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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 2, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. 5:00 on thursday morning, comfortable now. it will be quite the scorcher. >> if you are a firefighter on the wine country fire, there could be trouble. mike? >> good news, the winds calm down as we talked about. the fire danger has dropped with the red flag warning but plenty of dry vegetation and dry air.
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we will talk about the heat. dangerous heat, away from the coast, though, because a sea breeze will kick in. 90's in the warmest spot and mid-and-upper 90's in the east bay valley. dangerously hot vehicles getting up to 130 or 140 degrees inside the vehicle. looking on oakland, 90 to 96 inland and 84 to 93 an the bay. the coast will top out in the low-to-upper 70's and fall dug the afternoon in the afternoon. a showers in the forecast is ahead but first, let's get you out the door. >> we have police activity blocking the candlestick off-ramp southbound 101 and police have two suspects in custody. they are looking for a third and they are believed armed and dangerous. southbound 101 candlestick off-ramp is blocked off and it will be closed until further
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notice. in san francisco, this ramp will be shut down and will re-open southbound 101 to eastbound 80 is still closed at this hour. here is a picture of our tolls and everything is moving beautifully from oakland to san francisco. >> as mike mentioned the wreck flag warning could be gone but the sun and heat is tough going for firefighters in wine country. abc7 news reporter is there with a preview. >> good morning, eric, firefighters are preparing for another very long, hot day on the frontlines. we are on yellow jacket road closest to the yellow fire, with a staging area behind us as firefighters have been literally working all night to try to get a handle on the fire. the good news is the winds out here are very calm and the temperatures are relatively cool and that is god news. we are closest to the yellow fire which burned a couple of
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hundred acres yesterday in sonoma county across the county line from calistoga. a number of teams had to be dispatched across the county, with 60 percent-plus containment. another fire burned some 20 acres yesterday. all of the fires took off yesterday due to the recipe of various bad conditions, low humidity, high winds and of course the extremely hot weather which will continue today. the flames threatened a winery with the hot conditions expected today. file fighters worked all through the night and will work again today. the yellow fire is expected to have full containment and that is good news by this evening. how the fires started is the big question. it is very still much an unknown
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. >> the fires in the not bay could be a sign of a nasty fire season ahead. the national interagency fire center in boise issued this map for the season showing central california expected to have above average fire danger this month with parts of arizona and new mexico not far behind. this is just for the month of may and it gets worse as somersets in. the rising sells are drying out the grass and brush making it success sentibl to fire. a park in oakland hills is closed because of the danger. it is usually closed with red flag warnings but this comes earlier than usual. >> and the biggest fire burning in the west is 3,000 acre wildfire burning in southern california continues to slowly grow overnight. crews manned the firelines and this blaze right now is 35 percent contained but high winds
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are fueling the fire. one house is damaged and hundreds have been evacuated. >> breaking news from san francisco. >> police are searching for an armed and dangerous suspect in the area around candlestick park after a shooting in the anything district. after 2:00 this morning a man was shot not leg at 19th and mission. police chased the vehicle to the chan tell stick area where the three men abandoned the car and ran. two were arrested and they are looking for the third. >> the arena will buzz with nba playoff fever as the warriors try to beat the nuggets after physical play and nasty words exchanged after the last game in denver. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is inside oracle arena. what a treat! >> check me out. i feel like a v.i.p. down here makes me want to practice the free throw. can you imagine doing that in
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front of 19,000 in there are a lot of seats in here. it is very exciting to be here. the warriors and the staff found they would be running here on tuesday and they would come back to the bay area when denver woman gave five. the series is now 3-2 and the wars -- warriors are still up and only need to win more. the question is whether steph curry was violated? did denver engage in dirty pay in but steph curry is shaking it off. >> guys try to get under your skin however, and it is competitive environment. it is fun. >> officials say they were a little surprised, a little caught off guard to find out they would come home to play tonight and thought they would clench it in denver but they happy for the fans saying it would be great to win all of this at home.
