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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 3, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning at 5:00. >> we have had high fire danger this week. we will find out what is going on. >> mike? >> good morning. we have dry air, dry ground, but we don't have the wind. live doppler 7 hd is pretty quiet but on monday we could be tracking a few light showers. we will keep our fingers crossed not a great chance of rain but we will take anything. today inland, we have hotspots
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at 83 in the north bay to 92 in the east bay valley. an the bay the range is 74 in san francisco to 89 in san jose. as far as the coast, low-to-mid 70's. enjoy the sunshine and warmth. it has a shelf line. it is just about over. >> good morning, everyone. this is the drive along the bay bridge toll coming from oakland to san francisco with only a few cars. we have construction. at marin county side of the president reagan bridge northbound 101 from waldo tunnel to spencer we have a couple of lanes blocked until 5:00 a.m. so cones are picked up as we speak. if you head along the northbound side of 101 at the golden gate bridge toll we have construction there with two lanes blocked. it is picked up as we speak. >> happening now, more evacuations in ventura county as
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crews battle the wildfire 50 miles northwest of los angeles, one of several fires burning in the state. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is in the newsroom with the latest information. >> the crews are pitching in on the fire lines. san mateo county and san ramon have sent aid and more resources will be heading out next. in ventura county, this is the spring fire with 8,000 acres burning this, 12 square miles and it is only 10 percent contained. a fire can't is saying the estimate is likely to shrink because the fire conditions to grow. the flames are threatening 2,000 homes and 100 commercial properties. 15 homes are damaged. evacuations are in affect for several neighborhoods. headed nobody, the panther fire is larger than the springs fire at 10,000 acres but it is ten
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percent contained. good news is that no homes are structures are threatened. it is really dry and windy. fire crews have their hands full. another note in southern california if you are traveling south by car, officials have closed the pacific coast highway last night for the second time yesterday. >> the early start of the fire season is causing extra need for aid from fema. >> developing news, danville police are searching for a missing teen would is at risk. the teen was last seen by her family at 6:00 last night when she left home in danville 45 to 50 people searched overnight if her but they suspended the
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senator half an hour ago. maddie is 5' 5" at 130 pounds and last seen wearing black skinny jeans and could be wearing a black hoodie. if you have information call police. >> if you lockup in the sky today you could catch history in the making a plane flying on nothing but the power of the sun will begin a cross-country flight. sue thompson is here with a preview. >> good morning, kristen. you cannot imagine the excitement because in under an hour the world's very first solar plane will take to the air. it is behind me. we have a front row seat this or. the plane will take off on a journey across the country. it is history in the making. the wing span alone is that of 747. however, it is as light as any
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sedan you could see on the freeway. there is no fuel needed. this is solar powered. solar impulse is powered by 12,000 solar cells charging by day to fly day and night. the kills are located on the wings of the plane. there was a test flight an the bay area last month. everything went well. today, for the big event, it will launch a two-month cross country flight with one pilot on board, the culmination of seven years of hard work by 80 people including special technology that will capture the attention of a lot of scientists and aviators. we can tell you that all systems are go for now for the 6:00 a.m. take off and we will bring that to you life later on abc7 news. it will fake off and then it will travel to phoenix landing at 1:00 o'clock a.m. tomorrow. if you want to keep in touch with what is happening with the
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exciting flight you can go to and chart the course of this plane as it goes across this senior history-making journey. >> from "we believe" to "we belong," the warriors have advanced to the semis after finishing off the nuggets last night. >> the game was exciting, maybe excessively. the warriors had an 18-point lead early in the 4th but the nuggets made a run and ten warrior turnovers to get two points but the team held on for a 92-88 victory and take on the spurs in game one. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield will have live reports with player and fan
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reaction. >> san jose has a fire at a recycling center with flames erupting at the recycling center on south 10th street, the seen here from sky 7. the fire starts coming from the paper and cardboard bales. it is contains but it will not be out until later today. no word on a cause. >> police are wanting the public of an increase in robberies around the richmond bart station this year. "contra costa times" reports investigators say roving bands of stickup artists have driven up the robberies following the march 14 shooting that left a man dead. police have reported 18 robberies in 1,500 feet of the station between january 1 and may 1 which is thin more than the same period of last year. >> third grade teacher in the east bay is expected to enarraigned on child molestation
