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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 31, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> good morning, at 5:00, the breaking news is on the bart system. >> the transbay tube is making the commute a big challenge. leyla gulen has been following this all morning. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:00, we have transbay tube delays. two maintenance vehicles collided in the tube and damned the third rail.
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right now, maintenance crews are going to have to repair 380' of that rail. what we are doing right now is single tracking but that means huge delays in the future for morning commuters if you are traveling between east bay and into san francisco you are looking at 20 minutes but that could increase to an hour, if not more, later on this morning. so as far as your commute coming into san francisco, you may want to hop into the car or you can take transit but that will be slower, unfortunately. so, bart is suggesting that people stay home and telecommute but there is no alternate at this time. we will have more details in a bit but right now, mike nicco has the forecast. >> thank you, leyla gulen, we will start with live doppler 7 hd and the satellite and notice the lack radar return and lack of clouds. most of us wake up to a star-filled morning but the sun is coming up quickly and it will bring us warm weather this
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afternoon. especially as we head inland at 84 to 93 degrees. when you come back home maybe toasty in the house. 72 to 84 around the bay and 63 to 66 and breezy this afternoon but a lot of sunshine at the coast. time for more news. kristen? >> it is breaking news in san francisco, police are investigating the stabbings of two men early this morning. the victims were found at 8th and carolina after 2:00 a.m. it is not clear if that is where the stabbings occurred. condition is unknown. if we get more information this the newscast we will bring it to you. >> in the south bay police are gearing up to resume the certain for a missing man who has multiple disabilities including dementia. abc7 news reporter matt keller has more in cupertino. >> it is quiet at the park in cupertino but crews are expected to be back out here at sunrise. we will take a look at the
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picture of the missing man, 63 -year-old who lives in cupertino. he is 6' tall, 150 pounds, and last seen at 11:30 yesterday morning a few blocks away from the park wearing blue jeans and slippers. 35 people and search dogs were looking in the neighborhood parks and schools until midnight. he suffers from dementia, mute, has in money and on medication. he shuffles when he walks and his back is punched. the police are watching out for him and we saw a sheriff deputy's car shining a spotlight on the road and in the bushes around here. we are told if you see jim you are asked to call 9-1-1. >> we have breaking news in san francisco where an early morning fire broke out at a popular
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restaurant, this is chez spencer at 14th. investigators say it is clear the building was burning for a while before someone called it in before 1:30 this morning. there was no one inside the restaurant but the fire did spread to the two buildings, one on either side including an apartment building and firefighters estimate the damage to all three buildings at more than $1.5 million. the cause is under investigation. >> more now of breaking news near washington, dc, a small plane smacked into the of roof an apartment building and abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is following from the newsroom with the latest. >> crews is just pulled the plane from the roof using a massive crane only an hour after the crash itself. here is the video, of what has happened out there. first, this is the scene of at crash. you can see the cessna sticking out of the roof of the apartment building. in comes the crane to pull it
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out of 50. it slowly lowers down to the ground. finally, it is loaded on a large flatbed truck. as mangled as it looks only two people suffered minor injuries. a neighbor describes this. >> we were sleeping, he and my wife and we heard a noise like the building was shaking. after that, we heard banging on the doors, my neighbor, and he showed me the plane if his living room. >> nine adults, seven children and three pets were evacuated after the crash. a fire official on seen says the plan ran out of fuel which is why it crashed but it is good news. it did not create a haz-mat or fire situation.
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the building is structurally intact coming from philadelphia headed for a regional airport in virginia. the pi tried to land at constitutional less but did not make it. >> an arizona mom is back with her family after being freed from a mexican jail overnight after she was accused of trying to smuggle drugs in the united states. the 42-year-old walked out of jail with her husband overnight after spending a week behind bars accused of smuggling drugs. the soldiers found 12 pounds of marijuana under her seat on a bus. she was taken to arizona but video showed show only carried a purse and bolted water on the bus. a mexican judge dismissed the case. >> i am free! i am free! i am free! i was innocent. i was very happy.
