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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 26, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> that search happening a pitsburg neighborhood near rain drop circle. >> alan wong joins us live on the telephone with the latest. >> information this is an attempted child abduction. we're told a man described only as a white male snatched up a 2-year-old girl and ran down the street before dropping the child about a block away. sky 7 live shows several police officers waiting outside writ happened. an investigator is due here any moment to speak to the mother. we're told the suspect is on the loose. at this point we don't know whether or not there is a relationship between a child or the suspect.
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also not sure of the exact description of the suspect. when we get that, hopefully that will aid the police. now these are the question wez hope to have answers for. once we're able to talk with a police officer who is authorized to speak to the media. we'll bring that information to you as soon as it becomes available. so keep it right here. thank you very much. >> very fast moving very. one of the neighbors in that area witnessed something and joins us by phone now what. did you see? >> i came home, i saw cops outside of my house, one suspect in custody did breakdown my fence and was arrested in my backyard. >> oh, my goodness, did you
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see the snern. >> as i was driving into the neighborhood i saw police car leaving with the suspect in custody. >> this is from the live pictures you're looking at from sky 7. very upsetting i would suspect? is yes. earlier this year there is a shootout in front of my house, it's getting to the point where have to lock your door, be careful, who is around. anyone looking sus spishus, you know, we call it in. >> well, thank you very much for being a great eye witness and we're glad you and your family are okay. we're glad that child is going to be okay as well. thank you very much. >> we'll continue to follow this story live breaking news on the search for a suspected kidnapper in this neighborhood. stay with us for that. but there is breaking news we want to bring you out of oakland tonight. a severe traffic alert.
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>> this is video over the scene just north of redwood road one person killed after a car overturn itd happened just after 4:00 -- before 4:00 this afternoon. one southbound lane is still closed but you can see serious accident tonight. >> the suspect in the boston bombing is in federal prison. the boat where the bombing suspect was hiding was just moved from watertown home where tsarnaev was found on fridays escorted out of the neighborhood by a metor kaid of police vehicles. tonight we're hearing tsarnaev's mother was on the same terror watch list as the older brother, tammerlan. russian officials tell the cia they were concerned the two were militant islamickists and could cause trouble. >> the first major marathon
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since boston happens in big sur. for many it's a chance to finish what they cannot do in boston. david? >> we have. it's taking stamina and determination to do two back to back marathons just two weeks apart. with 10,000 runners registered the boston marathon runners stand out. many never got a chance to finish so coming here soon afterwards has special meaning. >> to run this now in light of the people that lost their lives and a terrible tragedy. >> fred gets a special bib indicating he's doing back to back marathons.
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the explosions are still fresh in his mind. so is security for this event. >> we'll see. it's very important so i'm interested to see how much changes they're going to have. we'll see. >> organizers say agencies will be providing security signs of the health and fitsness expo warn alling with bags are subject to search. >> it's going to be a safe environment for the community and runners and vom lun tears. >> others made a minimum $20 contribution for a tee shirt. >> i want to reach out and help victim was hospital costs or with more security for next year's marathon. >> many said they weekend's
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race will be part of a healing process. >> i'm not going to let these people stop me from what i want to do. i'm not changing my life. and more so now this happened i feel the need to do what i -- i love to do. >> sunday's route is a closed course, which will help security ai. moment of silence will be held before the start of the race. >> david, thank you. residents coming together to help 11-year-old aaron hern. the martinez boy now out of the hospital and yesterday, visited the site of the blast as we've reported. his family says he's recovering and now back to being just a normal 11-year-old boy in most respects. this weekend there are two fund-raisers for the family.