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charges. the 47-year-old from alameda teams in union city and is charged with 40 counts of molestation including lewd acts with a child. a staff member tipped off the police about inappropriate behavior with a female student. police determined if there are more possible victims. >> the bay area could win the bid to host the super bowl in 2016 by default depending on what action is taking in the florida legislature today. nfl owners decide may 21 lot bay area or south florida will hold super bowl 50. the nfl told miami they need to renovate the dolphins aging stadium and florida lawmaker cosmonaut agree on the plan yesterday and a vote is expected today. construction on the 49ers state-of-the-art stadium is on track and scheduled to open if the 2014 season. the super bowl committee will
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send the proposal pack only to nfl headquarters next week. >> fingers crossed. >> got a good feeling. >> now the forecast. >> the fire danger will stay low today because we don't have the wind. the air is looking cleaner outside as we look down from sutro tower. as far as the air quality, we will have high amount of tree pollen and following the matter and ozone and it is the ozone we are following this time of the year but because of the fires we will watch that. yesterday, it was moderate levels and today is the same. in the south bay san jose is 57 and campbell and saratoga. mountain view and loss a toes is 59. 58 in santa clara and 56 in sunnyvale and 61 in los gatos and 53 in novato and 58 in
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lafayette and 62 in redwood city. today's temperatures are not so were what as yesterday but still well above average in the 40's and 50's to the 70's and 80's away from the coast by noon and the 80's to near 90 by 4:00. significant change is coming this weekend with temperatures dropping around 10 to 20 degrees and we still have a chance a shower on monday. leyla? >> we had an early fatality westbound 24 through lafayette. now all lanes are opened. across the bay area, it has been friday lite. this is the drive along 280 coming away from 17 in san jose. just a few cars this. you can count them on one hand. we do have construction, and some of it is wrapping up at this hour, if you travel in the westbound direction to go from castro to the toll, it looks like we have cones picked up and we had bridge painting work that was being completed and we had another project that is still
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blocking a couple lanes and that lasts until 6:00 a.m. bart and muni and caltrain, everything is running on time. >> summer air fares are going down in the bloomberg business report is next. >> the shacks take on vancouver in game two. >> for the first time we are actually seeing an arrest and what reese witherspoon said to
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is use a. >> tonight the sharks will try to take a commanding 2-0 lead over vancouver. they had a 3-1 victory on wednesday night and the puck drops at 7:00 tonight. on sunday the series moves to san jose. the team is telling fans attending the game at shark tank to expect major traffic and parking problems because of street closures and restrictions related to cinco de mayo celebration. enhanced security is in place so expect delays when they enter the arena. >> bus riders will notice changes aimed at improving the ride. a major service overhaul has been approved with in timeline set but they are adding more buses on popular routes and
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reducing the number of buses or eliminating unpopular and less taken routes. the transit agency will experiment with new vehicle types and improve hubs in daly city and san mateo. >> taco bell is taking their new dollar menu nationwide. >> if you are traveling this summer air fares cheaper than a year ago for the top 10 destination including las vegas and honolulu and orlando and more than three quarters machines plan to take a summer vacation. feeling extra affection for mom? a national retail federation says consumers expect to spend almost $169 on mother's day up 1 percent from last year. some could go for gifts to buy mom a tablet or jewelry. >> taco bell is going national with the dollar menu after a
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positive expense in kansas city and sacramento. starbucks is bracing for a rush offering half off on a frozen beverage that can be served in 36,000 different combinations. >> reese witherspoon's drunken antics were caught on a dab camera and tmz obtained the video. >> what did i tell you to do? you are under arrest. >> i am allowed to stand on american ground. >> ma'am, ma'am? >> are you kidding me? >> i'm an american citizen. >> it goes on. the incident happened in atlanta last month. she pleaded no contest to obstruction and her husband leaded guilty to d.w.i. and on
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america mechanic -- the "good morning america" said crazy things and she apologized for her behavior and said she just had no idea what she was talking about or what she say. >> move on to the weather forecast. >> absolutely. that speaks for itself. >> cooler? >> a little. more so on saturday and sunday. 5:17. live doppler 7 hd shows how quiet it is this morning. what will happen in the forecast cycle? we will have a lot of sunshine but we will see cooler conditions in most areas whether it is a few degrees or like 11 degrees in san francisco. still have a few reports possible in oakland and mountain view and a sharp cool front this weekend and possibility of showers early next week with light and scattered showers and more like drizzle along the
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coast is probably the most likely accumulation of wet weather. in the south bay, 86 in milpitas, and 89 in san jose, and lots of low 90's in morgan hill and gilroy and los gatos and in mountain view a record of 90. mid-70's in south san francisco and to sausalito and mid-to-upper 80's through the north bay valley and low 70's at your beaches and to the east bay shoreline an 82 in oakland with a record high does not seem impressive and it is not considering the record high for most of the days around today in the upper 80's to low 90's so 82 is attainable today. the east bay valleys will have temperatures around 90 to 92. headed to at&t pack, a delightful evening, mainly clear and a sunny start and 66 at 7:15 and a star filled sky at 61.
