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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  May 18, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> katie: good morning, it's 8:00 a.m. i'm katie marzullo. let's start with a quick look at the weather. it's 50 downtown and no delays, patchy fog around san francisco, also around hayward. 56 in fairfield. a little windy at the airport but numbers are warming in the 50s. we'll look for very little in the way of fog. mostly sunny day today. oakland, 60s to mid-70s. should be a beautiful afternoon
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with temperatures around average. the coastguard will see sunny conditions and cool, westerly winds will be with us gusting to 25 miles an hour. near 80 also today. >> katie: people without health insurance are getting free dental work in san jose. it started with a long waits in line. keira is live inside the convention center. how are things going in there? >> reporter: good morning to you. it is going so incredibly well. it's very loud. hear electric toothbrushes and healthy teeth. hundred patients are being taken care of right now. it takes about three and four hours to be treated here at this free clinic from beginning to earned. there are about 800 dentists and assistants from across the state.
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they come here to provide their services for free. they are volunteering. it's sponsored by the dental association. children that wanted to come under 18 must be with an adult. many people that are waiting in line, they are unemployed, uninsured, they are all thankful to be here and taking advantage of these free cleanings and free extractions. >> dental care is so expensive that it's like, with the economy the way it is right now, it's on the back-burner, or you choose between whether you want to feed your family or pay your rent. >> just having the opportunity to see the dentists working out an helping on the community is a great thing. >> reporter: take a look. hundreds of people lined up. this is line this morning.
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one woman got here at 6:30 last night to take advantage of the dental work. they are expecting to serve about thousand people and thousand tomorrow for people that don't make it in today. they are welcome to camp out tonight to be the first in line tomorrow morning. the doors open at 5:00 tomorrow morning, as well. >> katie: san jose police are looking for a carjacker whose victim jumped out of the moving car. it happened yesterday at 4:30 at denny's on blossom hill road. >> reporter: these are two photos of the man that attacked the customer as she arrived at the restaurant. >> driver's side door, pushes her over into the passenger's seat and flees. >> police say the man sped down sanchez drive but the victim jumped out of the car which was
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going about 40 miles an hour. >> road rash from hitting the ground and rolling. you can imagine also the emotionally fear that was done to the physical damage. >> she made it back to the restaurant and called police. one regular cutomers is he is surprised that it happened. >> he walked from here all the time. i cut through here all the time. >> reporter: police say the man different the victim's vehicle in the neighborhood. suspect is described as about 18-25 years, 5'7", weighing about 150 pounds. anyone that knows this man should call san jose police. developing news in newark, police investigate an incident in which officers shot a man that they say came out of a house shooting at them. he was taken to the hospital.
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this was the scene at macdonald avenue. family members called police around 6:00 last night. they were concerned about miss mental state. about his mental state. they heard several shots fired inside. man came out of the house shooting at them. they returned fire, hitting him at least least once. we know the names of two men shot to death in oakland. relatives provided this picture of the two taken during thursday night's warriors game. one had season tickets. several bullets hit the victims' porsche. they want to know if something at the game may have triggered the shooting. in san jose, police are
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trying to determine how a grenade came to be in a woman's garage. sky7hd was overhead as they blew up grenade just before 6:00. woman told police she found it on her garage yesterday afternoon. bomb experts weren't sure if it was actually alive but they destroyed it just in case. they don't believe it was plachbtd in the garage in an attempt to cause harm. >> members of occupy the farm plan to return today to tend to the crops they planted on university of california owned land. the plot at marin and san pablo avenues is known as the gill tract. the group camped on the land last weekend. they were released after 60 hours without being charged. the university plowed over the crop but more has since been planted. protestors object to plans to build a supermarket on the site.
