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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 31, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the weekend will be the wind. the fuels are there and getting drier but firefighters do not expect the risk will be too great. unless humidity drops. >> we're concerned about is the humidity getting down into single digits. the wind. and it's breezy now. getting into the hills and so forth areas get windy up there. >> on the west side, the fire department will have some patrols but it's not expected to get as hot or ripe for fire unless factors converge in places like this where wild land face was the dense population of hill top homes in places like richmond and kensington. >> when fire burns it preheats the fuels in fron of it. so it's both pulled upand
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pushed. >> this is just a sampling of the fuels one official told me he thinks we're about four to six week as head of schedule in terms of how dry things are right now. owe tonight we'll hear from a homeowner who told us he's grateful for work the parks crews have done near his home to make it safer in case of a fire. >> laura, thank you. and abc 7 news joins us now with a red flag warning that is in effect and a look at just how hot it got today around the bay. >> yes. so far temperatures running five to 15 degrees warmer, let's check out live doppler 7 hd. clear skies. we do have a red flag warning in effect now for the straight and delta. and that gusts to 30 miles per hour.
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humidity low as 10%. you combine with record dry fuels and fires can spread rapidly, which is why that warning is in effect. now, here are the highs so far. 93 in antioch and fairfield. warm, 83 in san jose. 82, oakland. 90 san rafael. 73 in san francisco. half moon bay up to 62. santa cruz, 79. taking a look at temperatures towards clear lake, 89 degrees. temperatures going up morks i'll show you when and hot hot when i come back. >> thank you. >> we want to take you to southern california now. the fire still burning in mountains north of los angeles. crews are facing temperatures but did get a bit of a break today with winds. gusts now pushing flames away from homes. the fire burned 1500 acres and
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15% contained. coming up in seven minutes we'll have a live report. >> a mishap triggered a nightmare commute for thoses of -- thousands of bart riders today. one heavy vehicle rear ended another on the tracks leading from the trance bay tube. crews moved in to fix about 400 feet of rail. you can see how both tracks reopened around 59 in morning. >> we'll get it up to full speed so by the time we are here, everybody will be running quickly uk see how trains switched near the embarcadero station. >> many commuters who count on bart had to find a different way to get to work. tonight the question is how are those commuters getting out of the city?
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that part of the story is live from the san francisco ferry building. >> we're here at the ferry building. the ferry goes to the east bay. take a look there. is a lng line of people but that line is not half, there aren't half as many people on that line because of the problems on bart. and ferries were just one alternative used to get into the city. officials say 200 thousand people come to work here. victor who takes bart to work was hit with an extra long commute. >> the minutes to hours. seen from sky 7 hd commuters faced a huge back up on the bay bridge. some took ferries from the east bay and so if all who
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modes were backed up what does the evening commute look like? robin says the ferry was packed this morning. >> hopefully i won't have problems frying to get back home on the 5:15. >> here, lose yeez is back to ride share. this ride in made her half an hour late for school. >> it's friday. but yeah, happy traffic. >> joanne took ac transit and says there were buses to deal with the overflow from bart. she knows bart is now back on track. >> so i guess i'll take bart and hope for the best. >> he is faced with heflty fees. >> $33 still, a lot. but it's you know, $33 you won't normally spend. >> today's problems were a
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major inconvenience for commuters but it did point out how things would fare if there was a major emergency. office told us about plans if one does fail we'll have more at 6:00. >> thank you. and abc morning traffic reporter is back in the studio to show us trouble spots getting out of the city tonight. >> it's a grind on this get away friday. we're sharing roads with extra drivers this afternoon because they ended up having to take cars into work this morning. between east bay ask san francisco. we zoom in you can see traffic is heavy there across the bay bridge out of san francisco. and into oakland. live pictures of this now, let's see what's happening across the bay area this, is a
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look at the skyway where traffic is just going northbound. those would be headlights. you're lookingt a 30 minute drive there. southbound side is about a 15 minute commute. taking a look from our roof camera. here is a peek. you can see lower deck at about 35 miles per hour. it should take from about 21 to 27 minutes to make your way out of san francisco z into the east bay. and here is a live picture of the maze that. drive going to be about 21 minutes heading eastbound looking at about 30 minutes heading away from 580. skm you can also follow me on twitter. >> thank you. >> a disturbing case of animal abuse in oakland. video outside of the oakland animal shelter shows someone dropping off a badly abused
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german sheperd. this man could help them find the person who committed the crime. nick? >> we do want to warn viewers the video can be disturbing but officials here believe it's important you see the abuse that the dog suffered before she was shoved into a crate and abandoned in the middle of the night. this cute guy is only one of the dozens taken in every day. but it's the way and the condition in which this dog was left that has staffers outraged and officials turning to the public to help identify the man on this surveillance video. >> she's a beautiful german help yard and in horrible condition. >> her skin was rotting.
