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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 1, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news. a deadly night of twisters. >> on the ground, dude. on the ground. >> at least five people killed, 89 injured and thousands stranded. just 11 days after moore was devastated by that massive ef-5 tornado. a living nightmare, storms hit in the thick of rush hour, pounding cars with flying debris and ripping drivers from their cars, also shutting down oklahoma city's interstate. >> there are thousands and thousands of vehicles, every road is jammed. >> our extreme team led by ginger zee is on the ground with all of the latest on target oklahoma, tornadoes strike again.
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good morning. we'll get straight to the breaking news, a lethal tornado outbreak in oklahoma, a state already reeling from the rare ef-5 twister that nearly erased the city of moore. here is what we know at this hour. at least five people dead, including a mother and her baby. 89 people injured. >> that mother and child killed while driving on interstate 40 trying to escape the storm. the barrage hit during the worst time, during rush hour and most of the deaths involved people trapped in their cars and some cases their vehicles picked up like toys by the storm. major roadways were shut down and 80,000 customers without power this morning. >> abc news meteorologist ginger zee has been tracking the through the night, she's in el reno, oklahoma right now. >> reporter: good morning, this is like devastation deja vu. an unfortunate situation, as we
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saw, all of the ingredients coming together again yesterday and here is where it happened. parts of this school from the inside out. it has happened again and it happened in a very different way this time. we were chasing the storms from a safe place and as i watched radar my stomach turned. look at this map. the track of the tornadoes, a little odd. especially the one just south of el reno, the one that did the damage to this community college. it wobbles back and forth and jutted to the northeast, tracked along i-40. the second, you see right along i-40, crosses i-44, tons and tons of cars on the road at that time and the third, just south and east, way to close to moore, oklahoma. our threat, not yet over today but look at how far it's spread, even yesterday, more than 240 severe weather reports from the u.p. of michigan all of the way to texas. >> shut down! we're going to die. >> reporter: dramatic cries from storm chasers trying to outrun one of the oklahoma tornadoes.
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>> shut down. shut down. >> reporter: vehicles floundering on the road beside them and then, huge pieces of debris fly into the car. that was one of five reported tornadoes that tore through central oklahoma. >> you need to take your tornado precautions immediately. >> reporter: this morning, several dead and dozens injured after these raging tornadoes and flash floods jabbed at an already tender oklahoma. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: as the tornadoes crossed toward downtown oklahoma city, thousands were trapped, the highways in perilous gridlock. >> there are thousands and thousands of vehicles, every road is jammed. >> reporter: we were well ahead of the storm but saw the chaos on the roads. we're on i-44 south, they shut down the highway going north so people can't get into oklahoma city. this is a very serious situation, two tornadoes back-to-back heading downtown. overnight, the relentless rain just poured salt on the wound. >> my backyard.
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where there is a large rapid. >> reporter: as all of the rain fell, rescue crews searched for survivors and we made our way to el reno. we had to pull over, trying to get to el reno where the damage is, but hail so heavy and flooding rains, hours after the tornado here west of oklahoma city. as soon as we arrived, debris everywhere. the community college, crushed. >> we had our maintenance staff here and one class, adult class going tonight, we were able to get all of those folks in the basement area and safe area and everybody survived. >> reporter: and that -- that's a lot of damage. >> oh, i think it's a total loss. >> reporter: i've been storm chasing for more than a decade, since college, i have to tell you, the last two weeks have been the most terrifying in my experience and for a lot of other folks, too, especially those who live here around oklahoma city. i want to tell you at least the threat for this city is to the
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southeast. it's going to be gone today, but that is not case for the rest of the nation. pay attention, be on high alert, watching your local abc stations in the afternoon and evening for this area. can we look at that map? the severe weather risk today, stretches from western pennsylvania along that cold front all of the way down to texas again. right through louisville and little rock as well and remember, flooding was a huge issue with this. it will be so today. we had more deaths in flooding the last couple of weeks than likely from the severe storms. look at the flood watches and warnings, more than 100 rivers already beyond flood stage. coming up i'll have the nation's weather but now back to dan and bianna. >> so striking to hear you say that even after all of your experience, you have been terrified by what you've been seeing. we'll have much more coming up this morning with ginger zee, the normally fearless ginger zee. the odds of a home being hit by a tornado 1 in 10 million,
