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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 10, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> at 5:00, the breaking news is happening in san francisco. >> that is where firefighters were on the scene of a restaurant fire on the waterfront. abc7 news reporter is there with the trouble fire crews had fighting the blaze or reaching it from the street side. >> it looks so close, the island restaurant and, yet, it is difficult to get to. it is a floating island. so look over here what they had to pull out, the fire boat, and that cost them some time. they just could not get water on it from here on the piers which was too far out and too difficult to get to. they say it cost them ten minutes using the fire boat. the restaurant is still sanding but the tower you may recognize,
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the lighthouse, it is still standing, but the restaurant look like it has a lost damage. we are at pier 41, and right across from the sea lions at pier 39 in that area customers have to take a boat to eat at this stunt and it looks easy to get here but it is a floating island. it wasn't hard to put the fire out but it was tough to get out to it. when they got to it they quickly got the flames out. now they want to know what started the fire and arson is on the scene digging through the rubble trying to figure out what started this. it looks like the restaurant will not be opening for a while, a lost damage looks to be inside, reporting live from san francisco for abc7 news.
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>> it is now 5:01. >> we have the giants game tonight and a lot to check with mike on. the clouds are lower and compressed and you may have mist this morning but live doppler 7 hd is quiet. from the exploritorium this morning toward the port of oakland, we will talk about our temperature, i-land, warm and 73, and the north bay valley 83 to east bay, 62 at san francisco to 75 in san jose under sun around the bay and the coast, a little more sunshine than yesterday mid-to-upper 50's. head out the door, how do the roads look? >> decent but san francisco we have a sig-alert and i will tell you about it in a minute but right now we have a look at the golden gate bridge coming from marin county but we had trucks carrying the big flashing arrows
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making the trek in the northbound direction with construction there earlier but it look like the cones are being picked up and not causing a traffic issue. it is an injury crash southbound 101 to eastbound 880, the transition will be shut down until further notice. kristen and eric? >> developing news, a full investigation is underway this morning by america's cup officials into the death of a veteran sailor killed when the boat capsized on san francisco bay. it is only the second death in the cup's 162-year history. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is if san francisco with more. >> the artemis racing boat was towed here and security is surrounding the vessel that remains upside down. one of the two red pontoons is still visible from where we are. andrew simpson died when artemis racing boat capsized. he was 36, a husband and father,
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excited about moving to the bay area for six months to prepare for america's cup. he is a two time olympic sailor was trapped under the catamaran when it capsized yesterday. the president of the team says the crew is in shock over this tragedy. >> it is certainly not the first of our concerns, the boat, we are focused on the people. >> the entire sailing community is greening. the flag is at half staff and so are flags at pier 30 and 32 home of the new zealand and italian team and the oracle team usa as well. a news conference scheduled for later this morning where the america's couple c.e.o. will talk about the accident and the investigation which now is underway.
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>> artemis racing tweeted a photo an hour before the accident showing the team right before they took to the water. it read "a small gathering before dock off, good breeze and sunny conditions." this is not the first accident during training. last october or a california team flipped putting the catamaran to the test. 13 crew members were on board and all were rescued. the $8 million boat sustained damage and it took months to repair. >> this is the second time a same has died during raining for the mc's cup. in 1999, a spanish sailor died in spain when he was hit in the head by a broken piece of equipment. >> we will have continuing coverage of the tragedy on the bay and go back to core -- cornell next half hour with the
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latest, too, any time at and you can follow us on twitter. >> the state age that oversees commercial limousines is looking into gaps in regulations after five people were killed in a limousine fire on the san mateo-hayward bridge raising conditions that limousines do not face the same safety rules as shuttles and buses. officials say they do not have the manpower or training to expect 10,000 limousines licensed in california. the 1999 strip limousine burst into flames while crossing a bridge last weekend. the driver and four women escaped and five when including a new bride died. the c.h.p. investigation into the fire is expected to take a month. >> a driver is in serious condition after getting into a crash while going the wrong way on a busy street on a ramp from interstate 80 last night. no other cars were hit and no other injuries were reported. c.h.p. is investigating whether alcohol was involved.
