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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 27, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good good morning, everyone, it's 6:00 a.m. on saturday. glad you are up and with us. i'm katie marzullo. we will start off with a first look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning. starting off with plenty of low clouds. here's a look at san jose and as you go through the morning hours it will begin to peel back and we will see more sunshine. around the bay we are talking low 60s to the upper 70s for the forecast. our coastal communities will be coolest where numbers will stay in the lower 60s but you too will eventually clear.
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in the inland, upper 60s to the mid-80s. a warmup today but even warmer tomorrow. we will talk about 90s returning into the upcoming work week. that's coming up in just a little bit later. katie. >> thank you, lisa. >> >> we have developing news to contra costa county. pittsburgh police plan to use special tracking dogs to scour a neighborhood where a two-year-old girl was briefly abducted. the man grabbed the girl in broad daylight, but then released her and ran away. police fear he may try it again. >> police officers comforted the distraught mother. earlier she saw a man snatch a two-year-old daughter from her front yard. it happened just before 2:00 p.m. in pittsburgh. >> from what we were told, he would have not seen anyone else other than the two-year-old. >> police say the mother was just ten feet away but hid bin
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-- hidden by the family car. just was he grabbed the suspect and ran he realized her mom was right there. >> the mother was also in the front yard. began giving chase to the suspect, yelling at him. and also threatening to she was going to call the police. this, we believe, frightened our suspect. he dropped the two-year-old into the bushes and fled the area on foot. >> the child's father came home from work to find police with search dogs combing the area. neighbors say the couple has three children. >> that family is such a good family. just sweet, always outside playing around. they always have adult supervision. so this is unheard of. this is unbelievable. >> scares me a guy like this is walking around anywhere, yeah. i would love to catch him. i would love to catch him. >> the two-year-old girl was not physically hurt. the suspect is described as a white male in his 30s, clean shaven with color-length, dirty blonde hair. he was wearing a green shirt and blue jeans. if you think you know who this person is, please call the pittsburgh police at the tip line number at the bottom of
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your screen because the biggest concern right now is that he will try to kidnap another child. reporting in pittsburgh, i'm allen wong, abc7 news. new this morning, oakland police are investigating a triple shooting that killed one person and sent two others to the hospital. it happened around 9:30 last night near 53rd and dover streets, one block north of children's hospital. it is also a block way from where 21-year-old denitra henderson was shot and killed on wednesday night right in front of her four-year-old son. police are not saying what motivated the latest shooting and so far no arrests have been made. we have developing news in the investigation into the boston marathon bombings. government officials say the mother of the two suspects was put on the federal terrorism data base 18 months ago. moscow alerted the cia in 2011
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that her and her eldest son tamerlan were religious militants about to travel to russia. she has denied any connection to terrorism. >> meanwhile a man who had both of his legs blown off in the bombing said he saw tamerlan in the crowd. he studious because he was so serious. >> everyone was having a great time and just that one guy, you know. he didn't look like he was having a good time. >> bowman was the first to give the authorities a description of the suspects, despite his horrific lines. and the younger brother, where he was found hiding in a boat, the boat was towed yesterday to a secure location. >> volunteers are hosting two fundraisers this weekend for the 11-year-old aaron hern who was hurt in the bombings. today the pizzeria will donate a share of it's sales to the family. and there will be other fun run. you will find details on both events on our website under "see it on tv."
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a piece of an airplane believed to be used in the 9/11 attacks in new york city has been found three blocks from ground zero. they found part of the landing gear from a boeing plane jammed between two buildings. they aren't ruling out it was placed there by someone. but it is being treated as a crime scene for now. this morning a redwood city man is still on the run after escapes, handcuffed, from a san mateo sheriff's car. the 21-year-old man was arrested thursday night, accused of assaulting his girlfriend. while investigating he somehow got out of the car and ran away. because he told family members he would not go back to jail, authorities consider him dangerous. valencia may be driving a silver 1991 acura legend four door with the license plate on your screen. 2ygp965. two people remain in critical condition this morning after a deadly crash in oakland.
