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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 20, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> also, firefighters respond to the east bay hills after a brushfire breaks out. >> in the last hour, yahoo made the acquisition of tumblr official but not everyone is happy about the deal. >> 6:00 on monday morning. thanks for starting your work week us with. >> good morning, mike has a look at the forecast. >> good monday morning. put the wet weather gear away for a couple of days but well transition to cooler weather it will not offer any rain as the last couple of times we transitioned. the next 12 hours, hazy sunshine and 58. we will be in the low 70's by noon. and near 80's and above average at 4:00 but comfortable in the evening hours and the mid-60's. inland, it will be warmer at 53, bright start, and 81 at noon in the upper 80's at 4:00, and a
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quiet evening with temperature around 78 degrees and at the coast in the 40's and sunny and in the mid-to-upper 60's for the afternoon and you can catch a beautiful sunset tonight and it will be 56 when that happens. >> in marin county we are seeing a little bit of orange creeping out so fog could affect the drive. what could have affected the drive but not really is on caltrain we had a report of a fire in santa clara near the tracks north of the santa monica expressway but not causing delays. trains are moving at top speed and you are in good shape. in san jose, here is a picture of 87 beyond the julian off-ramp and that is a nice drive to the h.p. pavilion to downtown southeast. >> breaking news from east palo alto where police officers are investigating a shooting that left a teenager dead.
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detectives are on the scene where three teens were shot inside a vehicle last night. a 16-year-old was killed and the other to teens suffered not life-threatening injuries. we will bring you more information when it is available. >> firefighters in the north bay remain at scene of a three-alarm house fire. abc7 news covering that with cornell bernard. >> the fire is out but, clearly, the damage has been done, as we pull around to show you the extent of the damage. the garage is destroyed. the roof has now collapsed. firefighters are combing every inch of this home looking for hotspots and they found some in the last few minutes. they doused them. three people live in this home:
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an an elderly woman and her son and his buy. they get out quickly. we could see and smell the smoke as far as at greenbrae this morning. the firefighters arrived here and parts of the house were fully engulfed. the fire moved to three alarms and ten engine companies with firefighters from san rafael and surrounding cities rushing to fight the fire. the garage and gift house was on fire and the fire chief says it took 45 minutes to put out. >> the initial engine company saw a well involved fire in the garage and they started working on that, but it got well involved and got in the attic and run into the main structure^, as well.
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>> cause of the fire is under investigation but the fire chief says it does not appear to be suspicious. the big concern here is the neighborhood is surrounded by so many old trees that the concern was those would ignite in flames spreading to other homes but that did not happen. again, this garage is a total loss and vintage cars including a 1966 mustang are a total loss. the american red cross is now on scene trying to render aid to the family who lives here who now must find somewhere else to live. >> also breaking right now a fire in a space and science center leads to a big response from firefighters. amy hollyfield joins us with what made the initial response so difficult for the crews. >> they had trouble finding it. we are way up here but look
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behind me, firefighters are still on the scene, even though the fire is out, they sometime have worker to do. they want to dick out a line around the we burned area. they are grateful the weather was if their favor because they lost 10 or 12 minutes looking for the fire. it was burning about 500 to 600 feet in from the road. they finally saw it. it is in joaquin miller park. they got the call at 1:47. they got it out by 4:00. given the history of fires in these hills, firefighters want to assure residents that everything is okay. >> it is out, water on the fire, completely contained and we will be here probably for most of the day and into the evening. there is an extensive amount of mopup and overhaul to do but we have the resources to take care of it and handle it. >> no one was hurt in the fire and no structures were burned.
