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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 2, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> it is really not good. >> it makes you wonder. >> shoppers shocked hearing that a popular bag of fruit has sickened dozens. tonight we learned one person sickened by the fruit is here in the bay area. good evening. i'm ama dates. cases have been reported in california, colorado, new mexico, arizona and nevada. today a new case in contra costa county could be linked to the outbreak. costco sold thousands of bags of this frozen organic berry mix, 880 sold in contra costa county. the berries came from townsend farms in oregon linked to 30 cases of hepititis a.
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that includes a 62-year-old woman from eastern contra costa county. she has recovered after being hospitalized with hepititis a. no official recall has been ordered, but costco pulled the berries from the warehouses after people got sick in california and four other western states. >> we really encourage people to check their freezers to remove this product. my understanding is costco is contacting those who purchased the product. >> used it four weeks ago in a family breakfast. we put it in muffins. >> anyone exposed should be vaccinated quickly. los angeles county set up clinics to screen possible victims. >> there is only a two-week period. every day people delay they could possibly miss the chance to prevent this. >> nine people have been hospitalized with hepititis a. it is a contagious liver disease. hepititis a symptoms include fever, fatigue and pain. >> people should watch closely and call their health care provider if they have symptoms
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of hepititis a. >> it usually comes from food workers who don't properly wash their hands. local health officials will look into whether other stores sold the same berries, and there is a concern that restaurants and other food service providers bought the berries at costco and served them to customers. happening now, get ready for a commute mess tomorrow because of construction on the richmond richmond-san rave -- san rafael bridge. this morning the westbound traffic was diverted to the eastbound lanes. you can see the changes on this graphic. it shows the lane closures and the construction zone and lane re-alignment. cal trans says drivers should allow themselves extra time. >> we can expect additional delay. people should be aware of that. there are reduced lanes. we have four lanes on one bridge and no shoulder. >> the construction is expected to last three months. and don't expect a swift
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commute through san an sell mow. they will replace a water pipe there since 1883. it will be along sir francis drake boulevard between shaw drive and the hub. stay with us. weville have updates on and the morning news at 4:30. it was a violent weekend in oakland. six sprite shootingss -- six separate shootings in two days. the latest at 90th and international boulevard. that's where a 17-year-old boy was killed. lilian kim joins us from the newsroom with more. lilian? >> ama, that 17-year-old boy was one of 11 people shot in oakland. it happened in broad daylight on a very busy street. >> i heard a pat, pat, pat, pat and next thing i know he was down. >> blake griffin was walking out of the corner store on 90th and international boulevard when she heard gunfire. the person she saw lying on
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the ground was somebody she knew, a 17-year-old boy just released from juvenile hall. someone in a ski mask shot and killed the boy. >> it is a shame. it is another black man killed. these young men, they don't think about their lives. they just get on the streets and it is sad. >> a male who was with it the boy survived, but is in critical condition. and a woman who is said to be an innocent by stander is recovering. th is the latest in what has been a violent weekend in oakland. three people were shot during an inlegal -- in an illegal sideshow. it shows the possible gunman taking off in a car. this was the start. four people were sent to the hospital after three separate shootings on saturday night. just before 11:00 a.m. on sunday, a man was sent to the hospital after he was shot in his car while driving near 7th and union streets. hearing about shooting after shooting has taken an emotional toll.
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they went to the crime scene to make sure the boy shot to death wasn't her son. >> it is an every day thing, but that's just how it is. >> so far oakland pd has yet to announce an arrest in any of the shootings. abc7 news. >> police in vallejo are searching for a gunman and a motive in the murders of two people and the wounding of two more. an chez was celebrating his -- sanchez was celebrating his birthday. a man walked up and opened fire where the party was. sanchez was killed and so was his friend, gonzalez seen in a picture taken years ago. sanchez's family is devastated. >> we are family and in shock. we can't believe it. nobody knows exactly why the people shot. >> both men leave four children each. the violence comes during a rise in violence in vallejo. a combined task force in the city is conducting a month
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long crime control effort called operation goodwill. >> the police department and the california highway patrol and solano county probation office are going around and hitting problem areas in the city, gang areas and areas where there were lots of calls for service for shots fired and they are going out and conducting enforcement actions. >> investigators do not believe the murders of the men are gang-related. twill is set for two men accused in a gang rape and beating of a 16-year-old girl outside richmond high school after a homecoming dance. a rare dual jury trial is scheduled for 22-year-old jose montano 1k3* peter. eight people have been charged. the search for a missing teen from sacramento swept over a fall in yosemite has been suspended.