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it happened around 3:45 yesterday afternoon on highway 13 near the lincoln overpass. the driver lost control, flipping the s.u.v. several times. sky 7hd shows the car backwards in the southbound lanes. one person was killed, four more injured and the crash caused heavy delays during the commute. demonstrators are calling for caltran to teardown the bird nets they installed beneath highway 101 at lakeville highway. it's supposed to keep migrating swallows from nesting in a construction project but they ended up killing many of the words. they modified the nets but protest are telling reporters they continue to be death traps for the federally protected swallows. >> take down the nets! take down the nets! >> about 20 people gathered to demonstrate against a series of nets installed into the bridges. >> i don't see why birds have to keep dying. they should take down the nets and figure out the next step.
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>> as we first reported earlier this month, the nets are supposed to keep migratory swallows from nesting. caltran has since acknowledged some birds of gettingen tanninged and dying. so they have made adjustments. >> the birds have continued to die and become entangled in the netting. >> according to caltran, workers have adjusted two nets to prevent birds from getting trapped and they are working closely with state and federal fish and wildlife authorities to fix any other problems. most even the birds return to the bridges and try to build their home because it's still the height of their nesting season. we noticed at least one bird caught in the netting. demonstrators say a different material should have been used on the project. >> it would be plastic sheeting adhered flush to the surface of structure and it prevents the mud from the swallows' nests from adhering. it slips off. >> caltran was on site to monitor the birds. in petaluma, abc7 news.
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texas governor rick perry is demanding an apology from the sacramento b over a cartoon he calls a despicable situation. it features a quote about business booming in texas and then an explosion in the next panel. last week, as you know, a huge blast as a texas fertilizer plant killed 14 people and killed 200 more. the b responded that the artist has made clear his empathy for the victims and that his cartoon made a strong statement about governor rick perry's disregard r er's safety and his attempt to market texas as a place where industry can thrive without regulations. >> lisa, what better we looking? >> starting out pretty gray. temperatures in the lower 50s. ballgame today, the a's playing this afternoon. temperatures will be climbing through the 60s. sunny skies. we will talk about the rest of the bay area and a warming trend. that's coming up. thanks, lisa. also next, all parents want to
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keep their children safe burks now some are literally bullet-proving them. michael finney has the details. and the creepy critter that's turned up at a starbucks and
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>> a very good morning to all of you. you are look live from our roof cam. pretty gray out there. as you see, there are clouds this morning. but some good news, if things were okay for you yesterday, it's going to warm up today. at least five degrees warmer today in san francisco than yesterday. we just have to get through the clouds first. well, since the sandy hook tragedy in connecticut, keeping children save from gun violence at school is a top priority for many communities. now there's a controversial new option for parents to consider, bulletproof backpacks. here's seven on your side's michael finney with the details. >> this is an ordinary school day for these two. >> this is super woman's cape. >> ordinary, except for this brand new backpack, which is bulletproof. despite the girly pink fabric and pretty patterns adorning it, this backpack offers military grade protection against bullets. it costs about $300 and was made
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in columbia. >> if they come in with guns, you put this on and it stops the bullets. >> they live in aurora, colorado. the seat of last july's movie theater shooting. the dad said this is the best choice for his family. >> this is the easiest thing i could do to keep my arm around her. >> but even some parents in the bay area are considering buying similar material for their kids. this student attends a high school where four years ago a student brought weapons to campus and pipe bombs. she likes the idea of arming her kid with a ballistic-proof backpack. >> you don't want something to happen for you to take action. you have to just take the action and be proactive. >> he owns a gun store "bullseye." here families are taught how to safely handle guns and stay safe in an emergency. >> since sandy hook in the first quarter of 2013, we've seen a 20% increase in the number of
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folks that have come into the training program. and those folks, i would say, at least 25% of them have had some questions about how to better protect their young ones a hool. >> jacob said parents are asking about bulletproof backpacks. >> we have to sort of work with the parents and educate ourselves about what their specific situation is and then try to provide options and solutions for that specific situation. >> bulletproof backpacks are not sold widely in stores. in fact, to get one you have to look online. prices range between $200 and $300 and weigh around three pounds. dan larson thinks anything to help keep his son and daughter safe is a good idea. >> a backpack would be easy to explain to him go grab your backpack, put it in front of you. to feel like bulletprooftalked backpacks for kids is an extreme reaction. she is a parent and teacher. >> you want to create a positive atmosphere, not really like predicting something bad is
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always going to be happening. >> gloria from san francisco has triplets in preschool. select a school and area where they are safe enough where i would not need to worry about it because if i need to worry about it, then i need to reconsider what school they are attending. >> it's something that i hate that i even have to imagine. but it's something that i realize is reality with today. michael finney tells us there are just a few armor companies that are starting to market the bullet-prove backpacks for kids. for more information go to 7 on your side for a link. sonoma county youth sports league are buying life-saving defibrillators after a player's heart suddenly stopped after he got hit by a pitch. on april 18th parents jumped in to give him cpr until the ambulance arrive. they used a defibrillator to shock the heart back into normal rhyt he is recovering.