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>> her husband believes mexican authorities wanted them to pay a bribe for his wife's release but they refused. she loves mexico and may even go back in the fight. >> if you are younger than 18, stay off the streets of east palo alto for another hour. police began enforcing a curfew last night that will last until 6:00 this morning. kids caught on the streets are given a choice of entering youth court with counseling service or the criminal justice system. the curfew aims to stem the gun violence. >> a court battle begins in sacramento that could wipe out voter approval of california's high-speed rail project. opponents from the bay area and central valley say the project has run so far off track that a judge should put the brakes on the construction. it questions the legality of the bond measure approved in 2008, and opponents say several provisions have not been met such as securing enough money and environmental clearances
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before starting the property which currently has $55 billion shortfall. >> big trouble on bart this morning. leyla gulen is following things and giving us the latest on when they can politic it? >> in the transbay tube? >> that is right, we have major delays across the transbay tube. this takes you across the bay from oakland to san francisco through bart. two maintenance vehicles collided damaging the third rail. there are 380' of rail that need to be repaired occurring right now. no word as to when we will see commuting in proper order again but we are looking at midday before they resume normal schedule. right now, bart is recommending people stay home if you are going to tracers the bay. we have a couple other alternates if you want to hop in the car. if you want to take the san
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francisco boehnerry, or the san francisco bay ferry, so everyone will be affected. right now, in other parts of the bay area, we have a view of the san mateo bridge, clear conditions from hayward to foster city. a clear condition have been forecast, mike? >>guest: absolutely, with hazy out there in addictive of high pressure, and the bring bring shows how clear it is waiting for the sun to start baking the ground and bringing us the temperatures that are above average and that can bake our skin. that is the big story here, the u.v. index is very high today on a scale of about zero to 11 we are a ten. also, high tree pollen. here is the day planner the next 12 hours starting off in the 50's, and look how quickly we get to 70 around the bay and 81 inland temperature, and, still,
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60 at the coast and breezy at the coast this afternoon with temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's and near 80 at 4:00, and getting near 90 inland and temperatures will few back to comfortable conditions and a quiet friday evening at 74th at bay and 81 inland. the next three days, the hottest day is still tomorrow and we get the upper 90's in the east bay valley and mid-80's around the bay and mid-60's at the coast and notice the cooling hits the coast on sunday and it moves through the bay and inland by monday. let's get more news greater -- news from eric and kristen. >> the bloomberg business report is next. >> also, the stars come together to give the victims of the boston marathon bombings a big boost. >> google will make you healthier, the extra information you will get on some
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>> on this friday morning we continue to follow breaking news and bart has big delays because of trouble in the transbay tube. amy hollyfield is at bart station on what it will mean. it does not sound good for the commute. >> good morning, eric the backup is not materializing yet. it is too usually and no one knows. that is why we are here to get the word out and get people to work from home or hop in their
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car. at west oakland a spokesman has just arrived and this is where we will get information. this is going to be our headquarters for information to you and he is here to spread the word. one 19 headed to the airport with a look of confusion on their face. they wondered what was happening and what to do. we getting a sense that people do not know what is happening. bart says it will be massive delays. they have a problem in the transbay tube. two maintenance vehicles collided. they caused damage to the third rail and they have to repair 380' of the third rail so they will single track throughout the morning commute and maybe longer and it will be big throughs open bart. work from home if you can and stay with us we will have updates at the west oakland bart station and bring them to you as we get them. >> if you cannot stay home and
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work today, leyla gulen will have good altertiou in a few minutes. in three hours, government will release the annual report on how social security and medicare are doing. the annual report gives the latest assessment on when the funding for the programs will run dry. last year, the report shows 10,000 baby boomers reaching retire age and becoming eligible each day so the medicare fund will be depleted by 2024 and the social security fund will run out by 2033. today's report will fuel the debate over how to put the programs on better financial footing. >> they will not know how much money was raised at a star-studded benefit concert for boston marathon bombings victims . ♪ right now >> that is the classic "come together," a rallying crime during 5 1/2 hour "boston strong."
