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tv   2020  ABC  May 27, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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you guys gonna chat all night, or you wanna see some magic? okay, magic. i'm ready. so we have a magician here. any time that you snap your fingers... can you snap your fingers? the card comes back on top of that. magic is very uncool on a scale from cool to uncool, so we're below the scale. check it out. make sure it's not a trick marker before i do this. i like that trick. yeah. check it out. make sure it doesn't jump. it actually jumps back. over here, it's like... #nottooimpressed if you can figure out a way to pull a rose out of your sleeve without her knowing... he already did. he did it out front. oh, that was it? yeah. he lit one of those? he lit something on fire, and this white rose appeared. i mean, is that his job? is that what he does for a living? i think he's a magician. ta-da! pick a card. just don't look at it. actually, you can look at it. i don't really care. i can look at it? i never really believed in magic, and i still don't believe in it after watching him, to be honest with you. you give one of the cards? no. see 'em now? 2 of hearts. yeah, it happens... (high-pitched voice) nice! nice move, pal. now how do we make you disappear? (laughs) -- captions by vitac --
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tonight, bringing up baby, royal edition. it was the baby bump seen round the world. now, the bump is about to be born to william and kate. >> it's the most glorious chapter in the windsor soap opera. >> act one, take one. >> so, join us for a baby shower you'll never forget. the lifestyles of the rich and pampered. really pampered. the rolls royce of bassinets and a wardrobe fit for a king. or queen. >> so, this could be for a boy or a girl. >> and what goes on at the harvard of nanny school? >> you guys don't use huggies pampers? disposables?
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no, nothing? >> burping with class. >> please burp. please burp. >> pram pushing. even karat tee against kidnappers. >> go! >> plus, look who we ran into. >> is the baby kicking yet? >> the baby is doing well. >> the answers we got. >> i don't think they will be called diana. >> why not? that's what i was expecting. >> and how we'll find out the big news. >> my guess what will happen is that william will be tweeting to all his friends, who will leak it and that's how we'll know. >> tonight, it's pomp and circumstance in the form of ten little fingers and taupes. >> it's going to be massive. it's going to be the biggest media even possibly of the decade. >> here now, barbara walters in london. >> good evening from buckingham palace, with its 775 rooms and 78 bathrooms. this will one day be the cozy
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home of the king and queen whom of course, we all know as william and kate. and if their wedding was any indication, william and kate don't mind breaking with the royal family's rigid traditions. after all, it was right there on that balcony when william kissed his new wife not once, but twice, and it made history. and then the couple surprised everyone again by driving off as newlyweds in a fully decorated aston martin. but it's their baby who has already changed the laws governing the monarchy forever, and he or she doesn't even know it. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> it's not every day, you get to take a casual stroll through the streets of london with the future queen of england. how are you feeling, kate? >> very good.
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>> the baby kicking yet? >> the baby is doing well. >> smartphones and cameras suddenly appear. the crowd buzzes. does this happen every time you go out? >> yeah. >> and for me, this wouldn't be one of those days either. no, this is not the royal bump, although this kate is a very convincing professional lookalike. she's a former waitress who now makes $1,000 a day for public appearances. the real duchess catherine is spreading baby fever around the uk. >> there's huge excitement. you know, kate is such a role model. >> it really is quite extraordinary. the kate effect. she seems to have boosted fertility tests. >> since kate's announcement, fertility tests have seen a 60% increase. >> people want to say that perhaps their child was born at the same time as the future monarch. >> kate's maybe the most anticipated delivery on the planet. >> the duchess is expecting a baby. >> the royal heir is on the way.