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several little leagues are already buying the machines at a cost of more than $1,600 a piece. >> it is 16 know. lease arnold is in with the forecast. once we get through some of this, we be all right? >> yeah. yesterday the onshore flow did keep us cool in parts of the bay and this morning we are starting out with plenty of low clouds and fog, but it will be less than it was and in fact by tomorrow with that marine layer getting further squished in the onshore flow decreasing, the warming trend gets underway for the second half of your weekend. our sweep on top of st. helena with the camera, very quiet. we are talking about the gray and that will be revealing some sunshine by midmorning. here's a look from our east bay camera where it's 48 in san francisco, a little warmer across the bay in oakland, 52. 53 in mountain view with low 50s in san jose and 50 in half moon bay and santa cruz.
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from our roof camera you see the fog and the sun coming up just about now. upper 40s santa rosa with fairfield in the upper 40s. a cool, southwest flow throughout the next couple of days. numbers will continue to warm in our inland east bay. livermore is cloudy, clear in concord and 52 in union city. here's a look at the forecast. r highlights, low clouds and fog this morning with sunny and warmer conditions this weekend with 90-degree heat on the way for much of our inland communities next week. temperatures this morning, 3 degrees cooler at the airport. and in oakland with two degrees ofcology in san francisco compared to 24 hours ago. the temperature change for livermore, notice in the mid-80s by tomorrow. we are talking some 90s with lower 90s and warmest weather by the middle to the latter part of the week. statewide we are warming into the 90s for fresno.
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72 in the northern sierra with 82 yosemite. plan en a comfortable afternoon with temperatures two to four degrees warmer than yesterday. the trend continues into tomorrow. high temperatures today on the peninsula for mid-70s. 83 morgan hill, 63 half moon bay, 76 in san rafael with near 80 in the north bay. if you are headed to the oakland a's game this afternoon, temperatures in the upper 6os by about 1:00 and we will see highs near 70, 4:00 this afternoon with a breeze so a pretty nice afternoon. a look ahead, temperatures the coolest will be today and you notice even with today's numbers we are warmer than yesterday. still a sea breeze. upper 80s tomorrow and 90 inland. we are in the lower 80s around the bay there right through much of the work week and mid-60s, keeping it comfortable at the coast. everyone cools off by the end of the week. abc weather ns has another great resource for you to
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follow. for the latest weather conditions, rain or shine, get video forecasts, spare the air alerts and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. if you were by the coast yesterday or bay side, it was a little cool. less of that breeze today. a bit of warm. >> all right, lisa, thank you south bay starbucks has called in pest control to handle an infestation of bedbugs. we are told what is being done with the bedbugs. >> i have never seen a bedbugs infestation in a restaurant. it is unusual. >> heather is with the county of santa clara department of environmental health. they received an anonymous complaint about bedbugs in the furniture. they confirmed a specimen they received was in fact a bedbug. she said starbucks has been proactive since it learned of the infestation. >> they brought their pest control company in and they had several treatments. there is no evidence that could
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be found that any bedbugs are currently there. >> customer mike heeley heard about the bedbugs but isn't really concerned. >> i think they have removed all what they call the soft furniture, so i don't think it's going to be too big of a problem. >> the county said starbucks has a pest control company hats continuing to follow-up on the problem. as he points out, bedbugs bite, but they aren't known to carry disease. in campbell, abc7 news. you can find information on how to deal with bedbugs at just click on "see it on tv." it's not a good idea to have unused medication around. coming up, a save and easy way to get rid of it today.