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and aerosmith, natives to the area were joined on stage by new kids on the block and james taylor and carol king and jason aldean. proceeds go to the compensation fund established to help bombing victims. >> google is adding a new feature to help users eat better. they are rolling out nutrition information for more than a thousand fruits, vegetables and meats including nutritional facts for basics like apples and carrots do more complex dishes like burritos with the new feature over the next couple of weeks. >> disappointing news if you like to eat out. here is the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, if you are planning your vacation, are you thinking of heading out to a top amusement parts, americans expected to drive theme park sales to a record $13.4 billion, according for the market researcher and this is as families take the road trips
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rather than flying and use the savings to pay for the more expensive admission tickets. if you go out to eat, supply chains say 90 percent of chains will raise prices by the end of the year. >> honda is cutting the price on leasing electric hatch back from $389 a month to $259 with unlimited mileage and no money down including collision coverage and 240 volt home charging station. nissan has low price three deals on their leaf model last year. >> still ahead, baseball season in full swing and we are helping you save on your next game. at 6:00, easy tricks to save money at ballpark. they helped one family save hundreds coming up at 6:00. >> right now, breaking news a big problem on bart with a transbay tube after two maintenance trucks collided
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damaging the third rail. leyla gulen has the latest. >> there are big problems when bart asks you to telecommute. >> at 5:18, the morning commute many gotten too heated just yet but we hay hollyfield at oakland station and people are arriving and unknown that transbay tube is single tracking after the third race was -- third rail was damaged, with crews having to repair 380' rail in the transbay tube allowing work to start right now said to be done at midday. folks needing to make it out to the airports you must find an alternate way of getting around because with the single tracking, you could be look at delays of up to an hour. again, if you are traveling between oakland and san francisco you want to use your
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car, stay home, bart is recommending that you telecommute today. more details to come in a little bit and we will find out details of our beautiful forecast for the weekend. >> good morning, everyone. live doppler 7 hd shows nice and quiet in morning, no need to worry about wet weather, umbrella will be needed for the sunshine, it will be strong headed to the beaches today and tomorrow, the warmest and bright of the days, sunny and warm the next three days and the cooling hits the coast sunday and that cooling moves inland monday so if you do not like the heat you just have to put it up for 48 to 72 hours and it will cool off nicely dug the overnight hours and we will fall back in the 50's and 60's so there is no heat advisory or warning. in milpitas we are at 81. 82 is morgan hill. on the peninsula, between san
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mateo and redwood city that is where the 80-degree mark starts and the coast is mid-to-upper 60's and throw mid-70's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito, and the not bay beach is the mid-sects and breezy and total sunshine and mid-to-upper 80's through the north bay and close to 90 at napa and calistoga. the east bay, berkeley is 75 and bay sure line is the cool spot and 80 in fremont and 82 in herb lease and oakland is 78. inland, 89 in pleasanton and everyone else low-to-mid 90's and the game tonight, a great evening, not too breezy, star-filled sky and 70 degrees is the first pitch temperature at 7:00, and the white sox takes on the a's of the it will be mild. mid-to-upper 50's and maybe a few low-to-mid 60's inland areas
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that are normally warm like antioch and highway four corridor so remainder today the check out the summer spread tomorrow, half moon bay at 66, san francisco, 74, cross the bay bridge, 80 in oakland and going to walnut creek and 93, and we will get to up more 90's around antioch and oaklandly and livermore. the seven-day outlook shows sunday, the temperatures will drop at the coast, and watch how it drops monday around the bay and inland and drops tuesday but we stay would average wednesday and thursday away from the coast. have a great day. >> ahead, 15 things to know as you start the day the. >> the newest tiger cub is making friends. making friends. >> new [ cellphone beeps ] like your marriage. [ boys laughing ]
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>> good morning, number one, breaking news, your morning commute if you take the transbay tube, there is a probable because maintenance vehicles damaged 380' of guardrail so you need alternate forms of transportation. details are ahead. >> leyla gulen before you star the day, two, breaking news in san francisco, an early morning blaze destroyed a restaurant and damaged two buildings, burning popular french restaurant chez spencer. the cause is under investigation. >> three, in the next half hour, search teams in cupertino are expected to resume the search for a missing man with multiple
5:25 am
disabilities. the 63-year-old was last seen yesterday and abc7 news reporter matt keller will have more at the to which the hour. >> an arizona mother is free from a nightmare that land her in mexican jail in a week a judge threw out the charge she tried to smuggle 12 pounds of marijuana into the united states^. >> a waterfront marina for the warriors has cleared the hurdle with the port commission allowing the use of the land. the legislation headed to the senate. >> six, an alameda police officer save add baby's life when rushing to a holiday care and successfully administered c.p.r. when he answer add none sunday call she stopped breathing in the crib. and a heat wave coming inland and i will tell you where we may get to 100 over the weekend with a cooling trend on way next