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operations at the port of oakland are expected to resume later today. work has been suspended after the death of a longshoreman. sky 7 was over the scene after the unidentified employee drove his pickup into the san francisco bay. he worked at the port for 47 years was helping directing placement of containers when the accident happened. >> tens of thousands of trees are on the chopping block but neighbors have a chance to speak out against the project. they have taken over the east bay hills and u.c. berkeley, oakland and east bay regional parks have a plan to remove about 80,000 of the non-native trees. they say they can burn explosively. they want to replace them with native species. >> they don't have the same bark. they put far less it will are
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out per acre in terms of ground fuel. >> they say fire risks could be reduceed by removing the undergrowth. this morning the federal emergency agency will hold a public comment meeting at claremont middle school in oakland and they will be accepting written comments until june 7th. lisa argen is what we can expect. >> here a nice shot of emeryville. temperatures in the low 50s. plenty of sunshine but down the road in hayward, over in livermore, still fog. 54 degrees in east bay going for a high -- i'll tell you when we come back. >> katie: dozens of computers are stolen and students see their work disappear but how technology could help police. later the italian team proposes
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nay racing restrictions and thousand
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crews are battling a 700 acre wild five nier the mountains of los angeles. more than a hundred firefighters are battling from the ground and air. at one point the flames came up within hundred yards of the school but the school was never in danger because dry brush had been cleared to create a space. the fire is now about 75% contained tainted. >> officials say a u.s. airways flight was forced to make a belly landing because of the landing gear trouble. flight which took off from philadelphia landed last night 10:00. you can see it there. air traffic controllers kept the plane in the air but after several failed attempts they made the decision to do the belly landing. there were 34 people on board. no injuries have been reported. passengers were evacuated from the airplane and back to the terminal. >> this morning, n.t.s.b.
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officials is meeting with the connecticut governor at the site of a train collision. they have stopped service between new york and boston indefinitely following the collision between two commuter trains near fairfield, connecticut and about 60 miles outside of new york. 70 people were taken to the hospital. then we saw like. debris everywhere. i was focus on my kids, hugging them and embracing them. >> people were on the floor from the seat. we were okay. >> katie: both tracks sustained major damage. >> a financial loss for a school in san jose. dozens of computer have been stolen and along with them
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students' year long projects, it happened at almaden country school. >> i was shocked. i was mad. like somebody would do this to us. like night school. >> 13-year-old came to school thursday morning and saw the smashed windows on the eighth grade computer rooms. all the laptops were stolen during the night. 40 computers were cleaned out. head master says it looked like a professional job. >> they knew exactly where the computers were in the room and they seemed to have been able to get them on and off the campus without any commotion. >> administrators are now scrambling. >> we have ways to make them accessible for the next three weeks of school. >> what makes it cooler, all the
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eighth graders lost their year end projects which they had been working on for ang time. >> i spent a lot of time with it. >> he was doing his project on major figures of the '50s and '60s. it's left an emotional scar in this close-knit community. kim ron els is one of parents the auxiliary. >> even the kindergarteners were talking about it. it's the feeling of vulnerability and fear in our kids. >> of course the school is talking to security consultants like many schools. this one had no alarm system, but they will be looking at new technology. one of them is fascinating. this will enable the laptop to take the picture of the three of if a computer is stolen.
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and technology will enable that picture to go back to a security control center viagps. that is in the future. school is hoping the police and public will help them recover their stolen computers. >> katie: today's stage seven in california is one of the most grueling days for the cycle iflts and determine the winner of the race. 92 mile case goes from livermore avenue and finishes atop mount diablo a climb of nearly 4,000 feet. yesterday in san jose, riders left the starting line and had individual time trials. again, today, they are set to go up mount diablo where largest crowds in the hist have turned out. it adds an extra five miles to the actual summit and on a clear
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day you can see for 200 miles. tomorrow morning, a final leg of the race will start in san francisco and cross the golden gate bridge to santa rosa. tomorrow the 102nd race. a lot of street closures. if you want help navigating around the traffic, check out our waze traffic app, free from apple app store or from google play. we are on a clear day. 200 miles from the top of mount diablo. >> the hills are getting brown. warmer air mass today. we are going to see drier conditions with high fire danger really throughout the weekend but particularly tomorrow and monday. we have a little bit of fog left over and breezy winds. unfortunately those winds are going to turn offshore by the end of the weekend. live doppler, we're not pickingd
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sunny and temperatures in the low 50s, san francisco, upper 50s in mountain view, upper 40s in santa cruz. half moon bay, breeze did i day for you. temperatures will warm everywhere today above normal in the north bay. then significantly warmer tomorrow as the northerly gradient takes over. 54 with a little patchy fog. santa rosa, 51. you were down to 39 in napa this morning. 52 right now. mid 50s in union city and lx. highlights calling for mostly sunny conditions, warming trend, above normal tomorrow. gusty offshore winds, highest elevations late tomorrow through monday, but decreasing relative humidity and fire danger really getting quite high around here through monday. then after that, we got more
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changes. here is a look at temperature change. we were warmer. clear skies this morning, started out much cooler throughout santa rosa and still cooler despite all the sunshine. speaking of san jose, mid-80s and the next couple of days, low to mid 80s by monday. then for most of the bay area getting cooler by tuesday with gusty onshore winds. today the onshore winds confined to the coast. if you are headed to to our beaches. look for the gusty sea breeze and warmer days today and tomorrow and 90s return. a nice afternoon today from low 70s in milpitas. upper 70s in morgan hill. in and around the peninsula, about 70s. 73 mountain view. very comfortable and right where
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you should be. mid-60s and breezy downtown today. plenty of sunshine, but if you 72 in oakland.bodega bay, 73, castro valley. is san ramon, 76. tonight the a's are playing and temperatures will be very comfortable in the low 60s. see breezy winds dropping to the 50s. look at the warming temperatures 90 inland a on monday, mid-60s for the coast. then sharply cooler on tuesday. follow us on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine.