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i will show you how caught off guard they were. see the amazing t-shirts got here last night at 4:30 and you can see shirt, shirt, shirt, shirt -- no shirt. oops. only 3,000 more shirts arrived because they ran short. they promise they will be here and the game starts at 7:30 tonight and if this is a fan, you should have a t-shirt and if you don't i will do an investigative report to get you a t-shirt. good luck to the warriors tonight hoping for a win to go to san antonio. >> thank you, amy. >> the deadline is today for governor brown and the state of california to submit a plan in federal court on how to reduce risen overcrowding. a federal court lettened -- threatened the governor to
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reduce the risen population by 10,000 inmates or be held in con tell. two years ago the supreme court upheld a ruling to order california to reduce the prison population and the governor says the state made substantial process and spent billions. the department corrections says the inmate population is 120,000, 146 percent of design capacity. >> coming soon, the new $22 million ferry terminal built on the water front by 2015. here is an artist rendering of what it will look like when the facility is complete. the photos were provided to our media partner, the vallejo times herald with construction starting later this year and the mayor of vallejo says the new facility will create jobs and improve public access and give the residents and workers a new transportation option. >> today an unusual combination to measure california's water supply. there will be the manual
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measurements of the snow pack using the traditional tubes to check water content but california water officials and nasa will send up a plane to conduct aerial surveys which has technology to measure the snow pack's precise depth and thement rate. the sierra snow pack normally provided a third of the water for california. of course, this comes after the driest januaries through march on record. >> the snow is healthing because of the heat we have. mike? >> a couple record high temperatures earlier this week, sunday and monday and they will be in the 70's today. they will flirt with a record high again. the visibility shows it is unlimited at a little bit of haze in san jose and santa rosa at four and eight miles. in the embarcardero, the trees are barely moving. the fire threat has waned.
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it is cooler because of a lack of wayne. 45 to 57. at noon we will be 69 at the coast and 84 inland with record high temperatures by 4:00 and 69 at the coast and 92 inland but not so existable this evening at 64 at the coast to 80 inland by 7:00. the next three days show significant changes in the forecast over the weekend. saturday is our last warm to hot day away from the coast with temperatures dropping 10- to 15-degrees on sunday with a chance of showers in the seven-day outlook. >> leyla? >> the roads are dry if you drive along the maze and headed westbound along 80 we have a few cars. it is starting to build. the eastbound coming away from 580 is clear. if you continue down the nimitz that is not showing any issues and nothing to speak of at the moment but we have construction wrapping up at this hour and this is in san jose northbound
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280 to northbound 880 the transition is re-opening. we are already seeing a a buildup of traffic on the interchange and 237 has a lane blocked and that was supposed to be until 5:00 but construction is running late and one lane is slowing things down a little bit. kristen and eric? >> facebook is upgrading status with investors with the bloomberg business report ahead. >> the biggest department stores in the country is apologizing to the customers. what is behind the public and interesting apology. >> california's battle against illegal weapons is getting added muscle, the warning going out to
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covering cupertino and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> this is the second anniversary of the death of one of history's most wanted terrorists. on this day in 2011 a small group of navy seals raid add compound in pakistan and killed osama bin laden, the al-qaeda leader, behind the 9/11 attacks. president obama went on tv that night to announce that in his words justice has been continue. the raid has been recounted in a controversial book and magazine article as well as in the movies "zero dark thirty." >> a new development on the attack in benghazi which claimed the life of the ambassador and three other americans.
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stevens grew up in piedmont. the f.b.i. has posted photographs of the three men saying they were there the at consulate when it was attacked on 9/11. the f.b.i. is asking for information about who these men are and are taking this tactic after posting pictures led them to the boston marathon bombings. >> california is getting $24 million to implement its own version of gun control, a bill signed by governor brown 8 let attorney general harris hire 36 special agentness charge of confiscating weapons from 20,000 in california who are not allowed to own the a gun. the state checks the databases with those prohibited from owning firearms because of criminal records or mental illness and the white house is looking at california's gun tracking system in hopes of duplicating it. >> and jc penny's says it is sorry and wants your business back. >> come back to jc penney's. we heard you. now we would love to see you.
