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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 17, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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neighbors hearing the pin is still in the grenade. >> we'll bring you more information as we get it and update you as to situation develops. so stay tuned for that. more breaking news, crews dive to save a long shoreman whose truck fell off of a pier. the worker did not survive. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. the port of oakland going to be shut down for the investigation. abc 7 news joins us live with more. thomas? >> police and a long storeman are calling this an unfortunate accident. now, what we've learned is that the victim is an 80-year-old individual who has been a long shoreman here for 50 years. scene from sky 7 hd, divers went into the water to try to
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recover the body of a man that dove into 50 fweet of water, crews from oakland police and fire, crews and the coast guard responded to try to rescue the 80-year-old long shoreman, a man identified only as manuel. officer watson explained the difficulty. the man his co-workers say was loved and respected. >> a crane was brought into place. the diver as tached some cable lines. >> one of the first people i met in the water front and no one treated anybody else better. no one knew what it meant to be a brother to someone else like manuel did. fantastic man and will be very, very miss bid everyone. >> from sky 7 we can see the body recovered at about 2:30
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pm. long shoreman say the man was working as a clerk checking containers as they came in to the terminal. this is an accident now under investigation. we don't know how or why the truck ended up going into the water, police say it's being investigated by fatal response team as well as the port of oakland. as you said long shoreman have shut down the terminals in order to mourn their loss. >> thank you. we have breaking news now out of the northeast. 25 people injured after a commuter train derailed and tracked into another train. the first train eastbound when it derailed just east of the fairfield station hitting a westbound train on the track. some cars from that are train came off the tracks as well.
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officials say theye not sure what caused this derailment. >> officials have not decide wld to seek the death penalty against a man accused of killing two members of his family. authorities say he stabbed his mother wednesday fatally and he also killed his 1-year-old nephew and stabbed his 3-year-old niece. ramirez has had previous run in was police who say he has a history of mental health problem autos investigators believe someone targeted two men who died after being shot in jackson street. both victims wore yellow warriors tee sherts. the lae patrol discovered tickets inside of the car. investigators want to take a look at footage from at rena.
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this does not appear to be a random act. >> drivers faced hours of delays after the investigation forced chp to close northbound 880 while officers searched for evidence. >> a huge financial loss fr a school tonight. stolen computers and stolen year end student projects, too. it happened at the al ma den country school where 40 compute qlers -- computers were taken. vic lee is live with the story. vic? >> this is an absolutely outrageous crime. computers were stolen but real victims are children. now, the almaden country school has 300 kids and lap tops being use bid 8th graders
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one that's will graduate soon. >> i was shocked anded mad someone would do this to such a like, nice school. >> the 13-year-old came to school thursday morning and saw smashed windows. all lap tops were stolen during the night. and the head master says it looks like a professional job. >> they knew where computers were and seemed to have been been able to get them on and off campus very quickly. >> now with school almost out, administrators are scrambling. >> trying to figure out ways to make computers accessible for three weeks of school. >> what makes this crueler is that all 8th graders graduating lost their year end projects which they have been working on for a long time.
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>> i spent a lot of time researching. >> cameron was doing his project on major fighters of the 50s and 60s. >> i had mohammed ali. >> it has taken not only a financial toll on the school but also left an he megsal score in this close-knit community. even kindergarteners were talking with it. it leaves a feeling of fear in our kids. >> dan the school is talking to security consultants. this one had no alarm system. and one of them is fascinating. this is one that will enable the lap top to take a picture of the thief if stolen, technology will enable that picture to go back to a
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control center but that is in the future. the school hoping that police and the public will help them recover their stolen computers. >> the owner of the italian enry into the 2013 america'scupl stay in the race but is he demanding changes. this afternoon he called on the team to modify the rules to make the race safer casting down on his team's participation following the death of a member of the swedish team. he says the team wants to compete and safety must be a top priority. >> for us, it's fundamental. wind cannot be too low or too high. we could even decide to pull out of the event if decisions are not the ones we think are correct.