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week. >> mike, thank you. that means perfect weather to be in trend along the ocean side. san francisco's young tuber cub -- young tiger cub. you can see both the cub and the little girl were very cure out about each other sizing each other up there. >> apple reached another milestone now having sold 100 million ipod touches which was introduced only half a dozen years ago. however, the appeal is shrinking as more people load their music and pictures on their iphones or other smartphones. last quarter apple sold 5.5 million ipods 26 percent drop from last year. >> the only news continues at 5:30 with the top stories including an update on breaking news we have been following and
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major bart delays on both sides of the ebay as a result of a problem in the transbay tube. >> police trying to stop a rash of crime and the steps the department is taking this weekend after 20 homicides so far this your
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>> abc7 news starts with breaking news right now. >> good morning, everyone, we begin this half hour with breaking news this following, with the morning commute a mess. >> there is a problem with bart, on the transbay tube and abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at bat station where riders are just finding out about major delays. >> good morning, kristen, this is what the backup looks like. this train got here and was supposed to leave at 5:19.
5:30 am
listen to the announcement. >> there is a problem and we have limited service through the transbay tube so you can expect major delay traveling in all directions. >> that could possibly be the first time some of passengers have heard the news. he is saying there will be "major" delays, and the advice is to avoid bart if you can. if you are trying to get to and from san francisco from the east bay or to the east bay, avoid it if you can, if you do have to ride it, bring a book. a long book. a good book. you will be sitting for a while the train has been sitting here at the west oakland station for more than ten minutes. we got an update from a bart spokesman about how long it will take them to do the repairs and the transbay tube. >> why have any information what the nature of the damage is. i can tell you that people should plan on finding a different way to get to san francisco or to the east bay
5:31 am
through the morning commute if they can. we are going to have reduced service at least through the morning commute. possibly later into the day. >> this is happening because two maintenance trucks collided inside the transbay tube so they are single tracking so there will be major delays. i swapped cell phone numbers with a passenger on train and he promised to let me know when he gets to the embarcardero station so i can report to you how long it is taking people. right now, he is off to a very slow start with the train sitting here for more than ten minutes. >> we heard bart's spokesman say find another way to work this morning. war the alternatives? >> as far as traffic concerns, it is light out there. i would consider it to be friday light and the toll plaza if a
5:32 am
moment but, amy said you may want to find an alternate way to get to work and bart is suggesting telecommuting. the only line not affected is richmond help treatment, 44 trains are running so we have at least a 20-plus-minute delay. this could increase significantly as the morning wears on, as more passengers start to load the trains, we could be seeing up to an hour's delay so not worth your time to spend waiting for the train to take off. we also have a san francisco bay ferry and that takes 30 minutes to traverse the ferry from one side of the bay to the other but that could also be an alternate and that will stat running in half an hour. we will take a look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza, we are looking at decent conditions there as you move along in the westbound direction out of oakland, and this could also mean ac transit could be an alternative but it is not made
5:33 am
to accommodate the kind of traffic that bart carries so use the car or stay home. a nice day to stay he, mike? >> absolutely. a lot of sunshine. temperatures are mile at the coast and through the bay, getting hot inland. and it is dry on live doppler 7 hd and satellite shows in clouds. we are looking at the coast, and there you go, mount sutro to san francisco, kind of hazy, as we look from mount tamalpais and the first forecast shows warmest inland from 84 in petaluma to 93 at antioch and brentwood and around bay we will start at 72 in south san francisco to 84 in san jose, and we will be around 78 in oakland and the coat will be breezy and mild today and mid-60's. kristen and eric? >> in the next half hour, sheriff deputies search-and-rescue teams are expected to resume looking for a missing cupertino man who has multi mel -- multiple
5:34 am
disabilities. he has dementia, als, mute, has no money and depends on medication. last night, about 35 people and search dogs searched the park until midnight but could not find hill. we will check with abc7 news matt chemicaller where crews are gathering at the top of the hour the. >> nightmare ended for an arizona mother jailed in mexico for a week on drug smuggling charges. she walked out of jail, the 42-year-old mother of seven went to mexico for a funeral and arrested after she found 12 pounds of marijuana under her seat at a check point. officials reviewed security footage showing she and her husband boarding the puss with only blankets, bolts and water and her purse. she thanked mexican authoritiess for her treatment and well westerns while in jail.
