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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 1, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. several wildfires break out with strong winds fueling the flames. >> friends and family turnout for an emotional vigil to remember an 8-year-old girl stabbed to death in her own home. >> east bay boy injured in the boston marathon bombings has two reasons to celebrate. >> high wins fan the fires we been telling you about with more on the forecast from mike. >> spreading the smoke down to san francisco. >> absolutely, you can spell it. it is not strong but it is out there. you can see it is hazy this morning from tamalpais to the south where the winds are blowing from north to south. our fastest gusts, mount dab blow at 74 and east bay hills at 43 and mount tamalpais at 34 and napa county valley 44 in the valley. that is fanning the fires pushing them from north to south cruise the north bay. twin peaks is 31-miles-per-hour
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gusts and spring valley if san mateo county at 40 miles per hour. the winds will continue gusting at dangerous levels through 11:00 to morning with gusts around 50 to 60 fanning the flames and although the winds slow down we have a high fire danger until 6:00 above 1,000' in north bay mountains. temperatures will run above average and even the coast is warm today at 70 to 75 and mid-to-upper 80's around the bay and mid-80's to low 90's inland. a lot going on with traffic. >> we taking you to san jose where we have this sig-alert, highway 17 northbound three lanes are block because of an overturned truck and paramedics are on the scene and three lanes are blocked causing a backup in campbell. another sig-alert along westbound highway 37 involving a
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pickup truck and a big rig. we are seeing slow traffic and ten mile stretch coming to the crash and it starts to clear. the mass transit, bart, muni, and caltrain, no delays. everything is on time. >> we have breaking news from the north bay where several wildfires are burning, three fires are burning in knights valley near highway 128 and another is burning in yountville abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield joins us from napa. it is breezy. >> breezy? i would use a stronger word, it is almost knocking me over. very windy. you get a sense of this, in
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sonoma county, i talked to the national weather service and they have gust up to 56 miles per hour on record happening overnight pushing the fires along. 200 acres have burned off highway 128 and yellow jacket ranch road in sonoma county starting at 1:20 this morning when fire lines came down. they are working in sonoma county. in napa near yountville embers are blown around by the wind and it is dramatic overnight. now the sun is coming up, not is much, but the video is impressive and as you drive down the trail the hillside was dotted with little patches of fire and they said 75 to 100 firefighters to tackle this because they were worried about the wind and they have 40 percent contained and they are feeling better and they sent some crews home and the ones who are here are still working very lard to -- hard to get this
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surrounded. no sturctures are threatened. they lost a barn to the fire but that is it. 50 acres have burned so far this is outside of yountville the call came in last night. very busy overnight in the wine country as firefighters work hard to protect this very valuable farmland. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the napa and sonoma county wildfires and we will check back with amy hollyfield next half hour. if you have pictures of the flames we would like to see them. >> one of youngest victims in the boston marathon bombings is waking up in the bay area this morning for the first time since the attack two weeks ago in time to celebrate a very special day. abc7 news reporter kira klapper is in martinez, hometown of aaron hern.
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>> today is honor hen's -- aaron hern's 12th birthday and he can celebrate. everyone is thrilled to have him back. he, his parents and little sister returned yesterday. he cheered on his mom at boston when the bombs went off. he was released on wednesday and took the first steps on thursday. it has been a whirlwind since april 15. family now understandably wants to celebrate his birthday privately and we will speak to them tomorrow. >> tired. they absolutely were gracious for the support. they need to rest. they wanted to keep it low key. >> the community is standing by the family with self fundraisers sin the bombings and the owners of the cafe and wine bar donated
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an expire week's worth of sales to the aaron hern recovery fund and there was a fund run over the weekend where friends of the family raised $4,000. aaron hern has 100 staples in his leg and it is now clear when he will returned but it is safe to say everyone is thrilled to have him back home. >> gettinged well is job one. boston marathon bombings' wife who says she wants tamerlan tsarnaev's returned to the family. someone from the family contacted the islamic society in boston about a funeral but was told they do not provide funeral service. >> a new washington post/abc news poll shows most members want the death penalty for