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>> the company's latest ad is on youtube and facebook and on tv and averages they made mistakes but has learned from them. jc penney fired the c.e.o. who used to be at apple and is bringing back the c.e.o. that johnson replaced. changes included getting rid of most sales and bringing in new brands, loyal customers turned away. >> your boss could seem helpful but they may be trying to hurt your career. >> what? >> here is the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. mountain dew is being pulled after complaints the ad was ratessist and made light of violence against women showing a battered white woman trying to identify a suspect out of a lineup of black men and a ghost. facebook upgrading the status with investors with better-than-expected sales and making more money for mobile
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ads. a down stay for stocks after reports showed signs of slowing job growth. speaking of jobs the opinion -- one in five employees report their direct managers have had a negative impact on their years like blocking promotions and pay raises. to be fair, over half say their boss has a positive impact on their job. at the new york stock exchange, with the bloomberg business report. >> is today the hottest day of the week? >> i think so. i think so. that is why we will have record highs today and why we have the heat advisory. good morning, everyone, we will look at live doppler 7 hd which is still showing how dry it is outside. we will talk about what is going on in this forecast cycle. dangerous heat today. it will be sunny. a 10 to 20 degree drop over the weekend from saturday to sunday coinciding with an area of low
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pressure bringing showers next week, popup like showers with a temperature that will cool into the next week. 90 on tuesday in san jose, and that is poll record high. low-to-mid 90's throughout the santa clara valley and santa cruz at 78 today, more comfortable there and mid-to-upper 80's around millbrae and shay i don't and redwood city south, will low-to-mid 90's. low-to-mid 70's along the coast today and near 80 in daly city and 78 in sunset and temperatures will fall in the afternoon along the coast with the sea breeze developing. do not expect that to be the temperature at 4:00, that will be around noon or 1:00 o'clock. temperatures in the mid-80's around downtown and south san francisco and also sausalito and low-to-mid 90's through the north bay valleys with san rafael at 92 and santa rosa at 92. the temperatures in the north bay are mid-to-upper 70's and we will be in the upper 80's to low
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90's with oakland at 91 and richmond at 90 a possible record high and lever more is 96 where it will be warmest today, and mid-90's in the east bay valley and if you are driving around on the asphalt or concrete the car thermometer could reach 99 or 100 and temperatures tonight are back in the 50's to near 60 degrees and looks refresh. we have clockwise blow and counterclockwise flow so we have warm weather. the sea breeze develops today and the seven-day outlook shows it is pushing inland or in the bay tomorrow and does not quite get inland until sunday and that is when we will see temperatures near average if not below a monday, tuesday, and wednesday, with a slight chance of a popup shower monday and tuesday. have a good day. >> quiet drive to san jose headed along 87 into downtown san jose with not much traffic north bound and southbound is
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not. on the maps i will report on this, a closure at candlestick park closure southbound 101 because of police activity. three shooting suspects are out there, two have been arrested and one is still out on the loose and they are believed armed and dangerous so the closure will be active until further notice. in san jose this closure will stick around until 7:00 a.m. northbound 880 up to 237 we have at least one or two lanes blocked. >> four tiger cubs bay due at a zoo in japan and what makes them so special. >> getting heat, a company taking brand marketing to painful new levels. >> today on "katie" the mississippi man falsely accused of sending letters containing rices. that's "america's money." make sure your make it a great day. i'm john muller.
