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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 3, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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attack open pay area trail. live report from where it happened. >> man comfort young boy. kayak excursion on the bay turns into a rescue operation. turns into a rescue operation. stay with us. 7 n
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>> warning tonight after out remain us sexual attack on woman jogging on a popular bay area trail. good evening. >> that attack happened on the trail at the bay land nature pre-serve in palo alto. lillian is there live tonight with the latest for us. lillian? >> this is the beginning of the trail and incorporating to poll at police the woman was attacked about half million from here. they say it became very clear during her run that someone was following her. >> she stopped total of three times and the same subject was continuing to follow her. >> detectives sergeant brian phillips says the 30 something-year-old woman jogging 10:30 sunday morning
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when man following her suddenly attacked her from behind and groped her. >> she was able to fortunately fight him off. 2 cyclist came by to her aid as well and culmination of all that scared the person away e-palo alto police say this was actually the second of 2 incidents that day at the bay land nature preserve. they believe the same man followed another woman 45 minutes earlier but stopped short of physically attacking her. man believed to be around ñ os tall. weighing 160 pounds with black buzz hair. he was also wearing clear colored studded earring in both ears and possible tattoo on both arms. >> never expected this area to be having this kind of a crime. >> regular to the trail say they had always felt safe considering the pop heart and approximate im toy golf course. but now many say they will be making adjust many. >> keep an eye on where other people are. kind of watch out for each other. probably stay in our neighborhood come over after work and do our 5 k
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around thereen steady. >>reporter: palo alto police plan to release composite sketch of the attacker on tuesday. in palo alto, lil why kim, abc 7 news. san jose police have arrested 2 teenagers suspected of killing 2 other teens. 17-year-old matthew clifford and another 17-year-old juvenile are in custody tonigh tonight. they are cussed of kill a 15-year-old and 16-year-old hyped the cole on may 26. police made arrest two days ago. san jose seen 21 homicides so far this year which is on pace to surpass the 46 last year. >> new tonight young by learned firsthand just how treacherous the bay can be. he was out with an adult kayaking and they apparently got into some kind of distress. larkspur ferry packed with passengers changed course to peck them up. we captured the accident at the ferry with the kayak on board. witness tells us that quite windy on the bay at the time and abc 7 news was open board the ferry when the little boy
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and the man were picked up. >> they will get the kayak don't worry. >> okay. >>reporter: and there was no need to worry about that kayak. it is in good shape and so are the people who were on it. they ended up with bonus ride here and happy ending. >> new videorom the peninsula. road in atherton blocked by massive tree tonight. collapsed about 8:20 this evening on meddle field road in san bone avenue. tree blocking middle field road right now and at&t lines tangled up with the tree. as you can see in the video. in word if cable or phone lines affected. >> police search for group of people who attack 3 of these over the weekend. they were here early sunday when group of 8 men and women suddenly attacked them. during the scuffle one of the students was hit in the face with either a rock or bottle. police are looking for a thin white man in his 20's with long blonde hair.
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>> oakland police crack down onside show over the weekend. 3 people were on the boulevard early saturday. one person still in critical condition. plan introduced today would include increased enforcement from oakland pd and the highway patrol. it would also shift rae sources to add units to hot spots at key hours. >> brush fire burns very close to south bay park popular among family with young children. sky 7 hd show us the flames near happy hollow park and zoo san jose. smoke could be seen for miles. calm wednesday higher humidity levels than if recent days helped limb the fire to 7 acres. the cause is still under investigation. >> but wind are gusty in some spots tonight and zappedia is here with look at live doppler 7 hd. >> and those gusty winds have prompted wind advisory early this afternoon. still going. show you live doppler 7hd we are dealing with fog along the coast and in over parts of the by so this is what the morning commute is going to include.
