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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 13, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning coming off of a warm weekend. thanks for joining us. >> first up a check on the weather forecast. mike, what will happen later on today? >> we have clouds in a lot of areas. the fog is in the not bay along the coast where we see the moisture in the form of drizzle. as far as what will happen this afternoon, clouds are going to part quickly as we head through the morning hours especially inland. 73 to 83 from petaluma to livermore. sea breeze will keep us 65 in san francisco to 75 as you head to san jose and at the coast it will be partly sunny with pockets of sunshine and chilly
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and upper 50's. >> we just took a check of 101 headed into central san rafael and everything is clear in marin county and clear in walnut creek along southbound 680 at the junction with the 24 northbound side no delays whatever. we will look at the drive time traffic and construction to get you going, 101 headed away from the dumbarton bridge you at 14 minutes and 880 from highway 17, and into cupertino, looking good. >> a raging fire has killed six people including four children two hours outside of philadelphia. abc7 news reporter is out of the newsroom. >> the children are from two years to eight years old and we have incrazyible -- incredible
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video. the fire continues to grow last night and the floors and the roof of the home collapsed. it kept the firefighters from making rescues. the crews had to proceed with caution because of all the damage. five firefighters were injured. it took an hour to get it under control. they say it wasn't until after the fire was out that crews found the victims' bodies inside the home. they were not able to save the four children their father and their on. the mother was not home at the time. still no word on the cause. state police and firefighters remain at the hospital investigating this morning. in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> there is a mix of emotion in the town of valley springs after the sheriff announced an arrest in the murder of 8-year-old leila fowler. the community learned on
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saturday that leila fowler's 12-year-old brother will face charges in the stabbing death. we are covering his face because he is a juvenile. on friday there was a television interview a day before her son was arrested. >> my son has always been protect i of his sister and...i don't... >> she said her son was recently under stress from a child custody dispute. fundraisers to help the family are canceled by organizers who say some people are expressing outrage while others feel sympathy. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard will have more in 30 minutes. >> the brother the suspected kidnapper ariel castro are speaking publicly on this shocking case. police say castro helped three women captive in cleveland for more than a decade repeatedly raping them physical they were freed last week. in an exclusive interview with cnn pedro and onil showed no victim sympathy if their brother and hope he spends life in
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prison. >> monster, hateful, i hope he rots in jail. i don't even want them to take his life like that, i want him to suffer in the jail. i don't care after what he has done to my life and my family's life. >> the cleveland house where castro allegedly kept the three women captive is considered evidence in the case but neighbors are now pushing to have the two-story home torn down. >> police reveal more of a shooting involving concord police officers. the 21-year-old was suspected of dealing drugs and police tried to serve a search war rapt if his home and he got in a car driven by another man which rammed an unmanned police car. he tried to run away but two officers opened fire and police did not say whether he was armed. >> well-known coach will be charged with child molestation today in martinez.
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the 52-year-old has turned himself in after an arrest warrant was issued in march related to molestation of a teen and a secret videotaping of another in a restroom. the former coach at oakland's high school and one in palo alto was released organization $320,000. he was head coach of california smoke a san jose based club for elite high school players. >> two of the bay area well-known companies are pledging big bucks to help bring pro football's ultimate game to the new santa clara stadium of the 49ers competing with miami for a have been. amy hollyfield has more at the stadium. >> good morning, the big names mean that things are looking good. you have heard of these before, according to the "san francisco chronicle", apple and gap have committed to pledge $30 million, combined $3 million, to thest to
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get the super bowl here. there is a huge effort to land the 2016 super bowl here at the new stadium in santa clara. the promised really help tip the scales. bid organizers estimate that it will cost $4 million to host the game and people have been trying to secure the super bowl and the pledges show that the region is enthusiastic about having the game here. other companies have promised donations but those are in the $2 million-range. these two promised combined at $30 million are by far the largest and the most significant. it is still up to the nfl but the bay area is showing it is very serious about having the game here and there will be a press conference later this morning to detail this and call attention to the pledges and to she the nfl it needs to pay serious attention to the bay area.
