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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 30, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> the breaking news is in san mateo. we have been following it all morning, an early morning fire that ripped through a home under construction. abc7 news reporter reporter is on the scene. matt? >>guest: the fire started four hours ago. you can see the firefighters are still here making sure that nothing flares up. this home was under construction when it went up in flames. no one is living here. the call came in at 12:40 from a person who spotted it a quarter
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mile away. when firefighters arrived the flames were in the first and second floor attic. there were two roofs on the home making it more dangerous. >> it was under detection so early detection did not take place. someone a quarter mile away called it in. we kept the firefighters off because the entire structure was burning. >> firefighters were able to keep the flames contained and no nearby homes were threatened. we seeing the file fighters leashing the scene but they are expected to stay for a few more hours to make sure no hotspots flare-up. an investigator is scheduled to come out here at 9:00 to check on the cause of the fire. >> time for the forecast and when the warmer wets will get here. >> today is the transition, but you would not know it stepping outside this morning with
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temperatures cooler because of the lack of cloud cover and no radar runs on live doppler 7 hd showing a push of dry air moving into the neighborhood. the first forecast will be a forecast of warmer weather inland and 75 is the coolest in petaluma in the north bay to 85 in bentwood and the bay will be 66 in south san francisco to 73 in oakland and along the coast we will be around 58 to 61, breezy along the coast in the bay sure this afternoon. now a check of morning commute. >> we have a report of an accident in gilroy. if you are traveling northbound along 101, we have a pickup truck that hit the guardrail and there are injuries reported. we do not have a lot of traffic at this time but northbound 101 is where we may have one lane blocked. in the bay bridge the eastbound direction we have construction projects with various lanes blocked until 6:30 this morning so plan ahead.
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give yourself a few extra minutes headed on the road. in san jose, traveling along 101, we have headlights making their way to san jose airport but, really, not too bad. eric and kristen? >> thank you, it is 5:03. a dance instructor has been accused of a exact with a minor, the 24-year-old from most oh is booked in the marin county jail for engaging in sexual activity with a teenage girl at a dance event in novato last month. police are investigating whether there are other potential victims. >> uc berkeley police have arrested three suspects in connection with thefts at the recreational sports facility. the 21-year-old and 20-year-old and 18-year-old men have been arrested in the past few weeks. automatic three were taken into custody. so far there have been 50 thefts
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reported. police say a search warrant served at nelson's home turned up with items stolen from campus and he confessed to several crimes. >> new details in the ricin-laced letter sent to mayor bloom bug of new york and a high-ranking gun control advocate. katie marzullo has new information. >> the threats are based on gun rights with a source saying the author of the letters wrote he has a "constitutional and god given right and i will exercise that right 'til i die." the letters warn that the government would not be able to take away the writer's gonna and the author would have to be killed bewe link wishing the weapon. the letter was addressed to mayor bloomberg and intercepted and opened there on friday. the second letter was addressed to blomberg gun criminal group in washington, dc, and it was opened at a washington, dc, mail
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facility. we have learned the letters were printed from a computer and postmarked may 20 in shreveport, louisiana, and the mayor saying the city is, working with federal investigators to find whoever is responsible. the mayor does not feel threatened. >> we take a lot of security measures. the men and women that on the mail, for example, even they are well trained and we have procedures for something like this. >> the people would initially came in contact with the letters showed no symptoms of exposure to the poison but three officers did experience minor sink temperatures. this morning, there no word on potential suspects. >> we will have to wait until july ten to find out if the new bay bridge will open on labor day week as scheduled or if it is delayed weeks or months. the transportation commission says crews will install large
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steel cables the next several weeks to fix the problem caused by 30 faulty bolts and they can determine when the new bridge will open. caltran revealed the new problem corrected office the years, the suspension deck was misaligned with another debbie a couple of inches. the current problems will now be the focus of an independent review board whose goal is to make caltran moves transparency to the public. >> the head of tesla motors will release more details on a plan to expand the network of super charging stations across the country. the new network would allow the electric car owners to drive from los angeles to new york -- yes -- only tesla network at fast charging stations, allowing you to get from the west coast to new york. most of them located off freeway rest stops and tesla owners can get a bite to eat while waiting
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for a charge. harris ranch between los angeles and san francisco has six super chargers now and is one of the busiest locations. >> san francisco mayor is set to celebrate the launch of the first tunnel boring machine at the subway project, the first part of the machines that will dig under the city if the new subway arrived five weeks ago. since then, workers have been putting parts together. the 400 ton, 300' long drilling machines will bore tunnels 1.5 miles long from south of market into china town. >> three of the largest cities in america are here in california. new york city is number one with more than 8 million people. los angeles is two, with under four million. san diego is eight, with 1.3 million people. san jose rounds out the top ten with a population of of 957,000
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people. but you add san francisco and oakland and then we are much higher than that. >> i agree with your math. you get an "a." >> i think an a+. >> let's look at ... no, we will skip that because it is dry. we will talk about temperatures around san francisco. forest hills is the coolest at 47 and glen park is 49 and 50's in the mission district and portrero hill and downtown and ocean beach and no microclimates yet but developing this afternoon. palo alto and saratoga around 47. american canyon is the coolest at 43. in walnut creek it is 51. union city is 52 and bell minute is 53.
