i reported them to national do not call registry. they keep on calling. how can i get them to stop? >> you're not going to be able to. here is why. there is a loophole. the law says someone can't try to call you up and market to you to try to sell something. it can't be a fake set of questions. but, they can call up to do a survey. you can't make them stop. they're allowed to keep calling. >> interesting. one, anna asked is it legal for a company to change terms of the mortgage? they're tweeting it like a cred yil card debt what. can i
4:50 pm
do about this? >> they're not allowed to change a thing. have you a contract. they're not allowed to change it. it's been memorialized and that is the end of it. they're allowed to buy that contract. you signed the right to sell that thing so they're not allowed to change it so. here is what we're beginning to see, though. is that if you're late on payment, they start calling you up and acting like you're a debt collection company. a lot of people don't really know when they're late. have you a 15 day grace period. most people wait when you're owe lishl i -- officially late, then, they can have bill collectors calling you. if you want to it stop go check find out when due date is if you'll pay by then, they're not allowed to ask you. >> i notice td prices in meters change from day-to-day
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what. is the deal? >> they've changed the way they do this. i just twont a game. how much do you think they are? >> hourly? >> 8s oodz are you kid something. >> no. $7 an hour therk price it by how much money they can get out of it. so around san francisco it goes from as low as 25 cents per hour, if you find that meter, let me know. >> i know. >> up to 7s ands hour, it's just big pilot program. they're going do it more and more. all over the city. >> that is, you know some of the meters by the port run late now do offer low hourly rates, perhaps. >> that could be it. they're going lower in some areas when they're opened. >> interesting. >> good luck finding that one when you need it yes. >> just ahead blowing smoke in oakland. >> yes. a live report as the
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city gets ready for tonight's big night at the coliseum complex. warriors and a's in action. >> in the abc 7 newsroom coming up at 5:00 nearly a year after facebook's ipo, mark zuckerberg cashes in stock options. wait until you hear how much this young ceo is worth now. >> this is so dear to me, close to me. >> sugar ray leonard tells an audience about the personal fight of his life in order to help others in the same situation, coming up at 5:00.
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at 8:00 two back to back episodes on happy endings. join us at 11:00. >> a busy night.
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the woorers and actions both in action tonight. >> traffic and a lot of areas is going to be busy tonight. we've got a live look at the maze. a lot of traffic is headed towards berkeley. some going back for people on the righthand side. if i don't go to san francisco. in any case it's going to be busy tonight. for your traffic needs or health navigating you can get waze on the smart phone. a lot of the. >> the hype is intense at the arena. warriors tweeting these photos today. you can see every seat is draped in a tee shirt for fans to wear tonight. >> yes. tippoff against nuggets is at 7:30 at the coliseum. it's going to be so loud. >> oh, yes. nick smith is live. it's final preparations are underway, nick? >> good afternoon, you know
4:57 pm
warriors over the nuggets. as far as the warriors continuing to call oakland home that, is another matter. warrior pride being proudly displayed on the ac transit buses moving around oakland. part due to fans growing enthusiasm after warriors beat nuggets. the rest of the excitement ventures on this man, stephan curry. this is a second time they have been in the playoffs in six years. >> the team will show appreciation to fans like this. but what they don't list is
4:58 pm
the possible new address when hook shot takes thom a brand new water front arena in san francisco. but oakland has hardly given up on keeping them at oracle arena. >> sure. i think they believe because maybe they believe they can get more out of there but oakland is still the best spot. we've been supporting teams through the down time as well. >> coming up at 6:00 extra measures put into place in wake of the boston bombings. nick smith abc 7 news. >> nick, thank you. >> you can show your warriors pride posting this go warriors badge on your facebook page. >> larry heading there as soon as we're done here. thanks for joining us.
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yes. i'm larry beil. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> suspected kidnappers terrorize one neighborhood. a manhunt going on for a man who took off with a toddler for a short time today. >> a big chunk of september 11th history found nearly 12 years late year sandhya patel, warming up to summer like levels i'll have the weekend forecast coming up. >> we begin with breaking news out of eastern contra costa county. a manhunt underway for a suspected kidnapper. sky 7 is live where police have been there for a couple hours now. >> two men grabbed a 2-year-old girl carrying the toddler before letting her go. that child has been returning safely to the mother. good evening, i'm dan ashley.
5:00 pm
>> that search happening a pitsburg neighborhood near rain drop circle. >> alan wong joins us live on the telephone with the latest. >> information this is an attempted child abduction. we're told a man described only as a white male snatched up a 2-year-old girl and ran down the street before dropping the child about a block away. sky 7 live shows several police officers waiting outside writ happened. an investigator is due here any moment to speak to the mother. we're told the suspect is on the loose. at this point we don't know whether or not there is a relationship between a child or the suspect.


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