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governor revenue picture of the state is improving. lawmakers are eager to restore social programs that have been cut the state must remain cautious and how it spends money. the governor listens to announce in the revised budget plan that tax revenues are $4.6 billion higher than predicted in john. $450 million is set to go to schools and other programs that could see funding increases, mental health, dental care and welfare. >> time to get a check on the weather forecast. >> does your wife enjoy the warm weather for mother's day? >> i think so. we got together and a little surf and turf for her last night . >> wow! wish i knew. my wife is out of town and i didn't have anyone to celebrate
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with. >> 53 in ocean beach and 50 in forestville and pore address -- portrero hill. 50 in pittsburg and tracy for a. wary spot and petaluma at 45. now, today, as we look at the clouds here, hanging over the golden gate bridge, if we have mist and drizzle it will be at the coast and the higher elevations near the coast, 48 to 54, by noon in the mid-50's to mid-70's with quick sunshine and not so warm as the breeze keeps us at 59 at the coast and 79 inland and quiet this evening at 57 to 71. we could jump up one or two degrees tomorrow but a drop for wednesday into thursday with temperatures at five to six degrees cooler and that will extend into the seven-day forecast but, first, traffic with leyla gulen.
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>> we have a crashberkeley but, first, this is the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is moving well westbound so the upper deck is not seeing any problems but the lower deck we have construction going on until 6:00 a.m. which will be three lanes blocked so the drive from san francisco could potentially be difficult this morning if you are making it into the east bay. we do have this accident along eastbound congratulation and it is a car that blew a tire, respond out, and hit the median so you could see spectator slowing but, so far, no lanes are blocked. >> 5:09. the medical marijuana vending machine is here, and bloomberg business report is next. >> a volcano begins stirring to live if central mexico. >> california's largest bicycle race is underway where you can cap the
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. authorities in central mexico are setting up shelters as they prepare for a possible big eruption of a valentino near mexico city. this is the 17,000' volcano that has been seeing an increase in seismic activity that shook
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saturday night spewing volcano rock. soldiers and federal police have beeneployed to the area. >> college presidents are receiving some of the highest pay according to the chronicle of higher education annual rankings this morning, the ex-president of penn state got a whopping $2.9 million. and auburn university made $2.5 million. and uc president got $847,000 at number eight. and the head of the usc system was in 78th place, and uc berkeley chancellor was 93rd at $458,000. >> in more standing in long lines at the airport for some passengers. us airways and delta and united include a symbol on boarding passes that let certain frequent flyers go through faster called
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precheck. you apply through the t.s.a. and you don't have to take off your shoes, belts, or laptops or liquid bottles. >> the top bicyclists in the world are in california, with the tour start this weekend in san diego county. it is headed up here. the race wines through eight stages in eight days and today they are in palm springs the on friday they hit the bay area. the first bay area stage is in san jose and on saturday, they will race from livermore to mount diabolo, sunday is the final stage which wipeds from san francisco to santa rosa. >> chrysler is recalling hundreds of thousands of vehicles. >> here is the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, chrysler recalling hundreds of thousands of jeeps because of an electrical fair could cause a shift into neutral on its own involving 2005 to 2010.