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>> kate expectations. >> such pressure. her biggest role in life is to produce an heir, okay? if all her bits weren't in working order, she would've been history. >> and speaking of history, the british parliament just made some. >> her majesty has given her royal -- >> a change to a 300-year-old law which will allow william and kate's first-born daughter, if indeed it is a daughter, to inherit the throne. >> we've got the example of the queen doing this fantastic job for 61 years, nobody can argue with you have to have a male heir. >> but you can bet on it. london's bookies are making a killing taking odds on whether kate will have that history-making girl or a boy. or one of each. twins is a long shot. >> we looked at the stats. the reality of the stats is that it's about 33 to 1 shot. >> and they'll take belts on just about anything royal baby, from the birthday --
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>> the 17th of july is where we see most of the money. >> to hair color. >> dark hair was favorite, then blond, then brown, and the outsider is ginger at 8 to 1. of course, harry's got red hair, so people said, "oh, my gosh, they have already got the genes there piled in on the 8 to 1. >> and even to how kate will deliver. >> we are betting on whether she has a cesarean section or not. people really believe she's too posh to push. >> but most of the action centers on the all-important name. >> any names? >> no names. >> choosing the name is like choosing the brand name. they've got to get the brand name absolutely right. in fact, i -- i would imagine they've probably got somebody somewhere in the palace, kind of, figuring it out. >> i don't think the baby will be called diana. >> why wouldn't the baby be called diana? that's what i would have expected. >> no, i really don't think so because i don't think william would want to invite comparisons with his late mother. >> alexandra tops the girl's list, and there is no shortage of suggestions for boy's names that simply won't work.
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>> well, the most common boy's name in this country at the moment is mow hall med. mohammed. and i'm guessing that won't be the name they choose. >> kate's always topped every fashion list. now, she's even topping the list of the best dressed moms to be. >> clearly, she's extremely happy to be pregnant. lots of wichl want to hide bumps, but she doesn't. and she's made it part of her look. this dress that kate's wearing is not a maternity dress. it's a normal trendy girl's dress, it's there top shop. top shop is one of the cheapest shops in the uk. this probably cost her $50, $60. >> whenever kate sports a new look, our professional lookalike heidi egan, scrambles to keep up with the cambridges. >> she dress she wore recently to the harry potter studios. you have to be quick. >> every dress the duchess wears flies off the rack faster than you can say quidditch.
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>> i'm over the moon just seeing the real bat mobile. you don't do baby seats for those cars, do you? >> so, how will kate dress the richest, most famous future monarch? princess marie chantal, a relative of the british royal family, designs clothing for newborns. >> just really pretty. it's all hand embroidered. >> there must be a lot of scurrying around, trying to find the perfect present. what do you give as a baby's present? >> this is what i'm really known for, is, you know, it's the most beautiful little angel onesie. >> a onesie with -- a onesie with -- >> with little gold wings. >> angel's wings. so this could be for a boy or a girl. >> yes. >> the perfect little present. >> it's adorable. prince william is godfather to marie-chantal's oldest son, so she knows how the prince will be as a parent. >> i think we'll see a different type of parenting, maybe. >> in what way? >> it will be quite different, i think, from how it was in the past, which was quite formal.
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and i think they'll be incredibly hands-on. as kate counts the days, we'll all start counting, as well. >> ladies and gentlemen, i would just like to give the duchess a little extra present, new baby on board -- >> as baby fever grows, so does the speculation. thankfully, william and kate will not have to suffer many of the indignities of the past, like having a member of parliament present in the delivery room. >> for centuries, there was a fear that queens who could not bear children would have one smuggled in in a bedpan or something like that. >> so, when the queen was expecting prince charles, her father said, "okay, i think we're done with this. we don't need to do this anymore." so, yes, thankfully william and kate do not need to worry about calling the houses of parliament on their way to the hospital. >> and just what hospital will that be? perhaps the only person who really knows is dr. alan farthing, the royal
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gynecologist. >> well, the royal gynecologist. now there's a -- there's a title. yeah, what do you do for a living? "well, i'm the royal gynecologist." >> even "saturday night live" couldn't resist that one. >> when one has an audience with the royal -- >> are you referring to the vagina. >> the only terms i know are, her downton abbey. >> which brings us to the royal birth announcement. the first one in the digital age. when, where and how will we all know? >> for hundreds of years, they put a notice on the railings of buckingham palace. >> my guess is what'll happen is that william will be on his blackberry and tweeting to all his -- to a friend who will leak it. and that's how we'll know. i'll bet. >> the imminent arrival marks the first time in almost 120 years that a reigning monarch, queen elizabeth the second, is
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alive at the same time also three generations of future heirs. >> this child will be the constitutional monarch of 16 sovereign states. >> defender of the faith. commander of the british army. >> so, when we see our current queen hold this baby, that really is going to be a very historic moment. >> for the queen, especially, she'll think, ll, they're not getting rid of us yet. >> i think it's the most glorious chapter in the windsor soap opera. hurray. it's the season premier. new baby. wonderful! next -- naming the godparents. who's in the running? >> how excited you can get about prince andrew? not me. pippa? oh, hello. >> who is already on the outs? >> it won't be elton john. >> and who comes out on top, in the grandma faceoff? and, later, inside nanny bootcamp. what it takes to be the newest buckingham babysitter.