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dzhokhar tsarnaev if he is convicts of boston marathon bombings and the poll says 70 percent support the death penalty for the 19-year-old. 27 percent are again it and three out of the four supported the decision to try him in federal court rather than in a military tribunal. >> in calaveras a thousand people in valley springs came out to remember an eight-year-old girl found stabbed to death in her home on saturday. friends and family of legal -- of leila fowler were joined at jenny lind elementary school which she attended. >> we thank the entire community and all of our family and friends for the overwhelming support you have given my family. police have not named suspects but are looking whether an attempted kidnapping suspect
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attempted kidnapping suspect he identified and his d.n.a. is being compared to d.n.a. collected at the murder scene. >> facebook will be under scrutiny today as the company is ready to report their first quarter earnings. they will report earnings after today's closing bell. analysts say investers will pay attention to the growing mobile advertising which has been a center of their focus. they reported a 41 percent spike in revenue beating expectations. the c.e.o. could share more details of the recently launched facebook hope app for droid phones. >> we have told you of winds blowing out smoke from the north bay fours into your neighborhood. how long will be that with us? >> 11:00 is when the wind
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advisory subsides and the winds will calm. 51 in ocean beach and look at all mid-60's, around ferry building, downtown san francisco, upper market, forest hill, sunny side is 60 and portrero hill at 57. vine right now in belmont and 67 in union city. walnut creek and pittsburg and fairfield and american canyon and 39 in half moon bay for the cool spot. in the afternoon hours targeting two cities if possible record high temperatures, with our eye on oakland at 85 and richmond at 84. we will be near 90 many inland neighbors but the record temperatures are in the mid-90's and we will be closer to that tomorrow and friday. 81 in san francisco and the three day forecast shows mid-90's thursday and friday and a few upper 90's are possible
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and mid-to-upper 80's around the bay and 74 at the coast tomorrow but look at 66 by friday and 64 on saturday so the cooling is coming for the weekend. >> in san jose the sig-alert is tying up traffic from campbell northbound 17 south of 280, three lanes remain blocked and this is because of an overturned vehicle and we are down to seven miles per hour coming up on the crash so busy conditions. as we head into san lorenzo, just off of the nimitz blocking that intersection because of a car that was driving at a high rate of speed so it is dangerous. in the sig-alert headed westbound along highway 37, this is involving a big rig and a pickup truck a steady 35 miles per hour ride on the 10 mile
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stretch in the westbound direction. that is a busy, busy drive. >> a fast food ad is offending some people this morning, ahead what the ad shows and how the company is responding to the controversy. >> coming up first, new details on the n.b.a. jason collins and the careful planning that took place before he revealed to the world he is gay. what his former any answer is -- former fiance is saying. >> and may day protests overseas sending
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>> covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone. a look at the san francisco on this beautiful wednesday morning. if not for the fire danger it would be a perfect day. it is out there and there are fires burning in the north bay. >> new details on jason collins revelation he is gay. we learn how "sports illustrated" snagged the scoop. an editor received a call from collins representative in march saying there was an n.b.a.
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player who wanted it sure publicly he is gay but the representatives refused to identify collins. the magazine did not find out it was him until writers arrived at his home april 24th when a four-hour long interview took place. the exclusive is paying off for the magazine and "sports illustrated" site drew 3.7 million visitors on monday alone. that is a new report. >> jason collins revealed that he was engamed to a woman at one time, his former fiance is speaking out, and appeared last night on cnn. >> we had incredible moments together and i want him to be happy and have a wonderful future. look back at eight years, they were great. >> he played basketball at stanford and she says he did not tell her he was gay until last weekend and she never once suspected collins was gay. >> new video in the abc7 news
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shows may day rallies an the world in greece thousands turns out. libyans -- libyans are protesting soaring unemployment^. as a result of demonstration ferry and plane services are halted because employees did nut show up to work. in the bay area hundreds will rally in friend in what is an annual plea for improvements in the immigration laws. activists gather at 3:00 this afternoon and march to the plaza two weeks after a bipartisan group of senators introduce add bill to provide a path to citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants. the march is one of many held across the united states. >> mcdonald's has pulled an ad from east coast billboards showing a depressed-looking woman with "you are not alone" and millions love the big mac and a 15 number and mental health groups complain this
