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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 27, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> live doppler 7 hd showing a new storm moving into the bay area, our meteorologist is ahead with the impact it could have open your memorial day plans. >> developing news from san jose where police are investigating three homicides all in a few hours of each other. new information about two of the victims. >> veterans will gather across the bay area to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice protecting the country. >> good morning, on this memorial day. >> yes, this is a chance of rain today. mike nicco is following that with the forecast. >> live doppler 7 hd shows to the north around fort bragg we have a healthy looking light-to-moderate shower so there is no thunderstorm just wet this morning. it is headed off to the east,
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more than to the south. i have not heard of any rain just yet to the north but it will be scattered light hours. clouds arrive for the next 12 hours and we go from clouds at 55 and clouds at noon mostly when the stray showers will develop from 4:00 through 7:00 hanging out in the mid-to-lower 60's. mostly cloudy at 52 and the not bay by noon you have had scattered light showers and we will top out at 68 and drop to 63. at the coast temperatures are constitutional in the mid-to-upper 50's. >> it is memorial day but parking meters will be checked and street cleaning is in affect so make sure that you move your cars and you feed the meters. the drive in the north bay coming through marin county out of santa rosa and petaluma you have top speeds at 70 miles per
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hour and slowing down through novato and 59 miles per hour is not too bad to marinwood at 64 from the northbound and southbound direction and the great highway shut down at 680 looking clear with a minute from concord to the junction with 24. >> thank you, 6:02. developing news from the south bay police in san jose are investigating a late night shooting that left a man dead on hayes avenue in south san jose after 10:00 p.m., responding officers found a man shot and he was pronounced dead. the victim is not identify asked no one has been arrested. this is the 19 the homicide of the year. >> more developing news san jose police are investigating a shooting that happened a few hours earlier and left two people dead on rhinehart drive before 6:30. a victim died at the scene. another died at the hospital. police say they are looking for a "person of interest" in the shooting and was riding a bmx
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bicycle. the identities have not been released but police say it is possible they were both young teens. >> later this morning, memorial day services will get underway at the resaid yes in san francisco and that is where a man, finally, will get a long awaited honor for bravery in world war ii. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has more on the honor. >> the day he has waited for, for 69 years and his family is here with him when he is honored at national cemetery at the presidio. dan franklin still vividly remembers d-day. he was only seven. the crew was responsible for delivering soldiers and supplies to omaha beach. after a delivery the boat was blown to bits. we unloaded the stretchers and blankets and backing up we hit a mine full force and of the ten there were only two of us fived. >> i cannot believe he is here that anyone is here standing
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that landed on that beach. we are proud of him. really proud. >> today, he will be given the french legion of honor medal. it took several years for him to prove that his participation in d-day in order to be eligible for the medal but he did it and today he will be honored and he will be part of the memorial day ceremony. look at san francisco's presidio, decorated with flags and impressive sight and is ready for the festivities starting at 10:30 with the parade and ceremony at 11:00. >> several events are held in the bay area to rub our fallen service member this memorial day. marin county holds annual event if san rafael at 10:00, and as we mentioned the largest event is held in the san francisco national cemetery in the presidio, with the remembrance celebration at 10:30 this
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morning at the main post. a ceremony at the golden gate national selltory starts at 10 :30 -- national cemetery starts at 10:30. >> happening now in washington, dc, president obama and first lady michelle obama are ready to host a breakfast in honor of service member and their families. the breakfast is underway in less than 30 minutes at 6:30 our time in a white house state dining room and the breakfast is closed to the press. >> here is a picture from virginia where at 8:00 our time the president will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. mrs. obama will join the president for that ceremony. the national symphony played the
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marine corps hymn and the other branches of the service were also honored in washington, dc, with veterans remembering fallen comrades of all wars during the van you'll memorial day concert on the west lawn of the capitol with currentervicemens also able to watch the concert on the american forces network. >> in the bay area this morning, pg&e is trying to determine the cause of a power outage thanked out electricity to a through customers after 7:00 last night and it took pg&e several hours to get power restored to most of the customers. in san francisco, 100 pg&e customers still don't have power this morning, a day after fire damned transformers and power poles. no one transformers on power lines caught fire across san francisco yesterday morning. a live wire dropped on one man's car while he was backing out of the driveway. pg&e says the fires were caused when early morning drizzle turned dust build up on the
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transformers to mud. >> there was a small explosion and a spark coming from that area on the pole and suddenly the wire came down across the hood of my car. >> when there is a mist or a drizzle that we see today, that can actually lead we to it becoming muddy and when there is that mud, that is a conductor of electricity. >> 5,000 homes were affected by the outage at one point and pg&e says power should be restored to all customers by 8:30 this morning. >> man, woman, and child are safe after their raft sank in the bay. it happened near at&t park at 3:00 p.m. and a coast guard boat found their raft shortly after and pulled the three to safety. no one was seriously sure. >> caltran will reveal this week not new eastern span on the bay bridge will open on time as crews fix defects klein -- designed to keep it safe.