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>> the san jose police department puts center officers on the street for weekend after several days of showing violence including seven shootings, four murders since sunday. 41 additional officers are on patrol and 37 will be out tomorrow and 34 officers on duty on sunday. additionally, officials say gang suppression officers will be deployed this gang hotspot. a 19-year-old was shot and killed yesterday morning in front of the health try school in east san jose and the family says he just moved to the neighbor a month ago and gang members began approaching him. >> never in trouble. never hung out with bad people. nothing. >> we have seen the violence. people have felt the violence. it is our duty as officers to go ahead and answer that call. >> police are not calling the murder gang-related and the efforts are in response to a general concern about more
5:36 am
violence. a wildfire north of los angeles is burning out of control but improving weather conditions have slowed the fire and evacuation order has been lifted. the blaze broke out yesterday afternoon and subjected to,000 acres with high theys high 80's and winds gusting faster than 20 miles per hour. the fire gutted a building owned by the water department of los angeles. crews rescue a missing hiker lost in the fire the ought hiker was located and brought back to a safe area and not injured. >> firefighting aircraft and on firefighters will be back on the fire line at day break. >> what do you anything of this? a vallejo man is if jail after taking pedestrian safety into his own hand. police say 52-year-old was arrested for felony vandal imfor painting a sidewalk on street in front of his house. caltran calls the sidewalks that
5:37 am
were painted on state route 29, and say he admitted he painted the cross walk because he thought it was right for the neighborhood. his neighbors saw him painting at 5:00 a.m. a couple of weeks ago and were surprised to hear he was arrested. >> huh. >> wow, i didn't know that. >> would you actually like to see a crosswalk here? >>guest: yes, it is needed. it is needed. >> the vallejo police department say caltran still has $1,000 worth work to do to repair the street. he will be arraigned on tuesday. >> california's minimum wage workers are a step closer to a raise. the bill raises the current $8 minimum wage to $8.25 next year. democratic supporters say california's minimum wage has not kept pace with the rising cost of living. opponents say the rate forces employers to cut jobs. some cities have their own higher minimum wages. >> the warriors cleared a hurdle
5:38 am
looking to build a new arena in san francisco. the assembly pass add bill clearing a way for the port commission to approve using waterfront land for the proposed arena. east bay d asimply woman skinner objected to the bill and the warriors owner hope to on the 189,000 seat arena in san francisco for the 2017 season. >> we following breaking news from bart and you wonder how two maintenance vehicles could collide in the tube. >> the question now, it is for commuters and how big a delay do they face? leyla gulen? >> they are facing massive delays. like eric said, two maintenance vehicles collided and that damaged the third rail, and 380'. it means bart and now single tracking so the commute across the bay is going to be crippled. we have amy hollyfield in
5:39 am
oakland traveling through the area and tracking people traveling into san francisco so the only line that is not affected right now is the richmond and treatment line and everyone else from east bay to san francisco, that is going to be affected and we are looking at 44 trains running but we are looking at 20-plus minute delays and that could extend an hour. through the bay area, we have clear conditions and it is friday lite in san jose and it shows traffic across 580 from tracy to dublin is 31 minutes and 101 and 85, everything else is nice and clear. just bart is a thorn in our side all morning. it will continue to be but what is not a thorn in our side is our weather. mike nicco? >>guest: we will have a little bit for everyone. first, fire danger at 10:00 today through 7:00 tom, -- tomorrow, and contra costa
5:40 am
county, including brentwood, and discovery bay, you are under the red flag warning with humidity down to 10 percent and fire will spread rapidly. a beautiful picket of the east bay hills and from sutro tower, big story at four to den -- ten degrees warmer. 46 to 53, not bad this morning. 60's at coast and 81 inland and sunshine at mid-60's at the coast to 90 inland and nice in the evening but the coast will be cool and 56 and 81 at you head through our east bay valley. the three day trust shows temperatures will peak tomorrow, cooling hits the coast on sunday and monday all this will see the cooler conditions. above average away from the coast. >> it and 5:40. a woman abandoned as a baby reunited with a bay area woman who saved her. but there is one at woman she