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you have drive be a ford lately? the super doubt s250 pickups under investigation because of internal steering gear failures. the safety traffic administration says up to 340,000 2008 vehicles could be involved. it is happening, the medical pair juan vending -- the medical marijuana vending machine is here. the devices behind counters at marijuana dispensaries where it is legal and require a fingerprint match with state issued medical marijuana permits . >> starting tomorrow, big cities can watch network programs all day long on the mobile device. the watch abc app is online in morning and philadelphia on tuesday and the rest of us get access in the small. you need to have a paid tv provider and not all of us get
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the service right away. if everything is on schedule, use will be the first network of the legacy traditional networks to go on the internet full time. >> wow! >> you can carry us in your pocket. in the morning. >> once upon a a check with mike nicco, tv viewing is grew but you need to get outside because it will be nice in the afternoon. >> i think so, year was too hot, then today will be more comfortable where the temperatures see the biggest drop today. good morning, everyone, owe radar and satellite has low clouds and mist and drizzle along the coast and maybe the higher elevations. you can see wet weather is just not happening, we have a small craft advisory if you are venturing out on the bay and over the ocean, it starts at 3:00 this afternoon for northwest wins around 15 to 25
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notes. that is until 3:00 wednesday morning. from our roof camera, you can see the tree at the bottom on the embarcardero, blowing an, to give you an idea the sea breeze is back and you can see the clouds hanging around and that is why it will be not so warm but we will see sunny conditions by the afternoon. but the coast will have pockets of sunshine. not so many clouds. it will be cool when you step outside and minor cooling all the way through the week. as far as our temperatures, they will be warm through morgan hill and gilroy in santa clara, and low-to-mid 80's and upper 60's in mill bay and san mateo and redwood city south temperatures in the low-to-mid 70's. the coast is brisk in the upper 50's and mid-70's in downtown to upper 60's in south san francisco and sausalito. mid-to-upper 70's for the north bay valley with santa rosa at 78 the warm spot and bodega bay, 20 degrees cooler at 57 and
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richmond and berkeley and hayward all in the mid-to-upper 60's and much else in the low-to-mid 70's long the east bay shore and low-to-mid 80's inland with walnut creek and pittsburg around 80 degrees. rangers and a's at 7:00 fish pitch and mainly clear and 63 dropping to 57 by the end of the game. mostly in the 50's tonight and a few 40's possible in the north bay valley and a cold front is drawing near but notice, a little strip of cloud cover and from portland it changes our direction and our wind so we will have cooler weather today the when it passes a little bit warmer tomorrow and a cooler sea breeze returns on wednesday and all the way through friday and it looks mild saturday and sunday, and dry all seven days. >> dry is good for the roads, everyone, as we take a check of the drive headed into dublin we have to report of a brand new crash and c.h.p. is on the scene
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and it sound like a car versus a big rig and the top speed is 27 miles per hour and we are looking at two miles of backup westbound 580 on 680. the rest of the altamont pass there is 33 miles per hour out of tracy and it eases into livermore and you are in good shape. and this is along the drive coming up on san jose, 280, away from 17, northbound, those are the headlights and traffic is moving smoothly. >> 5:19. five things to know as you start the day to day. >> wait until you see the hilarious way a billionaire made good on a bet. >> always, always, always time to thank mom even if you play in a nba lay off game a mother's day tribute from warriors and moms get special recognition. >> what do you get when you miss a tennessee boy with boston finest? a great hour of television, kenny chesney will honor the
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>> here is a live look at the bay bridge with a ship that is going under the bridge a scene from san francisco exploritorium camera. we have low clouds butting in to obstruct visibility too much for the ships.
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eric? >> we see a ferry headed the other way or a small boat so it is nice to see they are navigating fine with not much nog but some clouds. >> pretty picture. >> blue are just headed out the door or joining us, here are five things to know, breaking news from pennsylvania this morning, where four children and two adults were killed in a house fire overnight in potsville northwest of philadelphia between two and eight years. we have new details in the newsroom with a report coming up at the top of the hour. >> fundraisers are canceled in calaveras county now that the 12-year-old brother of leila fowler is under arrest for her murder. people in valley springs are upset that the boy officially claimed an intruder killed his sister. details on what is happening at the school today in a report in a few minutes. >> in a few hours we will find out the official rediction for how bad the wildfire season be
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in california and across the west. agriculture secretary and interior secretaries will outline the wildfire season forecast. >> developing news in lake county where dogs of homes are threatened by collapsing hillside. look at the pictures making national headlines. miles dozen homes have been from santa rosa. homeowners are meeting with county supervisors tomorrow to talk about what they can do. >> the warriors travel back to playoff series againstr game the san antonio spurs and they even up the best of 15 series at two each after yesterday's overtime win at oracle arena. game six is thursday back here at home. >> i am sure there was basketball on mother's day? >> you can barbecue and watch basketball at the same time that is what is great about the art of barbecue. >> multitasker, okay.