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>> good morning, at 5:23. whether you are just joining us or heading out the door these are five things to know. one, the national weather service has cancel add wreck flag warning, good news for crews getting an upper hand on the 120 acre fire north of sonoma that started yesterday morning in knights valley. we will take you there with the latest. >> two people in san jose are displaced after a fire overnight near willow streets with flames devouring a home and garage and detached shed before 11:30. it also spread to the house next door but no reports of any
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injury. >> three, the court-order monitor overseeing the oakland police department is calling on major technology and equipment upgrades. according to our media partner, the oakland tribune, compliance director wants the city to spend $2 million on new training and technology and includes buying 200 new tasers for officers. >> the deadline is today for governor brown and the state of california to submit a plan in federal court to reduce evercrowding in state prisons. right now, california's inmate population is around 120,000, 146 percent of design capacity. >> the warriors have another chance to eliminate the denver nuggets in advance of the conference semi finals, they lead the best of seven series after democrat verify won on tuesday night. the game six is arrest oracle arena with tip-off at 7:30. >> coming up on 5:25 and now a
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check on the weather of the mike? >> we will look down from sutro tower and you can see the camera is very still this morning. the winds are gone, so the high fire danger is over. that is good news to wake up to. very warm today at 86 in san francisco, and 11 degrees warmer than yesterday and low-to-mid 90's in concord and oakland and fremont and santa rosa, four to nine degrees warmer than yesterday. the entire state is going to be warm today with 70's at the coast and low do mid-90's through the central valley and palm springs and mid-to-upper 80's around san diego and los angeles and warmth in the sierra, also. have a great day. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:25 we are taking a drive from hayward to foster city and seeing more cars out here and it is looking slower to the high-rise. now, in the east bay, if you are travel along highway four coming from antioch to concord you are gown to 18 miles per hour and it
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picks up further into pittsburg and to bay point. over the altamont pass, the 580, 34 miles per hour is the top speed but it looks better when you drive further into livermore at 58 miles per hour. from daly city 280 to san francisco is under ten minutes and from 85 to cupertino is 19 minutes and 880, 238 to oakland is 12-minute drive. >> thank you. new this morning we get our first look at four rare white tiger cubs in japan, the newest stars made their debut this morning and they mostly hung out with mom, and one tried to jump on her but slipped, instead, and the cute cubs were born a month and a half ago, and a girl, three boys, and the zoo in tokyo was eager to show east tigers to the public. there are fewer than 200 of them left in the wild. >> tattoo can be a way to show off your personality but for
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employ ease of a realty company it is the fast track to a 15 percent pay hike. the owner of rapid realty pays if the cot of tattoos the company logo on the employee's body. the owner says he got the idea from a loyal employee who did it for fund. so far, 40 emhighway ayes have taken the plunge. >> would you do it? >> branding? that is literal branding. >> i would do it, too. >> the abc7 news continuing with the top stories at 5:30. >> including the update on boston bombings and the police are focusing on the widow of a suspect. >> northern california is not the only place with wildfires with a new
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> thursday, about 5:30. thanks for starting your day with us. >> it will be another hot day. but the winds should die down. >> that is the great news. we will get you updated on what happened while you were sleeping. live doppler 7 hd showing very dry air out there and we still have very dry vegetation but we don't have the wind. that is why the wreck flag warning was dropped. this afternoon, from 1:00 o'clock until 9:00 in the evening, everyone is in orange and that is everyone but for riding along the coast and that has changed. the coast will get into the 70's but then the sea breeze kicks in and you will cool in the afternoon hours. you will top out in the low-to-upper 70's with p.m. cooling and the rest of us are baking hot at 84 to knee away the bay and 90 to 96 inland. we will look at potential record high temperatures and, first,
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the traffic from leyla gulen. >> this the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city, we are looking at more traffic and if you clearing up make the dry beyond the high-rise to foster city, the eastbound commute is building. to the maze the drive is walnut creek and makes the drive -- no, this is the maze. that drive is looking busy westbound along 80 coming up open a 80, it builds as you make the drive closer to the tolls and the eastbound 80 commute from 580 is looking clear. >> without red flag conditions firefighters have a tough slog against the yellow fire in sonoma county and will have to battle heat and low humidity as mike has been telling us. abc7 news reporter has more on the story. sue? >> good morning, what a difference from yesterday with
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wind conditions in sonoma county this morning are calm. temperatures are relatively cool. you have to believe and know that is going to help firefighters as they continue to fight the fires throughout the day. we are just on the edge of what is called the yellow fire. it destroyed a home yesterday. it devoured a couple hundred acres in sonoma county. it was so bad that a number of strike teams had to be dispatched from alameda county to help. sited more than 60 percent contained. they expect full containment on this by later tonight and another fire burned 0 acres in soda canyons and conditions have been tough with the fires because there is low humidity, high wind and the extremely hot weather the last few days made it tough for firefighters and threatens kendall jackson
5:33 am
winery. wine makers say they are also on high alert. >> it could go fast with the grass like a carpet and it is so dry it rapidly moves through the vineyard. >> in wine country, vineyard wine makers are asked to trim down their crops in order to try and reduce any potential for fire given what has happened. firefighters continue their fight to try to get full containment on the fires. how they started is the big question they will look at when they reach full containment. >> happening now in southern california firefighters battling 3,000 acre wildfire in riff side county that break out yesterday afternoon. crews have it 35 percent
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contained. there were evacuations. so far firefighters have been able to limit property damage to a single house and curb the threat to hundreds more. >> breaking news from oakland. firefighters are at the scene of a blaze at a two-story building at foothill boulevard which is in a store on the ground floor. we will bring you more details on the fire as they become available. >> new this morning, investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire in san jose that displaced three people that started before 11:30 last night her to willow street devouring a home and garage and detached shed and spread to the house next door. there are no reports of any injuries. >> the woman accused of trying to poison starbucks customers in the south bay will be arraigned in court. officers arrested ramineh behbehanian on monday after getting tips from a barista and a customer would saw her place
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two bottles on a shelf with other items at the starbucks. the suspect is a pharmacist who worked at pfizer and other high profile corporations and faces attempted murder charges for spiking juice bottles which rubbing alcohol. >> a former contra costa county priest and sunday school teacher accused of sex crimes against children. the "contra costa times" reports 23-year-old man is charged with four counsels of child molestation. the prosecution says that no victim was his student. police are look at several potential victims in addition to those included in the charges. he is held in county jail on more than $5.5 million bail. >> also new, a high school coach is facing charges after being accused in a sex scandal. the 27-year-old christopher yang is facing nine federallies for sex crimes against a teen girl.