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it was burning in a very heavy brush area inside joaquin miller park. they have no idea what caused the fire in the middle of the night, deep inside this park, in the thick brush. this is no winned here so it was a slow moving fire. they do not anticipate more problems but they the keep an eye on it. >> a reminder, you can get real time breaking news alerts on the news story this morning on twitter. >> developing news in western marin county, where the highway patrol is investigating a fatal crash that happened west of novato at point reyes at petaluma road after midnight much the driver of the white chevrolet pickup died when he hit a tree and burst into
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flames. >> in antioch, a man robbed and an attacked an 83-year-old man. the "contra costa times" reported that the man was found unconscious and bleeding on saturday afternoon near orchard supply hardware store. it is not how he was injured but investigators say he has a head wounds. the victim remains in critical condition in the hospital. anyone with information contact the antioch police. >> in the last hour yahoo c.e.o. marissa mayer made the purchase of social networking and blog site tumblr official and is making a bold promise. >> abc7 news kira klapper has more. >> marissa mayer tweeted a tweet about yahoo buying tumblr and says "i'm delighted to announce we have reached an agreement to acquire tumblr and we promise not to screw it up." yahoo is paying all cash $1.1 billion for tumblr a blogging
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forum and will be independently operated as a separate business and the founder and c.e.o., a 26-year-old, will stay on as c.e.o. this is a big risk with potentially huge rewards for yahoo. tumblr has not proven to be a money making website but captured the demographic of 16 to 35-year-old. also, tumblr hosts 105 million different blogs and 900 posts per second. >> if it is a success she will be a hero but even if not completely successful, it shows she ising to take risks and go after the younger generation that is highly prized for yahoo. >> as with anything, not everyone is happy about the acquisition. the tumblr users are vocal posting things already like "hey yahoo if you are reading this, go away." >> with marissa mayer's
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announcement she said it made it the first acquisition announced by animated gift flashing yahoo plus tumblr, keep calm, carry on but yahoo will make the announce ment at 2:00 our time, we would love to hear your thoughts open our facebook to weigh in we are already getting a lost comments. >> new this morning, the city of oakland is demanding thousands from former police officers. the chronicle reports that the city is trying to collect payments from 15 former officers who left the force ahead of likely layoffs. the city argues they are liable for $3,500 worth of police academy training costs. oakland rules say the officers are required to put in five years of service to avoid payment. city manager says oakland taxpayers "cannot afford to pay $100,000 to train an officer who
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doesn't stay and work in oakland ." >> 6:10 on monday morning and time for the forecast. >> another day of shorts? >> absolutely. we will check the temperatures. shorts and short sleeves this afternoon. in the south bay, about 51 degrees with los gatos and saratoga and cupertino and sunnyvale and campbell at 52. san jose at 54. mountain view is 56 and los altos at 58. half moon bay is 41. clear on the coast. 49 in bodega bay and 50's elsewhere and brentwood and calistoga flirting with 70 degrees right new. a beautiful sunrise from our roof camera with temperatures at two to eight degrees warmer than yesterday.
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that is going do put us near 70's at the coast and near 90 inland but check what happeneds the next three days, we lose 10 to 20 or maybe 25 degrees, enjoy the warmth while we have it. >> we have a stall on the nimitz through oakland. this is northbound 880. one lane is blocked. you can see slowing behind it. amy hollyfield has been reporting the fire in oakland hills will show street closures and lane blockage near skyline boulevard and joaquin miller road so expect some delays. we have a muni delay northbound at ocean and 280 and that is because of mechanical difficulty and caltrain is back to normal because of an early fire near the tracks. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news from dallas, a six-alarm fire leads to a frantic search. >> a milestone day months in the
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making, boeing 787 dreamliner has a big step today. >> the most popular car on the road will have a major
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>> covering san rafael everything south bay and
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pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> on this monday morning, we are following lots of stories with weather and traffic ahead. stay with us. >> united airlines is putting their fleet of boeing 787 dreamliners back to service starting this morning. flights on the jets will resume from houston to denver and chicago this morning the first time the boeing 787 dreamliner carry passengers since being grounded in january because of fire-prone batteries. am nippon will resume the boeing 787 dreamliner from san jose to tokyo june. >> toyota is planning a your increase in the type of battery going into the popular prius hybrid announcing more cars were use batteries that are used in boeing 787 dreamliners.