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say it with milk-bone. bringing up baby, royal
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edition, returns. here now, nick watt. >> what a grandma and great grandma this little kid will have. in the blue blood corner, we have queen elizabeth the second, who has ruled a country and an empire for 60 years. and in the red corner, kate's mom, carole. a one-time flight attendant, from oh, so humble beginnings. >> she's been a coal miner's daughter to mother of the future queen. >> and she's grandmother of the future king or queen. and she's mother-in-law to the future king. >> she's a very formidable woman. she has transformed that family from, you know, just a regular middle class family, into the second-most powerful family in the land. quite impressive. >> and the smart money is on carole to be the one to get her hands dirty. >> carole, the powered granny. she's got three children of her own so she'll know a lot about
10:17 pm
raising babies. how to get them to sleep at night and all of that. the middletons will be the hands on ones. >> because, well, i wonder how many diapers the queen ever actually changed? and i've heard the queen's own kinds have to make appointments to see her when they swing by the palace. william, who clearly misses his own mother dearly, will welcome middleton involvement. >> he loves the middletons. he loves the fact he can go there and say, can you do the washing up? that's being normal. >> the queen might be a little intimidating. she has that look. and she has her own army, but i think carole might win the grandma faceoff. now, when the time comes for the official baby photo in the rather luscious white drawing room at great-grandma liz's house, who will be anointed grandparents? >> we all love prince harry, because he's such good copy. >> harry is a no brainer. he's a perfect godfather. foot loose and fancy free.
10:18 pm
and a godchild just might make him think about settling down. he already told katie couric, he's dreaming of a more domesticated existence. >> i've longed for kids since i was very, very young, so, i'm waiting to find the right person, someone who is willing to take on the job. >> and he can be responsible, as he showed on his recent u.s. visit. these children seemed quite taken with him. the other shoe-in? kate's sassy little sis. she'll have some spice when wills and kate just get too perfect. >> they don't do anything indiscreet. that perfection begins to get a little bit wary. so, the reason we all love pippa suspect because pippa's obviously a little bit, kind of saucy and naughty. are. >> there's the trademark limelight seizing darier. and she wrote a party planning book. >> first of all, the brits just don't like to make fuss, and
10:19 pm
it's seen as a little bit self-indulgent to ask people to come to a party and bring you things. we just don't do it. >> oh, victoria. sometimes you're more royal than the royals themselves. >> i'm pretty sure that kate will be having a shower. it's a great chance for pippa to show off her amazing party planning skills. by throwing the ultimate royal shower. >> but back to the god parents. kate's little brother james. good looking, ripped abs. if you haven't seen the semi-naked snaps on the internet, just take my word for it. he's dating a leggy tv representative. >> good looking, secondary characters to kind of expand the windsor boat. how excited can you get about prince andrew? me, not really. pippa? hello. >> so, that may be three godparents, but upper kruts brits would never leave it there.
10:20 pm
oh, no. >> good heavens, six. six or seven. >> and usually, at that sort of level, they have somebody mega wealthy. take your pick. they know lots of rich people. >> so, chuck in a couple of william's well-heeled chums with the funny names. other possibilities? diana's brother charles spencer, who will be the baby's closest relative from diana's side of the family. he's an outside chance, because william's relationship with his uncle is a little frosty. there's kate's rather rich uncle gary, the middleton black sheep. once allegedly caught in a tabloid sting offering reporters drugs and prostitutes. he denies the allegations. >> uncle gary is some what of a liability and he gave an interview not too long ago, saying that he really wants to be around to help raise this future heir to the throne, which
10:21 pm
must have made the queen come out in hives. there will not be any photographs of uncle gary holding the future king or queen. not going to happen. >> which brings us back to grandma carole. >> carole, who i think is, in her way, just as formidable as the queen, will have a lot to do with this baby's upbringing. >> which might be a very, very good thing. >> i think the monarchy, every now and then, needs a serious injection of normal blood. coming up, lifestyles of the rich and royal baby. a hint of the nursery to come? >> it's been awhile. >> plus, who is next in line to be the royal nanny? we check in to nanny boot camp, to see what she'll need. a brown belt in burping. >> please burp. please burp. >> even going for the gold in diapering. >> wait, you guys don't use hug g ys or pampers?