5:36 am
he is an assistant girls water polo coach at walnut creek's gate high school. according to the pain, he was a swim cope before that. no word who the alleged victim is. yang is on bail and will be arraigned may 20th. >> federal investigators are working to determine if friends of the surviving suspect of boston marathon bombings were misguided youth helping a friend or members of a terror cell. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is following the developments. >> senior law enforcement officials tells abc7 news they lied to us once, we will not trust, we will verify. one man is accused of lying to federal investigators when asked if he and two others destroyed evidence related to the bombings. the 19-year-old robel phillipos is a citizen and went to high school with suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. the other two are 19 years old and friends from the university
5:37 am
of massachusetts at dartmouth. azamat tazhayakov is enrolled but suspended and dias kadyrbayev is not currently enrolled. investigators say they threw away a backpack belonging to dzhokhar tsarnaev containing fireworks that appear to have had explosive powder removed. also, they exchanged text emergencies with zach zag -- dzhokhar tsarnaev appeared at news when investigators were looking for the brothers. the tons deny the charges. >> his first knowledge of the bombing came later and the government allegations as far as he saw a photo and recognized him we dispute. >> tamerlanand tamalpais' widowo her husband after the surveillance video and his picture appeared on the news but we don't know what happened in the conversation.
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the two men face five years in prison and robel phillipos faces eight years and all three agreed to voluntary detention with the next hearing may 14. >> tonight the warriors get another shot at closing the lay off series against the denver nuggets on home turf at the arena and denver extended the series on tuesday bringing it back locally by beating the warriors. tip-off tonight is 7:30 and expect 19,000 fans and 16,000 teachers in the stadium so far. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield will have a report from inside the arena on how everyone is going to get a t-shirt. >> also, the sharks have stolen home ice from the vancouver team in the opening game of the standly cup layoffs. the sharks trailed the canucks
5:39 am
through the second period when a power play goal tied it. then san jose got away with a third-period goal and the sharks added another goal en route to 3-1 victory. game two of the best of seven sears is tomorrow night in vancouver and the sires shifts then to h.p. pavilion on sunday night. >> a great time to be a bay areas sport fan. >> they are all doing well and the ice looks cool. >> especially today. >> exactly, go to h.p. pavilion to cool off. they are 4-0 against canucks this year so that looks good for the series. good morning, everyone, another reason where the fire danger is lessening: 17 percent relative humidity in fairfield. everyone else, and this time yesterday we were in the teens and 20's and now we are in the 50's to 80's so the air has moistened a little bit and it will be mild, mid-40's at the
5:40 am
coast and mid-to-upper 50's for the rest of us and jumping to 4:00, we have sunshine and near 70 at the coast and mid-80's to low 90's and it will be hot again tomorrow and we will see cooling for saturday but look at sunday, nearly 20 degrees cooler than today with showers on the way in the seven-day outlook. >> good morning, at 5:40 we have a picture our toll plaza along the bay bridge and right now, you can see headlights making their way out of oakland away from 580 and into the tolls and toward treasure island, not seeing any problem into san francisco and we have a nice update southbound 101 at the candlestick park off-ramp and that re-opened and we have police activity there earlier and it looks like that is wrapped up so the off-ramp off of southbound 101 to candlestick pack has re-opened and we have other construction projects in the works and right now northbound 880 to 237, one lane
5:41 am
remains blocked until 7:00 a.m. >> bolts and now welding, a new construction problem on the eastern span of the bay bridge that could be a tough fix. >> how president obama will deal with tensions between the united