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total sunshine starting at 7:00, and look how it warms us through 4:00, we will hang out in the upper 50's at the coast, and 67 at noon, 72 at 4:00, and 64 at 7:00 so 74, warm, inland, by noon, and warm by 4:00 at 81 and you can see 69 but not too bad in the evening. now, tomorrow and through the weekend, the three warmest days in the forecast, 80's around the bay and 60's at the coast. enjoy. leyla gulen? >> good morning, we have construction and i will get to the construction first if you are headed through oakland, traveling southbound along 880 between 98 avenue to davis street we have one lane blocked until 6:00 a.m. we are looking at traffic they are building on 185 on if you are coming down in the southbound direction you will see a few extra folks. as we take you to gilroy we have jackson northbound 101, we have possibly one lane blocked, an
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injury accident, a pickup truck versus the center divide so we could see traffic building in the near future. we will take a look outside and here is a picture of the golden gate bridge with early construction this morning in the northbound direction and everything is wrapped up. we have clear conditions and southbound side not too bad coming from sausalito. >> get ready for wellness programs at work with bloomberg business report. >> also, a heart-stopping moment caught on video. the accident that sent two firefighters to the hospital. >> a flood danger in the midwest with the damage caused by unstoppable wave of water. first, the tech bytes. >> in today's tech byte, gmail get as new look with messages sorted into five different categories including promotion for retail offers and update for tracking packages and flight checking. facebook c.e.o. has given a wide-ranging interview and remaining positive of the
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disaing launch of facebook phone and says she and zuckerberg meet each week. amazon has a new service for those forgetting their multiple
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>> covering cupertino, napa and all the bay area this is abc7
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news. >> two detroit, michigan, firefighters are recovering after a building collapsed on them battling a fire. a news camera was rolling when part of the roof came apart sending bricks flying and hitting the firemen on the ladder. the firefighter holding the ladder below was hurt worse getting knocked off his feet by the flying bricks. they were taken to the hospital for neck and back injuries. one suffered a concussion and broken ankle. the firefighters got the blaze under control. >> the family of the late coach joe paterno will join former coaches and players in viewing the ncaa after being slapped with $630 million fine and a four year ban from games as punishment for the child abuse scandal. sandusky is serving a 30 to 60 year prison sentence for child
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molestation. state officials called the sanctions overreaching and unlawful. >> facebook has a new feature to make it easier to fine the official pages of celebrities and prominent people they want to follow. it is called "verify pages." this is an example, a blue circle icon with white check mark in the middle next to her name so this is her official account, and this is designed to make it easier for user to distinguish between official pages and imposters and it is on twitter, as well, with that little icon. taking a page from twitter's playbook. >> wendy's could be getting close to unveiling a game-changing menu item. here is the bloomberg business report. >> get fraud more corporate wellness programs, the department of health and plume services is giving businesses the thumb's up to make employee
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who do not pass the health tests to make more for insurance. a study says new jersey is the least upwardly mobile state based on how hard it is to go from a slow paying job to a higher, but utah and new mexico and nevada are the best to get the american dream. >> wendy's has a pretzel bacon cheeseburger to be unveiled made with a soft pretzel-like roll and an analyst says that in tests in miami, the burger was one of their best-ever limited offerings, and a professor tells "usa today" there is nothing on the market quite like it. that is the bloomberg business report. >> california wildlife officers would have to use nonlethal options when handling mountain