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>> he wants a new safety plan put into place. as well as professional divers. mark will have more in a live report on the team's demands tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> some encouraging news about the economy today, california one of three starts staits that saw a sharp drop in unemployment. that is the lowest rate since november, 2008. however, nearly 1.7 californians are still unemploy skptd rate is still significantly higher than the national average of 7.5%. so work still to do. the canadian government looking to beef up it's work force by poaching bay area -- targeting foreign workers and it's not just the bill board. canada's minister of
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immigration is in the bay area this weekend to promote the new visa for entrepreneurs giving permanent residency to those who can raise enough capitol to start a business in canada. >> encouraging news about the u.s. economy extends market rally. two reports shows more improvement than expected helping stocks close higher for the fourth week in a row. the dow climbed 121 points, nasdaq rose 33 points. >> well, some of the world's beflt cyclists tried to beat the clock when the am drs gen tour came to the south bay today. the riders peddald 19 and a
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half miles in morgan hill. many every day cyclists cheering on these riders. >> it's a dream being able to say hey him i'm a regular cyclist so you can ride just like rest of them. >> they will ride tomorrow and the tour wraps up on sunday. >> apple co-founder the woz giving a commencement speech tomorrow at cal. but he sat down with abc 7 news david louie who is live in san jose tonight. he talked about what wisdom he will impart to the graduates tomorrow. >> yes. he says he had a lot to say in 10 minutes he'll be speaking but there are still ideas floating in the mind for now.
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this year, they booked him far in advance. woz doesn't write speeches he says he prepares notes triggering stories and experiences he wants to share. >> to be pro found i would have to write every tword get it ak ritd and hemingway is one of my favorite actors but that will take a long time, i don't have the time to try to be pro found so be yourself is the first key. >> he graduated cal in 1986. his diploma bears a fictitious name, rocky raccoon clark. it may have given him freedom to be a prankster. >> i was sort of a leader of a group coming up with pranks and minor misbehavior but it was always exploring with systems to see what i can do i wasn't supposed to be able to do. >> so what will the woz tell
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the class sne says he will reach back to cal days. >> i'm reminded of being at berkeley x pacifist, brawn versus braichblt you grow up using muscles and power to get position in life. to get money to, get power, to run companies, and to with politicians or do you use your brain? i decided i wanted to be on the brain side. >> he thinks those that create new technologies have a greater impact than politician autos everyone in my lifetime couldn't bring us more happiness the way iphones do. i'm going to wind up saying technology leaders today are more important than the presidents. >> he says he's given about 20 commencement speeches and he says almost every day he gets an e mail from someone thanking him for influencing
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his, or her life. now, we've posted the interview on our web site and it will be posted on abc 7 news com. >> that is going to be fascinating. >> students report a large group of trespassers as we continue, the campus policy has some crying excessive force. a study of tweets zeroes in on a city with the most hasteful messages.
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san francisco state students are accusing police of excessive authorities students say they were friends who were invited there. abc 7 news has the story. >> this you thank you tube video shows what happened when sfpd tried to arrest trespassing suspects last night. but one freshman says she invited her friends into the dorm not knowing there was a sign in policy. >> i was not aware you had to sign in guests during the day. nobody follow that's policy. i didn't know. r.a.'s didn't even know so i got in trouble for that. >> five of the six were homeless people that police removed. students and squatters held a rally saying sfpd followed them, targeted them and used
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excessive force in the arrest. >> 90 pound girls choked out, they took batons out, they were bashing my friend in his ribs with a flashlight repeating stop resisting. he was subdued on the ground. >> sfpd says they were just back u and students are probably confusing the agencies. charges include resisting arrest. one officer was injured. tiffany faces possible expulsion for among other things for violating no pets policy. >> i had a puppy m my room, i didn't check in guests. >> the university declined a request for an interview. abc 7 news. >> this map reflects a
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fascinating new meter for gauging what people on twitter think. researchers studied tweets tagged with locations to find out where people were sending out most hateful messages and they call their study geography of hate coming up with color coded maps showing where different types of hate tweets are common. now, the red and purple areas show place was a large volume of racist tweets. mid west, east coast and some pockets around sacramento and central valley. this one shows area was most homophobic tweets. it's similar to the previous map showing most activity east of the mississippi river with some around sacramento. and the final map, it's an analysis of antidisibility tweets. most of what we see is a shade of green or blue with humbolt state researchers say that means some hate. we have a link to the hate
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maps on abc 7 >> interesting. >> power ball fever is griping the bay area. the jackpot now $600 million. and long lines and people try their luck but odds aren't great. follow us on twitter to get winning numbers the moment they're drawn we'll put them out there. you can sign up for paush lerts to get a message with winning numbers good luck to you. >> it's this the bag and we're going to win why looks like it's going to be nice. >> we are. we're hitting jackpot when it comes to weather for the weekend. don't it's cool out here and
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looking behind me it's windy around parts of the bay area. temperatures running cooler than average. any words for low to mid-50s for cool temperatures you can see why it feels cooler out there. it's pretty breezy. napa 24 miles per hour. this is windy conditions and we're looking at clouds, 58 now in san francisco. it's 66 in san jose. santa cruz mid-70s. the view you can see how nice it is up there.