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mocked their ad and mcdonald's apologized and said it was not properly approved and the firm that ran the ad said it was "unintended error." >> starting to look hazy out there. is that from the smoke from the fires? >> smoke and we have high pressure putting a cap on the atmosphere because the air sinks and traps the pollution. that is making for a colorful sunrise this morning. live doppler 7 hd shows how dry it is again. moving on and talking about temperatures right now as we look from mount tamalpais we have had gusts up to 35 miles per hour overnight. we are running in the mid-60's right now at san francisco and 66 and walnut creek at 64. mill valley is 62 and oakland is 59 and san jose dress for 58 headed outside. from east bay hills you can see it is hazy at times and we will
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talk other temperatures santa rosa is 67 and napa and concord of 63 and los gatos at a 5 5 and gilroy is 48. san jose and everyone else warmer today with high fire risk and dangerous heat and cooling arrives this weekend. as far as today's temperatures, we start here if los gatos and cupertino where it will be warmest with temperatures in the mid 80's and 86 in san jose. up the peninsula everyone is in the 80's from low 80's at millbrae to upper 80's to los altos and mid-70's at the coast and the cool of the part of coast is the water with temperatures in the 50's and in the 80 degree range downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. santa rosa and napa flirting with 90. at the coast we have low 70's. potential record high temperature in richmond and
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oakland with low-to-mid 80's along the east bay shore and upper 80's to low 90's in the east bay vietnam. wonderful wonderful if you like warm sunshine at 76 at first pitch and warming to 81 at the end of the game. we are watching a high pressure sliding in clockwise flow, you can see the winds coming off the mountain through the valley and hits the coast on friday and moves to the bay on saturday, and sunday, monday and tuesday the temperatures are closer to where we should be for early may. >> eventful morning and i will update you with a backup from oakland to treasure island. in we stay in oakland we have a new crash involving a couple of cars northbound 880 before high. there are delays at the accident
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site and as you continue in the northbound detection and to the south in san lorenzo northbound is closed between grant avenue and the nimitz because of a crash with a solo car crash in a wall going at a high rate of speed and this sig-alert from campbell down to seven miles per hour and northbound highway 17 beyond hamilton avenue. >> with just 124 days away from the scheduled opening of the span of the day bridge and the concern over bad bolts is now impacting a planned labor day celebration for the opening. >> thousands of movies disappear from netflix and what the hey, dad's room looks great. [ rock music blaring ] and after we get sarah some headphones, it'll be perfect. honey... thank you for making our home his home. our home is his home. [ jane ] behind every open heart is a story.
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>> good morning on this wednesday, a beautiful picture as the sunrises, yellow skies, parts of the beauty is because of the smoke being blown down from the napa and sonoma county area where they are battling four wildfires. that is breaking news with more on the fires. we will talk about the red flag warning coming up. >> we will now talk with josh if a preview of "good morning america" at 7:00. >> kristen and eric, a good
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wednesday morning to all of you in the bay area. coming up at abc7 news exclusive amanda knocks is here in times square for the first television interview and robin sits with her on "good morning america" next. >> new this morning, netflix subscribers have 2,000 fewer movies to watch this morning, with a report of a licensing agreement between the company and warner brothers and mgm and universal expired at midnight and among the titles that are not available are "cruel intentions" with a statement from netflix on the expiration saying and i quote, "we will forego or not renew titles that are not watched enough. we use user knowledge to decide what is available on net film." >> the george w. bush library will open to the public today in dallas, texas, dedicated last
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week at a ceremony attended by rebound and former presidents jimmy carter and bill clinton with a copy of the oval office and includes exhibits on the 9/11 attack and his father, former president george h.w. bush was there, too. >> the sharks on the play 50s in -- play the canucks in vancouver. the sharks host game three at h.p. pavilion on sunday. the n.b.a. fans will rock the arena tomorrow as the warriors try to close out the nuggets. they fell behind by 22 points in the third quarter and fought become with steph curry hitting the only three to bring the warriors within five points and the nuggets held on for a win.