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here now, amy robach. >> talk about being born with a silver spoon in your mouth. a british royal baby comes home to a lavish life of opulence -- a crown waiting in the crib. >> this baby will be one of the richest people in the world before it's even drawn a breath. before it's even done a royal wave, it will be super rich. >> and while the palace has been predictably tight-lipped about what the royal nursery will look like, we have two hints -- kate spotted buying a $500 bassinet from the baby store blue almonds. and this -- a london hotel suite showcased by the same family business that designed nurseries for princes william and harry. are you giving people a sneak peek into what it might be like if you were born into the royal family? >> i like to think this room is fit for a prince or princess.
10:27 pm
>> but historically, the royal nursery's a domain where parents fear to tread. this was nanny territory. >> in the very old days, there used to be nanny, the assistant nanny, nursery maid and nursery footman. >> so are all those gigs up now for grabs? >> this child is going to grow up to one day be king or queen. they're going to be meeting heads of state from all over world. they have to know how to conduct themselves. >> so as your courageous correspondent, i decided to apply for the role as royal caregiver. >> mary poppins? is that your name? ♪ spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down ♪ >> so where can a new york city girl go to learn how to channel mary poppins? practi practice. >> practically perfect in every way. >> the answer is here. tucked away in the beautiful english countryside of bath, about 100 miles west of london, lies norland college, largely considered the harvard for english nannies.
10:28 pm
what distinguishes a norland nanny to your average, run of the mill nanny? >> it would be the training. the training is robust. and so, for three years, they are trained to be the best. >> did she say three years? thankfully, norland was willing to give me a crash course on the qt. >> in your training, you are to always wear your hair up. >> hair up? check. >> minimal makeup. >> check. >> only one pair of earrings, and they have to be stud. flat shoes, and they have to be lace-up. >> they have to be laceup? why? >> so they don't slip off when you're carrying children. safety first. >> oh, well, i tried. >> it is very british. as you can see from the uniform.
10:29 pm
>> oh, right. the distinctive edwardian brown uniform. complete with bow tie, felt hat and white gloves. a look that's barely been updated since the college's conception in 1892. >> and watch this space, because we're updating it again as we speak. we're going towards a more 1950s look. >> ah. >> but modern. modern 1950s, yes. >> modern 1950s. all right. as a mother of two, and stepmother of three, i admit, i was a skeptic. could norland, no matter how nuanced, really tell me something about the nursery i didn't already know? see, i just hit the baby in the face. wow, this is like incredibly confusing. oh, my goodness. >> and this buckles in here. >> the baby is not crying and screaming. that would be an unequivocal yes. i think mine had velcro. this was no nimble fold-up buggy from babies "r" us. >> you look down here, there's a little -- pop that one. >> is there a norland way to --
10:30 pm
wow. they had me practicing on the same silver cross prams that princes apparently prefer. i feel like i'm pushing a lawnmower or something. then, it was onto the inevitable nappy changing. that's british for diaper. >> we're going to show you how to fold a terry towel. >> wait, you guys don't use huggies or pampers? >> no. >> seriously? changing nappies at norland is a real nuisance. >> and then it gets folded down there and then tuck the liner. >> and then we use the cotton wool. >> so there's no wipes? >> no. >> it's a lot of work. >> hand on the baby. sorry. >> whether you work for a doctor, a solicitor, a member of the royal family or a high-profile celebrity, the skills are exactly the same. >> not exactly.