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as you look the whipped advisory for the streets and delta until midnight tonight. here are the current wind gust you will notice fairfeld gus gusting to 36 miles an hour. this is actually decreased in the wpd compared to earlier in the day but we will continue with that wind advisory. i'll be back to tell you about the hot spell coming that will include triple digit temperatures back in a few minutes. >> all right sandhya thank you is that cooler temperatures helped cruise gain ground on this master fire burning north of los angeles. evacuation orders lifted today for about 3000 people. flames destroyed at least 6 homes. the fir started thursday. so far charred 46 square miles. craw do expect full containment in about a week. >> happening now build fire near denver chasing people from their homes. sheriff's office made nearly 10,000 automated calls tonight telling homeowners within a 4 mile radius to evacuate. that fair scorched nearly 35 acres. >> richmond authorities are
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offering 43 car seat check after the death of a five year old girl. little girl was not wearing a seat belt or restrand in the car child safety seat when she was thrown from an suv on may 20. next week police and job muir health care workers gathering near richmond to check out the car seat to see if installed properly. seems easy but most of us don't use them properly believe it or not. inspection will be from 10:00 a.m. until noon one week from today at hilltop mall. >> city of san francisco considering new parking restrictions to prevent overnight encampment. transit officials vote tomorrow on proposal ban over nature parking for vehicle longer than it was feet on streets in the sun z.bay view. south of market. sleeping in cars of night is already illegal but officers have to actually see a violation. homeless advocate say the parking ban will only force the homeless into other neighborhoods. >> let's move on. look behind us. the life shot of the bay bridge as we speak about it.
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these dancing later have been a spectacular sight sense turned on. not glitch 43 but a bug in the system keeping the late show from lacking as good as it should. >> allen is on the embarcadero live with new details of is going on there. allen? >> the last 3 towers if you lack seem to be having the most issues. now there's actually a mathematic set offal go rhythm that create non-repeating pattern of water fall. streak of light so troubleshooting this hasn't been easy. 25,000 sparkling led lights on the we were span of the bay bridge are still mesmerizing onlooker but look closely several hundred lights are stuck in the on or off position. doing nothing there looks lick it's part of the lighting for the bridge for the traffic. >> ben davis chirac for the privately if you saided limb newt nature the art project
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knew unique maintenance challenge. >> let's face it. electronic 500 fee in the air on the bay bridge that vibrate with high wednesday which is exposed to salty air and rain. >> like an annoying strand of christmas let's. technician are combing through the system looking for the problem but this strand of latest one.8 miles long and electron he can system is much more complicate complicated. >> but it's just as vexing where you have to really methodically good through and test and test and test to solve the problem. >> we need to get up there and screw in a light bulb we'll do it up down the embarcadero say business up 15 to 20 percent sense the lets were flipped on. >> we gnaw it would be a cool feature but we had no idea how much it would impact our business. >> no idea what the problem st a problem. >> i didn't see a problem. >> the lights are still attrac attracting huge crowds. illuminate the arts project
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wants it to be perfect. until it is they will keep looking for the cause of the vexing problem. >> now the privately funded project needs more private funds to fix it and keep the lights on through 2015. to help just go to our web site and look for the link for the illuminate the arts project. reporting live in san francisc francisco. allen wong abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. working well or not they are pretty cool. >> they are. >> workers feeling the pinch. hundreds of people get the boot at the company that brought us farmville. >> also. too sheer to wear. trendy pair of yoga pants gets make over. >> and picture that has gone viral around the world. you can see why. taco bell can see why. taco bell explains what really g
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>> reality is hitting the world of virtual gain that mean for hundreds of employees at zing a game over exploratorium company which make games like farmville closed offices in los angeles, new york and dallas. >> john explains the local headquarters is taking a hit too. >> despite the sign outside zipping a fancy new headquarters south of market not much fun inside as myes
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were given boxes and told they were out of a job. >> i have been nervous for awhile. just because i don't know why. i was a little bit nervous. programmers artist. creative people behind the on lean games given the news told the sign separation agreement and then sent on their way. >> lake i said the way things work with games. i have been doing this for a long time. you just do the best you can do and sometimes things happen outside of your control. >> zing a on strong with facebook games like farmville but analyst say they are under performing and the core business of virtual interaction is unraveling. bloomberg news. >> business declined. it's not drawing and they need to shift the game toward mobile soil. not doing that as quickly as they should. thought having as much success as they did in year past so they are scaling back the operation to have fewer people and fawr cost right now.