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this dog was rotting in a backyard. >> some people may find images uncome forptable to view. >> german sheperd rescue says it was the worse case they'd seen. >> the chain and cord had left there so long, they had torn through her fur and flesh. >> she had maggots in the wounds. she had exposed bones that pro truded through the skin. >> the develop vet determined marlo could not be safed. during the necropsy they made a sickening discovery. >> her stomach contains sticked and dirt, which is what she was eating. >> this veteran of the oakland police department believes someone can help. >> we know she was in a backyard someplace. probably not far from the shelters and we know neighbors saw that dog. >> take a look. see if you can identify anything that may help officials find the man in this
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video. >> 40-year-old man, maybe asian. dark hair. the crate was new. the person bought the crate, put the dog to bring it here. >> they're asking anyone with information contact the police department. you can remain anonymous. >> we do want to return now to large wildfire in los angeles county that flared up again today. people were told to evacuate yesterday. syd? >> it's been a long, hot windy day as hundreds continued to battle what is being called power house fire. this weather is helping firefighters do their job. >> the fire burning towards area that is burned, towards
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south, southwest. and so it's burning unburned fuel. >> there were some are tense moments. wayne was concerned for his home and abl animals watching helicopters make water drop autos big concern is if the wind changes. i wish forest service would get on the hill here getting hot spots there. if the wind changes i am afraid it may come back at use not long after the fire broke out, the town was evacuated. by 10:00 evacuation order was lifted. she tells me she didn't get sleep after returning home. >> went back home. didn't get sleep because wind kept coming. it was my flag blowing in this direction.
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so i was scared. >> one firefighter was hurt when hilt by a rock. treated and sent back to the fire line. firefighters continued to battle the power house fire in the heat and the wind. >> this wind is pushing towards the south which is good for us. if we had a wind shift, it would again threaten green valley. the community there. and we have to reestablish conditions. evacuation s we have last night. >> well, the fire is 15% contained burning just over 1500 acres. a couple camp grounds evacuated earlier this afternoon. more as a precaution as firefighters continued to do their jobs to surround the blades. one firefighter was skbrurd hit by a rock and treated then sent back to do his jochblt. >> thank you. >> local police and federal
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agents visited a housing project today weeks after a raid at the same complex. sky 7 shows the law enforcement presence at the housing project this morning. fbi tells us no arrests were made. the goal is to rep reduce violent crime in the area. officers will encourage rez don'ts report any el little tiflts and police are stepping up weekend patrols to try to reduce gang-related crimes. there have been four homicides, seven shootings this week alone. some of which were gang yeel reel yaited. police say there is research indicating increased patrols can help prevent gang related crimes. 40 officers will focus on neighborhoods and areas throughout the weekend. >> san francisco fire and gearing up for a big hiring free.
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projecting deficits of $380 million, no talk of belt tightening. schools getting $100 million. the fire department will get the higher 120 new firefighters and police department adding 300 officers to the force. >> we get to talk to kids, working with them on summer jobs. it's the march towards full stuffing. >> the mayor's plan restores $4 million in cuts to aids and hiv programs. child care and homeless programs will get funding. at 6:00 we'll hear why some are grumbling about the spending plan. >> stock prices slumped today. the dow dropped nearly 209 points and managed to end the month with a gain. it's the sixth straight rise for the index. the nasdaq fell 35 points. >> fire closes another popular
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bay area restaurant. up next, which eatry just went up in smoke, what it's known for. >> a former pg&e worker sues the utility company for something he claims he refuse dod do after
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a two alarm fire this morning did heavy damage. neighbors reported the fire at french restaurant ches spencer, firefighters evacuated and contained the blaze about 0 minutes. no one was hurt but damage estimates stand at $1.5 million. in a tweet the owner of restaurant thanked people and said they'd keep customers posted on when the restaurant
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might reopen. >> four people convicted of praying on elderly chinese were sentenced node what police called a blessings scam. prosecuters say the crooks would get friendly with the victim then tell them calamity was approaching by blessing valuables the evil spirits, they said would be scared off. they would then take the valuables. his attorney says the clients owed money in china. >> certain pressures brought to bear causing thom get involved. >> i think the judge sentenced them to the property panment. >> three of them received three years in jail, another, one year, the thieves stole $1.5 million. >> an expg&e employee claiming was fired after resisting efforts to mislead state regulators. the former manager says he was hired to clean up the shoddy records system.