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the odds of it happening twice, astronomical but sadly, not impossible. this morning the story of of a family from moore oklahoma, who escaped the first tornado only to be chased by another. our coverage continues with abc news's alex perez in moore. >> reporter: good morning, dan. it has been a long, frustrating two weeks in moore, oklahoma, still huge piles of debris scattered all across town from the last tornado and now this new storm has simply made matters worse. it's the one-two punch central oklahoma hoped they would escape, two deadly tornadoes in less than two weeks. >> going to have a heart attack next time. >> reporter: with anxiety growing, authorities are fighting to keep up. >> we have to make a decision, do we take this patient and leave everybody else or try to get them out of the water, too? >> reporter: for those in moore, oklahoma, the terror of the devastating may 20 tornado is still fresh. >> a piece of somebody's roof came through the window and landed on her bed. >> reporter: this family lost their home in the tornadoes nearly two weeks ago and took
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shelter in an oklahoma city hotel. then on friday, they found themselves fleeing again. >> we hear tornado alley but don't expect it to be that often, that soon. and that bad. >> reporter: the family piled into the car and headed for norman, about 15 minutes south. with the angry twister close behind. >> it's really amazing to be alive right now, being chased by the tornado, you have nowhere to go when you're in traffic, we could see it in our rear view mirror. >> reporter: they took refuge in a church bathroom, huddled together as violent winds ripped debris all around them. when it finally passed, they returned to moore only to find their home damaged even further. >> i honestly don't feel safe here like i should, it's my home. but i don't feel safe here anymore. >> reporter: the family was able to evade the worst of the storm but for many others, no such luck. >> this many, this close together, we got people
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concerned. >> reporter: rescue workers braved flooded highways littered with stalled and abandoned cars to save the stranded. this paramedic waded through rushing water to carry this woman to safety from her submerged car. >> we had to look at her condition and make sure we don't injure her or injure us getting her to the ambulance. >> reporter: officials tell abc news that nearly 300 callers flooded the 911 system in less than six hours. a harrowing night for those outrunning yet another brutal storm and for the men and women who stayed behind to brave the relentless weather. and to add salt to the wounds here this new storm led to widespread flash flooding all across moore. >> as ginger noted the flooding has proven especially deadly over the past few weeks. these storms came in the middle of rush hour. oklahoma's major roads were clogged with people scared,
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trying to outrun them. even the largest of trucks couldn't withstand the sheer force of the twisters here. look at that video. our veteran photojournalist mike boettcher, who lives in oklahoma, joins us. we know you're used to covering war zones in afghanistan but it must be different in your backyard. >> reporter: the famous route 66 runs right by this heavily damaged school. i-40, a quarter mile beyond, and it was clogged with traffic when that tornado dropped from the skies. six overturned semi trailer trucks and cars flung into fields are lingering evidence of the storm's deadly route. it terrorized motorists over a two-mile path. thousands of central oklahomans with last week's moore tornado fresh in their minds clogged interstate 40 and other major arteries trying to outrun storms converging on oklahoma city and its suburbs. they joined thousands of commuters heading home after
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work, a combination that proved deadly. lives were lost in the tornadoes, all of whom killed in their vehicles. >> i called out the national guard a while back and our department of transportation and our local law enforcement, and i said get these cars off the highway and do whatever we need to do to get them off and exit. get traffic moving. >> reporter: oklahoma governor mary fallin speaking to abc news, told her story of being on the road right before the storm. >> i actually happened to drive down to moore and norman about 4:30 tonight, knowing that the weather was going to get bad. a tremendous amount of traffic. >> reporter: the huge rainfall produced by the storms added to the danger. >> these people need to get out of there. >> reporter: the tornados were embedded inside heavy rainstorms and were almost impossible to see. rescue squads were up against that danger, too. >> i'm stuck in traffic with other units. i need you to make a call for me.