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temperatures tonight are in the 50's like this morning and a few isolated areas are possible in the 40's and the clouds are gathering along the coast and this is the coast we will watch as this area of low pressure is backing across our area with the clockwise flow, and you can see the increasing clouds on sunday into monday. that is when we will find our coolest days and when we will find our best chance of drizzle, a light shower lingering into tuesday and cool weather hanging around wednesday and we will see a minor warming trend on thursday. by far, today and tomorrow the warm of the days in the forecast. mike? >> friday morning commute is quieted down significantly. we had a fatality in lafayette at westbound 24. here is a look at what happened. a car was traveling in the eastbound direction on westbound 24 and it hit head on a car and that left a lot of debris behind
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and of course one person died in the crash. right now, we have all lanes re-opened along westbound 24 and we will go back to our map and i can show you the conditions coming away from 680, completely clear conditions and this is the area where the crash happened. this was a fatality. terrible conditions. right now, everything has re-opened. we will be clear as you make that drive. >> it is 5:20. robin roberts faces a small set back in her recovery from a rare blood disorder. >> also, good fuzz for -- good news for a sonoma county theater. hollywood comes to the rescue. >> headed to las vegas, an interview with tim mcgraw and his summer night concert, and rose an cuts it up, and i go for broke with stars. tune
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>> whether you are just joining us or head out the door here are five things to know. >> fire crews fighting two major wildfires one burning has grown to 8,000 acres in southern california, and another fire burning east of reading stands at 10,000 acres and both fires are 10 percent contained. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has the latest on evacuations. >> investigators are trying to determine what sparked a dangerous fire that damaged two homes and caused a gas meter to fail. that caused a stream of gas to relief fueling the flames.
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>>the c.h.p. is investigating a fatal accident that closed westbound 24 if lafayette for sex hours this morning and it happened at the central lafayette exit around 1:30. initial reports are that it may have involved a wrong-way driver. officers are looking to whether alcohol was a factor. >> police in danville are searching for a missing at risk teenager. the 15-year-old was last seen by her family around 6:00 last night when she left home and overnight search was suspended an hour ago. >> number five, the warriors advance to the conference semi finals after finishing off nuggets last night. after leading by up to 18 points, the warriors hung on in the final minute for a 92-88 vick dry. next stop, san antonio. we will have more on game and how the bay area fans are reacting coming up at 5:30. i thought the giants did the torture thing? >> they wanted to make sure we
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were paying attention. >> exactly. and we have been. congratulations to them. it will be the old versus the new when it comes to playing san antonio. the 24 hour temperature change although the temperatures are going down record highs are possible in oakland at 82 and near 90 in concord and fremont and san jose and 88 and 89, and santa rosa is 65 and san francisco is the biggest drop after record-setting 88. down to 76. the next telephone -- 12 hours a lot of sunshine and a few records are possible we will talk about that next half hour. >> good morning, here is the golden gate bridge, we had early construction in the southbound direction and all cones are picked up from sausalito to san francisco. looking good out there and san mateo bridge is also looking quite nice with no construction and we have clear conditions to the high-rise.