5:41 am
still hopes to meet. >> the special reunion that brought 49er quaterback8txñes0pp
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>> covering benicia and san a moment and -- san ramon and the bay area. >> we have friday lite but the big story is bart. delays, major delays, because of a maintenance truck accident on the transbay tube that damaged the third rail. we have more than an hour's delay and the transportation coming from san francisco to oakland is also affected. more details coming up if a little bit. >> amy showed us trains that are sitting there so thank you, leyla gulen, we will follow that. >> alameda police officer is being hailed a hero for saving a baby's life. the officer cobb rushed to home day care and administered c.p.r. on a four-month-old bay baby after answering a 9-1-1 call.
5:45 am
>> it was stressful but different with a baby, more stressful and panicked. >> the training is required for police and day care workers every two years. the head of the home day care was in panic and not sure she did it right before the officer came to the rescue. >> a journey to find her birth mother led a washington state woman to the bay area to reunite her to the person who found her. jan hungerford discovered a six week old baby to her daughter placed there by her mother. kira derhgawen searched for her and found jan. >> i said did you used to live in concord? >> yes. >> were you there when an abandoned baby was found? >> yes. >> kira searched for jan for years and said the final chapter is to find her mother who
5:46 am
abandoned her six decades ago. >> 49ers quaterback kaepernick gave seniors a cherished memory throwing everyone a big surprise showing up at the commencement ceremony at his high school graduation bidding farewell to the former football coach harris who is retiring. harris thought he was just getting a live streamed congratulations from kaepernick but the quaterback pulled away and a few minutes later -- stepped out on stage, in person. you saw the cell phone recordings going off. >> very nice. well done, kaepernick. >> not so well done this morning, the commute, if you ride bart. >> leyla gulen? >> 5:46 we are tracking our travels from oakland to san francisco. this is due to major bart
5:47 am
transbay tube delays. what happened was two maintenance vehicles collided damaging the third rail which now in repair so that is going to last until midday. they are single tracking and there is at least 20 minutes' delay but it is growing significantly minute-by-minute and we have up to an hour's delay if you need to make it across the bay. folks have had to change their lands if you work overnight, head out of san francisco to oakland, that will be major trouble this morning, so you may want to hop in the car, folks have had to ditch bart and use car. we have friday lite so far. we are lucky this happened on a friday. however, if you do need to use bart, you may want to stay home and a spokesman said take the day off or telecommute. right now, mike nicco has the
5:48 am
forecast. >> stay home, might be do yard work now before it is too hot all the things you have to thing of, and especially tomorrow when we act like weekend warriors and into sunday. live doppler 7 hd shows how quiet it is with wins picking up in the afternoon but mostly along coast and faster from the north at 20 to 30 knots and gusting up to 40 knots until tomorrow afternoon. watch out for that. temperatures in the south bay, cupertino, and saratoga all at 48, and we have 50 at campbell and sunnyvale is 51, and 54 in san jose, and 47 right new in san ramon and calistoga are cooler spots and 43 at half moon bay. 50 in richmond and san mateo and
5:49 am
redwood city, and lafayette at 51. our highlights sunny and warmer and cooling hits the coast on sunday and moves inland on monday but temperatures are still above average. in the santa clara valley, mid-80's to near 90 and milpitas and sunnyvale low 80's, and low-to-mid 80's headed south on the peninsula, and mid-60's along the coast today and low-to-mid 70's around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and mid-80's to near 90 in the north bay valley and mid-60's at coast today. to the east bay valley mid-70's to 80 and oakland is in the middle at 78 and 79 at pleasanton. now, what will happen at the game, it will be nice. not much of a breeze. sunshine starting to stars.