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sunday a fun run will be held at alhambra high school. >> a piece of plane involving the september 11th attacks has been found just blocks from ground zero in new york. surveyors in manhattan found a part of the plane's landing gear wednesday, jammed in between two buildings in an 18 inch area. development was stalled. an examiner will check out that site to determine whether human remains landed in the area. >> in oakland hills tonight people in two communities are facing a crime wave. abc 7 news is live with the story tonight. there is a clear trend here. >> there is. now, every knock on every door,
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every stranger on the streets in piedmont and montclaire is now viewed with sus spish and fear. and with uptick in crime. marianne says someone broke into her down stairs bedroom while she was upstairs on the phone. >> the door was open. it was split down the side and the tv was missing. >> she says her small neighborhood continues to see an increase in home burglary autos five or six people and cars being stolen. >> six cars have been stolen this year. alarm signs have sprouted up in yards like saplings in an
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attempt to ward off burglaries. >> we're up about 25% inappropriate crimes for the same time last year, however, we're down 13% from last three months of 2012. >> this is a rough time to live. it's all around us. >> the oakland hills community of montclair has been hard hit two. neighbors had homes broken into. >> this house was broken noo. they kicked in the front door. it was in the middle of the day. >> people are doing what they can to stay safe. >> we have these special things on the door autos we have an alarm system and three dogs. >> she says those thefts have given birth to a strong community neighborhood watch. and increasing -- christie's neighborhood the residents are looking at funding to put cameras throughout the
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montclair village. >> reeleven son the way to those long travel delays caused by furloughed air traffic controllers. the white house promised the president would approve a measure sending controllers right back to work. this bill would allow the faa to redirect money to pay for staffed control towers around the country. faa had to implement furloughs after $85 bill anyone in cuts brought on by sequestration. there is still no solution fr many other affects of the budget cuts. and one that is near and deer, fleet week, a longstanding tradition. the navy told the city it cannot afford the blue angels aifr show which is so popular, or parade of ships. mayor ed lee tells us there
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are talks about whether to cancel this event altogether like nork city did. and you'll notice a difference in our national parks. many, including muir woods will have to trim hours or close during their busiest season. the cuts are particularly hard for people who are already struggling in this economy. federal unemployment checks will be cut nearly 18% starting on sunday. that is a dra conin cut. >> some job seekers telling us employers aren't considering them because they've been out of work too long, now this,. notices went out this month to 400 thousand californians their unemployment benefits will be cut nearly 18% beginning april 18th.
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some didn't believe it. >> it's just send sent a letter saying it's going to be cuts. and if you're in that pool you're going get cut i'm not thinking anything is going happen. >> but reality is here. washington failed to come up with a plan so the spending cuts called sequestration are now going to hit jobless benefits. the reduction does not affect those on the first 26 weeks of checks. long term unemployed, on the 27th week or later will see $52 a week less. on average. >> when someone has difficulties trying to find next jobs this is meant to help out. >> roger has been unemployed 18 months and dreads having to tighten his belt when the benefits shrink. >> it's very hard to -- too depressing. >> cuts provide $30 million less for edd administration
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and services. washington is under funding the agency and this worker thinks deeper cuts will mean hold times will get worse. >> i've been doing this two weeks and haven't talked to anyone. every day. i make 30, 40 phone calls per day. it's frustrating. >> we're trying to focus on getting benefits paid as priority. other things may suffer, though. >> edd estimates reducks will mean $250 million less for california's economy through september. >> organizers of the america's cup race are looking to put locals to work. live nation will hold a job fair tomorrow. positions include ticket takers, employees working during concerts planned, it's
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going to be at pier 27 cruise ship terminal. >> coming up keeping tabs from your smart phone. the company putting home security at the touch of your finger tips. >> facebook's young ceo cashes in stock options. wait until you whaer made have last year's ipo. >> disclose something so deer to me so, painful. >> sugar ray leonard
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new individual heo shows a massive fire that destroyed a building last night this, video from the san jose fire department showing their arrival as you can see to the fire at first street. of this building is 130 years old. it's housed a saloon and bicycle shop. unfortunately the damage is so bad the building may have to be torn down. >> boxing legend sugar ray leonard was a key note speaker today but didn't talk about boxing. he talked about the new battle to prevent child sexual abuse. >> this happened so quick. >> boxing super star sugar ray leonard spoke to a sold out crowd about the people he trusted who molested him when he was a young teenager and an aspiring olympic champion. >> only problem was i told no one was i was ashamed.
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>> 56-year-old sugar ray told a powerful story that had the audience in tears about how he turned to drugs and alcohol and wrecked a marriage. he told me why he decided to go public with the story after 40 something years. >> i'm here because i want to speak up. i want to speak out and say i'm here as a parent as a father as a husband i wish there was a prevention center for me that i could have been a part of that could help me. >> sugar ray's support raised some big money including surprise auction package of his autographed boxing gloves. and lunch at his home. the total of the lunchen, $450,000. >> thank you, mr. leonard. for more information about the san francisco child abuse services log on to our web
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site and look under see it on tv. >> what a wonderful thing for him to do. at and t launching a service to allow subvibers to check on their homes. the digital live program will allow homeowners to open and lock doors and control appliances using your smart phone. p today marks the first time at and t is making it available to customers. >> mark zuckerberg cashed out $2.3 billion last year that is according to a sec proxy filing. total compensation was $1.99 million. facebook's coo cheryl sandberg is the highest paid executive at the social media giant. she receives $26 million in compensation.