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he went swimming in the merced river during a hike with his church group. he was caught in the current and went over the fall which is almost 600 feet high. rescue teams will start again tomorrow. developing news, the power house fire in southern california is threatening more homes tonight. nearly 3,000 people in the lake hughes and lake elizabeth communities have been evacuated. six homes have brn destroyed. five -- 15 damaged. the fire has burned 35 square miles of brush, some of which has not burned since 1929. 2,000 firefighters are battling high winds and thick smoke. a big warm up is on the way in the bay area. let's head to meteorologist leigh glaser for our first check on weather and live doppler 7hd. leigh? >> the warm up will take place the latter part of the workweek. at least the next several days live doppler 7hd is spot on. the low clouds and fog and a stronger on shore wind component will be with us. that is actually going to
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bring temperatures down a few more degrees. the golden gate bridge is socked in with the fog as well as much of the san mateo coastline as you can see there. highs today are down as much as 15 degrees in some locations, but cloverdale was 91. we had san francisco at 66 and it was 93 degrees today in santee jobing. cooler forecast for you. we'll look at it coming up. >> thank you, leigh. searchers are trying to find seven people missing in the oklahoma city area. there have been 13 confirmed deaths from friday's tornadoes and flash floods. larry jacobs has the latest. >> reporter: relatives and friends joined in the search for a 34-year-old woman and eight-year-old girl after the latest weather hit the oklahoma city area. five tornadoes on friday followed by torrential rains and farms, cars and mobile homes submerged. it ripped open a sinkhole. flooding wasn't confined to
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oklahoma. the rescue crews had to pluck this family from springfield, missouri. the body of a four-year-old boy was recovered on sunday. also among the dead, three storm chasers, his son paul and his colleague, carl young. >> he devoted his life to saving others lives and to be able to capture tornadoes and to be able to save lives through the technology he has developed. >> in a reno clean up is underway and crews, woulding to restore electricity to tens of thousands. >> the help has been overwhelming. >> the violent weather that caused the destruction moved to the northeast and knocking down trees and power lines. >> heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected to continue into tomorrow. developing news in stan stanislaus county. the derailment affected trains between the san juaquin valley and the bay area. a dozen freight cars left the rails just before 5:00 this evening.
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amtrak is busing the passengers between merced and modesto until the tracks can be mixed. that dozen families want answers from a cemetery after their loved ones ashes were mixed together. the agony began with a fire in the cream for yum in koll ma. kolm a. ashes were combined during the efforts to put out the fire. the cemetery wants to bury the remains somewhere else on the grounds and the families oppose that idea. >> we want them to be over here and not someplace on the property of cypress lawns. we want to make sure it is here. this is their final resting place. >> the family families claim cypress lawn has been slow in providing them information and allowing them to get in touch with others affected by the fire. the cemetery says the remains were mixed doctoring -- during the fire. still to come -- >> ♪ tried before to tell her >> rocking mark's cup sting
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takes the stage. did neighbors revolt? the controversy over the america's cup concert series. and why grabbing the icy drink could be worse than licking a toilet bowl. what they discovered about dirty ice cubes. and why dogs go chasing after the mail man or woman. it is all in the paws.
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it was the second big concert at the america's cup pavilion on the embarcadero and it drew quite the crowd.