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>> after what happened in moore, people were loading up in cars and just trying to get out of the path of the tornado. >> reporter: once that tornado passed through this area between el reno and yukon it was heading directly for my neighborhood in central oklahoma city. i took my family down into our basement, the basement was flooded. we took shelter there but luckily that tornado veered south of our neighborhood. i have lived here 21 years growing up and the two most recent years, i talked to old-timers who lived here their entire lives and they tell me they've never seen a two-week period like this in oklahoma ever. and this time, the bull's-eye was an interstate highway. dan, bianna? >> extraordinary to hear from mike boettcher who lived there so many years. a lot of news overnight, for that we turn to mr. ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a tragedy right next door to oklahoma in texas,
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the deadliest fire in the history of the houston fire department. four firefighters were killed when a restaurant burst into flames, the fire spreading to a neighboring motel. miya shay from ktrk has the latest. >> reporter: the smell of fire still lingers in the air here at the southwest inn, the scene of the deadliest day in the history of the houston fire department. the fire apparently began in the downstairs portion of the motel in a restaurant. it quickly spread. firefighters got to the scene and initially thought people may be trapped, they went all in, soon it was discovered that four of their own had perished. among the dead, they range from a probationary firefighter who just graduated from the academy a few months ago, all of the way to a 12-year veteran, a captain of the fire department. in addition, 13 other firefighters were injured, ranging from minor injuries all of the way to having to have a leg amputated and still in critical condition.
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the city and the community here just beginning to come to grips with the devastation and this tragic loss. federal investigators are here in houston assisting the nation's third-largest fire department in investigating exactly what happened here. reporting from houston, miya shay, abc news. and federal investigators are on the scene in arizona to try to determine what caused a deadly midair collision. two small planes collided and crashed in the desert on friday on a clear morning. four people were killed, two in each plane, one plane was completely charred, the other relatively intact. starbucks is clearing the air outside of its stores, the coffee chain is banning smoking within 25 feet of its stores, beginning today. the rule also includes patios and includes every starbucks in the country where local laws allow. starbucks is the first major retailer to enforce this kind of policy. finally, some of the fastest vehicles on the planet had to slow down for a family of ducks.
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take a look at this. this video during the indycar series practice in detroit. the drivers hit the brakes and steered clear of the ducks, they brought out the red flag to actually stop the cars so officials could clear them. that is, the ducks, from the track. i wonder what would happened if it was a real race? could have been bad news for the ducks. >> i would hope they would still stop. >> yeah, right, good luck with that. >> ron claiborne. big new development this morning, the prostitution case that went off like a bomb in the quaint seaside town of kennebunk, maine a zumba instructor charged with running a prostitution ring out of her studio her former customers, a minister and hockey coach. what she said at sentencing and what her husband said. we have the story. good morning. >> this bizarre case just became even more surreal with alexis wright claiming she was duped into thinking she was a private investigator searching for bad guys.