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>> caltrain is give us a view of the process it is using to find defective bolts supposed to help anchor the eastern span of the bay bridge with testing taking place in sacramento and engineers are looking for signs of failure that occurs in 32 other bolts already installed which failed because they contained too much hydrogen. third-party engineers will analyze the test results and the new bridge is still to open labor day week. >> 4th of july fireworks show goes on in pittsburg after two year break. "contra costa times" reports the city has enough funding to put on the fire work show. 2010 was the last time they had fireworks but the difficult has $178 to -- $18,000 to $20,000 to pay if the show including a fund raiding -- fundraising effort. >> mike has a look at the
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weather today. >> mother's day week, too, a big weekend ahead. >> big weekend. it is starting off cloudy this morning. the clouds are hanging lower so i thought we would look at the visibility. the lowest visibility at half moon bay is four miles, santa rosa is seven and everyone else is okay but we will watch sfo in case mom comes in early this morning and there are flight arrival delays. downtown san francisco has clouds and mist because you could be driving through the clouds, and this is just moisture hanging in the air and drizzle falls from the clouds. 49 to 53 and a cool star. we will see mostly sunny conditions and dry and bright are by noon, and 54 to 65 and 59 at the coast with sun elsewhere and 71 at 4:00 and 7:00, very quiet and 57 to 64. as we move through the holiday weekend, we have above-average temperatures, near 90 inland and 80 around the bay and low-to-mid 60's at coast and they stop with
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mother's day and five- to ten-degrees cooler with more cloud cover but dry on monday. leyla gulen? >> a dark picture behind me through san jose coming away from 17, dark because we don't have enough headlights or taillights to illuminate and not too much traffic in the northbound direction. we do have construction through cupertino if you are traveling along 280 in the southbound direction to northbound 85 the transition road is being worked on by caltran and cons will be picked up by 6:00 a.m. and in san francisco we have a sig-alert in affect, a one car crash with injuries. southbound 101 to eastbound 80 remains closed until further notice. eric and kristen? >> the smartphone could get a new dimension up ahead in the bloomberg business report. >> california's attorney general takes on another big bank the
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illegal practices
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>> covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it took three years but there is consensus on a plan to upgrade soccer fields in golden gate card with a unanimous approval for artificial turf and new lighting at the soccer field. san francisco agencies have held
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extensive meetings on the project since it was first proposed and finally won approval by supervisors a year ago. a strip of land at the park is under the jurisdictions of the coastal commission. after a five-hour hearing the commissioners voted to move ahead with new lighting and astroturf and the project faces an environmental lawsuit. >> california is suing banking giant j.p. morgan chase demanding they stop using abusive and illegal practices to collect debts from credit card holders. state attorney general alleges that chase use what is called robo signing the automatic signing of documents without a person physically reviewing them. chase is also accused of using sewer litigation when a debt collector fails to serve a notice of complaint and files for false affidavit claiming the notice has been served. chase has "no comment on the lawsuit. >> twitter has a satellite office in the south bay leasing an 8,000 square foot office in downtown sunnyvale near the
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caltrain station between 40 and 50 employees are expected to be at the site. no word on when the new office will open for business. >> "consumer reports" has aware add near perfect score to the tesla model s car, that sited the power and well crafted interior giving it a score of 99 out of 100. the only drawback are the limited range compared to a gas-powered car and that it take 12 hours to charge the battery. the top score follows an earning report indicated they have town add quarterly profit for the first time. >> and the stock has shot up. >> sears has a new program for struggling middle-class homeowners. now the bloomberg business report from jane king. >> good morning. good news if you have your eye on a big ticket dumb sears has a lease to own program at 900 stores this week. shoppers not able to qualify for
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credit can lease furniture, and alliances and mattresses. chase accused of robo signing documents to collect credit card debt. california's a.g. say they rubbed to obtain judgments against consumers. how would you like a student loan with an incredibly low interest rate? senator from massachusetts would cut the rate on student loans to less than 1 percent, the same low rate that big bangs get when they borrow money from the fed. the country rate on federal student loans is 3.4 percent which may double in july. lower close for stocks yesterday but the dow still is sitting above 15,000. amazon could develop a new 3-d smartphone using tracking technology to make imaging seem to threat on the screen and appear 3-d. critics may not like the 3-d hip hot take on the great gatsby