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there was a concern about noise level and con sees -- congestion in the area. sergio joins us from the embarcadero to tell us how it went. >> at the moment it is clear and quiet. the crowds cleared out in a half hour after the concert let out which was 10:15 this evening. for a few hours they enjoyed the sweet sounds of sting on the waterfront. >> ♪ i tried before to tell her ♪ ♪ of the feelings i have for her in my heart ♪ >> reporter: as sting took the stage plenty of police patrolled the embarcadero and even fans who didn't have tickets listened from the sidewalk. some people traveled pretty far to get here. i talked with one fan who flew in from philadelphia for the event. >> big fan. i like the police before sting and i wanted to see the new facility too. >> reporter: this is the second event of this summer series at the america's cup pavilion on the waterfront. it means more people on the
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embarcadero on a sunday night, but early on traffic and parking was not a problem. >> figured might as well park there. it is as close to walk. >> you go to pier39 and it is great. >> and to get out of here you go down to broadway or howard and we are right on the freeway. >> there were concerns about residents about excess sit -- excessive noise and traffic congestion. but it is decided to contain some noise and plenty of police to help kt traffic calmed concerns. >> it is at the end of the event we get everybody coming out at the same time. again, the plan, woulded well and within 30 minutes we had everyone out of here and on their way home. >> concert series will continue through october to coin start with the america's cup competition. and sting wrapped up on stage about 10:15 or so. the crowds streamed out without major incidents. and i did check in with san
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francisco police this evening about any complaints they received about noise. none of the officers said they received any. i also called the special number set up by concert promoters for the community call in with any concerns. they said they could not released any of the information just yet. abc7 news. >> thank you, sergio. out on the bay, sailing teams continue to practice for the races, but only three of the four teams are practicing. artimas has not rirnd since a sailor died during a training next -- last month. the competition to take home the america's cup takes place over the course of two weeks starting on september 7th. a rn whatting the next time you decide to get a little ice with your soda, the ice could be dirtier than your restaurant's toilet. samples of ice taken from popular fast-food restaurants found the ice contained higher levels of bacteria than
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samples of water taken from restaurant toilets. none of the samples presented a health danger, but could be considered a high gene risk. that's probably because toilets are cleaned more than ice machines. you may need some clean ice. this next week the weather will heat up. >> i did not like that story. >> i know. >> we are all going to be sitting on blocks of ice come friday and saturday as temperatures sore especially inland near 100 degrees. we did have a nice cool down today as much as 15 degrees in some locations and you can see why there is more of a westerly wind component. picking up the low clouds and fog and rushing through the golden gate bridge. not so much on the embarcadero, but wait a little bit. by tomorrow morning we should see overcast conditions across this part of san francisco. san francisco by the way 53. 59 in mountain view and san jose 56. santa cruz56. there is the fog, the span of
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the golden gate bridge a little murky there. if you are traveling the span allow some extra time. santa rosa 56 degrees. by the way this is 16 degrees cooler than where you were this time yesterday. definitely a cooling trend on tap. 62 in livermore and los gatos. our forecast highlights, folks, goes with the low qlowdz -- low clouds and fog overnight. and then it should burn back around midday. really just seasonal temps. the next few days as we gleet into thursday, friday and -- as we get into thursday, friday and saturday the things warm up. we lost a little heating for the day. we have the high pressure that brought us excessive heat and that pushed off toward the east. low pressure being replaced.
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counter clockwise spin and the strong, on shore wind component is pushing it up and banking it up toward the coast and moving it right through the bay. that's definitely what is going to cool us down the next couple days. forecast animation, spot on at 11:00 and we were seeing the clouds move into the bay. this is your 5:00 commute tomorrow morning. overcast conditions even toward santa rosa. the low cloudiness and fog will venture through the gaps. by noontime you will notice it should pull back toward the coast. plenty of sunshine inland, but the breeze will be with us and temperatures will start to come down. 74 tomorrow for san jose. comfortable santa clara. the peninsula 72 and palo alto. midto upper 50s where the fog sits and half moon bay as well as daly city. 62 for san francisco and some
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afternoon sunshine. 80 for santa rosa and 75 sonoma. on the east bay shore, hayward 65, 68 for oakland and interior east bay, no 90s tomorrow, but mid to low 80s , comfortable 82 for antioch. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. another cool day for tuesday and then the winds shift around on thursday, friday and saturday and looking for the midto upper 90s and near 70 at the coast. we are going from the cool side to the warm side to the hot side. >> be ready. thank you, leigh. speaking of hot, the a's are sizzling. >> oh, i thought you were talking about me. the a's are on a tear as they fry -- try to go for
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hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
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easily for the a's these days. it is almost like a walk in the park. they won 14 of the last 16 and
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with today's sweep the white sox at the coliseum. it was cocoa crisp cereal bowl give away. parker filled his with wheaties this morning. he pitched six score less innings. the first back to back win. meanwhile cocoa scored both runs. a base hit up the middle and allowing him to score from first. they sweep the sox with a 2-0 victory. their eighth straight win at coliseum. >> coming up to oakland baseball. this is what we do well. we have a good starting rotation and scratch a couple runs across and close the door with our bull pen. that's what we strive to be and we are doing a great job of it. >> good summary. the giants voting for a sweep by the cardinals. molina thought he was safe and he just goes berserk. they were ejected and now bottom of four and 2-0
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giants. he crushes the two-run shot and he started for the g-men. game tied at two and it was his only mistake. he pitched six and struck out five including tony cruz in the 6th. pinch hitting in the 7th and preventing the sweep with a 4-2 victory. they played last night and back to back jonathon quick so good against the sharks. he scores with less than two minutes in. 1-0 chicago. and then in the second the former shark with his second goal of the playoffs. he allowed four goals on 17 shots. they take a 2-0 series lead. we'll take a brief timeout before we show you the best rugby team in the united states. roger federer moves on at the frefn -- the
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who is the most successful team on the cal campus? give up? the cal rugby team. they won another national title in the usa collegiate rugby 7 championship.
