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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 2, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a fatal single car accident on westbound interstate 580 in live more shut down the highway for hours in the middle of the morning commute. one person is dead and two are injured. >> and abc7 news reporter is near the scene. the highway just re-opened? >> about 10:30 this morning after two hours and 15 minutes. from sky 7 h.d., early this morning, it happened at 8:15. the single car, a black land rover discovery overturned,
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swerved and overturned suddenly going 35 miles per hour. there were three victims inside the vehicle. we understand two of them were ejected, one, the driver, 32 years old from tracy was killed. another, the passenger, a male, also from tracy, was injured with major injuries and a woman in the back seat managed to crawl out. a single car rollover. at 10:25 this is what it looked like as it was loaded on to the back of the flatbed truck. local police and c.h.p. making an effort to re-open the freeway and clean things up as soon as they could. joining me now from the highway patrol, steve, what can you tell me about the accident? >> we have a solo fatal collision. the 40-year-old female is in surgery right now in castro valley with major injuries. the 30-year-old male passenger
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in the right front seat has less severe injuries but currently we have taken the vehicle for inspection. we are interviewing witnesses as we speak, recontacting them, and trying to determine what occurred and what caused the vehicle to swerve and go out of control and overturned several times. >> you said no one had seatbelts on, correct? >> the initial investigation shows that both front passengers did not use the seatbelt and the female in the rear could not access the seatbelt because of other cargo being back there so she did not. >> finally, any idea why the car overturned? you said witnesses said it swerve suddenly? >> initial statements said westbound 580 in the morning, everyone knows the speed close down and it slowed down to about 30 or 35 just prior to them seeing this s.u.v. swerve so it
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may have been where someone didn't see traffic slowing and tried to react and swerving. >> thank you, from interstate 580, westbound, all lanes are now open. >> thank you, breaking news, several new fires are raging right now in southern california. one has destroyed sever homes and another has quickly scorched thousands of acres. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is watching the latest. >> we have seen incredible pictures in the newsroom the past your. several fires are burning in southern california right now. first, from ventura county, look how close the highway is to he 101. the highway, 101, southbound, is partly shut down. to break out a few hours ago and in no time it has grown to more man 2,000 acres. officials have ordered people to evacuate their homes and they
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have evacuated california state university. there are some reports that some r.v. buildings are on fire right now. again, 2,000 acres have burned and it is not five hours old just starting at 6:30 this morning. it is not contained. and another fire is burning near riverside county and this morning at least four homes have burned and an elementary school has been evacuated. firefighters were already busy with this fire that started yesterday and is still burning. this is in banning in riverside county. this has destroyed a home and burned 3 the -- 3 the -- 3,000 acres. firefighters are working hard to get in front of the fires but they are spread thinly between three huge fires this morning. in the newsroom for abc7 news.
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>> firefighters in the north bay battle a stubborn fire northwest of calistoga which destroyed one home in the past 36 hours which is only 60 percent contained. another if lake county destroyed a miscellaneous before it was stopped. the fire started early, a lot more firefighters are needed. and quickly. abc7 news reporter joins us. training is underway? >> cal fire is in the hope stretch of trying to get the yellow fire contained by some time this evening and firefighters are literally racing against the chock trying to get as much done as possible before that record heat moves in. >> cal fire is on the move early in sonoma county, a final big push for containment on a fire that scorched 125 acres and destroyed an old redwood home fueled by wind, low humidity,
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and heat. crews face similar problems today. >> the big challenge today is going to be the heat advisory. >> with temperatures in the 90's and steep terrain, cal fire must dig by hand at times a 500' line of containment today. they must work fast while temperatures are still cool. >> we try to get a lot of our work done in the cooler hours, at night, and in the morning and the evening. we make that big push when we have the cooler weather in our favor. >> with the early string fires it has prompted cal fire to beef up staffing. in yountville the 65 firefighters will february training and hit fire stations to work tomorrow. cal fire is looking for more help. a trainee in the 5th fire season says emphasis is to prepare for the heat. >> everyone wants out for everyone else for signs of
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stress or heat illnesses and things like that. we all keep water on our packs, camel backs or in canteens. >> hydration was the order of the day from the command have today. how bad is the fire danger really? cal fire says it usually does not see dry conditions like these until june so the prediction is for a very long and dangerous fire season ahead and cal fire says right now they cannot train firefighters fast enough. in napa county for abc7 news. >> the red light warning was lifted but is that enough to keep the upper hand for the firefighters? >> it was lifted because the wind calmed down. that is taking one of the three things needed but we still have the heat and dry air and dry vegetation that is sometime there. yesterday, the "spare the air" season began for the summer.