7:15 am
this morning, zumba instructor turned prostitute alexis wright is in prison. the 30-year-old pleaded guilty to charges she turned her exercise studio into a brothel. in an address to the court white said she's happy she got busted and when she gets out she wants to help women like herself. >> i want to encourage the others to come forward. i want them to know that there is at least one person out there who will believe their story no matter how crazy it seems. >> reporter: wright was sentenced to ten months behind bars, part of a deal in exchange for her guilty pleas to 20 counts, including prostitution, tax evasion and benefits fraud. wright's lawyers say she was manipulated by businessman mark strong into believing she was an operative of his private investigation firm charged with finding sexual deviants. >> no one should ever be forced to do something like this and not have someone to reach out to. >> reporter: prosecutors didn't
7:16 am
buy it, neither did the judge. in a separate trial strong was sentenced to just 20 days after his conviction for promoting prostitution. wright's attorney admits the story sounds farfetched but said sexual abuse from her childhood made her an easy target. >> what we have here is a very small piece of who she is as a person. >> reporter: the zumba teacher and her business partner shot to international notoriety after her studios raided her studio in the sleepy maine town. another strange twist, her husband found out about the prostitution nearly a year before police. he chose to stick by the zumba teacher and her now 8-year-old son. in a statement to the court he said he watched her live in fear as strong used videos as a tool for extortion. guys, you couldn't make it up. >> the real victim is her 8-year-old son now. thanks linzie. it has been exactly eight years since natalie holloway vanished on a high school trip
7:17 am
to aruba, this morning the main suspect in her case making headlines. joran van der sloot, planning a wedding, his future bride, a woman he met in peru where he's serving a prison sentence for the murder of another woman. >> reporter: joran van der sloot hopes to marry his fiancee later this month, according to his attorney. "what happens is that joran is in love, he's not trying do anything." they are seeking permission to wed right in the peruvian prison where he's serving 28 years for murder. a conviction he's currently appealing. "when joran got to peru they didn't give him a chance to choose his lawyer, they violated his due process." some question whether van der sloot's status after marrying a peruvian citizen could help him fight extradition in the natalie holloway case. the dutch native was accused and
7:18 am
never charged in holloway's 2005 disappearance. >> i know didn't do anything wrong and i know didn't do anything bad. and for me, really, that's all that matters. >> reporter: exactly five years after holloway went missing, van der sloot murdered a young peruvian woman in his hotel room after she allegedly found information about holloway on his laptop. van der sloot confessed, hoping for leniency, and he was sent to the infamous castro castro prison to await trial. "well joran this moment is a different person than the one i previously met, he's more centered." altez says it was there where he met his bride to be, visiting another inmate. they now see each other regularly, including conjugal visits. altez denying rumors that van der sloot fathered a child during those visits but does say the relationship changed his client. altez says they're waiting for one last document, van der sloot's birth certificate and a
7:19 am
date from the prison. jailhouse weddings are not uncommon in peru, more a signing of papers than a formal ceremony but still a june wedding for a most unlikely groom. >> sure to open wounds for natalie's grieving mother. time now for the weather and ginger zee. in oklahoma. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: good morning, we experienced flash flooding ourselves and saw some damage it can do, but not just in oklahoma but through the midwest where more rain will fall, if you can believe it or not, i'll show you how much rain will fall. take a look, inches upon inches, especially in places that don't need it, parts of missouri and up near parts of kentucky. i want to tell you, you have been dealing with the heat in the northeast and the heat index today as it rises into that midafternoon, hottest part of the day, is going to close in on 100. the air quality not going to be great and as you look at the outlook over the whole nation, i want you to focus on the southwest. it's hot, it's dry, primed for
7:20 am
fire. so many weather headlines but for now, that is the big picture. as much as the timing was a problem here as far as the highways and people in their commute, it was a good story that came out of this school and i'll have more on that in the next half hour. dan and bianna? >> looking forward to a good story, much more coverage from ginger zee at the bottom of the hour. there is a big change to something we see nearly every day, this is the handicapped symbol for years appeared on
7:21 am