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we are going to have the bay to breakers. >> katie: we definitely need to know how to dress. [ laughter ] >> thanks. >> the iconic movie american graffiti is coming of age and the movie is turning 40. george lucas filmed it in petaluma and they are already partying up there to celebrate the anniversary. >> it is a sight that most people take for granted. seasoned cars like wayne's 1967 mercury. >> i make 378 of them. >> so if i see this car around up to, they know it is me. >> and a certain movie they made around here.
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this is 40th anniversary of american graffiti, the george lucas classic that took place in modesto but petaluma provided most of locations,, all the vintage metal rolling into town. to honor petaluma then and now. >> has a lot of movie history. >> over the years, bringing the original location back to life. >> this is early wednesday morning and they re-created a famous drag racing scene. >> when george shot it it was back here. when we could have actually shall it was good and below budget. he had one lighted. >> results, almost indistinguishable from the original. >> tonight, american graffiti,
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little by little. >> they say it is possible to cruiser to fix a mechanical issue, but getting the cars out of a cruiser's blood i impossible. around petaluma it is thicker than oil>> the old work on them. >> yes, he got back, joining his friends in the parking lot. this is the one richard dreyfuss drove this is suzanne sommers drove. what are you going to do for the 50th, his answer was, i hope i'm still around. wayne freedman, "abc 7 news". >> katie: coming up next, a heartwarming story of a
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>> katie: a wonderful surprise for a u.s. marine. he worked 150 missions. he loved her so much that he had
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his image tattooed on forearm. he left and then they were reunited. casey tail has not stopped waging. >> next the man they call the woz, his words of wisdom for the class of 2013 at u.c. berkeley. plus, $600 million and counting. are you going in the lottery pool?
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>> katie: welcome back. it's 8:30 and starting with a quick look at the weather. good morning to you. here is north bay, we see fog and cool temperatures up in napa but we're beginning to recover. 52 there. good morning, santa rosa, 51. mid-50s by the delta. so we're already looking at temperatures responding to that sunshine. south bay, we can expect warmer weather today. 53 and around the bay, mid-70s and in the south bay, you should see highs in and around the mid and upper 70s. tomorrow you will go above normal. today at the coast, remaining breezy and warmest numbers will
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be near 80 around mount diablo. we'll talk about the above normal temperatures and high fire danger and how long the warmth will stick around in a few minutes. >> katie: a record powerball jackpot. an estimated $600 million. they tell "good morning america" they may raise that to $650 million later this morning which would make it the largest jackpot in u.s. history. ama daetz reports from millbrae. >> on el camino, people are playing powerball. >> with my family, i got family in other countries. >> before you dish out your imaginary dough, they say to plan carefully because it's easy to make mistakes and wind up broke. >> responsibly youwod have all h
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would ever need in your lifetime and go be in a position to give a lot of it away. >> $2 a ticket. >> you can't win if you don't play. >> they weren't planning on playing until i mentioned the number. >> maybe i'll get lucky. >> then there is the tell go office pool. >> my co-worker does a pool. >> he says to be responsible about it. >> make sure that everybody is listed and social security security who is in that pool. they sometimes gets contentious as to who won. >> a make sure the ticketed buyer is trustworthy and all the money is going to buy tickets. good tips to trust your co-workers.