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>> we are joined live from new york to tell us what is coming up on "good morning america." >> good morning. coming up on gma warnings there outside help. investigators have learned more about the bombs used in the boston bombings. were the brothers trained by al-qaeda experts? also a sinking ship. stunning new pictures of a brother and sister and the 14 hour swim for their lives after their fishing boat sank. now dry on land they are
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revealing their amazing story. plus, how a billionaire avoids traffic. the billionaire that developed the electric car a has launched rockets into orbit said enough is enough. he compared driving on l.a.'s-free to for the you are so what is willing to do to speed construction along? i know everyone in california would love his help. and what women really want. matt damon revealed why he renewed his vows of seven years. what promise did he make that any other woman would be dying to hear from their husband? we will tell you that and more coming up on gma. >> i don't know what is better, matt damon or clearing up traffic in southern california. >> yeah. take both. take both. >> whoever can make those promises sounds good to me. thanks so much. see you at seven. >> see ya. >> new this morning, san francisco's 8th annual walk against rape take place today. the 11:00 event put on by women
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against rape covers a 3.5-mile course from 1th street 2349 mission district. funds raised by the walkers will help provide a save place for survivors of sexual violence to heel. but organizers say more importantly, the event makes a statement that sexual violence won't be tolerated. the walk cull minute its with a festival in thear at 1:00. >> eric: today is the day to turn in any unneeded or expired prescription drugs. from ten this morning to two in the afternoon most state and federal local police stations will be accepting prescription drugs. can you drop them off with no questions asked. the idea is to get them out of your medicine cabinet and into the hands of the drug enforcement agency for proper disposal. prescription drugs are america's fastest growing drug problem according to the dea and groups like drug coming up next, how the sequester cuts will start affecting people who are already struggling as soon as tomorrow.
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>> plus we are just a few hours away from the march of dimes march for babies here at fortso. i'll have information on other events in the bay area today and how you can be a part of it. abc7 news will be there. i'll tell you more about it when abc7 saturday morning news
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>> welcome back. we want to start off this half-hour with a quick look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, katie. good morning. starting off with gray skies and temperatures in the lower 50s. oakland this afternoon will be warming through the 60s. afternoon high necessary the upper 70s. so we are warmer than yesterday. and along the coast it will still be cool, but we will look for more sunshine. low to mid-60s. it will take through the early afternoon. but inland upper 60s to the lower 80s. so we are warming up anywhere from two to four degrees today. does that trend continue tomorrow? and we are still looking at much warmer weather into the upcoming week. i'll explain and have a look at your seven day outlook in just a few minutes.
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katie. >> lisa, thank you. in just a few hours acrossbay ae will lace up their walking shoes and pound the pavement for little ones who can't even crowd yet. kira klapper is live in fort mason, san francisco for the march of dimes march for babies. kira >> hi, katie. good morning to you. as you see behind me they are getting up for the big event. at the same time across the country hundreds of thousands of people are walking in 900 communities for the march of dimes. some people raised hundreds of dollars and some raised thousands of dollars. the money funds programs and research that help moms have healthy full-term pregnancies. people have been walking for this cause since 1970. more than $2.5 billion has been raised so far for the effort and it's all to improve the health of babies born in the u.s. take a listen.
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>> we are focused on teaching women will how to have healthier babies. we work with providers on helping to improve their practice. and we try to galvanize the community in supporting pregnant women. >> again, it's going on across the country today, but there are three events here in the bay area. one in downtown san jose, one in the east bay at the alameda county fair grounds in pleasanton. and here at fort mason in san francisco. abc7 morning traffic anchor will be mcing the event. the walk is at nine from fort mason all the way to fort point and back. it's a little more than six miles. as lisa argen said it it will ba beautiful day to get out and do something like that. if you are not registered, you are welcome to come and
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participate. reporting live, kira klapper, abc7 news. thank you. >> new this morning, president obama is using his weekly address to encourage congress to pass his budget to help end the sequester budget cuts. this week congress did reverse some of the cuts that are beginning to take hold. they passed a temporary fix, putting furloughed air-traffic controllers back on the job to reduce the traffic jam in the sky for travelers. this morning they said deficits are shrinking and jobs are being created, but congress needs to do more to help middle class working families. >> there's only one way to truly fix the sequester, by replacing it before it causes further damage. a couple weeks ago i put forward a budget that replaces the next several years of these dump cuts with smarter cuts. reforms our tax codes to close special interest loopholes and invest in things like education, research and manufacturing that will create new jobs right now. so i hope members of congress will find the same sense of urgency and bipartisan cooperation to help the families
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nil the crosshairs of these cuts. >> the republican response by a congressman bill schuster said the faa could have made other cuts rather than furloughing air-traffic controllers. the gonzalez contends president obama wanted the public to feel the pain so voters would tolerate federal tax hikes. the sequester cuts are particularly hard for people who are already struggling. federal unemployment checks sent to more than 400,000 californians will be cut nearly 18% starting tomorrow. here's capitol correspondent nannette miranda with the details. >> notices went out earlier this month to more than 400,000 californians that their extended unemployment benefits will be cut nearly 18% beginning april 28th. some didn't believe it. >> they just pretty much sent a letter saying there's going to be cuts and if you are the one that qualifies for it or if you are the one that is in that pool then you will get cut. i'm not thinking anything is going to happen.