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normally we focus on ozone but not today as we look from mount tamalpais people smelling. smoke as far south as san mateo. to the north from sutro tower you can see how hazy it s our worst air quality as far as particulates, san rafael, oakland, and, also, redwood city. here is the big thing outside of the smoke, temperatures today are 20 to 23 degrees above average with record high temperatures that are going to be dangerous away from the coast from 1:00 o'clock this afternoon to 9:00, 90's in the warm of the spot and your car could get up to 130 degrees on a day like today. >> police searched a store in oakland for clues to a missing 34-year-old hayward man reported missing by his family april 10. he was seen in downtown oakland on april 7th and the residential car was found parked in east oakland. police say his disappearance is extremely pishes. >> we are now joined with the
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latest. >> my report is that nigel was reported missing from hayward, and the police went to the tattoo studio, the last place he was seen, and when police showed up, it is now barred up, but it was an empty business with not were. this is an upstairs living space that police say is in a state disarray. there was also a dog found wandering the business, big foot and he is well-known around here and he belongs to the owner of the business. right now, police are waiting for him to show up. this started around 6:30 when the hayward police arrived with k-9's and crime scene technicians. they will not say what evidence they found or whether they believe foul play is involved. 34-year-old is believed to have hung out here and he was friends with the owner but a number of people hang out which is why they decided to show up
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unannounced. >> if you ask for permission and are denied and there was something here, you leave an open opportunity for that evidence to be destroyed. investigatively, to ensure we are able to sure it, we got a search warrant. >> nigel was a chef in alameda and a cook at a homeless shelter and through there is a $10,000 reward for his safe return but at this point no sign of nigel after nearly a month. >> thank you. just ahead, a man accused in an armed carjacking spree in the north bay was supposed to be in court this morning. why it didn't play out as expected. >> man wanted for a series of crimes across santa cruz county. some believe they have caught him on
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>> we have new details about
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what may have caused a late-night fire in san jose. when our crews arrived on the scene at midnight, smoke was pouring from the home. the san jose fire department tells abc7 news that fire might have been ignited by a charging battery. the fire damaged a home, a garage, two motor homes and spread to the house next door. no one was hurt. three people are without their homes this morning. >> the man accused in an armed carjacking spree was supposed to be in court but that did not play out aspected. jeffery boyce may face charges in the murder of an east bay woman in oregan. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has that story the. >> the judge came into the courtroom and announced that jeffery boyce would not come to court and he was held in a safety cell. we asked the public defender what that meant and this is the answer. >> this is a complicated case and it spans a number of different jurisdictions and there could be mental health
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issues at place but what we plan on doing is investigating all aspects of the case including the mental health issues, if there are any at play. >> boyce's mother believes her son had a breakdown and left oregon where he lives and on way to the russian consequence -- consulate, and in a new twist he is the possible suspect in the murder of a 57-year-old woman from castro valley. she was found dead at a rest spot in coos county oregon on a road trip there, visiting her son, going between their two colleges. if that was the start of hissing ad crime, it ended on monday when police arrested him in greenbrae. he is accused of kidnapping a man in rohnert park and trying to kidnap a woman in green bay. when they picked him up he was armed and he had hundreds of rounds of ammunition. the court appearance has been rescheduled to tomorrow morning.
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>> happening now the santa cruz sheriff is holding a news conference right now regarding a man wanted to a series of crimes across the bay including assaulting an officer. this is the man with different appearances. the 42-year-old is accused of committing 25 crimes in two weeks. authorities say he is responsible for stealing cars in at least five cities and a resident took this video of what appears to be the suspect in action. another resident took pictures of him prowling around his home, that is what they think he is doing. he took off in a blue s.u.v. and authorities are offering a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest. we will have more on the news conference and what investigators have to say this afternoon on abc7 news at 4:00. >> smoke from wine country fires have traveled far and getting report on the peninsula of people who smell it.
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>> and it is buns -- burning the eyes. >> it is moving over the ocean. >> if you seeking relief from the smoke and heat at the beaches you will not find it. i have a 20-degree drop in temperatures and a couple of chances of rain in the seven-day outlook. >> danger in your cosmetic bag, a health warningdñxsx; xá0?xñx!