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warriors win the series and tip-off tomorrow is 7:30. >> we continue to follow breaking news from the north bay with strong winds whipping up wildfires. >> at 6:30 an update the plains of and the fire work and those would live near the fire lines. >> we have developing news from calaveras county, a little girl sobs trying to remember the good times with her friend, eight -year-old legally fowler who was murdered. >> there is a fire threat and i will let you know how long the winds will hang around and dangerous heat in the forecast coming in. >> leyla gulen in the traffic center, the bay bridge metering lights are on and the sun is rising and we have a couple of sig-alerts and i will update you on your east bay traffic as we
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abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> the breaking news is wildfire in the wine country and this is the smoke from one of four fires currently burning up there, three in the knights valley area and one in napa county and it is fed by the winds. thanks for joining us, i am eric
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thomas. >> the winds fanning the flames and carrying the smoke to us in san francisco. mike nicco? >> the wind advisory continues until 11:00 this morning with gusts up to 74 miles per hour on mount tamalpais is around 35 to 45 in some of our valleys through the napa valley we have had 45 for big it gust over those flames and the reason why we get the smoke in san francisco, the winds are from north to south so the advisory continues for the north bay mountains and that is the area with the highest fire danger with elevations above 1,000' and humidity is less than 15 percent in many areas so just not were moisture in the air or in the ground. this occurred overnight a heat advisory for seem with record heat possible and this extends through the bay to the coast and we have upper 90's inland so
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warmer than today where we will have low 90's inland valley and mid-to-upper 80's around the bay and low-to-mid 70's at the coast. leyla gulen? >> busy morning to get you going on wednesday as we look at the drive in san jose the sig-alert is in affect because of an overturned pickup truck northbound along highway 17 beyond hamilton avenue south of 280 we are looking at three lanes blocked and traffic is jammed. this sig-alert is in affect westbound highway 37 beyond the point, and this is involving a big rig and a pickup and the pickup truck slammed in the big rig and one lane is blocked. the red is completely backed up is we are down to 31 miles per hour a steady and slow drive headed westbound at 20 to 25-minute drive to make the commute in the westbound direction to the east. eastbound highway 12 near the
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golf course a downed motorcycle blocking one lane and you can see plenty of traffic eastbound and westbound direction. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news from the north bay where several wildfires are burning. crews are on the scene of fires in knights valley in sonoma county here highway 128 and in yountville in napa county. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is in napa. can you describe the smell? >> it smells like a strong smoke scent and the fire or the wind is knocking the smell around it is very windy. the sun is coming up and officials are getting a better sense of the ground that is being covered. this is the most dramatic video when the bright fire is burning in the middle of the night all
6:33 am
over sonoma and napa. there are three fires burning in sonoma in the knights valley area that burned 200 acres so far and they have zero percent containment. they say they have very strong winds from the north in sonoma and they have 150 personnel on the scene fighting this fire at highway 128. this call came in at 1:15 when a power line came down. that starts the fire. in napa county, this is at yountville and started at 11:45 with 40 percent contain and 50 acres burned. they are mapping the fire right now and expect it to give the latest numbers any minute so that will be changing soon. also, very windy there and they have last a farm to this fire. no other structures, though, have been threatened, but very
6:34 am
valuable property up here and valuable farmland up here in the wine country so they trying to knock the fires down as quickly as they can and no one has been hurt and everyone is okay so that is the good news and only one structure, a barn, has been lost. we will get you the numbers and feet them and facebook and get them in the newsroom when they come in.
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>> we have another picture from sky of some of the heavy smoke rising from the trees, the verge station burning and the underbrush is burning in sonoma county. this is one of the fires in knights valley being called a yellow fire because it is yellow jacket ranch road and highway 128. it has bound 200 acres. it is sending a lot of the heavy smoke south and down to the san francisco area. this has burned 200 acres. we will watch this fire and the one in napa county right now. we will have continuing coverage
6:38 am
with more on the web site at up-to-the-minute updates are on twitter, as well. if you have pictures of flames we would love to see them. >> developing news from calaveras county. investigators continue to search for whoever killed 8-year-old leila fowler at a vigil last night. you could hear the heartbreak in the voice of a young friend. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has more from the newsroom. >> so much emotion at the elementary school where a thousand people gathered to remember leila fowler. everyone dressed in pink and purple and held candles and listened to music and stories what a happy little girl she was. her family was there and her older brother could not say goodbye only "see you later" and through tears her mom tried to thank everyone for their support. her little freeways tried to remember the good times.
6:39 am
>> she said she would leap over one day and she would sleep over for a week at my house. >> her and my daughter became friends and she spent every summer with us. >> she was fund stabbed to death in her home in valley springs on saturday, the calaveras office only offering a vague description. this man is being checked out to see if he was involved. he tried to kidnap yesterday a 15-month-old child forcing his way into an apartment and tried to snatch the girl out of her mother's arms but she fought him off. his d.n.a. is tested to see if there is a match. the calaveras county sheriff is telling abc7 news they doubt he is involved but they need to follow up on the lead.