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major questions persist whether it it will open labor day weekend with 2,300 steel rods that support the bridge. some have cracked. the "san francisco chronicle" reports at least one engineer believe as flawed new bridge is say irthan the country eastern span. >> the battle over same-sex marriage in california could be dismissed by the supreme court on a technicality. the "los angeles times" report that lawyers fighting proposition 8 aren watching it could be dismissed next month. the justice could decide that the sponsors of the measure outlawing marriage for same-sex marriage had no right to defend it in federal court. that would mean the direct judge's ruling against proposition eight goes into affect and same-sex marriage could reveal. a there is a call for a major change on who governs uc campuses. the chronicle reports that there is an urge that the board give each of the ten uc campuses
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their own governing board. the outgoing chancellor says this blanket approach to decide how each campuses spends its money does not work. less than 11 percent of the budget cops from the state. he admits he is getting mostly silence from the regents on this idea. >> mike has a look at the forecast. >> we start with live doppler 7 hd in the northern part of the state where we seeing the best radar runs. you can see our live doppler 7 hd reaching up as far as points to the north than that. we are watching the tracking and this is what could come our way, not this wide area of water that we are seeing, but scattered showers as most of the energy is going to pass to our north. right now, temperatures are pretty mild if not cool under mainly clear skies but you are seeing a quick advance of clouds coming your way and 49 in santa clara and saratoga and 47 in los
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gatos and 51 in fremont and 54 in sunnyvale. calistoga is 48 for the cool spot. for the next three days we will have morning showers tomorrow, partly sunny and temperatures about the same wednesday and a warming trend starts on thursday with 80's and 90's stick around for the seven-day outlook and stick around for leyla gulen with the commute. >> good morning, everyone, we are taking a check of the drive headed into castro valley and hayward and san lorenzo and 63 miles per hour and if you are headed westbound along 580 on 238, 880 along the nimitz, that is looking clear at 60 miles per hour, and to the south, here in fremont, 64 miles per hour, that will get you across 680 and 67 miles per hour to the south along 880 and right now, here is a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza driving from oakland and
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into san francisco. make sure you buckle up today and don't drink and drive on this memorial day holiday. >> good advise. first tumblr, could hulu be next possibly being bought by yahoo? >> protest in paris that thousands of people do not want to happen. >> here is another look at live doppler 7 hd an approaching storm could dampen your memorial day plans with hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so...