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jack clark in his 30th year as head coach and the bears dominate the first half thanks to two. it is 14-0 at the half. then in the second and a great cut back and the bears win their first ever rugby 7 title 19-14 the final. when you tee it up at the memorial you know jack nicklaus is watching. if you win it has to be a thrill to receive the trophy from one of the greatest of all time. he shot a four under 66 and a birdie putt on 11. he tried to close the gap is. makes his first birdie of the day. he gets to 10 under and all he needed was par on 18. he had two putts. instead he makes it one. he wins his second tournament of the year and gets the confirmation from the great one. the french open and serena williams wins it in straight
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sets. she struggled to return the forehand here. serena advances to the quarterfinals to a career high 28 matches 6-1, 6-3. federer is facing simone of france. the shot came in the first set. federer goes wide and around the post. drops it in. sweet. check it out. it took federer five sets to win, but he is moving on to his 36th straight major quarter final. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. coming up, a look ahead to the sharks' future. will they blowup the roster 1234* stick around. just ahead, the dangerous virus spreading across the globe. what you need to look out for. and jonessing for that jolt of caffeine? why it may be more than a need for coffee. why it could be a medical problem. and the detail that could derail your more than commute as we look outside at the detour. we will be rig
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good evening. i'm ama dates. in tonight's headlines you are taking a live look at the drivers heading to their richmond san rafael bridge where tomorrow the commute is expected to be messy. because of construction westbound traffic has been shifted to the eastbound lanes creating four lanes of traffic two each way. a woman in eastern contra costa county is recovering from hepititis a. a frozen organic berry mix from oregon is blamed for her infection and 29 other case usa cross five states. the mix was sold at costco which has removed the product from its shelves. oakland police have no suspects in today's shooting death of a 17-year-old boy. it has been a bloody weekend in the city. there were six separate shootings in two days. killing one and injuring 10
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more. volunteers widened their search for a missing san francisco teenager who was recovering from a traumatic brain injury. 19-year-old sean city hasn't been seen since may 21st when he told his dad he was going to the park. searchers met at the county fair building to plan where they would look for him. new evidence suggested he might have been in the area. >> initially the police thought the cell phone ping of sean's last call was at baker's beach. the reconfigured information is that the cell phone ping came from the eastern edge of golden gate park which is why we are here today. >> they searched parts of marin and other parts of the county. there is information that the city may have gotten into a car. officials are preparing for the arrival of a deadly new virus. a virus that has already killed half of the people diagnosed with it. the virus is called mers and
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it start netted middle east. it has chills and fever and muscle aches and then breathing difficulties. the world health officials are on alert. >> you need to learn as fast as possible how to control the virus. we have to run faster than the virus does. >> health officials fear it may mu tate to easily spread between people similar to the sars virus from 10 years ago. they say anyone showing the symptoms will be tested and isolated in the hopes of containing a possible outbreak. so far 33 people have died from the virus. for those of us missing our coffee, needing it can be irritating. researchers say crashing on caffeine is now a mental disorder. now here is more. >> ever missed your morning caffeine fix? >> yes, i ended up with a really bad headache. >> you wouldn't want to be around me without caffeine, put it that way. >> we have been there. now there is a medical term for it. in the american psychiatric
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association manual of mental disorders, yes, mental disorders. researchers want people to know that caffeine withdrawal is real bringing fatigue and headache. they say caffeine is safe for adults to consum 400 milligrams a day. that's about four cups of coffee. ly is you -- lisa drank that much and took an mri to show what happened to her brain. here is before and here is after. her blood flow went down 40% and her blood pressure shot up. the government is worried about the on slot of newly decaffeinated products in almost every aisle of the supermarket in popcorn and hot sauce and even gummy bears. the food and drug administration are looking at a crackdown and worried about the affect on children. >> the scary part are the things you don't know have caffeine in them. >> a cherry stand in san jose has been open five decades is closing down. they were open since 1964.