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>> but the reality is here. washington failed to come one a deficit-reducing plan so the automatic spending cuts called sequestration are now going to hit jobless benefits. the reduction does not affect those on their first 267 weeks of checks. the -- the first 26 weeks of checks. long-term unemployed will see $52 a week lesson average. >> when someone has such difficulties trying to find that next job, the federal extensions are meant to help them out. >> roger has been unemployed for 18 months. he dreads having to tighten his belt even more had his benefits shrink. >> it's very hard. it's depressing. we shouldn't be having this situation, i know. >> come on, man. >> the federal sequester cuts also provide $30 million less for edd, administration and services. washington is already underfunding the agency. >> we are unable to assist you at this time. >> and newly laid-off worker troy wright means deeper cuts will mean hold time to the edd
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center will get worse. >> i've been doing it for two weeks and i haven't talk to anybody. every day i make 30 or 40 phone calls a day. it's frustrating. >> we are focusing on get -- getting benefits paid. other things will suffer. >> in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc7 news. on the jobs front, your chance to get hired for seasonal work at the america's cups pavilion begins with today's job fair. they will hold a concert series from may through september. workers are are needed. there are job opportunities from ticket takers, event staff, maintenance workers. san francisco residents get priority. you have to be at least 18 years old to apply for the jobs. the apply jobs is ten to two at the pier27 cruz ship terminal. after five years of declining home values, the bay area housing market is finally coming back. take a look at this map compiled by the real estate map site
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zillo. the areas in dark red are still hurting. home prices there are as much as 66% lower than their peak values. but there's a strong come back in the green zones. san francisco, parts of the peninsula, san carlos and palo alto, and los gatos in the south bay. laura anthony has more. this three-bedroom home in san carlos is about to go on the market. but don't expect it to stay there very long. if recent activity is any indication, this house will sell fast and likely well over its asking price. >> this house here is priced at nine seventy-five and we are expecting they will receive numerous offers. >> this house will go for over a million? >> yes. san mateo county is among the bay areas hottest real estate market. not just the rebound but price
6:37 am
in places like belmont, san carlos and san mateo is hitting new highs. >> the inventory is very, very down so less inventory, more people wanting to live here, and people are willing to spend the money to be on the peninsula. >> that means stiff competition for buyers, even those who are well qualified with plenty of cash are getting beat out. >> all of the high-end buyer in los gatos. -- lossal toes. we were looking in the $1.7 million range. there were 30 offers on the property. 20 were over $2 million. the all-cash buyer got about $2.2 million. >> the boom isn't happening everywhere. in antioch in parts of eastern contra costa county, some houses are still languishing and values are still more than 50% below their peak in 2006. >> i feel good about mine. >> but for belmont homeowner sean, the big rebound is for real. >> if i was selling, that would be great. if i was buying it wouldn't be so good. but i feel good about where i'm at now. >> since this is clearly a
6:38 am
seller's market, the best advice for buyers, get your finances in order, be prepared to bid on multiple properties and to go well above asking price with no contingencies. especially in places like this. san mateo county. in belmont, laura anthony, abc7 news. coming up next, the final curtain may be coming down soon at one of the most unusual theaters you will ever see. how you can help save this north bay original. let's take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. sun is coming up but you can see it is still a cloudy morning. lisa
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>> in monterio they are getting ready for a big fundraiser tomorrow, all to save a real life last picture show. but as abc7 news reporter wayne freedman learned, there is much more than the movies at stake. it's a way of life. >> along river road in sonoma county you will begin reading about it for miles away. one sign leads to another and then one more atop this strange, wrinkly corrugated world war ii military surface quonset hut that seems to have no place until you enter the darkness and your eyes adjust and your brain takes it all in.