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lions under a bill passed by the start senator. there have been two sightings in lafayette recently, and this we showed you yesterday morning spotted in a backyard tree on saturday followed by another sighting on tuesday possibly the same animal. if the law passes they would to be tranquilized or netted unless it presented an imminent danger to the public. >> as we head for serious heat over the next few days, much of the nation is facing they severe weather with torrential-rain driven floods. look at this college in illinois, shut down until next week. flood waters are swelling the riffs and raising fears of massive spring flooding up and down the mississippi river and the tributaries. >> that time of the year. these have been really fierce problems. >> now a check on the weather. >> different storms running over
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the same area over and over and over again. it will only enhance the problem. we can use the rain if they can send it our way and even things out. that doesn't seem to be the case. we have a drive line on live doppler 7 hd good for the commute and it will be breezy around the bay shore and the coastline and our fastest wins are 20 miles per hour at sfo and everyone else is below ten american. a beautiful picture from sutro tower with the pollution right here with warm hair around 2,000' and cool air under it so that is stable and that is why you are trapping the pollution. we do not see much cloud cover. there are only a few. they will be gone quickly. sunshine, warmer, breezy today, as we transition to the heat that peaks this weekend and next week, temperatures away from the coast will remain above average. the santa clara valley starting
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in morgan hill, you are the warmest, low 80's, and mid-to-upper 70's in milpitas and los gatos at 79. in the beaches, santa cruz is 75. low to his 70's on the beaches, and menlo park at 73. half moon bay is 61 with sunshine and a few clouds but that will change quickly and sunset is 61 but daly city and colma at 59. 70 in sausalito and mid-to-upper 70's in the north bay valley and 88 at napa. your beaches will check in, in the upper 50's to slow 60's and let to mid-70's along the east bay shore and oakland at 73 and newark and low-to-mid 80's for most of the east bay valleys. we will talk about a day game 12-35 first pitch, sunny and warm by at&t standards at 65 to 67. that would be mild for the rest of us.
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the seven-day forecast shows the weekend, 80's and 90's away from the coast and head there for free air conditioning and our pollution will stay in check even with this heat wave and we are still in the 70's and 80's away from the coast monday, tuesday, and wednesday. is a great day. >> we are tracking an accident in gilroy and it is involving injuries and we are tracking some heavy traffic in antioch coming along westbound highway four, 15 miles per hour is the top speed and we have the construction project that will last from 6:00 a.m. eastbound side of summersville road to a street one lane is blocks. most of the traffic or all of the traffic is headed in the westbound direction. the drive time traffic 580 coming from tracy to dublin is 31 minutes and along 92 headed westbound out of hayward to highway 101 across the san mateo bridge, 14 minutes and we we traveling out of san francisco to sfo is 12 minutes. right now, here is the san mateo bridge, a crane is blocking our view but you can see traffic on
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either side headed in the westbound direction on the right-hand side it looks like there is not too much of it there. thanks so much. it is 5:21. >> seven-day forecast as you start the day. >> the san francisco zoo shows off the biggest newborns weighing if at more than 100 pounds. >> what has him bugged? a city dealing with one angry animal. >> and "katie" speaks with people living with autism and their families and the challenges and [ female announcer ] are you sensitive to dairy?