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with 27 cities sold out forecast to generate up to $50 million in sales this weekend. that is the business pice from the new york stock exchange. >> if it seems like everyone has a mobile phone now, just wait, it will be worse, a report from united nations predicts next year there will be more cell phones on the land it than people. the authors expect the 7 billionth cell phone to produced. the most is not north or europe? >> asia? >> it is the former soviet union. they have the most cell phones. africa has the least. >> that is surpriseing. seven billion by next year? >> seven billion. it seems like six billion are in my house with my kids. >> does that count those sitting in the drawer we do not use? >> good questions. put your phone away we have the
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source for the week. >> microclimates this week. good morning, everyone, right now at 5:17, we have live doppler 7 hd showing cloud cover over the top of the bay area. since it is friday we are headed into the weekend and you want get the boat out and head across san francisco bay but we have a small craft advisory at 3:00 this afternoon through 3:00 tomorrow afternoon northwest winds pick up around 20 to 30 miles per hour. it will be windy and choppy. temperature-wise, we are at 50 in novato and san francisco and half moon bay and santa rosa and concord and fairly at 51, and 53 in livermore and fremont and hayward and san carlos and oakland is 2354 and san jose and lows -- los gatos. downtown san francisco more warming today and more sunshine. warmest still going to
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be tomorrow and sunday but the cooler breeze will knock down the temperatures next week but nothing too cold just going to take us down from being is warm. with all cloud cover, all of us are covered in clouds at 5:00, with some beautiful pictures of the sunrise from mount tamalpais. by 9:00 we will be losing the cloud cover not east bay valley and the south bay and by noon we have lost it but for the one finger of fog that will roll cross the golden gate bridge toward the east bay. by 3:00, you can see clouds starting to break up and sunshine at the coast. in the south bay, mid-to-upper 70's for everyone. milpitas at 72 is the cool spot. mid-to-upper 60's in millbrae and san mateo and mid-to-upper 50's along the coast and low-to-mid 60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and mid-70's to near 80 in the north bay valley and
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upper 60's to mid-70's across the east bay sure. mid-70's to mid-80's great the san ramon valley to brentwood and tonight, 59 degrees dropping down to 56 at 7:15 under clouds with clouds rolling in later. saturday and sunday, temperatures in the 80's away from the coast and in the 60's and 70's and 80's on monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. in rain if this forecast. >> no rain on the roadways, a short seven minute drive to walnut creek from concord. the walnut creek drive southbound along 680 toward junction with 24. a buildup of traffic but, still, pretty short drive. headed over to the san mateo-hayward bridge, we have clear conditions but more traffic at high-rise to foster city. now as we head over to the maps, a sig-alert that should wrap up in a matter of a couple of
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minutes, southbound 101 to eastbound 80 the connection still is blocked at this hour because of an injury and crash. from sfo to san jose, we are at 31 minutes and 880 from hayward to south bay freeway at 17 minutes on 85 from 101 to cupertino. eric and kristen. >> five things to know before you start your day. >> marin county deputy at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally.
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>> blue are just joining us or headed out the door here are five things to know today. >> america's cup officials are holding a news conference to determine what caused the swedish team's catamaran to capsize in san francisco yesterday. a star member died in the accident after crew members pulled him from the water. we will have were more on story in a report from treasure island in a few minutes. >> breaking news, investigators are trying to determine what started a fire at an island restaurant at pier 41 this morning. firefighter cosmonaut reach it from land and called in a fire boat. the fire was quickly put out but the restaurant is seriously damage. >> gang of cyber criminals has been charged in one of the largest bank heists in modern history without ever stepping foot inside a bank. though stole $45 million in two separate attacks in december and february after hacking into a
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database of pin numbers for prepaid debit cars. >> sat -- santa clara city council gave naming rights to levi strauss for the levi stadium opening next year. >> the warriors host the san antonio spurs at oracle arena for game three at the playoff series. the series is tied up at one game each after the heart-breaking -- actually, on wednesday we won. earlier, we lost. it is tied 1-1. the warriors saw a 16-point lead vanish first game but game two we came out rockin' and stayed there. >> san antonio was gut wrenching and heartbreaking. >> good morning, everyone, from mount tamalpais you can see on the top of us the cool wind.