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he claims in his lawsuit the utility used information to trick regulators into granting increase that's would be spent in a happen hazard fashion. he said his job because of layoffs not retaliation. >> the temperatures on the rise with a perfect day to hit the speech. we have a live picture for you. still people out there on the sand z sand kbratel now is here. with more on our forecast for the weekend. >> that is right. we haven't hit our peak yet. tomorrow will be the hottest of the next seven days. temperatures near 100 degrees inland. sizzling. if you bought the day was warm, no fog we're not tracking moisture now. just watching the heat here. as we look at the picture so good, the beach people are out
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enjoying the weather. 80 degrees the high so far in santa cruz. it's going to be another sunny, warm one into tomorrow. oakland, 74 now. temperatures starting to fall. san jose 82, half moon bay, 57 degrees. basking in the sun got up to 84 this afternoon. fairfield, 93. livermore, 87 degrees here is a view as you look from our lake tahoe tv, the temperatures for the weekend in the mid 70s and sunny. temperatures in the morning into 30s so heading up to tahoe it's looking gorgeous. hotter inland tomorrow. red flag warnings going for the straight and delta until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. cooling begins on sunday. so if you don't like hot weather relief is coming. as you look at the picture here, high pressure will allow
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our temperatures to peak tomorrow. we'll continue to see the heat in our inland valleys but along the coastline it's going to be come owe for theable. you'll see here mild 70s in half moon bay. 77 downtown. oakland 85 degrees. walnut creek warm, 90 degrees and hot heading towards antioch. these temperatures you expect to see in summer. summer coming early. wide range of conditions into saturday. sunday, you'll notice changes, take a look at the computer animation. saturday afternoon, clear skies. by sunday you'll start to see fog closing in on the coast. wind out of the west northwest. that is the sea breeze. that drops temperatures down for sunday. so if have you plans think you're okay with just one layer you don't have to worry about an extra layer for afternoon it's going to be warm.
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santa cruz up to 84 degrees enjoy sunshine and warmth. 81 san mateo. coastal areas into comfort zone. pacifica, 66 degrees. sunset district 68 degrees you'll see temperatures into 60s and 70s coast side. mid-90s around clear lake. towards east bay, mid-80s for oakland hercules, you like the heat? inland is the place to be tomorrow. temperatures 96 in fairfield. 95 walnut creek. art and wine fft value happening this weekend. sunday low 90s inland. and mid to upper 50s coastside. on twitter for latest
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conditions rain or shine get rid video forecasts and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. thank you, sandhya aup next a finney's friday free stuff offer entertaining the family this weekend. >> people will be partying at a animal shelter and you're
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michael has something great. this time it's your ticket to two interactive museum. >> yes. good times and free. >> we like that. >> my understanding sta it's right here. legality me show you the first place they're going to send you to. tech museum of innovation. have you been there? it's cool. they have brand new summer exhibit now open.
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social robots. you've been there. you have a permanent exhibit. you receive a design challenge to build a robot. because you're watching you're going get it free this, sunday you're looking for a place to go. let me show it to you right now. the california academy of sciences you'll receive free admission this sunday. only this sunday for everyone courtesy jp morgan chase them do quarterly free sundays and this is the free sunday. the mission is to educate people. you know they've got natural history museum and have it all, baby! it's really a good time. white alligators. >> i know. one of my favorites. >> you know, i don't have food for us today? >> white alligators.
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that would just be wrong. >> you can log on any time on abc 7 and conmichael finney's consumer blog. >> thank you. >> coming up the lavish weekend wedding plans for a silicon valley executi
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cases of whooping cough are up over the past two months among kids during april and may, 36 cases were reported in marin county compared to five cases for the same time last year. most cases occurred among school-aged children but infants are at the greatest risk for severe complications. no hospitalizations or deaths have been reported. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 california troubles high speed rail plan. the hearing underway could derail the project and why a
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former support is now against it looming deadline leaving san francisco without dozens of experienced police investigator autos this woman's pet died six years ago. she's still grieving. how michael finney helped ease some of her pain. we'll have these stories and more coming up for new half an hour. >> the nan behind napster is having a big fantasy wedding this weekend. >> this is unbelievable. insiders say sean parker is spending $10 million for his wedding to singer alexandra limas. >> ill include a water fall, fake ruins and guests are getting outfitted by the costume designer for the lord of the rings movie autos he became facebook's first president. >> i guess if you're that rich what are we going to do with money? >> had a weekend. >> yes, sit. >> world news is next.
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>> from all of us here, th this is "world news." tonight, extreme weather. millions in the path yet again. and now floodwaters rising, fires burning. when will relief arrive? massive blaze. more than 100 brave firefighters battling a deadly blaze in houston. abc news exclusive. inside the hostage crisis, the boy held in the bunker by a gunman. well tonight, you'll hear how he was rescued and how the school bus driver put his life on the line to save his kids. and, jackpot. take a look at this puzzle. can you guess the answer? hear how a woman won $1 million, nailing it in a single second. >> we have a million dollar winner!


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