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the property is being turned into condos. the owner started the business selling baskets of cherries standing along the road. he is proud of what it became, but he says it is time to move on. >> we are done. i felt it was symbolic. i came here the last day. >> he will continue to grow cherries, only he will do so near stockton. art fans lined up to get their last look at the san francisco museum of modern art. they offered free admission to celebrate the last day before major renovations and an expansion project begins. >> we really just wanted to celebrate with the community before we launch out of the building to start our expansion. we are transforming and making it bigger and better for 2016. >> they promise that you will still be able to see many items from the collection. the museum plans to show off the art at the other museums and places at san francisco
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while it is closed. a new study suggests left handed dogs are more likely to take a nip out of the post man or woman. australian researchers studied dozens of dogs, a third of which were left handed and they found the dogs were -- i know i said left handed. that sounds weird. they found they were more aggressive than right handed or ambi-lateral dogs. the left hands or paws are controlled by the right side of the brain that handles negative emotions. still to come, a set up lunch date with billionaire warren buffet, and how it can help those in need in the bay area. and the looming deadline that will leave san francisco without dozens of the most experienced police investigators. >> and hi again, everyone. i'm leigh glaser and we will take another look at live doppler 7hd and let you noy what you can expect heading out the door tomorrow morning. and if you have travel plans
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want to enjoy a meal with billionaire warren buffet? if so it is time to pony up some cash. it is the annual fundraiser to benefit san francisco's glide foundation. bidding kicked off earlier at 7:30. last year's winner paid almost
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$3.5 million for a lunch with the 81-year-old billionaire. san francisco's most experienced police investigators at the end of next month. they were enrolled to keep veteran officers from retiring. the program is ending which means the sfpd will have a big void to fill. vic lee has this saw sign meant report. >> they are in the heart of north beach chinatown. it is staffed with the most senior officers. of the 10 district stations retirements are hitting the station the hardest. half of the inspectors have left. the ranks of the patrol officers have also been depleted. >> they had three officers and now down to one. >> the deferred retirement option program was passed by san francisco voters in 2008. it allows retirement age officers to continue working while collecting their
11:45 pm
pensions from a special account. for inspectors, the program ends at the end of june. patrol officers have another year left. some are leaving next month. they have been there for 40 years and 30 spent patrolling the streets of chinatown. >> i just learned a culture similar to my parents' background where emphasis on families and schools and education and it was very similar. >> veteran officers so go decades of inavailable experience and street savy. there will be a huge learning curve. >> learning how to conduct yourself on the street. learning that sense of police work. learning who to talk to and what questions to ask. it was especially when 68 of the most seasoned sergeants
11:46 pm
leave in a month. they are the ones who investigate crimes, a job where experience really counts. they have been a cop for 30 years. >> you have to make the mistakes. you have to know the people. you have to create a belief for lack of a better term so that people can come to you and the job can be done. >> the retirements will hit them hard. at the end of june jones and three of the six inspectors here will retire. >> not everybody is walking out the door. we still have a lot of talent. >> the senior officers will support and train newer cops. >> we do hope to promote people before the end of the fiscal year and then we have
11:47 pm
probationary sergeants and inspectors that have worked the station investigations teams. >> to replace the retiring patrol officers the department is relying on new recruits. there are now two classes with another one and officers are transferring from other police departments. still the end of the drop program will leave a big void. >> the series is number one for the second in a row. the magic heist thriller "now you see me" was in second place. the will smith futurer caper came in at number three. "epic" and" star trek into darkness" tied for fourth place. and in fifth "the hangover part 3".