5:50 am
70 at start drop and dropping down to 60. tonight, notice we are all dropping back into the 50's to low 60's and it will be comfortable. the seven-day forecast shows the heat peaking tomorrow and we drop two to four degrees on sunday and 5 to 10 degree drop on monday when you will notice the cooler conditions. tuesday, we stay above average on wednesday and thursday away from the coast where we are in the 50's. have a great day. >> we are continuing to follow our breaking news with major bart delays caused by trouble in the transbay tube with an update next. >> are you looking to give a pet a good home? you can get one this weekend for free. >> what would you do if you found $10,000 laying and your hotel room? a search that led a 10-year old to a
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>> happening now, a look at a fire burning in southern california in the national forest. you can see pin pricks of flames here but a lot of smoke. the fire break out yesterday and came dangerously close to homes and power lines. it moved away now and into wooded forest area in the canyon area. last check the fire stood at 1,000 acres.
5:54 am
we are waiting for another update. winds are fueling the fire but it is moving away from neighborhoods people who have been evacuated of let back in. >> if you are thinking of adding a friend to your family this weekend could be a good time. bay area shelters are offering free pet adoption tomorrow and sunday. it is part of a nation-wide event paid for by a pet rescue foundation. the goal is to find homes for 5,000 shelter dogs and cats so if you like to adopt the san francisco spca is hosting a two day street fair on alabama street and other rescue groups will also be there. >> this morning, we are continuing to follow breaking news and leyla gulen has been at it all morning, trouble with bart because of collision in the transbay tube. >> some are just sitting at the train stain -- station. >> the roads are looking nice.
5:55 am
right now, you can see plenty of green on the map. if you want to take your car if you have a car to take, that is the alternate to this. two maintenance trucks collided and damage the third rail so bart is single tracking threw the tube. that means major delays if those who depend on bart if you travel between oakland and san francisco you are going to be seeing up to 30-minute delays and maybe an hour. crews are out this trying to repair things but it doesn't look like it will resume normal service until midday today. that is an estimate. your entire commute could be completely toast but right now we see at least a 30-minute delay so the alternate is to take the car and the san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge and looking great and golden gate bridge, everything else is running smooth but as far as mass transit you are not going to be able to depend on too much to get across the bay. we will have more details in a
5:56 am
little bit but right now we will talk to mike nicco. >> i don't like the flavor of "track -- traffic jam" on my toast. >> graduation time, mountain view while, seniors, the spartans are graduating today. 79 at 6:00 officially kids off at 630. down to 9 by 8:00 when it ends. mid-90's through the central valley, and let me take you up to tahoe where it will be 75 and look at the sunshine, early morning sunshine over the blue water, we will spike at 80 tomorrow and 79 on sunday. eric? >> a huge asteroid will streak there our neighborhood today nearly two miles across and has its own moon but if you want to see it you need your own radio
5:57 am
telescope because it will pass 3.5 million miles from us and nasa is throwing out plans to capture an steroid and drag it into obit around the moon so astronauts can visit and explore the space rocket for a few trip to mars. nasa says they will need new technology to pull that up the. >> a 10-year old may need a bigger big piggy bank. in a hotel room, he needed change and he found $10,000 in cash stacked in a drawer. the family called miss and turned in the money. no one has come forward to claim the money but if this continues to go up claimed for seven months, young tyler could keep the money. >> bart is asking commuters to stay home this morning, and major delays because of trouble in the transbay tube with coverage ahead.
5:58 am
>> also, san francisco restaurant goes up in flames overnight, and what we are lending about the file fight. >> plane crashes into an apartment house and the people in the ground caug
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> abc7 news starts thousand with breaking news. >> bart is single tracking after two maintenance vehicles collided inside damaging the third rail. >> you can imagine the commute promises to be a major headache. we have team coverage first with amy hollyfield at the bart station. what do you see, amy hollyfield? >> i will show you what the delay looks like. it is waiting. the train has been sitting here for a few minutes. it doesn't appear to be going anywhere. they are letting people know what is going


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