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it will erase so temperatures are jumping from four degrees warmer in san francisco and six in concord and 7 and 8 degrees warmer in fremont and santa rosa. most of us in the 70's but san francisco at 62. we will be in the 80's to mid-90's and tahoe another chance of a thunderstorm today but that chance will lessen headed through the weekend. mid-70's and sunshine. leyla gulen? >> through san jose it is quiet at 5:25 away from 880. it is move, swiftly. the sig-alert has canceled in san francisco it is now gone, but there were some minor injuries involved. we have a construction project until 8:00 a.m. on highway one with paving work, when way traffic control in affect between lost beach and gray whale coffee. >> want to know what to name your baby or what not to name
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your baby? the annual list of the most popular baby names for 2012 is out, jacob is the number one name followed by mason and ethan. for girls it is sophia and anna and isabella. >> i have heard of ugly ducks how about lucky ducks. several ducks remain stuck in a drain and a woman flagged down marin county sheriff deputy and joe rigged a rescue device from a shoebox and lowered to the hole and pulled them out one by one and they quickly scurried back to mom and they are doing fine. so, crime fighters can do more than just make arrests. >> the abc7 morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories including chilling new details on a man accused of holding three women captive in
5:27 am
his cleveland home. >> the abc7 news team reveals a bay area restaurant serving up a secret.
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>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> from san francisco bay shore, fire investigators looking for the cause of a place that damaged a floating restaurant. the fire on forbes island was quickly extinguished but the boat was called in when the first crews on the scene realized they could not reach the fire from land. our reporter joins us with more on the story at 6:00. thanks for joining us.
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>> before we get to our big stories we will get to our meteorologist with the forecast. >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd and a good sign of the compute being fairly dry. we have no radar runs but the clouds are lower to the ground and compressed with more moisture in a smaller area. if you drive into one the windshield could get wet with moisture in the form of mist. on the embarcardero in san francisco the cloud cover is not hugging the bridge. 73 do 83 and inland with sun, and sunny in the bay and 62 to 75 with san francisco and upper 50's at coast. leyla gulen? >> quiet against and now the sig-alert if san francisco is canceled and the east bay, the maze is looking busy with traffic to the bay bridge but not causing any heavy delays in that area. when you get to the tolls, the cash-paying lanes are slowing down and we had some maintenance
5:31 am
work on the 16 through 19 toll lanes and all of that has wrapped up. now it is getting busy on four from antioch to concord at 26 minutes, over half an hour to get from tray difficult to dublin but 80 is looking good through berkeley. >> developing news, have the girls will try to find answers in the fatal accident on the bay. an olympic champion sailor died weapon the member's cup catamaran capsized. abc7 news news reporter is live on treasure island with the latest. cornell? >> the swedish racing boat, artemis racing boat was towed to treasure island. part of the red pontoon is still surpriseibl, the vessel is upside down and this is as close as we could get to the poet with the security. they were practicing for this summer's america's cup when tragedy struck. 36-year-old crew member andrew
5:32 am
simpson was killed when it capsized on the bay. we were overhead. ten crew members were pulled to safety but simpson, a two time olympic sailing medalist was underwater for ten minutes. paramedics tried to revive him for 20 minutes but it was too late. several things could have gone wrong yesterday. >> mechanical failure. there could be crew mishap using the boat. of course, also, wind and wave conditions. >> and a sailor can become tangled in rigging and become trapped but the tragedy comes less than two months before the start of america's cup and the bay area is looking forward to a news conference has been scheduled for 11:00 this morning
5:33 am
by america's cup c.e.o. we hope to learn more about what exactly happened yesterday on the day. for abc7 news reporter cornell bernard on treasure island. >> the crew and racing community are taking the accident hard. six of the crew members arrived after the accident carrying the sail from the catamaran. this morning the flag at headquarters is flying at half staff and so are the flags at pier 30 and 32 home of the new zealand and italian team and pier 80 home of oracle team usa. >> a shocking expense to go through and we have a lot do deal with in the next few days in terms of assuring everyone's well-being. >> andrew simpson was 36, a husband, father, and well-known sailor who had won gold and silver medals in the summer olympics. he tweeted in manner, moving the
5:34 am