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>> coughing daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:44. the man accusessed in a bizarre carjacking spree in the north bay appears in court this morning. jeffery boyce of oregon is scheduled for felony arraignment in marin county as they try to determine if he is behind the murder of a bay area woman in oregon. a couple found the 57-year-old woman dead long highway 101 on sunday. police say her body was found at a rest stop in coos county. show was on a trip to visit family in oregon. her where told abc7 news she served on the board of directors for the castro valley arts foundation. police arrested boyce monday night in grown bray and -- in greenbrae. his mother said he was on the
5:45 am
way to the russian consulate in san francisco to seek asylum. >> there are more problems for the new eastern span of the bay bridge with cracks discovered in two dozen welds in 33' long welds. they are necessary to with stand a major earthquake and the new issue cops as caltran is trying to figure out a fix for dozens of rods that snapped when they were tightened. >> woman who was rescued from a tree by firefighters is doing fine. firefighters rescues the woman from a 30' tree last night at 9:00. the tree was near a high voltage power line that pen pen had -- pg&e had to turn off the power. she is partly paralyzed and friends helped her up there
5:46 am
because she wanted to spend a note in a tree. >> san francisco officials are holding a hearing over expanding parking meters in popular neighborhoods. the agency wants to install park meters in residential areas around mission bay, the northeast part of the mission, portrero hill, dog patch and south of market. supervisor wants to make sure neighbors fully understand the plan and he wants it know how much resolution knew the new meters will generate. >> caltrain will vote on how were to up the bicycle store average in san francisco, after recommending $500,000 expansion project. if approved the land expands the station's daily capacity from 100 to 185 bicycles and will install new security systems and automatic parking features. >> now the forecast, another heated forecast. >> absolutely. especially if you are outside in the afternoon in the sunshine it
5:47 am
can feel 10 or 15 degrees warmer than the record high temperatures of today. it is 5:47, with dry air and the lack of rain but on sunday and monday and tuesday and wednesday, we could be tracking popup light showers with the big cooling trend on the way. until then we will look at temperatures across san francisco, downtown it is 57, upper market is 59 and the warm spot would be forest hills at 62. it is 41 in petaluma and 44 at american canyon and 61 in walnut creek and santa clara is 51 and belmont is at 58 degrees. we will talk about this forecast cycle, we are going to have dangerous heat and a lot of sunshine. 10 to 20-degree drop this weekend that coincides with an area of low pressure bringing us a chance of very light pop-up
5:48 am
showers next week. it is hazy out there but not a "spare the air" day only the second day of the summer season and it looks like that outside. this does not bode well for the rest of the summer. maybe. 23 degrees warmer-than-average today in livermore at 96 and san francisco is 86, 21 degrees warmer-than-average and warmer-than-average in redwood city and napa and san jose. low to my 90's and possible record high in san jose and also mountain view today and 93 in redwood city and 88 in san mateo, and mid-to-upper 70's and 80 is poll at the coast and then you get a cooling breeze for the afternoon with temperatures dropping into the 60's and mid-80's downtown and south san francisco and possible record there and same with a 92 in san rafael and santa rosa and 93 in napa and 91 in oakland and 90 in richmond and 96 in live more, and upper 90's are possible on the thermometer on the car in
5:49 am
the east bay valley. check out the temperatures tonight, almost as comfortable as they are this morning in the mid-50's to near 60. cooling hits the coast this afternoon and spreads into the bay tomorrow and look at that, sunday, temperatures in the 70's but for 50's at the coast and we will stay below average with the chance of a sure monday, tuesday, and possibly on wednesday. have a great day. >> as we head to the east bay we have a brand new accident southbound along the nimitz beyond thornton with slowing with a four-car pileup with construction that will be around until 7:00 a.m. northbound 680 and south mission boulevard to north mission a few lanes blocked and not seeing too much travel in the northbound direction but a little bit of volume building southbound and as we take the drive to san francisco this construction project should wrap up soon and southbound 101 connected to eastbound 80 will also be closed.