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most use a different battery but lithium are lighter and more powerful. >> just released study shows poverty is spreading nationwide from the inner city to the suburbs and the bay area is not immune. the study from brookings institution shows protester in the suburbs in san francisco and oakland jumping 56.1 percent from 2000 to 2011 including eastern contra costa county and san jose and santa clara areas and suburban poverty jumped 53 percent. nation-wide poverty in suburbs jumped 64 percent. researchers say resources and services that fight protester are not built to support the increased number of low-income people found in the suburbs. >> we did a story of the label changes coming to sunscreen. you cannot say "waterproof," and whatever it says, smear it open today if you are going outside. >> lots of sunshine.
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very warm. you may need to reapply the sun screen. live doppler 7 hd showing high pressure over us, dry air sitting over the bay area and it is hazy in some spots. check out the golden gate bridge with the shadows showing just beautiful three dimensions. now the forecast, today, sunshine, warmest day of the week, right out of the chute, everything here is downhill temperature-wise. breezy tomorrow with a sharp drop in temperature and possibility of heightened fire danger. with the temperature drops, that will temper the winds and the dry vegetation. remain warmer days this week, so, yes, we are up today, down through the middle of the week and back up for the weekend. the cold front will write -- bring us the change, a flow
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pulling down the cooler air over alaska. before that, we are in the warm section of the storm and that means temperatures are well above average, almost 15 degrees above average. 87 today in san jose and 88 in milpitas. check out the peninsula, very warm, mid-to-upper 80's from redwood city south and near 80 around san mateo and millbrae and upper 60's along the coast, and mid to upper 70's around downtown and sausalito and mid-80's to near 90 in the north bay valley with napa the warm spot. bodega bay is 66 and as we head to the east bay, mainly low-to-mid 80's and 86 at fremont, and 78 in berkeley and headed to the east bay valley, upper 80's to low 90's and then you will be fine, and tomorrow will not be the same at at&t
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park, nationals are in town, first pitch temperature is 67 dropping to 59 under sun and star-filled sky. the seven-day forecast shows eight to 18 degrees cooler tomorrow and dropping another four to six degree by thursday and slow rebound on friday, saturday, and sunday with no rain in the forecast. >> we are headed into oakland with a stall on the nimitz northbound side of 880, at 29th blocking one lane causing some heavy delays as you come up on to it. it does continue to dissipate when you make the drive to the north. hayward, we have this brand new crash south along 880, and a lane is blocked there and we can see slowing in the southbound direction coming up on 92. on 92 at the san mateo bridge you are going to be in good shape. the drive time traffic shows 47 minutes is the travel time there and 80 from highway four
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westbound to the maze at 17 miles per hours and 101 to san jose that is 14 minutes. >> it is 6:20. parts of the heartland are picking up pieces after weekend tornadoes leave a path of destruction. >> the damage left mind and what we are lending of the clean up underway. >> coming up, this toddler is the newest youtube sensation and his relation to [ female announcer ] love. it's the most powerful thing on the planet. love holds us in the beginning. comforts us as we grow old. love is the reason you care. for all the things in your life... that make life worth living. ♪ ♪ sweet love of mine
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>> another late night sketch on jimmy kimmel is viral involving a new take on the hit use reality show "the bachelor." >> the baby bachelor. >> the sketch aired on thursday night and shows young meeting other toddlers to find true love, already it has been viewed more than 1.8 million times on youtube, and the boy is his nephew. you can see jimmy kimmel live weeknights at the use 7 news at 11 p.m. >> how can you follow that?