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powerball, $600 million and possibly growing before tonight's drawing. get the winning numbers the moments they are drawn. sign up for alerts at to get a message on your phone with the winning numbers. and tell us about your lottery dreams at news. >> new this morning, a rally is planned for noon today to get san mateo leaders to keep an ice rink open. it's planned to close and the shopping center owner wants to replace it with a new red light ree tail stores. on may 6th the city council heard from hockey players and scout groups asking them to keep the rink open. an anti-gay rights group in southern california has purchased hourly radio ads
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urging to keep children home from school on harvey milk day. it honors the san francisco supervisor would ho was a guy rights pioneer and openly gay elected official in the state. the ads will not air in the bay area. sacramento bee reports they were purchased in los angeles and sacramento. guy rights group says the ads are homo mob zblik the head of the italian team is raising new concerns about america cup's races. he wants to race but as mark matthews explains. he also want to slow things down. >> he has just arrived in san francisco. they hope to have it on the water next week. the head of the team said, this is the type of boat that everyone agreed to sail. we are absolutely convinced
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that we must get through to the class of boat for the cup. >> he also is convinced that changes must be made to increase the safety of the sailers. >> we want water ambulance. we want professional divers to be ready. we want paramedics to be on the water. >> and he wants a change in the wind speed limits. right now they top out at 33 knots. he says that is too dangerous. >> what we propose is to lower to 20 knots. >> if the wind is higher than 20 knots, they may not participate. when would the decision would be made and it would be up to the team and skipper. if there is no the an agreement between the other teams to lower the wind speed limit the italian decision not to race could come on the day of the competition.
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that would play haf okay with larry ellison's plan to make a television spectacular. he wants to started on time to accommodate television broadcasts. what consideration drew those concerns drew a response from the team leader. >> we are here to sail and race and win america's cup. >> accident that took the life of a sailor is being investigated by a panel of experts who will make safety recommendations but they are just recommendations. they are not binding and this could come down to a showdown between ellison and bertelli. it's not there yet. >> apple cofounder steve wozniak is returning to his alma mater. he is giving a commencement speech at 10:00 a.m.. we caught up with him yesterday
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to get insight what he plans to say to the new graduates. wozniak says the ups and downs of apples can be a good lesson. >> that is biggest message of all. change is the new norm. technology, every new product it's a change how you do things, how you live and like with facebook. eventually something might go along that takes away from it. >> he says he believes people that create new technology he can have a far greater impact than politicians. >> coming up, the maker movement. fromsome local do it your selfers are getting more girls involved this weekend. let's take a live look in san jose, mid-70s today. lisa argen will have the
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>> katie: this weekend is popular maker fair in san mateo. a wild gathering of do-it yourselfers but most of them are men. in this morning's assignment 7 report. dan ashley tells us how educators are trying to get girls interested early. >> there is a climbing wall inside the garage.
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computer engineers built it. they use a computer to control lights to plot out which path to follow. >> it comes down a space and laura are part of the maker movement a growing fascination to building things your self. the fair provided us with this video of last night's gathering that attracted 100,000 people. at this year's fair, laura will stand out for more than her climbing wall. the maker fair is gender divide in engineering. society of women engineers, fewer than 18% of graduating engineers are women. fewer end up working in the field. just 13%. the creator of the maker fair wants to change that static. >> people cross over and we wanted to make it accessible.
8:42 am
you aren't saying these are things that men do and these are things that women do. >> dan: getting girls interested in science, engineering and math while they are in middle school is key. >> developing new data. >> at the school for girls in palo alto, these sixth graders are building boktsz and using to use power tools. >> it's about getting things to do themselves. >> dan: annie heads up the class. >> it's intricate but where does the hinge open and how do the pieces fit together. more we give them the more it helps them. >> they begin to think of themselves as capable in an environment that traditionally
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male dominated. they feel more great thinkers across the board. >> dan: it's about thinking outside the box. >> very cool to have a hands-on project like this. so it's something that we can do and opportunity to learn. >> katie: that is dan ashley reporting. the fair is this weekend at san mateo county event center. there are several fun things going around this weekend. those that are outdoors -- >> it will be nice at the coast. it will be gusty at this and fog around hayward and livermore. here is the roof camera, 52 degrees and winds are gusting to near 20 miles an hour. we'll talk about how warm we're going to get over the weekend
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and high fire danger. that is all straight ahead. >> also next, a madison bumgarner will not soon forget. highlights of ñ ñ,ñzñvñy"it