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>> we will cool it down? >> a little. a few were close to turning on the air conditioning when it was throw mid-90's in the east bay. when you step inside you will feel the coolness, right, eric? from mount tamalpais this morning you can see sausalito all clear but look at the fog in the bay this morning, san francisco is going to be warmer than yesterday and fremont is the same and everyone else is three to eight degrees cooler, and the reason is the cold front switching our wind direction and the cool breeze is not making it to the central valley and low 90's chico and sacramento and 100 in fresno and 73 and sunshine in tahoe and 108 in palm springs! >> we have a problem in dublin/pleasanton where we have a crash but, first, the construction project is blocking three lanes. until 6:00 a.m. on the bay bridge and you may see delays. we have volume as you make the drive eastbound direction from
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san francisco to oakland so give yourself extra time. now we down to 16 miles per hour, we have three miles of backup making the push in the westbound direction the crash involving a big rig is blocking one lane as you come up on 680. in san jose, the 87 pass the julian off-ramp is clear. >> leyla gulen you will like this story. billionaire sir richard branson takes service seriously got owl dolled up in a flight attendant outfit and served food on a rival's airline yesterday, he lost a bet over formula one racing back in 2010 so he lived up to his word and shaved his legs, putting on lipstick and the blue eye shadow. oh, my! he poured tea and served meals and made announcements during the flightmtralia to
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indonesia. >> the warriors took time to say thats to mom on mother's day. >> everyone out there including my beautiful wife, happy mother's day and god bless you. >> head coach jack son gave special recognition to the mothers of the players in this mother's day tribute that warriors posted on youtube and the team shares pictures and videos and memories of their mom and you can see the entire video on our website at "see it on tv." we continue at 5:30 with the top stories including a murder mystery in the east bay hills with a deadly discovery. >> new details on the tragedy on the bay with a possible cause for the cat main
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 5:30 on monday. hope you had a great mother's day. >> how is the day after mother's day forecast shaping up? >> if you are in hot water after year, the temperatures are cooler. live doppler 7 hd shows the lack of rain. this is mist and maybe drizzle along the coast but mostly it is dry. our forecast looking on oakland, inland, it will be 73 to 83 so the knew's are gone, 65 around san francisco to 74 in san jose is our spread and this afternoon it will be chilly at the coast and upper 50's for most of the neighborhoods and you get a few pockets of sunshine here and there. we could have potential hotspot in the east bay. >> that is right. as we look at the drive through berkeley the commute in the
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westbound direction along 80 we see plenty of traffic but it is a short 13 minute drive from highway four to the maze we had an early wreck on the eastbound side but that is cleared off the freeway. headed into dublin, this is causing quite the backup, four miles, in fact. you are down to 16 miles per hour with top speed westbound 580 coming up on 680 where we had an accident involving a big rig blocking one lane. >> top california story counselors staffer all the schools in valley springs this morning following the arrest of leila fowler's older brother in the 8-year-old girl's murder. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has the latest. >> another blow for the small community in calaveras county. days ago police were looking for a suspect described only as a man with long gray hair and now the manhunt is over and leila fowler's brother is charged with the murder. a small m remains outside
5:32 am
the home of where the 8-year-old leila fowler was found murdered. her killing set off an intense manhunt and her brother told police he was home when three saw an intruder run from the house but authorities never found that suspect. days later he joined family members at a vigil. the boy was arrested on saturday. a spaghetti dinner fundraiser is canceled and organizer say some people are demanding their money become. others have sympathy for the family. >> it turned to...hurt and anger. people were angry we would continue to hold this thing. in our best interest we decided at this point in time we were going to not do it. >> we feel sorry for the family because these poor people have lost two of their children. our hearts and prayers go out to them.