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton ton and and all the bay area. >> this is a look from the abc7 news studios, our camera shows the bay bridge and treasure island and a gorgeous sky with mike nicco more on possible rain showers. leyla gulen will have more on the traffic. guess what? there isn't any traffic. >> now it is my turn, from
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japan, the storm plummeted overnight, the nikkei dropped 3 percent today on concerns over the japanese government's efforts to revive the economy. this follows a 7 percent drop last week. at home the markets are closed for the memorial day holiday so it is not cheer what the impact will be when the markets re-open tomorrow. >> in france, the first same-sex marriage in the country will take place on wednesday after massive protests. thousands of people turned out to demonstrate against the law allowing same-sex marriages yesterday in paris. police arrested 19 people. the wedding taking place on wednesday will happen with "new york times" reports it is called the san francisco of france because of liberal politics. >> a former candidate for president is tell his party to close for repairs. former kansas senator bob dole ran for president in 1996 on the republican ticket losing to bill clinton and now in an interview over the weekend with fox news
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sunday, he says his party ought to be closed for repairs because it lacks vision and is unable to work with democrats. he says the current republican party would not welcome the likes of ronald reagan. >> we are learning now of yahoo's possible purchase of hulu which has bid between $600 million and $800 million. other companies interested in hulu are time warner cable and directv. it would be their second significant purchase under c.e.o. marissa mayer. they announced they are buying tumblr for $1.1 billion. >> in the market for a new car or truck this could be the day to shop with some of the best deals of the year over the memorial day holiday. dealers are predict large crowds and aring to make deals to move the vehicle off the lot. the auto industry is on the verge of having one of the best
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sales months and dealers want to end it strong. >> shy of 6:17 and mike nicco a day sky.orial day forecast >> special tie for memorial day and independence day. now, nice to have you here on this holiday. fort bragg had a nice shower, and headed to the north next half hour to 45 minutes where our best radar returns are showing up right now. but to the north, you can see a system coming our way headed down to the south bay and it will get there probably by the end of the morning rush hour if you will on this holiday at 9:00 so scattered light showers are on the way and if you head out on the bay waters, winds at 15 to 25 knots and gusting to 30
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knots from 1:00 o'clock this afternoon to 9:00 this evening. a few pits of sunshine in san jose so i picked this one, highway 87 near the shark tank where the sharks tied the series. scattered light hours today is our first forecast highlight, and cool highs through when, and, then, we will rebound and we will rebound big, 80's and 90's away from the coast, thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. so we will kickoff summer next weekend. from the san francisco exploritorium back to the bay bridge this morning we will talk about a 24-hour temperature change and cooler by one degree in oakland to eight degrees in santa rosa coinciding with the cooler rain-cooled area coming your way. you can see the system barreling through with scattered showers best across the north bay today. we will look at what is going on as far as the timetable at 9:00, scattered light showers are moving in the north bay and
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budgeter chance from 9:00 to noon and from noon on there could be a shower anywhere from 5:00 to 7:00, the more wide-spread scattered showers and in the evening they taper and overnight, other than drizzle along the coast, it will be quiet tomorrow for the morning rush hour. we will then see an increase in sun in the afternoon hours. as far as the temperatures today, we are looking at possible to be in the 50's in the coast. slightly warmer today with rain chance tapering and wednesday is coup, and look at the warming friend, thursday and especially friday, saturdays and sunday. have a for day. >> it is quiet right now and it is expected to get busy later on this afternoon, and expect to see heavy conditions on the roadways at 2:00 to 4:00 this afternoon, and if you want to get around that slowing, you did download the waze app to save ten minutes on the commute and navigate you around the delays.