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>> this morning, taylor swift is adding a big victory to her list of many, many accomplishments. >> thank you for making my music and soundtrack. >> she won eight trophies, and rihanna was also big winner. one moment led to thousands when r&b singer landed on two women dug the performance and made amens by taking one back stage and justin and selina shared a kiss. the tabloids have been reporting on their splitsville. >> they arrived separately. >> they d. >> bay tothe bay to breakers tus tragic and what police are revealing of the case this morning on the race route.
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>> three escaped this home and we will tell you why making the 9-1-1 call to the fire department was impossible. >> good morning, we have summer warmth today in the forecast with a 10 to 25 drop coming in the seven-day forecast 789. >> i am leyla gulen in the traffic center. we are looking at the bay bridge and metering lights are on but you can barely see it but you will need the sunglasses in the eastbound direction with construction that can slow you doing from san francisco. we also have a hayward accident and that is slowing traffic down with plenty to talk
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 6:28. you have to love the start of a week when it is this gorgeous, right? look at the golden gate bridge. it is all clear. a little bit of something to add some beauty to it. but this is seen from the tower in san francisco. you can tell it will be a warm
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day >> you want to cue the choir when you see that shot, don't you in now a look at the forecast. mike? >> we will talk about temperatures that are going higher today. good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd shows radar and satellite, notice the lack of radar runs and clouds this morning. haze out there but that is it because the air is stagnant because of the high pressure. no "spare the air" today. hazy sunshine and 87. the next 12 hours go from 58 to 72 at noon to 80 and well above average around the bay and mild this evening with temperatures in the 60's. inland we start off with a bright 53 degrees at 7:00, and sunny 81 for noon and 87 at 4:00, and you will drop back during the quiet engine to the mid-70's. at the coast, sunny and school and 43 degrees through 7:00 and hanging out in the mid-to-upper 60's with sunshine and very
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light breeze. enjoy it. leyla gulen? >> it looks busy headed into hayward with this accident, c.h.p. moved it to a street so southbound 880 first reported at right here, with one lane blocked and down to 22 miles per hour headed southbound toward the san mateo bridge. very slow conditions over there. further to the north along 238 away from 580, that whole intersection there, the transition road, that is busy at this hour as you make the drive in the westbound direction. as we jump up to oakland we have a stalled car northbound 880 at 29 the avenue, one lane is blocked and we have slowing. a look at our waze app we have an accident at a street and someone is reporting that it is heavy traffic in the area and a minor accident. you can all traffic with the
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exclusive app at apple app and google play. if san jose, 87 by the julian off-ramp we have good conditions there coming up to h.p. pavilion. >> breaking news from east palo alto a police officer is investigating a shooting that left a teen dead this morning. detectives are on the scene near stevens avenue where three teaches were shot inside a car last night. as we said a 16-year-old was killed and the other two teens suffered non-life threatening injuries. another team also in the car was not hurt. >> more breaking news, firefighters at scene of a fast-moving house fire in marin county, cornell, what are firefighters working on right now. >> they are looking for hotspots right now and they are finding quite a few and dousing those with water. three people lived in the house, an early difficultly woman and her son and her wife.