10:31 pm
princes can be prey. so norlanders train to be nanny ninjas. mastering tae kwon do to wa off would-be kidnappers, and evasive driving maneuvers to avert the prying eyes of the paparazzi. it is intimidating to see how much they know and perhaps how little we know as parents. i didn't go to school for three years to learn how to take care of my children. >> no, most of us don't. and it's important that the norlander, while she has the expertise, is there to support the family and listen to their needs and to be extremely flexible. >> but flexible doesn't necessarily describe the kind of nannies the windsors have typically employed. no wonder the saying here is, "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the empire." >> nanny was the most important person in the household. and she knew it. >> though she may have been a constitutional monarch, queen elizabeth was once overruled on a dessert she ordered for prince
10:32 pm
charles by his authoritarian nanny, helen "no-nonsense" lightbody. >> she said, "no, we won't have that today. we'll have something else." so, nanny ran the nursery like a fiefdom. >> and barbara barnes, a strict, no-mucking-about nanny, famously clashed with princess diana over her unwavering routines. a l jealousy between her and diana. i think diana found that she was too hands on. and they ran to baba, as they called her, perhaps a little bit too much. so baba was banished, paving the way for olga powell, who had her hands full with a spoiled 6-year-old dubbed "wild willie" by the london papers. >> i'd even seen her smacking william when he was naughty, when she told him not to do something and he kept doing it. so she gave him a little wallop on the backside. >> but speaking volumes about the unbreakable bond between the princes and their nannies was
10:33 pm
william, late last year, can selling a string of high profile engagements to attend olga powell's funeral. >> it gives you a sense of how involved the nannies are in their young royal charge's lives and how important a figure they are. and really how much he loved her. >> it's that kind of bond these young women hope to forge with a family one day. i hear there's a nice family who's about to have a baby -- >> oh, who would they be? >> we don't know. >> and they have a motto at norland college that supersedes all those codes of conduct -- >> love never faileth. >> it isn't about the strict discipline and nanny knows best. what we look for is someone who is warm, caring and fun-loving. somebody who will enable the child to grow and be empowered. and after all, who's more empowered than a future king?
10:34 pm
when we return, princess diana. how much will the rebel royal influence how the new baby is raised? >> they were like, oh, breaking custom. >> the clues we can already read, next. puppies. they have a lot of growing up ahead of them. but until then, they'll still be... well... puppies! get them started off right, with petsmart. we have everything you need, like helpful associates, the right products, grooming and training. plus, the petsmart puppy starter kit - a $130 value for only $19.99, including a free bag of puppy food, a free exam by a banfield® veterinarian and more. at petsmart. happiness in store.™ and an unlimited phone. right now when you switch your number to sprint, you can save $100 on any phone. which makes the new samsung galaxy s4 just $149.99. don't miss out on this hot deal. unlimit your summer fun
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bringing up baby, royal edition, returns. once again, barbara walters. >> at the height of her worldwide fame, princess diana of wales became the face of the british royal family. married to prince charles, she was stunning, courageous and compassionate. in the few years of her troubled married life, diana produced an heir to the throne, ushered in a new royal era and shook the british monarchy to its core. though kensington may look more like a series of townhouse apartments than a palace, this was perhaps diana's one safe haven. the place where she lived and raised her children. and it is here that william and kate will raise theirs. diana paved the way for a new
10:39 pm
kind of royal parenting, setting a standard for mothering a future monarch. prince william has said he wants to spare his wife the inevitable comparisons to his mother, princess diana. but in many ways, diana has been apart of this pregnancy from the very beginning. we waited two years for kate's announcement, but diana was pregnant just three months after her wedding. from the beginning, she rebelled against the royal traditions of arms-length parenting. prince william was the first heir to the throne to be born outside the palace walls, in a hospital, followed closely by what might be another royal first. >> diana is largely reported to be the very first mother within the royal family to breastfeed. of course, that's hard for us to know for certain, but queen victoria was adamant that she found breastfeeding disgusting. >> it may be bad manners to discuss the "royal bosom," but many people are wondering what kate will do? >> i'm sure she'll do exactly what most women in this country
10:40 pm
do, which is to breastfeed. >> another first -- princess diana broke with the royal tradition of spending months touring the commonwealth countries without their children. she insisted on including 9-month-old william on an official visit to australia. >> and they were, like, oh, breaking royal precedent. but it was brilliant. that was what made diana so loveable was that she always absolutely adored her children. >> at diana's insistence, william became the first royal to be schooled with nonroyals. his personal bodyguard was with him on opening day. >> diana said, you need to behave yourself. and he in his sort of just william way, said to his mother, i don't like photographers. >> fat chance he said. >> she said, well, you're going to get this for the rest of your