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we will look at our mass transit where everything is running on time and we are looking at sunday schedule for caltrain, muni and bart and the only system not running is ace train. here is the golden gate bridge, high wind advisory is canceled. >> at 6:20, a kitchen appliance causes a scare in the south bay. >> ahead at 6:30 what police found and the reason officers decided to evacuate an entire apartment complex. >> coming up, first, history on the soccer field, a precedent set by a major
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>> the san jose sharks keep off elimination and force game seven against the defending champions the kings playing in front of the home crowd last might and the captain and t.j. led the sharks scoring goals in the first and second period. the sharks held on to beat the kings 2-1. the western conference sellly final series is now even at three games each and head back to los angeles for the decisive game seven tomorrow night. >> for the first time ever there is now an openly gay male athlete playing in a professional league robbie rogers made the debut with the
6:24 am
galaxy and the crowd of 24,000 fans greeted the 26-year-old with loud cheers and chanted his name. he just focused on resuming his career retiring in february but he was announceed to be on the roster and they defeated seattle 4-0. now what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning, paula. >> good morning, san francisco. hope you have a wonderful and happy memorial day. on "good morning america" we will have the latest on the thwarted plot to blow up a high school in oregon models an columbine with a teen now in custody. we will switch gears and i spoke to an astronaut the sensation with 50 million clicks on youtube for "space odyssey," rendition. what is it like to run to a
6:25 am
planet, a rockstar, the unbelievable story and the challenges of producing a music video on outer space is "good morning america" next. >> tough to get the ladies in their outfits. >> you had to go there, didn't you, eric? >> he always does, always. >> but we love him anyway. >> thank you, paula. have a great holiday. >> have a great day. >> it is 6:25, a familiar fight each holiday weekend -- getting drunk drivers east road. >> the number of people already arrested and how this year is comparing to previous years. >> three homicides in san jose including one in south san jose near a high school and what the shooting victim told a witness before he died. >> a look at live doppler 7 hd showing scattered light showers for our memorial day services and i will tell you when they will get here.
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>> from the abc7 news traffic center i will have the drive time traffic but things are looking mice and clear across the bay area and well look at the drive to sfo, as well, and a live picture in san jose all that and more coming up when we
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 6:29. thanks you for starting your memorial day with us. this is arlington national cemetery in virginia. in an hour and a half president obama will lay a wreath at the tomb the unknowns. the weather looks spectacular for a day to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. >> good morning, on this holiday we will check with mike for a look at the forecast. >> good morning, nice to see both of you and nice to see you this morning. live doppler 7 hd shows fort bragg right there and a solo shower toward highway 20 and 101 and headed to ukiah in the next half hour, a system that will bring us clouds through the
6:30 am
morning, and the day planner an the bay shows cloudy conditions and 61 at noon and showers are possible from 4:00 on, or from noon on, through 7:00. inland we have mostly cloudy conditions developing and 52 and spreaded to the south, and 52 with clouds at the coast and drizzle is possible from noon to 7:00. leyla gulen? >> conditions remain quiet across the bay area but it will start to get busy between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 this afternoon so plan ahead and give yourself extra time. we will look at the drive as you head out of san francisco toward the airport. you are looking at top speeds of 60 miles per hour along 101 and 66 miles per hour at 280, and looking clear northbound and southbound. the traffic at 580 from tracy to dublin is 23 minutes, and along the nimitz, to the tolls, 101,
6:31 am
headed up from highway 55 to san jose airport it is 12 minutes and that is the san mateo bridge headed in the westbound direction coming out of hair to- hayward to foster city it is clear. >> two shootings left three people dead. first happened yesterday evening at rhinehart drive and north jackson. then another on hayes avenue. abc7 news reporter joins us. matt? >> police are not saying anything about arrests so far this morning. this happened here in south san jose 100 yards away from oak drive high school and took place on the sidewalk here a man was shot can killed in front of this home. officers were called to hayes avenue after 10:00 and they found the man with at least one gunshot wound. before officers arrived a young pan living in the apartment complex across the street ran to
6:32 am
help and he said the dying victim was 21 years old and said he had a daughter and described the chaos as police were call the to the area. >> they missed the first type they passed so i ran to the intersection and took my white shirt and flagged them down and it was too late. >> five hours earlier another shooting killed two behind the busy shopping center on rhinehart drive. police say both rims are about 14 or 15 and students at the high school. they have not been confirmed. last time in were three homicides it was the beginning of the most violent stretch in the history of san jose. >> police are trying to determine would left a pressure cooker in bushes at a shopping center. police were called when someone spotted the pressure cooker near
6:33 am
the san antonio shopping center at 6:00 last night, and the bomb quade -- squad determined it was giving off heat. there was concern because pressure cookers were used in the boston marathon bombings. >> it is good they checking it out. it is not and not fund being outside of our home but we will wait as long as it takes. >> residents returned to their homes at 9:00 p.m. after expressives speakers gave the "all clear." >> the highway patrol is updating us on the efforts to get drunk drives east road. the c.h.p. says so far this holiday week officers have arrested 117 people in the bay area for d.u.i. and there have been two fatal crashes. last year at this time this was one fatal crash and 136 d.u.i. arrests. agencies are conducting around-the-clock patrols like this one for sobriety checks.