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this is not a problem we are seeing in california today: heavy snow fall caused this roof on a former jeep dealership in southeast minnesota to cave in. several roof collapses seen in west concord. more than a foot of heavy snow fell overnight. >> we have breaking news of california snow pack, the water resources department has completed the latest survey and it is bad news for california who relies on the snow pack for water. it is only at 17 percent of normal and officials did not find any snow at all.
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that means they. only deliver 35 percent of water requests by two dozen water agencies. this has been the driest rainy seasons on record. we need some help. >> even though we expected it given the winter we had it is a rude awakening to hear those numbers. >> it is very disheartening. we have been having a lot of dry years. hopefully, next winter is better. that all we can do but conserve as much as you can. >> you can hear great my voice the smoke is getting do some of us. here is live doppler 7 hd and you can see how dry it is outside. we will talk temperatures and start in san francisco where we have 65 here and 80 at ocean hills and sunny side and mission district is 75 and portrero is 65 and most of us in the 70's and 80's. look at that, it is warmer. moment of the temperatures are warmer than our highs for this time of year and it is only
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11:20, we have a couple more hours of warming. as far as the humidity, this is another reason why your throat could be scratchy, we are in the teens and 20's, the most humid place is oakland only at 32 percent so we have a fire danger but we do not is the wind and that is going to help the firefighters contain anything that starts to break out. downtown san jose, does not look too bad as far as the hazy standpoint but you are getting the haze if your area right down the peninsula toward you so be prepared. dangerous heat. sunshine. 1 to 20 degree drop this week. a couple of glances of showers. they are not great chances but they are chances. if you thought year was warm, san francisco will be 11 degrees warmer and 86. santa rosa is four to nine degrees warmer than yesterday. today is the warmest in the forecast and records are possible like the 92 in san jose, look for the asterisk. up the peninsula, 92 at mountain
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view and 88 in san mateo which is not a record. throw mid-70's along the coast to upper 70's to near 80's to daly city. you get a breeze this afternoon that will cool you down but until then it will be toasty. 86 in downtown san francisco, a record high and 92 in san rafael and santa rosa and 93 at napa. headed to the beach for relief, it is smoky there. 91 in oakland and richmond. warmest in the east bay valley but most people here have air conditioning and 96 in livermore for a record high. tonight, though, 50's and 60's. there will be some smoke out there because of the fires but if you get the ones on the house will cool off, and mid-60's to near 60. have the same set up, high pressure is weakening, and the low to the south is doing the same thing so we are getting that little bit of sea breeze developed at the coast. that is why you are out of the heat advisory but everyone else is still in it, again, from 1:00
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o'clock today until 9:00. we will look at the seven-day outlook and tomorrow, it is cooler at the beaches and the cooling slips into the bay but we will start to 8:00 from saturday into sunday with temperatures monday and tuesday when an area of low pressure will sit off the coast and kickoff light pop-up showers, below average, 50's at the coast and 60's around the bay and barely 70 inland so from summer heat back to spring. >> hope we have a few pop-up showers. >> we need them. we have another great resource, follow live doppler 7 hd on twitter for the latest area weather, rain or shine and get video forecast, "spare the air" alert and weather tweets. >> the woman accused of trying to poison starbucks customers will be arraigned this afternoon. officers arrested ramineh behbehanian on monday after getting tips from a barista who
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saw her place two bottles on a shelf with other refrigerated items at starbucks. the suspect is a corporate chemist and pharmacist who once worked at pfizer and other high-profile corporations and faces attempted murder for spicing juice bottles with rubbing alcohol. >> popular cosmetics could contain lead and other metals after testing 32 lipsticks. metals were found in small amounts but they still exceed safety guidelines. researchers say women who apply lipstick twice a day could be exposing themselves to the metal each day but the companies call the products "safe." >> still ahead, a big basketball matchup is underway in just about an hour, with a game
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>> coming up at 3:00 on "katie" the first sit down interview of a man falsely accuses of sending ricin to president obama and then at 4:00, an exclusive, reese witherspoon in her first sit down interview since the d.w.i. arrest which was more embarrassing than going to school. >> the business mogul who sent his first tweet and is now getting followers as fast as he makes money. >> exciting time for basketball fans with the warriors a shot at closing out the playoff series. denver extended the series on tuesday bringing it back to the arena by both the warriors. the warriors still lead the series 3-2. tip-off is at 7:30. >> you can she your warriors'
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pride by posting this badge to your face book. don't know if it will be hotter outside or sizzling more inside the arena. >> not bad. >> steph curry we hope will be hot, that will make the differences. temperatures could possibly still be in the 80's at that time at tip-off. >> thank you for join us whatever your beverage join may be.
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