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>> shedding 520 employee or about 18 percent of the total work force. no word on how many are from the san francisco office. ceo spent 228 million dollars to build headquarters that look more leak a giant play house. this afternoon another entrepreneur was using chalk to let laid off employee know of employment web site. >> heard about what happened at zing a and do what we can to help people out. people looking for a job. targeted resource for developer. continue working for series a and b start up. >> laid off mye were living zing a had the chalk scrubbed off the sidewalk. >> expected to save zing a up to 80 billion dollars a year and increase the bottom lean they try to get in the on line game bling business where the money is not virtual. 7 news. >> shawn parker wedding tabb few million more than expected because of the elaborate fantasy theme. 33-year-old
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married singer this past saturday during 10 million dollar wedding in big sur for the event parker and braid built a cottage affect ruin and dance floor in the redwood didn't get the proper permit beforehand. the former facebook president has now agreed to pay 2 and half million dollars to the state for any environmental damage that is on top of the 10 million for the ceremony and party. >> new at 11:00 popular lean of women yoga pants is returning to the shelves. loo-loo lemon pulled 3 styles of yoga pants as we reported from stores in march after the company said they were made to sheer and become see through. company blamed it on production problem and style change. well, loo-loo lemon now using a new fabric and says tonight it will be steadily increasing the stock of the pants. they sell for between 70 and 98 dollars a pair. >> south bay do nut shop thumbing the nose at california foix gras ban. they will
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celebrate with it filled with the moose and delicacy nearly a year ago after the 7 news i team exposed how duck are force fed to faten the liver. law does not stop people from giving it away which is what the san jose do nut company sits plans to do. if that doesn't sound appealing tray this. taco bell is on the defensive night thanks to an employee facebook post. employee showed off a photo of him licking a stack of taco shells. it quickly spread around the internet. taco bell responded soon after this saying the tacos were used for treng and not used for customer food. taco bell promised to take swift action against those involved meaning particularly that guy. >> with the tongue. yes. >> another job in the food business. >> all right. lets get a check on the forecast right now. >> sania is hear. >> hi. temperatures today dropped significantly than land concord went from 90 yesterday afternoon to 75 degrees today.
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so sharp drop-off. coastal area came up few degrees as they saw more subpoena. live doppler 7 hd writ new watching the fog along parts of the coast lean and also now moving up that santa rosa. as you look at the view from the high definition emeryville camera low cloud around right now exploratorium 54 degrees and 56 in oakland. still pretty comfortable in san jose at 60 degrees. this is view from our exploring camera lack towards the financial direct. transamerica pyramid you condition see the over cast conditions so we are going to be seeing the low includes and fog for your morning commute. right now santa rosa 55. it's 57 in livermore. and union city. check out the view from our bay bridge toll plaza mrz a.fog here morning commute might lack like. foggy area for the morning drive. cooling trend continue tuesday and hot again on friday. so couple of difficulties of the cool down before temperatures turn around again. tonight fogal the coast over parts of the by and
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pushing out towards the straits and delta for the morning driv drive. so 4 to 7:00 o'clock in the morning it's low visibility in spots due to that fog. give yourself extra time for the morning commute. and you might want to bundle up. on the cool side. temperatures starting out in the 50's as you will notice here but with the fog low includes around feeling even cooler out there. afternoon high lack like this. in the south bay san jose 75 sunshine for you in los gatos. 78 grease. 73 sunny veil. lingering fog in the afternoon and 65 degrees on the peninsula redd with city menlo park 71, 66 in millbrae along the coast land you see the fog hanging around as well. breezy for the afternoon. so we are not expecting the same kind of clearing we saw this afternoon. 58 degrees in pacifica. daly city. sunset district skype both if the low 60's. mostly sunny. away from the coast. in the north bay you are going to really start out with the morning overcast and take awhile before you clear so
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santa rosa 72 degrees. 73 in sonoma. you get above the fog layer. ukiah still pretty war warm. 87 degrees. 59 at stinson beach. head out to the east bay mid 60's oakland hayward 70 in castro vaechlt inland areas not going to be quite as hot as it has been over the last couple of days so 80 in antioch. upper 80's today. 78 in concord. 76 san are mon. pretty mild weather inland for livermore. accu-weather 7 day forecast low 80's inland next 2 day. upper 50's to low 60's coast side so we are taking a break from the heat but not for long. starts to warm-up thursday and it's going to be sizzling friday upper 90's saturday triple digit inlandment upper 60's coast side and sunday a little bit cooler. another great weather rae source to follow on twitter for the very latest weather conditions rain or shine. >> excellent. thanks. >> all right well lets talk basketball now. >> nba my offs. finals are set
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and the king will be holding court. lebron james carrying the heat all by himself. tonight he financially had some tonight he financially had some help against the pacers. s
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>> good evening. lebron james was back in cleveland mode for awhile. basically where he had to do everything all by himsel himself. but in decisive game 7 against indiana miami heat as a team came together and overwhelmed the pacers. they will return to the nba finals. just bieber. court side. he's a belieber of the miami heat. look at this. flopping is to be out lawed and chris bosch gets the best actor award. the duchbing. wade finally best game of the series. nice move there. around stevenson wade with 21 despite the bad leg.