parking spots and restroom doors but in new york city it's changing to this more active version. this is supposed to send a major social statement and abc's marcy gonzalez has more. >> reporter: a modern day makeover for the familiar blue and white icon. on friday, disability advocacy groups shot this video as they unveiled the new speedier looking symbol making its debut on parking spaces, bathroom doors and more across new york city. >> it truly is about people with ability. it's not about people with disabilities and i think that's what this logo signifies. >> reporter: the change after years of fighting by disability advocates who believe the old icon is too passive. >> the chair is part of the person, the person is not part of the chair. >> reporter: sara hedron designed this new look, she says it's much less limiting. >> i felt like the person in that sign was not visible. i felt like the chair was more visible and that the arms of that old sign looked like
7:22 am
machine arms, instead of person arms. >> reporter: at least one website is calling the money and time that will go into swapping out the old signs a quote, waste, fixing something that isn't broken. others feel this change is long overdue. >> it's about time, i think that our society portrayed people with disabilities as active, as forward leaning. >> reporter: a movement that started with a small campaign at gordon college in massachusetts now making its way to the country's biggest city. with the goal of eventually changing perceptions nationwide. >> it's wonderful to use what is really a can of aerosol paint for something that's not destructive, that's very creative and constructive and helps other people. >> interesting to see if that catches on. >> i like it. >> you like it? >> the person is not part of the child. >> leaning forward. coming up, for love or money? why did the descendant of the
7:23 am
founder of the company lear jet allegedly fake her marriage to her dead race car driving boyfriend? the nba's dwyane wade may be stylish player in the nba, watch a couple "gma" all-stars go head to head as they team with the biggest names in fashion. i wonder who they are? >> maybe ron claiborne and me. we'll see how that turns out. justin bieber on the receiving end of an extraordinary rant by his neighbor, football star keyshawn johnson, accusing the biebs of deceptive behavior. keyshawn johnson, accusing the biebs of deceptive behavior. ♪
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target oklahoma, devastating tornadoes strike again just days after that monstrous twister leveled the city of moore. we have new details this morning on the deadly night of twisters that hit the state. at least five people are dead, 89 injured. the storms pummeled the region at the heart of rush hour, tossing vehicles into the air and then slamming them back down to the ground as if they were toys. >> good morning once again. this is our lead story this morning. it is saturday, june 1. the round of tornadoes adding insult and injury to a state really still reeling from the massive, deadly ef-5 twister that slammed into moore, oklahoma, less than two weeks ago. the video as you can see, quite jarring. let's go back to meteorologist ginger zee, she's been chasing the storms every step of the way. she's had a long night, she's with us from el reno, oklahoma. good morning once again.
7:31 am
>> good morning to you. i promised a good story, i got to tell you this is a sign, a brick sign on the other side says canadian valley technology center, a community college where people were in class, 12 to 15 people in the building. you see the damage, most of it the roof strewn everywhere, the walls still up. this is the good news, the superintendent last night telling me that if they had had the tornado two to even three hours before, the day care center that is open there would have been involved in this and would have been heavily damaged. his two grandchildren go to that school, too. i want to show you more of the amazing images from the tornadoes. you can see exactly what we were seeing and storm chasers were seeing. some of the storm chase video is like i've never seen before, looks movie-like. i don't like cliches like that but it's true. huge hail bales flying at brandon sullivan's car. i know these storm chasers and i
7:32 am
was very concerned, as i watched that tornado jump divert north it was crazy. for us, we were ahead of the storm, tried to stay south of it so we could keep our eye on it and be out of the path. we came around the back side, had a very difficult time getting up. emergency vehicles screaming past us, and it was just one of those moments where you think i cannot believe this happened. and especially, i cannot believe this happened again. >> ginger zee, a lot of experience chasing storms, we appreciate your coverage, thank you. a lot of other news overnight, so let's go back to ron claiborne. >> hi again. in the news, the cause of the deadliest fire in the history of the houston fire department is still unknown. four firefighters were killed in the five-alarm blaze started in a restaurant and quickly spread to a neighboring moat. defense secretary chuck hagel is warning china about cyberattacks against the u.s.,
7:33 am