5:33 am
>> the sheriff will not say what led them to arrest the 12-year-old boy. the school district says it will have counselors available for students and teachers at the school where the two attended starting this morning. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the leila fowler case with more throughout the morning and online any time at and you can get breaking news updates by following us on twitter@abcnews bay area. >> the four teams competing in america's cup will meet tomorrow with a team of experts joining the investigation into the deadly accident on the bay. a british sailor died when the swedish boat failed during a practice run north of treasure island on thursday. the father a sailor said his son heard a loud cracking noise before the catamaran napped suggesting one of the carbon cross peoples broke. officials say it is too soon to draw any conclusions. >> you have to understand how
5:34 am
did the capsize happen. there are many theories around the place. some different theories conflict we need to find the facts and that is what we are focused on. >> 36-year-old andrew simpson died when being trapped if ten minutes. >> police are investigating the death of a man found shot in the hills above uc berkeley. officers found his body outside a car parked on grizzly peak boulevard yesterday morning. police received several 9-1-1 calls of a shooting. the boulevard was closed for 12 hours while police investigated. >> search is underway if lake county for a nine-year-old austic girl unable to speak. here is a picture of the girl, last seen in the front yard of her family home yesterday afternoon at 1:30. investigators say because of her mental state, able, and circumstances, she is considered
5:35 am
"at risk." an amber alert was issued and canceled because her case does not meet the criteria. in fremont police are searching for a missing teen would could be in a stolen truck with a 30-year-old map. the 15-year-old margarita is hispanic, 4' 1" and 90 pounds. she may be in a stolen white pickup truck with license plate 6e82209. it has a white camper share and vased suspension. >> manhunt is intensifying in the woods for a northern california man wanted for murdering his family. investigators believe the 45-year-old shane miller killed his wife and two daughters on tuesday in shasta county. agents and swat teams from three counties and joined the search. the bodies were found inside a
5:36 am
home in shingletown. the search for miller is centered where his truck was found on wednesday. he is believed to be heavily armed and may have additional weapons stashed in a cabin. federal agents and swat teams are headed out to search for him in the thick back woods over the weekend. >> cleveland house where a man kept three women captive for a decade is considered "evidence" in the case. neighbors say they want ariel castro's home torn down. the doors and ones of the case are boarded up and there is a fence to keep people out. city officials say there have been threats to burn the house down in vigilante justice. was tremendous is on jail on $8 million charged with kidnapping and rape. his brothers officially thought to be accomplices have been cleared. they spoke if the first time over the weekend saying they never suspected what he is accuses of. >> could never think of doing anything like that. if i knew, i would have reported
5:37 am
it, brother or no brother. >> two of the alleged victims, amman behalf decemberry and gina dejesus are spending time with their families. the whereabouts of the third, michelle knight, is a mystery. she has shun her family only saying she is "happy and safe." >> o.j. is headed back to court today, appealing a 2008 conviction on armed robbery and kidnapping charges. the 65-year-old hall of fame football star claimed his lawyer botched his against and is serving nine to 33 years in prison in nevada after a jury found his guilty of leading a robbery at gunpoint of two sports memorabelia dealers in a las vegas hotel room. >> game five for the warriors leaving today for san antonio after evening up the series against the spurs coming down to overtime again. >> excited fans poured out of oracle arena after the thrilling
5:38 am
win with steph treasurecy playing on an injured ankle and barness stepped up leading the team with 26 points and thompson made a huge bucket with 30 seconds left tying the game at 84 sending it to overtime where it was all warriors. they pulled ahead to a 97-87 victory. the series now is two games each and game five is tomorrow night in san antonio and game six is back at oracle. warrior fans have been sending photos, two lucky fans up close and personal with steph curry. show us your pride in the playoffs with your warriors and sharks fan photos. >> we know when the ankle clears up, look out. >> mike? >> healthy ankle, 30, 40 minutes
5:39 am
a game, unhealthy ankle, 20 points a game. >> good morning, everyone. 48 degrees in los altos, the cool spot headed in the south bay and fremont at 51 and campbell is 56. most of us in the 50's this morning from 51 in san ramon to 55 in wood wood and cupertino and 54 in novato and bodega subway a cool spot. we have clouds along the coast and fog in the north bay and that is going to quickly dissipate and mostly sunny away from the coast by noon and mid-60's around the bay to mid-70's inland and the breeze and cooler weather today and near 60 at the coast by 4:00 upleads partly sunny sky and the rest of us are mainly sunshine with high clouds and low-to-upper 70's and 50's at the coast and 60's in the bay and low 70's inland. we will be warmer tomorrow because the cloud cover will not be so extensive in the morning and the sea breeze comes back
5:40 am
and the cooling trend continues wednesday and thursday. >> good morning, were, at 5:39 at the peninsula along 101 we have a stalled car 101 northbound block one lane so far not causing any delays but what is causing delays is the crash in dublin/pleasanton westbound 580 befor you reach 680 where we have one lane blocked because of a crash involving a big rig and we have c.h.p. on scene 16 miles per hour is the top speed and four miles of backup to show and the drive time traffic shows along 580 long the altamont pass that will take you 46 minutes and from antioch to concord is 45 minutes and we have construction on the bay bridge with more on that coming up in a little bit. >> a trailblazer is ready to turn in the microphone, the major announcement use's pa behalf -- barbara walters is