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know, firefighters are on the scene of a house fire in san mateo after being under construction. >> a search is underway this morning for this man, caught on surveillance video, near the nordstroms in walnut creek. police say he is wanted for attacking a woman in the garage last night in an attempted robbery. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has a report in a few minutes. caltrain is investigating an accident after a pedestrian was hit by a train overnight. it happened in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood before midnight. the man was taken to the hospital. his condition has not been
5:25 am
releases. >> we have new details on the rice in-laced letter sent to michael bloomberg and the director of his gun control group. it was postmarked may 20 in shreveport, and he said he would have to be killed before he would let the government take his guns. agraduates from lowell high school still get to take their trip to italy although the tour operator went out of business. another tour company is helping to pay for part of the trip for 23 students although it will be shorter and they still out money. >> we are starting off with mainly clear and cooler sky this only but this afternoon, the transition to possibly excessive heat this weekend and that is in the seven-day forecast. >> we have an accident in gilroy that is tying up traffic. we will look at construction projects across the bay area and look in the east bay where traffic is heating up at this hour. >> thank you, we are getting our first look at the san francisco zoo's newest resident, a one
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week old healthy giraffe born on wednesday. she is 5' 11", and usually they are 6'. she is getting along well with the adults. mom is 11 years old. look at that tender picture, they will spend a lot of time bonding before the calf is put on display at the african exhibit. she doesn't have a name yet, perhaps there will be a contest if the kids. >> shorty? >> tell us what you think the name should be. >> for angry birds, how about an angry goat, this goat is tormenting people, rumbling around a town in brazil picking fights with the locals. look out. he is quick to butt anyone standing around including someone on a motorcycle. no one was hurt including the goat and the stubborn guy was
5:27 am
forcibly returned to his farm. >> the goat that -- my gosh! ahhh. run faster. mad goat. mad goat. >> abc7 news continues at 5:30 with the top stories including california lawmakers trying to make it easier to get a driver's license, what you will not need and what needs to be done before this becomes law. >> person in san jose voice their concerns of rising crime and city leaders reveal what they thing needs to be
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good thursday morning at 5:29. i am kristen sze.
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i am eric thomas. we are here for a warm-up. mike? >>guest: temperatures today transition back to normal and we will blow right through that tomorrow. saturday and sunday, too. the heat could be excessive. for thursday morning, we are looking at a clear sky, dry with live doppler 7 hd. a few clouds especially along the east bay shore and the peninsula coast but we will all have sunshine by afternoon. as we look from mount tamalpais to san francisco we are going to have temperatures from 75 in the north bay to 85 in the east bay valley and 66 around south san francisco to 76 in the south bay and near 60 along the coast. now the morning commute. how is it, leyla gulen? >> quiet. we have one citizen in gilroy, northbound along 101 coming up to this area, a pickup truck in the center divide and possibly one lane is blocked. injuries were reported southbound side we are seeing volume building as you come away from the scene of the accident. as we take it to the bay bridge
5:31 am
in the eastbound direction we have construction blocking several lanes in the eastbound direction until 6:30 a.m. and we are seeing traffic. this is the san jose drive away from 880, 101, from san jose airport it is 13 minutes from highway 85. >> we continue to follow breaking news on the peninsula, investigators are trying to determine the cause of this fire that ripped through a home under construction at the bottom the hill, starting just at 12:30. firefighters say a new roof was being put on an old roof making itization for firefighters. crews kept the flames contained and the home, to give you aned why, it is not too far from alameda. matt keller will have a report
5:32 am
at the top of the hour. >> we have break news from oakland, police are on the scene of a marijuana growhouse operation firefighters made the recovery after responding to a warehouse fire on 51st avenue at east 12th before 4:30 this morning. it is not clear yet how much marijuana is inside the house. stay with abc7 news and we will bring you pore updates on the story as we get them. >> police in walnut creek are warning shoppers to watch out after an attempted strong-arm robbery as a popular shopping area. amy hollyfield has details from walnut creek. >> it was right here in the broadway plaza parking lot, a very popular shopping center here in walnut creek and she was walking through this parking garage before closing time, before 9:00, and a man grabbed her purse. here is a picture of who they think did this. they captured this from one of the store cameras and they believe he is 18 years old and
5:33 am
he is described as 5' 4" hispanic man. look at him, if you happen to know this man, walnut creek police are hoping you will give them a call. he came up to her in the broadway plaza parking garage and grabbed her purse. she struggled to keep it and another woman walked out and that spooked him and he took off running. he did not get her purse and he is okay. police are asking anyone with any information to please give walnut creek a call. they want to catch this man. >> caltrain is investigating an accident after a man was hit by one of the trains. it happened in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood before midnight. the man was taken to the hospital. his condition has not been released. officials say he was struck by the last northbound train of the night which had 50 passengers on board.