speak at a security conference in singapore with chinese officials in the audience. hagel blamed china for contributing to the growing cyber threat. a federal judge ruled that google and other companies must grant the fbi access to customer data without a warrant. google had argued that the government's practice of issuing so-called national security letters was unconstitutional and unnecessary. and finally, how do they greet foreign dignitaries in japan? obviously, with penguins. these penguins at an amusement park, they waddled around in african costumes to welcome the arrival of 50 african leaders. cool, huh? >> penguins and ducks? animals in your stories this morning. >> wait til -- i won't tell you more. >> you got something else coming? >> you'll see. >> that's what we call in the business, a tease. >> a tease. >> let's get it back out to ginger zee with more of the national forecast. hey, ginger. >> reporter: we don't want to leave the severe weather threat for today or tomorrow out of it,
7:34 am
quickly who is on alert as storms pop up afternoon and evening, anywhere from western pennsylvania through texas along the cold front and push it tomorrow so you can get an idea where large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes will go to the north and east, new england even in parts of that. let's get a check closer to this weather report brought to you by home depot. >> thank you. please try to get some rest. a busy couple of days for you. we'll turn now to bizarre allegations against a woman accused of faking her marriage to her recently deceased boyfriend. allison lear, whose grandfather created the lear jet empire, claims she and alexander
7:35 am
djordjevic, were married days before he was killed in a racing accident. his family insists if there was a wedding they would have known about it. here is clayton sandell. >> reporter: this morning allison lear, granddaughter of lear jet founder bill lear, is an accused felon. prosecutors say she's a liar and a fraud. it all began after the man she called her husband, race car driver alexander djordjevic, was killed in june 2010 during a mountain road race in nevada. lear was arrested on saturday inside this las vegas nightclub because police say they were never really married. lear allegedly faked the marriage license, forging signatures to make it appear they tied the knot five days before he died. >> i would not say he was deep in love but he was dating her. >> reporter: alexander's father
7:36 am
says his son had known lear a short time, never talking of marriage. >> alex would tell us. we was close. he would never do things like that without knowledge of the family. >> reporter: police say that by acting as his wife, lear was able to keep his body from being released to his family for three months. they also allege she kept his expensive cars, gun collection and jewelry. >> i believe she's after his estate and his money. >> reporter: lear's attorneys declined our interview request saying, "we're committed to and comfortable with, our decision to seek justice only in the court of law." when she was arrested, lear was working as a county law enforcement official. she's out of jail on bond, facing charges of perjury and forgery. >> bizarre story. >> truly bizarre. >> clayton, thank you. we'll switch gears, nba star dwyane wade scores huge style points off the court. can ron claiborne and i bring the same sort of heat? watch as we go one-on-one in a bit of a fashion showdown. >> cannot wait to see this. also ahead, neighborhood watch.
7:37 am
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the miami heat are one win away from returning to the nba finals.
7:41 am
while lebron james gets most of the attention, teammate dwyane wade is turning heads by transforming into a fashion all-star, getting his son into the action, dressing alike in a recent photo shoot. >> really cute. ron and i, avowed fashion plates, wondering since there is little chance of us suiting up for the actual game -- ron, you might be tall enough -- we figured we could join wade's team, his squad of fashionistas. dwyane wade of the miami heat, one of the most dominant players in the nba. >> and dwyane wade jumps. >> reporter: the 31-year-old, 6'4", 220-pound guard, made a name for himself on court as nine-time nba all-star and capturing two championships. >> dwyane wade with a dramatic play. >> reporter: it's what he's wearing off the court that is catching the eye of fashionistas and top magazines like "uptown,"
7:42 am
"esquire" and "gq." >> wade pushes the fashion n envelope, pushing the new colors and trends, but like on court, there is a team behind him, a team led by megastylist calyann barnett. >> i want to respect the fact he's willing to take the chance and do it first. >> reporter: dan and i know we're the fashion trendsetters at abc news but who would pass up a lesson from a maven? we went to gucci for a one-on-one with calyann. >> not me, right? >> no. that's for like a rock star, someone -- >> rock star? >> this feels like a wicker basket. >> reporter: we found a few things we could pull off by putting on. >> here is where it gets serious. we head into the dressing room. >> would you like more fun? >> let's do it. >> get out of here, camera. >> should i wear that with this? >> definitely. >> can i have some privacy? >> it's a walk off, first outfit, summery look with color.