6:34 am
23 agencies are teaming up in san mateo county. >> we know more about an international burlesque scar who performed under the name spark circley devil died when a vehicle driven by her husband was hit on by a party bus. the car lost control, hit the center divide near the broadway exit, and spun around to face oncoming traffic. that is when it was hit by the bus. officials say she and her husband were drinking and eight people on the bus suffered minor injuries. >> neighbors in antioch want answers of the safety of a canal running near their home after to drowning deaths. the latest is when a 13-year-old fell in the canal playing with two trends on saturday after they climbed through a hole in the fence. the channel goes through the
6:35 am
middle of the city and is fenced off with "no trespassing." and the people say it is too easy to get in. >> there are holes in the fence back there that have not been repaired and it would seem to be since they come there try to clean identity the debris or the brush that is back there they would see the hole, too. >> we have patrols that run the length of the canal on a regular basis to identify issues like that. >> last monarchs man drowned after jumping into the canal and antioch police say they believe he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. >> california lawmakers are about to wrap up the final week of their session with several major bills including a gun control measure banning some semi-automatic weapons that rapidly reload. another bans convicted criminals from possessing guns, a state senator bill to end fracturing
6:36 am
and raising the minimum wage to $9.25, and a bill aiming to ban single use plastic bags from grocery and drugstores across the state. >> video shows crews removing some of the brenham acknowledge of the bridge collapse in washington state. you can see workers pulling a trailer from the water. this morning, crews plan to remove two cars that fell in the water when the interstate five bridge came crash down on thursday united. plans are underway to construct a temporary bridge. officials hope to have it in place by mid-june and a permanent firm by fall. >> the governor of oklahoma is calling on residents to turn to their faith as they recover from the tornado that ravaged moore. last night 2,000 tapped an enter faith memorial service and president obama met with victim
6:37 am
families and stopping by an elementary school destroyed. the tornado killed 24 people including ten children. >> right now the bay area is ready to mark memorial day. the events happening this morning where you can pay your respects to fallen service member. >> first, a family tragedy for angelina jolie a breast cancer is striking the actress and her family weeks after her bold medical revelation. >> we have a look at live doppler 7 hd with showers moving into the north bay and we have traffic and weather together next as
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>> still tracking light-to-moderate rain to the north in mendocino county starting to see light rain by 9:00 in the north bay spreading to the south and losing its starch moving away from the parent low. here is a look at dublin, 53, so dress your kids appropriately for any ballgames. and if you are taking a walk or hike, temperatures in the 50's everywhere including calistoga at 47. the rain is the big story with temperatures from four to 12 degrees below average and stuck in the 50's and 60's.