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lebron so high he almost hits the head on the we know. that points game 7 of the eastern conference finals. then feeding wade getting hot in here. 99-76 the final blow out. miami heading to the third straight nba finals appearance. they will face the san antonio spurs starting thursday night game 1 right here on abc 7. whole series for you medley following the contest after the game and warriors barns will be our guest in studio we break it down. >> after 19 years in the nba former st. joe and cal star jason kidd retiring. he levs at able 40. played for dallas twice. phoenix, new jersey and the knicks 10 time all senior lock to be a hall of fameer in the future. won title with dallas. 2 olympic gold medal believes couple years left on the knicks contract with 6 million dollars on the table says the body is faint but me
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menally just feels really tame to manufacture on. baseball a's started the nature with a bang and kept the good times rolling starting 3 game series in milwaukee. juggle the cracker jack's walking down the steps. for something getting down the steps is challenging. second pitch co-could crisp. out in a flash. 1 nothing a's. marco with the deliberate wind up and the pitch. same result. for brandon moss eighth of the year and 2 nothing athletic. in and out toyota country. 5th inning a blow occupy double to right donaldson rbi sing toll right. single to center. malone. single to center. bloop to left. in comes and malone. about football in milwaukee here. a's won now 15 of the last 17 and they are 11 games over 500. giants had the tonight off. nhl play off game
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2 ping we understand and bruin bruins. cross by turns it over and full speed. glove side to be thomas just 28 seconds into the game 1 nothing b. boston with 4 first period goals. 5-1 game late in the third. bergeron with a blast. 6-1 the final. in pittsburgh. pwrawns commanding lead as they now head to boston for game 3. they came up short in the semi-final of the ncaa but cal golfers here have all earned spots in the u.s. open in two week. they made it in sexual qualifying and second my off hole with this amazing chip shot. received exemption finishing as u.s. amateur runner-upless yevrment amazing season for consolidate golf. >> 7 sports brought to you by river rock can seen oychlt such bench strength. >> everybody on that team can play. >> thanks larry. >> the word so long it's been
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pulled from the dictionary. pulled from the dictionary. ñ ñ,ñzñpreñíñy"it
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>> we follow breaking fuss right now in the east bay. alameda county sheriff's office screws issued a silver alert for this missing 77-year-old woman. alzheimer's disease. >> nobody has seen her since 9:30 this morning at her home in san leandro. driving a toyota camry. 5 aua 4 3 1. >> let's go to sand yaichlt wake up weather. may slow going in the morning due to fog low clouds and possibly slick due to drizzle. 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> great thanks. >> germany giving the boot to the long egg word in the language. >> 9 that's it done with it. >> look at the 68 letter word, 63 letter word sorry. obscure
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legal term created in 1999 to testing of
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, mark ruffalo -- national school scrabble champions -- and music from reggie watts -- with cleto and the cletones. and now, furthermore, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: it's very nice. hi there. i'm jimmy kimmel, the host of the show. thank you for watching. and thank you for showing up. they say that's half the battle. i'm glad you're enthusia


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