10:41 pm
life. we arrived at the school and there was 90 photographers and journalists. >> william, distressed with the media, became ingrained. still, princess diana wanted to give her sons a more normal life. for centuries, young royals have grown up in isolation, away from their subjects. >> when the queen was young, they had to bring a girl begin into into buckingham palace just so the queen had children to socialize with. i think that is the long-lasting legacy that diana left. she took william and harry outside palace walls. >> patrick jephson, princess diana's chief of staff for half a dozen years, first met william when the boy was 6 years old. >> she made sure that they experienced things like going to the cinema, coueing up to buy a mcdonald's, going to amusement parks, those sorts of things
10:42 pm
that were experiences that they could share with their friends. >> how did she also bring them up to be not average, to be royal? >> it was a very difficult dilemma for diana to prepare them for the very -- very distinctive, unique life that -- that they have had to lead. and she did it very cleverly. taking them to hospitals, to homeless shelters. >> as young as 7, i remember diana specifically taking hmm to a day center where the homeless were being reclothed and refed. and this was diana's way of actually saying to william, "listen, look, it isn't all what you think it is living at kensington palace." >> she wanted them, a, to understand how incredibly fortunate they are, but b, what a difference they could make in the life of somebody else. >> as adults, both william and kate have afternoon followed in diana's footsteps. last year alone, kate made 111 appearances, many in support of charitable causes. william still actively supports centre point, the homeless shelter he first visited with his mother. and he spent the night on the streets of london to highlight
10:43 pm
the plight of the homeless. william told abc news last year -- >> she played a huge part in -- in my life and harry's growing up in how we saw things and how we experienced things. she very much wanted to get us to see, you know, the rawness of real life. and i can't thank her enough for that, because reality bites, in a big way, and it was one of the biggest lessons i learned is just how lucky and privileged so many of us are. >> diana also showed by example how to handle encounters with the public, beginning with william's first public outing at 10 years old. >> even as an adult that might have been quite intimidating. but william squared his shoulders, you know, he went and did his duty. diana said to william, "it only may be ten seconds out of your life. it could be years of happy memories for the person you meet." >> diana had a common touch that made her loved, particularly by children. she always crouched to talk personally, eye to eye.
10:44 pm
>> the royal family used to say that everyone had to be deferential to them, but diana said, "if someone might be nervous of you or you're speaking to a very young child or a sick person, get yourself on their level." diana was the first member of the royal family to do this. when you see kate kneeling to talk to someone -- >> you made that for me? yes, thank you very much. >> it is very reminiscent of diana throughout her life. >> tragically, 16 years ago, as we know, princess diana died in a car accident while being chased by the paparazzi. >> william absolutely loathes the media. he is adamant that they are just scum. and you absolutely can't blame him. i mean, in his mind, the media were the ones that killed his mom. >> the tragedy provided a final
10:45 pm
lesson from diana -- beware the paparazzi. last year, two french tabloids published unwanted photographs of kate. in his own departure from royal way, william decided to sue. the case is ongoing, but william's message is clear -- respect the privacy of duchess kate and their soon to be born child. diana would be very proud. next -- a front row seat to the royals through the years. with barbara walters. our very own royalty, sharing her memory book. ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula ula ula al revés, ♪ hago que lo imposible sea posible, ♪ ♪ que todo lo increíble se vuelva visible, ♪ ♪ tres, dos, hola, ula... ♪ aplaudan en la luna. ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula ula ula al revés, ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula ula ula al revés,
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10:49 pm
bringing up baby, royal edition returns. once again, barbara walters. >> as i look back over all of these years of reporting on the british royal family, it's been an honor and a privilege for me to have a front row seat for so much of the imperial pomp and circumstance. beginning with princess anne's wedding to mark phillips -- at london's westminster abbey.
10:50 pm
>> with this ring, i thee wed. >> to the fairy tale wedding of the century, i covered the most glamorous and elaborate weddings ever. my longtime colleague, the late peter jennings and i, had to yell above the din of wedding bells over london's st. paul's cathedral. >> you can now hear the sound of the bells, which have been going for almost two hours. >> i was going to say, she became the princess of wales, and we became deaf. the crowd, the cheers. what must it be like for this barely 20-year-old girl. 750 million people around the world watched as prince charles, heir to the british throne, took the beautiful 20-year-old lady diana spencer as his bride. who could forget the moment when the princess stepped out of that glass carriage? a vision in white silk taffeta and a 25-foot train. >> magnificent. i have never seen a train like this.