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>> "good morning america" anchor robin roberts is recovering at home this morning after she was recently hospitalized with an infection. roberts underwent a bone marrow transplant and she began to feel not well during vacation but says it is not serious and will be back on "good morning america" next week and runs to "good morning america" in february after being out for six months to get treated for a rare blood disorder. >> hollywood actor came to the rescue of the theater in sonoma county. we reported the theater was $5,000 short of the $60 grand it takes to buy the equipment needed to stay in business. an actor took the cue and kicked in enough money to put the fundraising drive over-the-top. he was on "scrubs" and can't wait to see a movie there he is
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quoted. >> the abc7 morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories including the concerns of the bad bolts on the new eastern span of the bay bridge dating back a decade. >> wildfires are keeping firefighters busy in southern california but this are still flames closer to home. ahead at 6:30 the fires keeping crews on high alert and the conditions expected
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning. it has been a hot week. >> and a hot basketball game last night. mike has the weather. >> waking up to 40's and 50's and even a 60's but temperatures are mild compared to later on
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this afternoon. it is very dry as we saw on live doppler 7 hd. now the coast. 70 to 74 with sunshine and today is the last day of total sunshine. around the bay we go from 74 around san francisco to 89 in san jose and most of us in the low-to-upper 80's and our hotspots are inland from 83 in petaluma to 92 headed toward antioch. now leyla gulen has the commute. >> i looked through the list of all the construction projects going on in the bay area and everything but if a couple of lingering projects has completed as of 5:00. we have a look outside at the drive along 101 headed southbound to central san rafael you are seeing clear conditions as you make the drive to sausalito and over the golden gate bridge and northbound is also looking nice and clear. the travel times show four, 580 and 80, everything moving along at top speed.
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>> happening now in southern california, more people have been forced to evacuate while hundreds firefighters try to save their homes from aibl aing wildfire with the battle in ventura county and abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is in the newsroom. bay area crews are there? >> that is right. first, let me tell you about the springs fire that damaged 15 homes. there are no injuries. we have live pictures. we have been follow the live pictures all morning. 8,000 acres are burning, which is telephone square miles. the flames threaten 2,000 homes and 100 commercial properties and evacuation orders are in effect if several neighborhoods. >> getting very close to the fire so we sheltered, they said
5:32 am
we could shelter in place. >> local ages are pitching insofar, san mateo county, and san ramon valley having sent aid to southern california. ventura county officials say the fire topped a ridge and reached the pacific coast highway so a can't said they had to close the highway for the second time yesterday. the same captain said the fire is growing and the ten percent containment estimate will shrink most likely. >> another hot day will keep firefighters on alert in the bay area. in the east bay, crews attacked a couple of small grass fires yesterday afternoon. there were roadside flames flaring up on highway 13 in oakland, snarling rush hour traffic. sky 7 was over another fire in castro valley long interstate 580 with two lanes of traffic
5:33 am
blocked off as crews battled the flames. the fires were extinguished quickly. officials say they are expecting a busy fire season this year. >> forecasts of hot temperatures, high win, and bone dry conditions have prompted fire teams to patrol all e-bay -- all east bay regional parks. as katie marzullo mentioned, one fire charred 8,000 acres and ten percent contained. summit fire near banning charred 3,000 acres and is 40 percent contained. but the biggest fire right now is east of reading in butte meadows turning ten,000 acres and only 10 percent containment^. >> warrior fans are basking in the glow of moving to the second round of the nab playoffs. the win over the denver nuggets was a little too exciting. amy hollyfield? >> we have been talking to fans
5:34 am