6:41 am
we have warmer weather this weekend in a minute but first leyla gulen has the traffic. >> we will talk about mass transit and parking meters will be in force today as will parking along the street for street cleaning schedule so that does not take a holiday. we will look at mass transit and let you know that all the area mass transit is running on sunday schedule but no service for ace trains. all buses and ferries are running on sunday school and a look right now as you go into san jose the drive along 280 is looking clear and six minutes to get from highway 17 so the distance, and all the way to cupertino. not too bad. >> thank you, at 6:41. angelina jolie's aunt has lost her ballot with breast cancer less than two weeks after the actress revealed she had a double mastectomy to avoid
6:42 am
breast cancer. she passed away yesterday. her husband said she had the same gene that angelina jolie has but did not know until after her 2004 cancer diagnosis. if she had known, she would have done exactly what angelina jolie. she was the sister of joel gel's mother who died of ovarian cancel in 2007. the bay area is pay be tribute to the fallen and police officers are being remembered, as well. >> thousands are hours away from crowding into san francisco's presaid eye and we will preview the certificate among along with the special ceremony f
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all bay area there is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 6:45 789 three hours from now at 10:00 the annual memorial day remembrance ceremony is underway at the presidio where a world war ii veteran receives a special honor almost 70's years in the making. our amy hollyfield joins us. >> this is at san francisco's national cemetery in the
6:46 am
presidio, lined with flags and ready to go for this morning's ceremony. this is where dan franklin of walnut creek will receive the french legion of honor medal considered france's highest on. he was only 17 when he played key role in d-day and his crew delivered soldiers and supplies to omaha beach. the boat hit a mine and killed ten of the 12 crew members and he hoped that future generations will know the significance of that day in history. >> they should know the sacrifice made by so many. we were successful. >> it has taken several years to prove his involvement in d-day so he could be eligible for this honor but his determination has made off and he will be receiving today and be surrounded by family. he will be part of the memorial day ceremony and is scheduled to
6:47 am
start at 10:30 this morning and the ceremony starts at 11. >> 6:47. several events are held in the bay area to remember our nation's fallen service member this memorial day. marin county holds the annual event at the elks lodge starting at 10:00 this morning and one of the largest events in the nation is held at the san francisco national cemetery in the presidio. the remembrance gets underway at 10:30 this morning at the pain most. a ceremony in san bruno begins at 10:00 with the boy scouts part of a senator mother at 1:30 at chapel of the times in hayward with a full lit of events at under "see it on tv." >> in oakland, there is a memorial day procession to honor those who gave their lives in the line of duty.
6:48 am
from now, they will take off in a procession to visit the sites of all 51 officer who have died. the latest occurred in man of 2009 when four officers were gunned down after a traffic stop and stand off with a suspect at an apartment complex. >> a remainder that stock market is closed for the memorial day holiday with trading resuming tomorrow. >> your old apple iphone could be more valuable than you think. if you are headed home from a holiday trip, timing could be everything. >> we have the bloomberg business report ahead. >> good morning, if you are headed home for memorial day road trip this afternoon, you will most likely be sitting in a lost traffic. analysis of traffic trends shows the busiest time to be on the road this afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00. the national safety counsel estimates more than 400 fatal crashes during the memorial day week of the luxury jewelry maker
6:49 am
tiffany is seeing stronger demand but not in america but in china. americans are getting back on track with their finances we will see how the sales are in the united stat they report first quarter rules on tuesday. >> there is always long lines for days outside the apple store when a new iphone is released, but bloomberg business report says the hottest iphones are the less expensive and old iphones with sales of the redone iphones booming in fast growing emerging markets. apple used to frown on the refurbished iphones saying it hurt new markets but now it is clearing out unsold inventory and making used iphones an option for hundreds of millions of first time smartphone buyers in asia and the middle east and africa. that is the bloomberg business
6:50 am
report. >> on memorial day, we will look at the forecast. >> we have wet weather and we have been tracking it with live doppler 7 hd with scattered light showers coming our way and they are starting to break up, as they head from mendocino right now. that is the good sign that we are not going to have all day rain and not everyone is going to get wet but you could have one of the stray showers. here is a look at which way it is moving headed off from the west to the east. that is where the bulk of the energy is headed so we get the tail end of the system. winds will pick up from the west and northwest with the front at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon through 9:00 so want out if you are on the delta, san pablo or san francisco bay waters it could be choppy. we have an increase in clouds bringing us scattered light