family to san francisco is heck -- hectic but the cup will be fun. >> we will be at the 11 a.m. news conference with breaking news update on twitter, as well. >> developing news, prison officials in ohio are taking special care with the accused cleveland kidnapper, as we learn new details from those closest to the man accused of holding three women hostage if a decade. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is here with more. >> ariel castro is in a private cell with no contact with others. the three women he held captive are enjoying freedom with full support of the community, neighbors held this rally and prayer vigil last night. also, we are starting to hear more and more from his family members who are not standing by
5:35 am
him. his daughter says she is disgust asked horrified and his mother says her son is sick and she is sorry for the girls. the man who was engaged to castro's ex-wife who died last year says castro beat his wife when they were married sometimes with barbells and he basically held her captive. >> she told me that he would lock her in the house, he tinted the windows, and had padlocked the doors. >> and it is more complicated, there could be motivation for accusing castros but he was accused of abusing castro's children. but he said he made it up. >> there was a note that was written in 24 two or 2005 after he had the women claiming to be a sex addict and he was abused
5:36 am
by a family member. >> a daycare center in milpitas is shut down after they found an infant strapped in a car seat in a dark closet. investigators actioned on a tip and discovered a baby boy in a closet at the day care. the center is run by a woman who had her license suspended. officials say they intend to revoke her license and the owner can afeel, and milpitas police are investigating and they say if they determine there was child abuse, charges will be filed. >> peta is targeting a san francisco restaurant for selling foie gras despite a state-wide band. the highly rated restaurant is secretly selling the goose liver and it gets the foie gras from a new york farm that claims to be humane peta says they are force
5:37 am
feeding the birds saying they will pursue legal action if the restaurant continues to violate the foie gras ban. >> there is an agreement on give levi strauss company laming rights to the new 49ers stadium and will pay $2020 million -- 220 million over 20 years for levi stadium, the name. the partnership was unveiled on wednesday. levi strauss is the oldest company in san francisco. levi stadium will open next year. >> the warriors play game three at home tonight against the san antonio spurs and even it up with 191 victory on game two when they were red hot. they lost a heartbreaker if double overtime in game one after having a 16-point lead evacuate with under five minutes to go. game three is at 7:30 with
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tip-off on espn. you can watch game four of the warriors and spurs playoff series on sunday at noon right here on abc7 news. >> perfect timing for basketball-loving mothers on mother's day. >> what did you say? >> basketball-loving mothers. >> mike has the forecast. >> humid this morning. i heard kristen using the hair spray this morning. the frizz factor. >> what are the conditions? >> 86 percent in hayward and 100 in novato. it is high. you could feel dampness in the air. thunderstorms are possible in the sierra and high clouds tomorrow with a little bit of high pressure and that means we will have building warmth in the forecast and 75 by 4:00, and inland, 66 around the bay and vine at the coast and comfortable evening with 50's at the coast and 60's for the rest of us and now we will hook at
5:39 am
the mother's day forecast, near 90 inland and 80 around the bay and he to mid-60's at the coast. how is the commute? will we enjoy it? >> i think so, absolutely, pretty quiet, with an early sig-alert in san francisco which is gone. this is san jose as you make the drive northbound along 87, beyond the julian off-ramp toward h.p. pavilion. the drive through central san rafael, 101, southbound side, everything is moving swiftly to 580 and we have a bit of construction in cupertino if you travel along southbound 280, the northbound 85 connection is closed and picked up at 6:00 a.m. >> ahead on the abc7 morning news, animal control seizes eight dogs to a california home and the d.n.a. testing that could link them to a crime. >> in bangladesh crews made
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>> covering san rafael, south bay and dublin/pleasanton and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> in the south bay, a minor 3.4 earthquake rattled residents as
5:43 am
many were going to sleep last night. it hit past 10:00 centered five miles east of amount all the way from gilroy to redwood city. we received several tweets from people who felt it. >> parents at a high school are demanding a policy change after a bomb threat. this is video of parents crowding the gates to the high school football field year, students evacuated there while police investigated the threat. parents were angry they had to wait hours to be reunite the while school leaders checked the i.d. >> the parents were ready to riot with no control. >> i could not get out so i hopped the fence. >> people are jumping the fence, crying, what if this were a big emergency lick -- an earthquake.