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it is nice to see a movie when it is hot outside. leigh glaser has our forecast. >> and i'm sure the theaters will be packed as we head into thursday and friday. that's when the temperatures will sore back up close to 200100 degrees. from now until about wednesday it will be the low clouds and fog. you can see on live doppler 7hd and this will cool us down even more so than where we were today. the next couple days will be cooler and then we will heat back up. if you are traveling tomorrow look at the map. not a lot of severe weather to talk about. we will look for some isolated thunderstorms to move off the eastern coast here. washington, d.c.82. we may see a few isolated thunderstorms. southern california 74 for los angeles and looking for the low clouds and fog to migrate inland by tomorrow afternoon there. cooling them off a bit. 97, 92, yosemite, 91 for
11:49 pm
sacramento and tahoe delightful at 79 degrees. here is a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast. cooler on tuesday and then the winds shift and we warm up on friday. inland temperatures near 100 and close to 70 near the coast. live doppler 7hd for the latest bay area weather conditions. and get video forecasts, spare the air alert and power outage information and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. mike niko will be here with a look at the forecast. >> thank you, leigh. shu is here with sports. saw a sharky yesterday at a walk i was emceeing. >> shacky? >> sharky. they didn't tell me about the future of the sharks. >> i can do that for you. the sharks are looking for their first. will we see minor changes?
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it is rare and professional. one year is exactly the same and they are looking for their first stanley cup in franchise history. they are looking forward to next year. there is no doubt that this sharks team had a different feel from the previous season. they had more fight and were better defensively and gelled
11:53 pm
as team in the trade deadline. they had the same result and the early playoff exit. the players were happy with their locker room, but no, next year it will be different. >> changes are made every summer. there is no guarantee we are coming back. but some things have to happen at the end of next season, but i think we can look at the team surrounded us for the last few months and be priet proud and positive about that team going forward. >> western conference finals and back to back games. jonathon quick and struggled. less than two minutes into the game and then in the second period rm former shark and allowed four goals on 17 shots. black hocks win -- blackhawks win it and take the series lead. the a's easy for them, almost like a walk in the park. they won 9 of 10 and 14 of the last 16 with the sweep of the
11:54 pm
white sox at the coliseum. cocoa crisp has his own cereal bowl today. they gave them away at the coliseum. parker was dealing. he allowed just two hits. it was a hit and run and lowry with a base hit up the middle. cocoa scores from first. it is a 2-0 victory and their eighth straight win at the coliseum. >> this is what we do as we get a good starting rotation. that's what we strive to be and we are doing a great job of it. >> meanwhile giants avoided a sweep by the cardinals. watch this. a great diving throw and watch molina. he just goes berserk. both were ejected. bottom of four 1k3* a two-run shot and it was his first
11:55 pm
start since 2009. it was his only mistakes. he struck out five including tony cruz. giants regain the lead and pinch hitting in hitting in the seventh and rips the double and it was a 4-2 victory. college baseball and ncaa regionals and an elimination game and the lead off hitter with a solo shot and 1-0 lead. ducks answer with a blast of their own. oregon goes on to eliminate the dons with a 6-1 victory. who is the most successful on the campus? the cal rugby team won another national title and it was an unbelievable job. two tries in the first half and lead in scoring at the half.
11:56 pm
great cut back move. the bears win their first ever rugby seventh title. 19-14 the final. let's tee it up at the memorial. if he is watching and you win, it has to be a thrill to receive the trophy from one of the greatest of all time. shot a four under 68 and birdie on 11 and gets to 11 under. four birdies on the final six holes. got to within one and all he needed was a par on 18. you know what? i am going for the birdie. bottom of the cup. he wins his second of the year and gets confirmation from who else? the golden bears. let's serve them up. easily defeats in straight sets. is and extending to a career high. 6-1, 6-3 for that final. for the men, roger federer
11:57 pm
will beat simone of france. watch this shot. he goes wide around the post and drops it in and it took federer five sets to win and he is moving to his 36th straight major quarter final. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> cool. thank you, shu. >> that is it for this edition of the abc7 news. it president could had -- continues tomorrow morning. all of us here at abc7. thank you for joining us
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