10:51 pm
>> i've never seen a royal wedding like this. and she does look like a fairy princess. she wanted it to be so special, and it is. >> i pronounce that they be man and wife together. >> princess diana and i became friends, though i never had the chance to interview her. but i did sit down with her then 36-year-old husband, prince charles. the prince who has been waiting all his life to be king, grappled with his role as heir to the throne. i recall an interview you did in which you said that you felt sometimes a need to justify your own existence. >> oh yes. yes, yes. otherwise, i might just sit back and believe what people tell me, you know, how marvelous you are, and this, that and the other. >> you have to say to yourself, you know what, i'm not that marvelous. >> well, yes, i think that otherwise you'll get big-headed. and you need to administer a little bit of self-kicking occasionally, just to remind
10:52 pm
yourself. >> my next encounter with royal matrimony, this time at westminster abbey, was the wedding of prince charles' younger brother, prince andrew, and the love of his life, sarah ferguson. >> to love, cherish and obey. >> i told the new duchess that americans were very fond of her and enjoyed her spontaneity. >> all these men around here -- >> we love you! >> a man called out, "i love you." >> i'll see you later. >> you seem to us to be a breath of fresh air. >> well, i just try and be myself and natural and normal. >> but i wondered how this breath of fresh air handled the challenges of being a member of the most famous royal family in the world. what is the toughest for you? >> without the support of my wonderful husband, there's no way -- because you could really imagine, because he's so fantastic, and really just guides you through it and teaches you and shows you.
10:53 pm
>> it's such a nice marriage. i think we're all very romantic. >> sadly, sarah's marriage would not last. the. >> it's official. fergie's marriage is ending. >> in 2002, i sat down with her again. what are the mistakes you think you've made in your marriage? >> i think i made innumerable mistakes very early on by simply not understanding quite what i had taken on. >> the palace, the responsibilities, all the things you had to do. >> yes, yes. it's the worst feeling in the world to have your whole soul and your whole life on the front pages. you put on so much weight, you had not a friend in the world, really. and you've managed to, apparently, let down the monarchy. >> like sarah and andrew, the prince and princess of wales also divorced. a year later, diana died in paris. i was sent again to london -- this time, sadly, to cover the
10:54 pm
funeral of this beloved figure. >> the card says "mummy." this is a unique ceremony. it is unprecedented in history. the prime minister said that it should be a national event that would envelope as much as possible her personality and the people of this country. princess diana's death were mourned around the world. it was a testament to the love that the so-called people's princess had on our collective psyche. 15 years later, prince william was again at the abbey. this time, for a much happier occasion. his wedding to catherine middleton. i want you to wake up the kids, because this is the kind of thing they're not going to see again for, like, 20 or 30 years. bands and music and a ceremony. >> it's a love story. >> they say it's a fairy tale, and it is. nobody does it like the british.
10:55 pm
this is really exciting. and now, the baby. with the change in the laws of succession, william, kate and their much-anticipated delivery, will be the story of the monarchy in the future. and i can't wait to see it all unfold. ♪ ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ let me play among the stars ♪ and let me see what spring is like ♪ ♪ on jupiter and mars ♪ in other words [ male announcer ] the classic is back. ♪ i love [ male announcer ] the all-new chevrolet impala.
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bringing up baby, royal edition, with barbara walters,
10:59 pm
returns. >> before we say good night, it's important to remember that this newborn heir is still third in line to the british throne, behind grandpa prince charles and, of course, daddy, prince william. and, if the longevity of the 87-year-old queen elizabeth is any indicator, it may be 60 or 70 years before this future sovereign reigns supreme. at least he, or she, will have had plenty of factors for the job. from london, i'm barbara walters. good night. is. >> it wasn't much of a day for memorial beach trip and
11:00 pm
barbecue will the rain we are getting right now last into the morning commute. >> and this was no holiday for a horse. or for the people in the north bay who rushed in to help him. stay with us. 7


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