5:50 am
we will hook at our drive time track headed along highway four you are at 2 2 minutes and half an hour and 14 minutes from highway four to the maze. >> all is quiet in seattle this morning following a confrontation between police and may day protesters. police used flash bang devices and pepper spray to try to break up the cloud during a march and rally and you can see the officers and photographers getting pelted with rocks. one police officer was injured and 13 people were arrested. >> president obama hopes the trip to mexico today will help sell the immigration reform plan to congress when he is back. the president is meeting with mexico's new president who was elected in the fall. he is expected to promote his country's economic success.
5:51 am
the obama administration says a strong mexican economy keeps people from fleeing in mexico to the united states. >> it is 5:51, youtube dechairs victory over television, the bold statement made by the google executive chairman. >> the controversial move to allow young girls to buy the morning after pill is underfire. a move to sell plan "b" over the counter could need plan c. >> and researchers look at lipstick and what they are discovering that is
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>> youtube is declaring victory over television. the executive chairman of google which owns youtube declared internet video has already displaced tv watching. in an event last night they say youtube has global reach, community engagement and a younger audience than any cable network. the video-sharing website hit the milestone of a billion visitors each month. >> mark twain is appropriate. our our device is greatly exaggerateed. >> a billion? a billion? >> everyone, we talk about may. may in san francisco, we do not
5:55 am
see big changes from 65 to 66 degrees on the high and the slow from 51 to 52 but it has been as warm as 101 and as cool as 43. we average half an inch of rain and the most we have had is four ims. temperatures are low-to-mid 90's through the central valley and record highs at 71 in tahoe. leyla gulen? >> the drive in the east bay, headed through fremont, we have this brand new accident involving possibly four cars and southbound 880, beyond thornton avenue down to 35 miles per hour so already with one lane blocked we are seeing a heavy backup before highway 84. the golden gate bridge from marin county, through sausalito to san francisco is nice and clear and northbound we had early construction with a couple lanes blocked and everything now was re-opened. kristen and eric? >> this morning the f.a.a. is investigating a runway collision between two planes at newark
5:56 am
international airport. the wing of a scandinavian airline jet flipped the tail of a united turbo prop as both were taking off. no one was hurt and passengers were put on other flights. last month the f.a.a. reject add land to install cameras on the wing tips of larger aircraft to avoid situates like this from happening. >> the justice department is appealing to a judge's decision to open up the morning after pill to teen aim girls. the government says that the judge who issued the ruling to allow teens 15 and over to buy plan "b" over-the-counter competed his authority and his decision should be suspended. the judge on tuesday gave the f.d.a. a grand light to lift the age limit on plan "b". girls new have to be 17 to buy birth control pills without the parents' permission. >> japanese scientists developed a drug that makes men less likely to cheat reducing the risk of what is called the honey
5:57 am
trap when a man makes poor decisions around an attractive woman. they found the drug allows for more sober decisionmaking in the face of this situation and relieves the symptoms of depression and schizophrenia. >> is that saying they are taking men off the hook and it is something chemical that needs to be controlled with a drug? >> i might put that in a follow bag. the warriors will try to lock it up tonight and we are at the arena ahead of the big game. >> we have developing news with wildfires burning across the north bay. the firefight, the damage, and the conditions crews are facing this morning. >> and the milestone for construction crews today on
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. we can see several wildfires keeping the firefighters busy. we are on the firelines. >> from northern california to southern california where hundreds of people have been forced from their homes because of a fire in riverside county and a familiar threat is to blame. >> game six between the warriors and nuggets is tonight. this morning, we are inside the arena with a preview of the fan frenzy leading to the matchup. >> frenzy is the right world, 6:00 on thursday. thanks if joining us. >> it will be another hot one. here is mike. >> that is the big story weather-wise. it is the oppressive heat as the story. there are a couple of modifications. it is not extended to the coast. the temperatures will drop during the afternoon as the local sea breeze develops. the fire danger has --ed. the humidity is


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