5:41 am
>> homes in jeopardy and the search if a cause in in a
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>> covering daly city, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
5:44 am
>> 5:43, developing news from lake county, homeowners will meet with county supervisors to talk about a neighborhood that is literally sinking into the ground. it is happening in lake port, half a dozen homes have been damaged by collapsing hillside. 30 others remain in danger. it is so proceed carious that mail delivery has been suspended. eight families have been left and ten more have received notices toge immediately. >> it looked like an earthquake hit. it was phenomenal the amount of damage done. >> even if lake county we are known for earthquakes and lot of waters but if us this is unusual. >> engineers believe ground water buffer bowling to the surface could be to blame. the land could be on a dormant volcano. supervisors asked the governor to declare a state of emergency to get funding to stabilize utilities in the area. >> san francisco police are
5:45 am
warning residents about scamers posing at utility employees making phone calls demanding money. the suspects say they need payment for overdue bills and the only payment is through moneybut neither would ask for payment this way. >> an icon of network news says 2014 is her last year on air. barbara walters, a member our abc family, will announce her retirement on "the view." she has been with abc since 1976, the first woman to co-anchor a news program and will continue on "the view" and on specials and will retire in the summer of 2014 the you can watch the announcement at okal on "the view." >> we have incredible video from minnesota. residents long a lake have evacuated homes because of an ice tsunami. you can see in this home video how quickly the ice moves in to
5:46 am
the neighborhood, called an ice shove that moves quickly when the high wind propels the ice to the shore. it packs enough punch to break windows and to be people walls. >> there is a reason we don't see that often, a combination of unusual factors. >> usually the ice would be gone so half the lake is open and half is ice covered and the wind whips up the waves and that pushes the ice ashore. if the ice covered the wins would not bother it but it is a record late "ice out" when it finally melts that is why it is happening. >> maybe some mit or drizzle at the coast but that is all we have. now, what is going on, into the dry season here, with live doppler 7 hd showing how quiet the morning is so we will move on and talk about how the winds
5:47 am
pick up with small craft advisory from 3:00 this afternoon through 3:00 wednesday morning. for the mainers that is northwest win at 15 to 25 knots and the rest of us, multiply that by 1.15 how you get the miles per hour. from sue tremendous tower, above the cloud cover, the cloud deck must be around 1,000' with the sunshine waiting in the afternoon hours. but not so warm with winds pushing the cloud cover to the east bringing in the cooler air east ocean. cool again and minor cooling through the week. it looks location a storm system will pass to the northwest and just miss up with a chance of rain in the middle part of the week. we will look at the cloud cover and notice how it is headed toward the east and the south through 9:00 and pulling back to the cost by noon and sunshine developing at noon.
5:48 am
stronger sea breeze is the reason why it will be cooler. we will look what happens if you head to the game, for a's fans, 63 degrees at 7:05 and dropping to 57. the seven-day forecast shows 60's along the coast, barely. mid-70's is as warm as the bay gets and mid-80's inland and 90's are gone and 70's in the inland neighborhood and 60's at the coast and 50's, rather, at the coast which will be the keelest day. >> and san jose, 87 is looking busy but moving along at top speed. there is company, though, coming beyond h.p. pavilion and to the tolls, we have plenty company if you are cash paying and away from oakland you seeing a buildup of traffic at 25 or 30 cars back from the toll plaza. the fast track lanes moving fine and we have ten minutes last
5:49 am
before this construction project does wrap up long the e-bay bridge from the city and toward oakland so watch out for that and give yourself extra time and a quick check of the dublin commute we have a crash that pushed to the shoulder at 28 miles per hour at 46 miles per hours from tracy to dublin. >> british prime minister visits the white house for talks prior to the june summits of the industrial nations and will touch on syria's civil war and iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons and counterterrorism and trade. the prime minister will host the g-8 summit june 17 and june 18 in northern ireland and president obama says he is looking forward to attending. >> the treasury department is expected to release the results of an investigation into the internal revenue service targeting of tea party groups. the i.r.s. blames low level employees for targeting the tea party and other groups during
5:50 am
the 2012 presidential election. republicans question that and republic senator colins of maine said if it was a handful of rogue agents they would have been fired and the associated press said senior officials knew of the targeting in 2011. >> prince harry is continuing the tour of the united states and ahead at 6:00, how the visit is already much different from his las vegas memorable trip of a year ago. >> or fiasco. >> that is another word for it. taking amtrak to the future, the major announcement today in sacramento and what it means for passengers. >> deadline day for the morning after pill that c
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>> we have developing news from the occupy protest in albany. police have moved in and cleared out a farm of a dozen occupy protesters. one was arrested on charges of trespassing and resisting arrest after he refused to leave. over the weekend, more than 100 marched on to the uc land to protest plans to build grocery store. they plan to tend vegetation here in the future.