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>> new this morning, the uncertainty over the 32 bad bolts that snapped on the eastern span of the bay bridge caused a labor day weekend celebration to be put on held. according to the "san francisco chronicle", the nonprofit bay bridge alliance raised half of the goal of $3.5 million in private money to hold the two day party includes fireworks and a foot and bicycle race and a free public walk. caltran officials are deciding how to reinforce the broken steel rods. they have not decided if the span will still open labor day weekend. >> a few moments ago we showed you of the view of the smoke generated by the wine country fires so do not be surprised if you smell them. >> we can somali temperature. mike nicco takes a closer look. >> go not have allergies but the smoke bothers us. >> 55 in santa tree is area of san jose up to 61 in milpitas and cupertino and los gatos at
6:41 am
61 and santa clara and campbell at 60. temperatures are in the 50's and 60's and and upper 60's in lafayette and san ramon. we have the smoke but it is nut reducing the visibility but putting a fine haze in the area so it will be breezy through noon and fire danger continues through 6:00 and by 4:00, 88 inland and 83 around the bay and 70 at the coast and record highs are warmer tomorrow andizationly warmth tomorrow with coastal cooling on friday hitting the bay on saturday and inland on sunday. >> and the san jose drive headed northbound along the highway, two lanes have been re-opened but we are still looking at
6:42 am
six-mile drive from campbell because of an overturned vehicle and another sig-alert westbound along highway 37 we still see a lane blocked and it is very, very heavy traffic so you can look at 30-minute drive from vallejo to the westbound direction and 28 miles per hour are the top speeds so very, very slow and if you are headed along highway twelve near the golf course, westbound side, c.h.p. reported an eastbound motorcycle crash eastbound direction but it is westbound, actually. only one lane gets by in the westbound direction. knights valley highway 128 between scott road and spencer lane is re-opened and it was closed early because of the fires up there. >> it is now 6:42. trading is underway on wall street with a look at the big bart and the dow is off 54 points. we will check with bloomberg business report and the new york
6:43 am
stock exchange. >> first, one of the youngest victims in the boston marathon bombings is waking up at home. an update on the fires burning in the north bay. we have the three separate fires burning in the knights valley area that claimed 200 acres and the smoke is being
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 6:46. one of the boston marathon bombings youngest victims is back home in the bay area, in time to celebrate a very special day. abc7 news reporter kira klapper is in martinez. >> good morning to you, today is aaron hern's 12th birthday and he is back home in time to sell operate with family and friends. he and his parents and little sister returned home yesterday afternoon. it has been a long road since april 15. he was cheering on his mom when the bombs went off. the second bomb hit him with shrapnel and he had two surgeries in boston. last wednesday he was released
6:47 am
from the hospital and took the first step the next day. aaron hern still has 100 staples in his leg: the community has come together to support the family dealing with medical expenses as the road to recovery will continue to be a long road. >> this is a small town with a big heart and we bond together to try to help everyone we can and proud to be part of this community and proud the family is back home. >> several fundraisers are held for the family in the last two weeks at a wine bar the owners donated an entire week's worth of sales to his recovery fund and this past weekend there was a fun run with family friends raising $4,000 to help with medical costs. it is not cheer when he will return to class at hard -- martinez junior high school but everyone is glad to have him in school and the family wants to
6:48 am
celebrate the birthday in family but have agreed to speak with the media tomorrow. we look forward to that. >> happy birthday, aaron hern! >> a look from sky 7 of the breaking news story, the planes have scorched 200 acres in sonoma county and the smoke is rising with one of three fires burning in knights valley near yellow jacket ranch road started by a down power line. there is also a smaller 50-acre fire in napa county in yountville and high wins -- winds are driving the smoke to the bay. it is being expelled in san francisco and we -- being smelled in san francisco and we could smell it, too. now to the new york stock exchange. >> good morning, we are seeing
6:49 am
declines at the open. we had a report from the adp showing fewer jobs created in april than expected. we waiting for the federal remember to wrap up the latest to-day meeting. we had another record high for the s&p and we are coming off the level. we have small gains in the silicon valley index leading the gains. >> thank you so much. >> again from sky 7 you see the fire is burn willing up this in the knights valley area and 200 acres have been claimed and look at 9 smoke being generateed. >> that is a dangerous situation up there as we have been talking about as far as what is going on with the wind gusting. we had gusts up to 44 miles per hour in the floor of the napa valley so it is the high elevations and the lower elevations dealing with the