6:42 am
>> they think it's a rusted old campbell soup can on its side. >> even andy warhol would have liked it. >> this is 1995. the highest flood was right at the top of this line here. right up there. that's 1986. >> and maybe now you can appreciate the mixed emotions that retired firefighter don shephard feels about that for sale sign sitting outside. >> you don't want to sell? >> i don't, but i can't figure out any other way to not to work, my wife and i, for twelve hours a day. >> it's been a form of multi-task on the smallest town level. in the daytime they run a cafe in the back. >> how long have you guys been married? >> 35 years. >> you talk together all the time? >> no. [laughter] >> and if other folks around here can't help the long faces once in a while, it's because the root of their problems begins 15 steps up on the second floor. welcome to the engine room of
6:43 am
this operation. now facing an enforced obselescence that even a skilled mechanic can't fix. >> it all goes to the garbage. >> do you hear about they are forcing all theaters to buy digital projectors? here too. they need $60,000. >> that's the bottom line, the dollar bill. we don't generate enough dollar bills for hollywood so the mom and pop theater is expendable. >> this shows where the money is. >> but they aren't going down without a fight. there's a kick starter campaign and a grass roots committee producing a a musical fundraiser this sunday. too much at stake. >> if it's gone, the town languishes.
6:44 am
>> it isn't just the last picture show in this town, it's the last picture show for 25 miles. an separation so fitting for this community, so unsuited for modern times. in montereo, wayne freedman. >> tomorrow's show is called rambo at the rio. the musical begins at 3:00. details for this and the online fundraiser are on under "see it on tv." we wish them all the best of luck. what a neat place. the weather, not so dazzling this morning. not yet. >> you are right. the marine about 1100 feet. the view from mt. tam, you see the low clouds. this visibility is good, though, and we are looking at sunshine peeling back the fog and bringing warmer temperatures. i'll tell you how warm when we come back. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, a playoff thriller at oracle arena with steph cu
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>> welcome back, 6:47 on this saturday morning u might want to stay inside a little while longer and wait until some of this gray lifts. >> and once it does we will warm up. we will still have the sea breeze but it won't be as pronounced as yesterday. the sun was up at 6:18 and setting 7:58. with a little bit of fog tonight, it should be pretty nice for this evening because the fog is going to take a little time in coming back. it will clear totally from the
6:48 am
coast. it's going to take some time, though. we won't be looking at any rain clouds. temperatures in the lower 50s. slightly warmer today as much as five to seven degrees warmer in parts of the bay. 52 san jose with 50 santa cruz. 40 san francisco. here's a look at downtown where we are looking at numbers in the upper 40s. santa rosa has had some mays. 49 livermore, 51 los gatos and union city. we are looking at plenty of sunshine today. it will take toward midmorning is by the later afternoon the coast will clear. we will be sunny and warmer everywhere this weekend. tomorrow will be the warmer day. we are looking at 90-degree heat in our inland valleys as soon as monday. but you know the coast will stay comfortable so if you don't-like that heat, that's a good place to go. three degrees cooler this morning oakland and at the airport and down around san jose and livermore valley, and we are already clearing in concord.