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heading to tahoe this weekend low to mid-60s and lows into low 30s. 69 right now in santa rosa. 67 in livermore. and cameras bouncing looking towards sutro tower. and it's going to be sunny and warmer. nice looking weather for weekend. that just means dry, warmer and plenty of sun so get outside enjoy the weather. over the weekend you'll see numbers starting to dip. into tuesday, wednesday, morning lows into upper 40s to mid-50s. some areas of low clouds and a cool start. you'll want to grab an extra
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layer. 72 milpitas. 72 palo alto up to 67 in san mateo. still going to be a breezy afternoon. daily city low 60s. mostly sunny skies, and north bay close to 80 degrees. and 78 degrees in livermore, it's a big weekend beta breakers this sunday continuing down towards golden gate park. weather dmot be better. a cool start and clear. sunny, hild and breezy with sunshine. 68 degrees. this is the weather you want
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to walk in and do not want to deal with the heat. upper 80s inland. checking out the accu-weather forecast low 60s coast turning cooler. by wednesday threw friday temperatures dropping down into 70s. graitd looking weather this weekend. live from the roof of the abc 7 broadcast center. dan, cheryl? >> a lot going on. >> thank you. >> if you need comic relief, a ticket to comedy coming up next. >> a treatment that could help alleviate pain for thousands of back patients what. the secret i
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you've made it through another weekend. you deserve a treat. >> yes. $600 million and a power ball. >> yes. dream on. >> you're going to need
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is a good deal. >> wow. >> so how do we get this good stuff? >> here is how you do it. go to our web site go to michael fin eye's consumer blog. free food there, free woling. >> you're the man. >> good deal. >> what? >> yes. >> look here. >> yes. >> thank you. >> coming up san francisco muse seem is working. >> yes. that is ju
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coming up at 6:00 it's anything but smooth sailing in the america's cup. tonight demands could ruin plans to make the races a tv spectacular. also the state attorney general calls larmt officials into action tow combat gun
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violence. where she wants to start z checking out a service offering instant help for those chores you cannot and do not twoobt do yourself. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> thank you very much. >> we need that. >> yes. >> how about a little bit of nature to go with art? check this out. >> eight large scale steel sculptures have been installed at chrissy field. >> pretty cool. >> it's also largest ever west coast display from the artist. and you can down load interviews to your smart phone. >> that is fun. really cool. >> have to check it out.
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>> thanks for joining us. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. this is "world news." tonight, hot seat. the irs finally tries to explain itself. hammered. singling out conservative groups. >> you would have been fired on the spot. >> i'm sick to my stomach. >> our jonathan karl tonight on whether their answers add up. record jackpot. the biggest powerball of all time. tonight, the mad dash. and have we found the luckiest store in the country, where big winners are born? to catch a thief. a big jewelry heist in the most glamorous place on earth tonight. is there a master thief prowling the red carpet? and, our "person of the week." >> and action! >> the new king of hollywood's biggest stories, from "star trek" to "star wars." and the tiny thing he bought as a child he says is the secret to his succes


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