this morning. listen to how excited they were last night. it wasn't pretty but the warriors won last night. they almost blew an 18-point lead in the 4th quarter and the nuggets came from two points but the warriors won by four. fans tell us that they like what they see. >> i am glad we are going. we have not been there in a long time. we are here to stay. that is amy hollyfield reporting on the warriors moving on in the exciting game. new this morning, did caltran know in advance there could be problems with the special bolts installed on the eastern span of the bay bridge? the "san francisco chronicle" reports that engineers were
5:35 am
worried in 2001 the bolts could crack when tightened. 30 did just that when installed back in march. the problem bolts were part of the original bridge design in 1995 but caltran's banning of the bolts in 2004 although 2,300 were installed anyway putting in jeopardy the planned opening of the span this fall. >> state officials are set to provide details on a plan to meet a court-order prison population cap of 110,000 inmates by the end of the year. the governor brown filed the plan ahead of a midnight deadline imposed by federal judges that which yous increasing early release credits for inmates and freeing elderly and incapacitated prisoners. the state is housing thousands of inmates in private prisons in other states and sentencing others to county jail. federal courts say california's prison overcrowding amounts to cruel and unusual punishment. >> developing news this morning the south bay woman accused of spike bottles of orange juice
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with rubbing alcohol is out of jail. ramineh behbehanian returned to her san jose home yesterday an hour after being released from jail. the 50-year-old chemist was arrest on monday after witnesses told miss they saw her take two bottles of, juice -- of orange juice and put them in the refrigerated display at starbucks and there was a lethal level of rub alcohol. the prosecution had until yesterday to formally champion her. >> the district attorney has not found sufficient evidence to warrant filing a criminal complaint. >> the d.a. says the case is far from over and they can file charges at a later date. they say they are doing a large spectrum of tests. >> the man accused in an armed carjacking will have his first court appearance today and expected in court yesterday but that was put off after he was moved to a safety cell for his
5:37 am
own protection. boys is accused of kidnapping and bar jacking a man in rohnert park and trying to carjack a woman in green bay and the suspect in the murder of woman in oregon. his mother said he had a psychiatric breakdown. >> officials are investigating the cause of a dangerous fire that damaged two homes. we were over the fire shortly after it started at 5:00 p.m. where it appears something sparked the fire in a space between the two homes and ignited debris and the fence causing several propane tanks to burst and gas was released from the meter which fuel the flames that spread to the homes. the damage to each home is estimated at $25,000. no one was hurt. >> san francisco police will add 46 new patrol officers to the department after the graduation
5:38 am
ceremony for 234th academy class. the 46 recruits will be sworn in and make up a diverse group ranging in age from 22 to 49 years old, five are women, 26 have a bachelor's degree or higher, and self are bilingual. after graduating they will hit the street for 16 weeks of field train with district stations. >> the labor department released the latest jobs report and the unemployment rate dropped last month to 7.5 percent from 7.6 percent in march, 165,000 jobs were created, higher than economists projected with a report from the new york stock exchange in an hour to see how the new numbers affect the markets. >> some people will interpret that as very good news and if we can get the temperatures to trim down, as well... >> that is good news but the winds are staying low. >> lower fire danger. >> the wins are below the threshhold we need for red-flag warning but, still very dry air
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means the fire danger is heightened. from mount tamalpais you can see the haze hanging around the bay area but our air quality supposed to be below any time of threshhold that would make it a watch or warning. temperatures are going to be cooler we are from 11 degrees above average in san francisco at 76 to 18 degrees above average if live more with none degrees. stepping out right now, antioch at 64, the warm spots and half moon bay is 45 and novato is cooler than everyone else and napa and santa rosa 48 and 49, and 59 in hayward and mountain view and oakland. today, we will break down the bay planner that shows mile temperatures, 40's and 50's through 7:00. and warming again today with 60's at the coast and upper 70's to low 80's for the rest of us.