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they get out safely but making the 9-1-1 was was impossible. you can see the garage is destroyed. the roof, also has collapsed. this fire put up a lost smoke and we could see it and smell it as far as greenbrae when we approached at 4:30 when firefighters arrived here, parts of the house were completely engulfed with flames reached 20 or 30' in the air and the fire moved to three alarms and ten engine companies responded and found the garage and guest house on fire. it took 45 minutes to put out. a neighbor had to call because the family living could not. >> they could not get out of house fast enough and they were in the process of calling 9-1-1 and the phone, the fire reached their phone -- it must have been the fire reached the phone and
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the 9-1-1 call got cut off. >> cause of the fire is under investigation right now by the fire department but it is not suspicious. there are still hotspots in the attic and crawl space. there is concern that so many old-growth trees in the area and concern of them spreading fire and spreading to other homes but that did not happen. the firefighters will be here for quite a few hours. >> we are following breaking news from the oakland hills where crews are mopping up after a fire there. the brushfire broke out off of skyline boulevard near sunset trails and joaquin miller park
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and crews have it under control. no structures are threatened but traffic is affected as they mop it up. >> more breaking news this time in texas where a firefighter is missing in a massive condo fire. it is burning in northeast dallas right now. part of the building collapsed. the missing firefighter was trapped battling the blaze. authorities have not said if the firefighter is able to communicate with crews. there is no word on what sparked the massive blaze. can you get real time breaking news alerts on all of our breaking news stories on twitter. follow us at abc7 news bay area. >> martinez police are holding a concord woman of deliberately setting a brushfire. new video shows police arresting 48-year-old julie tenpenny. an officer injured his leg making the arrest. tenpenny is jailed on arson and
6:35 am
drug-related charges. windy conditions sent the fire spreading. it was fully contained in a few hours. >> new safety in conduct questions will surrounds future bay to breakers races after a man fell from a roof while celebrating the event. he is in critical condition. the man tumbled off of roof of the apartment building on fell street at 3:30 yesterday p.m. after a part to watch the bay to breakers race. overall, 21 people were arrested for public intoxication and 16 were taken to sobering centers. police broke up 20 house parties. >> in oakland police are investigating two deadly shooting in less than 14 hours, while we were over the scene of the first on 92nd avenue, you can see the evidence markers where more than a dozen shots were fired. a man died in the shooting and a second was injureed with another
6:36 am
shooting last night at west street and a man is dead. police are offering $10,000ry ward for information leading to an arrest in either shooting. >> a former contra costa county narcotics officer will be sentenced on federal drug charges. norman welch pleaded guilty in december to charms he -- charge he sold drugs seized by the department and making phony arrests. he face as ten year prison sentence under a deal with the prosecution. in an apology he said he suffered from depression and post-traumatic stress. a judge is expected to decide today how many workers can take part if a two 2002 -- in a two day strike during the walkout tomorrow that affects all five uc medical centers including uc san francisco in the bay area. officials want the judge to limit the size of the walkout to protect patient safety.
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>> developing news, emergency crews in the midwest are searching if people who could be trapped or injured after tornadoes hit a region from oklahoma to missouri. twisters overturned semi trucks and lived communities in shawnee, oklahoma and a tornado was spotted near wichita and one outside of des moines, iowa. one has been killed, a 79-year-old man near oklahoma city. another 20 people were injured. forecasters say there is more severe wet on tap today with eastern oklahoma and central missouri at the top of the list for possible tornadoes. >> yahoo c.e.o. marissa mayer is ready for the biggest purchase ever. >> first, more safety concerns for the new eastern span of the bay bridge with a reason that rain water could be a problem. >> look at the san mateo bridge, with tail lights headed westward with traffic looking fine.