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>> katie: welcome back. it's coming up on 8:47. look at that gorgeous blue water sparkling in the sun under blue skies. just does not get anymore beautiful than that. don't be deceived by the sun. low 50s in san francisco right now. a little breezy but things will warm up. lisa argen will give us the full forecast. wow! >> if you are out on the bay, it will be breezy out there, if you are sailing and kayaking, plenty of sunshine. live doppler, there is still fog around the bay. you can see it from the san mateo coast all the way down. it's sitting offshore because we are looking at sunshine in parts of the bay but there is also fog around livermore and parts of
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the hayward area. be aware of that and continues to dissipate and we will be looking at beautiful afternoon. lake tahoe still you can see snow and what a nice day. mid 20s there this morning. really freezing there. 57 in mountain view. 53 in san jose. warmer day for most. if you are at the coast, half moon bay, 54. low 60s with gusty winds. san francisco will be breezy. here in the mid 50s in oakland. here is a look at mount tam. you can see a bit of marine layer and bit of a breeze, as well. out towards the delta. higher elevations by the time we hit tomorrow, the winds will shift and go to the north. we will see a quicker warmup. some places could warm ten degrees. 51 in santa rosa and 56 in the delta. 50s in union city and los gatos. today a nice afternoon, temperatures are pretty much average for this time of year. y
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except for a little bit of patchy fog. warming trend taking us above normal and high fire danger with monday being the warmest day. we talk about the fog, quickly evaporating. when it does, near 60 today, ocean beach, even sunshine and breezy at point reyes. plenty of 70s around the bay. have to go out to delta to get to the 80s but they will move closer tomorrow, closer still by the first part of the workweek. it's due to high pressure sitting offshore. weak weather system will drop not a great basin and that will allow the high to build behind it. warmth will come into monday. with all the events going around the bay. things are really turning dry already, relative humidity increasing. atmosphere warming. we are looking at high fire
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danger. low 70s in milpitas and upper 70s and 77 in morgan hill. 72 in palo alto. san francisco we talked about, mid-60s and plenty of sunshine tomorrow, should be near 70 and then the upper 70s today from santa rosa, 73 san rafael. mid-70s for vallejo. castro valley and fremont. 69 in hayward and out over the hills, combination of some mid-70s here, to 80 in antioch. tomorrow, bay to breakers, mostly clear conditions. here is the route and by 9:00 we're 60s and mid-60s at 11:00 and near 70 by 1:00. look for the upper 60s in parts of the coastal areas through monday. 80s around the bay, near 90 and then sharply cooler tuesday and wednesday perhaps thursday the coolest day around the bay.
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>> katie: thanks. >> in sports the sharks are hosting a playoff at pavilion at 3:30. last night the giants were trying to win their 11th straight game over the rockies. sports director larry beil has more. >> giants gave madison bumgarner 4-0 lead and that evaporated into the thin mile high air. they enjoyed a long game. bases loaded with a grand slam and career high of 9 runs. we're going to show defense because, dexter robs pagan to protect a 10-8 lead. giants kaim back. buster posey, loving it the not air and crushed.
8:52 am
10-9. but rafael blows it around and swing and miss. giants with four errors and recurring problem as they fall 10-9. >> just the opposite with a's and royals, adam going to work. parker 2-5 and one run and 5-k's. working on 15 scoreless innings and kiss that streak goodbye. josh over the line, 1-1 game and a's, he got all of it. solo homer, 2-1 a's and that is your funeral. the season ended for the golden state warriors but in their mind this is just the beginning. seth curry he turned into a star this season. the warriors can stay healthy, that is big if given the
8:53 am
struggles of andrew bogus. they aren't going to be sneaking up on anybody like they did this season. >> the sharks have an uphill climb, they blew the lead allowing two goals in the final minutes as they came back to win their series. sharks have been in the situation before. they have a chance to claw back into the series in the tank. mike shumann will be here with the sharks highlights at 5:00, 6:00, 9:00 and 11:00 p.m.. >> katie: n.b.a. superstar dwyane wade helps a teenager's dreams com
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>> katie: here are the winning numbers from last night. >> there were two winning tickets purchased in new jersey and virginia. now, all eyes on the $600 million powerball jackpot. >> new this morning, a high school girl's persistent for a prom date, dwyane wade accepted an invitation a high school senior. she called him the perfect prom date. he showed up wearing prom attire
8:57 am
and treated dance. he met with her real date and news crews captured it and afterwards he tweeted i had a blast. nicole can't believe he showed up. this is happening more and more. can't hurt that. >> we have a beautiful day. about 20 degrees spread inland east bay, half moon bay, 65 in san francisco. 70s in san jose and few 80s out toward inland east bay. warmth continues gusty offshore winds late tomorrow into monday. warmest day and cooler with more of an onshore push that will take us through the end of the workweek. bay to breakers, beautiful start tomorrow and 70s. >> katie: thanks so much. thank you for joining us on the saturday morning news. we continue at 5:00 p.m. have a great day.
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>> jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo. and welcome to "wild countdown." one of the best perks of being a conservationist comes when the job is done. gonna say good-bye to you in a bit. today, the inspiring stories of incredible creatures that i helped release into the wild. you want me to show you how to fly? plus my blooper of the week. cut him loose and let him go! >> we let it to be free? >> yes. so stick around. 6 special species are going home on today's "wild countdown." i don't know, it happened so dad-gum fast, i don't know what happened. we tried to leave ou


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