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it will be comfortable this evening in the 70's inland and 60's around the bay and 50's at the coast. we have heat tomorrow but headed through sunday and monday, 10 to 20 degrees cooler. >> we have a look at the berkeley drive coming to the maze westbound 80, still moving along at top speed and eastbound is not a bad day coming away from 580 and back to the richmond and san rafael bridge, is where we have a couple of lanes blocked in the westbound direction between castor street to the coffee. we have one way traffic control in affect until 7:00 a.m. for some road work. >> down but not out, a new fight berkeley is launching to stop the sale of the historic post
5:41 am
office. >> new details in the boston marathon bombings and a big city event bigger than the
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area,
5:44 am
this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 5:43, a new twist in the search for the killer of an 8-year-old calaveras county girl. a neighbor who claimed to have seen a man running from the home of leila fowler recanted the statement. the 12-year-old brother gave a similar description after finding her stabbed to death in the valley springs home while the parents left them alone. the sheriff says more than 300 tips have come in and the f.b.i. has now joined the case. >> the san francisco police department is exploring more options to keep the city secure in the aftermath of the boston bombings. this month's bay to breakers is the first example of san francisco's new normal for handling big events. police chief says that uniformed personnel are beefed up 25 percent. cameras that were borrowed for the world series parade are used again and the chief want as fay to determine exactly where and
5:45 am
how many cameras are running on the thoroughfares. >> new details in the boston marathon bombings, with the suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev telling investigators he and his brother were originally looking at targets in boston to hit on the 4th of july but they completed the bombs earlier than expected and decided to hit the boston marathon. his brother's body was transported to a funeral home outside of boston and live nation is announcing a benefit concert for the victims and families. >> the martinez boy injured in the boston marathon bombings was a good luck charm for the warriors. among the 19,000 fans enjoying the victory at the arain -- at the arain was aaron hern looking on from a suite at the crowd as guests with a standing ovation.
5:46 am
the warriors invited the family to the game and had them come early so they could watch the players practice. >> we are warriors fans and to be...this close and have access: it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. >> i don't know what the score will be but i know they win. >> he was right. when the family moved up to the suite they were able to watch the game as a family with only a few distractions. they probably didn't mind it too much, like a visit from 49er safety michael thomas and linebacker, as well. >> what a night! >> glad to see he is doing better. >> he looked great and the warriors hooked great. what a night. >> they looked great up to the last three minutes. >> very exciting and they difficulty on purpose. >> how exciting is the forecast? >> we will keep it exciting, with a couple of reports falling and then the drop in the
5:47 am
temperature. we will have a few chances of light showers and drizzle on the coast. live doppler 7 hd showing it is dry to morning. oakland and mountain view and 82 and 89 are the two areas i am highlighted as far as record highs and we will be warmer-than-average temperatures even at the coast and ten to degree cool drop over the saturday to sunday timeframe in the showers possible early next week and sunday and more likely monday and tuesday and they are not tremendous rain producers so it will not alleviate the fire danger we have right now. 91 in morgan hill and 92 at gilroy and los gatos, and everyone else in the upper 80's, we will have temperatures quite a range on the peninsula from 78 in mill gray to 88 in palo alto and low-to-mid 70's along the coast today and a few mid-70's in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and low 70's at north bay beach and
5:48 am
mid-to-upper 88 throughout the north bay valley and 82 in oakland and possible record high temperature. low-to-mid 80's throughout the east bay shore until fremont, castro valley and hercules, upper 80's and upper 80's around san ramon and pleasanton and 92 degrees for everyone else. if you did not need the air conditioning yesterday maybe you will not need it today. tonight, down to at&t park, look who is in town, the boys in blue, the dodgers, coming up to taken at giants at 7:15 and were directing down to 61 degrees. we are going to hit the 50's again tonight, so it will be mild tomorrow morning. look what will happen, we have an area low pressure that is moving from west to east and the low with the clockwise flow it is pushing on shore wind and saturday, clouds will develop and the main layer hangs out and that will drop our temperatures dramatically. our bet chance of rain is in the high country but we will get a chance or two as far as a light
5:49 am
shower. the big story is the temperature, nearly 10 to 20 degrees cooler across the board by monday, and we stay below average tuesday and wednesday and a slow warming trend late next week. >> east palo alto we have a report of a stalled motorcycle and it sounds like someone pushing it in a low rain at university avenue so we might see one lane blocked but the rest of the dry is looking cheer. as we take it to the drive time traffic, the 24 is back to normal and right after a tell fatal collision that whatted overnight, and right now between 680 to the maze you are looking at a quick 15 minute commute, 101 headed from 380 into redwood city will only take 13 minutes and 880 coming away from highway 238 into oakland and northbound direction is more than 10 minutes. walnut creek commute is not affected by the far that that happened on 24 so it looks like southbound direction is normal