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>> that is a nice compensation package. >> sandhya patel may be getting windblown up there. >> we're being compensated with the weather. >> wind comes in, the sea bleez here prevents us from getting too warm. temperatures are going to be up. right now we'll take a look at the conditions right now we do have clear skies inland. and check out the current buoy reports. wind direction out of the northwest off shore 10 to 16 knots is the wind coming off the ocean and keeping communities on the cool side. 52 in pacifica soft high, san francisco, half moon bay, 57 degrees. here is a view you see sutro
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tower surrounded by clouds right now. it's 63 in oakland. it's 70 in santa cruz. you can see just a few clouds up above. sunny skies for the week so if you're heading to tahoe low 70s this weekend. going to be beautiful. 62 in union city. highlights we're looking at low clouds and fog tonight. sunny skies and warmer and highs showing up next week. you'll start to see those i temperatures rising up. take a look at week head. weekend features warmer weather. then, hovering through thursday before temperatures drop off a few degrees. this beautiful pattern coming up. tomorrow morning fog, low clouds. mid 40s to low 50s.
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bundle up if you do plan to start off the weekend early. and fog will pull away then just hang out keeping temperatures in the 60s away from the coast up into mid-80s range. highs for saturday, 80 in san jose. march of dimes march for babies tomorrow if you're taking part weather looks fantastic. 66 in millbrae. we have the pacific coast dream machine show. so make sure you grab a jack yismt north bay up to 80 in santa rosa. 72 degrees in oakland. fremont is going to be warmer.
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accu-weather forecast warmer weather for sunday getting close to 90 degrees there. monday through wednesday low 90s inland low 60s coast side. it's sunny skies as you look at the seven-day forecast. a wide range of temperatures to please everyone. i'm abc 7 news sandhya patel. have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> coming up
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>> we made it to the weekend. >> we deserve a treat. >> a free treat, in fact. >> tweet, treat. >> let's tweet about the treat. >> we need to start with denica's. they have some great burritoes and stuff but they do homemade cookies and pace tries you're
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going get a free cookie. check this out. >> this is huge. >> that will start you off right mother's day is coming up and who wants to spend a buck on mom? check out this picture on stretched cannas. you can make them from phone pictures, tweet pictures and the frame comes with it. it's from snap box framed prints. >> you don't have to tell mom you didn't pay for it how we would get this? >> what a great question. right there. >> excellent you'll be here at 11:00? >> yes. i've got an 11:00 report.
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i'll be back with a story about bulletproof gear for kids. controversy over pint-sized armor parents are shopping for. >> that is astounding. >> wait until you see this. >> i noticed cookies. >> thanks very much. >> time is running out. >> if you want to help name san
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more breaking news, sky 7 live over a major crash east of san ramone. sorry, we lost the picture, here it is. an su skpr. a truck apparently hit head on. so there is a bad accident. highland shut down, one person rushed to the hospital. >> we'll update you on this situation on abc 7 news at 6:00. also at 6:00 breaking news in pitsburg. a 2-year-old girl was grabbed off the street today. police conduct a search for a
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second suspect. >> a rebound in bay area real estate. what laws of supply and demand have done to the value of your home. and lnz we're going take to you a movie at one of the most controversial theaters you'll ever see. >> in the meantime, time is rung out fofr to you name one of the baby falcons. >> yes. dead shrine med night, tonight. experts determined all three baby peregrine falcons are boy autos the city isn't getting a lot of entries this time, so you can win. >> it's been popular, michael has the best name i've heard so far, tic, tac, toe. >> we can go with that. they can have fun with it. >> i'm cheryl jennings.
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>> i'm dan ashley. from all of us here, thanks for watching. this is "world news." tonight, breaking news in the case of the alleged boston bombers. tonight, abc news learns their mother was on the terrorist watch list. plus, inside the car with the bombers. the dramatic story suddenly revealed. how the man they carjacked with a gun to his head knew when to jump out of that car. the discovery in new york city tonight. more than ten years after 9/11, a huge piece of one of those planes suddenly found in an alley. overseas, the massive collapse and the miracle in the rubble tonight. 50 people discovered alive. among them, two babies born underneath all of that debris. and the voice. the man who so many called the greatest living country singer, tonight, remembering him and that song that became a hit, surprising the singer himself. ♪ he stopped loving her today


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