5:54 am
the university police wanted the occupation was illegal and trespassers would be removed. it appears this morning that has happened. >> we have just begun playing powerball a month ago and already, one player in petaluma is a bit richer. a shell station on petaluma boulevard north sold a ticket worth $573,000! it is one of three sold in california that matched five of the six winning numbers in saturday's drawing. the next power powerball drawing on wednesday is expected to hit $350 million. >> wow! i would not feel just a little generous, i'll buy you a special coffee. >> or iced coffee later today. >> it will be warm but not as
5:55 am
hot as yesterday, the 90's ended when the weekend ended. low clouds are hanging across the golden gate bridge this morning but as you head to sausalito there are a few breaks, and coastal drizzle is not out of the ordinary with high amount of tree pollen and everything else is moderate to low. get ready for 90's to 100 in central valley, and 108 in palm spring and upper 80's in san diego and los angeles. >> in the bay bridge it looks like the construction project in the eastbound direction is wrapping up but it looks like the westbound lane is building approaching the toll plaza but we had construction blocking a threw lanes if you head in the eastbound direction from san francisco to oakland. as we look at the dublin drive the crash is pushed to the shoulder and a 50-minute drive from tracy to dublin. >> 5:55. if you drive across the golden
5:56 am
gate bridge from san francisco at night get ready for a major detour starting tomorrow at midnight tomorrow, northbound highway one will be should down each night from midnight to 4:00 a.m. starting at lake street. the crews are dismantling the last part of the old approach as part of the reconstruction project with traffic rerouted along geary to van ness. >> amtrak has the next generation train in sacramento with old engines being replaced with the first ones in service in the fall. the half billion cost is covered by a long from the federal transportation department. >> the clock is ticking for the government if they are fighting a ruling to lower the age of girls who can buy the morning after pill. today is the deadline to appeal. the f.d.a. lowered the age for
5:57 am
plan "b" pill from 17 to 15 and available without precision. the judge says the move to block sales is a political move by the administration. >> next at 6:00, two well none bay area companies are partnering together for a common cause and what it can move for sports fans. >> first, we have breaking news with a fire ripping through a home overnight and what we are learning about the family would called this place home. >> the fight over a bay area oyster farm take as new farm 8t p
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> breaking news at 6:00, six people are killed in an overnight house fire. we now have learned several children are among the dead. >> students at a small calaveras county town will find extra help
6:00 am
at school today following the weekend arrest of a 12-year-old boy. police say he stabbed his sister to death. >> the bay area bid to host a super bowl is getting new support this morning, major bay area companies are stepping up. >> 6:00 on this monday. hope you had a great mother's day week. >> now, what is the day after mother's day locking like in. >> we start with live doppler 7 hd showing no,ed area of wet weather, no pockets of rain but there are pockets of drizzle. maybe a little mist this morning as the marine layer is down around 1,000'. it will be gray away the bay to start. 52 degrees. sunshine by noon. mostly sunny in the afternoon with a cool breeze in the low 70's. comfortable and you drop in the upper 60's by 7:00. inland we have fog up north, otherwise it is clear and 54 degrees headed to the east bay valley. warm sunshine and mid-70's and near


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