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>> thought we would start the east bay valley in antioch, 76, and 56 in pittsburg and 50 in walnut creek and pleasanton hill and 49 in san ramon and
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temperatures are warmer in the hills at 65 degrees right now. 52 in richmond and 57 in redwood city and alameda and 52 in cupertino and newark. fells are going to be running warmer-than-average by 11 to 15 degrees as we settle in the 80's and 90's. >> mostly quiet on the peninsula and marin county and not much happening. we have a crash if you are headed out of oakland to hayward, southbound, along 880 at amount street the crash is blocking a lane and c.h.p. is trying to push everything to the shoulder but as you can see we are looking at bumper-to-bumper traffic at 23 miles per hour from southbound direction. highway 4 is looking busy this hour at 23 minutes to get you from antioch to concord and 80 coming down from low 4 to the maize and 21 minutes and 101 headed along southbound from 84
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beyond san jose that is 15 minutes. >> another new concern this morning of structural issues on the new bay bridge, thousands of steel tendons used to strengthen the new eastern span were exposed to rainfall and mist dug construction leading to corrosion concerns. caltran steady found tendons everyone not properly sealed but there was no significant corrosion. the newspaper had out engineers look at data and said the tests were inadequate. a spokesman says that the corrosion does not affect the safety or strength of the bridge. >> the new trend at the pump and what drivers are finding at the gas stations. >> trading is underway on wall street and the dow is down 13 points but still over the 15,000 mark. we will go to jane king at the new york stock exchange. >> the hottest social networking sites will get a new owner and
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all bay area, this is abc7 news. on this monday morning, less than a year into the job, and
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yahoo c.e.o. marissa mayer is baking the biggest acquisition buying blogging forum tumblr. our reporter is in the newsroom with more on the announcement that marissa mayer made this morning. >> to make the announcement that yahoo is buying tumblr she tweeted a link on her own tumblr pay saying "i am delighted to announce we have reached an agreement to buy tumblr and we promise not to screw it occupy." the first time an acquisition has been announced by animated gift, from "keep calm and carry on "and now "panic and freak out." they are paying $1.1 billion for the blogging forum tumblr. but the users, 105 million blogs, 300 million monthly visitors and 120,000 new sign ups each day, not all of them are happy. one user posted a petition
6:47 am
telling users to reblog and sign "don't let yahoo buy tumblr." it will be independently operated as a separate business and the founder and c.e.o. a 26-year-old will stay on as c.e.o. and marissa mayer reiterated that vow on a conference scale with investors in morning. >> we are making sincere promise to not screw it up. we will keep the tumblr brand and tumblr will be a separate product and business. >> both sides say yahoo will make tumblr faster. this is a big risk with potentially huge rewards to yahoo, which has not proven to be a money making website but it has captured the highly sought after demographic of 16 to 35 and it seized an astounding 900 posts remain second. mire fire ahead tumblr official, the "official announcement is in
6:48 am
new york where tumblr is headquartered. >> gas prices going up again. you have probably noticed. the aaa survey fines the average gallon has jumped seven cents this week. the national average for unleaded is $3.65. in california it is $4.06 up two cents. in san francisco, gas is $4.14 a gallon up three cents from last week. >> airline passengers revealing what they would being to do to avoid having to pay for carry on bag. >> foreclosures are hitting another snag and we talk about yahoo from the new york stock exchange. >> good morning, big deal here today and here is how yahoo shares are reacting, down a little bit but not by much, about 23 cents trading at $26 a share. not a lot reaction, tumblr is private and not publicly traded
6:49 am
but the value has been going up recently, but especially the past few days on anticipation of a deal with yahoo. we will watch yahoo. the more problems for wells fargo halted at the love foreclosure sales including in california as they look at new guidelines about how it treats homeowners. they believe this law will be brief. >> here is how the marks look, lower across the board, so, record highs we hit on mid and the silicon valley index is trading down just barely, though. what are the best and worst paying jobs in america? the bureau of labor cityics said nine of the ten best are in medicine from surgeons to general practitioners and the number one highest paying job is anesthesiology with an average salary of more than $232,000 a year. the lowest paid shampooers at a hair salon.
6:50 am
spirit airlines gets failing grade according to a website ranked number 11 in the world, the worst they say because of fees and the strict no return policy. it lost points for that. when you are on a plane would you rather it is next to an adult who doesn't smell good or a crying baby? 63 percent say they would pick the baby. 39 percent say they would rather let a stranger sleep on their shoulder than have to pay for their own carry on bag. >> thank you, jane. >> crying baby. >> i was in the middle of five row seat on a jumbo seat in the middle seat and both guys fell asleep on my shoulder. >> good thing you have big shoulders. >> you and the broad shoulders. >> put some sunscreen on this morning. >> lot of sunshine today.