6:49 am
we are looking at temperatures today warmer due to high pressure. with that high pressure trend building in over the next several days, we will see the numbers come up today. and then tomorrow will be to the mid-80s in livermore. look for a about 90 monday and tuesday. it will continue to climb. the high temperatures above normal right through the end of the work week. if you like it warm, we are going to stay very warm due to high pressure. right now it's a little bit further from the eastern pacific and as it builds closer to the coast, the sea breeze will become less pronounced. we will have much of a marine influence and that will bring the warmer weather beginning today. high temperatures in the south bay, 79 santa clara and mid-70s in milpitas. 80 cupertino today. and 69 san mateo. still the low 60s with the afternoon sea breeze. mid-60s downtown. in the north bay look for high temperatures raising from low 60s and low 80s up toward
6:50 am
petaluma. near east bay, numbers from the low 70s in oakland to mid-70s castro valley. you are warmer than yesterday. in fact we didn't see any 80s yesterday and look at all the 80s today. 81 in pleasanton. and the look ahead. you will notice the temperatures will be coolest today but that's even warmer than yesterday. so the trend continues with warm averages tomorrow and upper 80s. 90s monday, tuesday, wednesday, and 80s around the bay, 60s coast. it's never going to get too hot at our beaches. in fact, we will look for the numbers to stay mild through the end of the week at the coast where we usually will be in the 50s for this time of year. so not even a summertime pat northwestern the week ahead with the low clouds and fog. we are looking more fall-like with well above normal temperatures and limited fog. >> lisa, thank you. in sports tonight the san jose sharks close out the regular season in l.a. against the kings, hoping to improve their playoff positioning ahead of the stanley cup playoffs which start on tuesday. last night the warriors played a thrilling game three of their
6:51 am
playoff series against denver at oracle arena. abc7 news sports director larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. with their thunder sticks booming and steph curry scoring, the golden state warriers held on and held on one for the 110-108 victory over the denver nuggets for game three of their nba playoff series last night. 19,000 plus on hand at the oracle for their first home playoff game since 2007. in the second quarter it was all nuggets. check out the alley oop to the manimal, kenneth reed. and bogus, a touch pass. just over a minute left in the first half. lawson was unstoppable for two of his 35. denver up a dozen at the half. in the third warriors come back. jared jack, the jack attack, he had 23. fourth quarter, the rookie the no fear, attacking, amazing reverse lay-up.
6:52 am
it was all about steph curry and the bad left ankle. the lefty runner step, are you serious? curry, 29 points, 11 assists, 6 boards, bad ankle and all, the teardrop finish, but mistakes keeps denver alive. at the buzzer and that's just off the rim. warriors take game three, 110-108 and lead the series two games to one. >> the guy made big-time plays, man. i'm still baffled and i know the -- somebody ores the kid an apology. he's an all-star. >> eric: we were in a bit of a rut offensively, and what we did, he scored for us. >> game four of the series is sunday night right here back at oracle. now the coliseum complex was the center of the bay area sports universe last night with the a's and orioles going on just a few feet away at the baseball diamond.
6:53 am
17,000, almost 17,000 green and gold. in the seventh after a rare josh reddick error puts j.j. hardy at second. steve pierce knocks him in with a base hit. 3-0, baltimore the final. a's slumping. they have dropped seven of their last eight. >> giants and padres. tim lincecum on the mound in san diego. got help from the defense in the third. cabrera the sac bunt. and pablo sandoval, full extension to make the play. later in the third, back-to-back rbi singles. alonzo gave san diego the lead and that would hold up. timmy pitched well, struck out nine, but the padres edged the giants by a 2-1 score. that's a wrap from the oracle arena. mike shumann will be along later this evening with all of your weekend sports. he will be here at five, six, nine and eleven. enjoy your weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil.
6:54 am
>> shumann is everywhere. and you can show your warriors pride by posting this go warriors badge on your facebook page. can you get it at news. >> up next, the mystery of the giant head. it was found
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> if you are missing a
6:57 am
300-pound, 7-foot head, listen up, it might be yours. a giant head is the center of a big mystery in new york. a college crew team found it floating in the hudson river, but where did it come from? one theory is it's heart of a mardi gras float and one is it's a theater prop. we aren't sure. nobody has coop forward to claim it. someone would surely notice it's missing. >> what we are missing is the sun. >> we will reveal that. temperatures today warmer than yesterday and that will bring us up into the low to mid-80s around the east bay valley. concord to livermore. 72 oakland, that's an improvement works mid-60s in san francisco. the sea breeze keeps you cool along the coast. 80 in the north and southen of the bay and even warmer tomorrow. notice we are still staying comfortable, low to mid-60s coast, 80s bay and 90s inland. that's a little warm this time of year. >> lisa, thank you. thank you all for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. it continues at 8:00 a.m. good morning america is next!
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good morning, america. this morning, outside help. a developing story right now. what investigators are learning about how the bombs in boston were made and why this is making them think the suspects could have received training from experts. open water. stunning new pictures of a brother and sister and the 14-hour miracle swim for their lives after their fishing boat sank. >> the waves crashing would have probably crushed us. and so we were very lucky. >> this morning, they're back on dry land and telling their amazing story of survival. >> highway to hell. l.a.'s infamous, traffic-clogged 405 freeway. sucking time, money, and patience out of hundreds of thousands of commuters every day. this morning, the frustrated billionaire wi


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