7:43 am
ron wearing a red-washed cotton canvas jacket. >> dan, light blue cashmere v-neck sweater with white cotton riding pants. >> i like it. i definitely like it. >> i can pull this off. >> now go time, our second outfits, traditional suits but with some pizzaz. >> i feel like a nascar pit stop. >> a black and white micro checked suit. >> a sapphire piece dyed twill jacket and twill skinny stirrup pants. >> i can't wait until tomorrow because i get better looking every day. >> now, time for a who wore it better "gma" style. >> let's go. >> i think america has to choose who wore it better. >> this is like that schwarzenegger/devito movie "twins." >> i don't like the men in turtleneck look, sorry.
7:44 am
we asked people here what they thought. who won? >> come on, guys. >> ooh. i might be edging you out, ron. >> you can't vote twice. >> there you go. >> looks like ron is coming out ahead. >> i had the tiebreaking vote. >> oh! >> i think he gets better looking every single day. >> i competed against ron, we've run for prom king against each other, raced nascar. i lose every time. >> photo finish there, dan. >> coming up -- "wheel of fortune," living up to its name with one of the largest payoffs in the game's history. we'll show you the contestant's stunned reaction. "pop news" after a very quick break. "pop news" after a very quick break.
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♪ >> all right, we got a bit of breaking news in the commercial break. rachel smith told me her vote on the fashion was -- >> oh! >> i made that up. >> you were my friend. >> i saw that red jacket, won me over. >> good morning, we begin with the alleged justin bieber reckless driving incident that took place memorial day in his gated community in calabasas, california. now, one of his neighbor's keyshawn johnson said he saw him behind the wheel and he's speaking out to tmz. >> a 19-year-old kid feeling
7:50 am
entitled, speeding up and down the highway, that's why the neighbors is mad and you got him spitting on people in the neighborhood. you can't do that. that's not the way it's supposed to be. >> former nfl player said at the end of the day all i want to do is protect my kids. tmz reports bieber's camp told law enforcement they have video proving justin was not behind the wheel during the incident under investigation but it's not been handed over to the police. seattle's biggest landmark is the talk of the town thanks to daredevil climbers. this picture showing a guy chilling out on top of the space needle went viral last week. no one was sure if it was real or photoshopped. now video to prove it. 600 feet high. they're called urban explorers. look at the view. it is pretty shocking to see. >> is that ginger? our extreme weather gal? >> no, this guy says he climbs most of the way up, 604 feet. and of course, not everyone is
7:51 am
pleased with this awe-inspiring stunt. police are investigating the security breach. and "wheel of fortune" lived up to its name thursday night, a look at game show history. this is awesome. >> ten seconds. talk it out. you never know. good luck. >> tough workout. >> what? >> look at her reaction. >> i'm very impressed. >> wait. >> we have a $1 million winner. >> she became only the second contestant in the show's history to take home the $1 million prize. it's awesome. >> we'll be right back after a quick break. after a quick break. on the planet.g love holds us in the beginning. comforts us as we grow old.
7:52 am
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we were giving you a hard time, you are both stylish men at abc. tune in this thursday to see if dwyane wade and his stylish clothes make it to the finals and face off against the san antonio spurs. have a great day.
7:57 am
also new this morning, the annual union street festival is back for the 37th year. it takes over cow hollow featuring artists around the country. paintings and photography are up for sale and there will be bands on two stages and on an a bike vale. >> meteorologist lisa argen has your forecast for a very warm saturday. >> good morning. here is a look at san jose, nice and sunny, temperatures today will be well above normal. if you want to beat the heat, here is the place to be in santa cruz where they are setting up for a fantastic day with temperatures in the 50s. it's cool they're going for a high in mid-80s. we're already in the low to
7:58 am
mid-60s and fairfield we have elevated fire dangers and gusty winds. it's elevated throughout the bay area. we are well above the normal. a look at the outlook coming up. >> next at 8:00, developing news in the east bay, a missing four-year-old girl in richmond is found safe. we'll you where she was. >> another brutal storm batters oklahoma.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. let's start with a quick look at the weather. >> good morning. we have a warmup underway with numbers to 6 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. we have a red flag warning up to 7:00 tonight. lowest relative humidity is about 65% so it will continue to drop to 10%. we'll top about a cooldown coming up. in developing news there has been


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