5:50 am
volume at this hour. >> 5:49, almost 5:50. city officials in berkeley gathering to sign a joint letter calling for a halt to the sale of berkeley's historic post office. officials have approved the sale of the 99-year-old building and opponents say it has historic significance and should be preserved. local leaders are also calling for a moratorium on the sale of all historic post offices across the country. the sales part of of efforts to reduce costs. >> all of new england now is allowing gays and lesbians to marry. cheers erupted as the governor of rhode island signed a measure yesterday making it legal for same-sex marriages to take place. rhode island is the 10 the state to support same-sex marriage which will not take effect for four months. the first wedding takes place in august. >> bay area union workers cast their ballots in one of the biggest votes of its kind since
5:51 am
the 1940s with a decision on whether to leave a union autecious are. >> the frozen food being recalled this morning because of a danger to your health. >> and oakland in a survey is said to be more
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>> that is the solar impulse, the swiss made plane that flies
5:54 am
expirely on solar power ready to take off for phoenix and leaves at 6:00 a.m. and should arrive in phoenix at 1:00 o'clock in the morning, it is a long flight for a solar powered ape. >> oakland is emerging from the shadow of the more glamorous city across the bay. a real estate blog are claims oakland more exciting than san francisco. in fact, it called oakland the most exciting big city in the nation. san francisco is at public three. the criteria for excitement is lots bars, movie theaters, music venues and museum and few big box stores and fast food restaurants. other factors is the percentage of young people in population diversity. >> time for a check on the weather, it hasn't been too diverse but it has been hot. >> hot everywhere, travel valley, mid-90's today down to los angeles and west palm beach at 97 and yosemite at 85 and everyone is going to be warm and
5:55 am
76 at monterey and we will focus on the sierra if did you focus on the i country, starting off with 70's and sunshine and a slight chance of a shower on saturday and a better chance of a thunderstorm on sunday, if you are headed down to southern california, 94 today and los angeles but 20 degrees cooler tomorrow with the breeze coming back from the ocean and showers are possible sunday especially during the evening and overnight hours. >> very dry at this hour and if you look at the san jose commute coming away from 87 from the julian off-ramp to downtown san jose by h.p. pavilion we can see a buildup of traffic but not too bad as we take you to the east bay headed out of milpitas, northbound, along 680, approaching scott creek we have a report of a car that went up an embankment with possible injuries and we could see a lane or two blocked but traffic is slowing smoothly.
5:56 am
>> it is 5:55, nestle is recalling popular frozen pizza after plastic was discovered in them involving to pizzas under the california pizza kitchen label including grilled chicken with sauce and thin crust white pizza along with crispy flat bread pizza. they were shipped across the country. more information on this is on our website at >> technology is providing us with a troubling snapshot of karl's water supply after the driest start to the year on record. this video captured by nasa plane showing what remains of the sierra snow, with technology pinpointing the thickness and the melt rate. the sierra snow pack is just 17 percent of normal and officials say water will be in short supply this summer and they are
5:57 am
not ready to declare a drought but the state will only deliver a third of what they normally supply to 25 million water users but last year it was very dry as well. so, we cannot take much more of this. >> happening now, firefighters are trying to debt control of a massive wildfire in southern california and an update on the firefight next. >> developing news from the east bay, a 15-year-old girl disappeared after leashing her home and the update we just got from authorities in the last hour. >> traffic is the whatted on a busy east bay highway with a fatal accident under investigation and the mistake the highway patrol believes the driver may
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news at 6:00, california burning with a massive wildfire spreading across ventura county and flames spread to thousands of homes.
6:00 am
>> the plane called the most advanced solar-powered aircraft in the world is getting ready to take off from the south bay for a new trip outside california. >> the warriors win a nailbiter in oracle arena and now the team and fans are ready to take on san antonio. >> the warriors are hot. so is the weather. >> thanks for joining us on this friday. >> the winds have died down. we will find out about the forecast from mike the. >> trick news and the weather are a nonfactor in our forecast. when they become a factor it is because they are bringing in cooler weather for the weekend. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd and it is still dry, the air and ground are dry but we don't have the wind so the fire danger has lessened. color sunrise and i will show it in a second. 79 is our temperature at noon and mid-80's, and a few reports like oakland and mountain view is possible. and mild during e


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