6:51 am
showers with cool highs through wednesday and 80's and 90's at you for the weekend. the summer is starting a week later than we should be. the system shows the best radar runs to the north and a sharp town here to the west on the tail end of this system and that is why it is headed to the east rather than to the south so scattered showers and the best chance is in the north bay and well start around 9:00 through noon. after the noon hour, all the way through, say, 3:00, you can see 5:00, probably even a better chance and starting to taper at 7:00, and the rest of us get a chance of scattered light shower and overnight a stray hour is possible and drizzle is more likely along the coast when we wake up tomorrow morning with pockets of drizzle for the roast of us and by 9:00 that sending with the commute and by noon, holes are developing in the cloud cover and it look like another system will pass to our north on wednesday and that is why we will keep temperatures cool through wednesday and mid-to-upper 50's along the coast into san francisco and
6:52 am
mid-to-upper 60's around the bay shore and we will have upper 60's to near 70 in the east bay valley and north bay valley will be cooler with the rain and low-to-mid 60's and tomorrow when rain moves out we will warm a couple of degrees and that will hold steady through wednesday and 60's, 70's and 80's through thursday, and 80's and 90's for friday, saturday, and sunday. >> as we have been talking all morning, we were discussing how we do not have too much traffic but it will start to get busy and it will heat up later this afternoon between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 so give yourself extra time on the road and as we take you into san jose, along 101, 63 miles per hour, northbound and southbound direction and if you come up to the san jose airport it is looking clear and 280 not giving us any problem with volume along 85 or 87 and not too bad so we will look at hour drive time
6:53 am
traffic from antioch to con court under 20 minutes and 87, headed northbound from highway 85 to the san jose airport is 12 minutes and 101 from poet plume to the 580 we are looking at 20 minutes and 680 is looking clear and seven minutes from highway four to the junction with highway 24. >> 6:53. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go. >> the morning news returns in
6:54 am
>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know's you go. in an hour, president obama will lay a wreath at the tomb the unknowns at arlington national cemetery in virginia. we have a link to memorial day events happening on the bay area, or in the pay area at
6:55 am >> two, san jose police are investigating two separate shootings that left three people dead yesterday. the latest killed a man on hayes avenue after 10:00 p.m. and a few showers earlier two young men were fatally shot on rhinehart drive. >> we know the name of a better risk star killed in an accident involving a party bus, sarah klein died at the car she was riding in hit a bus. >> mountain view police are trying to find out who is behind a pressure cooker scare that forced the evacuation of an entire neighborhood found in some publics next to an apartment complex and shopping center. the bombs made from the pressure cookers were used in the boston marathon bombing. >> five, the san jose sharks beats the kings at the tank to even the conference semi final series at three games each and the two will meet in a decisive game seven tomorrow night in los angeles. >> number six, live doppler 7 hd
6:56 am
showing broken scattered showers headed toward the bay area for our memorial day services so be prepared. it could be wet at times and it will be very light with the clouds gathering as we look at downtown with scattered shower inland mostly in the management bay, and 64 to 69, and a light scattered shower possible at the bay and to the coast where it is drizzle and mid-to-upper 50's and low-to-upper 60's in the bay. >> seven, mass transit, we are looking at all mass transit on a sunday school, but for ace trains, though service today and it is looking clear across the bay area but it will get busy later on this afternoon between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 and we will have extra c.h.p. patrol out there so do not drink and drive on this memorial day. >> the abc7 morning news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather, and traffic during "good morning america" ahead. >> we are always on at abc7 news and thanks for joining
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good morning, america. high school horror. the deadly plot exposed with an enormous cache of weapons. six bombs found at a student's home. his alleged intent, to mirror the columbine disaster. why would this teen want to kill his classmates? wild ride. a nascar race is stopped by a tv cable, flinging through the stands and on the track. ten fans are hurt and racers are demanding answers. and rage at rutgers. after a scandal that threatened to bring down the sports department, questions about the woman brought in to clean it all up. does she have her own abusive past? we'll speak to one of her former players. ♪ i just came to say hello and holiday celebration. we have everything you need to know for this unofficial start to summer. from enjoying the sun to delicious dishes you can grill.


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