5:44 am
>> rules require i.d.'s be shown to pick up students. >> two fraud suspects claimed they won the lottery and conned a man out of his money and jewelry. detectives have the sketch of a hispanic man and woman outside a chase bank. the male suspect in spanish told the victim he had won the lottery but entered the united states illegally and needed help collecting the winnings. the two suspects convinced the victim to give them money and jewelry and said they would slit it with him and took off in a black ford s.u.v. we have heard this con before. >> the father of a local boy scout expelled after coming out, will join a rally in san francisco city hall in support of a city resolution to end the boy scout ban on gay members. the 18-year-old was told in the fall he could not get the highest rant of eagle scout because of sexual orientation
5:45 am
and the national organization votes now on a new nondiscrimination policy. in mash, the council bill the first to announce they will urge the boy scouts of america to end the antigay policy. >> if you going to the giants game you have a chance to pick up baseball history and help good causes at the same time. the giants will sell mystery autograph balls at the game against the braves at at&t park to raise benefits of the boston marathon bombings and texas fertilizer plant explosion. there will be approximately 300 balls signed by all current players, coaches, and alumni and sell for $80. we talking about the braves and they used to be the boston braves? >> back in the 50's. i remember going to the games back then ... >> this is great if $80.
5:46 am
you will get more than that if you sell it later. of course no one would sell it. >> we will look at what is going on, everyone, hope to see you at the game tonight, it ought to be fun and it will be cool. we are look at clouds with no radar runs on live doppler 7 hd. choppy bay water this afternoon through tomorrow afternoon. from 3:00 today to 3:00 tomorrow we will have northwest wind around 20 to 30 miles per hour or 15- to 25-knots creating chop on bay in san francisco. be careful if you are headed out this friday to enjoy the sunshine on bay water. more warming and sunny today. our warmest high will be saturday and sunday and cooler agrees coming at us next week but nothing as cool as what we
5:47 am
dealt with this week. from the exploritorium camera, it is 51 in san francisco and san jose is 52 and walnut creek is 51 and palo alto is 54 and mill valley is the cool spot at 49. cloud cover, when do you want to see sunshine? by 9:00? the east bay valley? by noon, but for a couple of areas fog will roll through the golden gate bridge and head to berkeley and albany and oakland. that pulls off to the coast by 1:00 o'clock. we will see more and more sunshine. how does it affect the temperatures? the south bay mid-to-upper 70's and 75 in san jose and the cool spot is milpitas at 72 so you are close. we will have 69 in san mateo and low-to-mid 70's elsewhere. mid-to-upper 50's long coast and low-to-mid 50's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and we jump ten degrees by san rafael and more to napa and 80 degrees.
5:48 am
67 in hayward and berkeley and up to 73 in castro valley is the spread cross the east bay shore and mid-70's to mid-80's from san ramon to better -- berkeley. tonight, clouds and vine and cloudy and 56 by the end of the game. the temperature this weekend is five- to ten-degrees warmer and we will off off by five or ten degrees monday, tuesday, wednesday next week away from the coast we are above average. have a great day. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:48, on bay bridge we have a legal bit of building traffic. with 20 to 25 cars back up in the fast track and moving swiftly headed over to treasure island and to san francisco. a gorgeous shot of the golden gate bridge with beautiful traffic and not too many cars in the northbound and southbound direction. no accidents to report just a quick look from san jose we have
5:49 am
a construction project until 6:00 a.m. northbound 880 with one lane blocked define highway one and montague expressway. >> in southern california authorities in rural los angeles county have taken several dogs into custody that include a pit bull that attacked and kills a jogger yesterday morning in a high desert community 65 miles northeast of los angeles. authorities served a search warrant near the site of the attack and took away ate h -- eighting dos. four were detained and a 29-year-old was arrested for a marijuana grow. knowledge chaz could come later for the dog attack. >> a mechanical problem on the international space station similar to something you have possibly had in your car with a leaky radiator in the power system. it is fought life threatening. the system could be bypassed if need be. nasa expected it know more of the extent of the problem today.