6:50 am
concern. the live doppler 7 hd shows one of the reasons we have been dealing with this situation it has been so dry. it will be warmer today with high fire risk through 6:00 and dangerous heat tomorrow as we get near triple digits inland and 80's at the coast and cooler arrives for most neighbors this weekend and the haze is hangover san francisco from mount sutro and we are 13 degrees warmer in redwood city and same in san jose and napa tops out at 90 and 15 and 16 in livermore, and san francisco should be comfortable 65 and oakland will be a comfortable 68 but 81 and 8 a degrees this afternoon. we will be in the mid to upper 80's in the south bay and santa clara is 87 degrees. on the peninsula, low-to-mid 80's in most neighborhoods and we will touch the upper 80's and the coast, and warm here, too, with upper 70's for you and near 80 in downtown south san
6:51 am
francisco and sausalito and low 70's at the beaches in the north bay but mid mid-to-upper 80's ie valleys. possible record around richmond and oakland and 84 and 85 and a lot of low-to-mid 80's along the shore and low 90's in the east bay valley. at the game, a great afternoon. 12:35 first pitch and it will feel warm and 76 and warming up to 81. tonight we will be milder than this morning but not so breezy with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's with high pressure with the clock wise flow moving to the north and you can see the wind coming out of the north to northeast across our neighborhood and humidity is now below 20 percent in many of our inland neighbors only helping to heighten the fire risk. tomorrow, 90 around the bay and mid-90's inland and 80's near the coast and will couping --
6:52 am
and cooling hits the coast on friday, sunday, monday, tuesday, those are temperatures we should have for this time of the career so be careful through 6:00 tonight account heat advisory tomorrow from 1:00 o'clock to 9:00. >> a picture captors -- captures our app in san jose an overturned vehicle and the good news is that is now all gone so the sig-alert was updated by c.h.p. and canceled, northbound 17, all laneed re-opened but we have a backup from campbell. the rest of the drive is at top speed and 101 from san mateo to redwood city looking clear to 80 with no problems whatever and this problem the sig-alert is in affect a pickup and a big rig that was carrying 75,000 pounds of chicken feed and one lane is blocked westbound highway 37.
6:53 am
you have at least a 30 to 35-minute drive coming from vallejo. >> ahead, five things to know before you go. >> including wildfires in the north bay, the morning news returns in 60 seconds.
6:54 am
>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" five things to know. gusting winds are fanning brushfires burning in wine country on this red there wanting day. crews are working three fires near highway 128 and 200 acres have burned. another fire in yountville has scorched 50 acres, and you may be able to smell the smoke in the bay area. >> aaron hern is waking up in his own bed in martinez celebrating the 12th birthday. he and his family return home
6:55 am
from boston yesterday. he has had two surgeries for shrapnel in his leg. >> a sister of boston marathon bombings dzhokhar tsarnaev says the family will claim the body of tamerlan tsarnaev and the sister said she and her sister are planning a proper muslim burial. >> four, more than a thousand turned out for a vigil in calaveras county to remember leila fowler the 8-year-old girl found stabbed to death in her home on saturday. the family spoke for the first time since the murder to thank the community for support. >> bay area basketball fans will get another chance to light up the arena in oakland tomorrow night and the warriors bring the series back on the bay after dropping game five to the nuggets 107-100 tip-off and end of the series tonight night. >> the wind advisory the wreck
6:56 am
flag danger. >> it continues until 11:00 northbound bay mountains gusts up to 50 or 60 miles per hour fanning the flames with high fire danger and north bay mountains through 6:00 and the hottest day will be toll, the entire bay area including the coast tomorrow from 1:00 o'clock to 9:00 under a heat advisory. >> i have good news in san jose the sig-alert canceled northbound highway 17 beyond hamilton avenue and all lanes are blocked with backups from campbell and this sig-alert is in affect but the vehicles have been taken from the lanes westbound highway 37 but, still, heavy backup from vallejo. >> the abc7 morning news continues in 25 minutes with news be weather and traffic during "good morning america" next. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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good morning, america. this morning, incredible images of this massive 747 cargo plane crashing on takeoff at a u.s. air base in afghanistan. growing questions now about what happened on board in these dramatic moments. the clues all caught on a dashboard camera. developing overnight. brand-new details on the boston bombing investigation. authorities revealing to abc news what they believe was the turning point for the older suspect. when he was radicalized and the man who may have influenced him. caught on tape. is this the most dangerous road in america? this stunning crash, dead man's curve, and everyone walked away. how cameras are cap touring every moment of the collision course high above l.a. l.a.


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