6:51 am
a lot of warm weather. today is the warm the day in the forecast with cooler weather on the way. you can see how dry it is this morning with haze as we look back toward the sunset from sutro tower. sunny. warm of the day this week. breezy tomorrow. a sharp drop in temperatures at 20 degrees in some areas. the warmest day of the week. the spring seesaw continues. we are on the warm side of the front but high pressure is gaining all the cold air if alaska and pushing it our way. we will have a dramatic drop in temperatures tomorrow. today, 84 in milpitas and 87 in san jose and 90 in los gatos and morgan hill and mid-to-upper 70's and san mateo north, in the upper 70's to low 80's and the coast county sunshine and temperatures nearing 70 in a few spots and mid to upper 70's downtown and sausalito and mid-80's to 90 in napa and north bay valley will be warm and near 70 in your beaches and upper
6:52 am
70's in berkeley and richmond and low-to-mid 80's the rest of the shoreline. up to 92 in brentwood. if you are traveling to the game, 67 degrees is first pitch temperature at 7:15 dropping down to 59 bit end of the game. around the state, it is warm. we have low-to-mid 90's through the central valley and upper 60's in monday dry and tahoe and 101 in the desert. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures from 92 to 70 by thursday inland, and 82 to 66 away the bay and 66 to 54 at the coast. slight warming over the weekend and nothing too terribly hot. have a good day. >> some areas are more busy but 101 is looking good from san francisco to san rafael. westbound from highway four to the maze is 24 minutes and 101 from 85 to the san jose airport
6:53 am
that is under 20 minutes. we will check our traffic with the waze app, this is moderate traffic in the area through danville. to the north, at walnut creek, it will meant commute to head to 24 from highway 4. >> five things to know before you go. >> the abc7 morning news
6:54 am
>> here are five things to know before you go. breaking news from the north bay, where authorities are investigating a three-alarm house fire that happened on a home on good hill road in kentfield, a couple and their mother got out safely. the fire is not believed suspicious. >> firefighters are making sure that an early morning fire is completely out. it broke out in joaquin miller
6:55 am
park at 2:00 this morning and they declared it under control a couple of hours later but put water on smoldering spots. >> a man's fall from a san francisco home after the bay to breakers will raise new safety concerns. the man plunged from the rooftop at the home and is in critical conditions with life-threatening injuries. >> yahoo c.e.o. marissa mayer is pledging not to screw it up sealing the deal to acure tumblr which has big risks because it has not proved they can make money. mire fire has to figure out how to monetize the huge use are bay. >> we are waiting to see the biggest winner of the powerball jackpot in history, at $590 million bought at a supermarket near tampa, florida. the winner has 60 days to claim the big prize.
6:56 am
>> weather jackpot? mike? >> warm. good morning, everyone, we will talk about the temperature, 69 this fairfield and antioch to 43 in half moon bay and most of us around the bay are in the mid-to-upper 50's. throughout the afternoon, we are going to have above average warmth and total sunshine mid-80's to low 90's and mid-70's to mid-80's around the bay and upper 60's at the coast. >> as we take a check of the traffic along 580 from tracy to dublin/pleasanton you are an hour headed in the westbound direction coming up from highway 80 from daly city that would be 15 minutes and 101 from russian -- san francisco with delays on caltrain are possible. >> we will spend 25 minutes moving highway four back to where it belongs in the east bay.
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good morning, america. breaking now, twister outbreak. >> this is it. we're done. >> dozens of massive tornadoes touch down across the midwest, all caught on tape. this violent tornado destroys an entire mobile home park, ripping up the earth underneath. 55 million in the path of storms today. sam leads our extreme team, as ginger zee chases the twisters up close. also breaking now. a massive commuter nightmare in the northeast. hundreds of thousands stuck trying to get to work, after that huge derailment closes one of the main train lines to new york. new video of the wreck coming in. and this morning, jodi arias' dramatic final shot to plead for her life. will she ask for life in prison or say she wants the death penalty? the surprising sole witness expected to testify, as her dramatic trial comes to an end.


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