5:50 am
>> happening now, incredibly, rescuers in bengladesh have found a survivor in the rubble 17 days after massive building collapse near the capital. this is video from the rescue. army officials ordered workers to stop clearing site after crews noticed a woman in a purple dress waving her hand. she was heard saying "i'm alive." cheers erupted from the crowd. more than 2,500 have been rescued sin the eight store factory came crash down but the death toll has risen to a thousand. >> shortage of ammunition is changing the way some bay area police departments train their officers to use deadly force. that is a pellet gun. some police departments are using them to stretch their precious training ammunition and making sure officers keep their edge.
5:51 am
tonight, we will show you how ammunition shortage and riding prices are making prices are changing the way the men and women in blue protect themselves and us tonight on abc7 news at 11. >> governor brown's home intrude are makes the first court appearance. the claims he is making about the day he was arrested breaking into the governor's lost. >> community that could been plastic bags county-wide. and the
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>> happening now, prince harry is kicking off day two of the seven day trip to the united states by paying respects to fallen service member. the young royal is visiting arlington national cemetery. you can see him behind the tree wearing a beret. the prince will go to the tomb of the unknown to lay a wreath. he served two tours in afghanistan as a member of the british army and scheduled to visit wounded troops at walter reed medical center today. >> not going anywhere near las vegas. >> are you going near the clouds
5:55 am
this morning? hard to avoid it, right? >> they are not quite to the east bay valley but making a push that way with clouds in concord where it was clear last hour. here is a look from mount tamalpais at 2,600'. because it is compressd there is more moisture in the smaller area so there is mist. >> trees are high amounts but grass and mold zones are low. palm springs is 97. and headed up to tahoe, a last day of thunderstorms are possible today and we will have sunshine and mid-70's. headed to los angeles, we will have a lot of cloud cover today but we will have increasing sunshine and mid-80's by sunday. >> have a good one. >> we are looking in the east bay now along 80 southbound coming from concord and to walnut creek through dublin/pleasanton and traffic is moving oh way and we are at ten minutes to go from highway four
5:56 am
to 24u. as we take you back to the east bay along 580 we have a buildup of traffic at 32 miles per hour and picking up this one area as you make the drive further towards the drive with the 84 freeway but it is looking pretty decent on highway four at the moment and we are still half an hour through antioch to pittsburg and it publics up nicely headed through bay point to concord. kristen and eric? >> new this morning, a marine county civil grand jury wants a ban on plastic bags throughout the entire county. the planned jury issued a report after visiting a landfill near novato saying they need to protect the land, ocean and wildlife. areas of marin county not part of the city are covered undulates -- covered under the
5:57 am
elastic bag ban. >> dog could be your heart's best friend. the american heart association concluded that owning a dog is probably associated with a lower risk of heart disease. the study points out that dog owners have more reason to be outside and take walks plus studies have shown the bond between owner and pet reduce stress. americans have 70 million k-9 pets. >> tragedy on the bay. what we are learning about the olympian killed in america's cup training run on the san francisco bay. >> flames break out in a san francisco restaurant overnight. >> a bay area daycare center shut down with a violation involving an infant leading to the
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> tragedy on the bay. a few hours from now america's cup officials and the coast guard are expected to reveal new information about the accident that killed a sailor on san francisco bay. >> new details on the cleveland man accused of holding three women captive for a decade, the addiction he now is claiming to have. >> first, developing news from san francisco with flames breaking out if a restaurant near pier 39. firefighterred had a hard time fighting the flames. happy friday. 6:00. >> the gray start to the day. >> little bit of a history with a gray start. a damp morning as far as humidity. no organized areas of rain to deal with. the next 12 hours, 52 and gray at 7:00. mostly sunny by noon


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