5:34 am
no one was hurt but the last southbound train was delayed 30 minutes. service is expected to run as usual. >> residents in san jose are getting more and more anxious of a recent spike in violent crime with a meeting hosted last night after a violent weekend that left three dead including two students, teens from independence high school shot on sunday behind kohl's department store. >> first time in 34 years i do not feel safe. >> we have felt it for a long-term. the violence over the week exacerbates it. >> the police officers association says the increase in crime comes as the number of officers shrinks. >> this morning the san jose police department will hold the annual tribute to the 11 officers would have lost their lives in the line of duty. the mayor will take part in the ceremony. it is usually held at city hall
5:35 am
but this year, the memorial will be held in front of the administration building on west mission street. that will be closed to traffic during the ceremony from 10:00 a.m. to noon. >> berkeley union leaders pushing to arm officers with tasers will failure the results of a public survey supporting surveys to the city country. there is an over whelming 83 percent that support looking into equipping officers with weapons. the study was unscientific, and the mayor and police chief decline to comment. several council members say it is time to consider tasers with strict limitations. >> , "s are vest gating a politician shooting that left a suspect dead. yesterday afternoon, officers with the oakland police department tried to stop a car with three men inside, but they
5:36 am
jumped out and ran away at bancroft avenue. police say at least one man was armed and the officer chasing him felt threatened and fired. the man was hit several times can died at the hospital. two other men were arrested. a gun was recovered at the >> this morning, a hayward man is recovering after getting hit by a car. police say the 18-year-old was riding a skateboard when he ran through a stop sign before 5:00 yesterday evening. teen broadsided a car and was then 50'. he was not wearing a helmet. he has serious but not life threatening injuries and will make a full recovery. >> the contra costa sheriff is looking for more potential victims of a former high school coach accused of poe lefting at least one child. police searched a home connected to edwards, a 51-year-old charged with rape.
5:37 am
he is a former football coach at richmond's kennedy high school. >> the assembly is making it easier for illegal immigrants to get a california's driver license. they would have to provide multiple documents to stable identity including a birth certificate and prove of residency. about to million people would become eligible for i.d. card or driver's license and now it heads to the senate. if approved it goes in affect in january of 2015. >> a majority of those in california support modifying proposition 13, the 1978 measure limiting property taxes. a survey by the public policy institute of california found that 58 percent of homeowners support keeping the landmark measure tax protection but change it for commercial properties to be taxed at country market value. 33 percent those polls oppose the changes. >> there is new evidence this morning that america's housing
5:38 am
market is recovering and the foreclosure crisis is lightening up falling 23 percent in the first three months of 2013. sales of homes in foreclosure process also dropped last quarter. in 2009 the sales of bank owned and homes headed for foreclosure peaked at 45 percent of all home sales. >> we can see the sun is rising in the east but what is the weather holding for us? >> the sun is not doing enough for us right now. >> it is always cold before the sun comes up. that is why we are 48 in alum rock and 47 in santa clara and cupertino. 46 in saratoga. about 50 in campbell and 52 in san jose. we are at 47 in san ramon and
5:39 am
bodega bay. now, how the temperatures looking four to 14 degrees cooler than yesterday. you may need a coat this morning. the clouds show the sun is not over the horizon yet but we will see temperatures hitting the mid-to-upper 70's inland, and even some low-to-mid 80's in the east bay valley and around the bay we will look at temperatures around 66 to 76 and the coast is 588 to 61. over the next 12 hours we will go from 40's to 50's and to 70's and 80's in some areas and we will not stop there. we have a string of 90's, with the hottest days, friday, saturday, and sunday and mid to up more 80's and free air conditioning at the coast and low-to-upper 60's. hope you prepared. now how is the commute? leyla gulen? >> for now, you are in good shape because we do not have too much traffic and we do not have many accidents. we have one accident in gilroy but it is not slowing down too
5:40 am
much but the drive could slow down by the construction project that will were what up at 6:00. southbound 880 between 98 avenue to davis we will have one lane blocked as we take it over toward marin county, northbound, 101 at san marin drive one lane is blocked and cones will be picked up at 6:00 because of paving work from novato. as we head over to the maze and oakland, down to the macarthur maze, 80 westbound, looking at traffic at 14 minutes to get from highway four to 580. kristen and leyla gulen if. >> the triple delight time for bay area high school students left in jeopardy. ahead, who is stepping in to make sure the graduates will still make it across the pond. >> new details of a baby rescued from a sewage pipe and he is back with his
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>> covering daly city, dublin, lows embassy and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back. graduates from san francisco high school are leaving for a trip they nearly missed out on when the tour company went out of business. this month, boston-based tour operator the european institute went bankrupt and the graduates were out $120,000 in total.
5:44 am
that is when the san francisco meredithed them with another tour company called world strides and the c.e.o. kicked in $50,000 of his own money. we have been waiting for this trip since we were freshman can started tall condition program and they just stopped answering my e-mails. i sent them each day. ought students have to cut their trip short but they will get to italy. >> this morning, good news for college students, with a huge online education dole struck with state university systems. our media partner, the san jose mercury news reports the company is set to make a major announcement, ten public university systems including the giant state systems of new york and tennessee and colorado and the university of houston have signed on to offer open online courses. the company is a nonprofit that offers online classes from leading universities including stanford and duke.
5:45 am
>> a bay area girl is moving on to the semi finals in the national spelling bee in maryland. the 8th grader from san ramon sp two words and made it to the semis. another bay area competitor from cupertino did not have a high enough score to move on. the final cut was based on points including a written test. this morning the competition begins at 11 a.m. our time with the action on espn2. >> yesterday it was on espn 3. >> yes, today it is on espn espn2. >> word for the day is "hot." >> for now i will say brrrrrrr. that is how i feel. >> it is cooler this morning. at 5:45 live doppler 7 hd shows a lack of clouds, a lack of radar runs, a lack of moisture
5:46 am
as we transition to a dry and warmer air mass. we will find out if there are citizens or other possibilities out there that could slow you down with leyla gulen. but, first, winds are fastest around the golden gate bridge but the san francisco bay and delta, winds at 15- to 25-knots extending to the ocean where they will be from the not to northwest at 15- to 25-knots until 3:00 tomorrow morning. right now our fastest wind at fog is 20 and half moon bay and everyone else is slower than that and they will pick up headed in the afternoon. we are looking off to the east from mount tamalpais across the bay and you can see a beautiful such rise about to happen and sunshine and warmer weather will democrat nature with the breezy areas and heat peaks this weekend and temperatures taper over the next week but they will still be above average. today in santa clara valley the
5:47 am
warmest weather is morgan hill and gilroy and most of us in the mid-70's and 79 if los you are f los gatos. half moon bay is 61 and 59 in colma. the bay side is warmer south of downtown san francisco mid-to-upper 60's and sausalito is 70 and san rafael and headed north mid-to-upper 70's and 80 at napa and 81 at calistoga with beaches in the upper 60's. 70 in berkeley to 75 in castro valley. those are the east bay temperatures. 79 in pleasanton and 5 in brentwood. a day game at at&t park and it will be a sunny and mild day. it could be breezy but nothing like you experienced in the evening. 65 and up to 67 degrees. hope you have a had and sunscreen. the seven-day forecast shows the heat peaking friday, saturday, and sunday, and notice we drop
5:48 am
ten degrees which puts us in the 80's next week, and 70's around the bay but coolest at the coast at 50's and 60's. enjoy. >> we did have good news with the crash reported in gilroy has been moved to the shoulder and this is northbound along 101, its with an accident involved in injuries a pickup hit the guardrail. we have delays southbound with yellow coming from the accident scene a spectator slowing. if san jose, we have construction that will wrap up at 6:00, northbound, along 880 between 101 and the south bay freeway and this is because of rail repair and paving work and restriping so lots of stuff and slow for the cone zone and a look outside this is the san jose drive away from 17, six minutes gets you to cupertino. authorities in china say the mother of a newborn found trapped in a sewage pipe. not face criminal charges.
5:49 am
they treating the incident as "an accident." the baby boy who received minor cuts and bruises during the ordeal has been released to his mother. the 22-year-old woman said she was pregnant, hid the pregnancy and secretly delivered the child saturday in a rental building restroom. someone her the back crying and called for help and firefighters took an how to dismantle the pipe to free the baby boy. >> the army sergeant charged with murdering 16 afghanville am amendment -- afghan villagers will please guilty when he slaughtered villagers as they left near his post. he will enter the plea on june 5th, and a judge and commanding john must approve it. the sentencing trial determines if he is sentenced to life with or without the possibility of parole. >> former number two official in the bush justice department is being tapped to run the f.b.i.
5:50 am
james comby -- comey was a deputy, and he refused to are authorize president obama's warrantless wiretapping program and pursuing martha stewart's conviction for obstruction justice. f.b.i. head mueller, a former u.s. attorney here in san francisco, steps down in september. >> ahead, where the bay area stands for the fittest cities in the nation. >> a newist to -- a new twist to stolen boating equipment. >> the chinese company known for making everything from iphones to ipads has new competition and apple
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>> a group that helps people with disabilities go sailing will get stolen property back. it was a story you saw only on abc7 news, tuesday we recorded someone stole five outboard motors and damaged some equipment belonging to the bay area association of disabled sailors. we new have learned police have found the motors in the back of a truck at their impound lot. officers stopped the driver of the truck for driving erratically. they impounded the truck and learned the motors were stolen.
5:54 am
>> after we get beyond the brrrr we have >> some have been ordering up the heat. mike? >> someone was upset because it was cool so i sent the three day forecast on twitter to she the heat so hopefully the viewer likes it. this picture from mount tamalpais does not look cool. most of us are back to average or warmer, san jose and redwood city get there tomorrow. everything is quiet. you can see the warmth building from 103 in palm springs to the low 90's in the central valley and 70 in talk he. safe travels. leyla gulen? >> we were looking at the waze and if you want to track your own waze go to apple app and google play but the mass transit shows on time. our waze app shows we are
5:55 am
looking at heavy traffic. a look outside right now, a picture of walnut creek so if you are taking the drive southbound 680 traffic is building to highway 24. >> thank you, backlash this morning to coke's new marketing campaign called "share a coke." the campaign launched in europe and coke is randomly swapping the brand name with the most popular names but people with less common names are feeling left out. some are crying "foul" over israel excluding the name "mohammed." and in sweden the muslim community is demanding no arabic names appear. they want younger consumers to connect. >> apple users can see $200 back thanks to a class action settlement. if approved apple refunded $200 to each iphone and ipod touch user affected by a firm service policy.
5:56 am
before 2009 apple's warranty plan did not apply to devices that appear to have come in contact with liquids. lawyers are contacting the 150,000 people who qualify. >> what do you think is the most dirty place in the kitchen? how about...the refrigerator? the worst areas are the vegetable and meat drawer. more backtoryia is found there than anywhere else in your kitchen. the group suggests washing those areas once a month, at least, and, kitchen sponges should be replaced every three weeks or microwaved for two minutes to kilt bacteria. >> several bay area cities are earning high marks for being among the fittest in the nation. minneapolis and st. paul took top honors in the college of sports medicine annual fitness survey. san francisco and the east bay came in 4th. sacramento came in 7th. san jose and the south bay came
5:57 am
in tenth. the report measures disease, health, behave, and access to care. >> next at 6:00, the future of california, california voters reveal their optimism of what is ahead for the state. >> first, flames rip through a peninsula home overnight and what made the firefight so difficult. >> fender-bender and "consumer reports" reveal the red flags to be looking out for next time you hire movers.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. breaking news at 6:00, flames break out in a peninsula home under construction. firefighters reveal the damage left behind. >> new this morning a shopper is attacked outside a popular
6:00 am
department store and a good samaritan stepped in to help. >> new details about the rice inleters sent to -- rice -- ricn letters sent to the mayor of the largest city. mike, how the weather? >> we will look at live doppler 7 hd with a few clouds on the peps that and the east bay hills but otherwise sunny and dry. the day planner is 52 to start and upper 60's at noon and low 70's in the afternoon. it will be cool and in the mid-60's by 7:00. inland we have sunshine, no drizzle, the next 12 hours inland will be warm and 74 at noon and above average at 81 and pleasant in the evening. at the coast, free air conditioning, mostly sunny. the next 12 hours we will see a lot of sun and temperatures in


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